What do dreams about witnessing murders mean

Dreams about witnessing murders might seem pretty straightforward. After all, witnessing a murder in your dream can seem like a bad sign or a bad omen to the dreamer. There’s nothing like death to make one panic, feel threatened, or be vulnerable.

But, depending on the context of your dreams about witnessing murders, these types of dreams can also point to positive changes or positive signs that your subconscious wants you to be more aware of.

By understanding these inner messages or positive changes, you might be able to put yourself in a position so as to enjoy better results from your decisions or simply be on the receiving end of the very best that the Universe has to offer.

Again, context means a lot when it comes to dreams about witnessing the murder of other people.

How Do You Know You Are Dreaming About the Right Type of Murder?

It’s kind of weird talking about this type of dream from this perspective, but if you are the one who is being shot, murdered, raped, or harmed in your dream, you are looking at the wrong dream interpretation post.

Please check the upper-right side of this website and do a search for the specific motif of your dream. This post is strictly all about you witnessing the murder of another person. It is not about you being hunted down, chased, or murdered and other harm done to you.

The point of view is crucial because if you are the one being harmed in your dream, the interpretation that I’m going to go through in different contexts below is not going to apply to you.

So, it’s important to be clear as to what the point of view is. You’re the one watching somebody else get murdered.

This dream interpretation also doesn’t apply to you doing a crime. If it was you who is caught up in the homicide — maybe you’re wielding an ax or shooting a gun, or you’re the one doing the raping and the murdering — this interpretation is equally not relevant to you.

Again, use the search function of this website so you can zero in on the proper dream motif that you can interpret.

Finally, this dream interpretation involves murders. So, the person that you see in your dream has to die.

It’s not just about a person being shot, assaulted, maimed, raped, or whatnot. The person has to die. It’s a crucial component of this dream interpretation.

Another related point of emphasis is that the dream must center around your act of witnessing the murders. This is fundamental.

So, if you had a dream where you saw some sort of historical event play out and there’s all sorts of things happening along with related drama and there happens to be a murder in one part of your dream, that dream is probably about something else.

The central focus of a dream about witnessing the murder of somebody else must be that murder, and from your perspective, it has to repeat again and again throughout your dream.

Now, I’m not saying that your dream must basically be composed of the same scene that plays out over and over, like some video that’s stuck in an automatic loop.

No! It’s okay for your dream to consist of you talking about the murder that you witness in different timeframes. It can also involve you witnessing the homicide from many different angles or even from the perspective of another person.

What’s crucial is that your action of witnessing the death of somebody else caused by another person should be the central focus of the dream.

Because, if one of the above is wrong or it doesn’t apply to your dream, then you’re looking at the wrong interpretation. Again, check the search function on this website so you can properly isolate the dream motif that would be most relevant to the dream you want to interpret.

The General Dream Interpretation of Witnessing a Murder

When you see somebody murdering someone, it can be very traumatic obviously.

Most of us are shocked by such imagery because there is a built-in reaction for most normal human beings. We have a sense of empathy.

Interpreting A Dream About Witnessing A Murder From A Particular Point of View

You have to pay close attention to how you react to the apparent murder that just took place in front of you.

It’s perfectly normal to want to run away or protect yourself because when we see ourselves in the place of another person who’s being shot, we too would be faced with a fight or flight reaction.

It is perfectly natural to want to hide or escape the person trying to murder us in this context.

With that said, there is something voyeuristic about witnessing murders.

We get to step into a snapshot in time of the final events happening to somebody else.

This is an important placement in dreams. When we dream, things are happening to us for the most part.

We look at the world from our subconscious, first-person perspective.

But when you watch somebody else get murdered, by necessity, you are viewing what’s happening from a third-person perspective.

This change in POV is crucial because by “witnessing” things happening, in the worst way possible, to somebody else, you are somehow distancing yourself from the emotional state you have regarding the subject matter of your dream.

If that sounds unclear, let me cut straight to the chase: when you dream of witnessing a murder, it can relate to whatever grudges, anger, resentment, or hurt feelings you have towards someone.

The strange part is that the person you see gets killed in front of you in your dream is often not the person you have negative feelings for. Let’s be clear about that.

But for the most part, there are projection and suppression issues here. The identity of the murder victim here is not that important.

What is more important is that you view the murder voyeuristically because you are projecting suppressed anger, lack of closure, resentment, and ill-will towards a person.

The identity of the person you have feelings for can range from family members, close family members, or dear friends.

When you wake up from what would understandably be quite a traumatic dream, take a quick inventory of the people that you are honestly angry at in real life.

Be honest with yourself. Do you feel that these people have hurt you so much and made you feel so lousy that the pain, humiliation, and embarrassment you felt or are going through would justify them being hurt physically in the worst way possible?

Let me assure you that if your answer to this question is yes, that doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with you.

Your honesty indicates that you’re not trying to live up to people’s expectations of how you should view that person.

You’re just being completely authentic and sincere, and I congratulate you on this.

Many people are passive-aggressive.

Deep down inside, they are hurt to the point they want to lash back in the worst way possible, but when you try to talk to them about it, they brush it off or make it seem prettier than it is.

You’re not playing any of those games, and you deserve to be commended for that.

But you also know what’s coming next.

You know that carrying such action is not a good idea, but it’s good for you to have an outlet.

So if you’re into writing short stories, go ahead and use that as an escape hatch for the deep pent-up feelings you have towards certain people.

If you like to sing or music, use those as your outlets.

Whatever the case may be, look for a safe, soothing, and cathartic outlet for these strong inner emotions that you should not bottle up.

Seeing Someone Murdered In Your Dreams Can Indicate Your Need to Forgive

Many people have an ambivalent relationship with the concept of forgiveness.

For most people, forgiveness is not something that should happen to them. They rarely think of themselves as the ones to take the first step in the forgiveness process.

It’s easy to see why because if you ask people who’ve been deeply hurt, humiliated, and who feel that they’ve been traumatized in such a way that they’ve been warped for life, they would tell you, “Why should I make the first move? I was the one who got abused. I was the one who got my trust betrayed. I was the one who was humiliated, embarrassed, and shamed. Why should I be the one to forgive?”

It’s easy to get into that mindset because when you imagine yourself as a victim, the idea is there is no need for you to change. After all, you’re the one who suffered enough.

The world has to change, but the more you think of yourself as a victim, the more things will get worse for you because your expectation of people wanting to make it up with you or try to appease you or apologize to you warps your view of reality.

The sad truth is people get ground up, abused, and destroyed emotionally and psychologically all the time.

There’s a tremendous amount of hurt going on in this world right this moment, and it will not stop any time soon.

And to think that somehow the people who hurt you will finally realize how much damage they did to you and think that coming to you is a waste of time.

Why? Chances are they’ve changed and do not care. Chances are they have moved on, and that leaves you injured with all the anger, resentment, and need for closure.

What makes it worse is the more you remember what happened, the more it burns you up.

It can create such a poisonous effect on your character that the rest of your relationships suffer. Worse yet, your self-esteem takes a hit.

You keep telling yourself that maybe you’re a victim, and if you’re a victim, then you must suck because you’re no good and not worth loving, and on and on.

You can probably fill out this list.

Forgiveness Must Begin With You Because It Is the Best Gift You Can Give Yourself

So how do you get out of this downward spiral of negative feelings, pent-up resentment, and an ever-worsening sense of vulnerability and insecurity?

It might seem simple, but it’s very hard. Still, it’s necessary: you have to forgive.

No, I’m not talking about you waiting for the phone or for an email for the other party to come to their senses and open some sort of dialogue. I’m not talking about you sensing in them a sign of repentance or a change in their ways for them to be “worthy” of your forgiveness.

Instead, if you truly want to dig yourself out of that pit where you murder yourself every single time you remember what happened to you, and it gets worse and worse, you have to make the first move.

This is almost impossible for people who have held on to an injury for so long because the more they remember what happened, the worse it gets.

This is all too predictable because as you get older, the more you read into those negative memories your present frustrations.

For all you know, what happened to you is fairly mild because now you’re an adult, and you can handle more of life’s punches.

But when you keep rehashing what happened in your life, the details sting even more because now you’re interpreting it from the eyes of somebody who faces day-to-day frustrations.

What do you think happens to your daily humiliations, hardships, and struggles? That’s right, you read them into the past so it becomes even more venomous.

If you’re feeling heavy because you keep defining yourself based on pain of your past, you can turn the key to the lock of your mental and spiritual prison by choosing to forgive.

It is the best gift you can ever give yourself.

You can give yourself freedom.

Forgiveness Is An Ongoing Process

The first step to forgiveness is to muster the courage to forgive.

The second is to carry it out.

You can play a game with yourself and rehash this imaginary situation in your mind where you look at your attacker, abuser, or tormentor straight in the eye and tell them, “I forgive you.”

Even thinking about it is enough to give you a sense of release; a strange calmness comes over you.

But you shouldn’t stop there, nor should you keep rehearsing that scene in your mind to get a cheap emotional payoff.

For things to become real, you have to go through with it. Get in touch with them; talk to them on Zoom or Skype and then tell them what happened, how you felt, and that you’re forgiving them.

The fourth step is to avoid unrealistic expectations.

You are well aware that life is not a Hollywood movie. In a typical Hollywood movie, you see the injured person forgive their tormentor, whether it’s the junior high school bully or the first lover who betrayed them or an abusive or emotionally absent parent, it doesn’t matter.

There is emotional catharsis at the end; tears start flowing freely, and everybody feels good.

Well, this is not a feel-good movie. This is called your life.

Don’t be surprised that the person you forgave with all sincerity in your heart looks you in the eye and says, “Whatever.”

Worse yet, they might even throw salt in your face by saying, “Fuck you. I’m sorry you called. Why did you waste my time?”

This is a test because if you’re looking for a Hollywood ending, I will cut you off now and say that it’s not going to happen.

The probability of a sweet, amazing reconciliation among two teary-eyed people is quite low.

You should look for the sense of relief and pride that you got when you, despite yourself, forgave that person fully.

You do not forgive in installments; you do not forgive based on how they act or respond to your forgiveness.

Their debt is paid in full. If you don’t do it this way, you’re not forgiving the person but playing a game with yourself.

At this point, when all that I’ve said is clear in your mind, it doesn’t matter how they respond.

If they respond in the worst way possible and try to spit at you, that’s okay. That’s on them.

You’re not forgiving them; you’re forgiving yourself.

Forgiving them is only incidental to you forgiving yourself because now you can move on. Now you get your life back.

I hope this is clear. If they respond positively and say they are truly sorry, that’s only extra gravy.

It’s nice when that happens, but don’t expect it. Remember, you’re forgiving them for you.

It is one of the most selfish acts you can do, and in this context, that is proper selfishness, a good kind of selfishness.

Because hanging onto the chains of the past, this emotional murder that you’ve vicariously witnessed will keep getting worse in your mind, and the pent-up emotional, psychological, and spiritual poison will build up in you.

As time goes by, the poison gets worse, and the worst part is people you love in the present start to suffer.

Can you imagine bringing a child into this world with this poison in you? As much as you love your child, remember that trauma and mental coping mechanisms are quite infectious.

You don’t mean to drag your child into your drama, but you will eventually.

Learn to forgive. I know it’s a tall order; I haven’t lived your life, so who am I to say?

But learn to forgive anyway because it’s the best thing you can do for yourself.

What Does Dreaming About Being A Murderer and Killing Someone Mean?

In your dreams about witnessing somebody’s murder, there can be certain twists and turns where you dream that you are the murderer.

This involves doubt. We sometimes get caught up in other people’s drama that we get sucked in.

We look for that drama in terms of analogies in our lives.

We ask ourselves, “Has something like this happened to me?” and it can get so intense that you feel you’re participating in whatever it is that you’re witnessing.

When you dream about being a murderer and killing someone within the context of witnessing the murder of a person, this indicates your tendency to absorb other people’s drama.

You have probably heard the advice “don’t major in the minors” or “don’t sweat the small stuff.” Guess what? That advice is quite popular and never goes out of fashion because people get constantly pulled into the drama surrounding them.

It’s as if your day-to-day existence involves the toxic psychological stew produced by the conflicts and negative interactions of the people close to you.

This is especially true if you’ve grown up in a family that has a lot of conflicts.

When you dream about being a murderer in this context, your subconscious tells you not to let other people’s drama draw you in.

This is easier said than done because, believe it or not, the reason you have a hard time staying out of other people’s business and getting sucked emotionally in is there is a payoff for you.

The most obvious payoff is the feeling that you matter when you become a participant in somebody else’s squabbles and conflicts; you feel noticed and that you’re part of a team.

You also feel that your feedback and reaction to whatever is going on is viewed with validity.

It feels good to belong, but what you’re experiencing is the warped form of belonging.

Think of what you’re giving up to be just part of this process, and guess what? Everybody’s getting burned; you are paying a high price for whatever sense of validation you get.

Don’t do this to yourself. Instead of being caught up in the drama, be the center of stability in the sea of toxic emotions that creates a whirlpool of turbulence among the people close to you.

There’s no need to take sides or pit one group against another, or worse yet, play both sides.

If you want people around you to settle their differences peacefully, be peaceful.

If you want people to make an effort to understand each other better, be understanding.

You have to understand that you are already being validated even though you crave validation, but you don’t know where to look.

What if I told you that a piece of advice or statement that you gave to somebody in the past probably changed that person’s life.

You might be thinking that you’re just another face in the crowd, and the person you advised has forgotten your name. You might be correct about that person forgetting your name, but don’t assume that they forgot the impact of your words, or better yet, your example.

Let me put it this way, we are planting seeds in each other’s lives every day we are alive. Those seeds grow, and it doesn’t matter whether the people we’ve affected can remember us.

It doesn’t matter if they thank us. What is important is to keep in mind that you impact this world.

Just because people don’t instantly react to the things you say or do does not mean that you don’t have an impact at all.

In many cases, it takes several things to fall into place to see the effect of your influence on them.

We Influence Certain People One Way or Another

An old saying goes, “The beating of butterfly wings in the Amazon can trigger tropical storms halfway around the world.”

Never underestimate the power of your influence. I invite you to think in clear terms how your interaction with somebody you know or come across has impacted their lives or people they know.

Take your time, clear your mind, and come up with an example.

If you are completely honest with yourself, you can come up with at least one example. You can quickly fill up a list if you have a semi-decent memory.

The truth is we all have our sphere of influence. It doesn’t matter whether we get thanked or acknowledged.

What is important to note is that our influence is real.

If you accept that fact, I want you to accept the validation that you get from realizing your influence as well.

Acknowledge your influence, remember your power to influence others, embrace it, and allow yourself to feel good about it.

If you can do all these things, then there is no need for you to seek validation by being sucked into other people’s drama.

You no longer have to be a symbolic cold murderer because there’s no need for it.

By realizing the impact you have, you start realizing that you’re not just another face in the crowd. You start seeing yourself as an important localized center of influence.

All of us are. We’re all planting seeds, and when you look at the collective consequences of our decisions, you realize that we all create the world we live in.

This goes a long way in combatting the feeling of insignificance that modern human beings often run into.

Accept it or not, you count.

What Does It Mean to Dream of Being Killed by Someone?

In this context, your subconscious tells you that challenging times may be up ahead.

The challenge comes from the fact that you may have certain habits that sabotage or undermine you.

Take a minute to do a quick inventory of your personal traits and ask yourself honestly, “How do I harm myself? How are my traits get in the way from time to time? How do I trip myself up?”

If you’re honest and have some level of self-awareness, you can come up with a list.

Welcome to the club. Each one of us can come up with a list.

When you see yourself being killed in your dream in the context of witnessing other people’s murders, your subconscious is telling you that your negative habits in terms of your coping mechanisms, mindset, assumptions, expectations, and habitual ways of dealing with things will eventually catch up to you.

Don’t for a second think that you can choose to react predictably and repetitively to stimuli and expect nothing to happen.

You know that life doesn’t work that way. If you can respond to certain challenges in a way that delivers value to other people’s lives, you become more successful in life.

Even if you don’t get an instant payout, you can’t help but repeat that action when faced with those circumstances.

This repetitive reaction paves the way for your success. Sadly, the opposite is also true.

So ask yourself, “What are the things that I do that put me in a bad position?”

This is a challenging question because it forces us to be honest with ourselves. That moment of clarity where your subconscious’ warnings start to make sense requires tremendous honesty.

Can you question yourself? Can you step out of yourself to look at your coping mechanisms, assumptions, expectations, and attitudes from a detached perspective?

In other words, you need to look at yourself from the same perspective as seeing yourself being killed by someone.

This is hard to do because you’re being killed in that dream vision, but that is the challenge.

You need to overcome the emotional urgency and the predictable panic you would face when seeing that kind of image.

Overcome yourself so you can get a realistic view of your habits.

Do you do things out of principle? What happens when you do that? Do you leave jobs that could otherwise be lucrative? Do you cut off otherwise promising relationships? Do you stunt friendships because you don’t want to be honest up to a certain point?

Fill in the blanks, and a pattern will emerge. Once you’re clear about the pattern, your subconscious had done its job when it showed you being killed by someone else in your dreams.

Since this happens in the context of witnessing other murders culminating with you being killed, your subconscious wants to draw you in emotionally.

It wants your attention because you’ve been overlooking a very important component of yourself that may point to clues of your undoing.

Dreaming of Being Murdered Can Also Indicate That Someone Close To You Has Strong Feelings Against You

One of the POV variations of dreaming of being murdered within the context of witnessing other murders involves other people’s feelings towards you.

Again, your subconscious is trying to communicate in this POV variation.

Maybe you view your relationship with a certain person in such a one-sided way that you don’t see or care to appreciate what their feelings are about you.

This usually takes place in the context of secondary friends. These are people who are not your best friends but are close enough to you that you want to remain connected with them.

They are not just people who can open doors for you when it comes to job openings or business opportunities; you value their feedback up to a certain point.

But you set a boundary of intimacy for them, which they cannot cross because you made sure that you don’t want them to get any closer to you.

Do you have such friends? Most of us do.

And many people, believe it or not, do not want to be in that zone. They either want to be better friends with you, or they want you to listen to them more.

Many people we place in this friend tier are the ones we’d like to be associated with.

For example, suppose you’re a lawyer. In that case, you’d like to be their counsel because their names are prestigious enough that whatever authority and credibility they have will rub off on you through that magic phrase of counsel.

The same goes for this type of friend. The moment other people hear that you’re friends with them, their reputation rubs off on you; you look great, more respectable, and people conclude that you have some power.

Well, guess what, when you dream of yourself being murdered within the context of seeing other people’s untimely deaths at the hands of somebody, your subconscious is telling you that these people whom you’ve segregated in a certain tier of friendship have strong negative feelings against you.

Now, of course, the strong negative feelings do not rise to the level of wanting to kill you. That is good news, right?

Instead, your subconscious detects that they are less than happy with you.

Maybe they feel that you’re not listening to them, or it’s obvious to them that you’re using them as an ornament or display.

Some people are sensitive to being used. They don’t like you pulling strings with them to collect favors; they don’t appreciate being manipulated.

These people can be extra sensitive if they feel they are being used to make their friends look good.

If this hits close to home, you have to look at your relationship with that person and ask yourself if you’re being fair. Would you want to be treated that way too? How can you improve your friendship to live up to its fullest potential? How can you work with the person to bring out the best in each other?

The first step is to acknowledge that you are doing what you are doing. There is no sense in hiding, trying to explain things away. Just call it for what it is.

Now that you’ve gotten that out of the way, even though it stings or makes you feel bad about yourself, the next step is to reach out and treat that person the way you want to be treated.

Please don’t do this in a creepy or ham-fisted way because it’s going to blow up in your face.

The good news is when you start looking at that person as part of your inner circle or as a reflection of yourself, they will start noticing that change in your behavior and tone.

And since most people bounce back the signals they receive from others, you can expect them to treat you better in return.

Usually, this kind of positive feedback loop leads to an upward spiral where you treat them better, and then they treat you better, which leads you to treat them even better.

Both of you feel good about each other and yourselves. Pretty soon, you’d want to hang out more.

Don’t be surprised if one of these outer-tier friends starts introducing you as their new best friend.

And if you are doing this correctly and operating from a noble and compassionate space, you will mean what you say. You just made a new best friend, congratulations.

Witnessing Other People Get Murdered Can Be A Reflection of Your Inner Strength

How many times have you watched a movie where you cringed and put your hands over your eyes?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or woman; we’ve seen such movies.

My personal experience with this involved that chainsaw scene in the movie Scarface.

The first few times I saw that movie, I couldn’t help but put my hands over my face because the way that scene was directed involved psychological clues as to what would happen next.

You can spot it a mile away, but how Brian DePalma directed that scene made the spurting blood and the anguished cries of terror even more disturbing.

Make no mistake, seeing somebody murdered in a gruesome or heartless way pushes you to react in a shrill and emotional way.

But if you found the courage in your dream to look straight at the aftermath of the murder, your subconscious is signaling to you that you have what it takes to overcome the hardest situations.

This is a sign of encouragement because you might be facing challenges now, or you’re about to enter a very trying stage of your life.

Whatever situation you’re in, when you see someone get killed in your dream and you’re able to push forward and take a long, hard look at what happened, your subconscious is telling you that you can make it through the current and coming storms of your life.

You are the type of person who, even in their waking life’s lowest of lows, can find the strength to push forward.

Even if you’ve stumbled several times and it hurts getting up, you will find the strength to stand up.

Your subconscious tells you what you’ve seen and going through is traumatic and heavy, but you have what it takes.

Often, you need to remember the past times you got back up after life knocked you down.

What Does It Mean to Dream About Being Murdered In Your Family

When you see this kind of dream imagery where you’re surrounded by your family and someone in that group gets murdered, it’s almost automatic to think that something bad will happen to your family.

But thankfully, this type of dream is rarely prophetic. Instead, when someone in your family is murdered, it can indicate that a change is coming.

The thing is, many people automatically think that change is good. They think that any development phrased as “change” means the transition would be smooth.

That’s not necessarily true because change can be challenging and devastating. But change does often appear as a new opportunity or a new love interest.

So don’t get too caught up in the fact that you witnessed someone in your family being murdered.

Look at the context; look at what happens next and how people respond.

The most important is to look at your response. Do you remain in shock? Or does your subconscious mind try to shine a spotlight on your ability to look past the situation and figure out what’s going on?

You’re basically overcoming your fear.

What Does A Murder Dream About Murdering Family Members Mean?

Dreaming about a family member like your sister killing your brother or parents indicates a family conflict.

Your subconscious tells you that there’s anger or unresolved emotional anguish in your family in your waking life.

You may be thinking, “How can this be when everybody’s smiling at and helping each other? I find this hard to believe because everybody’s saying I love you to each other.”

Well, there’s such a thing as passive-aggressive behavior; be on the lookout for it.

When you see conflicts play out to a murderous level in your dreams, your subconscious is not spinning its wheel or giving you this emotionally pungent imagery because it has nothing better to do.

It’s picking up conflict signals from people close to you. And the worst thing you can do is to try and pick sides; that’s not going to work.

Instead, try to be the focus of communication in your family. Channel that communication, model to each other how to communicate feelings.

Passive-aggressive behavior is poisonous; it’s a form of lying and cowardice.

You’re not doing the person that resent you any favors by playing that game. Be the one to foster strong emotional yet controlled releases in your family.

This way, everybody puts their card out in the open, and conversation is possible again.

Dreams About Seeing Family Members Murdered Can Also Indicate A Yearning for Reconciliation

Family members drift apart for many reasons.

You may not even resent anybody in your close family, but hey, we all drift apart.

That’s part of the busy world we live in.

It doesn’t take much for people to go on their own track; it doesn’t mean they lost love for their family.

But when people drift apart because their lives have taken different directions, it doesn’t take much for this natural drift to become wide chasms of disagreement and resentment.

At first, people drift apart but not in a negative way, but it can go that way quickly if they’re not mindful.

It’s easy to understand that this can always take place.

And if you want your family members to remain deeply connected, you would have to take the first step; take the initiative to build relationships and be on the lookout for any potential disagreements or miscommunications.

The Positive Aspect to Murdering Someone

When you witness someone murdering somebody in a dream, it can be positive in the sense that your concern for the person being harmed flows naturally and instinctively.

This is a positive sign if you feel that you’ve become numb or been so busy that you’re neglecting your emotional life.

Your subconscious reminds you that you have some good emotional habits, and you should be hopeful.

What Does It Mean If You’re the Killer In Your Dream and You’re Murdering Another Family

This can indicate that a new opportunity for success is coming for you.

Many distractions are present, but you should not let these get in the way of your dreams and ambitions.

You want to get rid of negative energy and the hateful people who want to drag you down.

The answer is obviously not to murder them but to develop the proper perspective in dealing with less-than-helpful people as you strive towards your objective.

What Does It Mean to Dream of Killing People By Stabbing Them to Death

This is a very negative dream emotionally, but it can indicate upcoming prosperity or achievement.

Your subconscious, in this context, is showing you with strong emotional imagery that a lot of your well-laid plans are either beginning to bear fruit or have borne fruit.

The key focus here is stabbing, and the blood spurting indicates water or fluid, and one long-standing association with fluids is money.

So you’ve done the stabbing and work. Your subconscious is telling you that you’re in for a payday as far as your previous efforts in building your career, relationships, or working on your body are concerned.

Dream Example #1

Dreams are merely not a sweet fantasy at every turn. Sometimes, they can give you a heart stroke. On the 23rd of August, Weather was violently stormy, I went to my bed early at around 8o’ clock. Then a dream invaded my imagination, the dream I can’t forget.

It was a huge arcade with dozens of pillars. The reflection of moonlight from embedded mirrors was granting a mysterious impression in the atmosphere. I walked through the hallway with brief steps, spying around the place.

When I perceived an odd noise; a dragging sound having a glimpse of friction in it. Excited to discover, I changed the route toward it. A man in a mask, dragging a sack. I slid beyond the pillar, so he can’t notice me. I noticed they were three, each with a bag.

“What is in the bag” “Who are they?” questions compiling into my head. Following them, I reached into a small room at the end of the corridor.

My heart jumped into my throat when they opened the sacks. A Middle-aged man with a bloodied face. A woman not above 30 and a beautiful girl almost 13 appeared from it. I suppressed the shriek from my mouth.

With a minor nerve of life, the lady moved her hand. “Good Lord! they are alive.” A threshold Passed through my entire body. They put them on chairs, tied their hands with the rope, and threw water on them. When cold water hits on the head, every soul gets its consciousness, so do they.

“Who can save you from us now? you jerk” The heavy one of three knocked the man. “They will provide me a backup” He held his breath “Then, I will see where you get shelter on this earth.” His words were coated with pain and fear.

The Boss walked toward the girl with a devil’s smile “I wonder this might change your mind, Mr. Roger.” A room filled with screams as he pulled the girl’s head backward. “Please stop! Stay away from my family.” He requested. “Jiya sweetheart, don’t be afraid. Daddy is here.” Jiya was still sobbing.

“Give me the information you have, I’ll release your family in a wink otherwise, you will beg me for death.” The masked man uttered fiercely. “I don’t have what you are looking for. If I ever had that, I would never provide you with such credential information. “Roger got a punch for this.

“I see! I have given you a lot of time, now all this is your fault.” The tall one loads his gun and points it toward the wife. “I ask you one last time. Where can I find the file of information?” “You think you can scare me with this. You idiot, I will not leak the clue.” Roger claimed.

A sharp noise covered the whole atmosphere. He shot her, he shot Roger’s wife. “Mama” “Maya” Both father and daughter called her simultaneously, but a dead body with cold blood is all that’s left. I lost control over tears and screams on watching this.

They noticed me in a moment and rushed to catch me. I ran but the fat one caught me.

“Please! Let me go I won’t tell anyone.” I spoke. “No, we need to kill her with them.” One suggested.

No, please! No. “Wake up! what are you saying.” I saw my mother when I opened my eyes. It took me a moment to understand, I had a bad dream.

Dream Example #2

The surreal nightmare of witnessing a murder

I just got out of a pretty abusive relationship & I wasn’t in the best place mentally because of it. My friends took me to a game night to take my mind off. It was a Saturday night & we had consumed a decent amount of alcohol during the game.

Behind the game arena, there was this mini bar where you could buy as many drinks as you wanted. Following the game, we decided to head there for a few more before we left. It was a busy night & the line was decently long.

As I was patiently waiting for my turn, I started to speak to a couple of guys next to me. Shortly into the conversation, one of them asked for my phone number. I definitely should have said no. But the state I was in, I gave it to him. After we finally got our drinks, my friends and I decided to call it a night.

We parted ways. But instead of calling an uber & going back to my apartment, I very stupidly decided to text the man I previously exchanged numbers with. He responded almost right away. He asked whether I’d want to head over to his place.

Again, I made a stupid decision & agreed.

He showed up & we were off to his place. The drive was a good 45 minutes. When we arrived, I quickly realized we were practically in the middle of nowhere. We weren’t anywhere close to the city anymore.

And as I looked around, I realized no other property was in sight. Quite honestly, without context, I easily would have mistaken his house for an abandoned building. Regardless, being as intoxicated as I was, I disregarded all my suspicion & followed the man to the front door. As I entered, I quickly realized how clean the place looked from the inside. Like, think hospital-level clean.

Even the smell. Without even offering, he quickly poured us a glass of seemingly expensive red wine. I thought nothing of it at the time. I drank all of it.

The next thing I knew I was in a bedroom with the sun, now clearly shining through the window & the noise of a shower running quickly filled my ears. I was groggy & dazed when I woke up. When I recollected where I was, who I was with, what situation I was in, I quickly decided to leave. I frantically began to search for my cell phone, clothes & wallet but it was no use. I couldn’t find them.

I rushed out of the bedroom in the hopes to just leave unnoticed before the man got out of the shower.

As I was leaving, my heart sank in my stomach. All of the furniture & floor were perfectly covered with plastic shower curtains that I distinctly remember not being there the night before. I moved to the kitchen & I saw a blood-bathed knife lying on the floor. My instincts kicked in.

I tried to look further, extremely terrified. A chill went down my spine. A girl of my age was being butchered by someone. His back was facing me. I was shivering when he turned around. That’s the man from the previous night. I started yelling on top of my lungs, rushed to the main door, and ran for my life.

I ran in random directions, panicked & full of adrenaline. I eventually became unconscious & fell.

When I woke up, I saw my friends around my bed singing “Happy Birthday” and found myself holding a murder mystery storybook in my hand. It was a birthday gift from my boyfriend.

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