The biblical meaning of bed in a dream

Dreaming about a bed or a bedroom depends on the focus of your nighttime vision. If the bed is the central point of your dream, then it means one thing. But if it is just a background fixture or some sort of detail, it may not affect the dream meaning much—if at all.

Still, dreams have to be viewed and interpreted in terms of context. Sometimes, a detail like a bed—when combined with other things happening in the dream—may point to a reality that’s easy for us to overlook.

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Beds As a Sign of Comfort

When one thinks about the bedroom or sees a bed in a dream, one can’t help but feel a sense of comfort, ease, and rest. We spend at least eight hours of our daily lives sleeping and in the dream world. The rest goes to our waking lives—with all its stress, worries, and hassles.

When we sleep and dream, we are vulnerable, weak, and defenseless. After all, we are unconscious.

Not surprisingly, we look at our own bed as a special place that we lay our head on when we don’t have our guards up. It has to provide comfort and, to a certain extent, security for one-third of our lives.

It is also the place where we drift off into another level of consciousness. Our beds are our physical portals to the dream world.

The quality of the beds we sleep on, as well as our overall experience on it, sets the tone for what we will see, hear, touch, taste, and smell in a different level of consciousness in our dreams.

Bedroom Dreams Are Different

Generally speaking, when people think about their dreams, they often look at what a dream means in terms of a one-to-one correlation.

When they see a dream symbol—like an animal, fruit, or an object that occupies a central role—they tend to interpret such a dream based on that central figure. It’s as if dream interpretation boils down to looking up certain symbols from a dream dictionary.

Such a dream is fairly easy to figure out and pick apart. Since this type of dream turns mostly on the centrality of certain figures, dream interpretation isn’t all that hard.

But when we’re talking about the Bible, it’s quite challenging to dissect what such a dream means. You have to figure out whether you’re dreaming of being on your own bed, or you’re staying temporarily somewhere else and sleeping on somebody else’s bed.

Biblical Dream Interpretation of Bed Imagery

There are many different details in a Biblical interpretation of your dream images that may not involve a typical dream interpretation involving non-Biblical motifs.

The Holy Spirit plays a big role in Biblical dream interpretation. In such a dream, the primary focus is the alignment between your spiritual mind and identity and the rest of your waking life.

Oftentimes, any kind of disconnect between the things that you know you should be doing and what you should be about and how you actually live out your waking life causes some sort of unease or restlessness that your dream reflects. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but something is off.

To dream of beds and other figures with a Biblical setting requires dream interpretation that involves concepts like sin, faith, hope, and living out one’s belief. These are usually not given much importance in typical dream meanings involving non-Biblical topics.

Your personal dream world takes on a totally different dimension, and your view of your dream of your own bed or beds, in general, has to include special spiritual references.

The Omnipresent Power of the Holy Spirit

Figuring out Biblical dream meanings has to begin with and be powered by the Holy Spirit.

When Jesus said to his disciples that He was going to be leaving them, He was giving them a message of assurance. He said that He has to leave so the Spirit will come in. He referred to It as the Comforter.

While Jesus was on Earth, He can be physically present only in one place at any one time. While He is God incarnate, He still had the physical limitations of a human being. After all, as Immanuel or God with us, He literally was physically with us—with all our limitations and challenges.

There is no such limitation when it comes to the Spirit of God. When we call upon His Spirit—awake or in a dream—we are able to connect with God wherever we are at all times. The Spirit fills the world.

True Worship in Dreams and Waking Life

This is how powerful Jesus’ introduction of the next spiritual state is.

Before this point, when people thought about spiritual things, they usually think about specific places—like a holy mountain or a physical temple with its limited four walls.

This is definitely the thinking of the Samaritan woman that Jesus met at the well. She was concerned about which hill to worship on. But Jesus said, “We worship in spirit and in truth.”

He was referring to the fact that there will come a time after His death that real worship and spiritual meaning, as well as spiritual power, is found not in some physical location, with all its rituals and traditions, but deep within our hearts—maybe even manifested in a dream.

Christ was heralding a point where spirituality is personal because He wants a personal relationship with us. It is not the outer trappings of religion that concern Him. What’s important is where our hearts are.

Where Our Unconscious Minds Meet the Power of the Divine

It’s crucial to look at how your dream represents any kind of intimate object, like a bed, from this perspective.

Ultimately, the Biblical interpretation or dream meaning of any kind of symbol is personal. And, believe me, there’s nothing more intimate, private, and hidden away than a person’s bedroom.

You have thoughts and conversations there that you normally don’t have in a more public place—conversations about your aspiration, dream, goals, and other intimate topics.

When you are in your living room, for instance, you usually use that space to entertain others. This is usually not a place where you share deep, personal, intimate secrets about love, sex, and your hopes and dreams. You reserve that for your significant other.

That’s how special a bedroom is because it stands for the innermost spaces of our personal lives. No wonder a bed-centered or bedroom-focused dream represents something deeply personal.

Spiritual Warfare in the Bedroom

Whether you’re a married person or not, bedroom dreams can often connote or point to some form of spiritual warfare.

The Devil wants to hit you where you are most vulnerable and sensitive. When you are lying on your bed, trying to rest, or even having a dream, you have your guard down. What better venue for renewed and intense spiritual warfare?

It’s harder for the enemy to attack people when they are reading their Bibles, when they’re witnessing, or when they are serving others in the community and giving of themselves sacrificially. But when that same person is at home, behind closed doors, or seemingly safe and sound in a dream, their spiritual power may not be as strong because they’re trying to rest.

Maybe they are on their own bed, or they are lying on a couch somewhere in a bedroom setting. Either way, an evil spirit has a lot more leeway and more avenues of attack. Spiritual warfare tends to happen when we have our guards down.

Understanding the Spiritual Meaning of a Dream Involving a Bed or Bedroom

The first step in understanding what bed-based or bedroom-centered dreams mean involves Biblical verses—not just directly involving beds but also the space around them. We’re also not just talking about the physical dimension of a bed: this is how a typical dream dictionary approaches this.

Bed dream meanings must also take in the larger context of that space.

What does it mean when you dream that you are on your own bed as opposed to somebody else’s bed? What is the spiritual meaning that a strange woman on a bed signifies in your dream?

The typical dream dictionary just falls apart when one tries to factor in spiritual power or looks for spiritual meaning. While they can be quite helpful in terms of dream contexts and how we make sense of how a certain dream plays into our daily waking lives, ultimately, it comes up short in understanding the full extent of such a dream.

Biblical dream symbols are special in their own way; they pack a certain fixed set of dream meanings. It’s not like you’re just looking up certain items from a dream dictionary and trying to establish context.

Understanding dream meaning, when it comes to the Bible, has to refer to actual verses in the Word of God so we can fully understand their deeper spiritual meaning and get to what a bed suggests or what a bed signifies in certain settings in our dreams.

The Challenges of Interpreting Bed Imagery in the Bible

There are all sorts of dream symbols in the Bible. Biblical meanings don’t just focus on what the dream predicts or what a certain dream means. There are also a lot of spiritual messages that could easily be overlooked in a dream.

For example—the importance of God’s guidance in the context of personal weakness, vulnerability, and intimacy.

In this context, to dream of a messy bed can say a lot. Whereas in a more secular reading, you don’t really pay much attention to that. It’s easy to overlook these details.

Also, when you see the image of a sick person in your dream, this may represent people in your life that you don’t pay much attention to—like your mother-in-law, a distant cousin, or an estranged relative.

How Does the Bible Interpret Our Dreams?

Bible-based dream interpretation also has to look at the purpose of the bed in that particular image.

We have to pay attention to the size of the bed: is it a marriage bed, a small bed? Is sexual pleasure somehow indicated in the presentation of the bed in the dream?

Is there any sign of a new lover or just any new person in the dream image? Are there people of the same sex, or is the scene in the dream mostly made of people from the opposite sex?

We need to pay attention to these and other details when dreaming because they can indicate things that may happen in the near future. These dream details can also point to whether central images or certain details form an overall positive sign.

For example, how many members of the opposite sex are there? You can’t just say that if you find one symbol, then this is automatically a good sign, and the dream is overall a positive one.

A good sign depends on the context of its presentation, as well as what happened before and after that supposed good sign.

Dreaming of a Messy Bed

Generally speaking, as far as Biblical dream meaning is concerned, a messy bed represents a messy situation with a family member or more than one person in the family. There’s something that is amiss or disordered in the most vulnerable area of your life.

We have this sensitivity when it comes to our families. Unlike a friend, coworker, or any other person, we cannot choose our family members. This is what makes this area so personal, and it is often a cause of frustration, disillusion, and disappointment.

This lack of control in the most intimate part of our lives can either give us a tremendous sense of powerlessness and weakness, or it can be an opportunity for us to grow and strengthen our bonds, especially when it comes to another person who we may not see eye-to-eye with, like the stereotypical mother-in-law.

If you’re a married person and you get these types of dreams in your sleep, pay attention to the right person or people in your life, like your wife or husband.

To dream of a messy bed may also indicate issues involving children. Maybe you’re fighting over your kids—the direction of how you should rear them. The bed also signifies parental responsibilities.

What a Neat Bed Represents

To dream of a neat bed means you are consciously trying to work on and improve your family life. It also means trying to get the rest of your life in order. This is your own personal bed that you have straightened up; this is not somebody else’s bed—this is yours.

When you see a neat bed as the central image in your nighttime vision, it shows that you are putting in the work to get a lot of the otherwise unruly or out-of-control areas of your life in order.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small bed or a large one. There’s no better translation to this dream meaning than the fact that the sheets are all in place, and everything is nice and clean.

Carelessness and Detachment Are Opposites of a Neat Bed Imagery

This dream means or gives you the impression that you are at least putting in the work and prioritizing things, so your real life would be more ordered, meaningful, at peace, and focused.

Otherwise, dreaming of a messy bed represents a lack of control, carelessness, a sense of detachment from important current affairs, and potential financial loss. Of course, this all goes without saying that there are some issues with your personal life that your dream is reflecting as you sleep at night.

The dream meaning of a bed that is disheveled or even dirty is almost universally negative. While it does have certain connotations of sexual pleasure involving another person, it is a shallow consolation because you’re paying a heavy price for that pleasure.

What Dreaming of a New Bed Suggests

When the centerpiece of your dream involves a new bed (and I’m not talking about a newly made bed), it can involve your impression that your health is in excellent shape or is at least better than its former state. This is especially true if you have been sick for a while and have been dreaming of recovery.

If you’ve been dreaming about a new bed, this is a good sign that things are falling into place, you are getting the rest you need, and you are getting well. It may not be obvious to you as you make progress, but you will be in better health in the near future. This is your subconscious telling you through your dream that things are going well.

There’s nothing more reassuring than sleeping on a new bed. The mattress is firm. It doesn’t squeak because the joints are well put together. You can probably even smell that faint pine or wood scent. These put you at ease.

A new bed means a renewed sense of control and direction. You can’t help but feel good and confident.

Dreaming of A Small Bed

To dream of a small bed means you are alone, and this is not necessarily bad.

In the Bible, solitary periods of key characters are crucial for them to take things to the next level. For instance, Jacob was alone because he defrauded his brother of his birthright. But it is during his lonesome experience in the wilderness that he wrestled with an angel, and he had that dream of Jacob’s ladder.

While a lot of people might think that to sleep alone in a small bed is restricting or even lonely, it is a powerful image.

When we are alone with just our person, we are forced to connect with God and see Him for what He truly is outside of our false ideas of what He should be. It is also during these moments that our wishes and prayer requests are most solemn and sincere.

The Strength of Our Communication with God in Our Solitude

It is this honesty that is represented in Jacob’s struggle with the angel that points to everybody’s spiritual struggle. If we’re completely honest about our spiritual walk, it is a struggle because God’s spirit will contend with our physical nature.

As Apostle Paul writes, when you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, don’t think that it’s the beginning of eternal peace in your soul. No—it’s actually the war between the carnal side of your nature and the Spirit trying to transform your heart.

In the Old Testament, this is symbolized by Jacob struggling with the angel. But he went to the next level after that. He became Israel.

We are all invited to go through that same transformation, and all it requires is solitude. So don’t be put off when you see a central image of a small bed in your dream. This dream portends some sort of spiritual power that is possible if you’re willing to go through that journey.

It can be very lonely because, at that point, your faith is no longer something that you inherited from your parents or something that is expected from you—like it’s some sort of obligation.

Instead, it is something that is truly yours because it is you going through that experience with no other person—just you and your faith in the Lord.

What Does A Dream of a Large Bed Mean

Interestingly enough, when we flip the script, and we see a vision of a large bed in a dream, it isn’t as positive as that involving a small one.

To dream of a large bed can mean an unfulfilled desire. It’s as if you have all this potential, and you can see the wide world ahead of you, and you feel that you haven’t seen enough. You realize that you’re capable of so much more, but you’re also wary of new beginnings.

But, generally speaking, when you dream of being on a large bed, you are witnessing a scene from your bed. You haven’t gotten up; you definitely didn’t jump off the bed. Instead, you sit up, or you barely raise your head to see what else is out there.

But the large bed is comforting, much like a warm hug. You really don’t want to leave, but you get this unmistakable feeling that there’s just so much more out there than the particular situation that you are in.

This, of course, can lead to a sense of frustration. You know, deep down inside, that there are many areas of yourself where you’re comfortable. It seems that it just takes too much effort to go and strive for something bigger, better, and newer. It just takes much less effort to stay where you are.

Biblical Representation of Such a Dream

The Bible has a lot to say about this idea. Abraham could have remained Abram and stayed in the land of Ur in Mesopotamia near Babylon. But he had faith in God, who promised him a new land and a new future.

Now, you may be thinking that this is just a simple case of going from point A to point B. Well, back then, travel was quite dangerous. Now, we have GPS and jet airplanes. They didn’t have any of that back then.

You were literally taking your life into your own hands because you don’t know what’s around the corner. Yet, Abraham took God at His Word, and he went.

That’s a tremendous amount of faith to leave the comfort of his “large bed” in Ur. And then, from there, he would see the rest of the world with all its ups and downs, dangers and opportunities, love and hate.

The Difference Between Belief and Faith

You can believe that God is powerful and that God created everything, and that He sustains you with every breath you take. All of that can make sense in your mind.

But until and unless you risk loss, pain, disappointment, humiliation, embarrassment, and even death while taking action consistent with those things that you believe, then all of these are just “real” as far as your mind goes.

Faith is living out what you say you believe, and that’s what Abraham did.

This is why it’s crucial—when you see a dream of a large bed—that you talk to a person who’s close to you. Tell that person about your dream, and then ask the person to give you their honest opinion on how you can improve your life. This can be your lover or a relative. It can also be a person you’ve known for a very long time.

What’s important is the person must be completely honest with you, and you have to have an open heart to listen to honest truth.

What Dreaming of an Unknown Bed Suggests

If you dream about an image of a bed that you can’t quite make out—you can tell from its details that it is not the bed that you normally rest in—this is actually a very positive sign. You’re forced to engage in some sort of inner reflection.

Oftentimes, if you do this, you get a better awareness of yourself. You start seeing yourself from the lens of another person—based on how you truly are, instead of what you imagine yourself to be.

This can be new and could motivate you to do better in many aspects and different areas of your experiences. Maybe there are certain decisions that you come to regret; maybe there are areas in your career or personal issues where you feel stuck, like your job or business.

Unfortunately, when we feel stuck or frustrated, we tend to freeze. We focus on the discomfort and the sense of helplessness, and this leads to generalized paralysis that prevents us from doing the things that we need to do to get out of that situation.

Dreaming of an unknown bed jolts us into a deeper sense of awareness. If anything, it represents our willingness to take stock of certain areas of our lives and possibly walk away with a different perspective.

Oftentimes, deep, profound, and long-lasting personal change starts with just a shift in how we look at things. This is a good sign because we’re no longer content to see things the way we’ve always seen them.

As the old saying goes, insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result each time.

You know you’re frustrated. You know you’re stuck. You know that you have misgivings about certain areas of your life and your identity. You already know this. If you’re completely honest, you can feel it in the depths of your core.

But until and unless you start changing how you look at certain things or even parts of your identity, the change that you desire will never happen. How can it? You’re not giving yourself the tools or the raw ingredients to bring it about.

Using Dream Imagery for Real-Life Self-Improvement

The good news is when you allow yourself to realize that you’re in an unknown bed as you dream, the novelty and the sense of disconnection this dream imagery triggers can be enough to wake something deep down in your being that can lead to a change of consciousness, which in turn can lead to a changed reality.

Now, keep in mind that this dream imagery depends on context. If you’re lying down on the bed, it’s one thing. But if you’re sitting in an unknown bed or someone else’s bed, this can signify an upcoming marriage or the fact that you’re going to have a child in the near future.

To some people, this is a very welcome development and is, in turn, a very positive thing to dream about. For others, it can be a rude shock.

If this is shocking to you, this means that the bed suggests that you need to be more conscious and aware of different areas of your being. At the very least, focus more on your relationships.

Dreaming of an Unmade Bed

To dream of this imagery is not necessarily the same as dreaming of a messy bed. You may have pristine sheets and nice-smelling pillows. The only thing is that they’re all over the place—you obviously got out of bed and didn’t bother to straighten everything out.

But it’s not a mess, nor is it something to be worried about. Instead, this dream image signifies indecision or inability to go all the way and complete something.

All of us go through this. Nobody’s really immune to this. If we look at our lives, there’s always going to be a list of things that we could’ve done, should’ve done, or would’ve done if given different circumstances.

There are many instances in our lives where we get caught up in the most mundane things and the simplest of conflicts. Most of the time, simple confusion or frustration leads to abandoned or failed projects altogether.

For instance, we could get overwhelmed by the sheer number of tasks ahead of us that we instead, mil about fail to accomplish even just one.

An Unmade Bed Can Also Represent Lack of Focus

We may also be distracted by all the things we think we should be doing that we forget the ones that really matter. We start losing focus, and we fail to prioritize. Pretty soon, it’s as if we can no longer even tell our right hand from our left hand.

But in the case of most people, this is normal. What gives this dream imagery a negative effect is when regret comes in.

There are two ways to look at our personal indecision or inability to finish projects on time. Either we look at them as things that we can improve on and eventually master and overcome, or we look at them as just intrinsically part of who we are.

The latter is really just an excuse to not want to change and then, later on, regret or feel guilty for not having done more. That’s when things start becoming bad news.

Personal Development Starts with a Decision

When you are in the middle of something where you can do something about major issues surrounding you, allow yourself to be present. Give yourself permission to take care of that issue right then and there.

Now, this might not mean that you’ll come to a conclusion immediately, but at least you’ve made a decision or have taken initial steps to get to an eventual conclusion. That’s how you finish your personal projects—no matter how big or small. It all begins with a decision to be present.

When a person sees this unmade or messy bed in a dream, the person’s subconscious may be sending signals about one’s level of presence in certain areas of one’s life.

What Does Seeing a Well-Made Bed Represent?

To dream of seeing a well-made bed is a good sign.

A well-made bed means that the foundations of the bed are sturdy and firm, while the mattress is nice and comfy. The sheets on top of it are crisp and clean, and everything is in place. The pillows are well lined up. They smell good, and nothing is out of order.

When you see this dream, and it occupies a central place in your field of vision, it is a good sign. This dream means that you are currently happy and content.

To dream about this doesn’t automatically mean that you’re rich. It doesn’t mean that you are at the top of some sort of pecking order or organization chart. Instead, it just means that—in your personal and intimate life, where it counts—all things are going well.

There is no spiritual warfare in your life where the Devil works through misdirection, miscommunication, and half-truths. There’s none of that.

You’re experiencing a serenity, and everything is clear. You look forward to the next step of your being because you’re operating from a sense of possibility and even adventure. This translates to a peaceful and calm nighttime dream.

This indicates the power of the Spirit in your being. You have to understand that one of the nine fruits of the Spirit is joy.

The Real Meaning of Joy

A lot of Christians misinterpret joy. They think that for them to be joyful, everything in their lives has to be going well—they’re getting paid the right amount; everybody’s treating them right; they live in a nice place.

The truth is joy comes from within. You could be suffering all sorts of persecution, hunger, thirst, and deprivation—your life may even be threatened—but you still find joy because it doesn’t come from you and your experience of external circumstances.

This is how most people normally define joy—it has to come from outside of them. But that’s the problem: we can’t control what’s outside of us.

There are certain things that we have now, but they’re gone tomorrow. There are people who are nice to us now, but they can change very quickly. We can’t control them. They are beyond our influence, ultimately.

The gift of the Spirit is that when we give Jesus permission to enter our hearts, it gives us Joy. This is a powerful fruit of the Spirit. No matter what’s going on outside of you, you find your joy in Christ.

You only need to look at what He did for you to find hope in situations where everybody else has given up. You find light when it seems so bleak and dark. You find purpose when everybody else is running around like chickens with their heads cut off. What a beautiful gift.

Finding Happiness in God’s Refuge

This is what a well-made bed represents in a dream. It is a life in line with God’s Spirit in your life. If you have that connection, your external circumstances wouldn’t matter. Your joy, peace, happiness, love, faithfulness, and all the other fruits flow from your relationship with Christ.

When you dream of lying in bed, and it’s a well-made bed, it indicates success. Again, it’s not necessarily material or involving your social status. Instead, you are in your element. There’s nothing to prove. There’s no one to become. You just are.

When you get this impression, you can then allow the Holy Spirit to work through you.

Apostle Paul writes in two parts of the Bible. On the one hand, he says, “I am a wretched man.” He was lamenting his sinful nature. He was agonizing over the fact that, since he is a human being who is naturally prone to disobey, he has a “body of death.”

But in another part of the Bible, in Galatians 2:20, he writes, “I have been crucified with Christ. And it is no longer I who lives but Christ who lives in me.”

Keep this distinction in mind. Your success is not based on your human powers. If you go there, all you will see are limitations and, ultimately, disappointments.

Your success is rooted in Jesus Christ because He can take you to places you could only dream of going. They are dreams precisely because, deep down inside, you honestly know that you don’t have what it takes—but Jesus does.

When your dream shows an image of you lying in bed, and it’s a well-made bed, you are in for success, as long as you give yourself permission to follow God’s will in your life.

Dreaming of a Comfortable Bed

Paradoxically, when we dream of a comfortable bed, this imagery indicates a sense of lack—maybe the lack of sleep or the dream portends that you lack something challenging and life-changing in your waking life.

The dream world sends us signals that, oftentimes, we consciously ignore or set aside. From the perspective of many people, sleeping on a comfortable bed is a good thing. Who wouldn’t want to be in a place where you are in full comfort?

But dream interpretation often uses contrasts. The reason why the bed is so comfortable in your dream is that you are uncomfortable with making key decisions in your life.

You know what you’re lacking. You know what you’re frustrated about in your life. You know what your disappointments are. But you hide this away from the rest of the world because you want to look complete, strong, and well put together.

The more you do this, the more you hide it and suppress it to the point that even you become deceived. This makes you very vulnerable to spiritual warfare—this is where the dream symbol of a comfortable bed comes in.

A Comfortable Bed Means Represents Fear of Venturing Out of Your Comfort Zone

The truth is a comfortable bed represents you hanging on to your comfort zone. Being a believer in Christ means suffering discomfort.

A lot of people have this impression that once they accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior, and they are truly born again spiritually, that all the things that are wrong in their lives and all the pain their family lives and unresolved issues in their psychological lives will all go away.

They have this sunny vision of God just coming into their heart, healing them from head to toe, and liberating them from all their problems. After all, Jesus did say, “I have come to proclaim liberty to the captives.”

But that is a self-centered view of personal salvation. If anything, when you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, that’s when the Devil works double time. For lost people, he doesn’t have to work: they’re lost. Where’s the challenge there?

Jesus Wants Us to Leave Our Comforts

The Devil gets uncomfortable when you open your heart to Jesus. That’s when the spiritual warfare starts and flares up with all its anger and fury. Satan is seeing that he’s losing you.

When you are lost, by default, you are with him even though you don’t seek him. Now, you are awake, and you seek Jesus. So the Devil will do everything that he can to try and make you crave your comfort zone.

Being a Christian is uncomfortable because it means overcoming our carnal selves. It means, at the very least, a process where we hate the things that we used to love and love the things that we used to hate or not care about—in other words, because we carry Jesus’ yoke.

We obey His commandments because we love Him, not because we are afraid that if we break the commandments, we go to Hell.

The big transition here is your behavior is informed by your desire for Jesus instead of your fear of consequences.

Not surprisingly, the dream of an uncomfortable bed means an opportunity to rest in Christ. Otherwise, you’re going to feel the stress of your spiritual struggle, as well as the practical ups and downs of daily life, which can wear you down easily.

To Dream of Buying a Bed

When your dream imagery involves you purchasing a bed, you might be thinking about your significant other. It can be your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, or husband; it doesn’t matter.

When you are thinking of buying a bed, this can involve some sort of regret about your relationship. This is a very tricky dream to navigate because it’s easy to go overboard and confuse concern with the desire to change another person.

Now, keep in mind that, usually, we seek to change that person not because it’s good for them but because we want to shape them into what we think they should be. This is tricky because we may be looking at them based on their usefulness to us or their value to us instead of what would be good for them.

What Does Dreaming of a Bed Without a Mattress Mean?

If you dream of a bed without a mattress, and you somehow sleep on the bed or sit on the box frame, it means that, in your waking life, you’re experiencing trouble, anxiety, or even a sense of emptiness.

You experience all of these in the context of some sort of struggle. The most obvious, of course, is financial, but it could also be an emotional struggle.

A lot of people view a dream about a bed without a mattress as a sign of lacking. This is not always true.

You can be materially comfortable, but—when it comes to the things that truly count—you are lacking. You may have money, and people may think highly of you, but deep down inside, you feel broken, lost, lacking, and struggling.

Dreams of a bed without a mattress mean struggle in many different dimensions. It doesn’t have to involve just material deprivation like not having money or lacking a job and the security that flow from them. We’re not just talking about your material needs and wants.

Spiritual Void Can Manifest Through an Empty Bed Frame Imagery

A bed without a mattress in your dream can also mean a deep and profound sense of spiritual restlessness because you have no rest. Jesus said that He had come to fulfill the law, and the Sabbath is all about rest. We can have our rest in Jesus.

If anything, a dream of a bed frame or bed box spring with a missing mattress can indicate that you have misplaced priorities. Instead of resting in Jesus, you try to rest in your money, your status, your position, or even your relationships.

But, as you probably already know, these can be fleeting. They can be here today and may seem quite fulfilling and enjoying, but they can be gone tomorrow.

When you seek the Kingdom first and practice true worship, your treasure is Jesus Christ; then you are connected with something that will not go away, will not disappoint you, and will be there forever.

Look at dream imagery of empty box springs or incomplete bed sets as your subconscious telling you of your need for the assurance only Christ can deliver.

The Different Dream Meanings of Bed or Bedroom

Ultimately, the bed imagery in a dream is a site of either comfort, acceptance, belonging, peace, and serenity or their opposites. I’m talking about inner conflict, deep and unsettled issues involving your relationships with other people, as well as your conceptions of yourself.

Your bed can represent or reflect feelings and emotions, as well as your past—both in your waking hours and in your dream. Keep this context in mind when going through the other dream interpretation symbols above. This is always in play.

You may be so focused on certain issues in the waking life that you overlook things that need more attention. Oftentimes, it seems that the only outlet that they have to reach you is through your dream imagery.

The Bible is the Ultimate Handbook for Our Mortal Lives

Please understand that these Biblical dream interpretations should not be viewed as some sort of replacement for Bible reading. As a believer, you should read your Bible. It is God’s love letter to you.

It is also, believe it or not, the “owner’s manual” for our bodies and minds. Just as the car in your garage or the blender in your kitchen came with an owner’s manual complete with maintenance and troubleshooting tips, the same applies to the Bible.

The Bible draws our attention to certain areas in our lives that we should be aware of, but it also reminds us of solutions.

So when we see bed symbology in a dream, we understand that it can be a source of rest, comfort, and protection, but it can also indicate the sorrow, sense of emptiness, or lack of completion that makes us unstable, insecure, and vulnerable.

Again, dream interpretation depends on context. But regardless of the context, Biblical meanings of a bed dream shows that God’s provision is always there—that whatever you may have placed your faith in might have failed you or abandoned you, but God never will.

So, in this context, the bed and the rest it represents in your dream point to God, and that’s always a good sign. Everything will be okay if you place your hope in Christ.

Reading Bible verses involving bed dream imagery enables you to connect with God’s will for your life. Read the verses below, pray over them, and give the Spirit permission to enter your heart and open your eyes.

Jesus said, in the final book of the Bible, Revelation, that He stands at the door of our hearts, and He is knocking. It is up to us to let Him in. And Jesus promises that if we turn that knob and open the door, He will come in and stay with us.

Take your bed dream imagery as that invitation.

Bible Verses About Beds

Job 17:13-16: “If I hope for Sheol as my house, if I make my bed in darkness, if I say to the pit, ‘You are my father,’ and to the worm, ‘My mother,’ or ‘My sister,’ where then is my hope? Who will see my hope? Will it go down to the bars of Sheol? Shall we descend together into the dust?'”

Psalm 41:4: “As for me, I said, ‘O Lord, be gracious to me; heal me, for I have sinned against you!'”

Isaiah 57:7: “On a high and lofty mountain you have set your bed, and there you went up to offer sacrifice.”

Hebrews 13:4: “Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled, for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous.”

Psalm 149:5: “Let the godly exult in glory; let them sing for joy on their beds.”

As you can read above, these Bible verses relating to bed dream meanings communicate how intimate and personal our beds are for most people. Even in the Bible, it stands as a place or area in our lives where we can reach out to the Lord and communicate sincerely and solemnly with Him.

The Bible’s Final Word on the Bed

The Bible verses above, and many more, tell us that the bed is a place of rest for us to do our own reflection and to ask God to let the Holy Spirit guide us in all areas of our lives.

Our dreams can reflect the answers that God wants us to realize. Our dreams also can point to the fact that the evil spirit that lurks in dark corners of our imagination or in tormenting images of our past doesn’t have to stay there. That evil spirit doesn’t have to become a permanent fixture of our consciousness.

Having frequent dreams about a bed can be a wake-up call for us to drive away evil influences, as well as break whatever evil covenants we have consciously or subconsciously made.

Addictions like drinking alcohol and smoking, mental habits, emotional triggers—all of these can be signs of some sort of evil covenant we have made with bad influences. They don’t have to remain.

Beds are dream symbols that something’s about to happen in your personal life. They represent intimacy and, in many cases, vulnerability.

Just like with other dream imagery, beds can be positive or negative. But rest assured that, with God’s guidance, everything will turn out fine. By reading God’s word about the bed, we are receiving wisdom from the Divine Intelligence—even better than what man dreamed of.

In times of weakness and despair—as well as in times of joy and contentment when you feel that you have enough—read the Bible from your bed, pray, and experience the best kind of dream a man or woman of faith could experience: God’s wisdom and love embracing you.

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