How do I know my dream is from God?

There are all sorts of dream passages in the Bible, the most famous being Pharaoh’s dream and Joseph’s interpretation of it. Naturally, a lot of people believe that when they dream, some of their nighttime visions can be of divine origin. Indeed, as we could tell from the book of Daniel and other parts of the Bible, God sometimes communicates with human beings through dreams. We are left asking: how do I know my dream is from God?

If you’ve ever wondered, here are some dream interpretation tips that can help you answer your question.

The General Meaning of Dreams

Generally speaking, dreams are messages from our subconscious minds. Our subconscious is always active. Even though we may not be aware of it or even be conscious of a lot of things that are going on around us, our subconscious is able to pick these up.

Our waking minds are not aware of certain patterns, trends, and realities, but in our dream life, our subconscious dwells on these things. It digs up certain images and themes from our unconscious memory. In fact, this is part of how our mind “repairs” and nurtures itself.

We all have a dream cycle. Just because we don’t remember our dreams when we wake up doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. It also doesn’t mean that they don’t play an important role in how our minds stay healthy.

Most of the dreams that we experience are actually quickly forgotten. This is the reason why they technically “don’t have meaning” or significance.

It’s not because they are completely lacking in purpose or value. Instead, the reason is very practical. We just don’t remember them.

How Can You Use Something That You Have Forgotten?

Sometimes dreams are so strong or are repeated several times or involve really moving and emotionally gripping imagery that we can’t help but sit up and pay attention.

A fraction of these dreams is messages from God that have deep and profound spiritual messages.

Now, a lot of people would be troubled by this because the objection is that God only spoke to special people that in the past, and they are all in the Bible.

Not so!

God is sovereign. God created everything, and He is outside of everything.

That’s why He is the Creator. He is not bound by the rules that He Himself established and set for His creation. Since He is the Creator and not the created, it goes without saying that He can communicate to us in however way He chooses.

It Doesn’t Matter if You Are a Religious or a Spiritual Person

Spiritual messaging is part of your life. Even if you don’t believe in a deity or even if you don’t believe in a formal religion or a spiritual path, it is undeniable that there is a spiritual side to you.

We are all born with this spiritual component. It communicates in a certain way, and it craves certain things. One of these is a sense of meaning and purpose.

Science is awesome because it can break down natural phenomena into a form that is predictable and measurable. It is definitely useful and makes for a great tool when navigating life.

But science doesn’t tell you what Beauty is nor does it have a clue about what Justice and Fairness are.

Science can tell you certain mechanical things, like survival of the fittest manifesting in organisms who are able to reproduce successfully are more likely to pass on their genes.

But it doesn’t tell you why. It doesn’t tell you purpose. It doesn’t tell you meaning.

And this is the spiritual aspect that everybody has and has to contend with. Now, you’re more than welcome to fill it with “rational content,” but it’s still there. It’s undeniable.

When Do We Get Spiritual Dreams?

If you are in tune with your spiritual side, don’t be surprised when you are presented with dream signs and imagery when you are going through times of confusion, uncertainty, and trouble.

This trouble goes beyond financial issues, medical challenges, and similar “physical problems.” These are problems that most people can see and have experienced.

Spiritual dreams also occur when you are going through internal challenges. Maybe you broke up with somebody in the past, and you’re still trying to come to grips with that reality.

Perhaps, you have issues with your parents that continue to haunt you to this very day because of its consequences on your ability to trust as well as your issues of self-esteem and a sense of self-worth.

Whatever form these internal issues may take, people don’t normally see it in you. They’re not as physical as the other types of challenges that I’ve mentioned earlier.

Divine communication through dreams reaches you in a most pronounced way when you’re going through periods of personal turbulence.

It Is Your Challenges That Make You Receptive to Spiritual Messaging

If things are going well, how receptive do you think you would be to spiritual messages regarding core areas of your life, your decision-making, your attitude, and your overall faith in people?

Chances are, these messages will easily be overlooked. After all, things are going well. You feel like you don’t really need such spiritual guidance because things are fine.

Now, they may be far from perfect or ideal, but you can manage. After all, you’re busy and you have so many other things you need to think about and worry over.

No wonder a lot of spiritual people view the times of their strongest, personal challenges as blessings and not curses. These are the times when they are able to sidestep their selfish ambition and pay close attention to God’s voice speaking to them in many different ways about internal issues they would otherwise completely miss during better times.

It is in this context that they feel great that bad things came because these are the bad times that they needed for them to be sensitive to the moving of the Holy Spirit in their lives. In fact, many people who have gone through a spiritual awakening credit the times of loss, pain, grieving, and turbulence in their lives as the first time or the most significant time where Jesus spoke to them.

Keep in mind that it’s not like Jesus wasn’t speaking to them all throughout.

As the Bible says, Jesus is constantly knocking on our hearts and asking to be let in. If we were to only turn the handle and let Him enter, He will make His new home in our hearts.

It is in this context that the very familiar Christian saying of “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” makes sense. You have to let Him in.

And oftentimes, it takes turbulence, even loss, pain, and disaster for us to be receptive to God.

There’s nothing like good times and success to give people a sense of delusion. They get this artificial idea of their independence from the Lord.

But when all the chips are down and everybody else has moved on and a person is feeling lost and abandoned, that’s when his heart sheds its shields to see Jesus there.

This doesn’t mean that Jesus wasn’t there, to begin with. He’s always been there, just as He is right here with you as you read this post.

The problem is that there’s just so many things getting in the way of you seeing Him.

It could be your accomplishments. It could be your self-delusion or sense of denial about 800-lb elephants in your mental, psychological, emotional, and spiritual room.

It can be your negative habits that you cling to. You know they’re wrong. You know that they cause all sorts of harm to the people around you, but you can’t let go.

Whatever the case may be, there is something blocking your view of Jesus. And in this context, when you go through a tough time, like a medical emergency, or the loss of a job, or a loved one, your “shields” start to give way, and you end up giving yourself the opportunity to recognize the truth that Jesus has never abandoned you.

He’s always been there just as He promised in the Bible. He said: “I will never forget you nor forsake you.” We can take that promise to the bank.

But Jesus communicates to us in many different ways. The most common way, of course, is through prayer.

When you pray to God, not in a repetitive way or using some sort of formula or a written prayer produced by somebody at a specific time and a specific place very different from you, you communicate with God.

And prayer is really all about taking the time to open up your heart to God and tell Him what’s in your heart, and most importantly you giving yourself permission to listen.

A lot of people think that prayer is all about getting certain themes from some sort of checklist out of the way so God can process our request. God isn’t a genie. It definitely isn’t our servant.

Instead, He is a loving father, and we should respect Him, just as we should respect our earthly fathers.

How does this work?

Well, first, you need to be honest. You need to ask the Holy Spirit to enter your heart so you can be clear as to what the content of your heart is because God already knows your prayer before you even think about them.

The questions you should be asking are:
• Are you aware?
• Do you really see what’s going on around you and the kind of life you’re living?

Because God cannot be mocked. He cannot be tricked. He knows everything.

He’s the Alpha and the Omega. He can see right through you, just as He saw you millions of years before you were even born.

The first key step to prayer is honesty.

You should also ask:
• Do I know where I am in my life?
• What am I hiding?
• What am I seeing?
• Who do I see myself to be and who am I really?

And then from there, it’s communication, and communication, once again, is not some sort of preprogrammed list of incantations intended to bring some sort of supernatural result.

That’s magic. Save it. That’s not real prayer.

Real prayer means you speak from the heart. If you’re hurting, say it. If you’re feeling disappointment, be honest and let it out.

When you look at the prayers of David, they were filled with anguish because they all come from a place of honesty. This indicates in a very clear and human way that David and other real flesh-and-blood people described in the Bible communicated with God as a friend.

That is one of the realities of God. He is our friend. So, talk to Him as a friend — with honesty.

But also, be respectful. At the same time, don’t engage in formalities to the point where you’re watching what you say to such an extent that you’re putting on a show. There’s nobody to impress because God knows who you really are.

Prayer Reveals Who We Really Are

The Bible tells us in Jeremiah that our hearts are treacherous.

That’s right! The human tendency is to disappoint other people.

We disappoint people when we don’t follow through and they were counting on us. We disappoint them when we don’t keep our word.

We disappoint when we betray people. We say one thing and do another. That’s betrayal as well as lying.

Wait! It gets even worse.

The Bible also says in Psalms, according to King David, that we were formed in the womb in iniquity.

That’s right! You were born in sin.

The prophet Isaiah has nothing good to say either. He said that our righteousness is like filthy rags. Put simply, the best that we can hope for, in terms of our behavior, in terms of our character, are like filthy rags.

And when you look at the original Hebrew words that he used for that characterization, they are the same as the words used for cloth that are used for feminine hygiene at a certain time of the month.

You get the point.

There is no such thing as human righteousness. There’s nothing good about us.

And that’s why we need God because all have fallen short of the glory of God, according to the Bible and according to our day-to-day reality.

And by His grace, He restores us. He gives us hope. He gives us the strength to move on.

What Should We Really Ask for When It Comes to God?

A lot of people think that prayer is just some sort of magical process where you start with a problem that’s weighing you down and causing you harm in one form or another and asking the divine to wipe it all out so you can start afresh or start a new life that is free from those challenges.

I’m not saying that this does not happen. It does. I know this because it has happened to me when it comes to addiction to nicotine.

But oftentimes, God does something even more important to our character development.

What He does is He doesn’t make the hardship go away. Instead, He gives us the internal strength to be able to change internally despite the challenges so we can become better people.

Do you think Him lifting the challenges from your life will make you more courageous? Oftentimes, He blesses us by preserving the challenge and giving us hope in His presence in our lives, and that translates to courage.

And what do you think happens next? We find a way to overcome. We find a way to move on.

The most famous example of this was in Apostle Paul’s letters to the Corinthians. He revealed that he had a thorn in his side. (Of course, this is a symbolic talk for a problem that he has to live with on a day-to-day basis.)

But he said that “even though I prayed for God to take this thorn away from me, His grace is sufficient.” Put simply, knowing that God loves us and God is generous and kind is enough to sustain us.

This doesn’t mean that the curse, the challenge, the problem, the disaster is lifted. It can remain.

But it doesn’t matter. What matters is that God gifted us with something even more important. He can transform our character.

I’ve gone through this description of the different types of messages we can have with God through prayer and dreams to establish the background for a proper understanding of dreams that come from God.

Once again, please understand that God communicates with you in many different ways. He can communicate with you in your prayers. He can communicate with you through His Word as you meditate on bible verses. He can communicate with you in terms of your dreams.

But don’t discount other ways. He can communicate to you through disasters, challenges.

The funny thing about human beings is that it’s easier for us to listen when bad times happen. But we’re deaf when good times are happening.

Be completely honest. I know this is true for me. It’s hard to see the lesson when things are going your way because your pride is filling up your mental space.

All you can say to yourself is “I did this. This is great. I deserve this.”

But when things are looking bleak, that’s when you’re sensitive. You’re more likely to listen. You’re more likely to pay attention when you find yourself in that situation.

So, keep this context in mind as we discuss how one can know if one’s dream is truly from God.

How Can We Know That the Dream Is from God?

When God sends you a dream message, you have to look at the theme, the sub-theme, and the consequences of that dream message. This is easy to understand if the dream is a direct command. If God says, “Ddo this, do that,” that kind of messaging is easily translatable into specific textual commandments.

The next step, of course, is to see if that lines up with God’s Word. If you have a dream involving an actual command or directive from the Lord, make sure that it’s actually from the Lord, not somebody who appears to be the Lord.

Because the Bible is clear: The Devil can appear as an angel of light. The Devil works by deception, stealth, misdirection, and employs all sorts of tricks.

Just look at what he did to Eve. So, how do we make sure that a dream is actually from God?

Well, if it’s an obvious dream with a clear directive like for example there’s a voice or a sense that you feel in your heart that God is telling you to do something, go to your Bible.

Does the message line up with what we know to be God’s character? Because God reveals His character in His Word.

1st John 4 admonishes us to test the spirits.

Obviously, you’ve received a spiritual message, and in your dream, it seems so powerful, moving, and convincing even. Be that as it may, try to make sense of the actual textual or direct messaging, and try to find it in the Bible.

If it isn’t supported by the Bible, I’m sorry to say, it did not come from God. Because God is not a liar.

God doesn’t contradict Himself. Despite what many atheists and agnostics believe.

If your dream involves a specific directive, it must line up with what we know to be true about God, which is His Word. So, find Bible verses that are very similar or directly mirror what you received in your dream.

Other Dream Signs from God

Outside of direct spoken or written directives in your dream, you have to put in a lot more work to convert the message your dreams are trying to send to determine their divine nature.

Because dreams, as you know if you’ve ever read any of the posts in this blog, often employs imagery that has many different sides and is quite deep.

So, you have to understand that there are certain themes that can take place in a typical dream that on its face may be spiritual in nature.

But you have to be discerning because again there’s always the threat of deception, self-deception, or messaging from the Devil. That’s just the world we live in.

So, with that in mind, here are the most common motifs that can occur and how you can process them to determine if your dream is from God.

Supernatural Signs

Your dream might contain a supernatural sign. This can involve a bright light, hearing God’s voice, or an embodiment of the Holy Spirit.

How do you know it’s the Holy Spirit? It fills you with the range of emotions that the letter to the Galatians calls the fruit of the Spirit.

Normally, the fruit of the Spirit are what is produced in the heart of a person that has fully submitted themselves to Jesus Christ. If you are truly born again, your life will bear different fruit. As Jesus said, you will know them from their fruit. Good fruit cannot come from a bad tree.

And when you become born again, meaning you surrender to Jesus, not just through some sort of symbolic baptism or sprinkling or confirmation by rote memorization of dead words, but actual heart-level conversion, the following things happen.

The Spirit produces “love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control in your heart.” Galatians 5:22–23.

When you’re having a nighttime vision and you feel this bright light and the presence of the Holy Spirit in your heart and the range of that fruit become palpable to you, this is a supernatural sign.

So, in this context, pay attention to what message comes next. Is God telling you to do something? Are you feeling these things and the impression in your heart is you need to forgive somebody?

You know that your dream is from God if what you are being urged to do lines up with God’s will. If it is to ask for forgiveness, love someone who on its face doesn’t seem loveable, or do anything else that Jesus and the Bible instructs, then your dream is probably from God.

On the other hand, if your dream runs counter to the essential teachings of the Bible, then you’re having a different kind of dream. This is not from God.

Enter the motifs that you see in your dream in the search box to the upper right so you can try to analyze the many different layers of that dream. It is not a divinely inspired dream. It’s something else.

How Do You Know if You Dreamed of Divine Wisdom?

This type of dream involves a situation when God communicates divine wisdom to you in the form of a dream. This often takes place in an expository way using actual scenes from your life.

Your mental camera zooms in on a very common day-to-day problem that you face.

For example, you have a tough time with a co-worker. You feel that she always talks behind your back, sabotages you, undermines you, and otherwise sets you up to fail.

Maybe you haven’t been getting promoted. Maybe you haven’t been getting the pay raises that you think you deserve.

Whatever the case may be, you know that there’s this person blocking you or is adversarial to you.

Then in your dream, you were praying for guidance and you see in your dream, from a third-person perspective, God filling you with hope, faith, understanding, and most importantly a revelation of how you should handle your situation.

You see yourself talking to that person or you see yourself refusing to live up to whatever bad things people say about you.

Whatever the case may be, when there is an indication of prayer or the Bible in your dream and certain scenes in your life are playing out with you as a third-party observer, this can indicate the transmission of some sort of divine wisdom about that specific situation.

This kind of dream can mean many things. But one thing you can be sure of is that if God is listening to you and God cares about your situation and when you see how you should proceed, you’re able to connect the dots and figure out God’s divine wisdom and how you should act.

This is quite an instructive visual revelation because it is so applicable.

But just like any other message that we assume to be from God, we need to test the spirits. Make sure that the divine wisdom that is played out in what you see yourself doing to resolve your issue, which leads to a feeling of reconciliation, forgiveness, calm, and serenity, are actually rooted in the Bible.

God will never instruct you to lie for instance. So, again, test the messages of divine wisdom to see if it lines up with God’s documented character as revealed by the Bible.

Is Your Dream Relevant?

Relevance is a core issue because a lot of people automatically believe that God spoke with them when in reality, “the answer” that they get from their dream doesn’t square with the question that they’re trying to relate to it.

This blog is a massive compilation of the many different types of dreams people have and the symbols associated with them.

For religious people or people who grew up in a spiritual household, it’s unavoidable that they often automatically assume that, if they have a dream with certain themes, then it is a dream from God or that it has a divine connection.

But you can’t automatically assume this because you have to look for relevance.

Your dream might actually be your subconscious speaking to you about issues that you are almost unaware of. Maybe you’ve been in denial about them or maybe you’ve been so busy that you overlook them regularly.

Whatever the case may be, it’s as if you are blind to them, and your subconscious is trying to draw your attention to them. This has little to do with spirituality as framed in the context of this blog post.

So, be on the lookout for relevance.

Are there obvious spiritual cues in your dream? Were you praying? Was there an image of the Bible? Were you thinking of God in the dream?

There has to be some sort of connection because if not, there is still hope because you could list down the motifs in your dream and do searches for them using the upper-right search box of this blog.

Is My Dream a Revelation?

Revelations from God can take place if they are very specific. Again, there has to be some sort of imagery revolving around your relationship with the Lord.

So, in your dream, if you see yourself praying or you keep hearing the word God or Jesus, you need to look at the general context of your dream.

Maybe you get visions about the real intentions of other people or you get an answer. But the answer has to be spiritually grounded, and the Lord will never reveal to you, a truth that is not supported by the Bible.

Because a lot of the time, people can fool themselves into violating or going against what they know to be true by saying that it came from God. God is not a liar nor does He contradict Himself.

God also doesn’t lead us astray. So, there is a reliable consistency with the Lord.

And if you feel this revelation in your heart that speaks of a commandment or a prophecy regarding things to come, make sure that it lines up with the Bible.

And it’s also a good idea to pray over your dream because this can clear up a lot of the emotional fog that is left over from the initial excitement of your dream vision.

Is the Dream Memorable?

If God really wanted to send you a message, he would not send you a dream that you quickly forget. Viewed from this perspective, you will know if your dream is from God when you can still remember the dream.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to remember every single detail and facet of your dream, but you should be able to recall it clearly enough to have a good sense of its divine origin.

Usually, our conscious minds forget the dreams we had upon waking up.

Also, when we have one dream and it’s followed by a dream that involves very scary images like cannibalism, bedbugs, iguanas, or even The Devil or dragons, whatever we dreamed of before, no matter how gripping, enlightening, or even insightful is quickly forgotten.

But there’s something going on when your dream is memorable, and there is spiritual symbology in it.

This is a good sign that your dream may be from God. It also helps when you feel a sense of peace when you remember your dream. It seems that you wake up with a sense of clarity.

Despite whatever it is you’re going through and whatever fears are surrounding you, it’s as when you think about your dream, you are connected to a very peaceful place.

The Bible is clear that one of the most important commandments that Jesus gave to His followers is to fear not.

So, when you wake up with a sense of calmness despite the fact that there’s so many things to fear and there’s so many uncertain issues to be concerned about, it can be an indication that your dream is from God.

God is always answering our prayers. The problem is we are not receiving it for whatever reason.

Maybe we’re not ready. Maybe we have put up so many obstacles along the way. Maybe we have just distanced ourselves and we look at God as basically just some sort of ceremony or ritual.

But the nature of God is that He is already blessing us. He is already giving us.

The problem is, are we receiving it? Then it’s obvious that it’s not His problem.

It’s us.

So, when you have these memorable dreams, you may have to relearn how to pray because a lot of people pray based on what they need.

The prayer is all about them.

“Lord, give me this. Lord, let me do this. Lord, why is this person doing this to me?” So on and so forth.

While the Lord does understand our needs, He also wants us to grow up. He also wants us to mature.

The Bible teaches about drinking spiritual milk. This indicates that at a certain point, we have to eat solid spiritual food.

And a lot of the time, our prayers may not be answered because we want to just continue to drink spiritual milk. So, all of these themes are at play when you remember your spiritual dream.

But again, you know that it can only be from God and it’s a legit divine dream if it lines up with the Bible.

So, you should pray and then take out a Bible and read from portions that you know and then think about the night vision you just had.

How does it line up with the character of God as described in the Bible?

How Do You Know Your Dream Is Not from God?

There are several tell-tale signs that your dream, despite certain spiritual hints or features is not of divine origin.

Here are just some tell-tale signs.

Your Dream Is Not from God if It Is Confusing

If your dream truly came from God, please understand that God is a God of order. He is the God that spoke everything into being and there is order in being.

So, if you had a dream that is all over the place, unclear, murky, and chaotic, that dream did not come from God.

Also, if your dream is couched in such a way that it blocks understanding, that’s not from God because God doesn’t play any tricks on you. He doesn’t get you to do what He wants you to do by confusing you.

His calling is always clear. He may not always call the equipped, but you best believe He will equip who He calls.

Your Dream Is Not from God if He Instructs You to Violate His Word

If you dream about evil or committing sin, your dream is not from God. God does not relish in you feeling anxious and full of fear when you see yourself shooting somebody or stabbing someone in your dream.

Now, if you see this play out and there’s also disturbing imagery, don’t lose hope. Just because your dream is not from God doesn’t mean that your dream is worthless or useless.

Use the search box on the upper-right side of this blog to enter the key motifs or repeating patterns in your dream.

While your dream might not have a divine origin, it can still be useful because your subconscious is obviously sending you an important message through the use of disturbing graphics.

Your Dream Doesn’t Resonate with Your Spiritual Path

If you’ve been praying and reading the Bible, you have established some sort of spiritual path. This is especially true if you have accepted the Lord Jesus as your Lord and Savior and have been born again through the Holy Spirit. This means truly accepting the Lord on a conscious, adult level.

I’m not talking about you becoming a member of a church because your parents and grandparents were members of that church, and you don’t want to let them down.

No! I’m not talking about that. It’s not the kind of religion that I’m talking about.

Instead, real religion is a personal choice and commitment. And it is also lived out in your actions.

It’s one thing to say I’m a Christian, it’s another to actually forgive.

It’s one thing to say “I go to this church or that church” and it’s another thing to actually give to the poor without any expectation of even a “thank you” or even a smile in return.

That’s the kind of conversion I’m talking about.

So, if your soul was affected by that kind of conversion and you have a dream that doesn’t resonate with it or you feel disconnected, then it’s probably not a dream from God.

The Dream Doesn’t Contain Biblical Symbolism

The Bible contains many different symbols. In fact, there are so many that it is quite suspicious if your dream doesn’t even have at least one of these symbols.

Be very suspicious. If the dream you have is a spiritual feeling about the uses of symbols that are foreign to the Bible, something is off here.

This should be your cue to get on your knees and pray for divine guidance and an infilling of the Holy Spirit because there might be some sort of confusion and then by extension deception going on.

The Dream Involves Something That Is Not Spiritually Realistic

As the Bible makes clear, “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.”

Jesus also said directly: “With man this is impossible. But with God nothing is impossible.”

Everything is possible with the Lord. But when you have a dream that is fantastical and has nothing to do with your day-to-day challenges but just presents you with this alternate reality, your dream might still be meaningful and useful, but it isn’t spiritual in nature.

You have to look for Biblical signs and a sense of being rooted in spiritual reality.

If your dream is communicating on another level of practicality and reality, this is your cue to try to remember as much as you can the main motifs of your dream and enter them in the search box on the upper-right side of this blog.

Dream Example #1

We have our own goals in life. We make plans on ways to achieve these goals, and along our journey, we will be making many decisions. Each decision leads us to a different path towards our goals. Usually, it is hard for us to make decisions in fear of unfavorable consequences.

Some of us believe in ourselves and follow our intuitions, and some let God decide by asking for signs. Does God give signs to help us with our decisions in life? Well, it depends on our interpretation. It can be something based on the situational conditions one has made or through our dreams.

How do we know if what we dreamt about is from God? As I said above, it depends on the interpretation and the strength of our belief in Him. Let me share one of my dreams, and it was the most memorable one I had that made me believe it was from God.

It happened a long time ago that I cannot even remember. I am a curious person. I like to watch videos that explain everything’s origin and disprove God’s existence. And despite my strong faith in Him, it made me doubt His existence. I asked Him for a sign, for an assurance of His presence, and that I do not believe in something that does not exist.

And finally, this dream happened.

I can only remember that I am not alone. I have five other people with me, and we were walking on a barren, rocky path between two cliffs. We were wearing a brown robe that looked unwashed for months, and we have a flask of water tied on our waists.

I can say it was around 1 or 2 p.m. since the sun is high and it was burning hot that day. My body felt what I was experiencing in my dream. I do not know the purpose of why we are in such a place, and we walked without knowing where we should go. It was a very long walk, and we ran out of water to drink. We were very thirsty and sweaty.

Along the way, I saw skeletonized human bodies on the left side of the path. And I thought it was from those who died along the journey. There are golds and jewelry scattered beside the skeletons. I did not mind it, yet the others took what they could, so I left them behind. Looking at the path, it seemed to have no end, and I felt hopeless.

But I continued to walk with the others distant from me. I saw stony steps at the left side of the cliff that will lead us to the top. I waited for the others, and we climbed to the top.

As soon as my right hand reached the final step, I felt the cold wind blowing from the top. I climbed to see for myself what I could see above. I am fascinated by what I saw. It was vast grassland with an enormous tree from afar. A cool gust of wind blew on my face, and my body felt the cold and refreshing feeling.

There was a stream of water that also seemed to have no end. I drank to replenish my thirst and washed my face that gave me the revitalizing feeling. The cold breeze air-dried my wet face as I stared at the unbelievable size of the tree. I saw a large group of people.

They wore a white robe, and I could say they were hundreds in number. They were in a group as if they were watching something. Away from the tree and the group, I saw someone, and I went to approach Him. He was facing where the sun was setting, and He was glowing. He has long hair about shoulder-level in length; He was also in a white robe, and He was on His barefoot.

And as I walked nearer towards Him, I woke up. Unfortunately, I did not talk to him, but I knew right away it was Him. I was staring through the ceiling of my room as if I am looking at Him, and I said, “I’m sorry.”

That day, I reflected on what that dream meant. God did not only assure me of His existence. I realized that it was also about the existence of heaven and the essence of Earth. I interpret the walk on the barren, rocky path between two cliffs as the Earth. For it was full of hardship and suffering. It is a place to test our faith in Him. It is a place where our life will end, and the wealth we have in this land will stay in this land.

And I interpret the vast grassland with a large tree as heaven, for it is a place that seems to have no problem. There is always ease and rejuvenating feeling. Of course, it is the place where God is and the only place where you can be with him. And since then, my faith in Him strengthened even more, and I will never doubt His existence again.

Dream Example #2

Lately, I have had some weird experiences. But weighing heavily on my mind is perhaps the constant dreams I have been having.

To better understand my situation, you should know that I do not have the luxury of dreams like most people. While every average Joe sees dreaming as a regular occurrence, I cannot say the same for myself.

Although I do not know the reason for this, I cannot say that it is an unwelcome state of affairs.

My brother, however, thinks differently about it. If you asked him why he thinks I do not dream, I am sure he would bore you with his rather absurd theory of my lack of imagination.

As you would expect, I have no high regard for his theory. I believe that I do not like my sleep being disturbed. Not by my alarm clock and not by the projections of my subconscious.

Besides, nights are by far my favorite part of the day. I cherish the allure of darkness and the serenity that comes with it.

Also, it is the only time I can indulge myself in a midnight snack and watch a movie on Netflix without being interrupted. And what is a beautiful night without a snuggle against my duvet while blasting the air conditioner on 14°C?

If my only crime is preferring the peace of dreamless sleep, then so be it.

The Surprise I Did Not Want Now, imagine my unhappy surprise when my mind decided on its own that it was time to start plaguing itself with dreams.

On the first few nights, the dreams surprised me, but I did not mind them. After all, weird things happen to people at some point in their lives.

But alas! My dreams did not have the decency to stop. They became so persistent that with time, I expected to dream every night.

And then came the second weird thing. I started to have certain feelings about the dreams.

Somehow, I could not shake away the thought that they were not ordinary dreams or mere projections of my subconscious. I mean, I dreamt of things that I had never conceived in my mind nor ever experienced.

Although the specifics of the dreams changed from time to time, there was a recurring pattern of events.

Usually, I was walking down a dark and unfamiliar dirt road in utter confusion about which way to go. Then, a sudden burst of light would come from nowhere.

When the light appeared, I would get an instant sense of direction. A wave of inner peace would also wash over me.

Every time I woke from the dream, I had a feeling that it was an encoded message with a deeper meaning from a higher power. And usually, there will be an unshakeable urge to find out more about it.

Despite being agnostic, I cannot but think that God is trying to reach out to me and say something. But how can this be if he probably does not even exist?

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