What Is the Biblical Meaning of House in Dreams?

In the Christian Bible, the image of a house is quite rich and deep. Indeed, the word “house” is used to designate not only the physical home of a person but also his lineage. The Bible uses terms like the House of David or the House of Jacob. This goes to the hear of the biblical meaning of house in dreams.

That’s how important houses are in Scripture. If you’re looking for the Biblical meaning of house in dreams, you have to pay close attention to the context.

It’s important to start with a general overview of the Biblical interpretation of house imagery and house-related symbols.

But if you want to get close to the real meaning in your waking life, context is crucial.

The General Biblical Meaning of House in Dreams

Generally speaking, if your focus is primarily on a house and not its occupants, your subconscious is telling you an important message regarding the topic of self-improvement.

Maybe you need it. Or, if you’ve already started on it, you’re trying to figure out certain key issues.

Self-improvement should be a universal goal. Maybe the world would be a better place if it was.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the things that we feel we must do every single day, we tend to focus on surviving instead of improving our game.

Maybe if we devoted a little bit more time and focus on self-improvement, we wouldn’t be so obsessed about surviving. Instead, we could be thriving.

This can take the form of better relationships, improved mental and spiritual health, and an altogether better appreciation of our life as it is.

Keep in mind that this is different from appreciating life based on how you wish it was.

Sadly, this is how most people go about their lives. They focus on what’s not there. They look for things that are missing. They do this so often and so intensely that they become blind to the things that they actually have.

Another Biblical meaning of house in dreams involves spiritual issues

Maybe you need spiritual protection. Perhaps your mindset is under siege from unseemly influences.

You can’t quite put your finger on it, but there are certain things that you used to believe to be true that are contested in your mind. You are under spiritual attack.

The good news is instead of feeling bad about having doubts, you can use them as opportunities. (I’ll go into further detail below.)

Another meaning to the image of a house in your dreams can involve your emotional state. It may well turn out that things are not as settled as you think they are.

This is not necessarily bad because a lot of the time when we assume that our emotional reading of certain issues in our lives is fixed, static, and unchanging, we actually do ourselves no favors.

By assuming that mindset, we prevent ourselves from growing.

Of course, any kind of emotional growth runs the risk of discomfort if not outright pain and heartbreak. Still, what comes after that point is often worth it.

Another closely related interpretation of house images in your dreams indicates your mental state. Again, context is crucial.

Pay close attention to the state of repair of the house image in your dreams. Depending on how things line up, this might actually be a good omen.

Biblical Meaning of a House Dream

If you’re dreaming of a house that is in good repair, your subconscious is telling you that you have a firm base as far as your personal security as well as your mental, emotional, and spiritual stability go.

Your subconscious is not trying to draw your attention to a specific physical place or location. Instead, it’s trying to shine a spotlight on where you are in your life.

You are in a good place, not only mentally, emotionally, and physically but also financially.

I understand that some people might find this a bit of a shock because they feel that they’re going through some rough patches.

But set aside your worries for a second and focus on what you actually have. You would quickly realize that you actually have a lot to be thankful for.

Focus on gratitude!

The foundations of your “house” metaphysically speaking are quite firm. Indeed, you are in a position many people would love to be in.

Be grateful!

The Meaning of an Internal House Dream

If in your dream’s mental camera, you see yourself walking through the door and hallway of a home, your subconscious is telling you important messages about the state of your physical health.

Assuming that that building is your own house, you are reminded of how important your physical body is.

You probably have heard the old saying “health is wealth.” In fact, you probably have heard it repeatedly and it failed to register.

This is especially true if you’re young. It’s really amazing how many young people subconsciously assume that you’re going to live forever.

I can’t blame them. When you’re young, you rarely get sick and when you do, you recover quickly.

But once you get past 40 or 50 for some people, that’s when you know that you’re not as strong and as resilient as you were during your younger years. And as you get past a certain age like 60, mortality seems like it’s around the corner.

All of these relate to your sense of centeredness.

When you look at your body, it’s your physical center. We all know that your mind is your mental, emotional, and spiritual core.

But it has to be rooted physically somewhere, and this is where your body is. It is the temple of your consciousness.

Take good care of it.

In your mental camera when you see yourself inside your house, your subconscious is telling you to take full ownership of that physical reality.

If you ignore it, take it for granted, or constantly overlook it because there are “so many other important things” to think about, you end up with poor health sooner or later.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve met people who used to worry about money during their younger years.

Now that they have made it and they have a nice house in the suburbs, three cars in the garage, a big fat pension plan, and everything is squared away, they feel sorry for themselves.

It’s quite pitiful actually because all this time, they were running a race and they neglected to take care of their body. Now, they’re sick with diabetes, heart issues, or even cancer.

Focus on your physical core.

What Does Dreaming of an Old House Mean?

When you look at the physical condition of the house in your dream and it’s in fairly good shape but obviously older, your subconscious is relating to you the importance of transformation.

Something is being transformed in your life currently.

Maybe your subconscious is showing you this image of an old house to bring it front and center.

This is often necessary because we tend to focus on small details that really don’t matter all that much in the end.

Your average day is filled with all sorts of duties, concerns, and worries that when everything shakes out, don’t really mean much.

So your subconscious is showing you this old house to let you know that there is a transformation going on where you are getting past certain things that used to define you.

They’re no longer relevant. They’re passing away and that’s okay.

Embrace the new. Celebrate who you are today.

Don’t make the mistake of hanging on to things that will only weigh you down and, worse yet, restrict your reception to the things that you should be perceiving and enjoying today.

Interpretation of Dreaming of Your Own House

This is a fairly unusual dream. You’re basically dreaming of your own house.

Maybe you’re seeing yourself planning to buy a house or you’re talking to a real estate agent.

Either way, you know you’re dreaming about owning a house because you already have a house.

What does this type of dream mean?

It indicates that ideas of security, retirement, and laying a firm foundation for your future upkeep are top priorities in your mind right now. You are looking forward to the future and making necessary plans.

This is all well and good if you actually devote a certain amount of your time to doing these in your waking life.

But if that’s not the case, then your subconscious is telling you that you should start planning about your retirement or providing for yourself when you can no longer work.

This is especially true if your kids no longer live with you.

It’s important to think about these things when a lot of people are just so focused on the day-to-day that almost suddenly they find themselves at retirement age, and they haven’t planned ahead.

This is closely related to the Biblical image of your house as a stand-in or proxy for your physical body. You have to make provisions when it comes to finances for the upkeep of your health.

What Does Dreaming of an Empty House Mean?

When you see an empty house in your dream, pay close attention to what’s going on inside.

A lot of people automatically believe that this is a negative sign. They automatically read it as symbolizing a lack of emotional support in their life or even loneliness.

Some even jump to the conclusion that it symbolizes a deep and profound sense of loneliness, abandonment, or the feeling that one has been left out.

While those may be true, pay close attention to the context of the empty house.

Is it well lit? Is it well maintained?

If so, the empty house can mean renewed freedom.

It is free of furniture. It’s free of internal designed spaces. Instead, it’s an empty canvas.

You can do so many things with it when it comes to decorations. Physically speaking, you can do so many activities inside it because there is no furniture.

Depending on the context, an empty house can mean a growing appreciation in your life that you have more freedom now than ever.

If anything, this could be a launching point in your life to greater creative heights, better relationships, new relationships, or even greater financial opportunities.

Pay close attention to how empty the house is and try to come up with some answers to why it could be empty.

It doesn’t have to be a negative symbol.

House dreams: A Sign of Protection

The recurring meaning of houses in dreams indicates spiritual protection. Again, this depends on context.

If you see yourself safe in your home, feeling connected to a higher power while there’s a downpour outside, this indicates that you are open to guidance from a higher power.

God’s mercy and grace reached you because you open your heart to it. This leads to a strong sign of protection and preservation.

Your strength doesn’t come from your finances or from what other people think of you.

Instead, it comes from deep within. It comes from an honest, heart-to-heart sincere relationship with a Higher Power.

I am of course talking about God.

House dreams: A Sign of Deep Emotion

Houses aren’t just four walls. They are not simply collections of glass, metal, and wood.

Instead, they house our hopes, dreams, wishes, childhood memories, and all our cherished ideas and practices involving the concept of family.

It is no surprise then that a house quickly becomes a home. Again, this depends on the people living in it.

But for most people, the house is also their home. This is why one key definition of a house in dreams indicates deep emotion.

If you are feeling secure in the house location in your dream, this can be your subconscious’ trying to get across to you that you need to be more mindful of your thought patterns.

This is not necessarily a warning sign. Instead, your subconscious is telling you that your real home is made up of your thoughts.

If you don’t have the right mindset, no house will ever be good enough to be your home.

Be mindful of your thought patterns. Fully own them. Take responsibility for them.

At the end of the day, they are not passed down from your parents nor did you mindlessly absorb them from people you hang out with.

They arise from your choices. And yes, they define you.

They are ultimately part of your home because if you feel that any place is your home, it will be your home.

It could be a hole in the ground, a hole in the wall, or some bombed-out crater. It doesn’t matter because you have given yourself permission to be at home.

That’s how powerful this is.

This is the seat of your emotions so be clear as to what it is and whether you want it or not.

It is a choice.

House dreams: A Sign of Belief

Another common Biblical interpretation of a house structure in dreams indicates belief systems.

This is fairly deep so let me give you an abbreviated interpretation.

On the surface, people tend to be divided in terms of religion, sects, and creeds.

But if you ask people individually why they are what they are — for example, you ask somebody why are a Catholic or why are you a Lutheran, a Methodist, a Seventh Day Adventist, a Pentecostal — that’s when you will get closer to the real answer.

In practical terms, people are in a certain faith because they “inherited” it from their parents. It’s like having clothes that were passed down from one generation to the next.

But that’s not belief!

That is religion. That is a mark of identity but it isn’t belief.

If you ask a person why are you this way and they tell you an answer that has something to do with personal choice and actual personal understanding of the belief system of their religion, then you’re on to something real.

On the other hand, if they tell you “I’m a Catholic because my parents were Catholic” then there’s really no personal choice there.

Don’t get me wrong. This is still a strong part of their identity because people do live and die and will go to war based on such designations.

But it is nothing short of a tragedy that people actually don’t have this deep belief in their religion.

When you look at the house in your dream, pay close attention to the foundations.

Don’t just focus on the shell that people could see because that is superficial. That’s the label: Mormon, Jehova’s Witness, Pentecostal, or whathaveyou.

Look at the foundation. This is where the real faith or nonbelief is.

I’m saying this because you need to do the same with yourself. You have to ask yourself: “What do I really believe? Why do I believe this? What do I know to be true?”

And when you are open-minded regarding the things that you’ve been taught to you, you will start seeing the disconnect between the things that you say you believe in and how you actually behave.

Now, none of this is intended to erode your faith. Instead, it’s the opposite.

By recognizing the gaps and the disconnects in your understanding of who you are up to this point in time, you can make the choice to truly live out your faith.

And that’s when you transition from the outer shell that people can see and deliver mail to, to the deep foundation of your house.

In other words, this truly is your identity because you have a real, deep relationship with Christ based on this list of things that is true to you.

Nobody can take that away. That is a personal religion, and it’s real, it’s deep.

It also gives you the power to overcome all sorts of adversity.

But it has to be personal and intentional. It can’t be inherited or passed on or somehow absorbed by proxy.

Guard Your Privacy

Another interpretation of a house image in dreams is that you need to set better boundaries with friends and family.

Are you the type of person that everybody runs to for money or a quick loan? Chances are, a lot of that cash will never come back to you.


It’s not because those people are unwilling to pay you back. It’s because you are too embarrassed to collect.

If you find yourself in this situation, it means that the boundaries that you have set with families and friends and other people who are intimate with you are not drawn up correctly.

You feel insecure and vulnerable. And in many cases, you feel put upon.

You don’t want to be there. You don’t want to be in that position.

Do yourself a big favor. Reassert your personal privacy and autonomy.

You’re not everybody’s ATM, and I’m not just talking about money here. If people come to you for emotional support, sometimes it gets too much.

You’re not a psychiatrist. You’re not a licensed social worker.

There have to be boundaries as well in that context.

You Must Eliminate the Unnecessary

When you see a lot of clutter in the house that you’re seeing in your dreams, this indicates that there is a lot of negativity that is piling up in your life.

This is negativity, not because they are negative in themselves. Instead…

I don’t quite know how to put it, but if you are feeling that many people are just basically crowding you in and don’t respect your personal boundaries, you must let them know about what they’re doing to you. You have to let them know how you feel. If they take you for granted or just blow you off, then it’s perfectly okay to disconnect from people who do not add value to your life.

Remember, the people who you hang out with, engage in a two-way exchange of value. You’re there for them, and they’re there for you. That’s how it’s supposed to be. But if it’s a one-way street, and you are not getting anything in return, it’s time to walk.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you should ghost them, meaning that they are completely absent from your life. But you need to maintain some healthy distance. Surround yourself with people who will let you grow to become the best version of you.

Dreaming of buying a new house

If your dream focuses on the process of buying a house or going and meeting with realtors, your subconscious is telling you that you need a new perspective. The way you are looking at things is not getting you closer to your goal.

It doesn’t matter what it is. It could be your relationships. It could be your career, your business, or whatnot. Whatever the case may be that your perspective has you stuck.

Now you may be thinking, Well, I’m actually moving, and things are actually turning out. But it’s all comparative. Sure you’re moving forward at the rate of one inch per year. But take a look around you. Other people are moving up. Other people are just scaling up beyond your imagination.

And here you are contenting yourself with the current rate of progress you have. Stopped giving yourself excuses. Put yourself out there. On a whim apply for a new job. If you’re not in a relationship, try to get in one.

Whatever the case may be, get out of your routine. Don’t think that you have to settle for the lane that you are in. You are worth more than that. Because deep down inside you know you’re capable of so much more.

What does dreaming of a new house mean?

If the main focus of your dream involves the physical characteristics of a new house, like that fresh paint smell, the freshly sanded surfaces of the walls. This fascination with the newness of your new interior living space indicates that there is new flexibility in your mindset.

For a lot of people, this is not a big deal. It shouldn’t be a big deal to you. Why? You’re having a tough time thinking out of the box. I’m not just talking about solving problems. I’m also talking about the ideas that you come up with in terms of the kind of life you should be living and how you should look at the world.

Now you are open. Now you’re excited about new things. Now you are letting your curiosity guide you. Keep at it. Because ultimately things will come to a head and there will be a great opportunity for you to come closer to the best version of yourself. Of course, there are no perfect answers to this because you’re the only person who can supply the answer. It’s your choice.

What is dreaming of a leaking house roof mean?

On this blog, we’ve written before about the symbolic meaning of a leaking roof. In the context of the biblical meaning of a house in a dream, this imagery indicates the appearance of negative energy. Believe it or not, there are people with infectious negative attitudes.

As much as you’d like to wall them off or dismiss them, the longer you hang out with them, the more you are contaminated. I know that sounds harsh. But it’s true.

Just as physical diseases can be passed on from one person to the next, the same goes with toxic attitudes, viewpoints, and mindsets. This is not political in any way. Instead, it’s all about corrosive and toxic views on life.

The interesting thing about all of this is that, at first, it seems that these people are fun to be around. Why? They energize you because they tell you the stuff that you want to hear. But as time goes on and you give in to their suggestions, and you incorporate a lot of their negative energy, you’ll feel yourself heavy and weighed down.

How come? A lot of your energy has been sapped because you believe in this stuff. It’s that simple. The reason why you were so energetic and full of life before was that you didn’t have this type of thinking in your life.

At the very least it seemed distant to you. You didn’t really take it seriously. Now, whether you admit it or not, you actually believe in this stuff. And worse yet, you internalize it.

It has now become part of the internal script that you keep playing to yourself that plays a crucial role in how you define your identity. This is bad news. And if you’re completely honest with yourself, you know exactly who those people are.

And again, as I mentioned earlier, regarding people who do not respect boundaries, you need to distance yourself from these people. You don’t necessarily have to cut them out of your life but you need to establish proper distance so they do not infect you.

What does dreaming of going back home mean?

If your dream focuses on you packing and looking forward to going back home, or seeing yourself in a vehicle actually in the process of going home, this indicates maturity in a very special way. You have reached a point in your life where you are ready to admit that a lot of the things that you used to believe were flat-out wrong.

At the same time, you are humble enough to realize that a lot of the earlier advice of people in the early part of your life turned out to be valid and sound. Primarily I’m talking about your parents, but these are also other people that

may have tried to share their wisdom with you. It could be your first boss, it could be your first lover, it could be your friends from junior high school that you lost touch with. Whatever the case may be a lot of the answers to the questions that you’ve been struggling with all these years were actually answered a long time ago. But guess what you didn’t listen.

Now you have come to the point in your life where you are willing to swallow your pride and say, “You’re absolutely right”. What makes this motif of going back home quite interesting, is that home no longer exists.

I don’t mean to depress you heard the home that you had when 20 years ago, I’m talking about your mental, emotional and spiritual home is very different from what your home is now. And even if you go back to a place or a mental space that you think was your home, it’s never the same. Why? You’ve changed.

So this whole idea of going back home is really just an elaborate ritual. Its purpose is to let you know that you have now matured to the point that you can set your ego aside. You can now say “I was wrong”.

Those words cut deep, but they mean love. And if you truly mean those words, then your world starts to open up. Of course, you can bring back the past. You did what you did. But now things are clear.

Don’t confuse the dream of going back home with some sort of magical opportunity to “fix the past”. Get that idea out of your head, that’s not going to happen. You’re, you’re a totally different person now.

So deal with things as they are. And this is a great place to be in because now your pride is no longer getting in the way of your learning and maturing. That in and of itself is a victory.

What is dreaming of a house that is locked mean?

I hate to be the one to break this to you, but a lot of the difficulties that you have in your life is self-inflicted. Now a lot of people would have a problem with that. They would say “My childhood was abusive”, “All these bad people did these things to me, how can you say with a straight face that all of this is self-inflicted?”

Well, let me ask you, if you are feeling stuck, frustrated, unhappy, oppressed, and are in pain right now, I’m talking about emotional pain here, what’s stopping you from getting up and leaving? Please understand that you are where you are because you chose to be there.

You can come up with all sorts of excuses and explanations. But at the end of the day, it’s a choice. I know this is harsh, but it’s also true.

When you dream of a house that it’s locked because you lack confidence, it’s not locked because it’s impossible to break in. It’s not locked because it is completely inaccessible. It’s locked because you want it to be locked.

And this translates to anxiety in many different areas of your life. This is self-inflicted helplessness. When other people would say “You don’t understand”. Well, instead of waiting around to be understood, why don’t you step up and seek to understand the true nature of your situation and you will realize that choice is at the center.

Again, this sounds harsh, but it’s also true. Because nobody can force you to live a life of poverty, weakness, oppression, and pain without your permission. As Ellen Roosevelt famously said, “Nobody can make you feel lousy without your permission”.

What does dreaming about cleaning a house mean?

When you see yourself cleaning a house whether, in an exterior setting or an interior space, your subconscious is showing you that it appreciates your efforts at self-improvement. Many people are surprised by this because they don’t consider themselves embarking on a self-improvement path.

Whatever the case may be, your subconscious is detecting that you are trying to improve yourself and it is letting you know. It’s giving you a heads up when you see this type of dream. And how do you know that you are trying to improve yourself in a meaningful way? It’s actually quite simple. You are consciously trying to work against your habit.

You are improving yourself when you consciously make efforts to show up ahead of time. Maybe you’re constantly looking at your watch, or you’re now paying attention to the alarm clock. Whatever form it takes, you have actually taken clear steps to override your previous patterns.

Recognize these, embrace them, and celebrate them. Because ultimately, the more you repeat something, the more it will become a routine for you. Once things have become a routine, you stop thinking about them and they become your new habit. Pick your habit.

You may be thinking to yourself, “Well, this is how I’ve been I’ve been doing things for all this time”. Well, let me ask you, “Are you happy with the results?” if you’re not, then this is your opportunity to try something else.

If you’re tired of getting the same results, change your actions. Because they’re the ones that produce the results. For every action, there’s a reaction. This is basic. Stop blaming other people. Stop coming up with one exotic excuse after another.

What does dreaming of a flooded house mean?

When the main image of your house dream focuses on water, flooding the house, or even raging through the house, this indicates that you’re going through a very important and potentially life-changing situation right now.

The obvious part of this dream is that there are powerful emotions involved. Maybe it’s guilt. Maybe it’s the need for revenge. Maybe it’s some unrequited love or remorse.

Whatever the case may be, it’s powerful. It’s so thick that you can almost cut it. But equally as important is that this period of emotional turbulence and intensity might actually be a sign of cleansing. This might be the turning point that you’ve been looking for. Because for the longest time you feel that there are certain things in your life that you can change.

For example, you can’t show up on time, you can’t be responsible, and you can’t be counted on to do certain things. And you come up with excuse after excuse, justification after justification. Now that you’re seeing the consequences of these habits and you are emotionally rocked, this can be a sign of cleansing.

Because oftentimes when we clearly see the connection between our thoughts, our mindset, or our emotional habits and how things are turning out in our lives. That’s when we are finally able to connect the dots and are motivated to make changes.

For a lot of people struggling with their finances, they need to be reminded of certain habits leading to them coming up short every single month when the credit card bill comes. They need to know how they respond to their attitude at work or their feelings towards their boss, translate when it comes to the actual paycheck that they receive.

So allow these emotions to come. But acknowledge them. Don’t run away from them. Don’t try to relabel them. This is no time for denial.

Next, connect them to what you are doing. And if you’re able to do this, this will be a golden opportunity for personal cleansing. Because the kind of life you live is determined by the habits you have.

Dreaming of a floating house

When your dream involves a house that for whatever reason, was disconnected from the land, and it’s now floating, pay close attention to the cause. If it’s some sort of mystical force that just levitated your home from its foundation, the meaning is going to be very different than if it’s a house that got flooded and is now floating on the water.

If you’re dreaming of a floating house on the water, this indicates that the strong emotions that you’re having internally are about to explode. It’s not as scary as you think. Because oftentimes, people who really want to help us need that extra push.

Maybe they think that you’re a pushover, or you just can easily be dismissed or taken for granted. When you get in their face and you let them know, “Hey, what you’re doing is affecting me negatively”, cut it out, or “What you’re doing is hurting our family”, you need to step up.

Whatever the specific context may be, do not avoid that emotional confrontation. Because it might be the push that you need to not only speak up and get your act together but also be insistent or assertive enough to push other people who are hurting you in one way or another to get their act together.

Do you see how this works? On the other hand, if you see a house that’s floating in the air, this indicates that you need to tap into your personal imagination. This is difficult for a lot of people. Believe it or not.

Why? They’ve trained themselves to look at the world and the problems that they face on a regular basis with a narrow lens. It’s as if they’re saying to themselves, “The answer can only come from this narrow channel of ideas, and nothing more”. Of course, they’re not going to say this out loud. But this is what they assume.

You can tell based on how they try to respond to problems or try to adjust to situations. When you have this dream, it means that your narrow way of interpreting, perceiving, and solving the phenomenon you see in the world is going to get rocked. And it’s a good thing.

Because when you do that, scales will fall out of your eyes. It’s as if you’re looking at the world with blinders. Turns out, that there are many different ways to solve a problem. If you can’t get through the front door, you can try the side door. If that doesn’t work, go through the basement. If that is off-limits go through the roof, and so on and so forth.

When you reconnect with your innate all-natural ability to solve problems, things become possible again. This is what the floating house represents. Assuming that it’s floating on air.

What does dreaming of a destroyed house mean?

When you see a house that is just completely blown to bits by some sort of impact from inside, it indicates the aftermath of strong passion and possibly anger. This might be speaking to your need for anger management or there might be somebody who has a problem with anger issues in your close circle of friends or among your relatives.

Whatever the case may be your subconscious is telling you that you need to take action because it’s affecting you in such a way that it might trigger your own anger reaction. Now you may be thinking when somebody gets angry at somebody else that other person’s only option is to be angry back. No. It’s not that simple.

In fact for a lot of women when the men in their lives are angry at them, they become quiet and blame themselves. This is very toxic. Similarly, when men are confronted by the anger of the women in their lives, they feel small and eventually they become ineffective.

This is toxic stuff. So depending on how the house is destroyed, if it’s blown up from inside by some sort of force or explosion, it depicts anger. On the other hand, if you see a house that’s burned to ashes, this indicates the effects of your unwillingness to change.

You have to understand that if you refuse to change due to your circumstances and to the people around you, you’re going to be building up all this heat energy. I mean, I’m talking metaphorically, of course.

And pretty soon, you’re going to burn out. In real life, they still see you like you look normal, you’re well dressed, and you seem to have your act together. But people can’t see what’s inside. You have nothing left.

So you have to make some adjustments. Maybe your relationships are uneven, maybe you’re carrying the relationship. Maybe you’re in a workgroup, and everybody dumps their work on you. Whatever the case may be, try to look for the imbalance and resolve this issue before you burn out.

What does dreaming of moving houses mean?

You want a fresh start in life, and your subconscious is telling you this is absolutely correct. Go with it. Now, here’s what’s weird about this situation, it doesn’t have to involve a change in a physical place.

While your mind is using the proxy or the metaphor of moving houses, which involves geographical relocation, the more important way to get a fresh start in life is to change your mindset. The best part of this, you can do it right now.

You don’t have to wait until all the chips are down and it’s the last minute of the game and you have to make that shot. You don’t have to wait for all of them. Do it right now. The moment you feel that something could use some improvement in your life, do it.

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