Biblical Dream Interpretation Car Accident

Sometimes, we dream about things that serve as a warning.

It’s as if our subconscious is telling us about a thing that’s about to happen. And if we don’t pay attention to the dream, and we do things that we normally do, they come to pass. This is one biblical dream interpretation car accident symbols and images bring to mind.

Another way to look at dream symbology is to look at what these symbols mean. If you keep getting bad dreams about truck accidents or others, and the same central images are present in each dream, this means that your subconscious may be pointing at a sign.

This could feel like some sort of “bad omen.” And when things get so palpable, vivid, or even troubling in our dreams, a lot of us wake up. Many of us awake in a cold sweat, feeling submerged in ice-cold water.

Sometimes, it feels like the nightmare doesn’t end. You can still hear the truck crashing from your dream. You’re trying to rack your mind about the meaning of this dream.

Biblical Dream Interpretation of Accident Imagery

Whenever you feel stress or other negative feelings, you need to stop what you’re doing and pray.

You just went through a traumatic dream about a truck or any other vehicle; it may trigger a lot of bad memories in life. Oftentimes, this is enough to throw anybody off. Naturally, we ask for God to protect us.

When you pray, it’s not all about asking for divine protection or the means to overcome a challenge. Instead, you’re accepting God’s knocking on your heart. This connection between you and the divine intelligence takes place.

There is no fight. There is no blood. In the case of your dream, there is no truck or other vehicle accident. It’s just His presence. Take comfort from that.

Seeking Refuge from a Traumatic Dream Through Prayer

Don’t race through your prayer like it’s a one-way conversation. The protection comes from allowing yourself to be still and fully present in the power of God.

Otherwise, as you search for biblical dream interpretation of truck in a dream—or any other version of tragedy you witnessed in your dream—your feelings will still be too strong.

Deep, meaningful prayer is a two-way street. It’s not just you asking something from God but also Him communicating with you and influencing your life and dream.

This is the power of prayer. It’s the feeling of calm reassurance from being in the presence of the divine and allowing Him, through His silence, to enter our life. This can lead to much needed changes due to ‘corrective prophecy’.

Bad Omen Dream Meaning

We often dream about accidents and instantly think that it’s some sort of bad omen.

When it comes to biblical interpretation, we automatically think that something bad is about to happen to us, our family, or someone close to us. Others even associate bad dreams with a prophecy or destiny.

For example, these dream images can take the form of an accident involving a truck, natural calamities, tragic mistakes caused by another person or by us, or any other harrowing symbol.

Dreaming of a Truck or Vehicle Accident on the Road

When most people see a truck crash or cars caught in a bad pileup on the road in their dream, the common interpretation is that this is a bad event.

It can be bad for our physical health and our investments and business ventures.

Common issues in Biblical Dream Interpretation Car Accident Images trigger

Given the traumatic nature of car accident imagery-the sound, the shock, and possibly even gory injuries, most people automatically freeze up emotionally when they ‘witness’ these scenes in their dreams.  Don’t let the shock get to you. At least, don’t get so triggered you forget almost all the details of your dream. Instead, try to recall the major motifs and piece them together. It may turn out that the accident is the not the main focus of your dream but something else.

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The Meaning Behind the Type of Vehicles Involved

When a truck or any vehicular accident seems to be the central motif in your dream, try to picture the kind of vehicles involved.

Was there a mail truck, a garbage truck, a pickup truck, or even an ice cream truck?

These dream images can be interpreted as a sign of a big attack because they’re rather unusual. People don’t normally expect these types of trucks to be involved in a road mishap.

Urgent Meanings Behind a Dream

When you dream that a person close to you or someone you love gets injured or dies in a truck or car crash, this is not automatically a prophecy.

When fatalities happen in a dream, it usually speaks to the immediacy of the threat or event.

The biblical interpretation of this dream is that it is a sign that something needing your urgent action is about to happen. It doesn’t have to be a car or truck accident or anything involving physical or mortal danger, but it’s something that requires a lot of your attention—like a health problem or prolonged sickness in your dream.

Interpreting Action in a Dream

Focus on your actions in your dream. Were you talking to a person you know?

Sometimes, the dream is not about you but someone you know—your children, friends, family, or someone very close to you.

The Symbol of Danger Varies

Dreaming of a car or truck accident involving a pickup truck, garbage truck, a bus, or even multiple vehicles can imply some sort of harmful action perpetuated by others—like a robbery of money or goods. You can see it. It is abrupt and sudden.

On the other hand, if you dream about train wrecks or a large truck accident, the meaning of this dream can involve work problems and the need to ask God for direction in that area of life.

This might seem like a mellow type of situation compared to a car, truck, or bus accident on the road, but it’s just as important.

Oftentimes, people make choices in their work and career path that have a very big impact on their lives.

Car Accident Dream Symbols Pertaining to Business

Another variation of this dream involves a truck hitting a store or objects and goods associated with business. In this case, this dream might be an indication of or a warning about possible business setbacks.

Your dream isn’t as unconscious as you think. When awake, you’re picking up lots of patterns that your mind processes. These can manifest when you dream.

For example, you’re about to pay someone you commissioned for an artwork that you notice has an “all rights reserved” watermark. So, in the back of your mind, you see these decisions—following certain patterns—that can lead to serious financial mistakes.

On a scale of one to ten, these may not be emotionally traumatic as losing someone in a bus accident or a big fiery truck crash, but the resulting financial impact and the mental health issues can be devastating all the same.

This is not a small thing, but we often shove it aside and what it means. When these symbols show up in your dream, the meaning may be related to certain business realities in your life.

Bible Verses About the Meaning of Accidents in the Dream World

Psalm 121:7-8: “The Lord will keep you from all evil; He will keep your life. The Lord will keep your going out and your coming in from this time forth and forevermore.”

Exodus 22:2-3: “If a thief is found breaking in and is struck so that he dies, there shall be no bloodguilt for him, but if the sun has risen on him, there shall be bloodguilt for him. He shall surely pay. If he has nothing, then he shall be sold for his theft.”

Isaiah 49:24-26: “Can the prey be taken from the mighty, or the captives of a tyrant be rescued? For thus says the Lord: ‘Even the captives of the mighty shall be taken, and the prey of the tyrant be rescued, for I will contend with those who contend with you, and I will save your children. I will make your oppressors eat their own flesh, and they shall be drunk with their own blood as with wine. Then all flesh shall know that I am the Lord your Savior, and your Redeemer, the Mighty One of Jacob.’”

If you take a look at the verses above, they seem to be talking about different things; but when you look at the central theme, they end up at the same place.

The Light of Jesus Guides Our Path

At the end of the day, we must always look to our Savior Jesus for protection, meaning, and direction—in dream and in life.

If we walk as one with Jesus, and if we don’t lean on our own understanding and allow God’s light to lead, a lot of the trauma that we get from our bad dreams goes away.

Instead, these dream images of vehicle accidents and truck crashes remind us to ask God to protect our loved ones and us at all times. We’re given an opportunity to be in the presence of God through prayer.

It’s an opportunity to understand where our hearts are. Are they in our skills or possessions in life? Are they in another person? Are they in our reputation? Or are they solely in Him?

If we fully place ourselves in His hands and message, no matter what kind of challenges we face, we still find peace in Christ.

God Protects Us in Many Ways

The protection may not be Him lifting us out of a pit of danger or problem or erasing visions of truck wrecks. In fact, things may have gotten worse.

But there is still peace in Him; that’s how He protects us.

Oftentimes, God blesses us by changing our character—not our circumstances nor “destiny.” When we understand this, we are able to do as Apostle Paul teaches in 1 Thessalonians—give thanks to His name in all circumstances.

Please understand the meaning of the word “all.” It’s not just when you get married, have kids, get a promotion or a big contract, or build your first house or buy your second—it means all.

So when we find ourselves in a car or truck accident, in tight circumstances, or under oppression, we are given the opportunity to give thanks. When we praise His name, and our connection with Him is based on His will and not our own version, then we get peace.

As the Bible promises, God has better things and plans for us—plans to prosper us and never harm us. Even if it seems that every step of the way, only harm and danger meet us, we can trust in God’s plan.

Being Part of a Ministry in Jesus’ Name

If you’re a dreamer who frequently dreams about car or truck accidents and doesn’t know what to do, join a prayer ministry. Build a closer connection with God through the help of other people. Lift each other up through God’s name.

You may be thinking, “I’m not that familiar with God’s Word. In fact, I haven’t opened the Bible in a long time.” That’s okay.

When you join a prayer ministry, you’ll get the encouragement that you need to seek refuge, encouragement, and hope in God’s Word every single day in your life.

Pretty soon, it becomes routine. Dreaming of vehicle accidents involving trucks, cars, or people will have less emotional resonance.

Instead, they remind us that the only assurance we have in life comes from Jesus. He is our rest and our peace.

Ultimately, the seeming menace of roadblocks and accidents we witness while dreaming and experience in our actual waking lives are just opportunities to have a more personal and real relationship with Jesus—whose name is above all others and in whose name we must be saved.

Dream Example #1

It was a Monday morning when the scorching sun was over my head.

I was returning from the tiring school day towards my house when I suddenly heard a loud thud behind my back.

The air was filled with hustling noises and screams.

My heart started to pound with a speed of a bullet train.

There were high pitch cries that entered my ears.

As soon as I turned around I saw a filled bus with around 50 people clashed with a trolley fully loaded with materials.

There was blood all over the street.

Shattered window glasses and mirrors were seen at every inch.

There were howls and screams of children who were scared and terrified by the event.

I could not believe the scene I was witnessing at that moment.

The traffic on both sides of the road stopped.

There was, as if, a break in the lives of everyone present at that moment.

It was all in an instant and everyone needed time to absorb the happenings.

As soon as I recovered and got back into my senses I heard someone.

Out of the many people who were injured there was a man in his mid-40s who was trembling with pain.

He had a piece of glass pierced through his arms and left eye.

Just by his sight, I had chills all over my body.

He was lying on the nook of the street trembling in pain waiting for help to arrive.

Trying to figure out the event, suddenly my ears heard a child wail.

It was a small kid almost about 5 to 6 yrs. old.

I moved towards him to try and give him some sympathy till help arrived, but it was of no use.

He had his elbow broken and scratches were there all over his body.

With my teary eyes, although the vision was not vivid I saw a woman pacing back and forth searching for someone.

I could not resist myself and stood up to offer my help to that woman.

When I stopped her and asked how could I help her? She busted out saying that I have lost my 6 months old baby girl and she could not find her.

I could not believe my ears At that moment I was trying my best not to cry and stop those tears from coming out but I couldn’t help.

Everything was disastrous and painful.

I felt an excruciating pain in my heart when I moved my eyes over the tragedy that has occurred.

Lifeless bodies were spread all over the street.

Blood and flesh were in sight wherever I moved my eyes. Wounded souls were scattered.

My stomach churned at the sight and suddenly I felt nauseated. A strong urge of throwing up aroused in my stomach and I woke up.
I woke up to puke and rushed to the bathroom realizing that it was all a dream and that calamity never happened. Struck by reality I was grateful that I opened my eyes.

Dream Example #2

It is night and so late the highway is almost quiet. But inside the car, it is loud. Rock music blasts from the speakers.

Every once in a while, another vehicle flies past us on the lonely asphalt-paved road.

They all seem to be going in the opposite direction.

My brother and I are the only ones heading south.

I guess that and his blood/alcohol level are what permits him to do 90 in a 65mph zone on a rainy night.

He is in the driver’s seat, and his fingers tap to the beat against the steering wheel.

I want to tell him to slow down, but I cannot.

The alcohol I drank earlier swirls around in my stomach.

I’m afraid of what will happen if I open my mouth.

So I curl the fingers of my left hand into the seat beneath me, holding on tight.

My right-hand holds on to the grab handle above the passenger door with a death grip.

I grind my teeth shut to keep myself from speaking and hold on for dear life.

He turns to watch me for a few seconds.

I know the look of a drunk man when I see it.

His smile is watery.

His eyes have that glazed-over thing going on like he’s not quite present. And that’s when it happens.

The other vehicle comes out of nowhere in the lane straight ahead of us.

My brother pulls the steering wheel to the left and swerves into the other lane.

I’m not sure what happens after that.

I do not know why the night turns so silent.

Sometimes, you see it in movies where everything quiets down and slows down.

Well, that’s what happens. For a while, we remain suspended in this bubble of silence.

And during that brief, blessed moment, I think that we are okay.

I allow myself to feel relief. Until the bright lights from another oncoming vehicle brand my retinas.

I squint against the blinding burn.

There is no time for any other reaction.

No time to squeeze my eyes closed to miss the gory scene that’s coming.

No time for the words ‘watch out’ to leave my mouth.

Those words die in my throat.

They revive into a scream that blends right in with the screech of the singer on the radio.

Then there is only noise.

The front of both vehicles smashes into each other.

By then, my eyes are closed tighter than my fists, still gripping the grab handle and seat.

I can hear destruction all around me.

The screech of tires struggling for purchase on the smooth, wet asphalt drowns out our music.

The momentum sends our vehicle rolling and tumbling across two more lanes. And I keep holding on.

I feel the fiber of the cushioned seat ripping beneath my grip, but I don’t let go. The grab handle pulls and groans because of my stranglehold. I show it no mercy.

All the while, I hear metal crunching and snapping, scraping and crumbling. The cars flip again and again in a gory dance made up with uncoordinated steps to the sound of banging and ripping.

It ends when we slam to a halt into the concrete barriers on the side of the road.

I open my eyes, but I can’t focus. My head spins. I hear so many noises blending together, but I have no idea what they are or from where they are coming. It all sounds garbled like I’m underwater.

A hand latches onto my shoulder. Whoever it is, their grip is weak and so is the way they try to shake me back to consciousness. I want to complain. All I can do is whimper. I’m in so much pain.


Those are the first words I recognize. They’re from my older brother. If I wasn’t hurting so much, I would punch him. My first lucid thought is of violence.

Thank God we have on seat belts.

Thank God he’s alive.

I crane my neck to look at him.

There’s blood in his hair, oozing down the back of his neck and cheek.

“You have to,” he tries to say, but a cough cuts him off.

“Don’t move,” I tell him. Talking hurts like the devil.

“No,” he says between gritted teeth. “You’re younger…than…me. 16. Take my seat.”

I shouldn’t. I know I shouldn’t. But, he is my older brother. One of only two family members I’ve got.”

I hear his seatbelt click. After a few moments, his door creaks open. I hear his hobbling footsteps as he comes around to my side. The next thing I know, I’m strapped in behind the wheel, looking out at the carnage we left behind.

Scrap metal litters the highway. In between the pieces of smashed up vehicles are fluids that could be a mixture of water, blood, coolant, oil, or gas. What’s left of the four vehicles are crushed like paper. From somewhere comes the unending blare of a horn. But, it’s the two bodies on the road that hold my attention. They’re broken, with limbs twisted in a gruesome way. I can’t look away. We did that.

The dashboard sparks a blue flame. The song playing on the radio begins to whine until it peters out. That’s when I always wake up.

Dream Example #3

My wife and I were on a vacation trip in the dream.

We were going to Niagara Falls.

She and I planned the trip some weeks ago, and here was the anticipated day.

We decided to travel by road because she said flights would make her sick.

So first, we packed everything we could. Then, finally, the bags were in the booth.

There was a scheduled stop along the way at a hotel before arrival.

We planned to spend two days enjoying the wonders of nature.

After that, we would take a flight to California to see some relatives.

She wanted to visit her mother, who was recently diagnosed with cancer. So she was staying with her brother.

Also, we would stop in Los Angeles to see my newly wedded brother.

Along the way, she began to nag.

She said I was ignoring her while driving. I replied that she was ridiculous.

I wanted to concentrate on the road. She then asked me why we were spending money to spend two days at the Falls when we could have given it to her mother.

Her speech made me flustered.

I told her she had suggested the trip. She believed it would bring some life to our marriage of three years.

She then said she was tired and wanted us to stop by some eatery. I would hear none of that. If we stopped, we would arrive in New York State in the evening.

That would be very late.

I decided to put on the radio to drown her nagging. I tuned it to “Radio Hopbob,” a Rap station.

I also stepped on the gas. I knew she liked it when I was speeding.

I hummed familiar rap tunes as I drove.

I was so engrossed in the music that it was rapturous.

Suddenly, I saw a traffic hold-up ahead of me.

I saw it without notice. I was absorbed in my music that it distracted me from looking far ahead of me.

When I saw the hold-up, I then stepped on the brake.

That was when I started sweating in my dream.

The brakes refused to respond. As I stepped on the brakes to slow the car, the car kept speeding towards the queue of vehicles on the road.

I stepped on it repeatedly as if it was a pump, anxious it should respond.

But, instead, the car kept speeding.

I had only about two minutes before I would hit the last vehicle in the queue.

Without reflection, I swerved the car to the side of the road, hoping that it would slow down.

My wife started screaming. It was her screaming that made me afraid and lost concentration.

I determined to keep the car in the field and hit the side against the barricade ahead of us.

But when she screamed, I lost my nerve.

I couldn’t control the car any longer and drove it into a ditch. At that moment, I heard her last scream, and I blacked out.

I woke up sweating and was grateful it was a dream.

Dream Example #4

It was late in the afternoon on a Friday, and my friend and I were heading home from work.

I am in a maroon Mercedes Benz, an E200 W124 series.

My hand tightly gripped on the steering wheel, sweat was dripping from my head down to my right eye, but I couldn’t lift my hand from the steering wheel to wipe the sweat.

Looking down at my speedometer at 158 kilometers per hour, throwing my eyes back on the road, I see my friend in a white Mercedes Benz E190 W201 series driving very fast.

At the speed of 158 – 159 KPH I was still not able to catch up with him.

Suddenly an eighteen-wheeler truck appears in front of my friend’s car in the first lane, so he has no option but to brake.

He cannot change lanes because the second lane has traffic.

I am on the second lane but a few cars behind my friend, but on the third lane, which is the outermost lane, the road is clear, so what I do is I change to the third lane and step on the accelerator, and now I was well above 160 kilometers per hour.

On that particular day, when leaving work, my friend suggested that instead of going home straight, we pass by a recently opened club to have some drinks.

We got into our cars, but before leaving, we had a bet.

The bet was we will race to the club, and the loser will buy the winner drinks for that night.

We both shouted “deal.” We left the building and drove for about five hundred meters before we joined the main highway.

After five hundred meters, we turned left to join the main road, and the race began.

My friend’s car could speed up faster than my car, so when the opportunity came for me to take the lead, I took it.

The plan was to overtake him and block him until we reached our destination, about 30 kilometers from our workplace.

So, after overtaking him, I was trying to find him using my side mirrors.

But I couldn’t see the car because he was still blocked by the truck.

As I was busy finding my friend using the side mirrors, the car ahead of me slowed down as they tried to exit the highway.

In a split second of me looking at the side mirror when I finally looked back on the road, I saw brake lights from the car in front.

I stepped on the brakes so hard in a panic until the tires caught fire because of the friction between the tires and the tarmac.

I could not stop the car in good time and rammed on the vehicle in front of me, and there was a loud bang, then everything went silent for a moment.

My prayer was that the person in the other vehicle is okay.

My heart was beating very fast as I was trying to look through the car’s rear-view mirror to see if there was any movement.

After what felt like an eternity, the car driver opened the door and came out of the vehicle. I was so relieved as I sapped out of the dream.

Dream Example #5

My small body was laying down in comfort on the backseat of our Mazda pickup truck.

My father drove along the Harare highway with my mother in the passenger seat.

We had been on the road for a few hours heading towards our destination, Gweru.

We left home in the early morning, now the sun was beginning to reach its peak.

My older brother had remained home for his school lessons.

I had my eyes closed, but I could hear the sweet voice of my mother singing along to Oliver Mtukudzi on the radio.

I always enjoyed sitting up and looking at the water dancing under the bridges when we would cross them.

My father, who knew how much this amused me, prompted me to wake up as we were approaching one of these bridges.

My tiny body leaped to cross over to sit on my mother’s lap so that I could get a better view.

It had not rained much in the past few days, so, unfortunately there was not much water to see under this bridge.

My facial expression showed my disappointment.

Eager to cheer me up, my father told me that in a few kilometres we would be crossing another bridge.

I felt relieved to know that I would still get to experience my favourite road trip wonder.

After what felt like hours of suspense, we were finally approaching the Chegutu river.

I had fallen asleep in the arms of my mother. She gave me a slight nudge to wake me up.

My sleepy face turned into a smile as I noticed what was ahead of us.

It was the longest and highest bridge on this highway.

I could not contain my excitement as I scrolled down the passenger window.

I stuck my head out for a clear view. We were finally on the bridge.

I would have stopped time if I could to see the waves of water beneath us for a bit longer. My trance was short-lived as a piercing unison of sounds hit me.

It was my father hooting and my mother screaming. My eyes followed their panic to a truck double the size of our car ahead of us, driving in the opposite direction.

It was swaying as if driven by a drunk driver.

As long as this bridge was, it, unfortunately, was not as wide. The truck was now right in front of us.

I lost my voice as the following events flashed before my eyes.

I was so afraid that my body froze.

My father left with only one option swayed the car to avoid colliding with the truck. And that is when we flew off the bridge.

The car spun out of control, rolling downwards like a dice.

I experienced it almost in slow motion.

In those last moments, before I lost consciousness, I felt my mother’s arms tighten around me.

My father used the last of his strength to come closer to us.

And that is when I went out like a light.

I woke up with hard ground beneath me.

My pink dress had soil all over it. I could hear the river flowing nearby.

My parents were nowhere in sight, instead, I could see tall trees around and hear faint voices coming from above me.

As fear crept up on me, I felt a sharp pain in my shoulder.

I looked at it and moved my shivering hand to touch it. There was no sign of bleeding, but when I tried to move it I felt a terrible amount of pain.

I started to cry, my first instinct was to call out for my mother. “Mama! Mama!” I screamed with all the power left in my tiny lungs.

The unfamiliar surroundings were becoming more frightening the longer I was alone.

I called out again, “Mama! Mama, where are you!” I heard what sounded like a whisper of a scream calling out my name.

I followed its quiet trail with my hand supporting my shoulder. A few more steps away from me, I saw our car leaned sideways on a big tree.

Covered in unending scratches, broken glasses, and dents.

My parents were not in the car. The forest of trees made it difficult to see with clarity.

I heard some quiet sobs and looked in their direction, they were coming from my mother.

She had dark red blood coming from a cut on the side of her forehead. Her skirt was looking as ragged as my dress, but that was not her main worry.

She was hovering over my father’s body, unable to contain her emotions.

My little legs ran as fast as they could to her side, hoping that my father was only laying on his back to regain strength.

My mother pulled me close, checking my body for injuries as she continued to cry.

I started to hear some voices come closer from behind us. It looked as if some cars above had seen the accident happen.

My attention turned back to my father, I shook him with the bit of strength I had. Calling him to wake up with a desperate voice.

My mother was now looking helpless with her head resting on his chest. I too, drained by the occurring events was numb.

With my knees to the ground and my hand on my father’s shoulder, I said a short prayer. I could now hear the ringing of an ambulance and as I turned my head to see the lights, I woke up from my dream.

Dream Example #6

I was standing outside in our street, with my neighbors, three of them.

They were talking, but I wasn’t paying attention. I was looking at my reflection on the mirrored side window of the car parked in front of us.

I considered taking off some lipstick because I thought it looked too red on my caramel skin. But I decided against it because I had to get back before dark and it was already past 5 pm.

Our street is very narrow. There are blocks of houses crammed together, no car parks. People who have cars park them outside, on the streets, in front of their gates.

In some parts, cars are parked on either side of the narrow road, leaving only one lane for passing vehicles.

It’s a cramped neighborhood. Too many people live here. I used to think people on the internet should visit this street and places like this before they argue blindly about over-population being a myth.

But on this evening, the street was quiet. The sun has just gone down, and it felt like a holiday. People were at home, but inside their tiny houses, it seemed.

I was on my way out to see an estate agent when I ran into the womanizer, the drunk, and the church-goer. They were talking about the quit notice we received from the landlady a few days ago.

I remember thinking, ‘alleluia, the drunk is quite sober this evening. Maybe he’s too shocked by the eviction notice’.

I said my hi and bye and went on my way, thinking it would be a good thing to leave this neighborhood. I promised myself to find somewhere much better than here.

Suddenly, I was no longer in my street. I was walking in a quiet street. Very neat.

No cars parked on the road. No trash on the walkway. Every house had a tree and is fenced high. Like my childhood neighborhood, I thought.

Someplace like this, I thought, is where I’d like to live next.

I checked my phone to confirm the estate agent’s address. I was in the right street. Good, I thought.

I had to look for house number 19. But I felt like walking to the end of the street. The neighborhood felt so right to me. I wanted to see the houses and the streets before I met the agent.

I kept walking.

I got to a crossroads. No cars were coming, but the traffic light was on red, so I waited.

A coca-cola truck appeared in the distance. I looked to the right, and another giant truck, carrying a container approached.

From opposite directions, the two monster trucks drove towards each other. I have an unhealthy fear of container trucks, so I was uneasy as I waited to cross the street.

Both vehicles reached the crossroads at the same time. The coca-cola truck took its left turn while the contain carrier went straight ahead, into the street from where the other truck had come out.

I breathed a deep sigh of relief.

I was still exhaling when I heard a loud crash bang from behind me.

My heart leaped into my throat as I turned very slowly and reluctantly.

The coca-cola truck had run over a car coming out from one of the fenced houses. I couldn’t see the car from where I stood. I didn’t want to.

I refused to see the details of the accident.

People started coming out of their houses, but I refused to move closer to the site.

My alarm went off, and I woke up.

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