Dragon dream meaning

If the title of this post seems familiar to you, please understand that we have a separate entry about the biblical meaning of dragons in dreams. This dragon dream meaning post is purely about the secular interpretations of this fairly uncommon dream image.

If you have seen dragons in your dream, or maybe even saw yourself riding one, this post is for you. It doesn’t use a spiritual or biblical approach to dragon dream interpretation. Instead, it focuses primarily on archetypes and the lived past experience.

The general meaning of a dragon dream

Dragons are mysterious creatures, neither snakes nor birds. They fly and often appear suddenly. Not surprisingly, dragon imagery refers to our hidden desires.

A lot of people hide their desires because they have a problem with honesty.

Some people think that if they are completely upfront with what they desire, people will not like them, or at least like them less. So they hide their desires, and they put on a mask.

Others try to hide from themselves. They imagined themselves to be this type of person when in reality, they’re anything but. So their real desires come up to the surface and they’re troubled. So they come up with all sorts of complicated ways to try to fool themselves into thinking that they are completely different people, but their desires give them away. No wonder they feel shameful, guilty, and conflicted.

In some limited cases, seeing dragons in your dreams can be a bad omen. The dragon, after all, is a stand-in for the snake or the devil or some sort of evil.

You may be drawing on this imagery, not so much in a spiritual sense but more in terms of cultural tradition. Your subconscious may be connecting dots that indicate something big about to break.

This is an issue that you’ve been avoiding or putting off. In many cases, you will feel so conflicted about this issue that you refuse to see it for what it is. It’s like an 800-pound elephant in the middle of your room. Everybody can see it except you. It’s not because you’re physically blind. It’s because you are willfully blind.

If you see dragons in your dream, it can indicate a bad omen along those lines. If you’re completely honest with yourself, it’s not really a surprise.

It’s already in front of you, but for whatever reason, you refuse to acknowledge it.

This can range from addictions like alcoholism, porn addiction, gossip, social media addiction, or the beginnings of mental and emotional illness.

On the flip side, depending on the context, dragon dreams can also indicate great success.

If you see a dragon rise from the ground despite the heavy rain or there’s some sort of restraint on it, this can indicate that your subconscious is detecting great success coming your way.

A lot of people are taken by surprise by success, but in reality, if they backtrack, they actually planted the seeds of their victory.

The problem is they’re so distracted by all sorts of things happening in their lives that they became blinded to the preparatory steps that they went through.

Another general interpretation of dragon dreams involves negative energy. At the end of the day, there’s really no such thing as purely negative or purely positive energy. It depends on the context. It also depends on your emotional state. And there will be a time that you will feel a tremendous amount of anxiety because of how you look at certain things in your life.

But generally speaking, when other circumstances are present, you won’t be feeling anxiety. The same energy will be there, but you’d be feeling excitement instead.

See how context changes your perception of an emotional state? Well, whatever the case may be, there’s going to be some sort of negative energy that your subconscious is picking up on that can translate to a tremendous amount of anxiety if you’re not careful.

You can’t wait to get out of it or at least to avoid its shadow. But it’s going to overtake you if you refuse to address it.

This brings me to the next general interpretation.

Seeing dragons in dreams indicate the need for courage.

The truth is, you’re already courageous. You would not have made it this far if you didn’t have the courage. But the key is to reconnect with your inner courage and to stoke its fire because you will be tested.

This might be related to the negative energy flow that your subconscious is picking up or it can indicate the courage you need to have when facing a bad omen. Whatever the case may be, things are coming to a head sooner rather than later.

Finally, a dragon dream indicates your need to breathe fire. You’ll have to speak the truth. And a lot of people refuse to do this because they feel that other people might unnecessarily be hurt.

Well, you’re going to have to run that risk. Because the truth is going to come out whether you like it or not. And the problem is, the more you keep it back and the more you keep quiet, the more you will be complicit in the lie that is spreading in certain areas of your life.

What does dreaming about a baby dragon mean?

Do you see yourself playing with a cute baby dragon? This indicates that you are planting seeds that can have a very powerful effect on your life later on. It seems so innocuous right now because you’re still in the excitement stage. It seems so new. Hang on to that, because eventually, things will become routine.

At some point, you will reach a point where you say to yourself, “Why am I doing this? It seems that what I’m doing now is the same as yesterday and nothing seems to change.” Don’t listen to that voice. Don’t give in to that. Keep planting. Whether we’re talking about your career, your business, your relationship, or your education, keep planting.

Because eventually, if you are able to retain that sense of newness and adventure, you’ll be surprised at how awesome the result will be. It may seem like you’re planting a little seed now but at the end of the day, it will be a mighty oak that towers over everything.

What does it mean to dream about yellow dragons?

When you’re dreaming about yellow dragon images, you are looking at a type of dragon that culturally and historically symbolizes good luck and prosperity. A lot of Chinese mythology involves dragons and if they want to portray good luck, they almost always pick a yellow dragon. Yellow, after all, is the close cousin to gold.

Even in non-Chinese mythology, yellow dragons represent the birth of something new, a change in fortune, and a necessary transformation. These two images tend to be positive, but the Chinese interpretation is more positive.

Transformation, after all, can often involve discomfort, if not outright pain. You have to be willing to go through that transformation and willing to let go of your old self, or possibly even die to your old self for the new you to arise. A lot of this is not painless at all. The key is to be open to such transformation regardless of what form it takes.

Depending on what’s going on around the yellow dragon, your dream can indicate that somebody you don’t know will financially help you. Now, please understand that this doesn’t have to take the form of donations or an outright gift.

It can take the form of a job or it can take the form of an internship.

Whatever the case may be, what help they give you will translate to some sort of financial gain.

Power interpretation of dragon dreams

At the core of any interpretation of dragon dreams, whether they involve fortune, anxiety, or coming to grips with the need for courage, and similar themes, power resonates.

You have to understand this concept of personal power. And this has little to do with physical strength. Instead, it has everything to do with your moral fiber. If you choose a path, are you willing to stay on it? This has nothing to do with being stubborn.

Remember, a lot of people are stubborn because they just don’t want to be wrong or they don’t want to feel shame. But in reality, they know that they are on the wrong path, but they refuse to budge from it. I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about real power. Because it’s easy to say that power is just physical in nature. You have to have big muscles, you have to have the proper constitution, not necessarily.

You can be very small and thin and otherwise, physically weak, but have a tremendous amount of power. Why? You can say “no”. You can say, “I think this is the way” or “I know this is right.” That is power. Because you’re not going along to get along. You’re drawing your strength from your own lived experience.

You draw confidence from the fact that you have gained wisdom by living your life. Unfortunately, this kind of power is something that fewer and fewer people claim.

In the West, we’d like to believe that we’re all individuals. As Americans, we definitely make a big deal of the fact that we refuse to conform. But that’s a fantasy. If that were true within the fashion industry, it wouldn’t exist in the same form as it does now.

People are conformist. There is security in numbers. There is a sense of confidence being drawn from the fact that you’re another face in the crowd. So if you’re the one person that stood up and says, “No, I’m going to take my own path,” that is power.

And what makes it extra powerful is that people will oppose you. People don’t want to be waking up from their delusion that maybe the majority is wrong or maybe going along to get along is not the best way to go through life.

People don’t want to be waking up from that. So when you say “no” and you assert yourself and you march to the beat of your own personal drummer, they feel threatened so they attack. Understand what you’re up against.

What does dreaming of a blue dragon mean?

The blue dragon symbolizes power drawn from consistency. There’s an old saying, “The harder I work, the luckier I get.” When you are consistent in your effort, eventually, things will fall into place. If you see a blue dragon in your dream, especially a flying dragon of this color, your subconscious is telling you that you need to be consistent.

You have to show up early. You have to do it repeatedly. You have to be there for your relationships to listen to people. You might not care about what they’re saying, but be there anyway, listen anyway, and love anyway.

You might not care for your job, but show up and do your best anyway. That is the consistency that your subconscious is trying to scream into your waking life because you feel that you’ve stuck in a routine and nothing makes much sense anymore.

So you are doing what a lot of other people are doing, which is basically putting in the bare minimum not to get fired or the bare minimum for the relationship not to break apart.

When it comes to your health, you’re doing the bare minimum to stay in relative health. You are caught in a routine and a little bit of consistency can break that pattern. And that blue dragon is telling you that there is strength in consistency. You’re not wasting your time.

What does dreaming of a dragon totem mean?

When you see a wooden structure with many dragon faces or even full-body images carved onto its surface, your subconscious is telling you that you have a history of showing strength, but maybe you no longer recognize it. Maybe you’re focused on so many other things in your life that you cannot reconnect with your ability to show strength.

This dragon totem imagery is not random. Your subconscious is giving you a hint. You will need to reconnect with that strength soon because you will be tested from an unlikely source.

In many cases, this often indicates some sort of betrayal from people you thought you could trust. Maybe it’s a workmate, maybe it’s a lover, maybe it’s a close family friend, or maybe it’s even one of your parents.

Whatever the case may be, there is a sense of betrayal because you’re saying, “How can this be? How can you do this to me? Why now and why at this time?” So be ready. Because you’re stronger than you care to realize and you have that track record.

What does dreaming of a golden dragon mean?

Gold is almost universally the color of money and success. Paper money may run out of value sooner or later, but gold will always be worth something. When you see this majestic image of a golden dragon, either lying low or soaring in the clouds, or anything in between, your subconscious is telling you that the seeds that you are planting or somebody else has planted for you, is on the right track.

They may not be blooming right now. You might not be seeing the rewards of your hard efforts right now, but you’re headed in the right direction. Just like borrowing a theme from the blue dragon, understand where you’re headed and value the necessity for consistency.

The golden dragon’s main motif is that you should be appreciative of the fact that things are playing out the way they should and you are headed for some sort of victory. But this doesn’t mean that you can take things for granted and be complacent. Be confident and act with confidence because you have what it takes.

What does dreaming of a bronze dragon mean?

A bronze dragon, when highly polished, looks very much like a golden dragon. There are a lot of people around you that will talk about false opportunities. I’m not necessarily talking about money, although that is one of the manifestations that the bronze dragon dream imagery can take.

There can be opportunities for greater friendships. There can be opportunities for deeper relationships. There can definitely be opportunities for improved wisdom and a higher level of awareness. But your subconscious is giving you a warning sign because the bronze dragon is a counterfeit.

There will be people who will try to suck up a lot of your time, not because they want to be close to you, but because they know that their lives are going nowhere so they’d rather waste it with somebody else. Stay away from such toxic people.

You can tell who they are based on the fact that they are self-defeating. They will throw you some positive signs, maybe they seem to have the right attitude, they seem to have the right education, or they seem to be doing certain things right. But dig deeper. There’s a reason why they seem to be stuck where they are. And what makes them really dangerous is they’re very friendly and they put on a show.

But in reality, they’re suffering and they know that they cannot slay the dragon that they fear deep inside them. So they’d rather pull in as many people into the same emotional and spiritual state as them so they don’t die alone.

I’m not talking about physical death. I’m talking about something worse. I’m talking about seeing your hopes and dreams die because you were too scared to bring them to life. That’s the kind of death that they fear. That’s the kind of death that is engulfing them so they’re looking to suck people. And they have this counterfeit allure to them.

So if you’re dreaming of a bronze dragon, your subconscious is telling you these people, these situations, or these opportunities are materializing in your life or are already there. Be careful. Don’t waste your life.

What does dreaming of a gray dragon mean?

A gray dragon indicates ambiguity. It can look like a silver dragon at a certain time of the day, and it can look as dark as night when dusk falls.

Gray dragons indicate your tendency to be wishy-washy. If your dragon dream takes the primary form of a gray dragon, your subconscious is telling you that you have to make a decision in certain areas of your life. You can’t continue to sit on the fence forever. That is not an option.

In fact, if you are trying to decide on some sort of opportunity, every single day you take to make your choice, is a day wasted. The value of the payoff of that opportunity declines over time, assuming you can even take advantage of it.

Your subconscious is screaming at you through the dream imagery of the great dragon, “Make a choice!” Don’t be so afraid of failure because you can always backtrack. You can always learn from your mistakes but take that shot.

What does dreaming of a white dragon mean?

The white dragon indicates all that is pure about you. It indicates your highest and noblest aspirations. This sounds awesome and everything, but the problem is, depending on the context of the white dragon, it can indicate that you are so in love with your ideas that you refuse to live in reality the way it is.

This is a tragedy because we don’t live in an ideal world. Unfortunately, if we let our visions of how life should guide us to the point that we are blinded to how things really work, we’re only harming ourselves. Worse yet, we’re not doing any favors to those who rely on us the most.

So depending on the context of the white dragon, maybe it has thick scales or it’s hiding behind some barrier, be on the lookout for some sort of self-delusion. Your subconscious might be letting you know that you should let go of your ideas and deal with reality as it is.

If it means taking a job, then do it. If it means making up with somebody else, even though they’re toxic, then do it. A lot of times, people hide behind the shadow of their ideals so they can give themselves an excuse.

What does the dream of a dragon spreading its wings mean?

If the main focus of your dream is a dragon that is spreading its wings regardless of its color, your subconscious is telling you that there will be a time of trial coming soon, but you have what it takes to achieve great success and power.

This trial can be very subtle, though. This is not Hollywood where the trial or the big setup is easy to spot. It’s as if you can see the plot twist a mile away. No, it doesn’t work that way.

Oftentimes, the trial is something more subtle. It indicates the ability to tell the truth, the ability to be loyal, the ability to stand up and speak up for yourself or people who don’t have a voice, that kind of thing. So be ready to tap into the inner dragon totem pole that you have.

You have power. You have the ability to achieve the kind of life you have dreamed of. Don’t let anybody convince you otherwise.

What does it mean to dream of multiple dragons?

If in your dream, you see a whole group of dragons in the sky or clustered on the ground, this can indicate a deep and profound sense of confusion. But be very careful, though. Sometimes, confusion masquerades itself as multiple opportunities appear at the same time.

It can also masquerade itself as the very comforting idea that “Been there, done that.” Your subconscious is trying to draw your attention to the fact that you need to dig beneath the surface. You need to reconnect with your natural sense of curiosity because things often are not what they appear.

You may be looking at this group of dragons and assuming that they’re no threat or that you can safely run away, but in reality, it’s your distraction and inner confusion that is dooming you to the life that you were trying to avoid.

What does dreaming of a flying dragon mean?

When you see a dragon soaring, it usually involves a tremendous amount of action and the transition from ideas to implementation, execution, and action. A flying dragon of an indistinct color indicates that you have to become more aware of the fact that you can accomplish great things. And this isn’t done by great action or some sort of overnight leap of faith. No, this is usually the culmination of small things like planting a seed every single day, being kind to people, or putting in the time when studying or working.

Whatever the case may be, when you see an image of a flying dragon, your subconscious is reminding you that great things start from very small things. Consistency is crucial. Just like what the blue dragon represents.

What does dreaming of a bearded dragon mean?

Bearded dragons are lizard species that many people use as pets. Due to its familiarity, seeing this type of lizard in your dream indicates a sign of domestic good luck. Maybe you’re going to be moving someplace better, or maybe a lot of the family tension that might have been taking a lot of your emotional attention lately will finally settle down.

What does dreaming of a red dragon mean?

A red dragon’s meaning depends on its context. If you see the red dragon sleeping, it indicates your subconscious realization that you are sleeping on your potential. Maybe you’ve taken a dead-end job. Maybe your relationship has reached the point where it feels that both of you cannot mature anymore because you’re afraid of hurting each other’s feelings.

Whatever the case may be, there is a sense of routine, as well as a form of self-repression, that you are constantly clashing with.

A red dragon sleeping indicates that you have to break free of that, and this often takes a risk. Maybe you’ll hurt somebody emotionally speaking or maybe you run the risk of landing in another dead-end job.

But whatever form it takes, action is needed because you cannot afford to stay where you are. You have all this power, strength, and good fortune all locked up and it’s going nowhere because you have settled.

What does dreaming of a silver dragon mean?

The silver dragon symbolizes untapped power that is resident within you. This power doesn’t have to be physical, nor does it have to be financial.

If anything, this power involves your wisdom. Believe it or not, you can make good decisions. Put this to use by helping other people make better choices. They are in need of guidance.

This could be a cousin, this could be a co-worker, whatever the case may be, these are people close to you and they’re confused.

When you dream of a silver dragon, your subconscious is telling you you have the wisdom that can help others. Don’t just keep it to yourself. Also, if you see the silver dragon sleeping, your subconscious is telling you maybe you should act on your inner wisdom.

You already know what the right answer is, but here you are, coping with the consequences of making one bad choice after another. What’s wrong with this picture? You have the natural ability to make better choices, but you never make them.

When you see that silver dragon sleeping, you’re basically seeing an image of wasted opportunity and potential. You know what the right answers are. Go ahead and take them.

What does it mean to dream of a cheese dragon?

A dragon that has the color of cheese, and possibly even the external texture of certain types of cheese, is a very subtle dream image. To some people, it’s a symbol of happiness and joy because it’s somewhat funny.

Imagine, a dragon, normally a creature that we associate with fear, power, and possibly, brutality is made up totally of cheese. But before you go in a laugh riot, that image of a cheese dragon represents counterfeits, subterfuge, lying, and deception.

There are people in your life that seem one way on the surface. You might even think that they’re pushovers because they’re not much of a threat at all. But in reality, they are trying to hang on because they’re dealing with some really deep conflicts.

And in many cases, their only outlet is to lie, manipulate, pit people against each other, or create unnecessary tension. And it’s not for some sort of higher good. We’re not talking about some sort of Machiavellian’s “Ends justifies the means” kind of plotline here.

Instead, they feel that their lives are so boring, so pointless, and so meaningless that creating unnecessary drama through a well-planted lie or a well-placed insinuation is a good way to get entertainment. Beware of the cheese dragon in your real life.

The interpretation of a dragon attacked in a dream

If you see yourself attacking a dragon, this can indicate that you are reaching a point where you’re finally going to gain the upper hand on your addiction. Maybe you’re addicted to porn, maybe you’re addicted to sex, maybe you’re addicted to lying to others or to yourself.

Whatever the case may be, there is some sort of personal form of addiction, not necessarily chemical. Well, you’re going to go through some changes and you’re going to get the upper hand. Does this mean you’re out of the woods? Of course not. It’s a work in progress. But there will be a turning point.

If your dream involves the dragon attacking you, it’s the opposite. A lot of the problems that you think you thought you’ve handled are coming back to the surface. That porn habit that you thought you had under control is getting worse. Because now, your perception of members of the opposite sex is taking a turn for the worse.

This also applies to your health. So whatever patterns that are already set are beginning to yield even more negative consequences. It may not be obvious to you yet, but your subconscious is picking up on these. Consider that dragon attack dream a warning.

Dreaming of Komodo dragons

If you see yourself seeing Komodo dragons from afar and focusing solely on them, your subconscious is telling you that there are ferocious people around you. These are people who may not have anything against you, but they lash out so far and wide and indiscriminately, that they end up harming you.

These are reckless people. This doesn’t mean that you can’t be friends with them, but beware of how close your friends get especially if they’re this reckless.

What is the meaning of dreaming of sea monsters that look like dragons?

There are many ways to visualize sea monsters. The giant squid sea monsters are a fairly common theme. But there are also sea monsters that have more or less a dragon form. If this is the type of sea monster that you’ve seen in your dreams recently, beware of your fear and insecurity.

Something’s going to trigger you when you’re talking to a family member or your lover. They’re going to say something and you can’t quite figure out where it came from, but you’re going to have some sort of violent response. And it can start a nasty chain reaction. People end up saying things that they will regret later on. And if you’re not careful, your relationship will never be the same again.

So please be careful of what this sea monsters motif means when it comes to your interpersonal relationships.

What does dreaming of a black dragon mean?

The color black is the absence of all colors. In this sense, it is a symbol of purity, the absence of malice. Although historically, a lot of people have associated black with everything that is negative about the human condition.

There is something peaceful about black dragons that indicate a retreat to your initial state. This can be a state of innocence. This can be a state of beginning. This can be a state of forming. But there’s going to be a situation in your life in a certain important area, maybe your job, where you are given an opportunity to start from the beginning. But the problem is it’s very easy to mishandle this type of opportunity because you might think this is the motion.

You may be thinking that people are gonna laugh at you because you’re starting again and you don’t want to be the little guy. This is really too bad because you have misread the opportunity.

Instead of it pushing you forward and enabling you to reconnect with your skill set, you end up showing people your “true colors.” The black dragon, in that context, then reverts to its old traditional meaning as one of intimidation, cowardice, smallness, and evil.

What does dreaming of water dragon images mean?

If you see a water dragon, this is primarily a dragon that lives in the sea or the ocean, your subconscious is indicating that you will have greater control over your emotions. Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “Okay, big deal. I don’t blow up when I normally do.” Or “I don’t say mean things as I would normally do. So what? How does this help my life go forward?”

In fact, this is actually one of the positive changes you could ever experience. What if I told you that a lot of people who’d otherwise be very successful are unsuccessful and are living mediocre lives because they are their own worst enemies.

They tend to sabotage themselves by saying the wrong thing at the wrong time to the wrong people. Water dragons indicate a deeper and growing sense of emotional self-control. Congratulations are in order.

What does dreaming of three dragons mean?

Seeing this image symbolizes the qualities of repressed anger or rage. These three dragons are not lashing out at each other. They have some sort of equilibrium. But please understand that equilibrium worse or stasis doesn’t mean harmony.

There are certain issues in your life that you need to resolve. Maybe you need to see a professional or maybe you just need to talk to a friend who won’t judge you. Whatever the case may be, you need to keep picking at peace so they can reorient themselves in such a way that is more sustainably balanced.

Otherwise, this constant shifting will not only make you moody but will actually erode you emotionally from within. Not a good way to go.

What does dreaming of being transformed into a dragon mean?

This is one of the most powerful dreams you could ever have. Because when you see yourself transforming into a dragon, your subconscious is telling you that you’re either giving in to your fears, your worst instincts, or the toxic influence of the people around you, or you are giving it all up for your ideas and you’re going for broke.

If you take that route, this could mean that people will have it against you. Maybe they feel betrayed or abandoned. But depending on what you focus on, seeing yourself transformed into a dragon can indicate a deep and profound sense of honesty and a commitment to living a life of sincerity and authenticity.

It’s definitely not as rosy as it sounds because it can indicate leaving a lot of people in the past. Believe it or not, a lot of your friends like you not because of who you truly are, but because of who they imagine you to be. And if you start living a more authentic life based on your personal truth, you’re gonna turn off a lot of people.

You might even drive away from the members of your own family.

Interpretations of killing dragons in your dream

When you see yourself killing a dragon, this indicates a big breakthrough in your life. Now, the breakthrough doesn’t have to be just positive. It’s easy to see the positive interpretation of this dream. Maybe you’re afraid of something and now, you’ve overcome that fear. Maybe some people have an influence on you and now, you’ve looked at them in a different way and you’ve rejected their influence and you’ve overcome.

Whatever the case may be, it’s a familiar theme of overcoming resistance, manipulation, and deception. But it can also go the other way.

When you kill a dragon in a dream, it can mean that you’re buying into what other people want you to be. So instead of overcoming, the dragon in the dream can indicate even worse oppression, mental slavery, and spiritual imprisonment.

What does dreaming of a dragon breathing fire mean?

When you see a dragon breathing fire, regardless of its color, it is asserting itself. Please understand that there are many different ways you can assert yourself. You don’t have to burn other people. You don’t have to step on toes. You don’t have to destroy other people’s names.

But sadly, a lot of people think that the only way they can assert themselves is to be completely honest. But you don’t live in a theoretical paradise. You don’t live in an ideal world. There will be people who will be hurt. The question is can you afford for these people to be hurt?

Some people do deserve to be hurt. Some people are disposable. I hate to say that, but it’s true. The question is how well do you know yourself enough and how well do you know these other people?

Dreaming of seeing yourself on the dragon’s back

If you see yourself riding a dragon, this means that you are gaining more and more control over your worst impulses and your tendency to bring out the worst in people. Congratulations, you are maturing.

There is such a way to bring out the best in people. There is such a way to draw other people together so they can work towards a common goal. This is how you ride the dragon to its final destination. It takes humility because mistakes will be made, but it’s definitely worth the effort.

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