Spiritual meaning of defecating in a Dream

The Spiritual meaning of defecating in a Dream is not obvious. You have to overcome your initial disgust to peel away the rich, nuanced layers of this common dream image. Generally speaking, it means the following:

First, you may be releasing your true feelings; your subconscious becomes aware of what you truly feel about certain things in your life.

Another meaning involves letting go of negative feelings; maybe there are certain things that you’ve been holding onto for so long, and now you’ve reached the point where you feel you can dump them out.

Another dream interpretation for this specific dream imagery is that it can relate to some preparation. It could mean that you’re laying the foundations for the near future. It can also indicate that you are investing in a new venture in practical terms.

To defecate in your dream means that you want to get rid of all the bad, unwanted, and dirty things that you encounter in your life. This dream may mean that you are willing to resolve hard matters and broken relations with your friends and relatives.

This dream means that you are seeking a fresh start and for this to happen, you want to wash away all the dirt from your shoulders, wipe your slate clean and step in the direction of a clean and clear start.

Biblical meaning of defecation

In the Bible, especially in the book of Leviticus, there are certain procedures for demarcating or separating what is holy from unholy.

Anything that has something to do with impurity, sexually, dirt, grime, feces, or bodily fluids, is viewed as a form of heresy. They are examples of being unholy.

What do all these have in common? Well, they’re part of biological processes. They are part of our biological systems that keep a person alive. After all, if you don’t defecate, it’s only a matter of time until you die. The same goes for urination.

For each person to function, they have to excrete the waste that their body generates when it fuels life through eating or drinking.

It is the biblical or spiritual meaning of defecation. We can’t look at it as an isolated act that is sinful, unholy, or dirty.

Instead, it’s part of a chain of living. Because for you to defecate, you must first eat something. For you to pee, you must first drink something. These acts, of course, are part of staying alive.

What is the biblical meaning of feces in a dream?

Unexpected Luck

The meaning of unexpected luck is usually assigned to dreams with feces. These dreams are also associated with the expulsion of what is leftover and damages us. Negativities are expelled from us.

Money has a lot to do with this dream. Either they are losses, or they are profits. In the first case, the loss brings new paths, and in the second, the person dreaming can prepare for his financial evolution.

Does dreaming of poop mean money?

When you dream about your body getting covered in excretory substance, be prepared to experience a windfall or success ahead.

Most dream interpreters readily agree that dreams about poop suggest some form of wealth or money is about to happen. You might receive some help to overcome some financial difficulties. Poop is considered a precognitive sign of getting money.

The Most Common Dreams of Human Feces

The power of dreams is not questionable, and luckily now we have a lot of different sources to gain knowledge about them, and we should use them the right way.

To dream about human feces usually represents a dilemma you have that worries you. Maybe you are concerned about someone or something in your reality. These dreams reveal your current inability to deal with an issue in some cases.

Dreaming of you pooping

This dream signifies that you are going to experience success very soon. The size of your win and success depends on how big your stool is. Different types of wins can appear.

For example, winning a certain game, getting a promotion at your job, or even winning a certain bet. So be attentive to the details if you want to know the meaning behind this dream.

To dream that you are defecating also means you want to get rid of negative emotions, feelings, false hopes, and deeds by redefining your way of living and dealing with family and other people.

Dreaming about throwing poop on someone

This dream is usually not a good sign. It indicates someone is taking advantage of you in your waking life.

Dreaming of baby poop

This type of dream could also be a bad sign; perhaps a problem is likely to pop up. Dreaming of this could mean that you are at risk of heartbreak. A certain situation could break your heart, and you must be careful.

But in most cases, this is also a good sign, representing health and well-being. It all depends on the look of the baby’s feces, so you must remember all those little details in your dream, no matter how disgusting they seem.

Dreaming about eating poop

This dream represents the unexpected and unwanted situations or problems you are currently experiencing. You might be going through something messy that you had no other option than to accept.

This dream also represents your pessimistic outlook toward life. Consider changing this for a better you.

Dreaming about cleaning feces

If you had a dream like this, this could signify that you are cleansing yourself. This dream is usually connected with spirituality and turning to religious ways of living.

Dream of seeing someone defecate

This dream signifies shame and pessimism. You will use a moment to benefit yourself personally, but it will bring shame because you have taken advantage of the situation.

Dream of pooping in a public toilet

Although this doesn’t seem like a good dream, it is a good sign. A dream of defecating in public signifies total success. You are close to financial success. Help will come along with people with an excellent economy.

Dream of defecating on someone

To dream that you defecate on someone indicates that you are angry towards that particular person, maybe because of something they did or said to you. Be it your family or friends, you should accept that you will sometimes get hurt.

So, having this in mind, do not let your anger make you selfish whenever you feel hurt. Instead, try to approach that person, talk it out, and make the person understand how you feel.

Dream of defecating in an improper manner

To dream about improper defecating could be dreaming of seeing yourself defecating all over the house, defecating and applying it on the toilet wall, or defecating in your clothes.

This dream means that you are creating problems or spoiling the good things.

It also represents your thoughts and behaviors that are inappropriate. Creating problems that do not even exist only brings out the bad picture about your personality.

Instead of inventing problems, appreciate that there is something good in your being.

Dream about defecating in your pants

Dreams like this imply a feeling of inferiority. It is a moment with everything that isn’t going well, and you make a terrible decision. It becomes embarrassing for you because you can not achieve something extraordinary in your life.

You may see yourself defecating in your pants while at work or in school. While at school, this means that you have let fear control your life.

Fear prevents you from doing many things within your capacity. Consider doing away with the fear for you to be successful.

When you poop in your pants while at work, it implies your financial instability and a lack of focus. For you to be financially stable, you have to work for it. You cannot just sit back and wait for everything. You have to sweat for it.

A lack of focus also pulls you down in many ways. Incorporate focus in everything you commit yourself to for you to harvest the fruits of your hard work.

It also announces that the workload is overwhelming you. You might not want to continue, and you feel anxious because you are feeling you want to break free.

Dream about defecating blood

The dream of defecating blood is a bad sign. Dreams like this are a reminder that you must pay attention to the problems. If you don’t overcome it right away, your career will worsen and put your family in danger.

There are other deeper meanings of this dream imagery:

You are releasing yourself.

If you see yourself releasing feces in your dream, whether in the toilet or somewhere else, it can indicate that you are beginning to become honest with certain areas of your life.

Maybe you are hanging on to some past memory that you have chosen to understand only a certain way.

You have started to let go and be at peace with your past experiences because when you look at those in hindsight with full honesty, they aren’t as oppressive as you imagined.

It can involve abuse, guilt, and making the wrong choices.

You are ready for a new life.

Dreams about releasing feces may mean that you are ready to start a new life. It applies in situations where you may have had a dark past.

You are ready to wipe away all the bad memories and negativity. That is the way to go because when you keep looking back at the bad things that have happened to you, your life will be stagnant.

Dreams like this let you realize that, just like your morning bowel movement, you have to let go of some of the negative feelings and thoughts you’ve held on to, which poisoned a lot of your expectations.

Try to overcome your bad habits, negative thoughts, sentiments, sorrows, and bad memories that hinder your way in making a new start and cause you pain and guilt.

You need to know that your past does not define your future.

You are laying foundations.

By investing your time, money, focus, or even allowing your sense of curiosity to take over in certain areas of your life, you are laying foundations.

You’re not just wasting your time. Just because you can’t see the results immediately doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

Understand that your time is your most important asset. And by being focused on where you invest your time, you are setting up the kind of future you feel you deserve.

Getting rid of bad luck

Defecating dreaming can indicate a conflicted relationship with who you define yourself to be at this point in your being. So many people deal with the ups and downs of life using the crude language of luck.

When things don’t pan out, they say that they are unlucky. They need to say that to themselves because they can’t unpack all justifications.

They fail to realize that they will keep getting the same results if they keep doing the same things.

It would help if you got rid of the idea of luck because you make your luck.

I know it’s hard to get your head around, especially if this idea has served you so well for so long, but the truth is, the harder you work, the luckier you will get.

Money and poop

Sometimes, pooping dreams are related to money, financial concerns, and fears. In some cases, feces in a dream represent the troubles of other people you have been dealing with or problems getting worse because of your interference and reckless behavior.

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