Devil Dream Meaning

Dreaming of the devil understandably can cause feelings of confusion, concern, and downright panic. Even if you’re not the most religious or spiritual person, the experience of seeing the face of the destroyer, as well as the author of lies, in your dream is enough to throw you off-balance. Interestingly enough, devil dream meaning and interpretation can lead to surprisingly positive outcomes.

You might not exactly feel fear, but the many questions that you have and the disquiet that they bring can be enough to sap you of whatever sense of security, confidence, and serenity you may have in the dream.

Not surprisingly, to dream of the devil is a dream experience most of us would not want to have—much like living out a horror movie in real life.

It’s important to note that there’s a big difference between dreaming of the devil outright as opposed to dreaming about the devil in disguise.

Generally, when people have such a strong experience—like having a dream about the devil or Lucifer—this comes in the form of a nightmare. The devil, after all, is the enemy of God.

That phrase “enemy of God,” as well as the message it carries in a dream and in real life, is enough to throw anybody off-track, no matter their personality or how secular, worldly, or even agnostic they may be.

Dreaming of the devil may symbolize deviousness, warning about chaos, subtlety, deceit, misconception, and a false sense of security, danger, as well as false pride and confidence in their many forms.

But if we were to try to truly understand the interpretations behind the devil in your dream, we must first start with a key quality that the Bible keeps referring to—the devil craves the strength and position of the Lord.

He is the reason for many nightmares and, ultimately, the bad experiences and sticky situations triggered by those subconscious signals.

While he works in terms of misunderstanding, half-truths, misconceptions, and otherwise innocent starting points, his ultimate goal is unmistakable.

He wants negativity instead of positivity. He wants confusion instead of clarity. He wants this aching, unfulfilled, unquenchable searching in someone’s soul instead of closure. He doesn’t want answers. He wants questions that lead to even more problems and challenges.

Worst? He packages everything so that you, being a human being with intelligence, common sense, and normal experiences, would side with him. This is what he does, even in your dream. No wonder he is called the master of cunning and the lord of deception.

In the dream world, we pick up on a lot of subtle signals. It’s easier for us to pick apart and recognize the devil for all his tricks, deceit, manipulation of our fears, and conniving.

Not surprisingly, dreaming of the devil as a central figure is almost never good. I’m going to throw in there a possibility of some sort of positive outcome, but let’s face it: it’s remote.

Generally speaking, if you have a vivid dream about the devil—with the lord of the flies and the master of lies—you should be concerned.

Your subconscious, like a radar, is picking up on something, and it’s warning you through a dream—kind of like a blinking red light. It’s totally up to you if you just want to go on your merry way when you’re having these dreams about the devil and demons.

There’s something going on. Part of you is picking it up, but it’s up to your waking life to understand its context, take it seriously, and responsibly take actions accordingly.

Devil Dreams and What They Represent

The devil and Satan are not exactly the same. The former is a figure. The latter is the name of the devil, but he represents so much more. To say that the devil is a form of the one we know as Lucifer would be fair.

The idea behind the great liar or Shaytan, in its many different spellings, is very broad.

If you look at many different cultures and spiritual traditions outside of the West, there’s always an analog or some sort of broad comparable figure to the being and the concept that we label the “devil” in the West.

It’s important to understand how the devil came to be. Lucifer was his original name, and it means “the light-bringer.” Throughout history, we have imagined him to appear like a caricature.

Satan is the Master of Deceit and Lies

If you check medieval art depicting the father of lies and the prince of darkness, you’ll see a cartoon. You’ll see a depiction with a goat’s head, goat’s feet, a man’s naked chest, bat wings, and a pointed tail—if the devil were only that obvious.

When we see that image, we can see the evil and the disgusting ugliness and how it contrasts with what we consider pure, beautiful, and desirable.

If the father of lies really looked like that, it would be very easy to recognize him and turn our back and run for the hills. It would also be very easy to define ourselves in complete contrast to such an ugly and repulsive image.

But just judging from how the devil became what he was, we don’t have it that easy.

He started off as the most beautiful and brightest angel: Lucifer. As that name implies, he shined the light on creation. Depending on which Rabbinic tradition you listen to, he may have been part of the first created beings. He’s really high up there in terms of the pecking order or the food chain of angels in heaven.

He was someone who commanded respect because he was so beautiful. His personality shone bright, and he sang a very hypnotic song. There’s a sense of purity and lightness about him.

But he, ultimately, disobeyed the Father. As Isaiah teaches, the sin of the devil is pride. He thought that he was higher than the Lord. According to some Islamic sources, he couldn’t understand why the Lord loved humanity so much, and he refused to serve this new creation.

There’s a problem with that timing because, according to some Bible translations, humanity was intended to replenish the Earth. This means that there were beings that the Earth was originally intended for.

Be that as it may, the devil has always had a problem with humanity.

God Created Hell for When Judgment Day Comes

Just like the devil, it’s very easy to think of this point in cartoonish terms.

While it’s true that Jesus said that if you call your brother a fool, you are in danger of hellfire, we have to read that phrase in the context of the rest of the Bible.

When the idea behind hell, which is Sheol in Hebrew, is mentioned repeatedly throughout the Old Testament, it doesn’t refer to a currently burning pit of fire with unquenchable flames that destroy anything it touches and inflicts infinite pain.

This is the medieval imagination of this concept, which is an extension of the Greek concept of Tartarus: the place of torture, affliction, and punishment that rages on forever.

Instead, when we think about the Hebrew mention of Sheol and its contextual meaning, we come to a different area. It’s somewhere you rest. You don’t know anything. You’re not conscious of anything. There’s nothing to be. There’s nothing to become. You’re just gone—as if you’re asleep.

In the New Testament, in the Book of Revelation, the Lord has prepared a place for the devil and those who believe him and who have fallen under his influence. This is called the Lake of Fire.

But when we study how that Lake of Fire is supposed to work, it doesn’t burn forever. In the Book of Jude, when the flames that engulfed the Sodom and Gomorrah were described, they obviously aren’t still burning.

Hell is not present right now. It’s a punishment intended for the end times.

It’s important to keep this in mind because the moment we start thinking about the devil or see him in our dreams, hell ultimately follows.

So you have to have a clear understanding of what this is: it is where you get your final desserts. In other words, whatever you have coming to you, based on the consequences of your decisions—unless, of course, Jesus saves you—you’re going there.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. When you dream of the devil and this dream experience fills you with fear, please understand that only those who want to go to hell will end up there.

The Almighty is a gracious Lord. Being gracious means that you give others gifts even though they don’t deserve them. The gift is a reflection of your generosity and goodness. It is not some sort of measurement of how good the recipient is.

That’s graciousness, and the Lord is full of grace. How do we know?

We only need to remember the cross because of the sacrifice of His only begotten Son: Jesus Christ. Jesus was bruised for our iniquity. By His stripes, we are healed. And because of His shed blood, we are saved.

In other words, He died the death that we deserve—because the wages of sin, according to the Bible, is death. And here’s the depressing part: everyone has sinned. Everyone has fallen short of the glory of the Lord—Romans 3:23.

So you have to think of dreams about the devil, demons, and demonology from this perspective.

Now, we can’t help but walk away with the clear impression that the Lord is not going to condemn people who don’t want to be condemned.

If you haven’t rebelled against the Father by questioning His existence, refusing to believe in Him, or calling yourself Christian but willfully living like someone who is non-Christian, then condemnation isn’t in your future.

If you truly believe in Jesus Christ and trust Him enough to live the life that He wants you to live—this means forgiving, moving on, loving your enemies, and giving until it hurts—then you’re not going to be condemned by the Lord.

It is those who know that what they do is very different from what they say that are making a space for themselves in hell.

They wouldn’t fit in in heaven. They wouldn’t like it there because it means total obedience and submission to the Almighty—that means no hypocrisy, no lying to yourself, no putting on shows to impress others, no self-righteousness.

It also means no hate towards Jesus Christ. Not only do you accept that He exists, but you want to be with Him, and you want Him to work through your life. If it means a little suffering, letting go, or living through discomfort, then so be it.

In other words, He wants surrender. He doesn’t want 50% of you, 80% of you, or even 99% of you. He wants 100%—are you willing to live with that?

And if you think that you are good enough because you give money to the poor, you help someone who’s in need every now and again, you go to church, or you light candles a certain way, then you have another think coming.

It’s not your works. It’s not how good you are. You can’t earn the Lord’s love; He already loves you. You only need to look at the cross.

This idea that we are somehow earning our way to heaven by going to communion, doing penance, going to confession, or being good—that’s putting on a show. It gives us a false sense of pride, which is the province of the devil.

The Devil Preys on the Self-Righteous Person

The devil can take many shapes and forms. The worst form, because of its danger and subtlety, is self-righteousness.

How many times have you said to yourself, “thank the Lord I read the Bible. Thank the Lord I go to communion. Thank goodness I ‘do this, and I ‘do that.’ I’m not like that other woman—she sells herself; she’s a prostitute. Or that guy—he sells drugs; he’s an addict. Or that person. Thank the Lord I’m not them.”

Of course, you probably say it in a different way and in certain contexts. But, if we’re completely honest, we human beings tend to create hierarchies, pecking orders, and leader boards in our minds as to who’s better or who’s more deserving of the Lord.

The truth is Jesus gives out of grace. And salvation is only possible through God’s grace.

You don’t qualify for a gift. You don’t earn a gift. Either the giver is going to give it to you, or he doesn’t. But here’s the problem: you have to have faith to claim it.

The devil works in so many ways to either obscure the real nature of salvation.

He makes you feel that you’re so guilty, and you’re so dirty, that there’s no way the Lord will save you. Did you steal from someone in the past? Did you cheat behind your husband or boyfriend or girlfriend or wife’s back? Did you watch porn? Have you had dreams of bringing harm to someone you envy?

Any of that, even just a single slip-up, is enough to disqualify you—that’s the devil’s lie.

Similarly, if you did something that you regret—maybe you had an abortion—he would whisper that it’s so deep, so cutting, and so defining that there’s no turning back. You are where you are. Might as well go all the way. Forget about the Lord. You will never ever qualify.

So instead of wholeheartedly accepting the Lord and His grace, you channel your focus into worldly hobbies and activities. You build your identity on your social media accounts, your Twitter handle, your online jokes and videos, your email address, and your overall online persona—instead of building a personality out of your faith and devotion to Christ.

But the truth is that if you believe in Jesus to the point that you trust Him and open your heart to Him, He will save you.

It doesn’t matter how dirty you think you are. It doesn’t matter how many people point at you and say, “thank goodness I’m not you.” It doesn’t matter how many people have given up on you. None of that matters. What matters is that Jesus is in your heart, and Jesus is enough.

When you start dreaming about the devil, it’s because you may have been falling for this lie that, somehow, you have to be perfect to be found acceptable to the Almighty.

If you listen to those dreams, you are demeaning the sacrifice of Jesus.

There’s just a sole sacrifice in this universe that will be deemed acceptable in the eyes of the Almighty. That is the perfect life of His only begotten Son. No profit, no holy man, and no spiritual leader can even come close nor even pretend.

This is why in the Bible, it is clear that there is no other name under heaven by which we must be saved.

I know that you’re probably not a law student, but there’s a big difference between can, may, and must.

When you’re looking at a law, and it says, “if this happens, x must happen,” then sit up and pay attention. This means that if the condition is met, something will happen. You can take that to the bank. If the wording of the law is it “may” or “can” happen, then that’s a completely different discussion.

The Bible is clear. We must accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior—not through some church, not through some baby baptism, not through some confession, or any of those human rituals, but in our hearts, personally.

Not because you come from a family that went to a certain church—just you, personally, by your own decision, admitting to yourself: “I’m a sinner. I’ve nothing to be proud about. My heart is broken, and I need Jesus.”

If you’re able to accept Jesus’ invitation with that broken, sincere, and open heart, then the Lord’s grace enters your life. It doesn’t need a priest, a minister, or a pastor. It just needs your faith.

Faith Means Belief in Action

Faith is not some sort of Biblical trivia that you stuff in your mind. It’s great when someone memorizes chapters and memorizes verses in the Bible; that’s awesome. But that isn’t faith.

Faith is when you’re aware of that information, and you trust it. In other words, you take action—much like when Jesus said to the paralyzed man, “get up and walk. Pick up your mat.”

Jesus could’ve easily walked to him, tapped him, and allowed the divine power to enter his body and reignite those nerves in his legs and spine. But that didn’t happen. Instead, Jesus wanted to show the world what faith looks like.

When that paralyzed man saw that Jesus was healing other people, he had enough information in his brain, but it could just remain a belief.

How many things do you believe about the world that don’t translate to faith? Faith is when you trust what you believe, and you take action.

Now, this might sound awesome, and it might seem so comfortable because we’re talking about events that could happen. But let me tell you how you can use it in your life.

Imagine the person that hurt you the most. Imagine that person’s words, the malice in their voice, and even that angry or deceitful emotion in their eyes when they’re saying those words or doing harm unto you.

Now, focus on Jesus and say, “Lord, I forgive this person. I forgive this person from the bottom of my heart, fully. No conditions. No explanations. No justifications needed. I forgive because You have guided me. I have accepted You, and only You, Lord.”

“Because it is no longer I who lives, but Christ who lives in me.” Apostle Paul wrote that in the letter to the Galatians, and it’s the most powerful proclamation of our ability to overcome the devil.

The Devil in Your Dreams Symbolizes Self-Loathing

When you dream about the devil, you are dreaming about your limitation. You’re dreaming about the fact that there’s a part of you that’s living in the pit of unforgiveness—of the lack of clarity for spiritual truth.

Also, the devil in your dreams can represent how many people “navigate” or “make sense” of their faith. Deep down inside, it’s just something that they inherited from someone—their grandparents and their parents before them. But this is dead faith.

It’s just like a piece of gold in a box that you take out from time to time and stare at, but it’s useless. There’s no message there.

It becomes alive when you question it—when you ask yourself, “do I really want this? Does this make sense to me? Do I struggle with it?”

And when you think of that gift in light of what’s going on in your life, it starts to make sense as far as your personal life goes. It takes its own specific meaning; it’s not just a label that’s handed to you because you’re part of the world where we have to have the same “faith.”

That’s the kind of intimacy Jesus wants from you. It has to be real. It has to be personal.

And there’s nothing more personal than when Jesus works in your life to achieve what you thought was dead and impossible—like forgiving that person who hurt you or forgiving yourself for being hurt and hurting others, lashing out, and causing pain in the lives of someone you know.

The Almighty Father doesn’t want your perfection because you’re never going to be perfect. Nor am I. Nobody will come close.

We can come as we are: broken, stained, dirty people. But when we accept Jesus out of faith, He cleanses us, He holds out His hand to us, and He gives us His strength.

This is why it’s really important to understand what dreaming of the devil really means. This dream interpretation points to deception and trickery. It seeks to keep you feeling guilty to the point that you feel that you’re so dirty, so unforgivable, so nasty that the Lord will never ever take you back in.

That’s a lie. You best believe that the devil is lying again and again.

To dream of the devil is also a symbolism that you feel that you’ve gone to the right church, you’ve read the Bible enough, you’ve done righteous actions, and you truly understand Jesus. “Why can’t other people get Him?”

Well, you might want to check yourself. Make sure that you are focused on Jesus because if your eyes are on Jesus, love will fill you.

Love is patient. Love is kind. It doesn’t put on airs. It doesn’t draw some sort of hierarchy or pyramid where, “I’m up here, and you’re down there. I can do these, and you can’t do those.” That’s not love.

Love means a broken heart. And it’s always mended by the love and presence of Jesus moment by moment, second by second.

And love can be injured, but it doesn’t dwell on the injury. Instead, it forgives, and it moves on. It overcomes because of its love. That’s how you overcome hate.

But the devil turns that upside down, and you can see that in your dream.

He says, “well, to be a true believer, everybody else has to follow these checklists. Everybody has to think, talk, and sound like you. Otherwise, they’re the infidel. They’re falling short of the glory of the Lord,” as defined by the father of sin.

What’s wrong with that picture?

If One of Your Family Members is Dreaming About the Devil

Usually, when the devil imagery is projected to other people that you care about, the dream interpretation for this can mean some sort of threat to health. A female family member dreaming of the devil might indicate that they might have a miscarriage or have issues with their marriage or love life.

This dream can also involve your relationship with strong relatives that have a pronounced impact on your faith. Are you going to church because you’re afraid of disappointing your parents? The devil works like that.

You should only go to church not because it’s some sort of obligation but because you’re doing it out of love for Jesus. You’re doing it because you have a relationship with Him, and He sustains you. That’s how you build a real faith based on a solid foundation of the rock of Jesus Christ. Everything else is sand.

If you consider tradition, obligation, a sense that you don’t want to hurt the feelings of a friend or someone you know, or you don’t want to send the wrong signals that will get the neighbors talking about your family, then you’re doing it wrong, and you’re allowing the devil to invade your dreams.

Dreaming About Chasing the Devil

Chasing the devil in a dream is really just a projection of the fact that you feel that you’re facing a lot of problems—family problems, love problems, health problems.

When you’re in a dream where you’re chasing the devil, you’re basically trying to cast your fears and your burden and, instead, blame the devil for what’s going on. This dream means that you feel that you’ve reached a stage where the situation is desperate.

But, in many cases, you are lashing out. Instead of trying to get a clear picture of what truly is going on and taking action, you are in a frame of mind where you are very eager to point the finger at anyone and anything.

Chasing the devil in your dream is just the tip of the iceberg. For you to reach that point, you probably pointed the finger at many other people.

Dreaming About the Devil in Specific Places

When you dream about the devil looming menacingly in a specific area, this means that there are certain places in your life you cannot go. This dream can give you a deep and profound sense of helplessness.

This dream about the devil means the kinds of limitations that you have placed on yourself.

Let’s be honest with ourselves here for a minute. If you really think about yourself and the potential that you have—regardless of how much money you have, the economic status of your parents, and where you were born—you would have to agree that you were born with a lot of potential.

Even if you are like Nick Vujicic, an Evangelist motivational speaker born without arms and legs, you still have potential because you can still change your world.

Of course, in certain circumstances, it would be more challenging. But you can still, by taking action on your world, trigger some sort of chain reaction of effects. That’s how we change our world.

When you see in your dreams that there’s a devil or demon standing at a certain place, blocking you off, you’re saying to yourself, “I’m withdrawing permission from myself to make changes in certain areas of my life.”

Dreaming That the Devil is Laughing at You

This dream imagery involves insecurity. You feel that people are envious of you or jealous—jealous of your money, your looks, or something that is worth envying. This manifests in dreams.

It’s an easier dream imagery to work through because the devil desires what you have. The devil or demon in the dream responds by laughing, but you know, deep down inside, that you have it, and he doesn’t.

What Does It Mean When You’re Talking to the Devil in Your Dream?

When you’re talking to the devil in a dream, you are communicating with the father of lies. You can take it to the bank that whatever the devil tells you inside the dream is either not true, half-true, or intended to deceive you.

You only need to read the Bible and how he was lying to Eve or misquoting scripture to Jesus as Jesus walked in the desert.

A dream about talking to the devil means that you are communicating with a deep part of yourself that you know isn’t in the right place. You’re trying to make sense of your intention and trying to achieve some sort of clarity.

But please understand that this dream is telling you that you are dealing with a part of yourself that is not straightforward. Maybe you’re in denial. Maybe you’re just flat-out reciting lies that you’ve repeated to yourself since forever. Whatever the case may be, you’re not dealing with the truth.

If you confront that dream imagery or approach that dream imagery with this level of mental focus and sincerity, then your dream of talking to the devil can bear some positive fruit.

Dreams About Seeing the Devil in the Form of a Woman

Woman images in the Bible and in the world, in general, means choice. Women, after all, are necessary for procreation and life, although sperm is still necessary.

This idea of the devil in the form of a woman in a dream indicates that there may be a new situation in your life that can lead to new opportunities, but it can also be dangerous. Change, after all, is something that most people fear.

Oftentimes, we turn into caricature our fear of change or the unexpected in the form of the worst symbol in our imagination, which is a demon: Lucifer.

See this dream for what it is: it’s an opportunity for change. Are you willing to focus on what you know is true, or are you going to get taken in by wishful thinking and hopeful imagination—and end up repeating mistakes that you’ve committed in the past?

To Dream About Being the Devil

This is somewhat the most uncomfortable dream to have because it requires a tremendous amount of honesty.

A lot of us have this part of ourselves that require or dream of power. It’s not because we want to be the next incarnation of Stalin or some nasty world dictator. Instead, we crave it because we’re sick and tired of not being in control.

There are certain events in our lives that we wish we could undo, but we can’t. We often find ourselves in situations and relationships with a friend or other people, and the circumstances just head in a predictably negative direction, and we feel that we really can’t do much about it. It gets tiring.

You repeat the process over and over again, so there’s a part of you that basically dreams and wonders, “what if I can control all of that? What if I had the capacity?”

The problem this dream imagery sends is that you end up controlling your friends and other people. You end up making them say stuff or agree to things that they normally wouldn’t. This is all in line with the devil because he does that and more through conniving, conspiracy, and deceit, and cunningness.

So when you have a dream about being the devil, think about the aspects of your being that are outside your control or that you would like some sort of authority over.

This is what your dream means. It’s your subconscious speaking to you about your sense of powerlessness—it may be about your past, your parents, your friends, people you love, their negative habits, and how they’re grinding you down.

A symptom of that is dreaming about being the devil.

This dream doesn’t mean that you’re automatically evil, or you want these people dead. It just means that you’re honest with your desire for some sort of power.

To Dream About Fighting with the Devil

Any dream of fighting with the devil without Jesus or some spiritual being is just an exercise in venting.

You feel that there are a lot of happenings around you that are wrong and that are beyond your control, so you fantasize, in your dreams, of fighting the devil. Maybe you have a sword or perhaps even a shield, and you’re just duking it out with the devil.

This makes for a great cinematic scene in your mind and dream world, but it really leads nowhere without spiritual assistance.

If you really are going to be fighting the devil—dream or real-life—and you want to have a chance at overcoming this aspect of your subconscious, you have to wear the armor of God.

In the Bible, this means wearing the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the Gospel of peace, the shield of faith, which protects against the devil’s lies, the sword of the spirit, which refers to the Bible, and most importantly, the helmet of salvation.

The helmet of salvation is free. It isn’t something that you work for. It isn’t a reward for being a good person. It is free—from the grace of the Almighty.

Dream Example #1

I’m in a gated community looking for my mom and my siblings. Not all my siblings, though. I’m supposed to find the two in the middle, seven and ten years older, respectively.

The gated community is small. It has quaint one-story houses right next to each other. The colors range from yellow, red or dark orange, blue, and gray.

Many cars were along the street, but the odd thing is that cars remain parked in the middle of the road. On closed inspection, it seems that people left them there, not particularly parked.

That’s odd. I mean, in the middle of the street, the cars were abandoned by the owners, it seemed.

So, I start walking on the sidewalk and notice that some front doors are not closed. There’s a slight glimmer of something shiny inside.

Of course, the curiosity got the better of me, and I got close to the first door and opened it. What I find is something out of horror movies or straight out of my nightmares.

People are kneeling, bloody and chained to the wall with their hands above their heads. I am terrified by this point because where’s my family? They were supposed to be here.

I started looking in the next two houses and told the people I found that I’d be back. I’d be back with something to finally released them from the chains, but there’s no reply.

But, I see something or someone at the end of the street. I start screaming at this person for help. But once I get closed, I noticed that he has a scythe, a dark cloak with a hoodie over its head, and red eyes.

I knew that getting near this something was a huge mistake. The figure removed the hoodie, and I was able to see that he was a handsome man. The first thing that caught my attention was his head.

There were horns atop his head. He addressed me by saying: “You know who I am, and you know what will happen to you now.”

Once those words left his mouth, I had to run. I knew I did, but I froze in place and was barely able to remember how to breathe.

He started coming closed, and I was able to see more of his features. He had a trimmed lock beard, tanned skin, red eyes with white dots, small black twisty horns, and white hair. That was the most shocking feature.

The hair resembles a halo. That belongs to a different creature, an angel but not a devil. “Is that your true form?” I asked. He smirked and said, “You’d wish to see a less threatening form.

Despite your curiosity, you’ll have to understand, child, that you will now choose your form too.” I’m terrified, but now I was also intrigued. “What do you mean?” He laughed at my question and said, “This belongs to you now.”

I gasped because he was giving me his scythe. The scythe had this blue glow to it, and I was about to take it when everything went black, and I heard screaming. It was me.

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