How to dream of your soulmate

One of the most commonly held misconceptions about dreams is that they function as a one-way communication with our subconscious. Viewed this way, dreams are like watching movies.

Somebody else wrote the screenplay, produced the movie, acted in it, directed it — you name it. It was created by somebody else. The only thing that you need to do to enjoy the movie is to sit back, relax, grab some popcorn, and just react to what you see.

This is the most commonly held view of dreams. But what if I told you that dreams can also be two-way communications?

In other words, whatever it is you’re dreaming doesn’t have to be a foregone conclusion. You don’t have to treat whatever it is that happens in your mental screen as a passive sort of entertainment, where you can only consume and watch.

There is a type of dream where you are an active participant in your dream and you can actually make changes based on your reactions and decisions within your dream vision.

This goes by many different names. It can be called lucid dreaming or active dreaming.

What’s important to keep in mind is that your dreams can shape you in the same way as you can shape your dreams. This is the proper context that you need to keep in mind when you try to figure out how to dream of your soulmate.

Whether you have met that person already or you have been dreaming of that person or your dreams have been communicating to you regarding your soulmate, it doesn’t matter. By being an active participant in your dreams and allowing yourself to be aware of the choices you can make, you can shape your dreams.

They don’t have to be passive. They don’t have to be some sort of message from another dimension that you can only pick apart for symbols and meanings.

While for the most part, a typical soulmate dream does play out like this, you can, if you want to, take a more active role.

This is not like a past life dream where you are just basically dealing with either historical images or personal narrative images. The latter, of course, speaks about how you wish your past life was actually like.

But in reality, it consisted of different facts.

When you try to figure out how to dream of your soulmate, you cannot leave one important ingredient out: your participation and awareness.

Clues to a Soulmate Connection

To figure out how to dream of your soulmate, you first need to be clear as to the connection you have with that person. Again, it doesn’t matter whether you already have somebody in your life that you think is your soulmate or you have yet to meet that person.

The connection has to be there. If you don’t have anybody in your life, it’s very important to recognize what a soulmate connection is and is not. With a soulmate connection, you can feel an affinity that goes beyond words.

There’s a reason why people who are destined for each other are able to not only complete each other’s sentences but can complete each other’s thoughts. It’s as if they draw from the same subconscious river for psychic, emotional, psychological, and spiritual sustenance.

That’s how deeply connected you are, and this transcends sexual attraction. While that does play a role and it can open the door to deeper levels of attraction, do not confuse it for real affinity.

Affinity goes much deeper and a lot of women are aware of this. This is why they’re more likely to forgive appearances because they’re looking for something deeper and more real.

Guys have a tougher time dealing with this because males in our species are hunters. We are slaves of our visual capabilities.

But if you really want to identify a genuine soulmate connection that can transcend time and emotional states, you have to overcome this side of yourself if you’re a man.

Look past the imagery because, let’s face it, those amazing curves, that great form, that’s gonna go away. They’ll probably turn flabby and gravity is real when it comes to the female physique.

You need to look inside.

Can you connect? Can you complement each other in terms of humor, insights, and intellectual and spiritual curiosity? Or, do you just feel right with each other like a comfortable sock?

There’s really no way to articulate this because once you find that person, it’s as if that person is speaking your personal private language and nobody else. That’s how deep that connection is.

And it’s really important to understand that love is all-encompassing because it’s very tempting for human beings to compartmentalize love. And if you’re a young guy, we all know what that means. It’s mostly centered on physicality.

Again, while that does have its importance, you also need to look at friendship, comfort, intimacy, spirituality, trust, and a deep level of compatibility. I guess the simplest way to sum this up is to think of that person and get this deep feeling that you have come home.

You feel like you belong. You don’t have to pretend to be somebody else. You feel that when you’re with this person, there’s nothing to prove, and there’s nothing missing.

And please understand that, unlike the typical Hollywood movie that tries to sell this idea that romantic partners have to “complete each other,” the reason why you feel complete with that person is not because that person somehow feels a gap in your life.

Get that idea out of your head because it’s a toxic idea. It makes you a very needy person.

Instead, you feel complete with this person because you draw from the same source; that no matter what your shortcomings may be and no matter what his or her deficiencies are, you draw from the same source, and you will be able to make it through together instead of apart.

And this has nothing to do with that person giving you something that you’ve been lacking all this time and you doing the same in return.

That’s Hollywood. That’s not real life.

Oftentimes, when people try to approach their relationships with that mindset, they end up in a co-dependent relationship that goes nowhere. Even if they are able to make it “work,” it becomes toxic and heavy over time.

You have to be independent coming into the relationship. You can’t expect your partner to carry you. This is a real soulmate relationship.

A Soulmate Relationship Is Different from Any Other Type of Relationship

One of the most common traps people who are trying to wrap their heads around the idea of a soulmate relationship is the residue of physical relationships.

As I’ve mentioned several times above, physicality does play a role. It is important, especially when you’re young. When you are a young man, you’re looking for somebody who looks good in your eyes, somebody who can physically deliver the kind of pleasure you’re looking for.

But keep in mind and be aware of what’s really going on.

The physicality or the sexual attraction opens the door for something real and has a deeper meaning. You can’t just begin and end your relationship there because if your mindset is that sexuality defines your relationship, you will be jumping from female to female (and some women have adopted this mindset as well).

You are looking for something that you feel is missing in your life and you frame it solely in physical terms. You end up eating and eating, drinking and drinking, but you still remain hungry and thirsty. It eventually leaves you spiritually hollow.

Not exactly the way to go!

Instead, look at the physical attraction as a doorway. It’s supposed to draw you but when you open the door, it leads to somewhere different and deeper. This is how a soul connection is made.

And one of the most common mistakes people commit when it comes to their search for a soulmate is, they have sex with many different people. Now, I’m not going to judge you and say: “Oh! This is automatically bad.”

But please be aware and remember the price you are paying. Every time you are sexually intimate with someone, you create a soul tie with that person.

There’s no such thing as a harmless fling. Part of yourself is locked in that time and space with that person.

And do you think that this has no consequence? Don’t fool yourself.

And if you get into that kind of lifestyle, where you cycle through many sexual partners and you forget their names, the careless soul ties that you create eventually have an effect on how you view life and the quality of your spiritual health.

Again, I’m not talking about any particular spiritual path here or defining religion as a form of guilt response complex. I’m talking about something deeper.

Whenever you take action in this universe, you resonate signals; and when you have all this bunch of stop signals due to the casual soul ties you get into through the course of your life, you best believe that it’s gonna have an impact on you later on.

It’s not a surprise that a lot of people who seem to have everything the world craves in terms of wealth, power, access to sex, and whatnot end up committing suicide because they feel hollow.

So you have to look at sexuality as just another door, and the value is the journey that you take as you go from door to door and deeper and deeper and deeper into, not only in your search for your soulmate but also, what you discover in terms of your own soul and inner reality.

Let the journey change you because if you enable the journey to change you, you are able to connect with that special person — a connection that feels like you are the same person.

It’s like you’re looking at this person that looks different from you, has a different background, and has seen the world from a different perspective, and obviously has different experiences, but it feels like you’re looking at the same person.

You don’t see any difference between you and her or him. It’s as if you have met your sole best friend.

Why Bother with Finding a Soulmate?

Meeting your soulmate, in reality, can bring a different kind of happiness to your body and spirit. Happiness by definition is dependent on what other people are doing around you as well as the situation and circumstances surrounding you.

There are things that you cannot control. Not surprisingly, people who have a fairly shallow level of happiness aren’t happy for long. That’s why they have to play all sorts of tricks on themselves to maintain some semblance of happiness.

Maybe they get excited about their possessions: that new gadget that they bought, the new car in the garage, or the vacation to Greece that they booked. Whatever the case may be, it’s fleeting because it comes from outside.

When you meet your soulmate, your happiness is transformed into something inside. It is based on your ability to just simply be in the same space as that person and your willingness and eagerness to sacrifice for that person. It brings you joy.

Joy is quite different from happiness, but it does produce the same effect at a shallow level. Joy is something nobody can take away from you because it isn’t based on the circumstances surrounding you. It isn’t based on the approval or validation you get from people you can’t control.

Your soulmate triggers that joy because you see it in her eyes: “This is the person I will sacrifice everything for. In fact, if I really love this person, I will change.”

Have you ever known a lot of guys who used to play video games all day or do drugs? When they meet their soulmate, they do a 180.

They get jobs. They finish school. They go on to grad school. They move up the corporate ladder or they start their own business.

This is not an accident because those guys, who used to live for themselves and under the protection of and support of their parents, were able to step out of themselves and turn their backs from stuff that they couldn’t do without before.

They’ve basically realized a lot of the things:

“I used to believe in such and such things. And the things I used to prize, I have to leave behind because now I’m with this person.

She may be making her own money, but I still have to provide for her because there’s this new thing that was born. It’s our relationship, and this relationship requires dedication, commitment, and sacrifice.

And the first thing to be sacrificed is the infant in you.”

This is the part of you that expects to be fed and who has a sense of entitlement that things have to be fair and good and easy. Now, it’s replaced by an adult, somebody who knows that the world is harsh, and you have to work and earn your share.

This transformation is made possible by the fact that you have to sacrifice because if you want a better life for yourself and your new soul partner, you have to change. You have to aim for something higher.

The money is just a metaphor because you’re moving from the nest of your parents to your own. This is a new internal, emotional, spiritual space that you build with your soulmate.

And this is how girls turn into women and boys turn into men.

But you have to have the journey transform you, and the reason why there’s so many divorces is that we want to hang on to our old lives.

We turn our backs to the third party that was born when we said yes to our soulmate. We let that relationship die on the vine because we are desperately hanging on to our old identities. There’s an old saying: “I don’t want to lose myself in my relationship.”

In other words, you don’t want to sacrifice. You don’t want to grow.

How much sustenance do you think that relationship, that spiritual baby, is going to get when you want to hang on to your old life? Not surprisingly, there are fathers in their 50s still carrying on like they were in their late 20s.

At some level, their young adult children are more mature than them. You owe it to your relationship to sacrifice and grow, and here’s the thing that blows everybody’s mind. I know it blew my mind.

This is what you were adapted for. This is what human beings were made for, and we’re not made to remain babies forever.

Soulmates Are Attracted to Each Other’s Energy

The funny thing about appearances is that they easily mask what’s really going on underneath the surface. If a guy is presented with several equally attractive women, he tends to focus on one or a handful but not all the females. This is assuming that he has at least some level of spiritual maturity.

Why is that? Well, soulmates are attracted to each other’s energy.

Your energy is of course a product of your past experiences. It is also a product of your values. These go hand in hand.

And just because your past may have been rough, if you adopt the right values and you actually live them out in your day-to-day life, you will have a fighting chance against the usual predictable outcome of your past patterns.

This combination of the values you believe in and base your life on and your past creates the energy that people sense when they’re around you. And when you meet your soulmate, that’s the energy that they will witness. And if there’s a fit, they will be attracted to you and you to them.

Given this reality, it is no surprise then that soulmates have this sense that they have somehow met in the past. This is why you should take heart if you’re single and you’re having a tough time meeting “the one.” Chances are, you’ve already met them in the past, but not in terms of actually meeting them.

As your psychic energy develops, it fits into a pattern in people with who you have grown up. There are certain precursors to this so you kind of see it in reflections in your past.

They’re not your soulmate, but you kind of get a dress rehearsal because you see that pattern, and when you do meet “the one,” it seems familiar. It’s like slipping on a comfortable old shoe.

You say to yourself: “I’ve been here before.” — on an emotional level but of course, this is the first time you meet that person. But the energy is familiar, and it’s clear and intense.

Also, there is such a thing as a “soul group.”

Are You Aware of Your “Soul Group?”

A soul group is a group of people who have the same values but live their lives out in different places and at different times. But when you look at these people, their lives seem to follow a pattern because their values drive them.

It creates their spiritual energy, and despite the fact that they come from different backgrounds and they’re living at different times in different places, these common patterns can be detected.

So, don’t be surprised if your soul mate from the future is attracted to you because you are in the same soul group.

It’s as if they would say: “Where have you been all my life?” and at the same time, say: “You’ve been here all along.” Because the pattern gives you a sense of familiarity despite the fact that this is the first time you met that person.

What if I told you that marriages that last are only possible because the partners share the same values? The similarity of values is one of the core indicators of being in the same soul group.

Now, if you’re asking yourself: “How do I get those values? Where do they come from?”

Well, the most common source, of course, is our parents and the people around us.

This is our neighborhood or the region that we live in. This is the place where people talk the same way, do the same thing, or are confronted with certain things that trigger the same coping mechanisms.

In other words, we see ourselves in the people surrounding us. This familiarity creates identity.

And also, the values that this group possesses are passed on from generation to generation. It’s not like your parents set you down and they whipped out some books that outlined all the values of people from your neck of the woods.

No! It doesn’t work that way.

Instead, you learned the old-fashioned way. You just observed them. You see how they lived, and you assumed that this is reality.

And, on practical terms, it is your reality because that’s all you see. And the more you mirror it and the more you repeat it, the more it becomes an ingrained part of your identity.

But you can also adopt a new soul group. If for whatever reason, you’re unhappy with your old identity or there’s some sort of conflict or trauma that happened in your life, this can push you out of those values.

Have you ever wondered why certain people who are born in bone-grinding poverty eventually become very rich? Why is it that in their large family, they’re the only ones who “made it?” This is one example of people breaking out of their soul group.

The reason why I’m bringing this to your attention is that I don’t want you to get the impression that your soul group is somehow rooted in your identity much like your DNA. I don’t want you to get the idea that you cannot change your soul group.

You can but it takes effort. It also takes discipline because you have to repeat the mental and spiritual reprogramming over and over.

For example, people who are breaking away free from poverty are able to do this because as they strive, they’re faced with one opportunity after another where they have to say to themselves:
“What are my values in this situation? What motivates me? What am I really aiming for?”

And none of this is automatic because they weren’t born with it in the sense that they weren’t surrounded by people with these values. They had to learn it firsthand, and that’s why it’s more precious to them.

You can do the same.

I’m not just talking about money. This can also apply to culture, refinement, values about education, or spirituality. This applies across the board.

What Are Soulmate Dreams?

Soulmate dreams are vivid dreams that you have. They feel so real because when you detect that soul attraction to this person, it indicates that your values and spiritual aspirations line up with this person. And this has nothing to do with just raw physicality.

If you’re a guy, (sorry to say,) you’re not gonna have a wet dream when you’re dreaming about your soulmate. Sure, it’s vivid but you’re engaged at both the heart, mind, and spiritual level.

It doesn’t stay focused on the physicality for a long enough time for it to be just a sexual dream. Instead, it’s so much more. It’s so much deeper.

Now, it’s very tempting to think that a soulmate dream is just purely prospective. You’re dreaming of basically meeting “the one” in the future, but a soulmate dream can also be a good dream about a past life.

I understand that the term “past life” can freak a lot of people out. They usually think of an identity that they had in a previous life. That person died and now they have a new consciousness.

No, I’m not talking about that past life. While that is a possibility, I’m talking about something more practical.

Did you know that your current consciousness is built on your dead selves?

For example, if you are 29 years old reading this, you know full well that you are a different person than when you were 25. You’re also a different person when you’re 20.

And you’re definitely a different person than when you were 12 or 8. I hope you get my point.

For you to be alive right now with your consciousness, your values, and your way of looking at the world and life, the old you have to give way. It is, for all intents and purposes, dead.

So, when you have a soulmate dream, you can dream this in the sense that it’s communicating with who you were in the past.

And this kind of dream or precognitive dream involves signs that a lot of people simply misinterpret. They think that this is an indication that they will only find their soulmate if they somehow regress or go back to an earlier stage.

This is wrong! Because your subconscious often communicates with you in terms of contrast.

And the reason why the context of your soulmate dream interacts with a past identity of yours or who you were in the past is that it tries to shine a light on how you need to mature so you can finally meet the person who is a perfect match for you.

Instead of instructing you to essentially turn back time and go back to your teen years with its matching mentality, your dream is actually trying to pull your attention to the kind of maturity you need to achieve. In many cases, it’s trying to push you forward into the future.

Having a Soulmate Dream Is a Sign That You Will Eventually Meet This Person in Real Life

If you haven’t met your soulmate, whether you have a partner or not and whether you’ve been burned in the past or not, having a soulmate dream is a sign that things are going on within you that will pave the way for you to meet this person in real life.

Now, I understand that this is quite rare for this blog because, as I’ve kept repeating in many other dream interpretations here, that dreams are rarely prophetic. Just because you dreamed something doesn’t mean that it’s a prediction that things in your dream will happen.

But in this case, it is for a practical reason. You’re not having these soulmate dreams out of the blue. They are not a reflection of your random desires or some fluke.

The reason why you’re having soulmate dreams is that you psychologically and spiritually have reached a point of maturity where you’re now opening yourself up to the possibility of meeting “the one.”

In many cases, they’ve always been around you. You just didn’t give yourself permission to see them as a partner. You didn’t allow yourself to be receptive.

Because when you start experiencing soulmate dreams, your higher self is being trained to recognize this person immediately.

Is Your Soulmate Your True Love?

The funny thing about modern romantic culture is that we believe in totality. We believe that people are fixed and unchanging and consist of permanent essence.

If you think this way, you need to pay attention to how life really plays out.

People are always works in progress. As such, our consciousness is constantly changing.

And to say that you have a “true love” that transcends time and space is basically painting yourself into a corner. Soulmates are instructive in the sense that they speak more towards our own inner maturity and evolution than saying that you need true love.

Because ultimately what makes your true love “the one” is your own maturity. You’d be surprised as to how many people meet what would otherwise be an ideal partner, and the relationship doesn’t work out.


They weren’t ready. They didn’t give themselves permission to fully fall in love with that person as they both grow into the relationship. A lot of the time, the reason why the relationship fell apart is that at least one of them believed in this idea of a true love that’s fixed in time.

You’re not falling in love with a statue. You’re falling in love with a real, flesh-and-blood person.

This person evolves. This person reacts to the environment. This person goes from day-to-day.

This is all part of living in reality. And unfortunately, so many guys are more in love with the idea of love that no relationship can contain them.

Please understand this because you don’t want to expect yourself out of what would otherwise be an awesome relationship.

Being in Love Involves More Than Infatuation

If you remember the first time you fell in love, it’s quite heady, isn’t it? I remember when I first fell in love, all I can think about was her. I was in the middle of class and the professor was laying out a very important concept that (I learned in the worst way possible later on,) made up 80% of my grade.

But none of that sunk in because all I can see was her. All I can think about was her, and it seemed that every word that came from the professor’s mouth was about her.

Sounds awesome, right?

But the thing is, your feelings can only go so far. You also have to allow your spiritual side into the process.

And as you spend more time with this person, the strong feelings you have for each other can be the fuel for an even stronger spiritual bond. You thrive in each other’s presence. You bring out the best in each other.

You help pull each other away from the coping mechanisms that you’ve always hung on to when you’re afraid or uncertain. You’re not exactly completing each other, but you’re inspiring each other.

That’s how you know you’re into something real. It’s not just about the sex. It’s not just about looking good when people see you with this person. It’s not just about pride.

It’s about something deep and real. And that’s why if you know you are with your soulmate when you feel a different kind of attraction with this person.

Even if somebody randomly splashed acid on her face, you can still find her the most beautiful person in the world because you’re no longer looking with your physical eyes.

Instead, you’re looking with the eyes on your heart and your soul. You love spending time with this person and he or she is the only one to call.

True Love Changes Your Relationship with Time

Time can be a very hard taskmaster. And unfortunately, a lot of people have a very sad yet complicated relationship with time.

Have you ever noticed that you’re almost always never have enough time? If you’re just busy doing one thing after another, going from Point A to Point B?

But interestingly enough if you were to boil all that business down and slice and dice whatever is left, the actual work you produce could probably be reduced to one hour.

I know it’s embarrassing. But hey! We have to admit it.

That’s how complicated our relationship is with time.

But with this person, you experience a state of synchronicity. Time is no longer a commodity to be sliced and diced.

Instead, every second you are with that person is cubed.

So, if you’re with that person, you feel like 3 minutes is stretched to 27 minutes. (After all, 3 times 3 times 3 is 27.) It’s as if you get so much value from this person.

The Real Secret to Finding Your Soulmate

I wish I could tell you that you could somehow meditate your way to finding your soulmate or there is some sort of magical book that you can buy that would enable you to send the right signals to the Universe to attract the right person at the right time, and thereby produce the right results.

Wrong! There’s no such thing.

While you can practice lucid dreaming to place yourself in the right spiritual state, this doesn’t rise to the level of some sort of formula or magical incantation or magical ceremonial procedure that would conjure the right person when you need him or her.

In practical terms, we prepare for our soulmate one failed relationship at a time.

This is the sobering part. And that’s why it’s really a good idea to be friends first with the person you’re with.

And, if you play your cards right and you’re with somebody already, when you practice lucid dreaming as you focus on meeting your soulmate, the person you’re with becomes your soulmate.


As I’ve mentioned earlier, it turns out that they’ve been around you. The problem is you weren’t ready.

It’s as if everybody got ready for a wedding and they’re just waiting for you — the groom or the bride — and there you are in the middle of the room, with everybody in attendance, all decked out and the officiating minister is there waiting expectantly, and you’re wrapped in a cocoon.

Because there’s still something going on with your consciousness, and the same could be said about your current partner. They’re going through changes as well.

But eventually, once both of you give yourselves permission to truly fall in love and to truly see each other as soul mates, things go to a whole other level.

And part of this is dreaming about finding your soulmate. It happens in the most unexpected times, but this is your subconscious telling you that you are in the process of becoming ready.

It’s unexpected. You didn’t plan for it. You didn’t follow certain rigorous steps to trigger it.

It just happened. But when it does, be ready for it.

The other approach is to practice lucid dreaming and “will” a soulmate dream into existence.

How to Dream of a Soulmate

Since our soulmates are sole connections in the spiritual world, if you haven’t met them yet, it is possible to dream of them, and by doing so, you connect with their inner feelings, inner thoughts, and eventually connect to their soul.

In your dream world, this takes place in something similar to telepathy. Again, we’re talking about dream imagery here. Telepathy is the process of communication of thoughts and ideas from one person to another without using any sensory channels.

In other words, I’m able to communicate with you without saying anything. You’re just looking at me, and I have this neutral expression on my face.

I’m not making any sounds nor am I trying to signal to you with my hands or body. I have a neutral posture, and I’m sending zero body language signals.

But you still get what I’m talking about. This is happening in our dream.

And if you find yourself in a dream where you can practice telepathy or there is a theme that involves relationships, try to slow things down. Try to focus on telepathic signals.

This is how you can turn, let’s say a dream about iguana images or dragons or even a dream of visiting a house you’ve never been to, into a soulmate dream.

Now, keep in mind that some dreams are more conducive to lucid dreaming than others. But if you noticed that you have some control over your dream and finding a soulmate is important to you, then impose your will on that dream.

Dream about telepathy. Dream about unspoken emotional communication with the person.

You Can Bring Your Soulmate to Life in Your Dream Through Invocation

Another theme that can appear in your soulmate dream involves invocation. Pray to meet your soulmate in your dream if you’re dreaming lucidly. Connect your mind to the Universal Consciousness in that dream.

Usually, this can take place in an open field or if you see some storm that’s clearing out, but this usually requires a lot of open space up above. But it can also take place in an inner interior living space that’s very dark.

Whatever the case may be, there has to be an expansiveness of pure space. It could be light. It could be light and bright or it could be dark and solid.

Whatever the case may be, it has to be a pure space. And if you noticed that the dream you’re having is a lucid dream, you can trigger a soulmate dream by invocation or prayer.

Try to communicate with a Higher Existence and be clear about your intentions and say:
“I want to know more about who is destined for me. Lord, please reveal who my soulmate will be.”

Now, don’t get your hopes up in the sense that the Highest Intelligence will reveal to you the person’s phone number, social security number, blood type — all that good stuff and complete with a 3D image of that person.

In many cases, your mind’s eye doesn’t focus so much on the image but on how you feel around that person. That’s good enough.

Practice Visualization in Your Lucid Dream

Another way you can figure out how to dream about your soulmate is through lucid dream visualization. This is where you give yourself the time and space in your dream to relax, clear your mind, close your eyes, and breathe deeply.

You then visualize and dream about meeting this person. This is really just another form of invocation, but you’re drawing from within.

Again, certain types of dreams are more conducive to this. Usually, these dreams involve looking out at some large body of water.

Writing Dreams and Your Soulmate

Finally, if you find yourself writing in your dream, this is also a good type of lucid dream to use the process above to sense your soulmate.

Dream Example #1

Dreaming of a soul mate has never been a problem for me since my crush on men changes every few months. I am 29 years old and have been single for the past 10 years. The last boyfriend I have had was at the age of 19. Broke up with him and thank god I did, never regretted that decision.

Now let’s talk about my soul mate: for some reason I have this image in my head where he is a British Pakistani. I hail from South East Asia and let’s say that Asian men in some parts make me believe that God exists. British because that accent makes them 10 times more attractive.

He should be tall, dark, and handsome; I know, I know I sound like a cliché, but what can I do, I can’t help my heart. The heart wants what the heart wants. And he should devote himself to me. In my mind, his mom and I are already best friends, whoever that person may be.

How do I know this is what I want? I am a Bengali woman. God has made women of Bengal extremely beautiful with our sun-dusk skin, raven black hair, eyes so big you can fit the entire night sky in them, kohl as if invented for our eyes only. God did not think it was necessary to give the same paramount beauty to Bengali men.

I mean it is my opinion but I do not find them attractive.

Pakistani men are of a different class. Of course, I am not talking about the entire nation but “some” men who are educated, know how to respect women, and are aware of women’s rights. I have Pakistani friends and let me tell you one thing: if there was an Olympic competition for the most sarcastic nation in the world, Pakistanis for sure would win at that.

Their sense of humor is that amazing! Who wouldn’t want to spend their life with a partner who can make them laugh all the time?

One more reason why I want my soulmate to be Pakistani/British Pakistani. We share the same culture and understand each other’s languages. A great bonus point is to bond with the respective families. If I bring a non-Asian man, my family would still accept him but I want my better half/soul mate to get to know where I come from.

For that language would play a very big role. I guess my fascination with Pakistani men started when I started to watch Pakistani drama. They are very popular in Bangladesh and my gosh their people are so beautiful. Of course, it’s media and whatever they depict is seldom true but Urdu, their mother tongue, is one of the beautiful languages out there. It is as if every line is poetry.

All in all, I would like to say I do not know what my future holds. I do not even know even if I want to get married. But if marriage is in my destiny, I hope it’s with someone I have described.

Dream Example #2

Well this is a dream. But no one will believe it does not feel like a dream until today. I am saying this because the person in the dream is someone that I know. So, let us get to the dream, will we? Well this happened when I was a young boy and I was looking after my father’s goats at the time.

That day I came from school and I was very tired but I still had to go and look after the goats in the field. Well I ate lunch and I went to look after the goats. While I was out there in the field, I could not handle but feel sleepy due to the fact that I was very tired. I ended up sleeping, which left the goats with no one to look after them.

While I was sleeping, the goats happened to go in the field of our village headman and they destroyed his crops. After that, he realized the goats eating his crops so he took them out and he saw where I was sleeping. He came to wake me up and asked me why I was letting the goats to graze in his field. Out of shock, I did not even know what to answer so I kept quiet.

My silence angered him so he threatened to beat me up. When I hear he want to beat me up, it scared me so I wanted to run away. It failed because he caught me and told me I was going nowhere.

I was stuck between hard places. I wondered what I was going to do to free myself. In attempt to free myself, I did something despicable. I told him that my father told me to take the goats into his field. That angered him even more, but it saved me for the time being.

Little did I know I was cooking hell for myself. The man left me and walked away. It turned out he walked to our house and went to confront my father. Before sunset, I took the goats home, and I went to meet the surprise of my life. I found the man in our house and they were busy arguing with my father.

When I arrived in the house my father immediately called me. When I went to him, he asked me if it is true what the headman is saying. I completely denied, because I was afraid. When I denied, the headman decided to beat me up. My father was always over protective when it comes to his sons. He did not take the beating in a light way. My father took a panga and told the headman that he will cut him.

It response, the headman ran away and went to his house. What we did not know is that the headman went to get a gun.

The headman came back with a gun, I ran away, but my father was too angry to fear danger. My father decided to attack the headman with a panga. In self-defense, the headman shot my father in the leg, and my father fell down. After my father fell down, the headman proceeded to look for me, but I was hiding. Unfortunately, my young brother had no idea what was going on.

So in a curious attempt, he came out and asked the headman what was going on. With anger, the headman tried to shoot him, but missed and my little brother ran away. Finally, my father woke up and jumped on the headman’s back I managed to come and grab the gun from him and we were all safe. This is a dream but I know if it was reality, injuries would have been unavoidable.

The dream ended and no one was dead but I know it was not an easy dream.

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