The biblical meaning of dragon in dreams

Dragons are one of the most popular mythological creatures, not just in the West but also in the East. Due to the powerful impact of Christianity in the west, it’s crucial to be mindful of the biblical meaning of dragon in dreams.

In the East, these amazing magical creatures, dragons, are seen as mystical symbols of power, mystery, and knowledge. They can also mean tremendously good fortune—but, sometimes, at the expense of other people.

Dragons in Chinese Mythology and Greek Mythology

In the Eastern imagination, especially during ancient times, dragons represent power and overwhelming might.

We’re not talking about other common creatures like the komodo dragon. Instead, these are the vicious characters that, to most people, just exist in a dream.

In Chinese mythology or Eastern depictions, dragons look more like snakes. Their necks are elongated, and their bodies are often thin. Dragons are also seen to be very fearsome because they can turn at any time.

Dragons Wield Powers Based on Deceit

You may think that you have the magical powers of the dragon, and things are falling into place—you’re getting the respect that you feel you deserve, and the results of your labor are obvious to you. It seems that things are going well—until they aren’t.

When things start to unravel, it seems like the end of the world—much like riding a dragon.

Not surprisingly, in Chinese and Northeast Asian cultures, a person born under the sign of the dragon appears to be either respected or feared—maybe even resented.

Different Types of Dragons for Different Types of People

Given the emotional turbulence of the dragon, people with these qualities tend to be extreme. Some shine and dominate. Others sink into the depths of mediocrity.

This is the emotional power behind dragons. No matter how seemingly set our reasoning and traditions may be, there’s this almost uncontrollable urge to irrationality underneath.

Dragons and Their Hatred of Limitation

Oftentimes, many dragons come as either liberating disruptions or existential threats to people or organizations set in their ways. This is due to dragons’ natural aversion to arbitrary traditions and restrictions.

Sadly, most people take this as if the dragon attacked their very way of life. Not surprisingly, the dragon is often misunderstood.

Still, we see from depictions of dragons the interesting twists and turns that enable us to truly get to the meat of the Biblical interpretation of the dragon dream.

Biblical Dream Image for Dragons

If you take a look at the Bible for dream interpretation involving dragons, we’re in for a pretty interesting experience. For the most part, a lot of Bible-based dream interpretation is contextual.

There’s no black and white “true meaning” of the dragon symbolism or dragon dream imagery that is consistent throughout the whole Bible. Still, one of the symbols that is universal in its interpretation is that of the dragon.

Dragons in the Bible represent Satan—one who started out as the highest angel and then turned into the devil: the father of lies, the deceiver, the author of sin.

It’s within this context that we have to look at the different meanings of dragon dreams.

Dragons are Creatures of Misunderstanding

The Biblical meaning of dragons is closely related to the snake. When the snake was trying to deceive Eve, it purposely lied about God’s command to lead the first humans to commit sin.

Satan works with this confusion and misdirection. Satan uses this natural tendency to lead humans astray. He built a masterpiece solidly on human pride.

What does this all have to do with what such a dream represents? One word: everything.

The Dragon Symbolizes Power on So Many Levels

In our day and age, power is something that we desire. Not surprisingly, anything that connotes, promises, or how somehow hints at giving you power over your waking life is tempting.

This is the foundation of Satan’s rebellion. He wanted power to define himself. He wanted power to set the rules. Anything outside of that is arbitrary, unfair, and needs to be destroyed.

But just as the moon reflects the light of the sun, whatever light angels have comes from God. The Bible has a term for this: the Shekinah glory.

The Dragon is Powered by Misdirected Energy

Even in your dream, the dragon represents miscommunication that feeds into all our other insecurities. These doubts nest in our unconscious mind, as is explained by Sigmund Freud, the pioneer of psychoanalysis.

When you put a lie in front of the truth, the lie will always get found out. So the devil works with pent-up feelings of dissatisfaction and hesitation to pull human beings out from under God’s influence and power.

Humanity’s Hidden Desires are Manifested by the Dragon Symbol

In its full form, your dragon dream then becomes an interesting symbolism for unchecked and intense feelings like hatred, rage, and grudge. It all begins with a sense of entitlement driven by our own hidden desires.

Our sense of entitlement leads us to forget or dismiss our limitations and shortcomings as human beings. This is precisely what the devil rebels against—his limitations.

Instead of these limitations humbling him, it drives the intense hatred even further.

Dream Meanings About Dragons of Different Colors

Dreams of different-colored dragons represent the different faces of the Biblical interpretation of this creature.

A lot of our own fears, depression, hidden anxieties, self-doubt, and sense of lack of purpose and meaning all emanate from the lies of the Prince of Lies.

Trickery and Lies of the Devil

Satan is so powerful because he tells us what he thinks we want to hear, but never what we need to hear: we are fallen, sinful, and will never be perfect on our own strength. He tries to trick us into thinking that our sins define us—that we’re never going to be perfect.

He also conceals the second part of the story: we don’t need to be perfect. And despite our imperfection, God is perfect.

When we sincerely accept Him and His grace, the Holy Spirit enters our hearts, and we are born again.

Being Born Again in Our Waking Life Through Genuine Faith in God

Faith is worthless without actions that reflect real faith.

Changes in our lives are not sustainable if we’re going to be relying on ourselves. If we’re simply going to make a big show of being a Christian because we crave other people’s approval, that’s not going to last.

Real changed life is a surrender to the Holy Spirit. That’s what it means to be truly born again.

What the Blue Dragon Means in a Dream

The blue dragon seems like a good sign or a positive symbolism in a dream. This is a person who has a lot of energy and who’s able to look at things from a positive perspective.

Especially when you see yourself riding a dragon that’s blue, your dream can mean optimism. It might even seem like a certain level of spiritual enlightenment. But a lot of this is deceptive.

When we look at the more interesting articles of the Bible, in the temptation of Jesus in the desert, Satan was quoting Scripture to Jesus.

If anything, a dream of a blue dragon is a warning to us regarding our spiritual understanding.

Test the impression that you get from any spiritual literature or dream about dragons against the infallible Word of the Bible. If it doesn’t fit, there’s spiritual distortion and miscommunication there.

What the Red Dragon Attacking in a Dream Means

If you see a red dragon in your dream, it’s a one-to-one representation of the devil.

A red dragon is one of the most common depictions of vicious fire-breathing dragons in mythology. Riding a dragon that’s red in color may even be seen as a dream image for valiance mixed with violence.

Usually, when you see a red dragon in your dream, through your unconscious mind, it soon leads to the dream image of a dragon attacking or many dragons charging at you. This type of dragon dream reflects the presence or influence of Satan in your waking life.

What the Black Dragon Represents

Black dragon dreams mean that someone you’re afraid of or trying to avoid is getting close to you. This can manifest in your dream world and subconscious mind as black flying dragons or even just lurking ones. Maybe they’re actively chasing you, or they’re slowly working their way into your circle.

In your dream, a black dragon means that it’s hiding in the shadows—less noticeable than even a baby dragon. But that’s not as obvious as you think because, sometimes, the shadows are right in front of you: hiding in plain sight.

What makes the black dragon in your dream so threatening is that you might not notice it until it’s too late. Out of nowhere, these dragons will breathe fire unto you, and you won’t have time to escape.

Yellow Dragon Dream Interpretation

In a dream, the yellow dragon symbolizes inner wisdom and knowledge—an initial good sign. This type of information is often couched in dream psychology perspective.

The yellow dragon dream also speaks to our deep sense of creativity and our need to express ourselves through some creative outlet.

God created humans to contribute. In other words, you’re there to offer your personal growth for His glory—a fact that Satan hates.

A dream featuring a yellow dragon represents a twisting of this relationship, where we begin to idolize our ability to create and express ourselves. In reality, this dream about the yellow dragon represents a lack of acknowledgment of the true source of your insights and abilities: the Almighty Father.

The Real Meaning of a White Dragon Dream

A white dragon symbolizes positivity, inner peace, and calm. This dream image also symbolizes the power of truth.

When you dream of white dragons, you can’t help but feel like all this hidden anxiety and issues you suffer from are disappearing. This dream makes you feel like everything has fallen into place and that, no matter how chaotic things have been in your waking life, things will be okay.

Not surprisingly, a lot of people who dream of white dragons or this type of symbology wake up with a big smile on their faces. This is what makes white dragon dreams so worrisome.

Denying Sin and Imperfection

No matter how positive you feel, you’re still dreaming of the devil. The fact that you’re feeling a sense of inner peace and positivity through this dream means that there was a price paid for that.

When you see this dream image, ask yourself: what do you choose to ignore so that you can feel calm? What do you need to do, so you can get this impression that you can explain things in your waking life?

As amazing as those positive feelings may be when you wake up from your dream, the white dragon is a symbol of emotional deceit. It makes you feel good and worthy precisely because he’s lying to you.

The White Dragon Symbolizes the Denial of Truth

As the old saying goes, the truth shall set you free. But oftentimes, it will piss you off first.

The white dragon dream image hides a lot of things. It highlights the good things that are left but leaves out the things that make us psychologically and spiritually mature: the truth.

In the astral plane, when you see the white dragon in your dream, the price that you pay for that wisdom disappears. It’s as if you’ve become fully formed, fully realized, and independent—much like how the devil imagines himself.

When you see multiple dragons of this color in your dream, it’s more ominous because there may be multiple things in your life that you’re trying to shelve.

Golden Dragon Dream Symbology

A dream centered on the golden dragon or bronze dragon means that great wealth and prosperity are seen in the near future for your waking life, especially if you see these dragons flying high in your dream.

The golden flying dragon dream imagery is also particularly potent in the East as something to be desired: the highest point in human striving. It’s easy to see the devil’s miscommunication here.

The Devil Offers False Promises to Lead Humanity Astray

The devil disguises himself as the golden dragon in a dream and projects its meaning as some alternative.

Why do you have to struggle through your waking life? Why do you have to go through this heroic journey of being lost, only to be found again in Jesus Christ, when you can be your own savior and savor the best that the world has to offer?

These are the messages that blare out from the imagery of the gold and bronze dragon.

The Dragon Works Through Lies

Ultimately, the dragon is the devil in its purest form: anger, hatred, rage, destruction, theft, jealousy, envy, and vengeance. These are the depths of our own emotions because they represent the distillation of all selfish desires.

It’s easy to look at striving as a good thing. If you’re striving for something, you give value for value. You help others achieve their dreams so that you could realize your own dream. There’s nothing wrong with that.

But taken into extremes or conducted without a moral compass that comes from within, through the power of the Holy Spirit, we are lost. Our only frame of reference is ourselves.

How the Dragon Twists Human Imperfection

Everything about the dragon in your dream—the promise of knowledge, power, prestige, or even protection for family members—is distorted. This dream represents the evil parts of ourselves that we’d rather not think about. It’s this grand deception that you’re your own idol.

Ultimately, the devil understands us. He can see our cravings when we don’t train our eyes on God: the only real source of meaning.

But with Him, there’s no misunderstanding. There’s mystery but not misunderstanding that’s often twisted into deceit, which leads to pain, loss, and death.

Bible Verses About the Dragon

Job 41:19-21: “Out of his mouth go flaming torches; sparks of fire leap forth. Out of his nostrils comes forth smoke, as from a boiling pot and burning rushes. His breath kindles coals, and a flame comes forth from his mouth.”

Revelation 12:9: “And the great dragon was thrown down, that ancient serpent, who is called the devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world—he was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him.”

Revelation 12:3: “And another sign appeared in heaven: behold, a great red dragon, with seven heads and ten horns, and on his heads seven diadems.”

Revelation 20:2: “And he seized the dragon, that ancient serpent, who is the devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years.”

Isaiah 27:1: “In that day the Lord with his hard and great and strong sword will punish Leviathan the fleeing serpent, Leviathan the twisting serpent, and he will slay the dragon that is in the sea.”

Psalms 74:13: “You divided the sea by your might; you broke the heads of the sea monsters on the waters.”

The Final Word on the Bible and the Dragon

The dragon twists something that is neutral into something negative and destructive. Despite each dragon color’s individual meaning, dragons generally convey the same thing.

A dragon in your dream—whether a flying dragon, a dragon spreading its wings, a baby dragon or small dragon, a fire-breathing dragon, a dragon attacking, or even just the dream image of a dragon face—all have the same meaning. It means that you’re fighting with demons on your way to God.

God Wants Us to Live as Our True Self

Religious self-righteousness is Satan’s masterpiece. This is the opposite of the true self that God wants us to discover. The true self is the one that’s dedicated and devoted to the Lord.

If you allow God’s love to transform you, you’ll become a new creation in Him. And when we lay our treasures up in Heaven, we receive the grace of the Lord: something that cannot be wither and will last for all eternity.

Dream Example #1

We were racing our bicycles through a meadow. The clouds were being swept across the open sky by a lazy wind. That same wind produced a light rippling of waves through the overgrown grass.

Neither one of us had a care in the world, and we did not spare a thought towards safety. We were both without protective gear, but our tires flew over the rutted ground.

She was at least a nose ahead of me. Her teasing voice and peals of laughter filling the air echoed in surround sound around us.

It was surreal.

The currents generated by our momentum lashed my face. But it whipped her hair around like a curtain buffeted by a forceful wind.

Those loose, wavy strands glimmered with the golden shimmer of light from the sun.

She turned a brief look over her shoulder, awarding me with the most beautiful of smiles. At that moment, she outdid the sun in all its brilliant radiance.

Though the glance she gave me was short, and I could see the glint of triumph in her eyes. My heart lurched against my ribs.

The landscape was extraordinary and teeming with the most beautiful flowers. Flowers of all kinds whose perfume sparkled and fragranced the air.

The sea of colorful petals looked magical. They diverted my attention away from the race.

I thought to stop and pick one for her. Then I thought that a handful would be better. Maybe today would be the day I harnessed a little courage. With my bouquet in hand, I could tell her how he feels.

On the way back, I tell myself. We will be walking and talking on the way back home. I could her know then.

I shifted my focus from the vibrant blossoms swaying in the breeze.

I put all my effort back into lessening the distance between us.

During my distraction, she pulled so far ahead, I was starting to lose hope. I would never catch up with her.

The fear of losing her made me pump my twelve-year-old legs faster.

“Slow down,” I called. My voice was breathy from exertion, but I needed to get her attention.

In my own right, I was a daredevil. But I knew that the two of us were being downright reckless.

She laughed at my warning. “I’m gonna win this time,” she answered back but, her voice seemed so far away. Too far away.

“Slow down. You’ll crash,” I called again.

I regretted speaking those words. In the next breath, what I saw sent my heart into my throat. It brought my frantic pedaling to a stop.

The movement was so abrupt my midsection crashed into the handlebars. I wanted to help her or take her place. All I could do was watch.

First, her bicycle wobbled for her bit. I could see her fighting to control it. Then it lurched when her front tire hit something.

I heard her scream. After that, she was sailing through the air, her arms, legs, and hair flailing about in every direction. She reached out like she was trying to grab hold of something to stop her flight. There was nothing there but air.

“No!” I screeched.

I heard myself cry out for her. I could only watch in panic as my heart thundered like the hooves of a thousand wild horses against my ribs.

She landed on the ground with a dull thud, a ways away from the bicycle.

Rooted to the spot where I was, I waited for signs of survival.

My eyes roved over the grass, searching the place where she fell for a symbol that spoke of life.

My legs start working again, pedaling harder and harder. They dragged me closer and closer to what I knew would be a macabre scene.

She was dead. I knew it.

“Sev?” I called as I neared the place of her accident. His voice was weak and hoarse, more a whisper. It held cold fear and none of the joviality they shared moments before. My tone was already expressing the grief laying waste to the spirit.

“Sevie?” I called again, a little louder this time.

In my desperation to find her, I hopped off the bicycle before bringing it to a stop. The motion sent the infernal thing crashing and me stumbling, a tangle of limbs. I struggled to keep myself upright.

The bicycle that she was riding laid on its side. The wheels were bent out of shape yet, spinning like crazy in the gentle breeze. I would swear they were in the path of a vicious storm.

The place where I expected her to be lying, bruised and broken and dead, was empty.

I scanned my surroundings, searching for her. The unexpected ripple of her laughter made my entire body jerk.

It was strange to hear her sounding so happy after what had just happened. But the sound made hope and joy spring inside me.

Except, she was nowhere in sight.

With a look of confusion cinching my brows together, I did a slow turn to survey the meadow.

“Sevana!” I called; louder this time. There was a sob I couldn’t control tacked at the end of her name. “Where are you?”

For a while, I heard no response. That was when I noticed that all in the meadow had gone inert and silent. The only sound was the eerie squeak of the wheels still turning on her bicycle. Everything else stopped. The breeze whistling through the trees, and the soft grass grew to a hush.

The clouds moving overhead ceased their travel across the sky. Nothing moved. Nothing stirred. I was alone.

A shadow, blocking off the light of the sun, threw darkness over my face. I blinked up at the sky, wondering, for the first time, where this place could be.

A silhouette of something rather large circled the sun. It reminded me of the story of the phoenix I read in a comic book.

I stood watching in fascination. Until I realized that whatever it was flying so close to the sun was moving faster than anything I had ever seen. And it coming closer.

Fear seized me. The urge to run made me itch, but there was no way to do it. Not without finding Sevana. I renewed I search for her with vigor, shouting her name every other second and receiving no reply.

“Please,” I begged. “Answer me.”

The answer to his wish to hear a sound other than the pleas of his own voice came in an unholy caterwauling from above. It brought with it a wave of heat that shouldn’t belong anywhere else but within the very innards of hell.

Great gusts of wind reanimated the meadow from the robust flapping of enormous wings. Each blast of wind sent smaller creatures leaving in the grass scattering. The clouds now raced to the horizon, and the leaves and grass bowed in the same direction.

The closer the beast grew, the stronger the wind became. I expected the gusts to toss me away, so I planted my feet and to keep myself in place. I trudged against each powerful blow, continuing the search for my companion.

It took a great amount of effort, and he sagged with relief when the sturdy flapping died down to a gentle sway. The animal hovered above the ground a short distance away from me.

Terror stiffened my spine. And yet, I felt a measure of ease as I studied the creature. A dragon was floating a little way above the grass in the meadow. It paid no attention to me.

It had its eyes fixed on something lying motionless on the ground.

“Sevana.” I breathed her name and gave no thought to what I was about to do.

My legs started moving towards her prone form and the impressive beast.

“Get away from her,” I shouted as I ran. My voice hadn’t broken yet, but I gave it all I had.

If it heard me, the great beast did not spare me a glance.

As I moved closer, I could see its serpentine crusted with scales that looked like rubies. The sunlight danced over each one. It was beautiful.

It was enchanting. Almost enough to make me stop and watch in awe.

Knowing that he had to, at least, try to rescue Sevana from an even uglier fate, I shook off my wonder and pressed forward.

I grabbed the single branch lying on the ground as I moved towards it.

I knew it was a poor weapon against an animal rumored in legends to be so fierce and dangerous, but I gripped it hard. At the speed I ran, it was near impossible to find true aim.

I measured the trajectory of my throw as best as I could. With a war cry, I hurled my makeshift weapon with all the strength I had in my skinny limb.

I hoped it would be enough to direct the animal’s carnivorous intent away from Sevana. If it did, I would use that moment to rescue her.

I got close enough to hear the stick land on the ruby scales covering the creature’s hind leg. It hit with a low, ineffective clink. The dragon turned bored eyes to me like it only now noticed my presence.

Its eyes burned like hot coals. They were devilish and drew me to a shortstop. What was I doing going up against a dragon?

With no idea what to do, I stood there breathing hard from running, fear, and anger.

The way my heart was beating, I knew that I was about to die from a mixture of adrenaline and fear. If that did not cause my demise, then the dragon would. I was dead either way. That was certain. So was Sevana, and that made me sadder.

Except the creature did nothing but stare at me. It looked to be giving my presence some consideration. I felt the fear leeching out of me in slow increments while I considered him.

Why hadn’t he eaten me or at the very least burn me to a crisp? I didn’t want to stay to find out.

Since it appeared to have some understanding, I tried to find something to say to it. My mouth opened, closed, opened again. Not a sound came out.

The beast snorted. I was almost certain it rolled its eyes at me too. It dismissed my presence and turned back to Sevana. She still looked dead. There was a deep, red gash on her side, bleeding into the fabric of her clothes.

I watched her and saw the steady rise and fall of her chest. The fact that she was still alive distracted me from what was happening. The beast’s claws closed around her skinny form.

Only then could I find my voice.

“Don’t hurt her, please,” I requested of the creature. If it wanted to us, it would have done so already. “She’s my friend.”

I didn’t know what he expected the dragon to do or if it could really understand as I suspected. The last thing I anticipated was getting a response.

“I understand you, human,” came the low growl in my head. “We are the Red Dragon. Soon you will know that the White Fairy is ours.”

Hearing a voice in my head startled me, but I swallowed the unmanly squeak of terror that crawled up my throat. I had no idea what the dragon meant by that. I was just happy with the opened line of communication.

“What does that mean?” I stuttered to get the words out.
But after that vague explanation, he lifted her without hesitation. I didn’t want to let him take her but I had no time to react.

With a mighty sweep of its hefty wings, the creature leaped higher into the air with its prey clutched in its grasp. It was out of reach so fast, and I hadn’t moved an inch.

“Wait, no,” I screamed. “Take me with her.”

But the rhythmic flapping of wings drowned out his voice. The creature rose high above the ground. It turned back to me, its heavy tail swishing from side to side.

I stood witness to the luminous red heat building in the underside of its belly. That glow traveled up the column of the beast’s throat.

It spread its jaws wide letting out a deafening roar. This close, the sound made the bones in my body and ground beneath my feet quiver. Then the flames came with an unholy heat to engulf me in a fire.

I screamed, but just as quickly as it started, it stopped. Surprised that I wasn’t a heap of ash to blow away with the wind, I looked down at myself.

Then I raised my gaze back to the creature in confusion.

It seemed satisfied with its accomplishment for the day. The dragon spun away again, kicking up another flurry around me.

I ran after it.

“Bring her back,” I shouted as the creature continued its ascent towards the sky.

Crying and shouting and begging, I chased them towards the tree line. Sevana was gone.

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