The biblical meaning of a kiss in a dream

Most of us wouldn’t mind getting kissed—even in dreams—especially by someone we’re attracted to. For most, kissing is a pleasant experience, provided that it happens in the right setting.

This also applies to any image or scene of a kissing someone in a dream. The dream meaning depends on what happened before, after, and those that are happening in the background. You shouldn’t look at the dream interpretation of kissing someone or being kissed in a vacuum.

This also applies when it comes to biblical dream interpretation or meaning for kissing. More likely than not, a kiss in a dream represents a good sign or positive feelings.

What Kissing Normally Means in the Waking Life

In our waking life, kissing someone demonstrates feelings about that person. For example, it could be respect, desire, affection, or even passion. When done publicly, this stands as a declaration of what we’re feeling.

Of course, kissing someone’s hand or the pinky ring of somebody you respect in a business setting has a different interpretation from receiving a passionate kiss from someone you’re in a relationship with or a member of the opposite sex.

Still, there is a certain level of positive feeling when you’re kissing someone—even in dreams. You have to pay attention to who you’re kissing, what the obvious feeling is, where it takes place, and how it happens. These are important in dream interpretation.

It can be a kiss to a family member—like your mother, sibling, or child—a friend, or somebody very close to you romantically—husband, wife, girlfriend, or lover. On the other hand, a kiss does not necessarily mean romance.

Kissing Dream Meanings Depend on Context

Kissing dream interpretation also depends on placement. In your dream, it can be a careful or modest kiss, it can be passionate or filled with affection, or it can be a very quick peck on the forehead or the cheek as a sign of respect to a friend or newly met acquaintance.

A peck on the cheek from your friend, mother, or even your child is different from that of your boyfriend or girlfriend. In most cases, a kiss on the cheek to a friend or a family member is a sign of mutual respect or calm affection. Respect is also the usual meaning of a kiss given to someone you don’t know that well.

On the other extreme, lovers kissing on the lips or mouth indicates a deep level of affection, desire, and passion.

But with family or a friend, the kiss is normally on the cheek, hand, or forehead. Depending on how close your relationship is, it tends to blend into more formalized physical contact like touching cheeks instead of kissing on the cheek.

A Kissing Dream Interpretation Depends on the Relationship of Those Involved

What makes the biblical meaning of a kiss in a dream tricky is that many people assume its dream meaning is obvious. After all, in the Holy Bible, kisses have very deep meanings. It stems from the beginning of man’s relationship with the Lord.

According to the Bible, God fashioned man from clay and then breathed into this figure. This act represents the Creator’s kiss, which conveys birth, power, and prosperity. The relationship between humanity and the Lord started with that level of intimacy, trust, and love.

Further in the Bible, the interpretation of dreaming of kisses depends on the receiver and the context.

There is nothing more touching and humbling than opening your eyes to see the face of your Creator. One can only imagine the amount of care, love, and concern in His eyes as Adam gains full consciousness.

It was perfect love. It was not stained by the world’s concerns, twisted desires, misplaced priorities, and other problems that happened after The Fall.

The Biblical Dream Interpretation of A Kiss Also Depends on Who Does It to Who

The dream image of you kissing somebody or somebody kissing you can have a different interpretation each time, depending on the context. This dream can show one man kissing a woman or vice-versa or two women or two men kissing each other.

The Different Meanings of A Kiss In A Dream

Now that we all have the contextual issues of dreams out of the way, let’s drill down into specifics.

Dreams of Kissing Someone as a Sign of Betrayal

One of the most touching scenes in The New Testament is when Judas identified Jesus to the authorities with a kiss. This implies that He looked like everybody else.

While the typical creche set up that you see on Christmas looks stylized, clean, and even beautiful, this is a far cry from reality. A manger, in reality, is not a place you’d ever dream of staying—much less being born in—because of all the animal droppings, flies, and stench.

Yet it is God, who could’ve been born in the highest, most expensive, cleanest, and most powerful symbols of human power, who decided to truly humble Himself and live up to His prophetic name of Immanuel (God with Us). In short, He chose to be with us in humility and, in some cases, in degradation.

Jesus was born into the world with the rest of human society—working hard, maneuvering life challenges, and facing day-to-day struggles with His mother, Mary.

Jesus was poor, and He was like everybody else in appearance. You could not spot Him in the crowd, and that’s why Judas had to kiss Him.

The Dream Interpretation of Judas’ Kiss in Real Life

Spiritual meaning and interpretation of the moment of Judas’ kiss involve overturning human desire, death of loyalty, and momentary success of the enemy. Judas’ kiss led to identification, persecution, and death.

These are bad things humans wouldn’t want to associate with a dream about kissing. We want to ground ourselves only in passion, pleasure, self-esteem, and self-respect; we run away from the enemy, which in our case is pain and death.

Judas’ kiss turned all of this upside down. Christ took the loss for all of us.

One moment of betrayal—by a friend, husband, sibling, or even an ex-lover—can have such a huge negative effect on you that you carry it for years or even your entire life.

The Deeper Personal Turmoil of Dreams of the Betrayal Kiss

We often betray ourselves by refusing to live out our dreams.

Even when your dream or subconscious knows you could soar and achieve all the things you’re passionate about, outside the dream world, your conscious mind keeps you glued to the ground by compromising and giving in to the enemy: fear, feelings of self-doubt, the envy of someone else’s life, or waiting for someone else’s approval before you reach for your dreams.

It’s a common pattern for families to be stuck in a tug-of-war in terms of their children’s career paths and dreams. Parents have a tendency to pass on their career frustrations to their children.

While some kids may feel like their parents or families betrayed them, on a deeper level, you betrayed yourself when you chose to wait for someone else’s approval to chase your dream, or you live out their dream instead.

Living somebody else’s dream is not bad if you truly believe that dream—it may even be noble. You are receiving the baton passed on by a previous frustrated generation by fulfilling that dream for someone else.

But what if that’s not your dream? What if your heart lies elsewhere? You’re living for somebody else’s dream, and you’re putting your own dream on the line.

Soon enough, all that approval you’ve got because “you’re one of them” starts to turn into emotional cancer because that is not where your happiness comes from; those are not your dreams.

The Judas kiss of betrayal happens here because you are living for the approval of others and not your own dream. The Biblical meaning of a kiss in a dream can mean self-betrayal, just as it can mean the betrayal by Judas.

Kissing a Person in Your Dream

When you’re kissing someone in your dream, it can mean that you’re getting other people’s approval, or you need that kind of approval. This dream could also mean that you’re getting support for the success you’re dreaming of.

A dream about a kiss from your inner circle means so much. Your parents may not always be available, but a kiss at the right time with a kind and sincere word may be what you need to motivate you. The same goes if you have a child.

At least you know that somebody close to you is rooting for your happiness and success, as symbolized by a kiss in this particular dream type.

Dreaming of Being Kissed on the Lips

As I mentioned earlier, the meaning of a dream involving a kiss depends on who is doing the kissing and other contextual dream signals. Generally, dreaming of being kissed on the lips can be a sign that you’re feeling motivated.

This dream imagery is especially helpful if you’re working on a big project in your job or you feel like you’re running on empty as you try to make it to the next level in business. This dream is a very positive sign because it shows that you are intimately receiving encouragement in your life.

But if you dream of being aggressively kissed by someone without your consent, this can have the opposite sign and might stand for possibly bad things.

Instead of encouragement, your dream tells you that you feel like you’re being backed into a corner.

You’re frustrated by the feeling that there are certain areas in your real life where you’re just going through the motions. You’re not able to pursue your dreams fully, and you feel like people also don’t recognize these dreams.

All the praises and encouragement that other people would die for slide off you like someone kissing you forcibly. These things can manifest in your dream.

A Dream About Witnessing Other People Kiss

When you have dreams of other people kissing, being kissed, or giving kisses, try to remember the context. Most of the time, kissing someone in a dream is not bad unless there is betrayal, force, or surprise involved.

Now, suppose you dream about seeing other people kissing. In this case, your dream is telling you that things are going right in your real life, but you should be careful about your decisions.

Depending on the kissing scene playing out in your dream, your gut feelings are there, so listen to them. The dream scenery encourages you to be more trusting of your intuition.

Dreams of Being Kissed by a Person You Don’t Like

If somebody you don’t like kisses you in a dream, but you don’t bolt out of the room or double over and start vomiting, it’s a sign that you’re getting praised.

A person you don’t like who kisses you can sense—if they have any emotional intelligence—that they’re not welcome. But, in your dream, they are going through the process anyway. This is a form of praise.

This dream can also mean that they’re lowering themselves. This dream can indicate you are rising through an organization or attaining some sort of organic leadership status.

This leadership status is not necessarily in the form of a promotion. There are many ways you can command the respect of those around you through your personality: you’re the person they go to for solutions. You’re also the go-to person of your superiors.

This is one definition of being kissed in a semi-formal way or even semi-intimately by somebody you don’t like.

Dreaming of a Kiss from a New Person or Stranger

Being kissed by somebody that we haven’t met before can be a very uncomfortable experience. But in a dream setting, the fact that the person kissing you is a stranger points to new possibilities and horizons in real life.

The patriarch Abraham, who lives in Mesopotamia, where the Babylonian empire began and spread, in the Old Testament received a message from God one day.

According to ancient records, that area where God called Abraham was very fertile. Food was in abundant supply. Many services, goods, and products that people needed were available. There were health services present in those cities.

Yet, Abraham left all of that after hearing the Lord’s promise. Abraham had to pack up all his possessions and leave the comfortable world that he knew.

Back in those days, there was no Southwest Airlines or JetBlue. No shuttle flights—not even federal highways or continental roads. Instead, you have a dirt road going in and out of town.

You don’t have to go far until you notice that things look scary. There’s the thrill of discovery, but that can be overwhelmed by the fact that you’re venturing into the unknown.

Biblical Dream Meaning for a New Stage in Your Life

It’s crucial to keep this in mind when looking for the Biblical meaning of a dream about kissing a stranger. While this dream points you to something new, you need faith, so your actions bear fruit spiritually and materially.

The Difference Between Belief and Faith

You can talk about how much you believe in the Lord, but that only stays in your head. Only when you start taking action and risk loss, pain, humiliation, and fear do you know you have faith.

Time and time again, Christ said, “Fear not.” By the same measure, he said, “You of so little faith.” At one point, He said, “If you only have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains.” That’s how powerful faith is.

Even if we believe all these things about our relationship with the Almighty, it’s easy to compartmentalize that stuff in our minds where they are sorted and filed away.

The same thing happened when Jesus cured the paralytic in the Bible.

From a distance, Jesus said, “Pick up your mat and walk.” There was no sign nor gestures from Christ—He just spoke. But the paralytic heard, and he listened. He got up.

He’s been paralyzed for many years. If he didn’t believe that Jesus had the power to heal him, he wouldn’t have bothered to try. That’s the power of faith in your life: listening and belief in action.

According to James 2:19, the demons also believe in God. But they were not saved; they are not going to heaven.

True belief in the Lord means you allow the Holy Spirit to transform you. It happens deep in your heart, and people know this because you’ve changed.

As we examine the Biblical meaning of kissing in a dream, the new life from the new stranger can be seen. How? You are probably the only Bible many people will ever get to read.

Carrying the Lord’s Word in Your Own Way

Ancient traditions and customs—like how Christians kissed altars—are not necessary to truly demonstrate your faith. You can be a Bible based on the things you talk about, how you carry yourself, and how you treat other people.

Ultimately, it boils down to this question: Is the Lord living in you? Otherwise, it’s just lip service.

The Bible teaches that faith without works is dead. Being a believer means that your real life is transformed just as Abraham pulled out all his roots from a comfortable place and moved to the promised land.

That is the kiss of the stranger bringing a new life into being.

A Kissing Dream Involving a Dead Person

The interesting thing about kissing a dead person in a Biblical dream is that it’s not what you think. Kissing a dead person may seem so horrifying that you want to go back to waking life.

The truth is the dead person in your dream represents you because we were all dead before we met Christ. That’s the essence of both the Old and the New Testament.

When we see this kissing dream, we have a chance to reconnect with how God kissed the clay figure of Adam. He can bring the dead to life.

So when you see that particular kissing imagery in the dream world, don’t freak out. This dream represents the Lord’s ability to create.

You may be thinking that you’ve screwed up so much, hurt so many people—family, ex-lover, friends—and your past is dirty that God wouldn’t want you.

Well, that dream image of kissing the dead takes place from the perspective of Christ when He kissed you. When you accept Him as your Lord and Savior, He is kissing a corpse; a person who has given up on himself and his dreams; a person who defines himself by his bad personality, sins, and shortcomings.

The Bible teaches us in 2 Corinthians 5:17, “If we are in Christ, we are new creations. The old has gone away.”

What is it about your past that you are guilty about or angry about? Did someone with a nasty personality hurt you? Did your ex-partner betray you? Or did this ex somehow damaged your self-esteem?

All of that and more are washed away by the blood of Christ when you accept Him. You’re a new creation. There’s nothing in the past that binds you. The Lord has pressed the reset button for your life through His grace and the power of the Holy Spirit.

When you see all these disturbing dream images, like kissing the dead, kissing your ex, bad kissing, two women kissing, or two men kissing, focus on your relationship with Jesus.

And before you turn a finger and condemn men or women kissing one another, understand the condemnation that you’re in because of sin. Always remember that the Lord came to you not because you are perfect but because He is perfect.

Biblical Verses About Kissing Dreams

Song of Solomon 1:2: “Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth! For your love is better than wine.”

Matthew 26: 48-49: “Now the betrayer had given them a sign, saying, ‘The one I will kiss is the man; seize him.’ And he came up to Jesus at once and said, ‘Greetings, Rabbi!’ And he kissed him.”

2 Samuel 20:9: “And Joab said to Amasa, “Is it well with you, my brother?” And Joab took Amasa by the beard with his right hand to kiss him.”

Psalms 85:10: “Steadfast love and faithfulness meet; righteousness and peace kiss each other.”

Ruth 1:14: “Then they lifted up their voices and wept again. And Orpah kissed her mother-in-law, but Ruth clung to her.”

There are many other articles in the Bible that refer to a dream about kissing.

Ultimately, the Christian Biblical meaning of a kiss in a dream is the Almighty kissing you. All things are new in Christ. You only have to allow Him to renew you.

God changes you because through you, He will be glorified. Accept the kiss of the Lord, whether in your dream or your prayer life.

Dream Example #1

Like what happens in a magical world, I was staring at nowhere when there appeared a thick, white smoke and the air turned very cold.

A blinding bright light shone from above and I abruptly closed my eyes.

When I opened it, what I saw was a blurry vision of a person standing in front of me.

I rubbed my eyes gently when my first love suddenly appeared before me.

Oh, I thought to myself, that was why the man looked familiar.

It was Peter! He was stunning. He looked like a Greek god from the centerfold of a men’s magazine.

I vividly remember how he looked like when we were still young 20 years ago. He was way too handsome and sexy now. I liked it.

I feasted on my view. I felt my heart fluttered and I could hardly breathe. I saw him smiled at me then slowly walked away.

I ran after him but the more I came nearer, the more that he seemed too far for my reach.

I extended my hand and called his name. Peter! Please! Hold my hand! Can you hear me, Peter? He just walked on and never even glanced back at me. I stopped and sat down on the floor.

Covering my face with my hands, I cried helplessly and wanted to blame myself for not running faster.

Then I heard the sound of the birds chirping. I slowly opened my eyes to see what was happening.

I saw a rainbow and it was right in front of me! I instinctively searched for my pocket because I wanted to take a picture.

But I was wearing a white flowing dress that has no pocket. I wondered where I put my phone which I always carried wherever I go.

I turned around to look for it but I was met by cherubs who were all smiling and looking at me like they were trying to send a message.

I waved at them lovingly. They were simply adorable and they laughed when I laughed.

They tilted their heads when I tilted mine. They nodded when I nodded. I was amazed at how accurately they mimicked all my gestures.

Then I remembered that I was crying because my first love left me and he walked away without saying goodbye.

I cried again and covered my face. When I peeked through my closed eyes, I noticed that they didn’t cry like I just did.

I looked at them and asked them why they didn’t cry with me. They didn’t answer and just kept on looking at me with their smiling lips and sparkling eyes.

I wondered what they were trying to tell me so I asked again and tried to direct my question to one of them.

Looking at the cherub in the center, I looked at his eyes and seriously asked. “Hey cherub, why didn’t you cry when I cried?” It answered that there was no way they would let me cry again.

Then they all cheered and looked behind me. When I turned around, Peter was behind me, smiling.

He slowly walked toward me and wiped the tears off my cheeks. Then he cupped my face and slowly bent his head to kiss me on the lips.

I woke up hugging my pillow and kissing it, too.

Dream Example #2

I’m sitting on the bench my father built right on the edge of a cliff. There’s no moonlight tonight, so the sky sparkles with silvery winking stars. It stretches to graze the top of the shadowy mountains in the distance.

The night is beautiful and calm. But the best part about it is the girl sitting beside me. I’ve been pining after her for years. Now, she’s here, and I’m too nervous to even look at her.

What I can do is breathe her in. Each brush of breeze carries the fragrance that she wears with it. Something subtle and flowery that she always uses to perfume her skin.

I want to turn to her, bury my face in the hollow of her neck to get a better sense of that smell. I cannot. I won’t, not even if I could. She’s not mine.

I don’t have the right. So, I sit there straight-backed and rigid, trying to figure out what I’m doing here.

I chance a covert glance at her. She’s looking straight ahead like I expected. She’s shy. But then she turns and pins me with her stare.

There’s a glint in her eyes. It’s different than any other time she’s looked at me. I find myself drawn in.

I know that look. I’ve seen it before in the eyes of other women. Never hers though. It takes me by surprise, and my reaction must say so.

My shy girl recoils. She must think I’m not interested, I think. I won’t lose this moment. I don’t want to. It may never come around again.

I place my palm over hers where her fingers rest on the seat of the bench. My touch calls her focus back to me. First, she turns her attention to our joined hands.

I don’t press her. I wait. At last, she slides her gaze back to my face.

Now that her eyes are on mine, I make a silent appeal, asking her permission. I see the answer in the twin orbs of her green eyes with the golden flecks that leap like fire. She wants me to.

My heartbeat quickens. My palms turn sweaty. But, I won’t waste this moment. Not even if my mind screams at me what a bad idea this is.

I slide across the bench to get closer to her. She drops her head. To get her back, I lift her chin with my index finger.

“Look at me, Genie,” I whisper.

She lifts her eyes again.

My heart muscles squeeze and leap.

She wields some kind of magic indeed.

I take another moment to study her face ensuring that I haven’t misread the signal. I drop my head, unrushed, to test her willingness.

She doesn’t pull away, so I glide my palm across her cheek. My fingers tangle with the hair hanging by her face. It’s soft and thick, I note for a short second.

Then all thoughts disappear because my lips are on hers. Her lips are on mine and I can’t think of anything other than how it feels.

We go slow to start. I don’t want to plunge in. The temptation is there but I taper it. I’ve wanted this for so long, I could dive into her and get lost.

But the need to savor her and win her affection this way is stronger.

At first, I can only feel the physical part of our kiss. Her lips are full and soft, I note. And I like that without much pressure, they surrender to mine.

Then, our kiss has a taste. Her lips are sweet like she’d just eaten a piece of candy. In it is also the sweet fragrance of the perfume she wears.

Mixed with that is her unique flavor. I had no idea I could taste innocence and purity, but there they are on her lips. I can tell this may be her first kiss. That possibility compels me to brand her as mine.

I want this experience to be unforgettable. She has to come to me for more. I don’t want her to find anyone else.

So, I call on my expertise and take her bottom lip into my mouth. She makes a soft sound like a gasp, but it’s all the confidence boost I need.

I drag my palm through her hair to take hold of the back of her neck and pull her closer. I run my mouth side to side over hers, trying to tease a response out of her. I can feel her bowing to my will, though her reaction is still delayed.

The need to have her answer my kiss pulls me to deepen it, but I don’t. I move away instead. I like that she follows me, trying to get more. Her eagerness makes me chuckle.

Even if I’m looking at her, she keeps her eyes closed.

“Is this kiss your first, Genie?” I ask.

The question embarrasses her, I can tell. I like the way she peeks up at me and answers, “yes.”

I feel like a king. I feel like I’ve conquered the place they call no man’s land. And the need to get our first kiss right rides me.

I lean down to kiss her again. At the same time, I pull her up towards me. This time when our lips touch, there is no exploration. All I can give her is the passion inside me.

Something that borders possession takes over me. My kiss is full but languid. It’s persuasive not demanding. It works because soon, the girl I’ve wanted for so long responds.

Her lips begin to move against mine. At first, she’s slow and tentative, as if she’s learning what to do.

In my mind, she can do no wrong here, and my body feels it too. I give her the chance to glean as much as she can. I let her explore my lips, and soon she grows bolder.

Her hands palm my cheeks. She turns her body into mine. So, I press for more.

I press my thumb to her chin and push down so her lips part. This kiss we share is meant to claim her as mine.

Our tongues touch. I come awake with a gasp.

Damn! Just when it was getting good, I think. I blink my gritty eyes a few times to clear away the sleep. There she is, standing over me. I squint up at the clear blue sky overhead. Guilt turns my cheeks hot.

“Your girlfriend’s here,” she says

Dream Example #3

I am a high school student. My scores in class are the highest.

That was why some of my classmates hate me, while others aspired to be like me. I was the teacher’s favorite.

One day, the teacher scolded the class for failing her Mathematics test while I was the only one that passed it. I did not know that day was going to be troublesome.

As I went home from school, some bullies from class stopped me on the way.

They started hitting me, accusing me of making them look bad in class. They hit me so badly that I was in pain, and my school uniform became torn.

I begged them for help, but they refused to listen. I was in tears as I went home. I went to sleep immediately I entered my room.

Ten minutes after I hit the bed, I fell into a deep sleep and started dreaming.

In my dream, a woman came from the sky to talk to me. The woman looked like an angel.

She had six wings without a leg. I would say she was a big bird with a human face. She had a glory about her as she glowed with a translucent white color.

Her face had ears that looked like bangles from African women. Her eyes glowed and shone like stones made of gold.

She was carrying a magical stick that had stars flying around it. I was initially afraid when I saw her, but her calm face reassured me.

She flew around my bed, watching me as I slept. Then she approached, vigorously flapping her wings.

She was hanging in the air close to my face when she began to speak to me. “Daniel, don’t be afraid. The Almighty will reward you for your pains.

Those bad boys will receive their punishment. Continue to be a good boy, and God will bless you. It is better to be a good boy than to join evildoers.

You have a bright future ahead of you. Don’t let some toxic people make you change your ways. Study hard and be an example to others.

God will use you to do miracles in the lives of people. The heavens are happy with you, and we know your pains. It will be well with you.”

When I heard those words, I became happy. I smiled even in my dream. I then turned on my side.

Suddenly, the angel came closer to me and kissed me on my forehead. Then, she kissed me on the lips. The kiss on the lips seemed to transfer power to me.

I felt renewed from my head to the toes. You could say I would have broken through walls with the strength I had. It was surreal that I began to fly with her.

I could see through walls. I saw the bullies, and they started running. I saw my best friend in school; he was reading in his room. I held the angel’s hand. I was happy.

I woke up at that instant. I wanted to speak to the angel and thank her, but I discovered it was all a dream. Despite that, I was happy. As I stood up from the bed, I noticed I had ejaculated semen.

Dream Example #4

I was sick on a hospital bed, and the room was brightly lit with fluorescent bulbs all around me.

The bed I was lying on had white bedding that made the room even brighter.

Everything around me was white and colorful, including the door. The room had no windows, but it felt safe.

Earlier that day, I was not feeling well, and I had an asthma attack, so I was rushed to the hospital with my parents and on getting to the hospital, I had lost consciousness, and when I woke up, I found myself in this room.

I heard footsteps approaching the room I was in, and I turned to see who it was. A beautiful woman walked in.

She was also wearing a white lab court and a stethoscope around her neck. She was white, and she was so beautiful that I fell in love with her immediately.

I was afraid that she would not love me back because she was way beyond my “league,” meaning she was so beautiful for an African boy raised in an impoverished household.

She had come to give me my medicine dose for the night, and she asked if I was okay and how I was feeling.

“Better!” I said but with a little bit tense because of the feelings of love I had towards her. It was love at first sight.

She put some tablets on her hand, and she gave them to me to take with a glass of water to help me swallow the medicine.

After giving me an injection on my arm, she wished me a good night and said, “see you tomorrow,” as she was closing from work for the night. Her words made me sweat.

I was overwhelmed by this feeling called love towards the lady. I replayed her words for the better part of the night until I fell asleep.

The next day early in the morning, I was up sitting on my bed with a long-sleeved football Jersey which was white with red stripes running across.

I was determined that I would let her know of my feelings that day.

Before long, she came into my room. I stood up and said, “you’re the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.”

Looking at her, she turned and looked away and then said, “but what could I say to her.” Pointing to a mirror in the room that was behind her.

She looked down, disappointed that I said that some else in the hospital was more beautiful than her. She turned to look at the person I was pointing at, then realized that I was pointing to the mirror behind her.

She looked back at me, smiling; her eyes were lit; she moved closer to me then kissed me on my mouth. I melted like candle wax put on fire. I didn’t know what to do or say.

I was so confused that I went away talking to myself like a mad man. I could explain the feeling I was confused about, but at the same time, I was thrilled.

Love is a beautiful thing; I thought to myself as I woke up from the dream.

Dream Example #5

The day had been very stressful. I unbuttoned my shirt and took off my clothes, then went into the bathroom to take a shower.

It was 9:00 pm, and I have not eaten anything since morning. A feeling of uneasiness had hung around me since I woke up.

I went into the kitchen and brought out bread and mayonnaise from the fridge.

It was the best I could do now. Too tired to cook, and my eyelid is getting heavy. It’s been a very busy day and I needed some good sleep.

Before long, I was laying down. Hugging my pillow, I was deep in sleep.

The door opened slowly and I was seated on the bed. My pillow was still in my hands, she sat on the bed. She looked like someone I use to know a very long time ago.

I was scared but I couldn’t move from my sitting position.

The room was very quiet. Silence filled the air, and the weather was getting cooler.

Who is this? I thought in fear. Who could this be? Different questions raced through my mind, as looked at her helplessly. Her hair is very long and her skin glows in the light. She looked pretty and calm.

“I have been moving to and fro on the earth looking for love”.

I watched her lips move tenderly. Her voice was melodic and sensual. I was mesmerized by my seat.

“You have a beautiful soul and that is why I have chosen you “.

I couldn’t under what she meant by this, but I listened on.

“What do you mean?” I finally opened my mouth for the first time. My voice sounds strange, a mixture of panic and anxiety.

“Your heart is calling out for love. And that is why I am here to comfort you”.

I listened to her as she spoke. I could not understand whatever she was trying to explain. Then the realization hit me.

I paused for a moment. And my mind ran back to the events of that part of the secular day.

I had composed a poem to the goddess of love. It was written just for a creative purpose.

The poem had eulogized the goddess of love and praised her power and beauty.

This couldn’t have been the reason why this is happening now, could it?

I was more confused now. She stared at me. Perhaps she knows what was on my mind. This couldn’t be happening.

“Don’t be scared. I will love you and be by your side always”. She consoled me. Before I knew what was happening, she kissed me.

I wanted to resist her, but her beauty held me back. I surrendered to more kisses…..

I woke up suddenly. It was a dream!

I was still hugging my pillow as I sat down on my bed.

It was 2:30 am. I was scared. What kind of dream is this? I thought about the event that happened in the dream.

My heart sank when I remembered the poem that I had written last week.

It was a beautiful poem. And my friends had praised me for the beauty of my creativity.

I heaved a sigh of relief at knowing that it was only a dream. Then I thought again.

Does this dream have any significance? Have I provoked an unknown spirit? Then my fear came back in full force.

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