What does a dream of being possessed mean?

Demon possession or having your faculties hijacked by a spiritual being is the stuff of horror movies. There’s a reason why classic horror flicks like The Exorcist and Poltergeist are very popular.

There’s something about the idea of otherwise sane and responsible adults behaving in a very erratic way because of demon possession. If you have had a dream of being possessed, it can make for a scary experience indeed.

The good news is your subconscious is using these dreams of demon possession to send an urgent message regarding deeper issues. Whether you’re religious or spiritual or not doesn’t matter.

What’s going on is your ever-aware and ever-cognizant subconscious is sending you signals about things that you may have been overlooking in your waking life.

General dream interpretation about being possessed by a spirit

According to typical dream dictionary entries, a possession dream means you’re having issues with negative emotions. You won’t be dreaming this type of dream at all if you’re experiencing positive feelings.

Instead, your subconscious is sending you a sign through these dreams regarding how negative emotions play out in your real life. Consider this a red flag.

Does this happen to you where you’re going about your day, and things are going well, and suddenly you remember something somebody did to you?

Maybe they sent something insulting, or you see people’s faces as they laugh at you, or you see the door slamming shut as your lover walks out on you. Perhaps you hear the hollow ring of your former boss dismissing you and demeaning your skills. Perhaps the sound of your mother or father rings hollow in your brain as a range of turbulent emotions starts to creep in.

If any of these sounds familiar, then you’re having issues with anger and emotional control.

It’s one thing to remember experiences, but it’s another to almost always get triggered by them. This will be an issue because if this reaction impacts your decision-making, pretty soon, you will be making the wrong call again and again.

Dreams about being possessed and what they indicate

You have to understand that dreams about possession represent this complex mix that makes up the key part of you. I’m talking about your emotions, judgment, willpower, inner peace, personal control, and even common sense.

How often have you done something that runs against common sense because you feel that you had to make a point or didn’t want to deal with certain people? You know that you are capable, and –if given the right circumstances – you can perform well.

If left by yourself at work, you excel and feel stronger. But when you’re around certain personalities, you remain stuck at the bottom.

Here’s the shocker: It’s not them. It’s how you respond to a mix of personalities in any given environment.

You may be thinking to yourself, “They need to change.” Well, that’s going to be a problem too because life never gives you that opportunity. Few people start at the top. Few employees are given the power to change the personnel composition of their workspaces drastically.

You’re going to have to live with the fact that you would have to change your response. Otherwise, you’re going to get the same results over and over again in the future. How do you know you’re struggling with this? Take a look at who you’re irritated at.

Imagine if they disappear for whatever reason and other people replace them with the same personality. Would you respond with the same feeling of anger or irritation? The problem is not those people. The problem is how you’ve chosen to respond to their energy and handle your emotion toward them.

They can continue to be the way they are and sabotage themselves for all you care, but what’s important is how you’re doing and your well-being.

Unfortunately, if we continue to blame other people and convince ourselves that they’re the problem, we will remain frustrated and not get the rewards that should be coming to us.

These are the messages that a dream of being possessed or some demon possession brings to the table. You are being possessed not by some outside, malevolent, evil, quasi-spiritual force.

Instead, your negative mental and emotional coping strategies are always getting the better of you.

What does having multiple dreams about being possessed mean?

One single demon possession dream is bad enough. Can you imagine seeing these dreams again and again? Maybe the settings change slightly, but the overall focus is the same. It’s a red flag message from your subconscious mind that you need to get your house in order as far as your emotional state goes.

Part of your conscious mind has pinpointed the root cause of your negative emotions as well as frustrations and disappointments. And it’s not the schoolyard bully or the first lover that broke your heart. It’s not your parents or people in your past.

The real culprit is how you choose to respond. Now, this doesn’t mean that there’s something fundamentally wrong with you, and you just have to throw in the towel because you are forever cursed with a sad, inferior character. No.

You can always change because you cope emotionally through learned behavior. This is the only way.

Now, you may be thinking that if the situation is negative. Why has this persisted for so long? Think about it, what do you get out of reacting?

It should be obvious. When you react negatively, you get to blame other people. And by doing so, you feel entitled not to change. This is intoxicating for many people because most of us are scared stiff of having to change.

We don’t know what’s out there and how other people will respond. It seems such a gamble, so it is comforting for many to remain where they are, which is the root cause of this unfortunate coping strategy.

So you’re there busily pointing the finger at past traumas or issues at work to convince yourself that it’s somebody else’s responsibility. You’re dreaming that obvious and not-so-obvious spiritual forces are possessing you because your subconscious is telling you to step up because you’re doing it wrong.

It’s telling you to take ownership. It’s not the fault of those people; it’s your coping mechanism that is wrong.

Redefining your mindset

Instead of blaming others, ask yourself what you can learn, how you can respond better, how your emotional reaction can be in line with the values that you’ve chosen because they will take you to where you want to go.

This means a complete overhaul of how you look at your situation and define yourself. This is nothing small. It’s no wonder that your subconscious is using the strong symbol of an evil spirit overtaking you.

You may always say that these are just dreams and get some comfort from that. The problem is you go back to your zombie-like responses to whatever neutral stimuli the universe sends your way, and you end up in the same place.

If you’re having recurring dreams of being possessed by a demon or spiritual warfare in your mind, sit up and pay attention. This dream means something big. Much like an iceberg, as huge and terrifying its tip may be, it’s the bottom that should get more of your attention.

It’s the stuff that you don’t see.

The second general meaning of dreaming of demons

I’ve outlined the main themes of a dream about being possessed by a demon above. But there is a variant to this dream.

When the focus of the dreams involves the demons, this can indicate past trauma.

Dream details where you can see the devil himself or some demonic monstrosities hounding, possessing you, and making you miserable can point to experiences that you still remember to this day.

Dreaming about this seems so vivid in your mind that you can almost see, hear, smell, touch, and taste every single minute detail. It seems like a slam dunk, right?

Well, what if I told you that many narratives from the past that you repeatedly tell yourself like a broken record are more of your contemporary commentaries in your life?

In simpler terms, you are using certain themes that you think are important because they are traumatic. You read into them your current frustrations, disappointments, and jaded view of certain people and situations.

You have a ready excuse or a convenient template that you can fill in based on the issue you’re trying to resolve today. But you’re not in any way resolving them. You’re not going to break through by painting yourself as a victim or as somebody who’s up against insurmountable forces.

Where is the victory in that picture? There is none, but it’s also comfortable. Think of it as a form of mental opium because you’ve decided that certain things in your past are so big and immovable that there’s no point in changing them.

The truth is that many of what seem like demons can be tamed and ultimately dispelled, just like in mythology.

Overcoming victimhood

Look at the past with clear, objective eyes. What happened? Who did it happen to? How does hanging onto those past feelings help you emerge victorious in the present?

If you’re completely honest with your answers, many of these demons start to crumble, much like Thanos snapping his fingers. A lot of this is in your mind. As terrifying and paralyzing as they may appear, these demons serve a purpose, as I explained in the section above. Feel free to read it again.

You do things physically, emotionally, and mentally again and again because it benefits you somehow. Now, somebody from the outside looking in might say that it’s one hell of a benefit but at a steep price.

That’s exactly what’s going on because the price that you’re paying is that you’re losing another day not living the kind of life you’ve always dreamed of: a life of possibilities and freedom.

Here you are projecting images of past demons and phantoms. They’re useful, but they keep you tied down. Please understand there is a way out, and we’re going to piece it together in the sections below.

Dreams about being possessed and their context

Like any type of dream interpretation, when dealing with materials from a typical mental dream dictionary, the actual meaning depends on context.

The good news about dreaming of a demon is that it’s very hard to forget. After all, when you wake up with turbulent and negative emotions swirling around you manifesting in sweat, shaking, or shortness of breath, your mind is focused on the demons or Satan active in your dreams.

This is a good place to start because you can use that heightened mental awareness to remember as many details as you can.

If you remember going through or passing by a certain scene or room several times in your dreams, that is not an empty detail. Pay close attention because there is a reason your subconscious is showing you that image in the same dreams again and again.

When you pick out certain details from those scenes, they add nuance to the general dream meaning of demon possession based on dream dictionary entries and those I outlined above. Try to write these small details down because they can change the direction of your dreams.

Otherwise, it’s very easy to dismiss these as bad dreams. It doesn’t matter that you’ve had multiple dreams of the same themes. You might be thinking that even if you’re scared stiff of that image of child possession in your dreams that it isn’t rational thinking.

So you go back to your old coping mechanisms in your waking life, make the same decisions, and get the same results as before. It’s exactly that pattern that triggered the demon dream in the first place.

When you invest some time to pick apart the dream’s details, you can zero in on more accurate dream interpretations based on dream dictionary entries and other details.

What does it mean to dream about watching someone being possessed by an evil spirit?

If you are assuming a third-person perspective as you see someone grappling with demons, this can indicate that you think that person in your life is losing control. Now, this doesn’t mean they’re going crazy.

It could mean that your subconscious is telling you that, for whatever reason, they are going through a change that they have little control over. This can be as commonplace as being behind their mortgage payment and running the risk of foreclosure.

It can also mean a co-worker has sunk into an addiction or dependency problem, and their work performance is beginning to suffer. It can also mean a parent who is becoming frail and may be unable to take care of themselves for long.

This third-person perspective means that you’re truly concerned about someone. It means you empathize with them because they are losing control. These are otherwise capable, proud, and dignified people who see their worlds slowly slip from their grasp.

You might want to talk to them to express your concern. At the same time, you have to read them correctly because, in some cases, people have to be approached in a way that makes sense to them.

You can’t just step on their toes and dictate to them what to do. Maybe you don’t have a complete picture of their situation.

What does it mean to dream about child possession?

Seeing a kid being possessed by evil spirits is standard Hollywood fare. You have probably heard or seen Poltergeist or The Exorcist. Generally, dreaming of a child being possessed by a demon has little to do with Hollywood storylines and has more to do with your inner child.

Everybody has a child in them. This is not pop psychology; only plain common sense reality. Why?

We don’t all mature at the same level and the same pace. Different parts of ourselves mature at a different pace depending on the experiences we’ve had and how we manage our comfort zones.

Some of us are go-getters, so we try and fail, experience ups and downs, and have the bruises and scars to show for it. You best believe that those people have fewer inner children because they try to tackle life’s many different phases.

In some cases, they tackle them all at once with varying degrees of success. Other people are more conservative.

Maybe we lived within the comforting shadow of our parents’ resources and influences far longer than others. Maybe part of our whole persona was exposed to the ups and downs of life. So there’s always this less developed part of you.

The inner child and how it represents vulnerability

When you see dreams of a kid shivering and convulsing because a demon has taken over, this can indicate that a part of you is feeling vulnerable.

You can’t rationally explain it, but there are certain changes or challenges to those parts, and you’re feeling insecure. You feel that you’re not properly prepared, and the biggest danger here is for you to think that you’re not good enough or you’re a loser.

Please understand that this doesn’t have to involve your self-worth. Instead, it is a preparedness issue. There are many resources available online.

For example, if your financial independence is being shaken because your source of material confidence is gone or under threat, there are things you can do, such as learning a new skill and experimenting with different online businesses. You have more options than you care to know.

Similarly, if your inner child’s issues have something to do with trust, intimacy, and relationships, there are productive ways to address those issues as well. You’re not as naked and as defenseless as you imagine yourself to be.

The worst thing you can do is equate this fear of being possessed and challenged by these outside forces to a feeling of worthlessness, lack of confidence, and hopelessness.

Sleep paralysis dreams and their effect on waking life

One of the most frightening dreams is to experience visions in your sleep that won’t let you wake up. It’s like you’re dreaming of someone holding you down, and you can’t move your body.

You see this horrific scene repeatedly, and you are trying to slap yourself awake, but the dream drags on. You’d think that this is nothing short of a nightmare.

Part of you is thinking that the dream is real – a part of your waking life. You think you’re no longer in your sleep, at night, and in your house because you can see your childhood home go up in flames. You see people you know being possessed, and they’re killing other people.

You think it’s hell, and you’re feeling nothing but negative emotions.

All rational thinking has been seemingly chucked out, and you see yourself in a scene that is swirling out of your control. There is no self-control. You might have even started praying in your dream, but nothing seems to change.

It’s as if people have gone crazy, and it goes on and on.

It’s unusual for people to feel trapped in these types of dreams or nightmares. They might have trouble expressing their dreams when they wake from their sleep. But during their dream, they start praying and see days go by as if they’re not actually in their sleep.

Soon, they mistake dreaming for being awake. That’s how lucid this type of dream is. And then they wake up. If this happens to you, you quickly realize that it’s still night, you’re still in your house, and your body is completely unscathed. Crazy, right?

This is one night dream you wouldn’t want to have because it’s almost a counterfeit of your waking life.

Many people are afraid of this type of dream because the paralysis in the night vision or dream is not only about physical limitations. In many cases, it can bounce from dream to dream, but it feels like it’s still you having that dream or, more appropriately, that nightmare.

It’s like dreaming that you’re in a dream within a dream. I hope you can understand that. This is the kind of narrative setup that shakes your sense of self-control. You feel trapped and afraid, and you’re unable to overcome your fears. That’s where the paralysis comes in.

So when that spell is broken, and you overcome that stage, it’s tempting to think that it doesn’t mean anything because it’s so horrific. There’s a certain randomness to the violent imagery of your dreams.

Well, think again because the most powerful way your subconscious talks to you is by using imagery that conjures powerful feelings of anxiety, anger, worry, or even evil.

You see that in the amalgam of hopelessness, panic, chaos, sense of helplessness, and fear of losing control, there is a serious warning sign regarding how you’ve been living your life.

Do you automatically believe in certain things because these ideas have been passed on to you from previous generations? Or have you taken the time to stop and question, “What is it that I believe? How does that compare with how I live?”

Religious beliefs and self-identity

The most common example of self-reflection is religion. Interestingly, people would die for religious identity.

If someone says that they’re a Christian or a Jew or a Muslim, they will fall into categories when certain political things occur. They equate certain political and cultural positions with those categories.

But when you look at these types of self-identification in actual personal spiritual terms, most people don’t even know where to start. It often turns out that what we profess as our faith is not faith at all.

This is a series of beliefs that we may not truly believe deep down inside. How do people on the outside know? It’s simple: they compare the dogma that you subscribe to and how you live your life or the energy you cast to those around you.

The real definition of faith

To turn religious, spiritual, or philosophical belief systems into genuine faith, one thing is needed: trust. If you truly trust that Jesus said that we should love our enemies, you’re going to take action on that. You’re not going to hold grudges.

You’re going to be the one to forgive. You’re the first one to undergo the risk of being hurt because you just want to trust and obey the truth that you say you believe in. Can you imagine the amount of trust that it requires?

Many people would laugh at that. For them, it doesn’t make sense to forgive someone that hurts them again and again. But it doesn’t have to make sense because it is a belief. It’s where the rubber meets the road.

When you trust, it becomes faith. You may be thinking this is crazy stuff. But it’s the stuff that moves mountains. As Jesus told his disciples, “If you even have the faith of a tiny mustard seed, you can move this mountain.”

That’s the kind of faith that makes people move mountains in their lives. These are the things they have long believed to be true and unchangeable.

No matter how defeated or small they feel, they stay within the safe confines that they have drawn out. It’s like they’re living in a mental prison because they think these things to be true.

If they had only faith in the liberation preached by their parents to them according to some sacred teaching, that’s when things get real. Does this mean all this stuff is bunk? No. Think of this as ingredients that are just waiting for some sort of catalyst.

That catalyst is trust. That’s how you turn things you believe based on what you’re saying and read into a living faith. How do you know you’re living out your faith? People only need to look at how you’re living your life.

Do you truly love others? Do you put other people first? Are you the first to give value? Do people look for you because you’re the only one worth talking to because you care?

When you see any kind of paralysis in your dream, it’s like you’re stuck with the reality of the things you say you believe in. And this can go on for generations. The good news is that being aware of this could be the initial spark, if you will, to some sort of personal resurrection.

I know that’s a strong word with a loaded theological meaning, but no other word would suffice. You were dead for so long. Maybe you were sleepwalking or even a zombie. But now, you are at the cusp of possibly rising like a phoenix.

What does it mean to be possessed by the devil?

If you’re looking for an extreme version of paralysis type of dreams, no look further than being possessed by the devil. The devil, of course, is a strong image and carries heavy symbolic baggage.

The good news is that when you dream of being possessed by such a supernatural being, it doesn’t mean that Lucifer will take control of your body. Instead, your subconscious is telling you that you bring your misery with you wherever you go.

It’s not your circumstances or the people surrounding you that defeat you and make you feel small, powerless, and voiceless. It is you and your mindset. Digging deeper, it can indicate a fear of loss.

The funny thing about fear is that it doesn’t prevent death. You’re going to die anyway. The only thing you’re ensuring when you’re always fearful is you will be more likely depressed, increasing your chances of developing anxiety.

So look at it from this perspective. The only thing that fear guarantees is that your death will be miserable and swift instead of clean and painless. Quite a trade-off, right?

Put it in another way: fear doesn’t prevent death; it prevents a meaningful life.

What happens when you’re constantly fearful? How does this manifest itself in your life? Regardless of our differences, it is guaranteed to pull us back into our comfort zone. We are not living life as we should.

We’re not looking at life with wide open arms and the willingness to be brokenhearted but to soar to mighty highs at the same time. If you want to claim the promise of soaring to heaven in your life, you also have to assume the risk of plunging to the depths of hell.

Unfortunately, when people see this choice, they can’t help but feel that their life is out of control because life is supposed to be fair. Life is supposed to be handed to them on a silver platter. But it’s never been that way.

Maybe you had great parents in whose shadow you were able to get a lot of comfort. But eventually, like a fledgling chick, you have to get out of that shadow. When we dream of the devil, it indicates that we draw false comforting illusions from our past.

But what we are doing is playing tricks on ourselves. The devil is, after all, the prince of deception. In this context, it symbolizes self-deception. It’s a beautiful world out there, but it’s also dangerous.

For things to be beautiful, it has to be paid for by the possibility of things getting ugly quickly. It’s your choice.

What does it mean to dream about fighting the possession of demons or a malicious spirit?

Depending on the setting, it can indicate that your subconscious is picking up on the fact that you decided to turn your back on an addiction.

Maybe you realize that comparing yourself on your Facebook timeline or Instagram feed with people you don’t know leads nowhere.

You feel depressed or anxious a lot of the time. You also hold yourself to impossible standards of success and beauty. Trying to break free of that is a step in the right direction, but you have to be clear.

You have to tell yourself that it’s an addiction, and then things will be more straightforward. But if you just tell yourself that you’re going to switch it up, you will find yourself in the same place again.

The same analysis plays out for porn addiction, gossiping, or constantly beating yourself up when you remember traumatic scenes from your childhood. Here you are looking for vindication and closure, but you’re not helping yourself if you keep thinking about that time that you were abandoned, hurt, forsaken, or even abused.

How’s that going to help? How is bringing this back going to resolve the wounds you just reopened? It won’t. This is a form of emotional addiction.

Believe it or not, the sense of victimhood is so intoxicating.

Think about it. If you’re a victim, everything else has to change instead of you. It means the world owes you an apology. The problem is you’re paying a high price for whatever shallow relief imagining yourself a victim brings.

What price is that? Change, agency, self-ownership, and ultimately, maturity.

What is the dream interpretation of a demon possessing your friend?

If you see a demon possessing your friend in your house or even your childhood home, it could mean that you’re going through an issue with somebody close to you.

The good news is it’s a mild disagreement and something you can control because the setting takes place in your domain – your house.

But keep in mind that this is your perception of the situation. The reality might be different. It helps tremendously to step into their shoes.

What are you fighting about? If you’ve read some funny news about friends getting into a nasty fight over the last french fries or third piece of chicken, keep in mind that those things are not about trivial disputes.

The french fries or a piece of chicken is the straw that broke the camel’s back. The real disagreement lies somewhere. Maybe one friend thinks that the other is too selfish and takes too much of the friendship, while the other one thinks they don’t have a voice in the relationship and want something more mutual.

Don’t think that because something seems small and petty on the surface that it lacks deep roots.

Please understand that mild disagreements may seem small at first, but they can point to deeper issues. If your friendship can overcome this and survive the intense emotions involved, your friendship might be stronger than you thought.

It’s like getting wounded and developing tougher skin because of the experience. It puts your friendship to a higher level. If you thought you could give your life up for your friend before you fought, the same willingness gets stronger because you had that dispute.

If you see a demon possessing your friend, it can also indicate your fears and anxieties in intimate relationships.

If you have a real friend, then you have an intimate soul buddy. This is someone that can see through your soul and refuses to judge you because they accept your core for what it is and who you are.

You’re not a friend of this person because you pretend to be somebody else. They’re not interested in that. They have accepted you, warts and everything.

This is why when you see your friend being possessed by a demon in your dream, your subconscious allows you to mend surface differences. It’s giving yourself a mental memo on how important your friend is.

If you lose this person, you probably won’t have anybody that will go all the way for you except your blood relatives, and that can be a crapshoot too.

It is just a dream, but it can be a window into dark emotions

The final possible meaning of being possessed by a demon can indicate dark emotions.

The funny thing about people is that we are split into two most of the time. On the one hand, we are conscious of how we’re supposed to respond and behave with other people. This is the public face of our persona.

But when we’re behind closed doors and maybe scrolling through TikTok or Facebook feed, sometimes, we give in to what we’re feeling inside. Maybe we leave a nasty comment. When somebody sees that comment, they couldn’t believe that we wrote it. It seems out of line with our public persona.

This is the root of dark emotions. You have to understand that many sides to you have been shaped by different forces, some of which you’re unaware of.

This doesn’t mean you have schizophrenia or are suffering from a split personality disorder. Instead, you’re a bundle of different takes, impressions, and possibly, opinions.

Now there is an official opinion that you can be counted on to display to people who know you and the general public. But there are parts of you that you may be embarrassed about.

Also, if you’re in the process of changing your opinion on something such as going from very conservative to something else, you might be hanging on to these new impressions because you don’t want them to leak out.

Keep in mind that your subconscious may be speaking to your hidden emotions when you have dreams that a demon is possessing you or somebody else is going through that ordeal.

This is a big deal because you are who you are behind closed doors. This is the part of you that has nothing to prove – no role to play. There’s no script; you just are. So if you don’t like what you see and feel, it may be time for a moment of clarity.

Why am I feeling this way? Why do I consider these dark emotions? Can I be proud of this part of myself? If not, why? The only person that can answer these and other related questions is yourself.

Ultimately, it’s your life and call to make. When you dream of some evil, malevolent demon spewing hell and possessing people, it can be a reflection of your attitudes and perceptions of shadowy aspects of your identity.

There are two ways to deal with this. Either put them out in the open, shine a bright light on them, and make them go away because they do not reflect who you want to be or who you’ve chosen to be.

Or you can embrace them and say, “Welcome home.”

Dream Example #1

Never being alone is draining. Dreaming of never being alone is even worse. But having to share your mind and soul with another entity is downright terrifying.

I’m an introverted person, but my housemates are always throwing parties. Going to classes and at night, there’s always someone near. Never alone. Dreaming of the same things because I’m never able to escape them is worse.

But a few months ago, I started to feel weird. The few moments I get to myself, I go to ghost towns and tour them. It’s interesting, everything that happened, how people left the area or died—imagining what the place could have been in its golden moment.

But after one of those trips, my dreams felt stranger and stranger until I couldn’t discern them from reality.

The tenuous lines started to blur, and I had no idea when or how it began. I just knew that suddenly, I was never alone in my mind.

I am always cold, and there’s always something driving me to stay away from people, more and more.

People started to ask if I was okay, and I simply smiled and moved on. I had no idea how to answer that I’ve never felt more lonely despite not feeling alone.

I felt scared and annoyed because I had no idea what was going on. I don’t know if I was dreaming or no. I never knew anymore. I still went through the motions but had no semblance of peace.

I lost fragments of time, pieces of memories, parts of myself. In front of a mirror, I saw I had started to change. My eyes got a bit more yellowish. The bags under my eyes were almost purple. The worn look on my face didn’t seem to help with my weight loss appearance. But I was too tired to care.

I had classes, homework, work, I had things to do, and life goes on. But, eventually, I stopped being able to get out on a bright day.

My professors were worried, as was everyone else around me. At least, worried enough that they gave me a leave of absence without losing my credits, so I simply stayed in my room, in darkness.

It happened one time, out of nowhere, when I heard laughter. It was eerie, and it felt cold, giving me goosebumps. I tried to look around me when I heard it again, and it seemed to be coming from within me.

I was terrified to be alone, and I tried to get to the door, but I could not move. I tried to scream, but no sound came out.

I was desperate and started to chant in my head, “This is not real, this is not real.” The laughter came again, louder this time, crueler.

I looked around, and this time I saw a shadow, darker than the darkness in the room, and a brief glimpse of red eyes.

I wanted to scramble back to the wall, to scream, to run. Suddenly, I had a distorted face in front of me, close enough that I could see sharp teeth, and it said, “You are mine now.”

Dream Example #2

In some parts of the world devil possession or possession by an entity is a serious matter. I am a Muslim and Islam says that possessions by Jinns exist.

We cannot see them but they can see us. God knows I have watched enough horror movies and YouTube videos to know what I am talking about.

I watch these videos and movies for pleasure. Like how some women watch documentaries on serial killers to relax, it’s something like that for me. And no, I do not find it difficult to sleep at night; I sleep like a baby.

A lot of my friends find this very disturbing but why will I take their opinions on how to relax?

Another reason why I do this is I like to collect ghost stories. My cousins and I, whenever we have a stayover, we exchange these stories for fun.

They love the way I tell stories hence the most important rule of our stayovers is I must tell ghost stories. This is why what happened next is quite weird.

I dreamt that I am possessed. I mean why would any ghost/jinn have me? I mean their activities intrigue me and yes I tell their life stories with enthusiasm.

But it does not mean I would, in any way, want them in my personal space. Oh, well, it was a dream, and we can’t control them.

So I saw that a Jinn falls in love with me, and he possesses me. I mean talk about toxic masculinity. Don’t they know you give space to the people you love? I guess he missed his how to have and respect human beings 101 class.

I see in my dream that I start speaking in double voices, eat from the rubbish, bites anyone who tries to touch me.

At one point in the dream, I see that a Muslim scholar is performing an exorcism on me. I was howling like a wounded animal. I was in a lot of pain.

This was not a very good dream. Yes, I enjoy getting to know about jinn and whatnot, but in all the videos I have watched, the scholars always say not to take these things lightly.

I relayed my dream to my mother and she agreed. We contacted a local Imam from a nearby mosque and told him about my dream.

He said though it was not a good dream and there are measures we can take so that we can keep ourselves from harm’s way. He gave us some Quranic verses saying it would protect us upon recitation every morning and evening.

I followed Imam’s instructions and it seemed to work. I never saw those kinds of dreams again.

I am pretty sure if any entity was planning to have me, he gave up the plan hearing the Quranic recitations saying nope, I do not want to deal with that. Exactly like how my real boyfriend sometimes says that about me.

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