Dream Interpretation: dream of building a house

If you remember from your dreams, seeing a construction site for a house and someone participating in the work, you might wake up with very positive feelings.

Make no mistake. Constructing a home is not as easy or as straightforward as a lot of people think. When you dream of building a house, your subconscious is telling you that you are willing to commit to a project that can take a lot out of you. Building something worthwhile takes a lot of effort precisely because life is what happens when we have other plans.

It may seem that you have a good blueprint or foundation of what you’re going to do at a certain time and with who. This all makes sense on paper, but when you actually start putting in the work, all sorts of things happen. Not all of them are bad, but they all are going to test your resolve.

Why do you think that, often, so many home-improvement projects never get completed? It’s not for lack of trying. That’s for sure.

Instead, in many cases, people find themselves torn between many different commitments, and before they know it, they abandon one project after another. Keep this in mind when you dream of building a house.

General dream meaning and symbolism of a house

The general pattern found in a typical dream dictionary, as well as dream interpretation analysis throughout the years, is that there is a big difference between dreaming of a house and building one and their meanings.

Keep in mind that when you see a new house or buildings in your dream, it can mean that you are just enjoying yourself in its interior space. However, building a new house is very different from living in a new house.

First, by building a new house, you have a role to play in putting together that new habitation.

A dream of building a new house involves work, dedication, commitment, and possibly sacrifice. A lot of people get scared by the word sacrifice. This is understandable.

Usually, when we think of that word, we think about something painful. For example, it could be that you’re doing something that gives you a lot of pleasure, but you have to give it up because you have to do something else. It seems like such an ordeal.

But in reality, sacrifice can just mean understanding the costs of your opportunities. After all, when you’re doing one thing, by definition, you’re not doing something else.

What if that other activity brought more money, enjoyment, happiness, and other pleasurable things to the table? When you know that this is the case, but you still went ahead with your choice, that is sacrifice.

Contrast this when you only dream of being inside a new house or even dream about your childhood home that’s newly renovated. You’re just looking at the new kitchen, getting a meal, enjoying yourself by playing a game in the living room, or just hanging out with friends and family.

In this scenario, you’re in a completely different emotional and mental state compared with actually building one. You are there to enjoy the interior space. You are not there to create, contribute, or sacrifice for it.

Search for new beginnings symbolized by dreaming of building a house in a dream

Given the context above, the general direction of the dream meaning and interpretations about building a new house or buildings can represent an awareness of something new in your life.

It could be a new desire for something. For example, it could be that you discovered a new side to you with its own set of interests. Maybe it’s something more definite like a new goal, wanting to get promoted, or looking for a transfer or possibly even a new job altogether as well as a search for new love.

It’s important to understand that your subconscious is using the analogy of building a new house to represent that whatever is going to be novel or uncharted in your life will take effort. This is now one of those situations where it seemed like everything just fell into place at the right time with the right people to produce outcomes that you are more than happy with, but it’s not like that.

Instead, your subconscious is telling you that if you are desiring new directions for your life with its own specific, predictable set of outcomes, you’re going to have to work for it.

Often, it’s very tempting to look at the image of building a new house as simply indicating work where you roll up your sleeves, break out a sweat, pick up tools, and labor. It usually doesn’t involve any of that.

Instead, it’s mental work. To come up with something new, you have to let go of the old. This sounds easy, but it’s actually very difficult if you judge people based on how they behave.

Generally speaking, building a new house in your dreams indicates something positive. There is growth involved. Either you’re picking up new skills, or you’re learning more about yourself. You may discover that you can actually go through with the project – not just the easy parts but everything.

Now that we have the general understanding of a dream of the typical dream of building a new house, let’s get down to the details below.

Common dreams about a house in a dream

Pay close attention to the nuances in your dream. One specific symbol can often create a big difference when it comes to the meanings of your night vision in a typical dream dictionary. These contextual clues shape the direction and ultimately drive the accuracy of your search into the meaning of these images.

After all, you’re trying to use the subconscious signals that you’re getting to make more sense of your waking life. You’ll be able to do that, but you have to make sure that you pick up on as many details as possible.

What makes them tricky is that when you’re dreaming of constructing a new house, a lot of these often seem so familiar and very easy to overlook because you expect them to be there.

However, these details may turn out that they play a big role in setting a type or direction for your dream. So, with that in mind, pay close attention to the following discussion about what each specific symbol represents.

What does it mean when a dreamer is building a new house in a dream?

If it’s obvious that you’re building a new residential structure – like a bungalow or even an apartment with several buildings – for yourself and your family in your current neighborhood, it indicates that your subconscious is telling you that you’re becoming comfortable where you are in your life. You’re starting to realize that you have good health, good fortune, and great relationships.

Sure, there are ups and downs, and there are many aspects for improvement, but your subconscious is telling you that things are great. This may not be the “golden age” or the highest point of your life, but it’s still worth celebrating and appreciating.

You can relate this dream of houses to many details in your life because there is a pattern to the construction. You’re not under stress, nor is there any identifiable threat.

Instead, it seems so regular and routine. Look for those details.

If you just see yourself in the process of building a house or houses where everybody is smiling, and there’s no apparent problem, it indicates that you should take stock of where you are and what you have and give yourself permission to feel satisfied.

Sure, there are many other things that you could shoot for because there are still problems to solve and areas for improvement in your life. Those things are never going to go away.

But if you keep obsessing over them, they tend to get bigger and bigger until they rob you of your sense of satisfaction for the things that are going right.

So, it’s really important to keep this in mind because your subconscious is telling you of a spiritual awakening in your journey through this life. It’s all about understanding where you are and being self-aware enough to appreciate what you have going for you because, in our search for bigger, brighter, and better things, we end up and even disrespecting the stuff that we already have.

But think about this for a second. It doesn’t matter how much money you have in the bank or how highly or lowly people think of you. It’s guaranteed that there will be a lot of people who would love to switch places with you.

Imagine that!

Even if you’re living in a shack, people with multiple houses would still love to switch places with you.

What does it mean to dream about the heavy construction of a house?

If you dream that you are poking holes in the ground or breaking concrete, or doing some sort of heavy excavation, your subconscious may be indicating that there is a transition in your life that seems very exciting on the surface.

You probably are already aware of these opportunities. In fact, you may be spending a lot of time thinking about them.

But what your subconscious is telling you through your dreams is that it will take a tremendous amount of work to achieve that new state of financial, physical, spiritual, relational, and personal well-being.

How come?

Well, from the looks of it, it may seem that there isn’t much change. It could be that you’re getting 10% in income or net worth. Or it often seems that your relationships just improve slightly.

But the reason why it would take a lot of work to gain some sort of marginal improvement is that you are already stuck at the highest point possible with your current mindset.

This is a very profound dream because a lot of people are clueless about this. They think that they just need to work a little bit harder or spend more time with their loved ones and continue to do what they’ve been doing all these years to take things to the next level.

It doesn’t work that way. Often, the hard work symbolized by the heavy construction equipment, the deep excavation, or even demolition involves letting go.

This is the hardest part because we draw a lot of our confidence and security from ideas that we think define us. This can also apply to old mindsets. So, when you let go, that’s when you get that marginal increase.

Small steps and big changes

But here’s the awesome part. At first, the return may often seem very small, but it actually paves a way to new vistas of becoming. This new house isn’t necessarily a physical structure. Instead, it’s like a new way of being.

Let me put it this way. It’s like a caterpillar’s old house is its old skin. After it goes into a cocoon, it transforms into a butterfly. Its external appearance is its new house.

I hope you get the analogy. It’s so profound, especially if you realize that a lot of people would love to stay where they are.

They make a big deal out of the fact that “Well, I’m going to go through all of that just for a 10% improvement in the benefits that I’m getting from life? I’ll pass.”

Well, you are letting go of a tremendous opportunity because the moment you choose to stay in place, the more you will continue to decay. Life only works forward.

You can’t go backward, and you can never stay in place because you will always decline. The only solution to decline is growth.

What does dreaming about building a specific room in a house mean?

Pay close attention to the specific room that you are constructing in your dream of building a new house. There’s a lot going on.

And, as I’ve mentioned earlier, it’s very easy to overlook these dream details about houses because they often seem so banal and routine, but they pack quite a bit of a symbolic punch.

Living room dreams

First, when you’re dreaming about the living room, you are contemplating changing specific things about your inner self. The reason why this is such a conscious aspect of your dream is that you’re not entirely happy with certain things in real life.

For example, it could be that you react to certain people a certain way that upsets you. Or you want to let go of some hidden trauma in life but don’t quite know how to.

It could even be that there are people in your life that tend to keep you stuck emotionally that you’re grinding your gears because they know how to press your buttons. It may even seem like they take some sort of sick pleasure in keeping you emotionally stunted.

When you dream of a living room in the context of constructing a new house, this can represent deep-seated fears as well as long-held mindsets. This doesn’t necessarily have to be negative. In fact, it’s very positive because now you’re aware that there are issues.

And the good news is that awareness is the first step towards a solution. Are you going to allow yourself to be held back by bad experiences and continue to react the same way you’ve done for all these years?

Or are you looking to let go of that reaction and try to live life to the fullest by not letting your earlier self define you and limit you in any way?

Now, this doesn’t mean being foolish and refusing to learn from your mistakes. That’s entirely different. Instead, this is about freeing yourself from the invisible prison of the past that is in your mind.

Bedroom dreams

Dreaming about a bedroom can symbolize your feelings that you’d rather keep private from other people. Are you the type of person who is a completely different guy or girl when people are not looking? That’s precisely what this dream is about.

You have to understand that secrets are very hard to keep because eventually, they will come out. Your subconscious is straining under the weight of that, so it’s sending you these signals.

Pay close attention to what you’re building in the bedroom dream. Look at other details. Are you focusing on the bed in a dream?

Ask yourself: “Is this really a secret, or can I just let it go? Can I come out of the closet? Can I share my past without fear that I will be judged?”

Kitchen dreams

When you’re dreaming of building a kitchen, this symbolizes that you are looking to enjoy more of life. Pay close attention to the details.

Are you dreaming of building a gourmet kitchen? Are you building a kitchen that stores more food and supplies in your dream?

This type of dream imagery, according to a good dream dictionary, indicates your willingness to try new things. Are you looking to travel more into the future? Or simply meet new and interesting people that can challenge you into thinking a different way?

Regardless, a kitchen in dreams normally symbolizes the area where possibilities are explored. This is, after all, the part of your house where you mix ingredients to cook food that taste amazing.

If you feel that your life has been bland, flavorless, and generic all these years, the fact that your subconscious is giving you dreams of you building a kitchen can be a sign that you should explore the part of yourself that prizes adventure, unpredictability, and variety.

What does it a dream about building a house involving doors mean?

This is kind of a weird dream image because normally, when people dream of building a house, they take in a lot of sights. Dreaming about this is not just focused on one key element like a door or a hallway. Instead, they look at the posts, flooring, or walls.

If doors are the central image of your dream – or more importantly, if you wake up from your dream of constructing a house with the image of doors firmly in your mind – this represents several things involving your emotions.

You need to try and remember if the door was open or if it’s just jammed in these dreams. Or is it broken in any way?

This detail in your dreams symbolizes that you are thinking about the past. This plays a big role in how you go about things today.

Jammed doors in a dream

When you see it jammed and on the side, it means that there’s a possibility that a lot of your previous hang-ups, hidden traumas, anxiety, and depression will go through some change. After all, doors symbolize your connection between your present and who you think you are before.

This is an opportunity. It’s actually a very positive sign.

Maybe part of you is just sick and tired of remembering negative things that impact your current self-talk. You may have realized the fact that it’s very limiting.

So what if people were mean to you before? So what if you did something horrible? You can’t bring that back. All you have is now.

You can make all sorts of adjustments because you can take action today.

Dreaming of broken doors

Now, if this central image appears battered in your dreams, this represents that there’s a disconnect between the things you believe about the past, which impact your identity, and how things actually played out.

Again, this does not have to be negative. In fact, if you can just embrace facts – not illusions or delusions or lies passed on from one generation to the next, but things that actually happened – you will be able to move on.

Of course, there are going to be unpleasant surprises. Perhaps you are not the biological grandchild of the mythical grandfather you have always looked up to. Perhaps there’s some sort of family secret that isn’t what you think.

There are just so many things from the past that shape our identity today, and a lot of them are not based on facts. So, when you embrace truth, you replace that battered door with one of your own choosing and one under your control.

The image of brand new doors in dreams

Finally, when you notice that this central motif is brand new but unpainted in your dreams, it can be related to your emotions of anxiety about what other people think, so you try to come up with meanings and readings that you know happened before, so it puts you in a good light.

Be aware of what you’re doing. The worst thing that can happen is you keep repeating this over and over again, that you start believing it, and you become a slave to it.

What does it mean to dream of building a roof over a new house?

Dreaming of this image indicates changes in your ability to provide for yourself and your household. A roof, after all, is the most basic layer of protection for buildings against the elements. In addition to the walls, it keeps Mother Nature out of your living space. It provides protection as security.

Your subconscious is telling you in these dreams that it’s picked up certain developments that your waking mind may not have recognized or even be aware of. These can play a big role in your ability to provide not just material security for your family but also emotional sustenance.

Pay close attention to your health. Make sure you’re on good terms with people. And when you become fully conscious of whatever it is that your subconscious is telling you about, own up to it.

Don’t deny it. Don’t sweep it under the rug because that’s just going to prolong the pain.

And the good news is this change may actually level you up because when you respond in the right way, you become a stronger person.

What does it mean when someone else is building you a house in your dreams?

In practical terms, this is a great thing because this is how life normally plays out. We hire all sorts of people to solve a wide range of problems for us.

Someone else building your house in a dream: taking control

When you see yourself hiring another person to build a house for you, pay close attention to what’s happening and your relationship with the contractor, and how you support each other. Try to remember your state in the dream.

If you saw yourself directing the contractor as to the style and he or she is nodding with full support, that means that you are in control of a wide range of your life. You’re getting stuff done.

Perhaps you’re going through therapy and having issues resolved. Maybe it’s addiction, childhood trauma, relationship issues, marriage counseling, or whatnot.

You’re in control, and things are going well. The future is bright.

Someone else building your house in a dream: powerlessness

While, on the other hand, if you notice that you have this puzzled and helpless look in your eyes because the contractor is telling you, “We need this, this, and this, and it’s gonna cost you this, etc.” then this type of dream imagery can relate that while other people are there to support you, you feel that you really have no control as to the outcome, and you don’t have a clear idea for the future.

The only job that you have is that you’re the center of all this activity, but you really can’t control it. You have no voice in it. You’re not part of the actual foundation.

Possibly the only thing you can do is to pay for it, but that’s pretty much it. And this leads to an interpretation that there’s some sort of lingering or growing frustration on your end.

What does it mean when you are building the wall of the house?

This depends a lot on context. If you’re just building a wall, it means that you’re setting healthy boundaries between you and people who can influence you or who can have control over you.

You’re basically saying to the world: “This is who I am. This is how far I would go. This is who I desire to be, and this is who I don’t want to be.”

Now, if you see yourself in your dream building a wall under some sort of urgency, or the contractor tells you that there’s a storm coming, this can be related to the fact that you’re trying to shield yourself from the consequences of your decisions.

You’re so scared of people being disappointed in you that you’re forced to just create artificial boundaries between yourself and others. This, of course, gets in the way of honesty and deepening levels of intimacy in your family and other types of relationships.

This is usually a negative sign because this can lead to unnecessary drama.

Think about it. You’re not being fully upfront. There are so many opportunities for misunderstanding and miscommunication.

What does it mean when you’re building a garden or yard as you construct a house?

This type of dream imagery suggests that you are spending mental and spiritual resources on your ability to nurture, encourage, and take care of people. This is a positive image involving nature because it shows that you understand the value of the people around you, and you are more than willing to take care of them.

Your level of consciousness regarding your connection to others has reached the stage where it could lead to higher levels of serenity and harmony. This means that conflicts disappear before there’s even a chance for them to cause any trouble among those you love and treasure the most.

What does it mean when you’re dreaming of building a house with a parent?

If you see yourself on the construction site with your father or mother helping you, or they’re beaming with pride at what you’re doing, it suggests that you need to get out of their sphere of emotional control. Your subconscious is telling you that you are an adult.

You can make things happen. You are more capable on a personal, mental, and spiritual level than you give yourself credit for.

Please understand that this has nothing to do with living in your parents’ basement and being financially dependent on them. You could be a successful lawyer and doctor, but at the same time, still be emotionally crippled because of the strong bonds between your parents and you.

It may very well be that your parents are trying to push you out of the emotional nest, but you don’t want to leave. You are responsible for your growth.

While your parents will always play a role in your life, it is time for you to stretch your wings and build your own house.

Pay attention to what they’re doing. They’re helping you because they want you to be free. They’re looking from the side, beaming with pride because you are finally establishing independence in the world.

This is crucial for the next step of your life. This is also indispensable if you want to be a good parent yourself.

What does it dreaming of building a house on your own mean?

A dream about building a house on your own means that you’re building a future on your own terms.

We’re supposed to build our own futures. I’m sure you already know that.

It doesn’t really matter whether you grew up in the East or in Western culture. At the end of the day, every single human being in this world is responsible for himself or herself.

Our lives and our destinies form our “house.” When you see yourself building your house alone or directing people around you who are dependent on you, this means a growing sense of true independence and liberty.

In other words, you’re no longer blaming people for things that have gone wrong with you on a personal, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level. Nor are you thinking about how earlier situations have somehow lined up to rob you of a lot of good things in the present.

Instead, you have taken ownership of your life and are charting your own way. You have chosen it based on the values that you have purposely taken on.

If you have this dream where you’re building a house alone, this suggests strength. It also indicates a deep and profound sense of responsibility.

Because, as you know, many things could happen to you in your life. And it’s very easy to think that a lot of the things that make us miserable or uncomfortable were inflicted by other people. That may well be the case, but at the end of the day, it’s the way you respond that matters more.

So, when you see yourself in a dream where you are taking action alone, this dream of building a new house in solo terms indicates that you’re taking control of your emotions and your search for meaning. These details count for a lot because you are now letting go of issues from before.

All you have is the present. This is a very powerful dream symbol because it indicates power, self-ownership, autonomy, freedom.

The fact that you are alone symbolizes that the buck stops with you. There’s nobody to blame. There’s nobody to pretend to be. There’s nothing to prove.

Your search has ended. All you have is today.

Dream Example #1

Not all us are lucky to have a dream house, and it requires hard work, sacrifice, and perseverance. The feeling of finally having your own dream house is a fulfillment of a dream.

I had that feeling when I had a dream when I was sleeping in my room. It was 2:00 in the morning when I dreamed of finally having my own dream house in our home.

It was a dream comes true for me because it was a dream of a lifetime. The location was fine. And the people who celebrated with me were all the important people in my life.

I was not ready to wake up during that moment because I don’t want it to end. The happiness on the faces of my relatives is priceless.

I don’t want it to end. I want to seize the moment and have happy memories with my family, even though it was a dream. Ever since it was a dream of my family to build a house in our ancestral home.

We have our rooms. A big flat-screen television with a big speaker and It was almost real.

My parents worked so hard to give us everything we need. A home, stress-free life, and a happy family.

It was hard for them to see us struggling in life. I returned the favor to them. I saw the smiles and happiness on their faces when I handed them the key to our dream house.

It was a dream come true for them because we do not have our own home growing up. A luxurious car was outside the house. It was an 18-seater van that fits our big family.

It was hard not to smile while experiencing all this. Hope that it will not end.

The feeling that I don’t want to end, a 2-story house with complete appliances and everything.

It is one of the best feelings in the world. Growing up and living in a rented house is what makes the dream satisfying.

I saw the smiling faces of my parents and siblings that are happier than I am. I don’t want that dream to end, and it was a stress-free moment for all us.

It was a million-prized house and lot. The fruits and toil of my sacrifices and my hard-earned money as an employee.

I worked for years and saved part of my salary to fulfill the dream of having my own dream house. All sacrifices and hard work have paid off when you see the fruits of your toil and sacrifices.

The feeling was unreal; all our favorite foods are on the table. We are dancing and singing.

In the garden area, a long table full of fruits was there. The garden area of the house was so big. A pool was also in my dream. Some of my relatives are there swimming.

Some are trying to experience the feeling of an affluent individual. The feeling that we never had during our lifetime.

Dream Example #2

Everyone wants a house of their own, but it’s impossible to get one if they don’t have enough money to own one.

In my case, I always play Sims games to build my future house, not to complete the tasks in the game. Sometimes, I didn’t notice that I fell asleep on the computer table because of spending the whole night perfecting the house in the game.

One time, I dream that I am inside the game and building my own house on a beachfront using all the concrete and expensive, yet durable materials found in the game, I love to mix and match, especially the different shades of paint.

Different windows and doors are positioned to match the rooms and let the fresh air go inside the house.

The partitioning of the various rooms depending on who will be the one to use it. I put the most durable roof to stand the different seasons of the year.

It has placed a garage with hanging plants in it even with a roof and made a lanai for visitors and family picnic gatherings with a sunset view with exhaust fans to remove the hot and humid air.

The goal is to make every family member comfortable with the new house, and everything is accessible, especially for my mother, who has a disability.

It has no unnecessary steps inside the house, so mom doesn’t need to climb up to access her bedroom.

It’s a must that the tiles are not slippery, especially in the bathroom, but it’s easy to clean. Every bedroom must have its toilet and bathroom with hot and cold water and exhaust to let out the humidity inside.

During building the house, I also installed solar panels on the roof to lessen the electricity usage.

When I am going down from the top, I felt dizzy, and I lost my consciousness. Good thing I have the engineer with me up there, and he was the one who took me down and carried me inside the house.

They called a doctor to have me checked, but they didn’t find anything unusual, except for one thing, I am pregnant!

A new house and a coming new member of the family, it’s exciting and such a blessing! When I came back to my senses, I made a minor adjustment for a room. I build a particular working room for myself to work from home while nursing my baby.

Made the kitchen organized easy to access the needs when cooking. Also, there will be an exhaust to be installed to keep the place well-ventilated.

The dining area must be well-lighted and comfortable for everyone.

Planned the furniture that will fit in every house room and make sure they were all sturdy.

Placed an entertainment room where we can watch movies, spend time with the family, play musical instruments and listen to music.

I also put shelves for books for those who want to read and display the books of grandparents and their old albums.

After completing the construction of the house, we invited our close friends and immediate family to have a small gathering when suddenly I woke up and realized that it’s past nine in the morning, and I am late to work. Ha ha!

Dream Example #3

I was not born in a rich family. But education is an equalizer, I can now afford things I didn’t think I ever could.

My latest acquisition is a piece of land. A friend of mine who deals in real estate informed me about it so I got a good deal for it.

I intend to construct a home. I have been homeless and wouldn’t want that for my young family. Now or in the future. I gaze at their photo on my desk and call my queen to confirm whether there was an addition she had on the house.

Yesterday I asked and she rambled on and on about her dream home. I have every intention on making it happen.

My secretary informed me that my nine o’clock had arrived. That had to be Jared, the architect whose advise I had sought. He was bringing me the plan for last minute corrections- if any.

My wife had told me she had exhausted all she had. So there weren’t going to be any corrections. That meant that we can work through the budget then they can begin the very next day.

The construction workers set up. They were digging. A good house needed a good foundation.

Three weeks later and they were putting up the house. It was still far from what it would be eventually. Safe to say it was a shadow of the dream it was going to transition into.

The lintel was more work than I expected. They folded metal wires and filled them with a combination of ballast, sand and cement.

I was told it would need curing time. The same time that the foundation slab had been given. In the meantime, there were licenses I had to renew. Who ever thought I had to get the government involved when I was putting up a home for my family.

I didn’t know interior design was so much work. I think I missed a few lessons on color. Who has ever heard turquoise blue? It needed to be blended with sky blue so that we can create rhythm in a room.

We also had to choose an array of colors for feature walls. The counter tops were also a work of art. From granite to marble.

We had to decide on the many beautiful choices to pick from when it came to doors. From mahogany to glass, just to mention but a few. The floors also had a few choices to be decided upon. From wooden, tiled, concrete. Decisions, decisions.

I had to remind myself that I was doing it for my family. The look of awe, love and appreciation on her face when she walked it made it all worth it. There was still a bit of flattening still pending but the biggest chunk of work on our dream home had been done.

Just when we were done packing to move in I woke up. I needed to get to my mason job.

Dream Example #4

The birds were singing as we walked along the white sands of the beautiful beach in Quezon. We thought of making our little paradise.

He started sketching the cool and breezy house that we dreamed of right there. There was a large living room with big wooden furniture and an open kitchen filled with lights and open windows.

A long farmhouse table was there to separate the kitchen and living area. I imagined a barbecue area with a long wooden table and a swimming pool outside the house.

I was so excited and called the nearest hardware to get everything that we need. Then the delivery came with all the supplies that we ordered.

Then the workers came in forty people all in all. They started laying the foundations. The carpenters used mahogany wood for the beams that ran across the house.

I picked the floor tiles for the bathroom the next day. It was all white and clean. There was a big white bathtub in the middle of the bathroom and a walk-in closet too.

We decided to use solid wood for the wide front door. The roof and ceiling were high to allow the cold air to ventilate the house.

My two boys came running around with our dogs and asked me if they can have a pirate ship bed in their room. We let them pick the designs that they want.

We painted the room with a night sky with shining stars for them to see at night. My husband tied a rope from the top of the bed with a soft cushion on the floor.

In the hallway was a beautiful painting of flowers with different colors. I walked into our bedroom and saw the big window beside our bed. The sound of the waves is inviting me to take a dip.

Across the bed was a princess-inspired vanity table with lights that we see on the television.

I went to the pantry and looked at all the work going on. Little by little, the pieces of furniture came on together.

My heart is jumping with joy while a mural of sunflowers and roses was taking into shape. I asked my husband if I can make a small vegetable garden, he agreed.

We started digging the ground and put a trellis for the beans. We also added some grape cuttings that we got from a friend. There were three raised beds where we planted some onions, tomatoes, and radish.

Climbing roses and sunflowers surrounded the house. There were also bees and butterflies flying around.

We enjoyed every morning gathering around the table and eating breakfast together. We will be having a barbecue at night while enjoying the cool breeze from the seashore.

I heard a giggle and opened my eyes. I saw my husband watching over me. He was smiling at me and looking at my face wondering what I was dreaming.

Then I remembered the magazine that I read the other night where all these beautiful things made me dream and sleep tight.

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