Dream of being pregnant and feeling the baby move

One of the most wonderful feelings in the world is to be pregnant with new life. When a woman and her significant other think about their soon-to-arrive baby, they can’t help but feel good. This is the feeling of peace that is reflected by a dream of being pregnant and feeling the baby move.

Now, keep in mind that this is for most individuals. Sometimes, the partners split up, or they were never partners, to begin with, and the baby’s upcoming birth will be complicated by surrounding circumstances.

Generally speaking, though, being pregnant is met with optimism and positivity.

This is the general framework in which we must interpret a dream of being pregnant and feeling the baby move. While it resembles the meaning of a dream about having triplets, it’s ultimately a dream about potential, well-laid plans, and the future.

dream of being pregnant and feeling the baby move

General meanings and symbolism of dreams about holding babies and getting pregnant

Dreaming of symbolism involving holding a baby, meaning of pregnancy dreams, and the dream sign of birth signifies innocence, purity, and new beginnings.

When we focus on the pregnancy itself, the meanings for being pregnant or to dream of holding a baby can include excitement, as well as anxiety and fear, about an important upcoming event. This is to be expected.

When you have put together plans and are working towards a goal, you might see things falling into all the right parts. You might even think that whatever it is that you’re aiming at is about to happen, so there’s a sense of anticipation and desire.

But, at the same time, judging from your experience, you know that oftentimes, complications happen. It’s as if life is what happens while you’re making other plans. You put in the time and the focus, but – for whatever reason – you don’t get the outcome that you were looking for.

This is always at play because many of us have experienced working towards something and planning ahead only to have very little to show for it.

What makes the dream symbolism of being pregnant and having babies or, more particular, holding a baby interesting is that the dream meanings are telling you that your plans are about to pay off. Much like an expecting mother about to give birth, dreams about holding a baby can mean that you can see things working out. Maybe you can even smell it.

But, at the back of your head, this dream sign of pregnancy and holding a baby carries certain anxiety. Maybe this is one of those situations where defeat is snatched from the jaws of victory. So you cross your fingers and hope for the best.

Included in the emotional roller coaster and potential anxiety this dream of holding a baby causes is the threat of emotional regression.

When you see the dream sign of being pregnant or your significant other carrying a baby inside her, it’s a good dream omen and sign for her. But if you’re the partner, dreaming of holding babies or a baby can be a sign involving being confronted with issues about parts of your own childhood and your own mother.

Again, you’re dreaming in terms of symbols. Generally speaking, when you see dreams about holding a baby, it doesn’t mean that you’re going to have a baby. Instead, you’re dreaming about your plans and how you perceive things working out.

A baby is a sign of a major life change. Usually, babies are welcomed with open arms, even in dreams.

Depending on the context of your dream showing you holding a baby, when you see this type of dream symbol and sign, it’s usually positive. There’s a sign of optimism and positivity, but it depends on who the dreamer is.

A woman dreaming of holding a baby meaning

If the dreamer is a female and is dreaming of holding or carrying a baby in her arms, this means that she is looking forward to the fulfillment of her hopes, wishes, and dreams.

This has been a long time coming. Maybe she has sacrificed personal relationships with friends or burnt the midnight oil just to make things happen. There’s a sense of anticipation but, as mentioned above, a little bit of anxiety too.

We know that oftentimes – as much as we want to clearly plan ahead – we find ourselves in a situation where we achieve our goals and those we desire, but it doesn’t feel the same way it did when we were planning them.

Does this ever happen to you?

You spend so much time working towards a goal. But, when you get there, it’s kind of anticlimactic.

Sure, you get the promotion, the pay raise, and the respect of those around you – it seemed that everything fell into place at the right time. But it never seems as bright, engaging, and – if we’re completely honest – as fulfilling as when we were planning it.

When you dream about holding a baby in your arms, it can signify this tension between the brightness and optimism of your plans and the reality of how you feel when you achieve the outcome you desired.

Most individuals would think that this is a very happy event: you’ve made it! All that blood, sweat, tears, and sacrifice that you had to pay to get to where you are produced fruit, much like a baby in your arms. But something is missing.

It’s not as awesome or exhilarating as when you were working towards the goal, dealing with the twists and turns and sudden changes and even setbacks, as you try to make your plan a reality. You’re putting one foot in front of the other and trying to figure things out as you go along.

With each and every step, you become more competent. You’ve paid for whatever progress you made in terms of mistakes and experience.

Now, you’re holding a baby in your arms. This is the big payoff. Part of you feels relieved, but another part of you is unsettled. You’re thinking to yourself: “Is this it? Is this all there is to it?”

If you’re feeling anything close to these emotions, please understand that you’re not alone.

Disappointments can only come from exaggerated expectations

Many individuals who strive towards big goals – like professional degrees in medicine and law, taking a startup from a nearly bankrupted company to a multi-billion-dollar enterprise, or initial infatuation to an otherwise happy marriage – are often punctuated with these conflicting feelings-some even believe they are imposters.

What’s really going on is that you’ve lost sight of the sense of anticipation. You have to understand that what makes the journey to success bearable is the story that you keep playing to yourself.

It’s like a mental movie. You’re saying to yourself, “When I get there, this is going to be so worth it because (fill in the blanks).”

Most people motivate themselves through the thick and thin, ups and downs, and challenges during their journey with this type of inner script. It’s the sense of anticipation that pushes you forward.

But when you get there, it is far from fulfilling. You can’t say with 100% certainty, “I am happy because I’ve scaled this personal summit.”

It’s important to give yourself permission to feel that you have arrived. Many individuals think that they’re jinxing themselves or somehow negatively affecting their victories by just stopping to breathe in their success. Stop it.

Allow yourself to feel good. You’ve done something rare.

Self-love manifests in your appreciation of your accomplishments

Similar to a dream about someone confessing their love for you, dreaming involving the pregnancy dream symbolism, babies, and new beginnings serve as a good dream omen pointing to greater heights and achievements.

Do you know how many demons you have to slay to get to where you are? Do you know how many personal dragons you had to call out and deal with just to reach the end of your journey?

Most people never make it to the journey in the first place. They let day-to-day hassles, duties, responsibilities, and obligations get the better of them. No wonder they live frustrated and often bitter lives.

They know, deep down inside, that they’re capable of so much more. But here they are: holding the baby of your dreams, and you’re not quite settled.

You have to give yourself permission to settle into the victory that you have attained. It is rare, precious, and oh-so enviable.

Many of those who envy you don’t care about the fact that you’re making so much more money, you’re happily married, or that you are at the top of your game in your field – no. They’re envious of the fact that you made it through the journey.

Different individuals have different desires. They may not be actively desiring the specific goal you have achieved, but there’s part of them that feels dead because, for whatever reason, they gave up on the journey.

And there you are at the top – often alone. No wonder you feel unsettled, but you need to feel good. You did well.

Cradle that baby, symbolically speaking, because – if you’re like others – there’s going to be another road and journey up ahead.

Common scenes in a dream of being pregnant and feeling the baby move

Now that I have laid out the general direction of this type of dream symbology, you should focus on specific details of your baby dream to have a more accurate read of the true meaning of these types of dreams.

Please understand that if you’ve been dreaming of holding a baby or other signs related to pregnancy for several nights now, your sleeping consciousness is trying to tell you an important message.

You’re not just carrying a baby or holding a baby in your dream. This is not necessarily a prediction. Instead, your mind is telling you that there’s something going on in the pursuit of your goals.

You need to be more aware of what’s actually happening. Maybe you’re on the cusp of achieving that amazing breakthrough. But, the truth is, if you’re not aware, you might be going through the “golden age” of your life, and you’re clueless about it.

How many times have you met people who are going through the best times of their lives, but they’re the last people to know about it?

In their minds, they’re just putting one foot in front of the other and attending to business as they try to get to the next step of their goals. Little do they know that this is the best it could get, so they waste this part of their lives worrying about the next step and the steps afterward.

You don’t want to be one of those people.

Contentment turns on acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses

When you’re holding the symbolic baby of all your hopes, dreams, and ambitions, you can’t have your mind wandering as to what comes next. You can’t allow the questions of “Is this it? Is this all there is to my goals?” to taint your experience.

You only need to imagine your victory being taken from you to get an accurate understanding of just how rare and how precious your achievement is. Let it sink in.

You’re not jinxing future victories; you’re not selfish. Instead, you’re just reacting like a responsible, mature adult. Otherwise, you won’t get that sense of gratitude and perspective that you need to reach higher heights.

If you’re not careful, you might be developing a sense of entitlement, as if the world owes you its best and brightest outcomes. Nobody deserves that; nobody qualifies at the end of the day. So let’s keep it real.

Pay close attention to the following details, as well as contextual clues, so you can drill down on the specific meaning of baby dreams.

What does a dream about carrying a baby boy mean?

When you’re holding a baby boy in your dream, it indicates a sense of powerful possibility.

The infant you’re holding, as trusting and defenseless as it is, has the raw ingredients for greatness, wisdom, and compassion. It is the embodiment of possibility.

Depending on how the baby boy is acting, your dream might be telling you that there’s still a part of you that is a little bit immature. It doesn’t matter what your gender is – whether you’re a father or a mother holding a baby boy in your dream.

It’s now time to act like an adult.

“What is an adult?” you might ask. An adult doesn’t demand fairness from the world because an adult is mature enough to understand that the world has never been fair.

Similarly, a mature individual is very willing to take the first step. You know that you get out what you put in.

You are mentally, emotionally, financially, and spiritually ready to make the first move.

If you are in a relationship, dreaming of a baby boy can be a sign of crisis and disputes in your relationship or love life involving power.

You could be having issues with your partner in terms of autonomy, power, and control. A lot of this has to do with simple communication. Maybe, for the longest time, you kept quiet because you were hoping against hope that, “If she or he loves me, I’ll be understood.”

You have to open your mouth. You have to stand for your rights because your partner is not a mind-reader. It doesn’t matter whether you complete each other’s sentences or not. The amount of time that you spent together and traveled together doesn’t really matter.

You cannot automatically assume that, just because of the sheer weight of familiarity brought about by all those years together, your partner must “get you.” No – it doesn’t work that way.

The good news is the more you communicate, the more you will be able to shape the relationship into a form that makes sense to both of you.

Please understand that a relationship is not a contract or a simple case of “give and take.” It’s so much more precisely because it’s far more valuable than all those arrangements.

Think of it as a baby in and of itself with its own needs. When you give up some of yourself just to enrich that relationship, and your partner does the same, you end up with something more valuable than the sum of your personas.

It is a product of mutual sacrifice. This is what turns infatuation into a lasting commitment.

If you’re, in any way, wobbly or doubtful about any aspect of your relationship, start treating it like a baby boy with its own needs, agenda, and priorities. This, of course, requires mutual sacrifice.

The good news is if you’re able to do that, your relationship will be based on mutual communication that leads to mutual growth. You won’t be thinking, “Why doesn’t she complete me?” Well, it’s not her responsibility, to begin with.

You’re supposed to be a complete person coming into the relationship. You come complete. It’s the relationship that takes from both of you to create something new and bigger than both of you combined. I hope you understand the sequence.

It is only with this mindset that you can build something that would stand the ups and downs of relationships. You’ll be able to communicate even though there are a lot of things spiraling out of control. This can involve emotional turbulence and possibly even infidelity or misplaced priorities.

But since you have both invested in that relationship, it will be strong enough to carry you through. This is the power of commitment and mutual dedication.

But if you don’t treat it as some sort of baby boy with its own innate strength, your relationship will be based on the flimsiness of day-to-day circumstances.

Put simply: if you feel that your partner is not giving you what you want, you walk away. It’s a canceled contract. The mutual exchange of consideration simply wasn’t there, so you cut and run.

Sadly, this is the fate of too many relationships. It’s too bad.

Establishing an emotionally independent third-party relationship is the foundation of a real life-long partnership.

Bodies fade over time. Intelligence declines. Wealth fluctuates. The only thing that remains is the commitment and dedication behind the relationship. It is definitely worth fighting for.

What does a dream about carrying a baby girl represent?

Holding a baby girl indicates issues and concerns involving your professional personality.

When you are holding a baby girl in your dream, it can indicate that you are a hard worker. Once you set your mind towards a goal, you can count on yourself completing that goal.

When you see this dream symbol, take confidence from the fact that you have what it takes to put in the work.

Maybe you’re frazzled because it seems that you have so many duties and responsibilities hitting you on all sides. But it also means that you have the capability to make it happen. In other words, when you see this image in your dream of holding a baby girl in your arms, your sleeping consciousness is reminding you of the extent of your inner strength.

I’m not just talking about your physical capabilities. Instead, this type of dream symbology focuses on your emotional strength, which is more powerful.

You can do it. You can go all the way. You just have to trust yourself enough.

A dream of holding a baby girl can also mean that you are in touch with your intuitive side. This is a part of you that can do the right things at the right time without apparent thinking. It’s as if you have a deep reservoir of inspiration that you can reach into when it’s crunch time.

The downside to this is that there’s a lot of emotional signals that you have to wade through.

The good news is that once you have successfully trusted your intuition in the past, you only need to trust it in other circumstances before you can get the hang of it. Pretty soon, this ability to somehow get that strong emotional boost to get you over a tough day becomes second nature. Consider this as your “secret weapon.”

Dreaming of holding a baby girl in your arms can also be a symbol of your adventurous side.

You are a dreamer and are not afraid to strive for betterment in life. You see yourself achieving more and living a happier and more fulfilled life.

This is not just a question of daydreaming to escape your present, day-to-day grind. Instead, when you see yourself living a far better life, you are ready, willing, and eager to put in the kind of work and sacrifice to make that vision of your dreams come true.

Always remember this part of yourself because you might think that you’re not this kind of individual. Maybe part of you is resigned to the fact that yesterday looks exactly like today, and tomorrow will not be much different.

Well, when you have a dream of holding a baby girl, this is a sign that you have that inner strength. You can trust your intuition because you have this superpower that will help you move ahead despite the seeming permanence and heaviness of your situation.

What does a dream of a baby in your belly and the baby moving mean?

When you dream of being pregnant and feeling the baby move, this is a direct message from your sleeping consciousness that your plans affect you.

You’ve laid down all these goals. Maybe you’ve even played a mental movie to yourself repeatedly over the years of achieving something and being somebody or going somewhere.

Your subconscious is telling you that you’re almost there.

The problem is, as I’ve mentioned earlier in this post, it’s so easy to define ourselves based on the grind experience that we never stop to appreciate what we have accomplished.

It’s like fighting a war and achieving the ultimate victory over your enemy and not pausing. And after that point, you still think that you’re still in some sort of war. You can’t stop.

Well, you have to give yourself permission to declare victory.

A more improbable reading of this dream is that somebody you know will be expecting a baby.

You are subconsciously picking up on these signals. Don’t be surprised if somebody tells you that they’re excited to have a child soon.

Interestingly, your sleeping consciousness is actually picking up on this, but – for whatever reason – your waking consciousness is preoccupied with something else.

This can be somebody you know: friends, a relative, or even your partner.

To dream about feeling the baby move and holding a baby or babies could also be a sign that you are anxious about certain health problems. You may be thinking that you’ve been healthy all this time, but you start feeling certain things, and it’s enough to give you anxiety.

A quick trip to the doctor can easily dispel this. Maybe you’ve been putting it off, or you have just been so busy. Perhaps you’re scared about what your doctor will say, but you need to make that move.

Usually, when you see this symbology in your dream involving your health, it’s never as bad as you had initially feared.

If you are a parent, the meaning of this dream can also involve your fears and anxieties about the future of your child. This is perfectly normal. Any parent would have these concerns.

You have to understand that if you bring a life into this world, you are responsible for that life. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a woman or a man. For the first 18 years of that child’s life, you are completely responsible for that person.

Once they turn 18, they can do whatever they want. They can move out. They can go to college. They can join the military. They’re on their own; you’ve done a good job.

You have raised your chick, and now, it’s time for it to fly. If need be, being a good parent, you may need to push them out of the nest.

What complicates this, though, is that you’re so focused on your current situation.

Maybe you’re having a tough time paying the rent. Maybe there are issues at work, or you don’t have a job right now. So you’re thinking to yourself, “I’m going to have to provide for this baby.”

Well, the good news is you just need to trust yourself and put in focused work to achieve your desire or goal of provision. It can be done.

Maybe spend less time playing Play Station. Maybe put aside more money. You can start taking action today to face whatever anxieties you may have about your baby.

What does a dream about seeing a baby mean?

If you are in any kind of neo-natal setting in your dream, and you see yourself seeing a baby for the first time, this type of dream can sign or hint that there’s a part of you that’s still innocent. You might be thinking that this is positive, but actually, it isn’t.

When you become an adult, the price you pay is innocence. You cannot afford to be immature. You see the world for what it is and not how you imagine it to be.

The key is to know this knowledge and still be brave enough to be gentle.

Even though you know that everything is unfair and life is often rough, be courageous enough to be kind. That’s how you know you’re an adult.

What does it mean if you’re a woman, and you dream that you are single with no kids?

Long gone are the days when women are judged by society largely based on their ability to have children. Thankfully, we live in a modern world where those old-fashioned ideas are long past us.

But it’s still a factor in certain families. If you come from a more traditional cultural background, and you are past the age of 30 with no partner in your life, people can and do ask questions.

When your dream focuses on the fact that you’re a woman and you’re single with no kids, your subconscious is telling you two key messages.

First: Who do you want to be? Who have you decided to become?

If you are clear as to the kind of person you want to become, stick by it. It is the sum total of who you see yourself as. There’s no one to pretend to be, nor are there any apologies due from you. You’re not someone else. You just are.

But this has to be arrived at deliberately. You can’t just say “I don’t want to have kids” as some sort of reaction. This has to be intentional.

Second: This is actually an invitation to living a life on your own terms.

It’s perfectly okay not to have children because it’s a big responsibility. Unfortunately, most of the world’s population is made up of people who are the products of unplanned or even accidental pregnancies.

Think about that for a second.

Most people are accidents, and that explains a lot of the trauma that they experience in life. Their parents look at them as, basically, chores and obligations and not necessarily the conscious and deliberate focus of their love and affection.

I’m not saying that parents don’t love their accidental children – that’s obviously not true. But they’re forced by circumstances to grow in love with their child.

Now, what if we flip the script? What if all the people on this planet were only conceived deliberately? So from day one, they got the attention and affection they needed to blossom into fully functioning and productive adults.

We would live in a completely different world.

So when you say to those close to you that you plan to be single with no kids for the rest of your life, it’s a declaration of independence. But it has to be a product of your own clear choice. This applies to both men and women.

Spiritual evolution

Given the discussion above, it’s not surprising that one common dream interpretation of a nighttime vision of holding a baby indicates spiritual freedom.

No matter your age, you are becoming mature. You’re beginning to understand what true independence and self-ownership mean. You are slowly becoming aware of your true nature and who you really are. You’ve started to become comfortable in your own skin.

This is crucial for a meaningful life. Your choices are not just empty reactions to what’s going on around you.

Please understand that if that’s how you live your life, then you will always be at the mercy of other people. The chances are that you would always be confronted by the past and forced to react.

That is a surefire recipe for a life of frustration and possibly even bitterness. But you are past that now.

When you see yourself holding a baby, in reality, you are the baby, with all its possibilities and its power. It’s as if you passed through adulthood, and you were reborn – now with more knowledge, more intentionality, and a higher chance of living the kind of life you desired for yourself.

You’re not living your parents’ lives or feel obligated to live out their ambitions, nor are you agonizing over the effects and residual consequences of being an accident. You are your own person.

You’re more likely to stand up to your fear. There’s also a higher probability that you will be fully accountable for the choices you’ve made in the past and those you’re about to make in the future.

This enables you to truly inhabit your personal space. You’re no longer comparing yourself to other people. You’re no longer letting the trauma or missed opportunities of past relationships poison your future. You just are.

This is definitely worth celebrating.

Dreaming of holding a newborn baby in your arms and singing a lullaby

When you see this type of imagery in your dreams, it’s obvious that your attention is focused on holding a baby that’s newly born and what it represents. This involves you changing into a better nurturer of people’s attention and affections.

This is not necessarily romantic. Instead, you are the type of person who will be able to act as the glue in any kind of social bond.

You have to understand that when you get a group of people together, there will always be someone who will act as a bridge or some sort of social glue. This is what keeps the group together and helps keep it organized enough for people to achieve their common goals.

Sure, it’s the leader that calls the shots and the group strategist to come up with a dynamic, ever-changing plan that everybody coordinates with, but a lot can be said for the person that helps hold things together.

This is a very precious trait. Even though people may overlook you or take you for granted, don’t – for a second – think that you are unimportant or insignificant.

You are a very supportive person in this context. That’s worth something. At the very least, it’s worth celebrating.

Don’t, for a second, think that you’re worthless, or you’re just another face in the crowd.

Think of it this way: if you were out of the equation, do you think that group will hold together? Do you think the way the organic leader tries to inspire the group will succeed smoothly and easily? Of course not.

That’s how influential you are.

What does it mean to dream of taking care of a baby?

Dreaming of holding a baby as a means to attend to it can mean that there’s a part of you that’s less developed that needs your urgent attention.

Maybe you are so caught up in the drama of people close to you that you have neglected your career. Here you are, feeling disappointed with your life choices and looking to blame others when, in reality, you had misplaced priorities.

All that time, effort, and focus that you could’ve put into achieving a career or a business legacy that you could be proud of has somehow been diverted to other places.

Who’s at fault?

The good news is you don’t have to look at it in terms of finding fault. Maybe it’s just a question of priorities. Since you’re aware of that, regardless of your age now, you can still change directions.

After all, if you’re not happy with the result that you’re getting, you only need to change what you’re doing. That’s how you mold your future according to the values that you want.

Deep down inside, all of us have a symbolic newborn baby.

The dream image and dream symbology of a newborn baby indicate potential. That newborn kid can be a drug addict, a child abuser, a deadbeat dad, or a great artist, a humanitarian, a discoverer of the cure for some dreaded disease.

The bottom line is when you see yourself holding that newborn in your dreams, it is the embodiment of potential.

And when you’re taking care of a baby, it’s really your subconscious telling you in your dreams that you’ve got to take better care of your inner faculties and be a better steward of your personal potential.

Dream Example #1

I hope to see you soon

I got married in the year 2020 before the Covid-19 pandemic started. We had so many plans with my husband before it all began.

We planned to have a baby after two years of being together because we wanted to enjoy just the two of us for just some time.

Also, we planned to travel and go out to the different countries near ours but then the virus spread out all over the world.

Travel was banned, all localities have checkpoints, and different places in the Philippines were placed under lockdown due to the spread of the virus.

We waited and hoped that soon all these things will be lifted. Now, a year has passed and still the pandemic is not yet over.

All our plans with my husband were never going to be possible. We will not be able to go out of the country because the airports were not yet open for tourists, both in our country and other neighboring countries.

We can not even go out to the different places here in our country because public transportation were not yet allowed too.

It is hard to plan and go out these days. So, one time, me and my husband talked about what we should do, how should we carry out our plans.

Then we have decided to finally have a baby. I was very excited to have my own child and so is my husband.

Days have past and we are waiting for confirmation if I will be having a baby or not and one night I dreamed.

In my dream I was pregnant, and I am almost going to deliver the baby very soon.

Still, I was very excited to see and hold my own baby, I remember I was very careful in everything I do, and I took care of my baby well inside my tummy.

Finally, the long wait is over and I delivered the baby well. I saw it clearly how beautiful my baby was, she was so adorable that I was even crying.

Those were my tears of joy as I look and hold my baby in my arms. When I saw her, I saw the eyebrows and nose of her dad, and of course!

Her lips and eyes are exactly like mine. It was so wonderful to finally see my daughter not until I opened my eyes. It was already so bright in the morning and I woke up from my deep sleep. I told my husband what happened in my dream.

He was laughing as he saw me telling him the story of my dream. I wished I never woke up, I just wanted to see her again and hold her back into my arms.

That was the best dream I ever had, knowing that soon I will be having a daughter just like what I saw in my dreams. It might be just a dream but I knew I saw my daughter in the future and I would love to see her someday.

Dream Example #2

The sun shined on my hazel-colored eyes when I saw myself in the big round mirror on my vanity.

It was 9 in the morning when I had my cup of coffee with low sugar and was all set to get myself ready to reach the office on time.

Suddenly, my stomach churned, the bile juice came to my throat and burnt the esophagus for the third time in a row since I got out of my bed this morning.

With sore and itchy breasts and sleep-deprived eyes, I felt nauseated and ran towards the flush to throw up.

On my way back to the vanity I felt tired and cranky, hard to catch my breath again I sat down and took my place. With a lot of self-motivation, I got myself together again and mummer to myself.

I can go through this period of difficulty after all I am a strong woman who is about to bring a beautiful soul into this world.

As soon as I was midway through my makeup, just about to complete crafting my lips with a lip liner, suddenly, my throat felt ignited and my stomach revolted.

I had a strong verge to throw up again. Tired of this feeling of disgust, I went to the washroom and puked.

Cranky and exhausted with the feeling of finally giving up my job, till the birth of the baby. I found myself standing in front of the tall mirror, staring at myself, astonished and surprised.

I could not believe that how much my belly has protruded over the six months of my pregnancy.

I kept my hand on the belly and suddenly felt a nerve twitch and my skin shivered under my palm. The tears rolled down my cheeks crossing the dimples as I smiled and cried at the same time.

It was the kick, it was the first movement of the baby. My heart fluttered, it felt like small butterflies in my belly doing a happy dance.

I could not believe for the first time I felt life inside me. All of a sudden, the happy face of my husband came into my mind followed by the smiling faces of my entire family.

I had chills all over my body thinking about the happiness my family would feel once they will experience this magical movement in my belly.

I could not stop thinking about their happiness to finally feel the life they were waiting for for so long.

I smiled and cried tears of joy and happiness. It made me feel wonderful as a woman. It made me feel strong and motivated again to pursue my work with the same energy while carrying this piece of happiness inside me.

The feeling was beautiful. While thinking about all this within a moment, I heard a scream coming out from my room.

After realizing it, I found out it was my mum shouting to wake me up as I was late.

Comprehending my situation, I realized it was a beautiful dream and in reality, I was a 15-year-old, late for school.

Dream Example #3

Onions being fried have a distinct disgusting smell. Fish really belong to the river, pork chops aren’t as appetizing.

Don’t get me started on chicken wings. I can’t put anything down. Even my favorite Casper pumpkin soup tasted like boiled soil.

I enjoy fruit but right now the Mango tasted bland. I enjoy a good cup of tea but yesterday I tried sipping my go-to cinnamon tea and I threw up the few bites of plain white rice I had been cajoled to eat.

I tend to nap all the time. From going to sleep only after a good dose of pimple- popping videos to suddenly napping on the fifteen minutes ride from work.

Yesterday I napped seven minutes into a very important zoom call, my secretary saved the day. I popped some nuts in the oven and dozed off before the ten – minute buzzer to turn them went off.

The food aversions, sudden need to sleep don’t even compare to my mood swings. My husband killed a mosquito and I cried.

I told him we needed to look for mama mosquito and explain to her we had heartlessly killed her offspring. We were watching a movie and I was so angry at the lead actor for breaking up with the lead actress.

There are some hormones that have my husband dancing without any music- catch my French?

My body is going through the motions. My hair has never been silkier. My breasts that have always been small are now out for all to see.

Even my hips are competing to rival a certain celebrity we all try to keep up with. Their identity will remain hidden.

The most noticeable of them all has to be my belly. Its so round and adorable. I can’t help but keep running my hands through.

I can’t seem to find a comfortable posture to sleep in. I try to position pillows all around me but somehow am still slightly uncomfortable.

I want to be cuddled but then his body heat becomes too hot for me. My feet feel swollen. Feel because it’s been a while since I saw my knees properly let alone my feet.

The baby kicked. It feels magical. An awakening that there is a human being inside of me. Until….

I woke up. I broke down. I have been struggling with fertility. The thought of pregnancy is very far away from my dreams.

We might opt for surrogacy. But is it really the same? I wail. For the child I want to have, the snide comments I have to sit through from my in-laws.

I weep, for the jabs I have had to have. I weep that I may never really have a child of my own, at least not to in the traditional way.

I look at the clock on the nightstand, it reads three am. The time that people pray and petition. I whisper a short prayer. I seek his arms in the dark, my solace in this struggle. He cuddles me close to his chest and a loving kiss.

Dream Example #4

I was sitting by the window, watching the sea dance back and forth together with the winds. The bright blue sky was covered with cottony clouds.

The snowflakes are falling, reminding everyone that it’s almost the best time of the year. I can’t help but smile.

Every little thing about this is making me feel calm and peaceful. “Honey, I’m home!” My head instantly turned towards the door and there I saw a man who is wearing a black suit with messy brown hair.

Wow look at that, no matter how stressed he is, he still looked as handsome as the first time I met him.

I couldn’t help but smile brightly as he opened his arms. I immediately got up and ran towards him, giving him a warm hug “Welcome home, my love!” He placed a soft kiss on my forehead and lips before kneeling down to kiss my tummy as well. “I’m home, little one! Did you miss your dad?”

He softly ran his hands on my belly as he looked at it lovingly. I couldn’t help but fall in love with this man all over again seeing how much he adores our child. “Oh! I almost forgot! I’ve got a surprise for you!”

My eyes twinkled in anticipation “Wow! What is it?! What is it?! Tell me!” He chuckled at my expression and placed the plastic on the counter “You’ve been craving for it since this morning so I brought you…”

I gasped in excitement as he opened the plastic bag and revealed a gallon of Strawberry ice cream. “Ice cream!” I shrieked loudly as I clapped my hands together like a little child in ecstasy.

He got a spoonful of the dessert and placed it before my mouth. I parted my lips and felt the sweetness of the strawberry melting inside. Ahhh! This feeling is the best!

My husband chuckled at the sight and planted a kiss on my forehead. “Did you like it?” “Like? Honey, I love it!” He laughed once again in satisfaction and caressed my 6-month old tummy.

“I hope he likes it too” I smiled at him in reassurance “Why don’t you ask him yourself?” He bent down and talked gently to our child “Hey little buddy, do you like ice cream?

Your mom has been craving it since this morning. She said that’s what you would like to try. I didn’t know our little angel would have a sweet tooth.”

Suddenly, there was a kick on my belly as if he was kicking him away. My husband felt it with his hands and looked at me with wide eyes in disbelief.

I couldn’t help but laugh loudly at this situation. “D-did he just move?” I nodded my head and answered “Yes. He just kicked his dad away.” His jaw dropped in astonishment and laughed hard “You’re just like your mom, Ethan.

You both love to bully me. Daddy is hurt.” I giggled at his sarcasm and brushed my hand against his soft hair. “Aww! It just shows how much we love you, honey!” He stood up and pulled me into his loving arms where I found my home.

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