What a dream of heart attack says about you

You probably have heard the old saying “as serious as a heart attack.” If so, dreaming of having one is sure to trip you up. When you dream of heart attack episodes, you can’t help but feel fear.

Heart attacks come unexpectedly. And in many cases, your first heart attack is going to be your last one because it’s fatal. That’s how serious it is.

It’s no surprise then that when people dream of having chest pains and numbness spreading through their arms and other indications of a heart attack, they wake up in a cold sweat. They’re trying to chase their breath and they’re physically alarmed.

But should you be worried when you dream of heart attack episodes? What is the typical dream meaning and dream dictionary interpretation of a heart attack?

Well, there are two lines of interpretation for this type of physically distressing dream.

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The Physical Approach to Interpreting a Dream of Heart Attack Imagery

On the one hand, there is a long line of dream interpreters who say that when you experience a heart attack in your dreams, this is usually triggered by something you physically did before you went to sleep.

Maybe you had chest palpitations. Maybe you are feeling dizzy before you slept. Perhaps, you slept wrong and the muscle tension in your chest produced sharp pain very similar to a heart attack, and this influenced your nighttime vision.

Whatever the case may be, this physical approach to heart attack dream imagery encourages you to see a doctor because there might be issues with your actual physical health. This can range from insomnia, general fatigue, angina, muscle tension, and of course heart and blood pressure issues.

The Psychological Approach to Interpreting a Dream of Heart Attack Imagery

A Need for Emotional Support

A heart attack in a dream can mean that there’s a lack of acceptance and support in your waking life. After all, the heart is the center of your emotional being.

Think of it this way. Your blood vessels are your perception of the emotions that people bounce to you or actively send you. And they’re all pumped to the center of your being, which is your heart. And then from there, it gets transported elsewhere.

When you see this part of your emotional body go through distress, it can mean that you feel that you’re not fully accepted or you’re not getting the kind of encouragement that you need or deserve from the people you care about.

This indicates a sense of not being understood properly. Maybe you feel that you’re not being appreciated enough.

A Lack of Emotional Control

A heart attack dream can also mean that you’re having a tough time controlling your emotions. Whether it involves issues with your financial statuses like your income or your job or your relationships, your emotions seem to be slipping beyond your fingertips.

You probably have heard the old saying “you take things to heart.” Well, that may be what’s happening.

This lack of control in certain areas of your life can feel like your emotional house of cards are crashing down around you, and you think that there’s really nothing you can do about it so you’re all caught up and torn between a sense of hopelessness, helplessness, and emotional panic.

But the worse part to all of this is that it plays out in muted tones over an extended period of time much like watching a car accident in slow-motion.

You know what’s going to happen. You know how much it would hurt. But you feel that there’s really nothing you can do, and you see the scene play out in front of you again and again.

It’s as if your emotions are being played with. You’re very intense but they’re drawn out, and that’s why you feel tortured.

A Sense of Disappointment

A heart attack dream can also signify a sense of disappointment and heartbreak in your relationships. There are many ways to feel grief, and sometimes our minds send signals in a very blunt and hamfisted way. A heart attack dream definitely qualifies as one of these blunt and inarticulate signals.

There’s no nuance about it. It’s a heavy, alarming image.

But what your subconscious is telling you is that there are certain strong emotions in your life that you are keeping under wraps. If you feel pain in your relationship, one of the best things you can do is to just be open about it. There’s no need to walk on eggshells around people you love so much.

Understand that trying not to hurt people by being dishonest and not being open about it only ends up hurting them more, and, worse yet, you end up emotionally crushing yourself. Nobody wins in those types of situations.

That’s why your subconscious sends you a very hard-to-ignore series of dream images in the form of heart attack dreams.

Dealing with Ups and Downs

Other variations of this include your subconscious interpretation of your ups and downs in life. How many heartbreaks can you withstand? How many times can Life knock you down, slap you around, and dunk your head into the toilet bowl of failure, disappointment, and frustration until it all feels like a sharp pain in your chest?

A Confusion about Goals

But this can be just your impatience talking. It could also be your confusion about the goals and objectives that you have committed yourself to. Maybe when you started out your journey, things were very clear.

But at this stage in your life, with all your duties, obligations, and responsibilities, it seems that everything is a haze. Maybe your subconscious is trying to get your attention with this very strong dream imagery so you can reconnect with the things that you have committed to previously that you are doing a lousy job on today.

Stress, Anxiety, and Fear Involving Opportunities

Another added layer to this type of interpretation, of course, involves being overwhelmed by stress, anxiety, and fear. You feel that you are losing something or about to lose something. It can also indicate a sense that you fear missing out.

In some cases, if you’re so focused on an opportunity — let’s say you are thinking of buying Bitcoin or Ethereum — and you keep seeing the price just doubled, tripled, and just spiked all the way to the sky, your mind may be telling you in so many ways, in the form of a very alarming heart attack dream, that it’s time to commit.

Are you going to worry about being left behind? Or, are you going to do something about it? Or, will you just forget about it and deal with it in a less stressful way?

In addition to missed opportunities, this can also involve business ventures, important introductions that could lead to great success, or better jobs.

Least Likely Meaning

The least likely meaning of dreaming of a heart attack, if you’re going to use the psychological and spiritual interpretive approach, is that it’s somehow prophetic.

That’s right!

Dreaming of a heart attack in your night visions may portend an actual physical cardiac attack in real life.

This does happen but it’s very remote if you’re interpreting your heart attack dream from a psychological or symbolic perspective.

What Does It Mean to Dream of Someone Else Having a Heart Attack?

If you’re dreaming of someone having a heart attack and that person isn’t you, it indicates your concern that this person is somehow operating on thin ice.

Maybe they’re at the end of their rope physically. Maybe they’re just over-stressing themselves.

Whatever the case may be, your subconscious is picking up on these not-so-obvious signals that this person is just pushing themselves to the limit.

When we dream of someone else having a heart attack, it usually involves somebody very close to us. This indicates that you might need to talk to that person, and just try to empathize with them.

Instead of telling them that they better slow down or you know what’s best for them, just ask them a couple of questions. Ask them how they’re doing.

And pretty soon, when people are given the chance to open up and actually see how they doing in different areas of their life, things fall into place with them. They see the big picture and they become properly concerned.

Just be there for them emotionally. Don’t come off as somebody who has all the answers and who is there to “save them.” You may be treated to a very adverse response.

What Does It Mean When You’re Seeing a Heart Illness Play Out in Your Dreams?

Dreaming about a heart attack or some sort of heart condition in your dream means that you feel that someone in your life needs protection. It can also indicate that you want him to be protected.

What’s important here is that this dream is different from one where you suffer a heart attack or somebody you know has a heart attack. In this case, you see the progression from habit or lifestyle to actual heart illness.

This is one of those weird dreams that play out for many different days or even months. It’s as if you’re aware that you are “fast-forwarding” to several scenes of your dream vision.

Whatever the case may be, when you see these images of a heart illness in progression, it can indicate that somebody you know needs protection because you care about their situation enough for you to fear death for them.

Pay close attention to the context because the alternate reading to this is that you may be seeing your relationship with that person progress through time, and a lot of this has to do with the feelings and emotions you exchange with each other.

Maybe there’s a lot of things that you’d rather not talk about with this person, and maybe they’re reciprocating by trying to walk on eggshells around you. This all comes to a crescendo when the person has developed heart issues.

It’s a symbol of the state of your relationship with that person. You’re not being completely honest with each other. Or, you’re so afraid of hurting each other that you actually hurt each other more because lies and omissions hurt over the long run.

One of the worst things that somebody could say to you is you knew all along. Why didn’t you speak up? Why didn’t you trust me with the truth?

Who Is Having a Heart Attack in Your Dream?

It’s very important to take a step back emotionally when you see somebody or yourself have a heart attack in your dream. This is easier said than done because usually when somebody goes through that very alarming physical sensation, they can’t think straight. They feel that death is just looming over them, ready to take their life, and it’s their last breath so the last thing that you think of is perspective.

But you need to try because context is everything. You have to ask yourself: “Who is having a heart attack in my dream?”

Here are some variations and their standard meanings.

1. A Dream of Your Father Having a Heart Attack

To dream of your father having a heart attack means you have some issues with authority or with your actual father or your past actions. Whatever the case may be, this can involve issues of guilt, remorse, or a sense of lack of closure.

This is actually a good dream to have because for you to even have this dream means your subconscious is maturing. You understand that there are certain things that you did in the past that are not helping you if you try to cover them up or feel guilty for them.

The key, of course, is to take responsibility and stop beating yourself up. And if it’s possible, ask for forgiveness. Be the one to take the first step and forgive.

Does this mean that they deserve it? Does this mean that they have to be good people? Does this mean that they have to have reformed or have somehow paid for their sins?

No! It just means that for you to move on, you have to be big enough to forgive.

Remember, forgiveness is for you. It’s not for them. They can go on with their lives. What’s important is you go on with yours.

2. A Dream of Your Mother Having a Heart Attack

To dream of your mother having a heart attack means you’re not contented with whatever situation you have in life. There’s a common misconception that a lot of people should content themselves with that what they get because that’s what they deserve.

It’s not always true because we all know that Life is unfair. This is one of the first lessons that we need to understand, and unfortunately, if you’re dealing with this reality in a passive-aggressive way, this issue will come up again and again.

You can’t quite feel content. You can’t quite feel complete. You think that there is no solution.

Well, you need to dig deep enough. You need to reconnect with the concept of self-love because nobody will ever complete you unless you complete yourself first. Nobody can love you unless you give yourself permission to be loved first.

And a lot of these are deeply emotional, and it’s no surprise that we often connect this with our mother. Our mother is usually the first person we subconsciously develop a deep, emotional connection to regardless of how good of a mother our mother was.

Maybe your mother ran out on you. Maybe your mother always made you feel guilty. Maybe your mother blamed you for whatever was wrong with her life.

Regardless, she’s still your mother. And even if she tried to abort you or disappeared from your life early on, there’s still that connection because that person nourished you in her body.

You have to make peace with that.

3. A Dream of Your Partner Having a Heart Attack

Finally, to dream of your partner having a heart attack means you have unresolved issues with people you who you choose to connect with.

You have to understand that oftentimes the people that can hurt us the most are the ones that are closest to us. This should not come as a surprise. When you let people into your life on a deep level, you let your guard down.

That’s part of the deal. Trust means letting your guard down, and when you let your guard down you become vulnerable. This means you can get hurt

The good news is that being hurt means you truly allowed yourself to love. Never see hurt and pain as yet another reminder of how dumb you are emotionally and how you let people use you and betray you. Instead, celebrate it that you give yourself permission to love. Just because things didn’t work out doesn’t mean that you can’t love again and again until you find somebody worthy of your love.

So, when you dream of your partner having a heart attack, the obvious meaning is that a loss of love, but for who?

Deep down inside it’s for you and your conception of what it’s like to truly love and to allow yourself to be loved.

And the good news is if you just keep working on it, you will get to the point where you will get the love you deserve, and just as importantly you can give the love that other people deserve.

Remember, nobody can love you unless you love yourself first. You can only give and receive based on what you have.

So, if you don’t have a “love wallet” in your heart, meaning space for actual affection, how can you receive it from the world? It’s not going to happen.

The same goes with you loving others. If you can’t even love yourself, what exactly do you offer?

Dream Example #1

Mondays are the most stressful and tiring days of the week. After a heavy work schedule in the office on Monday, I reached my apartment at 8:00pm. I felt a bit low than usual on that day and decided to take a cold bath in this hot weather.

It took me an hour to take a bath, not that I am complaining. Only if I could spend more time in it but have to do some house chores. It’s not that I am all alone in this world. I just love to live separately from my family to be more independent.

I couldn’t get a chance to meet my parents on that day as it’s my daily routine to meet them after the office timing.

As I was feeling deficient on that day and was not in a mood to eat something so decided to sleep off my tiredness. I got into a deep slumber the moment my body touched the soft, comfy bed.

At 1:00 am in morning, I felt a bit thirsty but couldn’t have enough energy to move my body up and grab a glass of water beside my bed table.

After contemplating whether to drink or not, I decided to ignore my thirst and drink water in the morning.

When I tossed on the other side, I felt an excruciating pain in my left arm. Missed it and thought it might be due to excessive typing I had done in the office after the weekend (Mondays, you know).

Suddenly, the pain extended towards my chest, and my forehead was covered with cold sweat. That moment I knew something was wrong going to happen. I tried to push myself up to call an ambulance, but the dizziness and discomfort I faced were unbearable.

There was no one with me at the moment, and I regrated the decision of living alone to be independent. “What should I do now?” I asked myself and pressed my hand on the chest area, thinking it might ease the pain.

“Ahh!” I made that sound when the pain was not becoming less and faced difficulty in breathing. Somehow, I managed to grab my mobile phone and started dialing my father’s number to let him know about my condition.

The excruciating pain and inability to breathe appropriately made it impossible to utter a word after my father picked up the phone. “Hello! Anna?” what happened? He asked.

“I……” I tried to speak but couldn’t due to pain. “Are you alright, my dear Anna? Tell me what happened at this hour? Anna? Are you there? Anna! Anna!” he kept asking, and I couldn’t utter a word.

“Am I going to die without my family being around?” I asked myself when a bolt of pain hit me again.

“NOOO!” I shouted and woke up gasping out of the air. My whole body was covered in sweat, and I was taking loud breaths to calm myself down.

I looked around and saw it had been only 15 minutes into my sleep. It was the worst nightmare for me, and I still get nightmares thinking about this dream.

Dream Example #2

Sweating, pain in the left shoulder, more sweating, those are just little that I felt from the time I got home. I was slowly walking. I grabbed a cup of tea with a squeeze of lemon in hopes of increasing my mood and stability.

The aroma of freshly brewed tea leaves filled my nose. I could not help but smile. 

A wide grin loosened out my face at the sight of birds chirping by the window. As I approached my front porch, I tightened the lining of my coat.

Cold breeze, pouring snow, kids carving snow angels with their bodies on the ground, even with the coldness of the ice, the sight of them still brought warmth to my lonely heart. 

For a little while, I had forgotten I was alone in this house, in this world. A single tear rolled down my cheeks after I stole a glimpse of the picture frame I’m holding.

How beautiful she is. Even a portrait could not capture the goddess superiority of beauty bestowed by God to this woman, the love of my life

“Snowy afternoon! I baked some cookies. Would you want me to accompany it with hot chocolate that my kids made?” a familiar voice from a neighbor said.

I smiled and nodded cheerfully. I watched her walk with a tray in her hand, her toddler walking behind her. “Gramps! I’ve missed you.” a tiny voice exclaimed

Even with all this heavy feeling, I can’t help but feel better. This neighborhood never failed to make me feel like I still have a loving family.

I invited them inside in the living room for a conversation. We indulge in soft-baked cookies. “Gramps tell me about the war story again! Please! Please.” I laughed. I had repeatedly told this story.

This little kid never fails to be amused at pilots flying over the Pacific. Sharp tingling pain is starting to take over my left chest.

I feel it tightening. It is nothing, I told myself as I continued to tell the story of a fighter and his lover. The bittersweet memory filled my head again like it only happened yesterday.

The beautiful smile of my wife took over my head. Which made me tear up every time I tell the story of how we met. 

“Okay, that’s it, thanks, gramps! We’ll get going” I smiled and walked them by the door when my body felt heavy. I could not breathe. I hear panic all over my neighbor Daisy and his daughter Sona as I catch my breath.

It felt as though something is blocking my chest, as though something heavy is on top crushing me. 

My heart beats faster and then slowly again and then faster again. It gave me mixed emotions. Could this be death? Will I finally reunite with my family in heaven?

Happiness submerges all over. The last thing I heard was the sound coming from the sirens of an ambulance. Heavy, everything is heavy but why do I feel nothing but warmth? 

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