What does it mean to dream of coughing up blood?

When you dream of coughing up blood, at least two things are happening. First, you have a dream about coughing. This enough of itself is quite substantial.

A lot is going on when people see themselves in their night visions coughing because normally, people don’t cough, they breath. When you cough, it usually is an indication of something that is not normal, pleasant or desirable. Maybe you’re smoking and couldn’t handle the smoker, or maybe you are not a smoker and you cough because your throat got irritated by something that you breathed in. Whatever the case may be, coughing is not a normal activity, it’s a way for the body to draw our attention to the fact that something is going on that is not normal.

If you add the very strong image of blood into the act of coughing, it’s not all that surprising why you should be alarmed. If an uncontrolled cough is problematic enough, can you imagine what blood represents? What does a dream about coughing blood represents?

Coughing up blood in normal situations is a serious matter. You need to get to the hospital as soon as possible. Something is very wrong with your body because the blood that you just coughed up indicates a serious health condition. Let’s put this apart piece by piece.

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What does dreaming of coughing mean?

What does dreaming of coughing mean

When you dream of coughing this usually means that your subconscious is giving you a warning regarding people who are close to you. The air that you breathe is crucial to your life. If you want to continue living, you need to breathe in smoothly. When you may have been disrupted by coughing, this can indicate that there is some sort of threat to your life.

Now, dreams of coughing don’t necessarily mean that you have people close to you that want to do you harm physically and instead take your attention to what it represents. The air that you breathe every single second and the air that you take for granted can be likened to your close social circles. We are talking about your relationship with your parents, with your siblings or your close friends. You’re in an area where you expect to be safe.

In the company of these people, we normally think that we are fully accepted and we belong. Any kind of betrayal, disruption or miscommunication within this close fear of intimate relationships, is sure to throw us off. We become insecure. We don’t quite know where we fit and this threatens our existence at some level because we don’t who we are without the validation, support and companionship of certain people.

Make no mistake, this support is as precious as air and when you cough or are caught up in a coughing fit, this means that there is disruption there. This can take many different forms. Your subconscious might be communicating to you that they would let you down and in some cases, things can get so bad that it feels like a betrayal.

Similarly, when people are consciously doing something to undermine you, erode your confidence or otherwise take what should be yours, this can indicate jealousy, envy or possessiveness. Believe it or not, a lot of people who think they truly love us wouldn’t think twice about undermining us because they feel it’s in our best interest. They’re not motivated by envy or greed but by something else that is just as bad. Misplaced love does not much differ from outright hate. Remember that.

So you see yourself coughing almost violently, one interpretation is that there is some sort of disruption in your close personal circle. This takes place before the scene in your dream where you’re coughing up blood. For you to expel blood from your throat, you first have to cough and often it’s very violent and this coughing fit can go on for an extended period of time. This is why it is really important to remember as many details from your dream as possible.

To get an accurate dream meaning, you have to pay close attention to the small details. How long were you coughing? For example, how long were you coughing before you noticed the blood? How much blood was there? What kind of cough did you have. Has anybody that has gone through this all too common experience?

Cough can vary tremendously. It can be a short, almost light and harmless cough or it can be very deep, as if it’s coming from your very core, deep within your lungs. In fact, if you experience deep coughing, you might feel that you’re about to hyperventilate because it seemed that it would expel all the air out of your lungs. These are the extremes when it comes to coughing, so pay close attention to these small details so you can understand what these initial image from your dreams represents.

What does dreaming of coughing up blood mean?

What does dreaming of coughing up blood mean

Blood is almost universally viewed with alarm. When blood comes out of your body, your number one reaction is that there is something wrong but the truth is a little bit more complicated. When you are dreaming of coughing up blood, it can actually mean that something is going on in your life that your subconscious sees as a turning point.

Blood in this context represents new beginnings. Now, this might sound a little positive but let’s be honest, most people are scared of change. We grow accustomed to thinking in a certain way and doing things the way we’ve done them before. And when presented with new experiences and new ways of doing things, people get cold feet. This is understandable but when you are looking at blood imagery right before experiencing coughing in your dreams, you get scared. The good news is that in this context, unlike a bleeding wound, a blood is a positive symbol.

Take note of this central fact. There is going to be some sort of new beginning but you’re gonna have to go through changes first and a lot of times, a blood cough can lead to an interpretation of how you want to express your emotions and feelings. In many cases, for you to experience a new start or beginning, you have to change how you communicate to the rest of the universe on how you’re feeling inside. This change enables you to claim new opportunities and a new way of doing things.

Blood of course represents life. Everything being normal and everything being equal, blood is necessary for the proper maintenance of life. You can also look at blood as transferring the life energy of one generation to the next and it is no surprise that there is a strong correlation between the dream imagery of blood and sexual reproduction.

Given this perspective, your dream of coughing up blood can represent new romantic opportunities. You may be thinking that things have been working out for you when it comes to emotional relationships. You might even be convinced that you are such a unique person that you can find somebody that would be your soulmate.

When you see yourself coughing up blood in your dream, it can be an indication that your perception of yourself as somebody worth loving is slowly going through changes. This can indicate a need for emotional exploration and honesty. A lot of people make themselves unavailable to others because they’re expecting some sort of perfect partner.

The other extreme is also true, maybe they’ve gone through some trauma from their childhood or from their relationships with their parents or people they trust that they think they’re not worth loving. You should also consider that end of the spectrum. Whatever the case may be, when you see yourself coughing up blood this can mean new developments in your emotional life because you are beginning to adopt a mindset that makes you emotionally available.

A lot of single women think that they can’t find the “right guy” because those guys are simply unavailable; either they’re married, gay, imprisoned, or otherwise unavailable. But the truth is, a lot of otherwise attractive and emotionally balanced women can’t find the right person because they did not make themselves emotionally available for whatever reason.

When you see yourself coughing blood this can indicate a change in your attitude and mindset regarding your worthiness of getting into a relationship or may signify a personal awakening to what true love signifies. Whatever the case may be, it is a welcome development because maybe for the longest time you are so afraid of losing yourself in a relationship that you do not permit yourself to truly fall in love or to truly be emotionally available for a relationship.

Of course, this is not all butterflies and rainbows, embarking on any kind of emotional change can mean that you will feel vulnerable. You might feel that you’re losing a part of yourself that you have grown accustomed to. As the old saying goes, the better the devil you know, than the devil you don’t know. You might think that this is a good problem to have but it actually sets a lot of emotional disruptions that might turn up a negative consequence. People also find themselves unprepared because they have all these expectations and assumptions that may prove wrong when certain things happen in their lives.

The subconscious is telling you that through the image of coughing and all the discomfort and disruption it represents, that something is going on in your life and you should sit up and pay attention. It’s less of a warning than an indicator of an opportunity because with a little bit of self-awareness, using these health metaphors, you might find yourself in a better position in terms of your relationships, your career, your self-confidence, and your self-esteem.

What does it mean to dream of someone coughing?

What does it mean to dream of someone coughing

When your dreams center on somebody else coughing, it can indicate that you are worried about their health. This is the most basic and obvious interpretation. Your subconscious is picking up all sorts of signals based on their routine and on what you’ve heard about that person. Either you’ve heard from them directly or the relatives clued you in on what’s going on with them, whatever the case may be, your subconscious is picking up certain signals that you can’t quite articulate in your waking life.

You might not have been able to connect the dots as far as their health outcomes but your subconscious is showing you in very clear terms in the image of this person coughing up blood that there is something very wrong. This can indicate that you have a bad feeling about their health or you can actually detect that things are making a turn for the worse. None of these situations are good. Prepare yourself to help them, at the very least be available for them, cause that image of the blood coming out of their mouth or after some uncomfortable cough is no joke. Your subconscious is using these strong blood imagery to wake you up to their situation.

Another way to interpret this is, the person may not be going through some sort of health emergency instead, your subconscious is presenting you with very emotional imagery. Believe me, seeing blood in whatever context is enough to get people to sit up and pay attention so you can give that person the attention they need.

Let’s face it, as much as we say we love each other, as much as we say that we care, at other times our most intimate family relationships don’t get the kind of attention they need. We can’t seem to find the time, until it is too late. For example, you can dream of your mom dying and you wake up crying.

Maybe you’re just so busy with your career, you’re just so preoccupied with other problems that you have that you assume that your loved ones will always be there and worse, you expect them to “get you no matter what”, well they have needs too. And maybe your subconscious is telling you that you’ve been ignoring these people, taking them for granted and you’re failing to build that kind of intimacy you could otherwise have with them.

You would be surprised as to how many close family members assume that they’re close with their relatives when it turns out they don’t know enough about them. In many cases, the only way you’d become aware of this is when they’ve died and maybe you need to give out eulogy or you’re talking to somebody else who knew them and you just constantly floured by long strings of revelations about this person that you thought you knew like the back of your hand. That’s a sound of a surprise because it turns out that you really don’t know that person. Your subconscious is telling you through the image of this person coughing up blood that you have a great opportunity in the here and the now to listen to this individual.

What does it mean to dream of someone pretending to cough?

What does it mean to dream of someone pretending to cough

A pretended cough is a very tricky image to deconstruct. On one hand, there is a sense of deceit. This usually takes place when somebody’s trying to say something unpleasant and they don’t want to use euphemism so they pretend to cough to kind of disguise the word that they just said.

This has probably happened to you. You are assigned to share or say unpleasant news and you can’t quite bring yourself to give a straight speech so you’re coughing to the unpleasant and rough parts. Keep this in mind when you are seeing in your dreams somebody pretending to cough because this can indicate that there are unpleasant realities in your life that people either assume. Isn’t there kind of like 800-pound elephant in the middle of the room?

It can also indicate the very common situations that people are simply confused by each other. There are many relationships both in our professional and personal lives where people think they have a relationship but in reality, they’re actually just talking past each other. They’re using all these safe symbols and shared signals that make them feel good about themselves but don’t really communicate what they want to get across. It’s kind of an uneasy alliance because you don’t want to rock the boat too much and be completely honest. This is especially true if you are in a romantic relationship and you don’t want to lose this person but on the one hand, you’re terrified about the possibility that this person might somehow figure out something about you that they don’t want to hit the door.

This dream can also signify triumph in life. It’s as if that you’ve been facing obstacles and then you finally expelled them from your life. Now you’re breathing clearly but when you pretend to cough, it serves to draw attention to this breakthrough.

Dream Example #1

Dream Example #1

I was at my college a few minutes before the final bell. My professor asked me to read the paragraph of our textbook for no reason.

Every one of us was eager to complete the class and to reach home. My best friend was not beside me, which was strange because we always sat with each other.

Then I searched for my best friend, and he was sleeping far away from me on a separate bench.

My class has some strict professors who need their students to be very attentive. But for some reason, my professor didn’t consider my friend sleeping. Which is again a strange thing.

Then something strange started to happen inside my body. I felt like someone was swallowing air from inside my belly.

I felt dizzy and tried to call my friend who was in a deep sleep. A feeling of nausea came over me in an instant.

A feeling of nausea became intense as time passed. So I got out of my class to vomit in the washroom. Then from my opposite side, my best friend came to me and asked me why I was out.

He had no signs that he was sleepy a few minutes before. He was very active and attentive even after a long sleep, which was strange in itself since he is a sleepy head.

Then my nausea changed into a cough, and the whole college saw me coughing while I was on my way to the washroom.

Then my cough converted into a vigorous cough with immense noise in my cough.

My best friend tried to comfort me, but he could not help because I was coughing very violent way. It was strange that I was coughing a vigorous cough because I was a silent person with a reserved quality.

Then all of a sudden, I felt an intense throat pain as I continued to cough, and again my friend was nowhere to be found. As the throat pain intensified, I coughed out a good amount of blood from my mouth.

It was darker than red, I felt dizzy all over again, and I rolled down to the ground.

Then for every cough I coughed there, I was splashing blood all over the place. But the weird thing was there were no people who found this interesting to watch.

All the students and professors were busy with their work. Even my Best friend was nowhere to be found even after this intense illness.

As my cough became intense with splashing blood all over the place, I noticed something strange. The whole area blurred when I coughed, and the whole place became apparent when I rested. It was like editing in a video. Blur then clear, Clear then Blur.

Then with intense pain, I coughed blood again, rather sneezed from my nose. As I sneezed blood from my nose, I was unable to breathe. I was breathless, and I was shocked, and I woke up in my bed to realize it was a DREAM.

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