Dream my mom died woke up crying

One of the most difficult experiences or events any human being could go through is the death of a mother. Naturally, when I see that in my dream my mod died woke up crying.

Asking, “what does it mean to dream about someone trying to kill me with a knife?” doesn’t even come close to the despair that can be felt from dreams about a mother’s death. In fact, such dreams can still elicit profound sadness even if they occurred long ago.

Please understand that, while many children have mixed feelings about their fathers, their sentiments towards their mothers are almost universal. It’s not hard to figure out. A man can father many children. He doesn’t have to be there. He can just be a biological sperm donor.

A mother, on the other hand, invests at least nine months of her life sustaining, protecting, and feeding you in her womb. It doesn’t matter what kind of relationship or experiences you had with your biological mother. There is still a connection there.

Now, imagine seeing that person’s death in your dreams. Even if you’re not very close or you haven’t had much of a connection with your mother, a different kind of upset hits different when you hear that she is on the cusp of death or has already passed away.

How much more if you had a warm, loving, supporting relationship?

dream my mom died woke up crying

The personal impact of dreaming about your mother’s death

The death of a mother in real life can be emotionally devastating, and people respond in a wide range of ways. Given the central position a mother plays in our personal lives, as well as social expectations, the dream image of your mom’s death is one that is not easy to shake off, even if you had these dreams a long time ago.

It’s important to keep this in mind if you had dreams involving her death. Imagine that upon waking up from your dreams, you said to someone, “I had a dream that my mom died, and I was crying when I woke up!” It’s perfectly okay to experience strong feelings.

Just as someone who had dreams of being knifed, shot, or murdered in their dreams, it’s well within their right to be shaking, crying, and scared. The dream image of your mom’s death should be enough to shake anybody. It might even be more frightening than your own death’s dream meaning — being shot, stabbed, or what have you.

There’s no shame in that. There’s nothing to apologize for.

This is an almost universally negative dream sign. It doesn’t matter where you come from, what your culture’s like, what kind of language you speak at home, what traditions in your family are like, or what you look like. Dreams of a deceased mother and the impact on children cut across all lines — whether it’s culture, history, geography, or whatever artificial barriers normally separate human beings.

A mother, after all, is associated with the universal symbol of sustenance, care, origins, and identity. To see your own mom die in your dreams speaks volumes and is multi-layered and has many different textures. It is definitely not an easy dream to pick apart.

Keep this in mind because there are general themes present in this type of dream symbology. It’s important to be aware of these general themes in dreams. But, at the end of the day, you still have to pay close attention to things like timing, sequence, as well as small details that are easy to overlook in dreams.

Once you have a good command of the general theme of your dream, these smaller dream symbols and dream details will fill in the rest and will actually play a big role in determining the actual meaning of your dream.

Different people can dream the same symbols and come up with completely different meanings. This is due to the fact that we have different circumstances. When you look at the dream details and fit them into what’s going on in your waking life, the reality of your dream starts to become clearer.

With that said, here are the general themes behind the dream image of a mother. Once we have a clearer understanding of these broad parameters, then we’ll drill down into the specific details of this type of dream imagery.

I had a dream my mom died; woke up crying — what does this mean?

Generally speaking, to dream of your mother on the cusp of death indicates separation, fear, loss, regret, nostalgia, and abandonment. If you woke up from this dream filled with hurt or loneliness, that’s to be expected.

All of these combine together, and it’s very hard to separate one from the other in our waking lives.

A lot of this is due to the fact that a mother is typically associated with positive inner feelings — like protection, provision, sustenance, and unconditional love. When we see them die, even in dreams, a lot of our confidence is shaken. Our fears loom large, and we feel left behind.

This is where the feeling of abandonment comes in. And as we try to make sense of these dreams, we can’t help but confront and experience nostalgia.

We start thinking of what could have been, how things were. We start thinking about the past and events that happened long ago. As positive as this sounds, it’s also very risky because there’s a big danger. When we look at our past experiences with somebody we’re related to — or feelings we had for someone a long time ago — with a nostalgic frame of mind, we see things that aren’t there.

How many times have you come across a friend or loved one who’s had a tough life with their father or mother when they were still alive? But now that their parent has passed, all they can talk about is how their dead mother or father treated them so well.

The problem is, you know for sure that those incidents that your friend or loved one is relating to you didn’t happen. They could have spun them so much and blew things out of proportion that they truly believe in them, and it’s unrecognizable from the stories your friend or loved one used to tell you right after it happened.

This happens quite a bit, and this highlights the power of nostalgia.

Memories of the dead are stories we dream up to comfort our waking lives

When somebody is still alive, dreaming up a list of their negatives comes naturally. You can’t help it. You’re dealing with them on a day-to-day basis. They see you, they interact with you, and sometimes sparks fly. That’s just how it goes.

But once they’re passed, there is this natural human tendency to delete all nuance and just look at their positive side.

Now, there’s a need for this because it gives us perspective, but we can’t afford to go overboard. You can’t go to the other extreme to the point where you are basically remembering somebody that never existed.

General interpretation of a mother dying in your dream

Interestingly enough, an alternative reading to the dream image of a mother that has passed away is that it can be a dream sign of upcoming happiness, abundance, or prosperity. In fact, it can mean that you already have these things in real life. You’re not just aware of them to a high degree.

How can this be? Well, there is such a thing as a suffocating mother. She wants the very best for you, so she has taken it upon herself to live your life for you.

Everything is a command. She has put you in a neat, little box. In many cases, you are simply just an extension of her frustrated dreams and disappointments.

It feels that you are living somebody else’s life. You can’t help but feel that there is a pre-drawn script prepared for you, and you only just need to fill in the blanks as you live your life day after day, but it’s not yours.

The dream interpretation of your mother passing away signifies freedom in the waking life

If your mother dies in your dream, this can be associated with being free, especially if you feel calm after you woke up.

Being free is the gateway to prosperity, no matter how you define it. It is ground zero for whatever abundance and happiness you desire. With being free comes action, planning, and the ability to live out one’s desires.

If your relationship with your mother is suffocating, limiting, and ultimately self-destructive, seeing her symbolically pass away in your dreams — and not necessarily in reality — can be an indication that your waking life is entering a different stage.

Make no mistake. A lot of children have a love-hate relationship with their mothers. But whatever relationship you have with your mother, if you see that person die in your dreams, you can’t help but wake up and cry.

Interestingly enough, as they grow older, the more they can understand — or at least empathize with — that important person’s perspective in their personal lives. They may not totally agree, but they can see where their mother is coming from and what probably motivated them to do what they did and say the things that they said.

It goes without saying that mothers are the most influential persons in people’s personal lives.

To see this important person die in your dreams is enough to terrify anybody. Through this woman, you were given life. It’s as if you were in a space capsule inside her for nine months. Anything could’ve happened to you, but thanks to her, she carried you through. She was the gateway from the unformed to reality.

This is why it’s really important to understand the role of grief when you see the dream image of the death of your mother playing out in your head. You can’t help but wake up crying.

The mother, after all, is the gateway to being and from there to becoming. In many cultures, the symbol of the mother is associated with any notions of infinity or posterity. After all, the next generation isn’t physically possible without mothers.

The spiritual meaning and dream interpretation of seeing your mom dying

Viewed from this lens, it’s important to come to grips with another key general interpretation of a dying mother in your dreams. This dream interpretation can be related to the universal subconscious mind.

When you see a dream image of a mother figure or your actual mother die in your dreams, your dreams are telling you something important about your spiritual journey.

A lot of people automatically think that spirituality necessarily involves dogma, doctrine, theology, or some sort of philosophical path, but it’s broader than that.

In practical terms, our spiritual experience involves the strategies that we use to understand our waking life. You don’t have to go to church, temple, or a mosque for that. Instead, pay attention to your beliefs about yourself and how real life should be.

Be mindful of your attitude, thought patterns, and mental habits. All of these works together to make what would otherwise be neutral stimuli from the rest of the universe into something that we can process and fit into our existing personal narrative. This then produces feelings which, of course, influence how we behave.

Please understand that, for the most part, people don’t care about what you think about what’s motivating you. First, they care about what you say because that has an impact on people’s feelings which can lead to actions. But, most importantly, the world cares about what you do.

It’s interesting how this works out because when you change your mindset, your thought patterns, and how you interpret your waking life — maybe by shifting to a different value system or just refusing to look at things the same old way — ultimately, you start behaving differently.

This is how you change your reality. So, when you see a dream image of your mother passing away or deceased — may be in a hospital setting or at her bed in her home — this can relate to a change in your spiritual state.

Maybe your attitude is changing. Perhaps the way you’ve normally made sense of things is coming under fire and is due for an adjustment.

If you wake up crying from a dream that your mom died, what does it mean to dream about a mother’s death?

While the death of any loved one can be transformational on a spiritual level, the dream image of a dead mother tops them all. Your subconscious is not going to use this rather extreme dream imagery unless the message it’s trying to get across to you is very important.

Remember that there are two things going on in dreams like this.

  1. Dreaming of your mother facing death while she is still alive; and
  2. Dreaming of your deceased mother.

When you dream that your mother has died, but she is very much alive, this type of dream is telling you something about your relationship with her as well as your self-respect, self-esteem, and self-image. This dream is telling you about how you respond to what happens in your life.

Dreaming about this dream imagery may not necessarily have anything to do with her on a practical basis but has everything to do with your relationship with yourself.

How do you figure things out? Where do you see yourself in the world? What are your dreams for yourself? What is your ultimate self-image?

These are important questions that a lot of people do not ask because they’re too busy or want to deny the answer. All of us have duties, responsibilities, and obligations, and these things cloud our day-to-day spiritual consciousness level.

At the most basic, when you dream of your mother passing away or dead (but she is still alive in real life), it can indicate that you are now transitioning to a higher level of maturity.

Now, remember that this isn’t just restricted to you turning 18 or you’re in your early 20s. You can be in your 50s or even early 60s and have this type of personal revelation. Why?

Age is not chronological; it is mental. There are many people walking around in 60-year old bodies but are mentally, emotionally, and spiritually 19 years old. This is not necessarily tragic, so let’s not go there.

On the other hand, there are people who would just experience so many things and cope in their own way that they are 50 year-olds walking around in 20-year-old bodies. This can go both ways.

Regardless, when your mother is still alive, and you see her die in a dream, it can indicate a change in your relationship with her where you become more mature, or at least, you change as far as your spiritual life goes.

Dreaming of your mother dying symbolizes discontent

On the other hand, when you dream about your dead mother either passing away or deceased, its dream interpretation can indicate feelings of emptiness, missed opportunities, and persisting mental trauma, or even unresolved questions with not a single answer.

This dream can be a message to yourself that a lot of the places that you’ve been drawing a lot of strength or self-worth from simply aren’t working anymore. And maybe you need to come to grips with the passing of your mother and what she represented in your waking life to take a different direction.

You have to understand that when important people in our personal lives face death, we don’t necessarily feel upset then and there. We don’t usually feel the pain and impact immediately.

While a lot — I would say, the majority — of people do go through an immediate emotion-driven response, some are hit by numbness before they even feel upset about the message of death. Other people even have the shocking reaction of going by their day-to-day lives like nobody passed away, was killed, or was otherwise lost in their lives.

Does this mean that they never cared about their deceased mother? Does this mean that they’re emotionally numb? No!

This is just a different manifestation of depression and anxiety. Different people express loneliness, sadness, shock, and other feelings in different ways. There is no “one size fits all” or “standard issue” response.

I’m not sure if that’s even desirable because we are all different, so don’t beat yourself up for not feeling deep, devastating sadness when your mom passed away several years back.

Instead, look at it more as an invitation to be more self-aware and see how your reaction to her passing is manifesting itself in your waking life. Some people hit the bottle. Other people bury themselves in their work. Others find refuge in their relationships or in the arms of a stranger.

These are just the tip of the iceberg. There are just so many different reactions to trauma, so don’t think that just because you didn’t respond in the “standard way” or socially acceptable manner that you’ve never loved your mother. That’s not the issue.

When you see all of these play out in a dream in your head — and depending on whether your mom is alive or deceased — at the very least, it should wake you up to appreciate the connection you had with your mother or the fact that she has brought you to life. Take it from there.

Common dream interpretations and meanings of a mother passing away in your dreams

Now that we have the general parameters of this dream image out of the way, let’s explore specific contextual dream meanings based on the details that you may have identified in your dream. It’s important to try and remember as much of the dream details and timing of your dreams as possible because the small differences can play a big role in the overall direction of your dream interpretation.

Please understand that while it’s true that the central dream motif or main dream image is of your mother passing away or already deceased, we need to focus more on details in the dream, as well as timing, so we can find the accurate dream interpretation.

It’s really important to try to remember what happened before you see the dream image of your mother on the cusp of death or seeing her dead body in your dreams. You can also pay close attention to what happened after in the dream. It’s also a good idea to try to visualize the dream scene in your mind and pick up on the setting.

  • Where did the dream happen?
  • Who else was there in your dreams?
  • What did the room or place look like in your dreams?
  • What time of day was it in these dreams?

All of these dream details can go a long way in helping piece together a more nuanced memory that can lead to a more meaningful dream interpretation. Otherwise, you’re gonna be stuck in the general definition or directions of this type of dream.

I’m sure that’s not what you’re looking for. You’re looking for a more definite and specific dream interpretation.

Still, the fact that this type of dream tends to wake people up because it’s so emotionally draining and troubling increases the chances that you will remember potentially crucial dream details right after your dream jolted you awake.

Here are the common dream interpretations and meanings of the symbology of a mother passing away in dreams.

What does a dream of a dying mother represent?

This dream image is very specific. Your mother is not dead yet in your dream. Instead, you’re dreaming of her in the process of passing away. The process is what is front and center in your dreams.

While the dream image of a dead mother can easily refer to feelings of loss or finality, seeing the process play out in front of your eyes in the dream indicates emotional distance.

Perhaps you’re feeling guilty that you have stopped caring for other people. Perhaps you’re looking for an answer to a lingering question you have about this stage of your waking life and the kind of decisions you have made — and these are manifesting in your dreams.

Seeing your mother going through the process of dying in your dream can also indicate that your subconscious mind is telling you about your maternal instincts. Now, remember that even if you are a guy, you still have maternal instincts. This applies across the board. We both have a nurturing and a protective aspect.

The protective is normally paternal or relates to a father image. But the nurturing side — the part of you that likes to cultivate and tends to communicate emotionally — is your maternal side. There’s nothing wrong with this, nothing to apologize for or be embarrassed by.

And it’s important to focus on this because when you see the process of your mother passing away in a dream, it can indicate that you’re not developing this aspect of your personality.

Pay attention to what happened recently in your life that can trigger such dreams. Alternatively, take stock of how you normally think about or process feelings involving this aspect of your personality.

Do you feel you really can’t cultivate or nurture others because you’ve done it in the past and somebody burned you? It’s as if you invested all this time, effort, and focus — a huge chunk of your life — on somebody only to see them turn around and stab you in the back.

Are you the type of person who feels that you never get what you put in? Perhaps you’re thinking of some sort of one-to-one type of return. Do you feel that whoever you invested your emotions in should repay you ten times or a hundred times?

These are the issues that you need answers to when you see the process of your mother dying in your dream. If you don’t find these answers, your ability to be deeply concerned for other people would get eroded or lost.

Part of you would start thinking: “What for? Why should I care? I’m only going to end up with an empty bag anyway. It’s like people take, take, and take until there’s nothing left of me.”

Now, swiftly following this type of inner dialogue is a pang of deep and profound guilt. Your head is telling you, “I shouldn’t be thinking this way. I’m being selfish.”

Well, it’s important to shine the spotlight on honesty and sincerity through this inner dialogue. This doesn’t imply you’re a bad person or that you would actually others suffer.

Reciprocity is important to you, and it doesn’t have to involve the specific return of the kind of care and nurturing that you have given somebody you know or are related to from the past. They definitely don’t have to pay you in dollars. You could just be hoping to be appreciated.

But it’s also important to take stock of the scale and proportion that you would like to receive or believe you deserve. Question those. Figure out where they come from. When you get the answer to those questions, you can slowly realize whether you’re being unreasonable or not, and you would be free of guilt or resentment.

The death of maternal instincts you had in the past doesn’t necessarily have to be bad. If your maternal instinct is overbroad, extreme, or erratic, seeing the image of the death of your mother in a dream can set your head straight and wake you up to an opportunity to practice genuine self-love.

And when you do so, you gain perspective. Maybe you are so nurturing and supporting that it actually translates to a suffocating presence in the lives of the people close to you.

What does it signify to dream about your mother facing death?

Since the mother figure is almost universally connected or associated with protection, it comes as no surprise that when you see the dream image of your mother’s impending death in your dreams, this can be seen as your subconscious mind telling you of a threat.

Our mothers, after all, are our protectors. They sustain. It’s not unusual for a mother to put herself in harm’s way or in stressful events just to protect her children.

These threats can come from many areas of your life. A lot of the time, it involves loneliness. When you feel that you are protected by other people, or you can count on your friends and loved ones, you’re not going to feel threatened.

Does the dream image of your mother dying evoke a feeling of isolation? You feel isolated from your friends and relationships.

Now, these dreams don’t mean that they’re out of your life if you’ve gone through a really nasty fight, but you feel distant. It’s as if you’ve grown apart or, in some cases, you feel that you have screwed up so bad recently that nobody could really understand you. It’s as if no one can reach you.

This manifests itself in deep and profound feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Another way to look at this situation is that you may associate your feeling of isolation with the loss of somebody you really care about. This doesn’t necessarily have to be your mother, especially if you’ve had a dream of your mother dying, and she’s still very much alive.

Instead, it may be an old friend that you had a fight with that used to have a strong influence on you. This doesn’t mean that they’re completely gone, but the bonds are not as strong as before. It could also be a loved one.

Whatever your specific case may be, you can also interpret these dreams as a spiritual battle going on with yourself. Do you rely on yourself? Or have you relied too much on other people?

Do you base your self-validation on what other people say? Or, should you base it on something that can’t be taken away from you?

Do you have a spiritual base of support? Maybe in the form of personal spirituality or a profound connection to the divine? Or, are you pretty much all on your own?

There’s no right or wrong answer because, ultimately, only you will know.

What does it mean to dream of your mother’s death and you’re wearing black?

If in your dream vision you see your mother in a coffin or a cremation urn, and one of the biggest dream details that stand out is that you are wearing black, this dream imagery can indicate a deep and profound lack of contentment in your life.

Interestingly enough, if you see yourself in black, it can be a positive dream sign. How come?

Well, while it’s true that there’s nobody there to comfort you, make you feel complete, or give you the feeling that you belong somewhere, this is a wake-up call to the fact that you have relied on others for too long.

Maybe your self-validation, self-worth, and self-confidence have been placed in the hands of people and situations that you really can’t control. Your dreams may be telling you through these dream images that, for the longest time, you have been dependent on others and external circumstances for your self-worth.

What if people go away? What if they change their minds? What if they turn their backs on you? What happens then? Worse yet, if they stab you in the back? People, after all, are known to do that.

So on the surface, it might seem that the dream image that you are seeing can trigger a range of negative emotions — pessimism, worry, pain, abandonment, and loneliness. But there’s a lesson to be gained from these dreams.

If you are able to learn that lesson from this dream, which is to base your happiness from within and define yourself according to the values that you have consciously chosen, it’s much harder for you to be disappointed and feel alone and left behind.

Otherwise, look for the tell-tale signs of discontentment.

Maybe you’re having a tough time processing your emotions correctly. Maybe you automatically assume that nobody wants to talk to you or has the time and patience to put up with what you have to say. Maybe you think that whatever it is that you bring to the table is just too weird or unusual.

One of the easiest places to check is your workplace. How well do you get along with your co-workers?

To dream of your mother’s death could also reflect your indecisiveness

When you’re in the arms of your mother, you are given the luxury of certainty.

You may not know what’s around the corner or what the darkness will reveal in front of you, but you believe you can feel safe through the steady affection, protection, and comfort of your mother. After all, she is cradling you in her arms, metaphorically speaking. When you lose that, there is no firm foundation from which you feel you can make a decision or from which you can take action.

The dream image of your mother dying as she goes through the process of wasting away or passing on to the next life touches upon feelings of restlessness and lack of direction. This manifests itself into an overwhelming feeling that you really can’t decide one way or the other because it’s so scary. You focus more on the consequences of making a mistake instead of taking advantage of the opportunity to choose in the first place.

Mind you, this is not just some sort of issue involving your rational faculties. It could also impact your emotions because people who are indecisive tend to also be emotionally unstable.

They’re so afraid of making the wrong call that they are so eager to blame other people for their mistakes. In fact, in many cases, they’re looking for people to point their fingers if something goes wrong with their upcoming decision.

The other extreme is to stop making decisions. That’s right!

You feel so scared that you would rather have somebody else make your decisions for you. You have robbed yourself of the ability to make decisions because your willpower is absolutely zero.

If this sounds familiar, this should be because, at a certain point in our lives, our mothers made our key decisions for us. But as we get older, we move past our mother’s shadow, and we start making decisions on our own and deal with the consequences as they happen. This is a very powerful rite of passage to adulthood.

Well, if you constantly see images of your mother dying in your dreams, this can indicate such a deep and profound feeling of insecurity regarding decision-making that you wish or instinctively defer to other people when it comes to choices.

At least that way, you have somebody to blame. Rarely does this dream mean that you have an actual personal fear of losing your mom. While it does happen, it is very remote.

Generally speaking, when people dream of their mother dying, it means something else. It doesn’t mean the physical death or passing of their mother.

What does it mean to dream about a mother’s death in the family?

When you dream of your mother’s death in some sort of family setting, this has a positive connotation. Forgiveness is coming into your life.

If you’re like most normal people, there’s going to be unresolved issues, and as we get older, those unresolved issues can get bigger or can burn more painfully because we read into them our present difficulties, frustrations, stress, and disappointments with life.

Dreaming about your mother’s death in the family home or in some other type of group setting can indicate that you’re tired of carrying this load, or somebody you know or are related to is ready to move on, and there is a good chance that things will be brought out in the open.

You have to understand that as awesome as this sounds, it is not as painless as you think. The truth, after all, can often piss us off and make us cry before it finally sets us free.

Slightly related to this is an alternative dream meaning. When you’re dreaming about your mother dying, it might be related to your need to be free from all the pressures of your life.

Depending on how old you are and your living arrangements, it can mean pressures from your family, sibling — either your brother or sister — or even loved one. This is especially true if you’re already in your 30s and you’re still living with your parents. It could be time to let go, not just physically and financially, but also emotionally.

Looking at it from the outside in, it might seem to you that you have so many emotional responsibilities on your shoulders as far as your parents go. But in reality, they want you to stand on your own feet and find your own path in the world.

It’s time to stretch your wings and leave the family nest. You have to understand that sometimes the greatest expression of love a mother bird can give to her fledgling with strong wings is to push her offspring out of the nest.

What does it mean to have recurring dreams about your mother?

If you’re seeing your mom in your dream repeatedly and she’s in harm’s way or is gravely sick, your dreams are telling you that you have issues with your childhood. There may be areas in your life that need healing, and only you would know this.

You could have been bullied. You could have survived some sort of family trauma, or somebody’s solution or coping mechanism is weighing you down.

They think that they’re taking care of the problem, but it turned out that it’s causing more damage.

For example, if your father has to leave you and your brother or sister behind so he could work overseas to send money back home, that may seem like he is solving the problem. Your mom might agree, and he could be gone for years if not decades. But when he comes back, he is a completely different person. Why?

You’ve changed, and he has changed. So, you find each other as strangers even though you are family. This creates trauma and tension, but you don’t want to see it as such. You don’t want to call it by its proper name because it’s obvious that he did it for love.

But you can’t deny that part of you was crying. You graduated, and your dad wasn’t there. You had your heart broken by your first loved one, and your dad wasn’t there.

So, when you see recurring dreams about your mother, your mind is telling you that there are some issues that require healing. It’s using the dream image of your protector and your source of security, but the issue might not necessarily be about your mom. It could be about your dad, your uncle, or somebody else you’re related to.

Keep in mind that they don’t have to change because they are who they are. For healing to happen, you have to change.

I mean, it would be great if you can talk to them, everybody would get together, and there would be like an Oprah Winfrey talk show type of resolution to all these long-held, deeply suppressed trauma in the family. But life rarely takes that direction. So take what you can get.

What’s important is you are responsible for your healing. It is normal for kids not to talk to their parents at a certain age.

Remember the time when you were a teenager. You could have been very talkative when you were eight or ten. By the time you became a teenager, you just clam up. That’s normal.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to stop communicating. It doesn’t mean that you have to plant these deeply held negative feelings against your parents, and they’re helpless against it. You have to talk about these. And the good news is that there are professionals that you could reach out to.

If you keep seeing that recurring dream of your mother, not necessarily dying, it could be a wake-up call regarding inner healing.

What does it mean to dream about talking to your dead mother?

If your mother died a long time ago, this type of dream could indicate that you are facing some challenges and just need to take a break and gain a sense of perspective. Things could be going so fast in your career, your business, and your love life that things just happen in a blur.

When you dream about speaking to your mother, who’s been dead long ago, you feel calm. There’s a sense of order, and you’re less prone to worry.

On the other hand, if your dreams are about speaking to your dead mother who passed recently, this can indicate that you have regrets or unresolved guilt regarding her passing.

This is perfectly normal because a child would always say: “What did I do? How could I have prevented this? Or, why wasn’t I there for her?” You know the answer. And at the end of the day, there’s nobody in the position to judge.

What’s important is that you just go through the process of finding an answer — or even just asking yourself the questions — letting the strong emotions out, and just venting them out instead of suppressing them, denying them, or tricking yourself into thinking that you have to react a certain way.

The more you put on a front for other people or, worse yet, to yourself, the worse the explosion will be when it comes time for your moment of truth. It’s much better to just let all these negative emotions play out until you reach that stage of acceptance.

On a more serious note, if you see yourself talking to your dead mother in your dreams, and you keep apologizing to her, or she looks obviously disappointed, this can indicate that part of you feel that you killed your mother by letting her down.

Did she have these big dreams for you? Did she invest a lot of resources for your dreams? But for whatever reason, you didn’t finish school, or you took a dead-end job, and you failed to provide for the family.

Whatever the case may be, this is your subconscious talking through your dreams because it’s not really your mother you’re talking to. It is yourself. Your subconscious is just using that very strong dream image of your dead mother to get across to you.

And if you are frustrated with decisions that you have made, and you feel that you’re stuck in your life right now with very few options, don’t think that this is the dead end. The fact that you are thinking about these means you’re making progress. Why?

If you are still in the middle of deluding yourself into thinking that there is no problem, it’s going to be very hard to make any changes. The illusion is so strong. How can you make any changes? In your eyes, everything is okay.

But the more you are honest with yourself, and it is clear that you are not happy with how things are turning out, then this is an opportunity here to make other decisions and take other actions.

As the old saying goes, insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result each time.

This is your golden opportunity as you see those recurring dreams of you talking to your dead mother: “I’m gonna have to stop taking the same action. Now is the time to take a different direction.”

What does it mean to dream about your mother dying and you waking up crying?

When you see this image in your dream, it indicates a strong but mixed feeling about your long-held beliefs regarding yourself.

Maybe you’ve always thought you were independent, you had your own mind, and you don’t hesitate to let people know. In reality, you’re just a troll. You don’t want to change things. You just want to be noticed.

Now, are you happy with that?

You can fill in any other type of behavior, but when you see yourself in a dream witnessing your mother dying, you’re waking up crying, it indicates that you’re seeing the disconnect between who you dream up yourself to be and how you really behave and your effect on people.

And believe me, depending on the circumstances, it’s enough to wake up crying because you started out with so much potential. You had hopes, dreams, and you see yourself as this type of person, but it turns out that you’re acting out like a completely different person.

Of course, crying for your dead mom in your dream would indicate that you would be completely devastated if you lose her or if she would truly pass away.

This is obvious (probably not even worth saying), but the bigger meaning in dreams like this is about your interpersonal conflict because your mom and your dad played a big role in bringing you into giving you life. And typically, moms play a big role in the type of person you become.

So, when you see your mother dying in dreams, there’s a deep and profound emotional turbulence and inner conflict regarding who you dream up yourself to be and who your mother always says you are, as well as how things turned out.

A lot of daughters hate their mothers at a muted and hidden level because they can never live up to her. There’s a built-in competition.

When you see your mother dying in your dream, it can be your dreams telling you, “now is the time to forgive your mother because you’re no longer a child.” The longer you hold this type of thinking or mindset, the longer you will continue to struggle.

What does it mean to dream that you killed your mom?

If you see this very strong dream imagery, it indicates that you feel you are disappointed or you crushed your mother’s expectations of you. This is a very pungent and attention-grabbing way for your dreams to communicate certain truths.

Either this involves some sort of muted rivalry, as I’ve described above, or some other unresolved issues.

Perhaps you’re thinking to yourself: “My mom didn’t really protect me. We grew up poor. She was gone, so I had to fend for myself, and I had to raise myself. Now that she’s older, why do I have to take care of her?” Or it could mean your mom was there, and every day she was basically running your life — telling you what to do, what to wear, who to date, who to marry.

There’s a lot of emotional issues here, but it all boils down to issues of expectations. And this is going to be very challenging, especially if you have a very headstrong mother or a mother figure.

So please understand that when you see in your dream that you killed your mom, it doesn’t mean that you truly want to kill her. Instead, there are conflicts that can result in certain mindsets and coping mechanisms that may be holding you back.

Perhaps you’re having a tough time being the best mom for your kids because you’re always looking back on your mom. Perhaps you’re having a tough time being a good partner for your loved one because of issues with your mom.

It doesn’t have to be negative. She might be the best person in your life, and that’s precisely what’s getting your goat.

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Dream Example #1

My greatest fear had come to pass. Since I was a teenager, my greatest fear was losing my mom. It was a beautiful Monday morning.

The sun was out, and the sky was clear. But this particular day, I woke up late, which was unusual. I took a bus heading to work, but I wasn’t feeling very well.

I could not say if I was sick or not; yet, I was feeling tired. I was hoping that as the day progressed, I would feel better; yet, I did not get better.

I got to work, and I was in my office for the better part of the day doing my job. That day I did not break for lunch, and I was not feeling hungry either.

At around 2 pm, the human resource officer walked into my office and asked if I was okay. In response, I said I was fine, then went on to do my job; after a few minutes, the human resource officer came back and asked to see me again.

My thoughts went straight to I came late this morning, so I prepared my apology. I got in the office, and she asked me to take a seat. I was looking at her waiting to apologize, when she said; you have to go back home; something has happened, and they need you to help sort the issue out.

My thought was, why did they not call me . But, I told the human resource officer, fine, let me finish the things I was doing then leave, but she insisted that I go immediately. She told me to wait for the company driver to come; he would drive me home.

The company driver came running and this for a brief moment made me worry a bit, but I just walked out and asked my colleague to help me switch off my laptop and lock my office, and I will come back later to pick up the computer.

I thought it was something that I could sort out and come back to the office before business closing. On our way home, the driver kept receiving a call asking how far we were from getting. Now, I called my brothers and sisters, but no one was picking up, but the identical brothers called the driver asking how far we were.

Immediately I knew something was very wrong. I wrote a short message to one of my brothers and pretended I knew what had happened, but my statement was quite vague.

My brother then called back to tell me that our mom had fallen ill in the morning, and onrushing her to the hospital, she had passed on due to a heart attack.

He told me that I should tell the driver to drive to the mortuary and that they were also going there. On getting to the morgue, I saw my father’s car, and asked the driver to follow the car and park where they were parking.

A few seconds later, I saw the mortuary attendant bring a stretcher near my dad’s car, and they pulled my mom out of the vehicle; and as they were carrying her to put her on the stretcher, she slipped and fell hard on the stretcher and bounced and fell on the ground.

I was immediately snapped out of the dream and woke up crying.

Dream Example #2

It was a bright, sunny morning where the birds are playing outside of the window. My mom was preparing our lunch while I was sitting inside of our room, attending my classes.

Suddenly, I heard a knock on the door. “Lauren, the servicemen has arrived.” There were 4 men standing behind my mom. I greeted them and moved to the living room to continue answering our activity in school.

After a few minutes, my mom came out with a nervous expression. She held my hands and I noticed that she is trembling. She lightly squeezed my hands as she whispered “Go outside and secretly ask for help.” My heart is beating fast.

I don’t know what’s happening but seeing her reaction, something’s not right. I immediately ran out of the house and went to the house beside us.

I knocked on their door and Uncle Ben showed up. Seeing my alarmed expression, he asked me what’s going on. I hastily told him about the 4 suspicious men in our house and we need his help.

He stared at me for a long time and laughed after hearing my story thinking it was just a joke. He told us to stop being pessimistic because those men may just be doing their job.

He gave me a candy and patted my head as comfort before closing their door. I knocked on other people’s doors but not even a single soul answered. The tears from my eyes are starting to flow knowing that my mom is in danger and no one will help us.

A loud sound was heard from our house and so I ran back as fast as I can only to find my mother being stabbed with a knife. “No!” I shouted while trying to reach out my hand to her but she looked at me with wide eyes as she yelled back “Run! Lauren, run!” I inhaled sharply as I stared at the floor covered with my mother’s blood.

I couldn’t move, I was frozen in place. It was a scene I could never imagine in my life. Seeing the two men moving towards me, I immediately turned around and ran as fast as I could.

My vision is too blurry that I can barely see anything straight. I don’t know where I’m going but everywhere I look, I see the picture of my mom on the floor with a pool of blood from her body. It keeps on .

My mom sacrificed herself for me, so I could escape and live. “Help! Someone please! help us!” I stumbled on the floor as I desperately screamed. I didn’t dare to look back because I know they are still trying to catch me. My legs couldn’t move any longer.

I shut my eyes tightly as I gave in to the hopelessness inside of me.

“Lauren! Wake up!” I immediately opened my eyes as I sat up on the bed. I saw my mom holding my shoulders as she gazed at me with worried eyes. My mom! She’s alive! I immediately fell into her arms as I hugged her tightly.

The tears wouldn’t stop falling from my eyes as I felt her warm touch. “It’s okay, sweetie. It was all just a dream.” She comforted me with her gentle tone as she patted my back. Yes, it was all just a dream.

A nightmare I couldn’t forget.

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