Dream Meaning Being Shot

Let’s get one thing clear: dreaming of being shot is never pleasant. It evokes a feeling of intense fear, and it’s not something anyone would like to dream about repeatedly. It is traumatizing to see it happen to others in real life or even on YouTube videos, and it’s definitely terrifying to experience it firsthand. When it comes to finding dream meaning being shot is quite complicated and tricky.

But, just like with many other aspects of dream interpretation and dream analysis, things are not what they appear to be.

As emotionally troubling as a dream about being shot may be, it can actually have a wide range of meanings. It’s not universally negative. Just because you saw yourself, in a dream, being shot by an assailant with a gun doesn’t mean that you’re going to experience that in real life. Thank goodness for that.

You need to understand that your brain is operating with a high sense of awareness and urgency when it chooses to communicate with this type of dream imagery.

If anything, dreaming about being shot is a sign that you have to sit up and pay attention to what’s going on in your waking life. A little bit of self-awareness in this context can go a long way. Your sleeping dream consciousness is communicating to you in one of the most vivid images it can conjure.

dream meaning being shot

Shooting Scenes in Real Life

It is not a surprise where this type of potentially emotionally troubling dream imagery comes from. In the United States, we see a lot of shooting scenes in the movies and on TV. In fact, it’s a very common element in most action films.

There’s just something efficient about shootings when it comes to plot lines and moving a story along. You don’t need to interview Quentin Tarantino to get this. It has always been viewed by both screenplay writers and directors as some shorthand for quick emotional engagement in appealing to an audience’s sense of immediacy.

With that said, if you’re a victim or a witness to a shooting, it is also likely that your subconscious would communicate deep, profound, and possibly troubling emotional and psychological truths to yourself using this type of dream imagery.

Getting shot in your waking life is, needless to say, a traumatizing feeling and experience. Don’t be surprised that if that happened to you, you’re in for recurring dreams about it. It goes with the territory. In many cases, you can’t help it.

General Dream Interpretation of a Shooting

To dream of being shot can indicate different representations and meanings. Even if you haven’t experienced seeing somebody get shot or being shot yourself, your sleeping consciousness can choose to speak with this type of dream symbol.

Generally speaking, this dream can be a sign that your emotions and feelings in the waking life are in a state of tension, if not downright turmoil. Your subconscious mind is trying to wake you up to this internal tension through the dream world.

This is not very easy to do because human beings are very good at lying to themselves. We’re also very good at ignoring the 800-pound elephant in the middle of our living room. We’re excellent at that kind of thing.

Context is Crucial in Dream Analysis

It’s actually prudent, in this context, to also learn the Biblical meaning of frogs in dreams. Just as a frog can boil to death because it slowly gets used to the increased temperature of the water in a pot that’s about to boil, we should never underestimate our threshold for emotional punishment and inner turmoil.

You need to keep this in mind when trying to make sense of the dream interpretation process for shooting or shooting-related dream imagery. You’re essentially dealing with a dream sign that is traumatic to the point that it can push you to start thinking in a different way in your waking life.

Just by that definition, you already know that this doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

Different Dream Interpretations About the Common Dream of Being Shot

Believe it or not, being shot is not rare at all. As I’ve mentioned above, too many directors and screenplay writers use shooting or shooting-related scenes in movies to push the story along. Call it laziness, lack of talent, or just lack of foresight.

We have been desensitized to such imagery. In fact, a lot of people define “action movies” as necessarily involving some sort of firearm.

Keep its common repetition in mind the next time you find yourself dreaming of being shot or dreaming of shooting someone in the chest, back, or any part of the body.

Dream Meaning of Shooting Somebody

This dream image might share a resemblance with the dream about beating someone up, but they actually differ in quite a few ways. In this particular context, when you target somebody at a specific part of the body in the dream, it can be a sign that you are about to make a big decision. You feel that part of you is going out on a limb.

To bring this down to Earth in practical terms, dreaming about a situation where you’re getting shot or shooting at someone can mean a big purchase. Maybe you’re buying a house or signing up for a very expensive educational program, like a master’s or Ph.D. degree.

It can also mean a big move. In the United States, we’ve grown accustomed to moving from state to state. It’s not unusual for people to move from Florida all the way to Washington state. It is something that happens all the time.

But despite how common such moves are, it causes dislocation. You have to make new friends. You have to leave your old identity behind and assume a new identity. There are a lot of things going on beneath the surface.

Dream of Being Shot Meaning

Similarly, when you dream about a situation where you’re getting shot at, or you’re shooting somebody, it can also mean that you’re making very important real-life decisions—like getting married or having kids, whether by adoption or the regular way.

Dreaming about getting shot at can also mean that you want to end some sort of connection with somebody. For instance, if you’re a business person, you might have a customer that pays really well but expects a lot out of you, to the point that it hurts your other clients.

The dream can also be about a friendship with somebody that you really like, admire, and trust. Having that person in your life may be creating a toxic situation with other people you want to hang on to. Finding yourself in the middle of these types of relationships tensions is never pleasant.

What Does It Mean to Dream About Being Shot with Bullets?

If your dream plays out where you’re actually feeling the bullet as it enters your body or hitting the walls around you, like a video game, this kind of focus can indicate that you’re realizing something strange.

As you see the debris bounce behind you as someone’s shooting at you from a distance in your dream, there’s a feeling that something or somebody is in control of your life. Maybe it’s your significant other. Maybe it’s your parents. Maybe it’s your friends and their expectations of you.

Whatever the case may be, your subconscious is telling you through your dreams that maybe now is the time to be your own person. Why do you have to try to always impress others or live up to their expectations?

Now, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It really all boils down to priorities. Know your boundaries and expect those around you to respect yours.

What Does It Mean When One Dreams About Shooting Someone or Getting Shot in the Back?

The funny thing about this dream imagery of shooting someone with a goal to hit their back is that you’re actually looking at yourself in the dream. When you pull that trigger in the dream world and give somebody a shot in the back, you feel that somebody is betraying you.

Now, that is a very strong word, and others would shy away from it, especially when you’re talking about a close relative or a dear friend you’ve known since forever. But part of you feels that you have been betrayed because this person knows better.

When you see this type of dream imagery, this can indicate that something about your relationship has become toxic.

It may not be toxic. You might just be going through a tough time, but part of you wants to get out. Maybe treat that person as a distant friend or interact with that relative like a distant cousin.

Dreaming About Seeing a Victim of Shooting May Indicate Heightened Self-Awareness

When you see in clear detail the dream scene of somebody being shot, it can indicate that you can see how your decisions lead to certain realities in your life. If you think that this is something that is common, think again.

A lot of us live our lives in a way that we think we live in a world we didn’t create or acting out a script we didn’t write. All of this leads to a sense of powerlessness.

It’s as if we’re looking at this world, and it’s spiraling out of our control. We’re fixed on our seats, doomed to witness this scene. We’re unable to lift a finger because, deep down inside, we feel that it won’t make much of a difference anyway.

Dreams of Taking Control of Your Life Through Decisions

Well, when you dream about seeing someone being shot, you see the connections between the things that you’ve said, thought, and done in the past and the reality that you’re living now. This is something that can be very disconcerting and unsettling, to be sure. But it can also be a very empowering dream. Why?

This dream is a reminder that your life is the result of the decisions you’ve made. And these decisions do not come from nowhere. They come from your inner world. They’re a reflection of your mindset and attitude about your dreams, visions, experiences, and goals.

Once you start seeing this connection in the form of a dream vision of seeing someone being shot in your dreams, you’re able to finally connect the dots and make better decisions. By doing so, you start living a better life.

To Dream of Being Shot or Getting Shot in the Chest Indicates Your Interactions Need to Change

When you see a dream of being shot in the chest, it indicates that the way you deal with other people or network needs to change. When you’re doing these things, you’re exchanging energy with them.

Please understand how that works. If you’re kind of fuzzy, don’t be all that surprised when you start detecting betrayals, disagreements, disappointments, and frustrations when there are none. You might just be someone who turns molehills into mountains when it comes to your interpersonal relationships.

The dream image of being shot in the chest implies disappointment. But, in many cases, the only person that could really disappoint you is yourself.

Did you know that it’s impossible to be disappointed if your expectations are in the right place or are realistic? Think about that for a second.

When you see this type of dream imagery of getting shot in the chest, this might be a signal that your expectations might be misplaced.

Here you are, constantly being disappointed by those you trust when it turns out that your expectations are just unrealistic. They don’t have those expectations of you, but here you are, trying to impose on them. It’s no surprise that you’re losing out. Worse yet, it’s all happening in your dream world.

Getting Shot in the Head in Your Dream Means That You’re in a Confusing Situation

Obviously, if you get shot in the head, your brain won’t function correctly. No big mysteries there.

When your dream imagery involves getting shot in the head, it means that you’re in a situation where you can’t think straight. Your thoughts and your judgment are clouded.

In this type of situation, it’s very easy to be influenced by other people. Be very careful, especially when it comes to your love life.

On the other hand, if you find yourself alone in the dream, and things are otherwise tranquil, and out of nowhere, you get shot in the head, this can indicate that in your love life, someone is thinking about you.

Maybe you’re not in a relationship, and you have this dream. It can mean that you’re detecting that somebody close to you has very warm affections towards you. They can’t quite bring themselves to say it, but you can feel it.

Now, if you’re in a relationship and you see a dream about getting your head split open by a bullet, it can indicate that the people around you who have always been relying on you are putting so much psychological and emotional pressure on you that you’re about to give.

Now, this is often followed by a deep sense of guilt. Does this sound familiar?

Bullets Through the Head in Dreams Can Represent Emotional Pressure

Well, for a lot of people, their parents put a lot of pressure on them. Maybe they have unrealistic expectations, or they have all these demands.

Whatever the case may be, please understand that if you don’t take care of your mental and emotional health, there would be much less of you to give to the ones that you care about the most. It’s a vicious circle.

The more you run yourself ragged, the more you’re going to struggle with anger management problems. Your mental health starts to suffer. Before you know it, this feeling of conflict, guilt, and obligation, as well as competition from your siblings, can prove to be too much.

How does this play out? Well, part of you wants to walk away, get a fresh start, and then come back. Another part of you will act it out.

You find yourself in really weird circumstances as far as your emotional life. It turns out that whenever somebody shows some sort of interest in you, it’s always a guy that’s not your type or a girl that is not your cup of tea.

It can also mean that you’re beginning to change the way you look at your boyfriend or your partner. He may not be the partner that you think you deserve. But is he really? Maybe you’re just confusing him with your outsized expectations or your memories of your father.

It can also manifest itself in awkward situations with persons that could otherwise give you the kind of love that you’ve been craving or you feel you deserve.

What Does It Mean to Dream About a Person Being Shot in the Abdomen or Stomach?

When you dream about someone being shot in the front or side of their abdomen, this can mean that the person that you see in your dream vision is undergoing a number of attacks or problems.

Now, these are not physical attacks normally. Instead, people are talking behind that person’s back and spreading stories. For example, they’re coming up with all sorts of intrigues. In some cases, they might even be working together to create some sort of verbal trap.

Whatever the case may be, you find yourself torn between these two groups of people. You like the person who’s at the center of all the drama—they’re your friend, or you might even have feelings for them—but you also don’t want to create problems by pissing off or disappointing the others that are working against that friend of yours.

You’re feeling really torn on all sides emotionally. Where does your loyalty lie? Do you have the ability you fight for someone you care about at the risk of giving yourself a bigger problem? So you see that person getting shot again and again in the stomach or abdomen in your dream.

What Does a Dream of a Shot Wound to the Face Mean?

When you see this type of gun wound in real life, it’s enough to give you nightmares for weeks on end. They are not pretty. Our faces, after all, are our “personal business cards” to the rest of the world.

We identify each other through our faces. We read all sorts of signals based on the facial appearance of someone else. Are you a good person? Are you the type of person who looks like they’re going somewhere in life? Do your eyes indicate some type of brilliance, intelligence, or insight?

Well, a lot of that is traumatized and thrown into turmoil when you see a gun wound to the head.

If you see yourself suffering a facial gun wound, it can indicate that you’re dreaming about your self-confidence being undermined. Seeing yourself as the victim of this type of heinous gunshot is enough to erode whatever confidence you’ve built throughout all these years.

What Does It Mean That You Died From a Gunshot Wound?

This is a very deep type of dream. It can means that you just dropped the ball.

Maybe there was some sort of issue that you could see a distance away, but, for whatever reason, you didn’t give it enough attention. Things just spiraled out of control, and now, you’re on the losing end.

A gun shot wound dream can also be a sign that one of your co-workers is conspiring against you. Again, this is just your perception. Maybe this person is telling half-truths or is talking behind your back, and you have these feelings about this person.

You can’t quite place it. You don’t know if they support you, if they’re an ally, or if they’re someone that you need to avoid. This is eating you up. Part of you just wants a clear-cut answer.

Believe me, imagining yourself having died from a gunshot injury is a profound answer. It’s black and white. But, deep down inside, the lack of certainty or clear direction is eating you up.

If anything, when you see this type of dream imagery, it indicates that there are always two sides to a story. Don’t automatically believe the version told to you by a person that you’d trust.

The conflict can actually be resolved, but you have to be open-minded. Things are not always as hopeless as they may seem. Situations can always be healed if both parties are willing.

Gunshots Can Also Mean Emotional Cheating

A gunshot injury can also mean that your partner is cheating in one form or other. Don’t think that your partner has to physically have sex with another person to cheat on you. They can also cheat on you if they watch a lot of porn, or they choose their job over you. That is also a form of cheating.

At the root of it, infidelity is all about emotional focus. Who has the superior claim to the emotional focus of your partner—their job, their past, their parents, or you?

Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to be the center of their lives 24/7, nor does it mean that they have to please you all day, every day, but a little bit of prioritization can go a long way.

A Dream of Being Shot and Dying Can Portend Danger for Your Family

Finally, death from a gunshot injury can also mean that there’s some sort of danger within your family. Maybe somebody you know is already sick. It wouldn’t be that much of a stress to interpret your death from a gunshot wound as “predicting” the impending demise of that loved one.

It can also mean that you’re seeing some sort of conflict or fight brewing beneath the surface.

What Does It Mean to Have Dreams of Being Shot by a Woman?

This can be disconcerting to a lot of guys, especially macho dudes. But the reality is that when you dream of getting shot in this scenario, it means that you are reconnecting with your feminine side.

There’s nothing wrong with this. You have nothing to be embarrassed about. There’s a part of you that is a nurturer who loves to communicate through feelings. There’s a part of you that is less of a slave to reason and logic and open to a holistic reading or big-picture understanding of things.

Usually, men who are traumatized by dreams of being shot by a woman are not being completely honest with their intuition. They fear it.

But the truth is, there’s nothing wrong with being an emotional guy—that’s just the way you’re set up and wired. Instead of running away from it and putting up a show to impress others, turn around and embrace it. You’d be surprised as to how living a life of emotional integrity can lead you to higher places.

What Does It Mean to Have a Dream of Being Shot by a Man?

This dream of being shot can mean that you feel that others need you more than they realize. In many societies, the male is still the breadwinner. He is still expected to be the protector and the provider of the family.

Generally speaking, the mother is allowed to be emotional and to wear her heart on her sleeve. Not so with dad. Dad is expected to be silent and strong. Oftentimes, it is understood that he has to suffer in silence.

When you see yourself being shot in this scenario in your dream, it means that part of you wants to step up. Ultimately, the central motif of being a father is to learn to sacrifice for your family—not just in theory, not just in desires or wishes and intentions, but in reality.

At the same time, you cannot practice child sacrifice. In other words, you can’t devote yourself to your career to the extent that you are never emotionally present for your children, especially your daughters. You have to be there.

Now, the good news is that you don’t have to spend eight hours of every single day being there for your kids. If you can only be there three or four hours, that’s fine—as long as it’s all about them.

Dream Example #1

The Homer bus ran speedily on the wrong lane. We chased after him with the same aggressiveness. Vehicles coming in that direction dodged as the kidnappers faced the oncoming vehicles.

It was a daylight abduction. The students were returning from their school when a group of five men ambushed them with guns and forced them into a waiting bus.

Kaduna state had been notorious for kidnapping in recent times, and school children had been the main target.

One of the risks that come with being a police officer is that you have to face hardened criminals including kidnappers, in a bit to reduce the crime rate.

The Hummer bus swerved out of the tarred road into a dusty and un-tarred road. We quickly followed behind in a hot chase.

It was a lonely and bumpy road with bushes on both sides of the road. It appears that the kidnappers know the road very well. The police vehicle is a Toyota Hilux. We were closing in fast.

” Sargent Ade, we need to block them before they get to the end of this road”. I demanded.

“Yes sir” he answered, and he pressed harder on the throttle.

“Sergeant Shola and Sergeant John, get ready. We are blocking them now”.

Before I could finish my statement, a shot was fired by the criminals. The shot hit the side mirror. I unhook the safety of my AK 47 semi-automatic.

I fired at the tire of the Hilux. It missed. Then I fired a second time. The back tire deflated, and the vehicle slowed.

Four kidnappers jumped out of the vehicle hurriedly and took shields in front of their bus. Sergeant Shola marched the brake and the vehicle came to a halt.

I opened the door quickly using it as a guild against any gunshot. The other three police officers also got out and spread into the bush.

I heard the sound of gunshots as the criminals opened gunfire on us. We returned their fire. One of them cried out in pain. A shot had hit him.

As the crossfire continued for about fifteen minutes. The terrified students began to cry. The shots stopped from both sides.

Unfortunately, the criminals took advantage of the moment and dragged one of the students down.

“Put down your gun, or I blow up her head”.

I raised my head from where I was squatting and saw that one of the criminals was holding one of the girls in front of him, pointing a gun to her head.

“If you don’t drop your gun now, I will waste this one”. He shouted angrily.

We became motionless. The situation needs to be handled with care to avoid a terrible mistake.

A gunshot was fired. I looked up to see what had happened. He had shot into the air as a warning for us to act fast, or he would make good his threat.

Then I did the most stupid thing imaginable. I stood up from my squatting position and came out into the full glare of the criminals as I approached them slowly.

“Don’t harm them. Let them go”. I cried out.

I dropped my gun on the floor, where they could see it. One of my men called out to me to stop what I was doing. But I had a plan in mind, but first, the students must remain unhurt.

“Raise your hands and we are going to free them”. He demanded.

“I will do anything, just let the students go “. I raised my hands in the air.

He gestured to the students and they all filed out of the Humer bus. They were eight in number. I was happy and apprehensive at the same time. The students ran in my direction. It was an electrifying moment.

They ran into our vehicle. Suddenly, something struck me. I jerked backward in pain. I felt a painful sensation as my head exploded in pain. I felt dizzy, blood flowed from the upper part of my arm.

I woke up panting and sweating profusely. It was a terrible dream. I was scared to my teeth. I realized that it was only a dream. I could not dare to sleep again that night.

Dream Example #2

It was no surprising evening. I have gone through the majority of my day meandering and was watching the dusk over a skyline of rooftops from the center of the scaffold.

I had tallied the means to track down the specific center. The neighbor of a numb-skull close to me guaranteed I had the centerpiece, yet I was almost certain he was unable to try and tally to ten.

I yawned, extended, and ‘carefully’ left. I was pleased with my information and assortment of abilities.

I bounced the last advances and followed the principal street, running through hordes of individuals.

Suddenly moved toward a side road, lamenting the absence of cash and the attentive business people. I was sitting in my little corner when a feline dropped by.

Essentially murmured, being profoundly fulfilled when the feline rushed off. I turned out to be genuinely dull as I set out once more.

My green eyes sparkled, out of nowhere narrowing at a sharp yell. Inquisitively, I pussyfooted to the fix of light that radiated onto the road.

This piece of the city was typically unfilled. I chose to explore the upheaval and edged nearer to the additionally darkened, abandoned house.

Climbing effectively onto the rooftop from the veranda, and with three speedy advances showed up at the scene.

I situated myself on the windowsill, investigating the two characters inside.

A dull man remained over a cringing young lady. His rich earthy colored hair shuddered as a cool breeze moved through it.

I jumped marginally as the man slapped the young lady.

Tears streaked down her cheeks and the side of her face sparkled red.

“You double-crossed me!” I watched with unblinking eyes. Briefly, the young lady got his attention, yet then, at that point the man generally dismissed her.

I moved, changing my sitting position; a response to his desensitizing leg. “For what reason did you tell them?”

She was quiet. “You’ll pay for this! Mention to me what they said. Mention to me what they know!” She shook her head. The man took out a firearm. “The last possibility,” he said.

The young lady gazed at him; frightened, red-peered toward. “No.” She murmured.

He made a stride back, lifting the weapon hand. The young lady looked unfortunate, yet difficult. The man’s face was twisted with rage. “I never cherished you,” he murmured menacingly. “I surmise I don’t have the foggiest idea what genuine romance is in any case.” she reacted.

He inhaled vigorously, neck tight. “That is it.” She had a surrendered look in her eyes. His arm muscles undulated as they fixed on the firearm.

I looked as his finger surrounded the trigger. The shot repeated through the air, trailed by destructive quietness.

The man got the body and set out toward the window. I cleared out for him, as he tossed her into the profundities beneath.

I considered the man’s messy face. The man smiled and winked and suddenly my eyes opened wide with fear. My forehead dripped sweat over my face and my body shivered but I was thankful enough that it was just a dream!

Dream Example #3

It was Saturday afternoon, and I was resting.

I already finished some errands in the house, and I got nothing to do.

So I used this opportunity to improve my cardio. Maybe a walk in the park or jogging around the community would be best to end the day.

I wore my favorite rose gold activewear.

Everything was set, so I went out of the house.

When I opened the door of my house, I noticed that the weather is fine.

Indeed perfect time to walk or jog around the community. The cold breeze welcomed me. I turned on my Bluetooth and put on my earphones so I can listen to my favorite music.

As soon as I started walking, I see familiar faces of my neighbors doing the same thing as I am. I said hi, and they said hi back.

A lovely day indeed. I love the environment and the people around in my place. We were treating each other as families.

Today is like any ordinary day. People around are busy either exercising or spending time with their family in the park. Every weekend, you will see many people in the park. Some are eating at the riverside, and some are reading their favorite book.

I was running when I felt thirsty. I had to stop by the convenience store because I forgot to bring my water tumbler.

As soon as I opened the door of the convenience store. I was shocked that there is a robbery going on.

The robber wearing a mask and a beanie was standing next to the cashier. He was pointing a gun at her.

He told me to get and pretend like nothing is happening or else he will pull the trigger and kill the cashier.

There were only three people in the store, the cashier, the robber and me.

The robber instructed the cashier to give him all the cash, and so she did. She looked so terrified.

I was shaking because I never imagined that I will witness a robbery myself. And worse is, it is in my own neighborhood.

He started counting the money and shouted to the cashier to give him more. But the cashier told him that it is all that the store has.

The robber hit the cashier with his gun. I saw the woman bled and fainted. I tried to move and help the woman, but the robber told me to stay put.

I was looking for ways to get help when I saw the alarm button three steps away from me.
Without hesitation, I reached and pushed that button.

But the next thing that happened, I felt a sting in my chest.

And I saw blood coming out. Oh my God! I was shot.

At that moment, I felt numb all over my body.

I saw the robber tried to escape, but the police in proximity caught him.

Then I passed out.

I was terrified, and I was trying to catch my breath when I wake up.

Good thing it is only a bad dream.

Dream Example #4

“BANG,” and there’s blood. It’s always the same.

We are walking to the beach, my friends, Andrew, Neil, Renee and me. We want to do a small bonfire because we’re finally out of finals.

We have a month or two before the next semester, and it’s something that we’ve been waiting eagerly for. We rarely take time off, and we ended up rooming at a near-the-campus house.

Because we don’t like to be near other people all that much. We started our trip right at sunset. The scenery and the people watching are some things we all enjoy.

We like to analyze and people-watch, create stories or guess who they are by body language alone. None of us are in psychology, but we’ve learned that paying attention to that can mean life or death at times. And maintain sanity at others.

Many things have taught us that despite liking people watching as a hobby, keep clear of crowds.

We have our blankets, our backpacks with beverages, alcoholic and non-alcoholic. We stopped by a coffee shop to get some coffee and hot cocoa, a few snacks, and continue our walk.

This quaint coffee shop has the best pastries and coffee I’ve ever tasted. And it looks pretty, I mean, cozy couches, small tables with tall or regular chairs, comfy chairs. A few cats that are now living there, like to have pets and treats.

No one knows where the cats came from, but they stayed, and we loved them. White with gray spots and black with so many specks.

Once we had the pastries and hot beverages, we continued our walk until we found the park with a trail with oak trees.

It would take us to the back of some beach cottages and a door to the beach next to a post selling bonfire kits. Or wood if you had everything else for the bonfire.

As we walked and had traveled light from the 2-story house, we always bought our things here. As students, we had a few freelance jobs to keep up with bills.

Between writing, narrating, and coding, we are good in that department at least. Good enough to keep up the house maintenance.

Once at the beach, the weather is perfect. A little warm and a bit windy. The sound of the waves is soothing, the sky is between an orange and purple, marking the start of dusk.

Some stars are coming out, and it’s such a beautiful sight. It meshes at the horizon with the blue, near black water. We start with our tasks.

Renee sets the blankets around the area we’ve designed as the bonfire area. Andrew gets the beverages out, and Neil stacks the wood for the bonfire.

Whereas I’m too clumsy to help, so I take care of the hot beverages. They are at least halfway done.

Once they’re done, I look for my phone to snap a picture of the horizon and us when I remember leaving my phone at the kiosk.

“I’ll be right back,” I tell them. “Where are you going?” asked Neil. “I forgot my phone at the kiosk. I’ll be back in a jiffy.” and pass the hot drinks to Renee and start walking towards the kiosk.

Once I get there, I don’t see Alex, the owner of the simple bonfire post. It’s not closed, but he’s nowhere in sight.

Going to the back, I find a trail of blood. Now, I’m panicking. What happened to Alex? Is that his blood? Who’d hurt him? Phone forgotten, I follow the trail into the path we came from.

Then I see this person, a man my age. Holding a gun and a manic grin, and says, “I finally get to do something fun.” and pulls the trigger. BANG. I look down, and I see that I’m bleeding.

He shot me. For fun, he said. I am backing up when he pulls the trigger several times, and everything hurts. I go down to the floor, and he gets near me, breathing down my neck, “Say hi to him for me.” Who is “him”? I want to ask, but everything goes dark.

Dream Example #5

The things which are unique and weird are hard to forget. So I was working on a winter day when the room is cozy with burning fire on the hearth.

The whole room is clean with no mess and a lot of warmth. The surroundings best describe the evening winter with a snowfall increasing every hour. Around 6:30 p.m. dusky moon of wintertime is about to rise.

In between participation of stars occurred in the airspace. Opening the room window gives a harsh yet calming cold breeze, which forces to shut the window down.

Soon the snow wrapped everything into it. As evening fades away and night begins, the thought of having a hot yummy dinner sets the whole mood.

I resumed my work after dinner. The sky is now full of stars. All it sounds like heaven in the sky. It seems like nature offers its gratitude to everyone.

The everyday sky is giving an impression of getting ready for an event. Talking long hours with the moon and nature and simultaneously working on a laptop has given stiffness to the neck but satisfaction to the soul.

Suddenly an urge for a small nap composed the body to sleep on the desk. I created a space on the table and pulled myself close to the table.

The gap between body and table vanished. The thought of waking up after fifteen minutes still lies inside my head.

It seems breezy sounds and polar winds breaking the silence of the night.

Eventually, I founded myself laid on snowy land. Someone with an unrecognizable face was standing in front of me. By the appearance, I can guess that he is a man with a solid body.

Abruptly he punched me harshly on my stomach. All it sounded as if I got a hit from someone with a wooden plank. H

e has kicked me thrice on my stomach. I fell to the ground and started crawling. After that, I saw a jungle downwards and looked around and realized I am on the mountain edge.

Within seconds, I don’t know how I just fell on a big leaf in the jungle. Everything around me was green, white, and blue. As soon as I can try to sit, I got punched on the stomach.

The pain was the same. This time I was unable to crawl simultaneously pat on my face drew my attention. Then some voices started disturbing me as again I felt a continuous touch on my face.

When I tried to raise myself to recognize the touch, I got something in my hand and woke up by a scream of a kitty.

I rubbed my eyes and pulled myself away from the desk. Sleeping a long night on the plank of a wooden desk has given pain and numbness to my arms and stomach.

The sunshine of the day welcomed me towards a new day to start. The night associated me with something different.

Dream Example #6

I looked into the sky, scared. It was the beginning of the school year. But for me, it was something else. It was either I get my revenge or I die trying.

I tried hard to calm my nerves and to concentrate on the task ahead. Even when I knew the dangers ahead of me, the only way is forward.

The last academic session had been a bad one. I and my best friend had entered into what will change the course of our lives forever.

“Hello ladies”

It was a man in his 40’s. He was well addressed and could pass for one of the bank executives. The black jeep he was driving was new and very neat. It shows that whoever is driving it must be a rich man.

We stopped on the spot and watched as he packed his car very close to us.

“Are you ladies going towards the Island?”

He asked excitedly, revealing a set of white teeth. I looked at Jane, expecting her to decide for us. She was more exposed than I am. And she knew her way around men.

“We are going towards Leventis”. She responded calmly.

“You both can enter, let me drop you off. I am going to the Island “.

He opened the door, while Jane entered the car first.

“Thank you so much, sir”. I said and settled down in the car. The leather seat was soft and speaks of luxury.

“No problem, it’s nothing really” He responds.

“Are you ladies students”. He asked “Don’t mind my asking. Just that you look very much like one” he continued.

“Yes, we are students of the University of Lagos”. Jane answered.

“Oh really!”

“That is lovely. What course are you studying?”

“I am a student of Accounting and my friend is studying Law”. She continued the chitchat with the man for a long time, while I just listen.

We passed the Oyingbo market. And I watch as buyers move about with the shopping.

Jane chats excitedly with the driver. I was not listening to their conversations that went on in the car.

A week later, we were in the class when Jane received a call. But because lectures were going on she didn’t pick. After the class and on our way to the hostel she called the number.

She was excited to hear the other person’s voice and I watched her as she smiled and laughed. Then later she dropped the call.

“Who is this person that you are speaking with, that is making you smile like this?” I asked, curious to know who the caller was.

“It is Mr. Johnson” she answered, still smiling. I tried to recall but I didn’t know any Mr. Johnson.

“Do I know him?”

“Of course you know him. Have you forgotten the man that gave us a lift last week”. Then I remembered.

“Oh! I can remember, but how did he get your number?”

“How else can he get my number? I gave it to him of course” she chuckled. I looked at her carefully. I knew she could be crazy sometimes. Giving a stranger my number is not really what I like, especially someone that is married.

“Alright, just be careful”

“I will, thanks sugar,” she said and hugged me. She was my best friend and I care about her.

About one week later. She broke the sad news to me. She was pregnant with Mr. Johnson and she also discovered that he is not divorced. Contrary to what he told her. I felt so sorry for her, she was helpless.

Then the worst happened about two weeks later.

She came back to the hostel. She complained of severe stomach pain. I quickly got some medicines for her. But she refused to take them, I was surprised.

“Take me to the hospital,” she said. Then we went to the hospital. The doctor examined her for about one hour, while I waited outside. After the doctor’s examination, he motioned me to his office.

“How are you related to her?” He asked.

“We are best friends, and we lived together”

“Okay. Since there is was no other family member here. I have to tell you this’’ he paused, his bowed downward. Then he faced me.

“I have bad news for you”

I jumped up in fear.

“Your friend had an abortion. We tried our best but she is dead.

I cried and cried till I couldn’t cry anymore. I find out that he had forced her to abort the pregnancy.

Tonight I am quite crying, and going to take revenge. I waited for him until he came out from his gate. Then I blocked him.

“Can you please leave the front of my car” he shouted angrily as he came down from his car. Now is the time.

I brought out the gun and pointed it at him.

“Please don’t shoot me” he pleaded. I have made up my mind and I wasn’t backing down. I was about to shoot him, when I felt a sharp pain in my shoulder.

I staggered and fell on my knees. It was a fun shot.
I felt a sharp pain and I slapped the spot. It was a mosquito bite, and I was dreaming. I panted on my bed and breathed heavily. It was a terrible dream.

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