A dream of being attacked by a man

Have you ever woken up trying to catch your breath? Maybe you had a dream of being attacked by a man, or somebody was chasing you?

You find yourself in a dark corner, and when you turn around, it’s somebody holding something and about to strike you. Maybe they have a knife, a broken bottle, or just their balled-up fist.

Whatever the case may be, you wake up in a cold sweat, thinking, “What does it mean to dream about someone trying to kill me with a knife?” Your heart is racing a thousand beats per minute.

Generally, when we see troubling images in our night visions, the emotional stress is enough to wake us up. We’re likely to remember those types of dreams than the ones filled with very pleasant images. That’s just how we’re wired.

How many times have you remembered the half a dozen dreams your mind normally goes through? Chances are, you only remember the ones that had very stressful or troubling imagery. Keep this in mind if you just woke up from a dream of being attacked by a man.

dream of being attacked by a man

General dream interpretation and symbolism of a dream of being attacked by a man

In general terms, to dream of being attacked can be a message from your subconscious mind involving your concerns and conflicts regarding issues of dominance, power, confidence, anxiety, and personal security.

Keep in mind that personal security is not just physical. It doesn’t just involve you being able to protect yourself from physical attacks by others.

It can also involve emotional and psychological security. It means that you are strong enough to be able to withstand criticism or even bullying by a group of people.

When you dream of being attacked by a man, your subconscious is telling you something about your inner issues and anxiety about your overall security. Generally speaking, this means emotional or psychological security. Something is going on in terms of your self-image that unsettled part of you. That’s why you’re having these types of dreams.

Usually, when you have dreams about violence, it signifies that you have an inner conflict, and your waking mind cannot find a peaceful resolution for it.

Maybe you’re brushing things under the rug because you feel that you have bigger fish to fry. Or maybe you think you’re just too busy.

Whatever the case may be, this inner conflict is important enough, so your subconscious is sending you these signals in using violent dreams. This doesn’t represent some sort of prediction, and you will be a victim of an assault or crime or violence. Instead, it’s more of a signal regarding the internal issues that you may have been neglecting or have been in denial of for a long time.

Having this type of dream can also represent that you have a critical voice within you that may have overreached its boundaries, and it’s beginning to cloud your judgment. It may also have gotten so bad that your behavior is changing.

But, in terms of your conscious insight, you think that everything is fine. That’s why you needed to have these dreams.

Another interpretation of this type of dream can relate to aspects that involve your immune system or your mind’s connection with your body. Your subconscious wants to remind you that you should be taking better care of your mental and emotional health because it can lead to physical illness. Your mind and body, after all, are tightly connected.

If you’re constantly under stress and fighting with your inner demons, it can weaken your immune system. This is especially true if, for example, there is some kind of disease or virus going around and you need your whole system in tip-top shape.

I’m talking about the need for your mental and physical health to be as good as possible so you can deal more effectively with threats to your health in whatever form they take.

Common dreams about an actual physical attack and what they could mean in real life

Now that we have the general parameters these types of dreams reflect, what follows are specific versions of a dream of being attacked or hurt by a male.

Please understand that it is these small differences – in terms of identity, context, as well as other details – that play a bigger role in shaping the ultimate meaning of your dreams about attacks.

You know enough to have a good idea regarding the general direction of this dream. Now, you’re drilling down into the specific details so you can have a more accurate read of what this stressful and potentially traumatizing dream could mean as far as your waking life goes.

What does it mean to dream that you’re being burned alive?

If you see yourself in flames caused by someone, and you’re unable to put it out, this doesn’t mean that someone’s actually going to set you on fire. Instead, your subconscious is telling you of your temper.

You’re having a difficult time controlling your rage, and it often spirals out of control and triggers other strong emotions. You end up sabotaging your relationships. You might even be laying landmines for your career or professional life. You’re losing a war against yourself.

You may also be selling yourself short as far as your other ambitions and goals are concerned. Not a good look!

At its most basic, seeing yourself being set on fire and being burned alive indicates that you need to confront your strong emotions. Don’t carry the pain around like a badge of honor.

Please understand that anger is never a sign of strength. It’s the precise opposite. It means that you have lost control of the internal fight raging within your emotions, and you are in pain.

What do dreams about being in a physically abusive relationship mean?

This can get a little tricky because you have to pay close attention to the associated symbols in your violent dream.

On the one hand, let’s say the abusive relationship as part of a pattern in your dream captures several days of basically the same abuse. It can mean one thing.

But if the dream is just about one incident, it can mean something quite different.

If you see a pattern, it can mean that you have some sort of hidden desire for punishment.

Maybe part of you thinks that the abuse, whether it’s emotional or physical, is “normal.” For example, maybe you saw it play out with your mom and dad, and part of you has internalized this happening as normal.

Maybe it’s a reflection that you don’t really value yourself all that much. You want to be kept in place. You want to be told what to do.

Now, please understand that you may be laboring under a false impression of who you are. But if you are completely honest with yourself, and you genuinely and sincerely desire this type of thing, nobody has the right to step in to “defend” you because it’s truly consensual. But you have to be sure that this is exactly the kind of relationship you want.

On the other hand, if the abuse is just a very violent scene, it can mean that you are still recovering from some trauma from the past you haven’t gotten rid of yet. It may not be as harsh as the scene that you see in your dream, but it’s still a form of abuse. You’re carrying that charge to the present day, and your subconscious is telling you that you have to let go of it by confronting and fighting it.

By getting to the bottom of it and making sense of it, eventually, you will be able to let it go so you can start living your life without being bent out of shape and warped by this traumatic experience.

Viewed from this perspective, it shouldn’t be a surprise that your mind is simply trying to defend you, and that’s why you’re having these types of attack dream images. It’s trying to give you a warning sign, yet at the same time trying to protect you.

What do dreams about an attack mean?

Attack dreams can also mean that you’re threatened by something. This includes a dream of being attacked by an invisible force. When threatened, our minds give off all sorts of signals.

Maybe you feel threatened by someone in the workplace. They might not even know you, nor have gotten out of their way to attack or bully you or say anything obviously offensive. Still, the fact that you are aware of them and you are exposed to them threatens you at some level or other. You feel like an attack is looming.

Maybe they are very pessimistic, negative, and dismissive, and it’s beginning to get to you. Why?

Part of you agrees, and this is threatening.

Maybe you’re working really hard to rise up to your fullest potential. Maybe you have a lot of hopes and dreams, and when you come across this person, they give you feelings of relief and peace because they’ve given up.

Alternatively, maybe they’ve dismissed the whole idea of starting out small and then ending up at the top of the world. It’s as if they have two stones because they are basically dead inside. But something about them resonates with you because you want to give up.

Maybe you’re tired of seeing your best-laid plans come to nothing. You put in all the work. You go through all the stress only to have very little to show for. Nothing is happening.

The fact that you can feel a part of yourself being a kindred spirit to these negative people scares you. Instead of running away from it, maybe you should confront these feelings that attack and undermine your trust in yourself.

What exactly is your mind trying to tell you? How does this attack dream relate to the other mental habits and coping mechanisms that you’ve picked up along the way?

Maybe the problem is not the fact that you have, but how you cope with the ups and downs, twists and turns, and bumps on the road as you journey towards them.

Dreams about being attacked by someone can also be a symbol of your feelings of hopelessness. Maybe for the longest time, you have relied on someone older to make your waking life comfortable. Not only did they put a roof over your head and made sure there’s food on the table, but they also sustained on an emotional and spiritual level.

Now that you’ve grown and have left the nest, you’re feeling unsure, and the future seems uncertain because there’s a lot out there that is unknown to you. It’s not like your mom or dad will always be there to shield you from threats, disappointments, and frustrations.

When you dream about being attacked, your vulnerability is speaking to you.

Now, there are two ways to approach this.

  1. You give in and feel insecure and then refuse to do anything about your situation.
  2. The alternative, of course, is to jump into the void and fail quickly.

The journey to any kind of success is complicated by the fact that we’re so afraid of failure. But disappointment is crucial to the learning process. If you don’t try, you’re not going to learn.

And it is precisely these disappointments that are stuck on top of each other that enable you to create a launchpad to the best possible life you could live. It takes risks. You have to take a chance and not shy away because of just the slightest possibility of being hurt or have your ego attacked.

When your mind is sending you these signals of being attacked, your vulnerability is screaming loudly because it doesn’t want to change. You’re going to have to push it out and then drag it through, kicking and screaming until you get to the next level.

Dreams of being attacked can also mean a fear of losing control.

The funny thing about fear of failure is that it’s based on the false assumption that if we don’t do anything, we’ll stay where we are. Very few people recognize this for the failure that it is.

How can you be a success if you don’t change? How can you be happy and fulfilled and be fully developed if you don’t go through some sort of transformation?

Here’s the clincher: it is precisely your journey of trying and failing, trying and getting disappointed, trying and being heartbroken that transforms you. This internal war is absolutely necessary.

That’s precisely what we fear. And pretty soon, if we’re not careful, we start looking at this process as a threat and an attack on our ability to control our lives.

Well, if you are looking at real life in terms of staying in one place and refusing to change, you no longer control your life. Why?

You’ve turned over the keys of your existence and being to your fears.

What does it mean when you attack someone in your dreams?

When you are the one perpetuating the attack in your dreams, it can indicate that you are lashing out because of fears and doubts. A lot of people think that by being loud and being the first person to push back, they are being courageous.

It depends on who you’re pushing back. It also depends on why you’re doing so.

Just being loud and being obvious in putting on a big show is not enough. The most courageous people are actually silent and meek. They do the right thing when it counts the most.

So, when you see yourself in your dream attacking someone, it can mean that you’re letting your fears and doubts push you to lash out.

This is the wrong response. What you’re doing is you’re reacting. You’re not responding.

Maybe this has served you in the past, but it doesn’t do much good now. You only need to think back to when you were a baby, and you would cry out and throw a tantrum; you usually got your way. But you’re an adult now, and the rules have changed.

So, it’s really important to adopt new strategies. Depending on who you’re attacking and in what context, dreams about attacking someone can also mean that you’re being protective of your family.

Maybe you’re shielding a loved one and then throwing some punches at the attacker. Or it can mean that someone is attacking your family, and then you’re protecting them as you punch back.

This imagery can mean that you are truly protective of certain people in your inner circle. Try to remember their faces. Sometimes it’s a shock as to who your most vulnerable relatives are.

What do dreams of being attacked by your enemy mean for your waking life?

If your dream doesn’t involve some random stranger but an actual “enemy,” this is actually a positive sign. In real life, you have identified certain people as individuals that you can’t just get along with.

Maybe you haven’t come to blows, but you wouldn’t want to be caught dead in the same room as that person. The feeling doesn’t have to be mutual for you to have this mindset.

Now, keep in mind that your dream isn’t predicting that this will actually happen. Instead, your subconscious is telling you that you’re making progress.

Deep down inside, you violently resist this person. Maybe it’s their views, their attitude, mindset, or just the way they act.

But you refrain from hurting them. Maybe you found a more productive outlet instead of getting in their face and calling them out.

Your subconscious is telling you that you are growing as a person because your level of emotional control has reached a point where you only lash out in a very physical and direct way in your dreams.

What does it mean to dream about your neighbor hurting you?

When you dream that your neighbor or neighbors are physically attacking you, it can indicate a deep level of self-doubt. A lot of people are their own worst critics. When you see the image of people who would normally help you or at least act pleasant with you attacking, this is a wake-up call from your subconscious.

Your tendency to be harder on yourself and other people is reaching an almost unacceptable level. It’s trying to wake you up from your normal habit of blaming yourself first before other people.

Keep in mind that this type of blame is not an acceptance of responsibility and being mentally accountable. Instead, it’s just instinctive emotional self-harm.

Your subconscious is telling you: “Stop it. You’re paying a high price in terms of anxiety and unarticulated hostility towards yourself. You need to find a better way to cope.”

What does it mean to have dreams about suffering attacks from your friend?

Generally speaking, it’s easy to figure out the meaning of this type of dream. It’s a nighttime vision involving betrayal and broken trust.

But oftentimes, this type of dream is not really about your friends or the people you allow to get close to you. Instead, it’s using that dream dictionary image or dream vocabulary to talk to you about your inner world.

You’ve been so busy and stressed out that you have begun to become your own worst enemy. Your inner world has begun to crumble because of the external stress that you face on a day-to-day basis.

The worst part? You’re clueless about this. That’s why your mind is telling you to slow down and practice self-care.

You may be thinking that you have to take care of other people and attend to their needs. That’s important, but please understand that if you do not take care of yourself first, you won’t be able to take care of others.

What does it mean if you are attacking someone to hurt them in your dreams?

What if you see yourself attacking someone and the imagery is so vivid that it almost seems that you’re about to kill them? Maybe you have weapons, or you are beating them to within an inch of their life.

Well, dreams like this indicate that you feel that you have lost control in some area of real life. This is a part of your life that you are already aware of.

Maybe you have noted it as a problematic part of your day-to-day existence. For whatever reason, you haven’t really gotten around to making progress.

This doesn’t necessarily have to involve getting professional help. It can be relationships with your friends and how you emotionally respond to certain situations.

It can also be a growing sense that you are spiritually forsaken. Maybe your emotional habits have gotten so bad that you can’t help but instantly react in a negative way when you think about certain thoughts or around certain people.

What does it mean when you are dreaming about an emotional attacker?

If you noticed in your dream about attacks that someone is punching you and they’re crying or yelling at the top of their lungs, pay close attention. This makes for a very emotionally draining dream. As you fight back, they’re screaming, and maybe they’re trashing about trying to harm you.

This indicates a sense that you are beginning to lose ground in your efforts to deal with past trauma.

Now, keep in mind that past trauma can take many different forms. It doesn’t have to involve you being sexually abused, molested, or physically burned or harmed, or scarred. It can be as something seemingly minor as being told that you are ugly or experiencing a very public humiliation.

Of course, people have moved on, and if you ask those people who saw what happened, they probably wouldn’t even remember. But you do, and every time that mental image comes to mind, it gets bigger and bigger. Why?

Because your frustrations and unresolved anger today fuels and fuels that past trauma. It’s kind of like a small monster that continues to grow until it becomes an angry giant that threatens to consume you.

Who is at fault? Well, not those people because they’re long gone. They have other problems. That’s how real life goes.

So please understand that you have to take ownership of how you have blown things out of proportion. I know that sounds harsh because every time you think about the experience, it pierces you in the heart.

But you cannot define yourself based on your past hurts. You’re not a victim. You’re a victor.

And if you keep dragging out these hurtful memories and casting yourself as some sort of victim, you become more powerless. What you’re really doing is you’re waiting for people to apologize to you. That’s not gonna happen. The world has moved on.

It’s time to forgive yourself for having “coped” with that issue the way you did, and you have to stop blaming others and give yourself permission to grow up. A lot of people might say that this is tough, but it’s precisely the kind of tough self-love we all need so we can take our lives to the next level.

Dreaming about a child suffering attacks and abuse from their father with a critical voice

This is a very specific image, and it can involve unresolved childhood trauma involving your mom and dad. But the abuse doesn’t have to be physical or sexual.

One of the worst types of abuse is verbal. It’s when a parent keeps telling you the following:

  • You’re an idiot.
  • Nothing’s gonna happen to you because you’ve been a bad boy or a bad girl.
  • You’re a rule breaker.
  • You’re a disappointment and an embarrassment.

Now, a lot of these statements are said, of course, in the heat of you letting them down. But if you keep hearing the same thing, over and over, eventually, their voices stop.

Guess who picks up the charge. You do!

Because now it becomes part of your internal monologue. All of us have this silent internal soundtrack that keeps playing back in our minds, and the more we listen and become part of this repeating process, the more it shapes our lives – the more we are attacked by our own minds.

Let’s put it this way. People are like computers. When you look at a typical desktop or laptop computer, in terms of hardware, they’re indistinguishable. One desktop with the same configuration as another desktop isn’t that much different.

But what makes them different is the operating system. So when you internalize and exaggerate a lot of the things that a parent said to you in frustration, you end up crippling yourself.

The emotional abuse done by your mom or dad, in a certain context, can be blown out of proportion. Pretty soon, because of your emotional habits and thought patterns, you become trapped. It’s as if these words, as cutting and hurtful as they were in the past, have become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Who fulfilled them? Not your parents!

Because, believe it or not, they want you to succeed. They were frustrated, but ultimately, they want you to be happy. Most parents want their kids to have better lives than them. You can take that to the bank.

Please pay attention to the word most. Maybe you had a special case, but generally speaking, most want good things for the kids. The problem is, you’ve taken over, and you’ve gone on autopilot, and it just got worse over the years.

Your subconscious is telling you when you see an image of a child being abused by their dad that you need to wake up. Break the chain.

A lot of the time, this cycle of emotional abuse is intergenerational. Your father may have emotionally crippled you because he himself was verbally abused by his old man, and your grandfather was also emotionally scarred by his father.

You can choose to break the chain.

What does it mean to have dreams about being attacked by weapons?

It depends on the kind of weapon. If it is a projectile like a gun, it can indicate that people are talking behind your back or are misunderstanding you.

Please understand that a lot of interpersonal drama really comes from mutual ignorance. People don’t know where you come from. They don’t know what you’ve seen. So, when they see you do certain things, they automatically substitute their own judgment based on what has happened to them or what they’ve done.

You do the same. I hope you can see the opportunity for misunderstanding here.

Now, on the other hand, if you’re attacked by a melee weapon like a knife or a club, this can indicate that somebody is competing with you. Or at least you feel that somebody is competing with you.

Whatever the case may be, the competition is just all in your head because you can work to grow the pie. You don’t necessarily have to cut up a pie in such a way that for your slice to get bigger, someone has to lose out.

Either way you look at this, by taking the invitation to view things from a different perspective, you may come out the winner.

What does it mean to dream about getting killed by a sword during an attack?

A sword isn’t what you think it is. In many cases, a sword is a strategy you would gladly use, but because of certain circumstances, it cut you.

In other words, you’re trying to get ahead, but since you used the strategy the wrong way or the situation just changed under your feet, you became the victim of your own actions. When you see yourself getting killed by a sword during an attack, it can mean that a lot of your well-laid plans in the past worked against you.

Maybe you achieved some initial success, but you ended up laying the foundations of your downfall.

Does this mean that it’s the end? Is this some sort of judgment against your character and ability to plan for the future? Of course not!

It is, instead, a very helpful reminder of your limitations, and if you are open-minded enough to learn from this mistake, things will get better. After all, the greatest success in life is built on the firm foundations paid for by painful past mistakes.

The key is to learn from these mistakes, and you cannot do so by avoiding making them.

Dream Example #1

Yesterday, on Monday night, when I went to bed for rest, I was in my friend’s home and sleeping in her guest room. It was almost 3:09 AM when I suddenly woke up due to a horrible dream in which I saw a man attacking me.

I saw in the dream that I was shopping in a mall which is nearby to my house. I saw in my dream that when I was selecting different items for me, a person was gazing at me, but I did not bother it and continued my shopping.

Then I went to the counter for my payments of items. I checked my bag and gave a credit card for payment. When I was paying for my purchased items, the suspected man was continuously staring at me, but I again took it casually. I took my shopping bags and left the mall.

Though I lived nearby, I was going to my house on foot. I was happily returning home. I purchased the items required for attending the engagement ceremony of my best friend. I also bought a gift for her. When I was approaching my house and reached the darker side of the road, I felt the noise of footsteps.

I also started to move fast to avoid any unfortunate situation. Someone tried to hold my hand. I threw the bags there and started to run fast. I started screaming while I was running. No person in the darker street could help me in that unfortunate situation.

Then I reached the lighted area of the town. That person almost approached me. He caught my hand then I saw that he was the same person gazing in the mall. He was carrying a knife in hand. I fell to my knees and burst into tears, I requested him not to hurt me, but he looked like a serial killer.

He was not looking like a thief. I asked him who he was? Why did he want to kill me without any reason? But he did not answer anything. He was holding my hand and starting to slap me on my face. I started screaming fiercely. He again started to beat me and asked me to shut my mouth. He pointed the knife at my neck.

I thought it was the end of my life. I was shivering with fear, and tears were rolling on my face. Then suddenly a police van turned in that street, the person saw towards that police van and suddenly stood up and started running in the opposite direction of the police van.

I was lying in a desperate situation. A police van stopped near me. A person wearing a police uniform came out of the Van. I took a sigh of relief. A policeman helped me. Then he asked me to keep calm, and then he asked what happened, but I could not explain anything to him.

Then I suddenly woke up and still thinking by lying on a bed who the person was? And why he was chasing me and why he tried to kill me.

Dream Example #2

It was on Saturday evening, at around 6:05 p.m. The weather was very cool, and the clouds were still very much alive giving the impression that it was going to be a peaceful night little did I know that the night was going to be far from peaceful.

We had just finished our monthly youth meeting in my church which started at 4:00 p.m, and I was lazily walking back home. I had chosen another path home that evening, and it would take me 30 minutes to get home by foot if I had followed the normal route but for no particular reason, I wanted to be alone, and that lonely path would afford me the loneliness that I wanted, and it took extra 30 minutes to get home.

It was a dirt road with bushes as tall as I am, and by the way, I’m 6 feet 4 inches tall, surrounding the dirt road on each side. Trees were all around, and some areas were surrounded by hills. I would have enjoyed the scene if I did not have a lot on my mind that evening.

As I was idly walking down the lonely dirt path, lost in my thoughts, I didn’t hear the rustling of bushes neither did I notice that the sun has already set, given way to almost a dark environment until I had a gunshot.

I froze in my steps, looked around to guess where the sound came from then I heard another one and then came the voice shouting, “Help!, Somebody!”

It was a woman’s voice. Every nerve in me is telling me to mind my business and run, run for my dear life because if the people behind these gunshots know that someone else is close by, it will not end well.

It was that day that I hated the fact that I am a curious person. In minutes, I found myself walking towards where I heard the gunshots and the screams.

The lady was still shouting “Somebody help me!”

Here was thinking I was going to be her savior, superman Gerald to the rescue. To be honest, I was scared. I don’t think I’ve ever been this scared in my life for some reason, I felt excited. As I was getting closer to where I am hearing the screams, I heard another gunshot, and the voice was silent, and She’s dead! I froze up again.

I recovered from my frozen state in seconds, turned around, and was about to make a run for it when I heard another voice,”Please don’t kill me. I’m the only child of my parents.”

With the last bit of courage in me, I ran to where all these things were happening. I managed to get there but was already late. I hid behind a large tree and watched as the scene was unfolding before my eyes.

There are three bodies on the ground, one male and two females. The killers were 6 in number, and all were males. One held the gun pointing to a woman’s forehead, two were guarding the premises, and three were digging a hole which I think was to bury the body.

As I watched in fear of what was happening, then I had the killer’s voice saying,”Finally, it’s time to meet your maker, Evangelist Maria.”

Then came the gunshot. I saw her body hit the ground as the bullet passed through her skull. I gasped! Realizing I had just made a sound, I placed my hand over my mouth but it was too late, they heard the sound and knew that I had seen them.

I was looking around for a place to hide when I heard,”Hey, you! Stop there!”

With a flashlight pointing directly at me, That moment, I felt the blood drain from my body. I didn’t know what to do, where to run. Everywhere was already dark, and I looked at my LED watch, It was 6:35 p.m, thirty minutes had gone by since I started walking down that dirt path.

With the last energy in me, I took to my heels. I ran like my life depended on it because literally, it did.

As I was running, I tried to get as far away as possible from these killers, and I was still hearing their footsteps. Boy! These men were fast runners, I kept running using every adrenaline my body could produce at that time, and I felt I had given them enough distance, but lo and behold! A ditch, I couldn’t pause, I couldn’t stop, next thing I knew I found myself falling in the Ditch.

The next thought that came to my mind was”Gerald, prepare to meet your maker.”

I tried getting up but couldn’t, I had already broken my ankle, and finally, they caught me. With a mischievous smile on his face, he cocked the gun and pointed it at me, and said,”Good night, young man.”With my last breath, I screamed,”No!!”

Suddenly I woke up, sweating like someone that ran for a marathon race in the Olympics then I remembered, I ran!

Dream Example #3

One of the most horrific dreams I have ever had was being attacked in a dream. Here is how it goes. In the dream, it was very late at night. At 11:49 pm, my grandfather, living with my nuclear family, had a convulsion and fainted onto the floor in his bedroom.

My mother, who was with him at the moment, rushed to my bedroom; she reported what had happened to grandpa. Then she gave me some money to buy drugs from a nearby pharmacy. There was nobody else that could have gone to buy the pills.

My father has gone on a business trip and will not be arriving soon. I was the eldest child in my family. My two younger brothers were eight and six years old. And so they could not have gone except me. I changed from my blue pajamas to my gray hoodie and blue jeans.

I rushed to my bicycle inside the garage, and I rode away to the pharmacy, a few kilometers away from my house.

Furthermore, I rode the bicycle as fast as I could and with all my strength. At 12:15 am, I reached the pharmacy, which was still open. I ran to buy the Anti-Epileptic drug, which was Topomax and Dilantin.

After the nurse had found the drugs for me, she billed me, and it was $100. My mum only gave me $50 in cash. For some unknown reason, I had brought with me my credit card. Since the pharmacy didn’t deal with credit cards but only cash, I had to withdraw $50 to buy the drugs.

I then asked where the nearest ATM was, and I went to the back of the pharmacy. I rushed there in haste and withdrew the money. After buying the drugs, I put the pills in my pocket and headed to my bicycle parked in front of the pharmacy. When I got there, I realized the front bicycle tire had been cut.

I was surprised at the moment. I then deduced that either someone wanted to hurt me or prank me.

After trying to fix the tire to no avail, I decided to walk. After walking a few meters away from the pharmacy, I realized a strange-looking man had been stalking me.

When I turned my back to look at him, he was wearing tattered trousers with a dirty long sleeve shirt and a brown jacket. I continued walking faster. He also paced more quickly. As he was catching up to me, I started running.

Within a twinkle of an eye, he ran and grabbed my left arm, and he thrust his knife through my belly. I screamed very loudly and woke up the entire quiet neighborhood. I then hit his face with my bicycle helmet, but he stood poised as if he had not been hit.

He grabbed my head and pushed me to the ground vehemently, and kept thrusting his knife into my belly. Then some people from the neighborhood, realizing what was going on in their street, rushed out to come and help me.

That’s how I was being attacked in my dream.

Dream Example #4

Dark smudges of wool surrounded the sky, and a startling thunder rang loud in the cool air. I found myself running through the thick bushes and tall trees. My mind was a chaotic mess.

I knew I had to run as a man was after me, but I didn’t know who he was and why he was after me. A tall, dark figure, a gray mask obscuring his face, and a deadly Bowie knife in his right hand -this is the best that I could describe him.

I knew I was in a forest, but I couldn’t remember how I got there. All I knew was that I had to escape the atrocious danger lurking behind me. I gazed up at the dark stormy clouds flying above. Soon the drizzle transformed into a torrential downpour.

I felt a spasm of panic sweeping over me as I tried to find a hiding spot but found none. After running for about half an hour, I fell on the ground with a thud, wincing in pain as two thorns pricked my leg. But, I heaved a sigh of relief as I could no longer hear the crushing of the crisp autumn leaves lying on the ground.

After walking further, I found a captivating tree house illuminated with fiery lights. I was in a dilemma- should I go in or not? What if that man was hiding there? A myriad of such thoughts bombarded my mind.

Finally, I mustered up the courage and stepped inside. The view in front of me was spectacular -an elegant room decorated with cushions on the floor. As I was exploring around, I heard a voice from behind. My lips quivered as I tried to open my mouth.

I turned around and saw a pair of green eyes. It was a girl about my age with blonde hair, clad in a pink floral dress. Looking at my petrified state, she spoke in a gentle tone, “Hi. I’m Lily. Please have a seat. I’ll bring you a glass of water.”

My hands trembled as I reached out to hold the glass. Hastily gulping down the water, I could feel her questioning eyes on me. “I’m Eeman. I’ve lost my way in the woods, and a deranged man is running after me. Please don’t ask me further details because I don’t know,” I said. She had a soft, concerned look on her face while she carefully listened to my words. “It’s okay.

You can stay here as long as you want. I, Lily, live alone here. I am an orphan, abandoned by my cruel stepbrother,” Lily responded with a warm smile, though I could feel the agony in her voice. “In case if you’re wondering what I do for a living, I work in a day-care center,” she added.

As I was about to ask her further about her stepbrother, Lily and I heard a loud bang. Before I could process anything that was happening, I found myself lying in a pool of blood. A cacophony of sounds reverberated in my ears, and I could see Lily and the attacker having a furious argument.

But, I couldn’t move; I felt numb. I tried to speak, but my lips felt dry, the words becoming a desert of evaporated water. I woke up with a jerk and sat on the bed, panting.

Relief washed over me when I realized I was in my room. It was 6:am, and I could hear my parents chit-chatting in the kitchen. Though I didn’t want to ponder over my dream, I was still curious. “Who was that man? Was he Lily’s stepbrother? Even if he was, why was he after me,” I thought to myself.

Well, the mystery remains unsolved.

Dream Example #5

I was at a park enjoying my well-deserved solitude after a tiring day when my eye caught a man in his 40s wearing a sunglass. He was seated on the grass looking blankly at the sky.

Strangely, the man has caught my attention although he was just staring at the sky. At this moment, I knew that this was only a dream.

The man was wearing a yellow shirt, which contributed to the fact that he caught my attention. I was staring intensely at him when he suddenly turned his head in my direction. I knew that he saw me staring at him.

I started cursing at myself for being caught in that kind of situation. After staring back at me for 5 seconds which felt like an eternity, I thought that now is the time for me to go home as the sun had finally settled down.

The “walking home” part never came when the scenes suddenly shifted. I found myself looking at the man again but this time, the man was standing, still looking at the sky with his sunglasses on.

The heat pierced through my skin and I was helplessly trying to tell myself in the dream to get out of the park. What seemed like a deja vu, the man turned his head in my direction and stared back at me. His stare was quite intense compared to our first encounter.

What I would normally do if this is not a dream and if only I could fully control myself during a dream, is that I would instantly turn my eye away from the man. However, my stubborn self continued to stare at the man until he went back staring at the sky.

Again, the scenes suddenly shifted. The sun had already settled down then I began to feel the chills as the park started to embrace the night.

The walking home part finally came then I began to make my way home. My hands were inside my loose jacket, trying to keep it away from the cold blow of wind. I passed by an already closed-down store. There was a big mirror in front of it which allowed me to see the man at the park.

He was walking a few feet away from me, still with his sunglasses on. I turned my head quickly and noticed that he was also walking faster than he was earlier. I knew absolutely at that moment that he was after me.

I was at the entrance of my high-rise apartment building when he grabbed my hand. He smiled at me then showed me his crooked teeth. I was able to get away from his grip and made my way to the elevator.

I heard him running after me just as I made my way inside. He caught me by my hair and went inside the elevator with me. He pushed the topmost floor that was the 12th floor then stood in front of me smiling.

I pushed him away which caused him to be agitated. He pushed me back against the elevator’s wall and slapped me hard. While I was trembling in fear, I saw him remove his sunglass. That’s when I notice that the man has a missing eye. I cried and screamed in fear of the man standing before me.

I heard him laugh and said, “I lost my eye when I stared at a man in the park too. Now I’ll let you know how it feels.” I felt a hard poke in my eye and began to lose consciousness in my dream.

Dream Example #6

I can see nothing but the bright yellow light coming from street posts. It is a cold night. Nothing seems unusual. I am walking home from a stressful day at work with nothing but food in mind. How I wish I could speed up walking home or somehow have a car to get to my destination faster. 

Tonight, I chose to venture another path as my eagerness to take on solid food increased. I took a left turn to use the narrow road. It seemed scary. Regardless, it is my only choice to get there sooner.

I took a deep breath as I grabbed my flashlight. You can do it. It is going to be another 30-minute walk, I told myself. 

This narrow path has no other exit nor another entrance but rather a straight dark alley. The coldness of the night brought more shivers than my spine as I heard another footstep along with mine. I dare not look back in fear of what I would have seen.

It grew closer and closer. 

The sound of its heavy foot brought more terror in me. I tried my best to ignore it. Instead, I walked faster as the noise of a possible attacker grew nearer and nearer. I pulled out the courage to look back directing my flashlight at him.

Not to be rude or anything but the noises you are making are terrifying me. 

Could you resort to toning it down a little? I spoke with all the courage in my heart. It stopped and loosened up a wide creepy grin with me pausing while frozen in place. I was about to speak again when it let out a response and said “I’m eager to go home as well.

There is no need to be scared.” I chuckled a little and apologized. 

This could be the result of watching too many horror movies. I continued to walk. As I approached the end of the alley, I looked back to apologize again. He was nowhere. How could that be possible when this is the only exit? I ran as fast as I could.

I brought out my keys but when I reached my mat the door was already hanging open. I can remember locking the door this morning.

My hands were shaking. I pulled the strength to dial 911 when I felt a hard cold metal on my neck with a set of arms holding me. “I’ve been watching you for a week now, my dear,” it said. I panicked and screamed.

I did everything to get away as the metal cut through my skin. Terrifying was it, I thought. I saw my life flashing before my eyes when I was about to accept my fate.

I heard gunshots and a police siren. I lost consciousness. When I woke up, I saw an unfamiliar white ceiling with people swarming around me. As it turned out, a murderer got out of prison for some time now.

If it wasn’t for my initiative to call the emergency hotline. I would have been the next poor victim.

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