Bleeding Eyes Dream Interpretation

Dreaming of bleeding eyes has different meanings depending on your specific real-life situation.

While it’s true that the image of your eyes bleeding in your dream can be enough to wake you up screaming, in many cases, it’s not as bad as you think.

Surprisingly enough, bleeding eyes dream interpretation might lead to some very positive or encouraging conclusions.

Dreaming about this imagery—involving either your own eyes, just one eye, or many pairs of eyes of other people—often relates to the state of your inner self because your eyes are the gateways to your soul. Think about it for a second.

You take in the rest of the universe in five ways: you can see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. But when it comes to immediacy—and I’m talking about your ability to notice or take in a scene or image—you use your vision.

It’s no surprise then that dreaming of bleeding eyes relates to how you take in information and how you process it. In this context, it symbolizes both your real-life consciousness and your subconscious thoughts.

This interrelationship can point to repressed issues or wrong thinking patterns: things that you can see in your waking life but, for whatever reason, you don’t want to deal with. It’s as if you’re looking at a picture, and there’s an 800-pound elephant in that picture, but you’re blind to it.

Dreams About Your Own Eyes Bleeding

When you dream with such vivid imagery, you can’t help but be reminded that you have the ability to pick up on a lot of things going on in your life. It can be a wake-up call for heightened self-awareness, more sensitivity to what’s going on around you, or even spiritual awareness.

Accordingly, such dreams can reflect the issues that you just don’t want to confront. This can also involve unresolved issues.

Maybe at first, you wanted to deal with them, stare them down, and get to the bottom of them. But as things turn out, other areas of your life needed more of your energy. Maybe new people entered your life, and you had other things to think or worry about, so a lot of stuff got lost in the mix.

With that said, this type of dream signifies creativity, positivity, success, and pleasure. Again, it all depends on the context of your dream.

Different Dream Symbols for Different People

We all go through different life circumstances. This much is obvious. But we do tend to use certain imagery to try to get what we experienced across—that’s how we try to communicate certain personal truths.

Adding another layer of complexity to all of this is that we have different attitudes and mindsets about life issues. Although we may be looking at the same thing, we try to tell ourselves different stories about those things. This, of course, reflects in the differences in our behavior.

This is definitely true when it comes to negative situations. For example, if you’re going through a heartbreak or experience abuse in an area of your life, you may communicate about or deal with that situation in your own way, based on your past experience.

Some people think that there’s only one way to communicate experiences that almost all of us go through, but that’s not true.

You not only have to look at someone’s background and what they’ve been through; you also have to understand that people communicate and mentally process information differently at specific stages of their lives.

I’m sure that if somebody asked you how you would interpret a dream of bleeding or bloodshot eyes when you were 12, your answer would probably be very different than what you would come up with when you’re 25 or 45.

It’s important to keep this in mind because the dream meaning of this imagery can indicate pain from the past. This can take different forms.

General Interpretations of Dreams About Bleeding Eyes

It can be a lost love, disappointment, or some form of low-key betrayal of faith by someone you trust. It can also speak to our fear of the unknown and a creeping understanding that an event will somehow trigger our lives to be turned inside out.

This dream indicates a very deep pain and the matching internal conflict that it triggers.

Just because something is painful doesn’t automatically mean a person would shy away from it, although this is what we’d normally expect. But, interestingly enough, for whatever reason, a lot of people hang on to painful situations.

To dream about other people’s bleeding eyes means you have sexual desires. It’s possible this dream indicates a desire for the opposite sex as well as same-sex attraction, depending on your situation.

Common Dreams About Eyes and Their Interpretations

Now that you have a clearer understanding of the general interpretation of dreaming about eyes that are bleeding—whether your own eyes or someone else’s—you have to put it in the context of the common dreams people have about eyes. By understanding the context, you can then relate the details of the interpretations below to what you actually witnessed in your dream.

The interesting thing about bleeding eye imagery in a dream is that it’s so vivid and so in-your-face that you run the risk of forgetting all other details that form an important context for your nighttime vision.

This is important because you may be so focused—and maybe even emotionally drawn into that dream image of eyes bleeding—that you overlook a key detail that would actually completely change the true meaning of your dream.

So when you find yourself seeing a recurring motif of blood-red eyes in your dreams, be on the lookout for the following signs. They form an important context that would enable you to get to the bottom of what those dream images really mean.

Interpreting a Dream About Cruel and Angry Eyes

If you dream about cruel and angry eyes, it reflects your inner self as ruthless, insensitive, narcissistic, rude, and offensive to others. Now, is this reality?

It may be just your self-impression manifested in a dream. You may be beating yourself up, blowing things out of proportion, or being unfairly harsh on yourself.

But if you notice that other people are saying that you have these traits, then you might want to sit up and pay attention to this dream symbolism.

Dreams About Eyes Popping Out of Their Sockets

When you have this dream of someone’s eyes popping out, it can symbolize that you are being influenced by somebody else. A lot of people automatically think that this is some sort of devious or suspicious figure, but outside influence can come from your loved ones.

How many times have you found yourself believing in certain things or assuming certain things not because your interpretation is based on your actual lived experience, but it was something that was handed on to you by your grandmother, and your mother, and now you?

Also, if you are hanging out with a group of friends, does it seem that a lot of their values and ways of looking at the world eventually become yours as well?

Be on the lookout for this. Outside influence symbolized by dreams of eyes popping out of their sockets can come from many different sources. This dream can serve as a warning that somebody or something could end up having control over your life.

A lot of people would, of course, stand up against this because we want to be independent. We want to live our own lives. But wait a minute.

When you accept other people’s assumptions without question, then you’re ultimately being controlled by that mental programming with your complete agreement and consent. Nobody’s pushing your buttons. Nobody’s twisting your arm. But it’s still outside control.

Dreams of Having a Third Eye

The idea of a third eye in a dream involves some sort of deep insight that just pops out of nowhere and makes sense of otherwise confusing situations or reveals your connection with some sort of deep inner mystery locked within you, as well as in the outside universe.

It is rooted in the introspective, empathetic, and even clairvoyant aspect of your consciousness. I don’t want to make this sound more “magical” than it needs to be, but—believe it or not—you’re more sensitive than you give yourself credit for.

Just as the things that you say and do are signals to the outside universe, we also pick up on these signals—not just with our eyes, ears, taste buds, nerve endings, tongues, and nose; it goes deeper than that.

When you keep seeing images of a third eye in your dream, that part of yourself is trying to wake you up. It’s trying to tell you that you might want to spend more time alone or practice mindfulness and meditation, so you can get in touch with these deep inner truths that can lead to some sort of spiritual awakening.

What Does a Dream About Sad Eyes Mean?

Dreaming about sad eyes can mean that you are disappointed about something in your life. You can be hurting inside about a choice that you made or choices that other people made that had a great deal of impact on you.

Depending on how sad the eyes are in your dream, it can lead to a sense of hopelessness. You end up feeling trapped in a negative situation because you keep making one wrong decision after another, and you just cannot get out of the grip of the consequences of your wrong choices.

What Does It Mean to Dream About Cat Eyes?

A dream about cat eyes, fish eyes, or any other type of animal eyes is a good sign that you’re developing beginning awareness of your ability to get out of tricky situations or maneuver a new phase of your life.

A lot of us are more resourceful than we give ourselves credit for. Also, we are more attentive than we give ourselves credit for. But the problem is when we’re so focused on how we normally think and how we normally deal with problems and situations, we tend to ignore these other aspects of ourselves.

Just like with physical fitness, if you don’t exercise a particular part of your body or a particular skill, it lays dormant. It doesn’t die, disappears, or completely falls apart. It’s still there, but it’s not as strong and effective as if you use it regularly.

The same applies to dreams about cat eyes.

There is a part of you that is able to jump to an answer even with very few clues. You just have to trust your intuition, and you have to go through several steps of trial and error, so you can learn to trust yourself enough.

What Do Dreams of Crossed Eyes Mean?

If you are dreaming about crossed eyes, it would mean that despite what’s going on around you—and despite the fact that there seems to be some sort of disaster unfolding in certain areas of your life, or you feel stuck, frustrated, and regretful when it comes to certain things—you end up being at the right place at the right time.

This dream imagery involves not seeing the world the way it really is but still ending up getting to your destination.

The funny thing is the more you get out there—and the more permission you give yourself to try, experiment, make a mistake, try again, get up, and explore—the luckier you get. It’s as if the universe rewards activity. Funny how that works, right?

There’s really no luck in this. It really just points to the fact that you just have to keep going.

Sometimes, when people tell you that something can’t be done—or you should just give up—when you purposely cross your eyes, and you just see things in a warped way, you end up where you needed to go in the first place.

Dreaming of a Pair of Beautiful Eyes

When you see an image of attractive eyes in your dream, it may signal that a new romance is coming into your life. It can indicate falling in love with somebody you are already in love with.

In other words, beautiful eyes reflect new dimensions, new aspects, and a sense of possibility.

You have to understand that the person that you’re with can seem old, boring, routine. But the only reason why they look like that to you is that you allowed that image to form in your mind.

When you start looking at your significant other in a different way, they will always remain beautiful or handsome because you never let things settle down. You never let your romance become routine.

This is how significant this particular dream image is. Somebody can have attractive eyes and have a very old face. Somebody who is in a coffin can also have wonderful eyes. It really all depends on how you choose to look.

If you keep seeing this image in your dream, it can be an invitation to see the persons you already have a relationship with—either your family or your significant other—in a different light. It can bring back a lot of the excitement of the early romance or early relationship and a sense of adventure that you had with those people.

Your relationships, at the end of the day, do not have to be routine.

To Dream of People Who Wear Glasses

To dream of people wearing glasses indicate that these people have a clearer view of life in general. These people have a better perspective than you. It would probably be a good idea to get their views or ask them for advice.

When you see an image where it starts out with people who wear glasses, and then at the end, you start wearing glasses, it might indicate that you would need to have a clearer perspective about some things in your life. There may be very big issues in your life that you are trying to deny, sweep under the rug, or otherwise ignore.

The more you see eyeglasses worn by people—and you somehow end up wearing glasses on your own eyes—the more it indicates the need for such a transition.

To Dream About Eye Mucus

Eye mucus is that crud that you find in your eyes when you wake up. Nobody’s immune to this. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have bad hygiene. In fact, if you suffer from dry eyes and you rest, when you wake up, you might have some dried eye mucus on your eyes.

This imagery can suggest that you do not really see things as they are, or you’re not picking up on details that you should be paying attention to. This can, of course, lead to clouded judgment and unnecessary tension in your relationships.

It can also mean speaking out when you have no right to because whatever it is you’re saying is misguided and not based on complete information.

Finally, the eye mucus dream image can also mean that you are letting someone’s influence on you have a direct negative impact on how you behave.

Dreaming About Eye Contact

When you’re dreaming about eye contact, you’re looking forward to meeting someone. You feel comfortable with them like you’re intimately connected. You’re under the impression that they “get you.”

This can also lead to some sort of mutual understanding. Maybe it’s a business deal. Maybe it’s a romantic association. Or it could be just a friendship.

An eye contact dream means effective communication not just on a mental level but also on a heart-to-heart, intimate level. This, of course, leads to a sense of trust.

The more you engage in eye contact with that person in your dream, the deeper the trust.

Dreaming About Closed Eyes

When your dream imagery centers on closed eyes, and it becomes the main motif of your dream, sit up and start paying attention.

This imagery can indicate that you’re not willing to confront some truths about yourself when you find yourself in certain situations. It also means that you’re trying to bear some sort of emotional or physical pain when you don’t need to. This can lead to deep pain on an emotional level.

When people look at you, they may think that you’re completely fine and normal. But, deep down, you’re feeling a lot of pain, and you’re closing your eyes on it and trying to channel it or somehow deny it.

Your dream of closed eyes can indicate that, just like a volcano, a lot of that negativity that you have suppressed for so long is bubbling slowly to the surface. Right now, it takes the form of a fairly benign or harmless image: closed eyes. But, pretty soon, it can translate to an explosion.

Not necessarily one of anger or you lashing out—it can also mean that you’re just acting in a way that gives people the wrong perception or wrong impression of you. This can lead to a sense of powerlessness.

You’re sending out these signals, and you really can’t control how people interpret them because you’ve closed your eyes to certain things about your being.

Dreaming About Gouging Someone’s Eyes Out

This is a very violent dream. It means putting your fingers into the eye sockets of another person and forcefully removing their eyes.

When people have this dream of gouging other people’s eyes out, it’s in the context of fear.

Generally speaking, when you have this nighttime vision, you are afraid that someone close to you will spill your secrets. You are afraid that somebody will discover something about you that makes you feel vulnerable, weak, and dependent.

It’s not a surprise that a lot of people who have this dream wake up in a cold sweat. They feel so naked, powerless, and weak. It’s as if all your secrets—all your vulnerabilities—are just coming out, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Dreams About Different-Colored Eyes

Dreams about red eyes or bleeding eyes symbolize inner conflict, which can easily boil over into external, more obvious conflict.

It can also mean sacrifice. How many times have you let go of your own plans or your own pleasure for the sake of somebody else? This is not a bad thing. In fact, it’s a good thing.

The more sacrificial you are, the more rewards you get in the future. This is called delayed gratification.

But if you see that you’re always suppressing what you want and your goals or life purpose for somebody else, and you’re not getting anything in return, then your vision of red-colored eyes can indicate that there’s something wrong.

To dream of this imagery repeatedly indicates that you may be in an unbalanced relationship. This doesn’t just mean your significant other; it could also mean your relationship with your parents.

Dreams About Red-Colored Eyes

To dream of blood-red eyes or that start out as red indicates bad intentions behind this routine sacrifice.

You’d be surprised as to how many people would automatically step on you despite the fact that you let go of something important so they can be happy. It’s as if they feel that they’re entitled to what you did. So what happens next?

That’s right. They demand that it happens again. So it repeats itself. Before you know it, you feel trapped.

To dream of red eyes or bleeding eyes can indicate feeling powerless in a relationship because you’re bound by some sort of obligation, or you “owe” this person your life.

This leads to destructive internal emotional health and negative thinking. Pretty soon, you start feeling that you’re very small, insignificant, and that the only thing that you deserve is to be stepped on.

Make no mistake; to dream of bleeding eyes in this context leads to a profound sense of powerlessness.

Light Green Eyes Represent Healing and Improvement in Your Life

The color green can indicate greed and envy, but it can also indicate growth.

To dream of light green eyes can mean that there is a sense of renewal in your life. Maybe you can see things turning a corner and beginning to improve. Go with it. Allow yourself to feel good about this new turn in your life.

Unfortunately, to dream of light green eyes can also mean greed, jealousy, or arrogance.

What Do Blue Eyes Represent?

To dream of blue eyes is to put yourself in a state of creeping distress.

You can’t quite put your finger on it, but it seems like you’re not in control of your personal life. You feel troubled and unsettled. It’s as if your personal peace has been taken away from you, but you really can’t quite put your finger on what caused it.

This is because to dream of blue eyes can also mean to reconnect with the sense of innocence that you have.

Generally speaking, when people are innocent, it’s a good thing. Unfortunately, in this context, it leads to a sense of confusion.

You’re like a blank slate, and there’s a creeping feeling in the pit of your being that something bad is going to happen to you because you don’t have the information that you need to properly prepare to get out from under the influence of something that’s coming.

A Dream About Black Eyes Symbolizes a Conflicted Soul

Finally, to dream of black eyes indicates fear, pain, and internal conflict.

Black is the absence of light, and if you thought dreaming of blue eyes is uncomfortable, wait until you see images of black eyes.

Now, again, it’s important to look at the focus of your dream. So if you just see somebody with these eyes—or even just a person’s one eye with this color—in a crowd somewhere in your dream, don’t worry about it. That’s just another face in the crowd.

But if you see them a lot—like black paintings, black eye T-shirts—or you see black in many people’s eyes in your dream, especially in a crowded scene—like a subway or bus—sit up and pay attention.

This means that there is some sort of inner conflict. You’re dealing with fear, so look for context, have faith, and be brave. Be courageous.

Ultimately, your faith in yourself will help you make more sense of things, and you would be able to wake up with a strong sense of confidence.

Dream Example #1

My eyes have been itching since morning. Suddenly, a strong burning sensation passed like a flash of lightning.

I was restless. I went to the eye specialist in the evening. She was the most trustworthy eye doctor I have ever found.

I had some weird vibes as I entered the premises but I convinced myself that it was just a hallucination.

I waited in the outside waiting area for a while. There was a constant wave of burning sensation in my eyes.

The floor was clean as crystals! There was just me, the receptionist, and no other patients. The receptionist was constantly talking with someone on her phone.

It seemed like she was frightened and trying to express her fear of something.

I found it weird but ignored it sooner as I was unable to hear the conversation as I was sitting at a far distance.

Finally, the doctor rang the bell and called me for a check-up. I hurried as the pain was becoming unbearable as the minutes passed.

I sat on the patient’s chair. She started checking my eyes. She grabbed a torch and flashed the light on my pupil.

I felt a bulging sensation in my eyes. She took away the torch. Yet, my burning sensation was increasing like hell.

I placed the index finger on my lower eyelid and removed it. I perceived something sticky on my index finger. It was blood! I immediately rushed to look into the mirror. There was blood all over my face and my eyes had turned into a red blood clot and were rolling out blood droplets.

I was scared as hell and dashed to the door of the clinic to step away.

To my surprise, the receptionist was standing there. She was trying to tell me something and not allowing me to step out. I was angry & frightened. She was crying weirdly.

In the meantime, I realized that she won’t let me go out. I hurried to reach the window to escape from there. The pain in my eyes was becoming more & more severe.

I saw a window in the other corner of the room. I was running speedily to reach there but wasn’t reaching there.

I tried hard to reach the window to step outside. I failed miserably.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, the eye doctor came to me and was trying to console me.

She was acting carefully and empathetically although it seemed unnatural. I was unable to trust her and by the time, the blood stained my clothes badly.

She, the eye doctor, was putting her fingers on my eyelid trying to examine my eyes. Her fingernails were pinching my eyeballs.

I was experiencing intense pain in my pupils every time. She kept on pretending like she was helping me out.

I tried to escape from there but failed all the time. It was getting unbearable and miserable. In no time, the intense circumstances worsened and I opened my eyes.

I felt horrified and was unable to realize that it was a dream for a while.

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