Dreaming of witchcraft

It’s important to note that the mainstream media, especially Hollywood movies, portray witches in completely unrealistic ways. In reality, witches come in many different forms, and it would help if you disabuse yourself of many misconceptions because if you filter the meanings of witchcraft and its deep symbology through Hollywood or media images of scary, old women, you’re going to get lost.

Now that we have that cleared out, let’s begin our dream interpretation.

General dream interpretation and symbolism of dreaming about a witch

If you’ve been dreaming of witchcraft, your subconscious mind is telling you a very deep and profound truth that you need to listen to.

The basic idea of witchcraft is to tame Nature and all its forces and powers through the prism of Self. This is going to be a problem because real control can only be found when the Self is put in its proper place as far as the Universe goes.

Ultimately, what makes witchcraft dangerous is its focus on the Self. It’s very tempting to fall for the notion that the whole Universe revolves around you.

I’m sure you’ve had the elementary or middle school revelation if you will, that if you die, everything else dies with you. After all, if you are not around to perceive reality, then there is no reality.

There’s only one problem with this. The world existed before you. It is existing now as you make your journey through it, and it will continue to live long after you are dust.

That’s right!

When you are forgotten and everybody you know is equally forgotten – and everybody they know, up to their great, great-grandchildren – the world will continue to exist.

So any impression you may have of its powers and limitations doesn’t really count. You have to look at the world based on how it really is, not based on how you imagine it to be.

This is going to be very hard because the concept of witchcraft is to tame the unknowable, the uncontrollable, the dark, the uncertain, and the unpredictable into a form that can be subservient to the Self. This is the core of the symbology and archetype of the witch.

It is the female gateway to unknowable and unbelievable power, but it is very delicate because it has to override human nature. There is no doubt that the focus of witches’ knowledge, whether in the form of witches’ brew, hexes, spell craft, and other belief systems, are stand-ins for the real powers that the Universe has. This is beyond doubt.

We are being presumptuous and full of ourselves if we believe that we can slice and dice everything the Universe has into a series of neat, little equations. That is the intoxicating lie behind Science.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Science is great at handling things you can measure, but that’s precisely its limit because the Universe goes beyond things that you can see, conceive, measure, and predict.

Understanding the imagery of a witch in your dream

The witch in dreams stands as the connecting point or doorway, if you will, between our waking consciousness and the infinite expanse of the Unknowable.

Quite a powerful figure!

And it’s no surprise then that, given the tendency for humans to become selfish and frame this very potent knowledge in purely selfish terms, a lot of philosophical and spiritual traditions have viewed witchcraft and witches in a negative light.

And since this is so self-centered and prone to idol worship or superstition, it is presented as a dark art, i.e. an extension of Satan. Not surprisingly, dreams involving witches are often immediately correlated to devil dreams and their meanings.

Witches and witchcraft in the Bible

In the Hebrew Bible, witches are viewed as avatars of idolatry: the occult. Just a look at the Witch of Endor in the Hebrew Bible’s Book of Samuel.

Indeed, there is such a strong connection between witchcraft and idolatry that the Book of Leviticus in the Old Testament commands those who practice this type of knowledge to be killed through stoning.

But is there more to it than that? Well, the clue is in its connection with idolatry.

If you turn the ability of knowing and the witch claims this as a personal agency, then this amazing knowledge or way of life is done for the service of the Self and its limitations. Put simply, the witch is just yet another priestess or priest for idols.

In the West, there’s been a long-standing mistrust of idols and the idea of a false prophet. If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense because to reduce all that is unknowable and all that is powerful in the Universe to analogs of humanity is a bit self-centered.

It’s as if we can only understand what’s out there if we reduce it, degrade it, put it in a neat, little box that we can move around and label. It’s as if we are denying a greater reality because you have to understand that, ultimately, you reduce yourself to a lower level than what you idolize.

So, if your idol is a dog, it means that you are lower than a dog. Accordingly, if you are idol is a man, then you are lower than that man.

Not surprisingly, the Hebrew Bible is iconoclastic. It commands the destruction of icons. It rebukes idolatry and encourages those who believe to let go of their personal idols as well.

Keep this background in mind when focusing on the witch character in your dream.

A dream about witch, witches, and their contextual details

When you’re dreaming of a witch or of practicing witchcraft, make sure that this is the central motif of your dream because if the witch is just like a passing detail or worse yet something that just figures in a conversation you had in your dream, your dream might be about something else. It might not be about a witch or what a witch does.

This figure has to be in the center of your dreams. As much as possible, try to remember if the witch character is repeated several times in the dream or, better yet, if you’re having a conversation with her.

One way to know is to determine if your dream involves you either listening to a witch talk at some length or conversing with them. If that’s the case, then you know that this is the proper post to read.

The guide below will help you understand the meaning of that witch figure in your dream and why, ultimately, you’re dreaming of witchcraft.

What a witchcraft dream could imply

A witch in your dream could indicate spirituality

In general terms, when you dream of a witch figure practicing her craft, it can be a sign that your subconscious is sensitive to your personal spiritual journey.

Before we go further, please note that the word “spiritual” is a very broad label indeed. Many people automatically think that once they see that term, they equate it with religion or philosophy.

Believe it or not, “spirituality” is much broader than that. It covers the day-to-day mindset that governs your thought processes.

That little script that nobody hears but you is covered by that broad term. Everybody has this inner monologue.

Sadly, not enough of us are aware of it, and that’s why we tend to live our lives in confusion. If, however, we were to stop and pick apart the things that we say to ourselves – and this is an important point related to dreams about a witch – we’d be surprised as to how our waking lives line up with this inner monologue.

Dreaming of a witch could represent self-worth or self-image

When you experience dreaming about witchcraft, your subconscious may be telling you that you have been living based on this inner script or this set of beliefs you have about yourself may be wrong or undergoing a profound change.

Either way, you need to sit up and pay attention to this dream. You need to become more awake as to how you think about yourself and how you see yourself. This is practical spirituality because it is at the root of how you define yourself.

A witch dream could point to persisting ideas of victimhood

Believe it or not, there are a lot of people out there who are paralyzed. I’m not talking about them having had spinal injuries or the nerves of their lower limbs no longer working.

Instead, they believe in certain things about themselves and have cut themselves out of many different possibilities. They are operating under this self-imposed script that tells them who they can and cannot be, where they can and cannot go, and how far they go in life.

But if you were to call them out on it, they will say, “Well, this is a choice.” Others would say, “It’s my identity.”

Some are even convinced that this is their destiny. Maybe it was handed down to them from their parents because they saw their parents live the same way so they automatically assumed that this is the way they can live their lives.

But in reality, it is you who defines how far you can go and where you can go.

This is where your personal spirituality plays a big role in your journey. It is driven by belief.

The real meaning behind personal spirituality

Please understand that there are two levels to this belief system.

Most of us are intelligent enough to pick up information from the rest of the Universe. We’re able to comprehend many thoughts from many different places that apply to different areas of our lives.

We all have this natural intelligence regardless of our IQ scores. That’s not the issue. The issue is that even though we know certain things, who do we choose to trust?

Consider this example.

I can talk to you for hours on end to draw your attention to your potential and your natural competence to achieve great things in your life. No, I’m not talking theory.

Instead, I direct your attention to several examples where you have taken ideas and turned them into reality. You may not exactly believe that you’re capable of great achievement, but past events in your life say otherwise, believe it or not.

What am I talking about?

That’s right! I’m talking about your ability to achieve personal goals.

But there will come a point where you will stop and say: “Well, I can’t do that. That’s not who I am.”

Here is a question you should ponder: If you were able to do certain things in the past, what’s stopping you from taking it to its logical conclusion? Why don’t you scale it up and level it up to where you deserve to go?

We set our own limitations in achieving our dreams and desires

It’s as if you have this imaginary boundary around your life path. No matter how bright and clear your past accomplishments were and how aware you are of your skills, talents, and abilities, you view these as half-baked.

This is why most of us have a tough time believing that we can do what Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man, is able to do, provided we believe in ourselves and our abilities to reach our dreams.

This is where your trust breaks down because the belief is there; the ideas and meanings are there; the intelligence is there, but the trust is missing.

Self-worth is key to individual success

You need to realize that if you want to live your life to its fullest potential, you have to trust yourself enough to take action on the things that you know to be true. This is crucial to your spiritual journey.

You have to understand that every single baby born out there is born with limitless possibilities. Unfortunately, as the baby gets older, he or she is taught, conditioned, and instructed to believe that they are weaker, more limited, and ultimately more powerless than they truly are.

Quite a tragedy!

And this is why the witch archetype, especially in dreams, is so powerful because it stands in the doorway between the limitations and grinding frustration of day-to-day life and the unlimited, unharnessed, and the unknowable deep well of human potential.

In the case of the witch, since it is usually portrayed as women, it is cast in a very misogynistic and sexist frame: evil, bitchy, unreliable, and fickle woman – you name it.

But this is just ignorant grasping for the totality of what the witch really represents – woman or not – because the tendency to be self-serving is taken out of the equation.

The femininity of the witch

The witch is feminine in nature because it explores the chaos, the unshaped form that is very fertile because of its raw potential. She is just a gateway to power because she inspires by causing turbulence and upheaval.

To someone who wants to live in a more ordered world or who likes to put grids on life, this is nothing short of a horror story.

But think about it. Life can only come from chaos. That’s where it draws its energy.

For example, if you’re going to plant a crop, what is the first step that you need to take?

That’s right! You need to till the soil because before it was packed down, maybe stamped by livestock and maybe there are tufts of grass and weeds all over it.

On the surface, it’s orderly, but to make it come to life and live up to its potential, you have to break it up.

That’s chaos. That means separation, violence, disorder. Worms come out, and who knows what else?

This is how the witchcraft dreams and dreaming of witches must be interpreted.

Seeing a witch in a dream could represent potential

Your subconscious is communicating about your scary potential.

It’s scary precisely because it cannot be tamed. It cannot be reasoned with. It cannot be intimidated.

You cannot put it in some sort of grid and reduce it into an equation that you can call on again and again, much like some sort of personal genie. It’s more powerful than that.

And no wonder a lot of those in ages past dismissed the witch. She is someone you should fear, not talk to, and should be barred from society.

But all such images of the witch are a connection in all of us to our potential. And just like any strength, if you harness it right, it can provide you with the motivation, purpose, and light that you need to get to where you wish to go.

Now, that sounds great on the surface, but it is crucial.


Any kind of journey will involve ups and downs, twists and turns, and challenges. Many will misunderstand you; there will be others who will attempt to stab you in the back, leave you hanging, and otherwise try to abuse you.

Some even actively block your path because they don’t want you to achieve what they failed to achieve. You represent a threat to them much like witches and witchcraft have been treated by humans for ages. They just don’t know it yet, and it scares them.

But there is one other enemy that your dreams are warning you about. This is the only real power that causes humans to fall time and time again.

What is this thing that can certainly reduce you and anybody else into a victim?

Well, I’m not talking about spells, I’m talking about you.

You control your life and decisions

You see, if you do not give yourself permission to change or to succeed, nothing is going to happen. You are the witch that holds the key to the vault of enormous potential located in you.

This is your connection to the Universe. This is how the Universe channels its magic through you. It is your connection to the infinite.

It is not because you are infinite; it’s because there’s a portion of your being that’s connected to something greater. You are the witch, the doorway, the gateway, the keeper.

And a lot of us have fears surrounding this revelation. We would rather fall back into our comfort zones than face this internal battle, much like a fish taking refuge in rocks in a coral reef instead of boldly swimming in the vast expanse and reach of the ocean with all its limitless bounty and blessing.

This is evil because there’s so much good you can do. You have so much love you can give if you can only overcome your fears.

You are your worst enemy

When you fall back on yourself, you collapse into your own selfish and self-centered conception of your being which is reduced to limitations. You’re actively blocking the Universe’s blessings from going through your life.

Believe it or not, you are born for a purpose, and that purpose is to share blessings with others. We are all to be channels of the Universe’s blessings with others, but that blessing takes many different forms. In some cases, that blessing can mean challenging others.

But it still has to be allowed to flow, and as the witch symbol in your life, you may give in to the ignorance of your true power and role and block all of that.

This is why it’s crucial to understand and explore your witchcraft dreams.

A witch dream could pertain to personal power and autonomy

Dreaming about a witch is not to dream about heaving a cauldron that you stir and putting some weird spices and herbs there to brew potions. These are not Disney dreams about witches.

Instead, when you visualize your dream seeing a witch, you’re appearing into the infinite universal power most of us have in our lives. We are all gateways.

This is what makes this dream interpretation so hard for many to accept because most of us are afraid of our personal power. In fact, a lot of us are afraid of our freedom.

Most are worried about their reputation. Some automatically think that seeking deep wisdom that connects them with the Universe that goes beyond labels is somehow evil. No wonder most people willingly quiet desperate lives of smallness.

Commandeering your own internal script

When you have dreams about witches, get those stereotypical ideas out of your head. You’re not looking at a witch on a broom or some old woman figure with a black pointy hat in your dream.

Witchcraft dreams sink deep into your psyche because it impacts your belief system. Just as Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “No one can make you feel lousy without your permission.” You won’t be able to access information about your connection to universal power unless you give yourself permission.

This dream is not about peering into a crystal ball to channel spirits or some witch giving you an apple or any of those media symbols of this otherwise ill-perceived spiritual power.

The truth is, witchcraft has evolved from evil spirits and a foreign and forbidden image to a symbol of exploration, learning, enlightenment, and the willingness to go beyond boundaries.

Dreaming about a witch hunting or seeing a witch can point to a personal awakening

A witch in your dream could be your subconscious telling you that you are going through some sort of transition in consciousness.

This is big! Sit up and pay attention to this dream image because if you’re feeling stuck in certain areas of your life and you’re frustrated with certain decisions that you’ve made or you have misgivings about certain memories, something is about to change.

The question is, are you going to be in control of that and at least be aware enough so it proceeds in a way that doesn’t harm you? Or is it going to be a very erratic and often scary ride?

It’s your choice because sometimes overreacting creates more negative consequences than simply allowing situations to play out and then responding based on the values you have consciously chosen.

What does it mean to dream of being a victim of witchcraft?

When you see yourself in a dream setting where witches are casting spells on you or somehow saying incantations that cause harm to you, this dream could be a sign of conflict within yourself regarding how your life is turning out.

You may have believed in certain notions for so long about yourself.

Like, for example, you are smart, confident, you can make dreams happen, you know your job like the back of your hand.

But there are changes happening and it’s making you question your competence. This has the effect of eroding whatever confidence you’ve built up through the years.

What’s interesting is that your subconscious is depicting this internal conflict in the form of a dream about a witch or witches performing some sort of ritual or otherwise expressing their magic powers.

But there’s nothing in this dream image that deals with the occult. It’s just your subconscious mind’s fancy way of using communion with spirits to talk to yourself about the disconnect between who you think you are and how you actually behave in the real world.

Even though the dream symbols may be so strange as to be scary, this is actually a positive sign. Being a target of witchcraft is your subconscious framing your real consciousness as being on the losing end of your own limiting beliefs.

Maybe you’re holding your intuition hostage. Maybe you don’t trust it all that much. Maybe you get a lot of your confidence from materials instead of your sense of meaning.

Maybe your desire is misplaced. You may have been desiring the respect of another person and the status that such respect brings, but your desire may be for something you cannot control.

Another interesting twist in seeing yourself as a target of witchcraft in your dreams is that you may be thinking of yourself as a victim in real life.

This is a very dangerous position because when you are a loser, you spend a lot of your time blaming someone else for putting you in the situation you’re in. If you’re completely honest with yourself, you are in the position you’re in precisely because you want to be there.

I know that’s harsh. I know that you’re not supposed to say that, especially to victims or someone who view themselves as victims.

But let me be clear. The longer you imagine yourself as a victim, the longer it takes for things to change.


You’re waiting for the world to change. After all, it owes you an apology.

You have taken all responsibility and accountability away. You’ve removed from yourself any accountability and responsibility.

As a result, what do you do? You have spent all this time waiting for another person to apologize, to figure out that they’re wrong, and to come to you with help.

What you’re really doing is you’re giving yourself an excuse not to take responsibility for your situation and put in the work to change your life for the better.

Sure, someone may have harmed you. Maybe you’ve had an abusive childhood. Maybe your parents weren’t the best.

But even though they may be the responsible parties, that doesn’t take away from your responsibility to do something about your life right here, right now.

The longer you wait for those someone else to get their act together, the more life will pass you by. You have to act now.

And when you see yourself being at the center of all these witchcraft and evil magic perpetrated by someone else in your dreams, the more you are trapped and you spiritually decay – almost like a dream of being possessed and feeling locked in a situation you can’t control.

What does a dream of attacking witches mean?

When you see yourself in your dream attacking witches or physically assaulting a witch, it can mean two things.

On the one hand, your subconscious is beginning to wake up to the fact that you are the gateway to possibility. In other words, you have begun to believe that if a person you admire can do the things that they can do and achieve happiness and success in their life, you can do the same.

Usually, this is a good thing, but a side of you is viewing this dream message as some sort of black magic.

Many people are looking at this from a superstitious angle. They’re doing so because they want to stay in place. As the old saying goes, “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know.”

In other words: “If I’m gonna be miserable, I’d rather be miserable based on what I’ve been doing before. I don’t wanna roll the dice and take the chance that I may go to Heaven because that’s unlikely. So, if I’m just going to go into a hell that I don’t know, I might as well stay in the situation that I will be uncomfortable and miserable in.”

Do you see the twisted logic of that?

The other meaning of attacking witches in dreams is that a side of you is feeling unworthy because the witch symbol in a dream is a gateway symbol to power and possibility.

A side of you is saying: “No! I’m not that! I’m something else – anything else! I can be anything but that!”

It’s as if part of you has already given up on your ability to become whatever you want to be. It’s as if there’s a side of you that has defined itself based on its past failures and disappointments. It’s as if you keep repeating this internal script that you’re nothing since you’ve failed before.

There is no forgiveness in that mindset. You will always be that small, defeated, and scared child, and you no longer want to work to get past that.

So, when you see yourself attacking a witch, you’re attacking possibility. You’re attacking what you could be, and ultimately, you’re attacking your access to transformative change.

What does it mean to dream about a witch giving you an apple?

The Fall in the Garden of Eden did not involve an apple contrary to popular belief.

The Bible never identified the forbidden fruit. Regardless, that image from the Bible is ingrained in our collective consciousness in the West.

Not surprisingly, if you see yourself in your dream talking to a witch and she is giving you an apple, this dream could be a sign that you feel that someone is deceiving you. Your subconscious cannot quite put it together, but it is smart enough to figure out certain patterns.

It usually plays out like this. This person looks like they are kind and helpful, but eventually, it will become apparent that they are kind, generous, and compassionate to you because you serve a purpose. You are a means to their end.

Your subconscious is picking up on this and doesn’t want to play along, so it manifests these things in the form of a dream.

What makes this dangerous and seemingly evil is that some of these people are very close to you. You have given them your trust, but it turns out that you are just a means to them.

They don’t really love you for who you are. They love you for what you can bring to the table or what you represent or, worse yet, what you mean to them.

Do you see a pattern here?

They don’t love you. They love everything else about you but not you. Know the difference.

This can be a dream sign for a feeling of betrayal in the works. Be very careful because you might trust in a person so much that you define yourself in such a way as not to lose their affection and respect. This is the worst of magic spells if we were to stay in using witchcraft symbolism.

What does it mean to dream about a witch on a broom?

This is a stereotypical dream image of a witch. You see this cartoon image straight out of Disney movies.

Still, the broom is a sign for news in a dream. It is a sign that communication that is spreading really fast.

And when you see an image of a witch on a broom in your dream, and you feel good in your dream or it’s a rather neutral emotional state, this can be a sign that something is developing in your social circles or family or work, and things are gonna happen so quickly that you may get thrown off track.

It can be so unsettling that you might be displeased or it might throw you off in a negative way, but it’s nothing really negative. It’s your reaction to it that makes it negative.

So, think about it from that perspective.

What does dreaming about a witch trial and witch hunt mean?

As I’ve mentioned above, when you see figures of witches and they’re casting magic spells on you or have some sort of hold on you in a dream, you cast yourself as some sort of victim.

This can be portrayed in your dreams from a wide number of points of view. When you see a witch trial or a witch hunt, it is a sign that your feeling of victimization has gotten so strong that you are developing emotional paranoia.

On a practical level, you’re unable to trust most people or even everyone. You may get along enough with everyone you need to coordinate with to get your work done or function in the real world or in a work setting, but on a deep emotional level, as far as intimacy goes, you’re having an internal battle because you’re too suspicious.

This is all rooted in the fact that you think you’re some sort of victim by the world of by someone else.

Maybe someone did you wrong in the past. Maybe you’re a survivor of child abuse, sexual abuse, or a financial scam by someone from the past.

You are so wrapped up in having been victimized that it’s preventing you from trusting. It is also preventing you from maturing.

You’re somehow defining yourself based on trauma instead of your ability to learn and, just as importantly, your ability to forgive.

What does it mean to dream of practicing witchcraft?

If you see yourself practicing witchcraft in a dream, maybe using spell books or going through some sort of ritual with other witches surrounding you, this can be a sign that your subconscious is telling you that you are trying to connect with your instinct. These are the parts of your personal knowledge that you’ve either assumed, overlooked, dismissed as mere luck, or don’t really understand all that well.

This is a very positive sign.

On the other hand, if the image of your dream about witchcraft practice involves you sharing incantations with other fellow witches, this can involve maybe spreading misinformation about a person you guys don’t like or maybe you are suffering from group-think relationship in the friendship.

Let’s say you are on Facebook and all your friends and their friends’ friends all think alike or share the same kind of political ideology. As you see all these pieces of information being bounced back and forth knowing full well that some of them are false, this feels like witchcraft to you.

You notice that it’s some sort of ritual, and the truth is the victim.

What does it mean to dream of possessing an object associated with witchcraft?

If you’re dreaming of wearing a witch costume, this can mean that you desire to connect with the side of you that is a channel of blessing and potential.

It is a tricky journey because if you don’t know how to go about it, it can lead to a form of madness. Now, this is not clinical insanity but a form of emotional and psychological confusion.

When you dream of yourself holding a crystal ball, it can indicate yet another form of connecting with the unknown, the unspeakable, the undefinable, but it can also be a sign for a ham-fisted approach to trying to get a hold of and control something that you are insecure about.

You know that there are many areas of your life you really can’t quite figure out or much less control.

But when you’re dreaming of yourself with a crystal ball or riding a broom, you’re trying to come up with some sort of shorthand solution to achieve that control.

This is all pointless after all because until and unless you take ownership of your life and really strip down to connect with the disturbing realities and truths of who you are and the choices that you have made up to this point, nothing else will do.

Dream Example #1

Everywhere was in darkness. The only light I could see is from the moon, and it couldn’t beat the darkness. Crickets creaked loudly, making an unpleasant sound. Frogs joined the Crickets in the chorus and the sound intensified.

I was walking on a lonely bush path. I couldn’t see far ahead of me, but I still went along.

After getting to a junction, I stood still. I could hear movements from behind me. I quickly looked back to see who was approaching, but there was no one.

My eyes went to and fro looking for any sign of danger. But all was still, except for the noise of the Crickets and Frogs that I left behind.

I felt a cold touch on my shoulder and sprung one-eighty degree around. I was staring at the face of a very tall shadow. Her face was covered with black charcoal; her face was lean and scary.

I jumped backward. Fear gripped my heart and my pulse went up. Adrenaline went charging and gapped in fear.

I noticed her long fingernail and her fangs. She looked old but very strong. Her clothes were black, and her eye socket was large with her eyes bulging. I have never felt this scared in my life. I couldn’t breathe.

She laughed hysterically, paused, and looked at me in anger. I have never seen a human being like this.

“Are you scared?” She said, her voice vibrated into the night.

“Did you not invite me?”

“Don’t kill me, please!” I shouted, my voice shaking.

“I have not come to kill you, but to introduce myself. Have you forgotten your promises?” She asked.

My mind flashed back to the event of last week. I was at the community library when I found a book. It talks about spirits and the spiritual realm. Anxious to know about spirit, so I picked it up.

I read about the fall of the Angels, and cases of people’s encounters with some spirits. There were cases of people being possessed by evil spirits, and how spirits speak through people.

At the back of the book, there were some spirit words written in an ancient language. And I had said so of the words without understanding the meaning. I find it amusing and strange.

My knees buckled as the realization hit me. Have I provoked these spirits? Could this be real? My mind sought answers as I watched this evil spirit.

She spoke some strange words. And I shivered where I stood. It was not my intention to provoke an evil spirit. But here I am, begging for my life.

She raised her hand and moved it upward. Then my legs left the ground, slowly upward, I was suspended in the air. I cried.

“Please forgive me I will never make such a mistake again”. I pleaded for mercy.
I woke up suddenly, sweating profusely. It was a terrible dream. I breathed heavily, scared about the dream.

Dream Example #2

I was back home from a long day at work. I had given a comprehensive presentation, and I just wanted to crash. I changed my attire and crashed on the bed. My feet were hurting by standing all day, and I also had shoe bites. Thinking about my day, I fell asleep.

I slowly opened my eyes, and I was lying on the ground that appeared to be sandy. It was dark, and I was in an antique land.

I could see a vast stretch of desert and enormous barren inhabited land. I could see a blink of light on the left horizon, and sleepy and dehydrated, I started going towards it like a moth to a flame.

I was afraid, so I tiptoed to that area. I saw stone and thousands of candles lit up all around it. Some women were dressed in white with hair all open wavy touching the hip bones.

As I was hiding and seeing them perform strange rituals and chanting Latin spells, a girl saw me and whistled.

They all stopped and stared right into my eyes. A strange-looking old witch marched towards me and asked me what I was doing there.

Before I could ask anything, she asked me If my heart was broken. I nodded, and she touched my hand. I felt a strange rush of electricity in my body, and I became semi-conscious.

I remember I was taken inside a strange-looking tent and made to sit on a stone from a dimmed mind.

I was feeling cold. The old witch came with two candles lit in her hands. I was stunned that my name was inscribed in one candle, and on the other, my ex-lover’s name was inscribed.

I was shocked as I did not tell her either of the characters. Another young-looking witch came inside the tent with a lit wood piece.

She gave the lit wood piece to the old witch. She took the wood piece by hand, and I was shocked that her hands did not burn.

She smiled at me and stared into my eyes as she lit both the candles. I was sweating as the tent was hot and foggy.

The candles increased the smoke and heat. The wax was dripping onto the floor and burning the ground. I started feeling the burn on my skin.

I was yelling as my skin hurt. The witch’s devilish laugh echoed in the room as I started feeling the burn on my skin even more. I was grinding in despair and crying to be saved. All of a sudden, I woke up.

I was lying on my bed, and I was sweating heavily. I saw the clock; it stuck at 5 am. I thanked God that I was dreaming, and the nightmare left me feeling eerie and strange for some minutes.

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