A dream of being attacked by an invisible force

A dream of being attacked by an invisible force can have a chilling effect not just in our sleep but also in our waking life and actual world.

In our waking lives, we would like to think that we can control, to a certain extent, what’s going on around us. We understand that if we make a choice — let’s say, going to work or taking a path to work — this directly impacts our experience.

For example, you can decide to take the subway instead of walking to work. You probably would see a different place in town and encounter a new person when you make that choice. This ability to make a call then experience the effects of that decision seems so automatic that we take it for granted.

But what if you experience a situation where that is taken away from you?

This is a factor in the dynamic behind a dream of being pulled by invisible forces. You can’t quite identify what this force is in your dream. All you know is that it has an effect on you.

The extreme version of this dream, of course, is a dream of being attacked by an invisible force or a thing you cannot see. The attacker in the dream has no face or some sort of identification.

Again, you know that it’s happening, in your dreams, based on its effect on you.

Maybe you can’t move in the dream. Maybe you’re restricted to a certain space in a dream. Or something in the dream is actively pinning you down. In some cases, it seems very similar to dreaming of someone holding you down meaning and interpretation.

What is indisputable is the fact that you can’t make a choice. This is at the root of this type of dream.

dream of being attacked by an invisible force

General interpretation and symbolism of an invisible force dream

Your dreams are telling you that if you want or need security in your life and some sort of stability, you need to start with choices. Put simply: you have to be more mindful of the impact of the decisions you made in the past on your current life.

Maybe you’re feeling frustrated, and you’re thinking that you’re not making enough money. Maybe you’re convinced that you’re stuck at your job or career. Perhaps you think your relationships could be better. You don’t see eye-to-eye with your family members or your significant other.

Whatever your personal situation may be, you’re far from happy. While you may not be miserable, there’s a lot that you would like to “fix” in your life if given a chance.

Your mind is telling you three things when it presents you with a dream of being attacked by an invisible force.

An invisible force dream symbolizes your perspective in life

First, you desire to make certain changes. But you tend to define this invisible force in your dream based on someone else. They have to change, not you.

It’s not unusual for many to think that they are some sort of victim. Life, after all — according to them — is unfair, so they’re making demands of others. Something has to change.

But they lose sight of the fact that the only person that can really change things is you.

That’s right! Even if someone else is the direct cause of your misery, you’re still in control.

I know that sounds crazy, but it’s true. You can choose how you respond. And maybe, when you interpret what’s happening to you differently, you can be in a more empowered position. You may end up with more opportunities to bring about the kind of life you desire.

A dream of being attacked by an invisible force reflects your self-image

Whether you see a dream of being pulled by an invisible force or suffering from an attack from one, they all go back to the same place. This invisible force in your dream is a perception of your limits and, ultimately, personal power. It speaks to your understanding of your own self-efficacy.

It’s very tempting to just blame another person for all the tough times you’re going through and what’s going wrong in our lives and the world. Maybe we can say that another person forces their beliefs on you, or whatever problems we have today are simply an accident of birth.

You were born to the wrong parents. You grew up with the wrong childhood. You hung around with the wrong person.

Everything is wrong, wrong, wrong. What this evokes is a feeling that’s generally the same as the biblical meaning of drowning in a dream.

Not surprisingly, you think that everybody’s wrong and you are the one that they have to say sorry to.

A dream state involving an invisible force signals you to take responsibility

The third point of this dream is simple. The dream is telling you: instead of prolonging something challenging or unfortunate by thinking that way, why not take ownership of your life?

You are not a victim. You are a victor. Victors do not blame. They take ownership. They become accountable.

Sure, you didn’t cause your mom to walk out on your family. You didn’t cause your father to be verbally abusive. You didn’t cause your boss to be a giant jerk. You didn’t force the first guy or girl you had a relationship with to leave you. I could go on and on.

But you are in charge of your emotions and how you respond. If you take ownership of that, turn things around, resolve to break the chain, and make better decisions so that you can live a better life, then your life will turn around.

This is the kind of breakthrough that you’ve been looking for. There’s no need to project your fears and negative emotions on a family member or someone you’re in a relationship with. If anything, all this does is suck your life energy dry.

Whenever you are presented with a situation — in your dream or in real life — that you can’t escape because there’s some sort of invisible wall of force surrounding you, or you are restrained by a thing you cannot see, your subconscious is communicating with you.

This dream of an invisible attacker is summing up the ultimate setback you’re dealing with: your self-defeating emotions, made-up fears, and despairing spirits. It is not someone else. It’s not even the god you believe in. It is nothing you can’t control.

It is you and how you’ve chosen to cope all these years. Be your own provider of resolution.

A dream about an invisible attacker is a warning about your waking life

It’s very tempting to think that the invisible force in your dream is an attack from your subconscious in your sleep. After all, invisible force dreams are very upsetting and potentially emotionally traumatizing. Your sense of autonomy is gone. You feel constricted by something—not just in your room but also in this world.

It’s not a surprise that those who have invisible force dreams wake up short of breath. Their heart is racing, and they may be sweating. They’re in a panic. Not surprisingly, a lot of them think that this dream represents an attack by their subconscious.

Well, your subconscious is actually using your dream to try to get your attention about certain things that you may have lost sight of. You may have gotten too comfortable with something, just like the frog in a slowly boiling pot.

Part of you feels that it has to send you a drastic dream signal so you can wake up. This dream is an exercise in better self-awareness.

An invisible force dream reminds you of the need to be self-aware

What kind of signals are you sending to those around you when you keep casting yourself as some sort of victim? Are you really doing yourself any big favors when you imagine that your life has turned into some sort of invisible prison?

These dreams are telling you to increase your level of self-awareness so you can change your life’s patterns.

This is the issue that a lot of people actively run away from. After all, they never run out of someone else to blame for why their lives are so frustrating, powerless, and even helpless.

But remember, you become even more helpless the more you refuse the responsibility of owning your life.

Understand the context of your invisible force dream

A lot of people out there who tell you that they care about you or that they love you are telling the truth. They are sincere about those, but they also have to take care of themselves.

Where does that leave you? You are nobody’s responsibility. You have to take responsibility for your own happiness.

The key here is to increase your awareness, and it’s important, according to many dream dictionaries and dream encyclopedias, to start identifying the context of that invisible force.

Pay close attention to the setting of the dream. This has a specific significance. Does the dream happen at work? Does the dream happen when you’re about to go to work? Or, does the dream happen in a completely different place, like your home?

The key to being successful in your search for dream interpretations is to understand that you have a larger role to play in whatever is going on around you. You may be thinking that your life is susceptible to forces beyond your control, but that’s just your mental habits talking.

In reality, the power that you have to make the kind of choice to drastically change your life has never gone away. It doesn’t matter if you have a dollar to your name or $10,000. It will always be there.

The question is, are you going to wake up to it? How many more panic-inducing dreams of being attacked by an invisible force do you need to come to that realization?

To dream about being pulled or attacked by an invisible force can mean manipulation

Depending on the setting of your dream, when you feel that you’re being held down or being actively attacked, this can indicate that your subconscious is telling you that you’ve put yourself in a situation where you can be manipulated.

An invisible attacker in a dream attacks you without the use of any weapon. This means that they can be using your own emotional and psychological weakness against you. It can also mean that you fall for the appealing messages of someone influential near you, and you are too ready to blame them for whatever goes wrong.

Keep in mind that if you are paying attention to some sort of social media influencer or a coaching guru, or even a self-help specialist, know your limits.

Understand that someone can only tell you of the opportunities. They can even step you through some sort of process that can help you achieve results.

But you have to take action.

Your dreams tell of the need to commit

Somebody can hand you a key along with the manual and place you in front of the door, but that’s as far as they could go. You really can’t expect them to go further than that. Everything else is up to you.

You may believe with all your heart in what they have to say, and you truly value the opportunities that they’re teaching or what their coaching can unlock.

If you don’t trust this information enough to take action, the fault is entirely yours. Don’t turn around and blame them for not guaranteeing results because they can’t. It still has to go through you.

You still have to sacrifice. You still have to commit time and energy. You still have to do the work.

There is a problem with the sense of manipulation that you get when you’re being pulled by an invisible force in your dreams. It’s the excuses given by your subconscious. You want some sort of excuse to cover up for the fact that you did not have enough faith or whatever it is that you say you believe in to actually go ahead and do it.

Being pulled by an invisible force in a dream symbolises the need to be more selfless

It’s very easy to demand love from another person. Remember, demanding is different from receiving.

You make all sorts of demands. Whenever you say “life is unfair” or “that’s just the way it is,” you’re making a demand. You have an idea of how your life should be, and you compare it with how it really is.

When you dream of being pulled by an invisible force, or you see an impending attack, it could be a sign or hint that part of you is waking up to this fact: that for you to receive, you must first give. For you to expect life to be just and fair, you have to practice justice, fairness, kindness, and compassion.

It’s funny how that works, right? Being pulled by an invisible force or suffering an attack in your dreams can mean a reconnection with this universal equilibrium established by reciprocity.

Have you ever noticed that if you make it a point to smile at other people, they smile back at you? Does it ever strike you that when you do kind acts for others, someone that may not even know the people you helped are kinder to you?

This is how the universe talks, and when you find yourself in a dream where you are being pulled by an invisible force in many different directions, it may be trying to suck away the selfishness from you. You’re being forced, in a very vivid way and with a very prominent sign, to see why you need to change your perspective from a selfish point of view to an others-centered perspective.

But the good news is, the more you take care of others, the better off you become.

What does it mean to dream of an invisible attacker or spirit attacking you in your bed?

When you label the invisible force — or invisible forces — as some sort of spirit in your dream, this indicates your conception of truth or some sort of higher meaning. Your subconscious is telling you, through your dreams, that you may have been overlooking an important sign involving your spiritual health.

As these revelatory dream thoughts are emerging, you can’t quite put your finger on it, but a lot of the energy that you’re feeling on a day-to-day basis, as well as your willpower, is changing in the way it flows. It might feel dark or even confusing, but something is definitely changing within you.

An invisible force dream is a portent for growth

This dream symbolises that something you believe to be true in your life is under assault.

Your day-to-day experience is chipping away at its claimed truth and power. And pretty soon, this disconnect between what you see with your own eyes in your waking world and the paradigms or mindsets that you have hang on to for so long are going to split apart.

This is not a negative sign at all. This is called growth.

And the more you base your life on what you actually could see and select values that can bring about the kind of life you desire for yourself, the better off you would be.

What does the presence of an invisible force in dreams mean?

When you sense an ever-present invisible force in a dream, it can mean that you need to trust your intuitions more.

At the end of the day, whether you dream of being attacked by an invisible force, or there’s this looming invisible force that you cannot question, you have an innate power that you may be scared of.

But, for whatever reason, when you’re in a tight bind, you always know how to say something to the right people to produce the right results at the right times.

Do you think that happens by pure luck?

You may be thinking that this is just a coincidence, but what would happen if you were to listen to that part of your psyche more often? What if you were to trust that aspect of your total persona in more situations?

You have to understand that, viewed from this perspective, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the #1 invisible force holding you back and making you feel miserable and unworthy is perhaps your outdated attitude.

So, when you’ve learned to trust your intuition and inner insight, you may start to live a life that is more in tune with the universe, and this could lead to better places. You become the provider of your own peace of mind.

Dream Example #1

I hung out with my friend, Janine, one humid afternoon. We loved hanging out at her house. after school. She lives a few blocks away from our campus, so we just walked to her house, and we could do anything we want.

We usually watch movies, have snacks, play board games, or just idle around. This time, we decided to watch a scary movie. Her older sister was a movie lover, and we loved her for that. She would always bring home a couple of different movies every time, and we were lucky if there was one that did not have adult content on it.

This movie was one of those cheap rentals, which were then separated into two discs. There was a little sticker on the front of the cover that says, “5 days only”. These were usually the older movies that were dusty, and the covers would be torn and out of place. The older the movie is, the longer time you have to return it.

Some scenes would skip, and we would have to rewind them. The discs had so many scratches like a five-year-old took a pencil and randomly drew on it. It was a good thing their player was also old, otherwise, her parents would not let us play rentals on it.

We turned off the lights in the living room. The curtains were closed off, and there was almost no light to the room except for the lone lamp by the couch. It was quite a vintage film, probably about ten years older than we were.

The title screen gave off a frightening sound, and we both gave out girlish screams, which we laughed at each other after. We shared a bowl of popcorn, and just about fifteen minutes into the movie, it was already empty. So, all our focus was now on the movie.

The scenes themselves were not that terrifying, and we jokingly scared each other so much that we just laughed about the entire movie. We laughed at how foolish the characters were. They crawled when they can simply run with their fully able bodies. They walked around a dark room when they can easily turn the lights on.

How stupid, right? We continued talking, and then it was time for me to come home.

It was seven in the evening, and it was already pitch-black outside. Quite surprising because there would usually still be a glimpse of sunlight at this time.

I had to walk to the bus terminal because Janine’s house was inside a subdivision. Even though her house was close to the school, mine was a couple of rides out, so commuting was the only way to go. I passed the playground, which was eerily creepy even in the daytime.

The swing sets gave off a tiny creak, and the vision of the rusting monkey bars did not help in lessening the creeps. I shuddered at the thought. I noticed that it kept getting darker until I could not see anything at all. My surroundings suddenly became so dark.

Even with the moonshine I still can not see where I was heading. I just kept walking straight. It was a few minutes into walking when I felt someone, or something, behind me. I felt like it was breathing down my neck. With the horror movie in mind, I did not dare look back. I kept my pace and went on walking.

I will not be one of those characters we laugh at, who are already massively scared but still turn around to “check” who or what it is. I just continued going my way. There was an increasing fear as I feel the breath on my neck go hotter. It was a weird feeling because when there’s someone around, you would feel them.

But this time, it was only the breathing that I feel. And as I continue walking, the breath on my neck was hot, but my body was chilling entirely.

So, I ran. I ran so fast, wanting to get away from there as quickly as I can. But I was not getting anywhere. My feet felt numb from running, but I did not feel like I have moved at all. I tried to run faster but it felt like I was being dragged back even more.

I screamed for help, but no sound came out of me.

Janine woke me up, saying the movie was done. The end credits were already going through the screen. I wonder if I should stay the night and wait until the morning comes.

Dream Example #2

One day I had the scariest dream of my life. I do not know why I am writing about it because thinking about it still scares me. But for the sake of sharing, let me be strong and write about it. That evening me and my siblings sat around the fire and told stories.

We started getting tired and sleepy so we all said good night to each other and everyone went to sleep.

As soon as I slept. I started having a weird dream which I could not understand. Trust me, I am trying by all means to put this dream into words because it was a very scary but unclear dream.

According to the dream, I was walking alone in the forest. Where ever I was going, I have no clue. I was singing some nice song and singing loud. While I was singing, I heard a loud voice shouting and telling me that I was making noise and I should shut up.

It shocked me to hear the voice and I did not know where it was coming from.

I kept quiet for a while and hoped I would get clarity about who was shouting at me.

After not hearing anything, I decided to continue singing. When I continued, I heard a loud voice like thunder and another voice shouting. “I told you to shut up, but you do not listen, now I will teach you how to listen. And another thunder sound.

Fear started building up in my heart. I was starting to shiver.

I walked hoping to get back home before anything happen.

As I was walking, I saw trees in front of me falling down and a strong weird sound that sounded as if there was strong wind. But there wasn’t any wind. A big open space started forming ahead of me after all trees fell down and disappeared.

At that point, my heart started beating faster that the up and down movement of a piston inside the engine. What will I do? I started crying but when I cry, no voice was coming out.

I tried to should, still no voice came out. At that point I did not know if I was going to die or I was already dead. The confusion and fear had completely taken over my entire body, soul and mind.

It went on, things happening that I do not understand.

After a few moments of trying to scream and cry, I felt as if I was blind. I could not see anything at all. I started rubbing my eyes hoping to see. I felt suffocated. Not very long, I started seeing again.

But things got even worse. When I could finally see, all I was seeing is bare ground. No trees, no grass, no mountains. It was a desert. How did I find myself there? Where is home? What will I do? Who will come rescue me? Those are all questions I had while trying to figure out how do I return home.

While I was in a state of fear and confusion, I heard the strange voice again shouting: “I hope you learned a lesson! Next time I will kill you” something started beating me with something that felt like it was a belt. I got whipped so hard my voice finally came.

I started screaming and jumping, while I was Jumping, I fell off from the bed, and that is how the dream ended! That is scary and I hate that dream.

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