What does it mean to dream about someone trying to kill me with a knife?

Let’s get one thing clear. The idea of impending death in dreams is enough to wake anybody up from what was supposed to be a peaceful rest at night. Even just the thought of having to say, “I had a dream about someone trying to kill me with a knife,” is enough to send shivers down your spine.

Whether it’s the dream meaning being shot or the meaning of a dream about killing someone in self-defense, these types of dreams tend to leave a lasting impression. Perhaps you wake up in a cold sweat or a bad case of shivers. Perhaps you’re chasing your breath.

Whatever the case may be, the dream image of someone chasing the dreamer or placing a knife on the dreamer’s throat, threatening to stab, can be quite traumatic. It is definitely not a dream scene that you are going to forget anytime soon.

Not surprisingly, almost every dreamer who sees this type of imagery in their knife dream automatically believes that this dream means something bad. In fact, you can easily be forgiven for thinking that such a terrible knife dream somehow will become true. It is that vivid and “in your face.”

But just like with most other dream imagery, our subconscious mind speaks to us to get our attention. It is safe to say that when you hide a dream of your attempted murder with a knife, your subconscious wants to direct your attention to a very important issue in your life.

Obviously, this knife dream meaning has something to do with your fears and anxieties in your waking world. But you have to pay close attention to the context as well as the perspective.

You can’t just say to yourself: “Well, I have a dream about someone trying to kill me with a knife, so it must be purely negative. I must watch my back.” Not necessarily!

dream about someone trying to kill me with a knife

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General dream interpretation and symbolism of a knife in a dream

The dream of someone trying to kill you using a knife means that a person is trying to control an area of your life. You have to understand that your brain sometimes communicates in terms of analogies through dreams. One way of interpreting killing, murder, or ending somebody else’s life in a dream is to control that person.

What is being killed, as represented in the dream? Your sense of autonomy and freedom to make your own decision in certain areas of your life is definitely coming to an end.

If a person succeeds in “killing” you in your knife dream, it is a direct analogy to a deep and profound sense of control, at least when it comes to certain areas like your finances, over who you should or should not see, how you should and should not view yourself, and so on and so forth.

Just thinking about this dream symbol is enough to make people upset because most people enjoy the freedom they have with their life. Your subconscious is telling you, through your dreams, that someone is somehow starting to gain control over you, and you’re not happy about it. At the very least, you’re feeling restless.

You’re thinking, “I have so much to lose!” So you fear the long-term effects of this. This person can be your boss, your significant other, possibly even your children or a relative.

But, interestingly enough, this sense of someone killing your autonomy or freedom of choice is a mixed bag for a lot of people.

Let’s be honest. As much as we’d like to imagine that we’re fully autonomous people who are very rational when it comes to the decisions that we make, most of the time, we fear freedom of choice. In fact, a lot of us burn a tremendous amount of our limited willpower with choosing stuff that doesn’t really matter all that much.

There’s a reason why Steve Jobs used to wear just a mock turtle neck and jeans. He was asked by a reporter, “why do you keep wearing the same outfit? After all, you’re worth a lot of money.”—or something to that effect.

Steve Jobs said something very profound. He said (paraphrasing now): “instead of wasting my willpower on stuff that doesn’t really matter, I’d rather just stick to the same choice and reserve my willpower for stuff that does matter.“

We have that kind of attitude in certain choices that we make, and it is not a surprise that when somebody steps in, either intentionally or not, it comes as a relief to us.

But still, there’s a part of us that resents that because we want to hang on to the illusion that we are in full control.

But make no mistake; there’s a part of you that wants to give control to somebody else because you feel that there are other things that you should be focusing on.

Be aware of this inner turmoil. Perhaps your dream of someone trying to kill you or severely mutilate you with a knife indicates your conflicted feelings about this issue.

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I had a dream about someone trying to kill me with a knife; what does this dream mean?

Pay close attention to the identity of the person trying to kill you in your dreams. It is a stranger. It is not somebody you know, so there’s no sense of betrayal or trust issues. There’s a big difference!

Since this is a person you haven’t seen before, the dream imagery, absent of any other offsetting details, indicates your fear of the unknown.

This is not necessarily a negative dream, mind you. What this dream means is that you are about to step out of your comfort zone.

Even that idea is enough to give many people cold feet. I understand where you’re coming from because you’ve lived your life a certain way, and you’ve grown accustomed to thinking in certain terms.

But growth always involves stepping out of the familiar and getting out of the shadow of what is safe and easy. If you want to reach new heights, you’re gonna have to stretch your wings and this, of course, brings a lot of risks.

You don’t know what’s around the corner. You have no idea what is in the darkness in front of you.

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What does it mean when someone is trying to kill you with a knife in a dream?

If the identity of the person trying to kill you in your dreams is unclear, it can also signify that you are in contradiction with someone or something. You refuse to make peace with this person. You might even think that you despise them.

It’s important to understand the dynamics here because it’s very easy for us, especially when we don’t have much information about things that trigger us, to come to hasty conclusions. Perhaps your subconscious is telling you to ask yourself: “What exactly do you feel strongly about? What are the facts?”

Please understand that feelings are not facts. Do not confuse them for objective reality. They are your interpretation.

You have the absolute right to come to those interpretations, but you might want to do yourself a big favor and base them on objective reality. And this is where facts come in because the refusal to make peace with certain people is a big decision.

When you make that choice, you’re no longer open to learning from them or giving them the benefit of the doubt. All of that is gone out of the window, so be sure that this decision is based on facts.

This type of dream could also signify that you are overworked and over-stressed in real life, so you want to make things easy on yourself by jumping to conclusions. After all, it takes quite a bit of mental work to take in all the details, slice and dice the facts, play around with the possibilities of different conclusions. This is how most good decision-makers make a call.

But what if you just have too many on your plate? What if you’re just dealing with so much stress on a day-to-day basis, so we look for shorthand signals?

In many cases, if it normally takes about five signals or five facts to make a decision, a person in a hurry would be on the lookout for just one or two. If they see that, they automatically conclude that the three or four other items are present, so they cut straight to the chase.

The interesting thing is, as you get older, the easier it is to get into this mindset because nine times out of ten, you make the right call. Your sense of confidence increases because you’re saying to yourself: “I’ve seen this before, and I got out of it okay, so I can do the same over and over again.”

Well, here’s the problem. Sure, nine times out of ten, you make the right call, but what about that one instance where you’re wrong? What if it comes at a very high cost? What if that wrong call costs you your reputation, emotional stability, financial health?

Sadly, people readily take that risk, and the older they get, the more stubborn they become.

Your subconscious mind is sending the signal to slow down and be open to at least glancing at all the facts and making sure that everything is somewhat in place. Doing the small change can do wonders as far as the quality of your decisions goes.

This type of dream can also highlight a sense of guilt. How can this be? After all, you’re saying to yourself: “I had a dream about someone trying to kill me with a knife.” You’re the victim and the object of this person’s homicidal urges!

But it’s not as easy as you think. It’s not cut and dry because a guilty mind plays tricks on you.

And one of the oldest tricks in the book is to recast yourself as the victim. How many times have you read of a murderer or a rapist saying: “Well, I’m the actual victim here!”?

Make sure you pay close attention to the other details of your dream to make sure that you’re not recasting yourself as some sort of victim.

What does a dream about murder using a knife mean?

There are, of course, many ways one can hurt and possibly kill you, even in dreams. But one of the most common methods involves using a knife.

A knife is a double-edged instrument used to cut and separate. It is a very potent dream symbol because it can relate to emotional conflict, disunity, separation, and a sense of dislocation, even abandonment.

Someone trying to kill you with a knife in a dream can signify that you have a conflict in your life. It can be with a certain person, or it could be within you. Perhaps there are certain memories of things that you did that don’t sit well with you.

How many times did you say to yourself: “I could’ve done this.” or “I should’ve done that.” or “I would have been different if this had happened.”? It’s as if a past memory triggers you to ask all sorts of alternative questions because you are wondering how your life would’ve turned out.

Someone trying to kill you with a knife in a dream means that you have a profound sense of separation and conflict. It’s very easy to personalize this.

Perhaps there are people you feel that stabbed you in the back. That kind of dream imagery obviously involves a knife. So if you see that kind of knife in your dream, you’re thinking, “I trusted that person. I relied on him or her, and this is what I get.”

This is a very hard dream image to get off because it happens in real life. In our waking world, there will be people who would disappoint us. We set the wrong expectations. We didn’t take the time to fully know them. Or they’re just bad people.

There are just so many variables out there, but the risk and possibility of disappointment are very real.

What kind of damage can a knife do?

If you dream of a knife, it can signify a person is trying to destroy your character. Perhaps they’re trying to undermine your qualities. Usually, this involves more of your friends and not “enemies.”

This is what triggers a lot of people and provokes strong emotions. Why my friend? Why do this?

Well, think about this for a second. If strangers or enemies were trying to hurt you with words, it’s gonna be very hard because they don’t truly know you, much less they don’t truly understand your vulnerability. But a friend does.

And that’s why when the sharp knife comes in and hits you straight in the back, it hurts, and it cuts deeply in your dream. They get you where you are most vulnerable. And you are instantly killed metaphorically.

A dream involving being cut or killed with a knife can also symbolize that someone is upset with you. This can be a sign of emotional aggression.

Now, a lot of people get upset because they’re triggered. Maybe you did something that they misunderstood, or you intentionally harmed them. Don’t be all that surprised when they try to push back with a personal attack and acts as your enemies of some sort.

But some people are just vile, and how do they express this character? Well, they respond in a very disproportionate way.

You said something vaguely negative, and they tried to back at you. If you push back or say something truly negative, it’s a nuclear war for them.

Know what you’re dealing with and figure out a way how to channel a lot of their aggression to something possibly positive. This doesn’t have to end in a mutually assured emotional destruction.

What if someone is killing you with a knife in your dream?

Since someone is killing you, it’s very easy to interpret this dream image as a nightmare. But they’re not trying to kill you. It is not an attempt. It is a done deal. You’re dead.

Well, dreams like this can indicate something very positive. Again, if you’ve read anything from this blog, you would know that your subconscious speaks to you in both direct and indirect ways through your dreams.

It also speaks to you in terms of contrasting dream symbology. And believe me, seeing yourself dead with a stab wound with your blood spilled all around your unconscious body is a contrasting dream image.

Your dreams are not predicting that you will die from a stab wound. Instead, it’s telling you that there is some spiritual blockage in you that is ending soon. By “spiritual,” I’m talking in the broadest term possible, not necessarily related to any religious, theological, or philosophical path.

Instead, I’m referring to your mindset, thought patterns, and, most importantly, the stories that you tell yourself. We all have an internal dialogue, and unfortunately, unless we are very careful, this dialogue tends to keep us back and hold us down. In many cases, it draws neat little boxes around our lives regarding who we can and cannot be, where we can and cannot go.

Well, a lot of that is dying when you see yourself killed with a knife. A knife indicates cutting and separation, and if you reach inside you, there are certain parts of your true self that you’re tired of. You know you could do better and dream better, but there’s just part of you that just wants to hang on to your old self.

Well, when your dream imagery reveals you dead from a stab wound, it can be an omen of freedom. That deep wound that you felt that robbed you of your life might be the breakthrough that you need to soar to explore new vistas and to become a new you.

Again, it depends on the details. If there is some eerie serenity to that dream image, then this is probably the meaning.

On the other hand, if there’s chaos, people screaming, and you can sense the fear that punctuates the air as you see yourself being killed with a knife in your dream, it represents obstacles arising and possibly even a scandal caused by people who willfully slander you or do not have your best interest in mind.

Either they want to grab power over your life and control you for their selfish interest, or they’re just very misguided people. They think that they’re doing you a favor.

Whatever the case may be, it highlights the fact that “evil people” are actually people who intend good. That’s why they can continue to do evil for a very long time. In their minds, they’re doing the world a favor.

So be on the lookout for this kind of situation. What kind of misunderstandings are there in your life that can be summed up into two polar opposites that can be motivated by the desire to do good, but in reality, they cause a lot of friction and unnecessary emotional anguish?

What does it mean to have dreams about being stabbed in the stomach and dreaming of blood?

If you’re being stabbed in the stomach and you can see the blood spreading out, it can indicate your insecurities about providing for yourself or your loved ones. These insecurities are eating away at your confidence and sense of stability. The stomach, after all, is a symbol of provision and daily “bread.”

Whatever difficulties you’re feeling, it seems like they’re hitting you financially or in terms of your power to provide for yourself and those who depend on you. This is a sign of an attack against your material well-being.

Pay close attention to the identity of the stabber and where and when it happened. This can provide clues as to your insecurities and possible solutions.

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What do dreams about being stabbed of many knives mean?

If you see yourself being stabbed with many knives, this can be interpreted as having a war of words with somebody who misunderstands you or a flat-out enemy. These knives are words and negative emotions.

This person is basically trying to rally other people around you to give you a hard time. They misrepresent you and try to provoke the crowd to send hateful words around you.

Think of Twitter or social media. The idea is to get people mad at you, and they would not stop at lying, distorting, and using your words against you. Of course, they’ll twist your words.

These people are very dangerous because they hide their faces. They are devious cowards that prefer to stab you in the back multiple times on many different sources.

Depending on the setting of your dream, a stabbing with many knives can also be a dream symbol of your many responsibilities in your waking life. Have you heard of the saying: “Death by a thousand cuts?”

Well, this could be your subconscious telling you to slow down, specialize, focus your strengths on one thing at a time. If you spread yourself out too thin trying to accomplish everything all at once, it could all come crashing down.

From that perspective, seeing yourself being stabbed by many knives in dreams can be a good sign. It’s your subconscious telling you that you need a better coping strategy. Whatever it is you’re doing now is simply not working, and there might be a disaster in the future.

Finally, this dream image can also signify that you have some sort of eating disorder. Again, it depends on the setting.

You might also have a hard time sleeping at night. What this points to are the pressures that you feel and how you cope with them.

Some are left struggling with insomnia. Others take comfort by ridding the fridge and feeling so bad about overeating that they force themselves to throw up. Others take refuge in looking at themselves in the mirror getting thinner by refusing to eat.

If anything, this dream image of multiple knives stabbing at you should be a wake-up call regarding how you cope with stress overall.

What does it mean to dream about seeing a woman getting stabbed?

Take a look at the stabbing. Is the knife stuck in the body? If that’s the case, then that dream image is not what you think it is. It means that you are in love with the woman.

It may not necessarily be her in the dream, but your subconscious is telling you that you’ve entered into this emotionally vulnerable stage with this person. You have to be careful, especially if you’re already with somebody, or you just broke up with someone you were in a long-term relationship with, and you are on fragile grounds.

In many cases, the worst thing that you can do after a bad breakup is to go on a rebound.

Just how valid would your affections really be? Are you seeing this person for who she truly is? Or, you’re just projecting to her your hopes, wishes, and failed expectations from your past relationship.

If you’re a man and you get this tense feeling that you’re about to die after you see that woman getting stabbed and a knife sticking out of her back, this is a sign that you have truly fallen in love with who that person represents.

Again, this should be viewed with caution. You can’t just let your emotions take over because if you hang on to unhealthy emotional coping habits that you discovered or made aware of by your previous relationship, things are not gonna change.

A lot of people go from one relationship to another, and they keep saying: “Well, it’s the other person’s problem. I keep running into these ‘losers’ or ‘bitches.'”

Do you really? It’s one thing to get kicked out of one bar, but if you get kicked out of 100 bars one after the other, then the problem is probably yours.

What does dreaming about a man being stabbed mean?

If you dream about a man being stabbed and the knife is stuck in the body, causing death, this means that a guy wants to be with you, but you don’t feel the same with him. This can apply to both gay and straight situations.

Obviously, your subconscious is telling you that you’re trying to avoid this person at all costs. They’re just not your type. But you keep getting these signals from them. And now, they’re even in your dreams.

What this means is that you need to communicate more clearly. Try to friendzone them for starters. If that doesn’t work, have another person explain to them what you’ve been trying to get across. If you are co-workers, make sure that HR is part of the picture.

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What does dreaming about a child death caused by stabbing mean?

When you find yourself dreaming about a child’s death caused by stabbing with a sharp knife, be very careful. This act of violence committed by a kid in your dream means that a lot of your unresolved issues from the past or pent-up emotional states may push you to do something that you won’t be all that proud of.

Do you get this feeling that you need to fix something right away? There is a sense of urgency, much like you would feel if a child in your family is being attacked.

But you cannot give in to that sense of urgency. You have to think things through. Think in terms of positive outcomes. If you can find the energy, you can even go so far as to try to imagine a win-win situation.

Another variant of this involves a child attacking a family member with a knife. In that variant, your dream is telling you that there is a conflict in your family.

Let’s face it. Most of us have a child within us. There’s a part of us that either refuses to grow or grew up in a stunted way. It would be safe to say that we’re not all completely adults inside.

And that’s perfectly fine. The world isn’t perfect. Keep that in mind when you see a dream image of a child assaulting a family member with a knife.

This points to a rift in your family involving pent-up, unresolved issues.

Maybe you have a sibling that always gave you protection and, in some ways, kept you from really spreading out your wings through the power of choice and—through the ups and downs and harsh realities of life—becoming a full adult.

There’s still that child inside of you that they think they protected but actually stunted your growth and power instead, and you resent it. You’re trying to come to grips with that feeling.

On the one hand, you love your older sibling because they obviously care enough for you, but there’s a part of you that feels denied, overlooked, talked over, and this can fuel conflicts.

The funny thing is, conflicts in the family can seem so petty. For example, somebody did not bring back the rental car or pay a bill on time. There are several more examples we could talk about, but this should suffice.

Those are usually the sparks that start an unquenchable fire because the real issue runs deep. So pay close attention to whatever unresolved issues you may have with your siblings or your father or mother.

It’s perfectly okay to have negative feelings about certain family members. People are not perfect, neither are you.

When you see a dream image of a child attacking a family member, it’s a wake-up call for you to learn how to better communicate with other people in your family, but also with yourself.

Ask yourself: “Why am I having these feelings? Where do they come from? How have I been coping all these years? What is the range of emotions that I feel and why?”

These are heavy questions that can impact your waking life. A lot of people are constantly depressed. Many turned to drugs. Some think of suicide because they can’t get a handle on these.

So start asking these questions, and then, if you discover certain areas that are murky, you might wanna get some professional help. It is never a sign of weakness. Just as you would go to a doctor to set broken bones, it should be obvious even more that it’s ok to see a psychiatrist or licensed social worker to set a broken soul.

It may seem small now, but it’s there for a reason because the fissures and the fractures run deep.

What does it mean when you’re dreaming of killing your spouse with a knife?

This is a very vivid dream image. Usually, people marry each other because of love, and if it comes down to this type of dream imagery where you see yourself killing your husband or wife with a knife, it indicates that there is something that is profoundly broken down as far as your communication channel goes.

You can summarize any kind of relationship with this one word: communication. If you get that right, you will be able to see each other soul to soul.

And even though you’re very different from each other, having come from different walks of life and have seen the world from different perspectives, all those differences can be strengths and blessings provided you know how to communicate the right way.

So approach that dream image, as disturbing as it may be, from this perspective. How can I communicate with her or him better? That should be your starting question.

Because if you just insist on your significant other to “automatically get me” or else she doesn’t love me, you have a problem on your hands, and guess what. It’s on you.

You have to be open. Be willing to work things out with that person no matter how seemingly irrational they may be.

Again, this is your perspective. It may not be reflected in real life.

But the good news is that if you start with improving how you communicate, things will eventually resolve.

Now, if you are seeing yourself killing your spouse with a knife, it can also be a bad omen when it comes to your business. It might be an indication that you’re in deep trouble.

Your spouse is a provider even though they may not be the breadwinner precisely because you go to them for emotional support. You feel accepted, and you belong when you’re in that bond.

These are the same kinds of feelings a business can give. And when you see yourself attacking your spouse, this can be an indication of the amount of control you have over this enterprise and your concern about it. Therefore, your subconscious may be telling you that you’re having a tough time staying afloat, or there are issues regarding solvency that you may have overlooked.

No matter how you—pardon the pun—cut it, this type of dream indicates that you are afraid of losing. Perfectly understandable!

But please understand that you cannot be aggressive. When it comes to your enterprise that you’ve invested a lot of blood, sweat, and tears in, if you go overboard, you might end up creating more problems than you’re solving.

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What does it mean to dream of a sharp pain after being stabbed by someone?

If you have this type of dream, it can be an example of a dream where you are in search of answers. You’re going through a roller-coaster of emotions, and you are grasping for some type of resolution.

Maybe somebody died in your family recently. Perhaps, a good friend or someone you were or are romantically linked to broke your heart, but the pain runs deep. And that’s why you are trying to find some sort of answer because you believe that it would lead to some kind of closure.

Obviously, to see this type of imagery in your dream means that you still have quite a way to go.

Depending on the context and additional details, this can also be interpreted that your enemies are trying to kill you in one form or another. Generally speaking, this doesn’t signify physical death, or you are getting murdered. Instead, it can be saying that they’re trying to pick you apart, ridicule you, or somehow damage your reputation.

Pay close attention to what’s going on around you. Is there any sort of miscommunication or misunderstanding? What can you do to prevent things from spiraling out of control? And what kind of changes can you make as far as your personal character goes, so you attract better people? Or, at least don’t provoke the worst out of them.

In many cases, they’re just people that are messed up. You’re going to have to live with that fact. So in that situation, either you avoid them, or you learn how to conduct yourself, so they focus their energies on somebody else.

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What is the dream interpretation of stabbing yourself with a knife?

If you dream of stabbing yourself with a knife in the body, this represents that you may be disappointed with yourself. Its interpretation can also involve your feelings about many mistakes that you’ve made in the past.

Maybe you feel that you are losing your willpower because your life is spiraling out of control. This can also indicate spiritual warfare. Again, in this context, spiritual means your mindset, your thought patterns, your mental habits, as well as your internal monologue.

All of us have an internal script, and we have to be aware of it. Whenever you tell yourself that you can’t do this, or you can only do that, or you’re an idiot after committing a mistake, you are programming yourself.

Beware of your mental programming because it can and does influence what you actually do.

You have to understand that the world doesn’t care about what’s going on in your head. It only starts to care when you start talking about it.

And believe me, it definitely will sit up and pay attention when you start acting on what’s going on in your head because when you translate ideas into actions, that’s when the world springs into action because, for every action, there is a reaction.

Your external world, how much money you make, what you look like, what general shape you are, the quality of your relationships—the whole nine yards—are all mere reflections of what’s going on in your internal world.

So when you dream of stabbing yourself with a knife in the body, this represents that there’s something wrong in terms of what you’ve done in the past. You’re disappointed. Or, something that you’re doing right now doesn’t line up with your highest hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

This doesn’t signify that it’s the end. It just means that you have to be more mindful of your inner world and set it up in such a way that it lines up with the external destination that you want to end up at.

Dream Example #1

On a Wednesday morning, I received a call from my mother, and she asked to see me. She had a job opportunity to tell me that I should apply for the position available.

I was jobless for a while, and my girlfriend was not happy with our situation.

I spoke with my mother for a minute and told her I would see her in the afternoon before she went to work for the afternoon shift. My mother was working in a school, and job opportunities had come up, and she wanted me to apply.

Before seeing my mother, I decided to pass by a friend’s place and see my mother in the afternoon. I prepared myself then left the house. I was wearing a white shirt and some blue jeans with sneakers.

That day I met most of my friends on my way when I saw the particular friends I had intended to see before seeing my mother. I took a bus to the area where my friend lived.

On getting down from the bus, I saw my wife in a store selling hotdogs to people walking by. I decided to say hey and assist her in selling for a few minutes. When I went there, she looked outraged, but I still chose to stay with her.

In her hand, she held a knife that she was using to slice the bread while preparing the hotdogs. After some time, I wanted to leave, so I decided to wash my hand with a tap right behind us.

After reaching out into her purse, I grabbed some lotion and applied it to my hands. My girlfriend started shouting at me when I walked away, asking why I used her cream on my hands.

I laughed it off, but she started walking towards me, looking very angry. I could see her rage in her eyes. I apologized and promised it would never happen again.

But before I could finish my apology, they stabbed me with a knife in my stomach. I pushed her off, but she came back, took the blade off, and stabbed me again, this time on my left side of the chest, and again she took off the knife, but this time all I saw was blood gushing out from my chest like a sprinkler.

I felt the pain that I have never felt before, and I started crying and shouting, but tears did not come out of my eyes. Friends ran towards me to assist me, carried me, and put me in a pickup truck, and I was rushed to the hospital.

While on the pickup truck, I saw a man take off his shirt and use it to stop the bleeding. All I remember saying is, “this girl had killed me” I could not breathe; I was becoming light-headed. My thought was, why did I go and see my mother? When she asked me to see her, I had regrets in life, but this was overwhelming.

Soon after, I saw my late brother, who had died years before, and he was telling me that I should try and breathe, but I could not hold any longer. I woke up from this evil dream and said a prayer, but I could not sleep the rest of the night.

Dream Example #2

I was hanging out with my friends outside my home, chatting with them. It was a bright evening, and I was so enthusiastic to know more about my friends’ love stories.

It was a bright evening. Whenever one of my friends told me about his side of the love story, the whole place would become brown and dull for that particular amount of time.

When my third friend started speaking, a man emerged with a sharp knife from a car. He was a middle-aged man with a bit of beard on his face, and he was fierce with his face turning red as he approached us.

Then every one of us was shocked as we were trying to run fast, far from each other, so he couldn’t catch us. Then for some unknown reason, he chased me with a knife in his hands.

There was something wrong with him. Something wrong with his body. Something wrong with his running. Something wrong with his shoes; some big scar was there on his left temple.

It was visible since he turned his face in an awkward way when he ran.

Now it was him and me, the predator and the prey. As soon as he approached me, I started to run. In a few seconds, I drenched with sweat all over my body. I was dropping sweat drops all over me, and I was breathing hard.

When he was close to me, I fell in a canal that was beside the road. I have no idea how the channel came there. Now I was inside the canal, and he was above me, breathing hard as he held his knife in his hand.

Then he put his other hand in his pocket and searched for something, and he took that out. It was my favorite book that I read last night before going to sleep. But how could he fit that big book inside his small pocket? It was strange to me.

It was strange because it was a dream.

Then he turned his face towards me, approaching me with his knife in one hand, his other hand going back with the book.

He was murmuring some weird words in his mouth, and he was very confused with his actions.

Then he started to stab me with his knife with his face raging with extreme anger.

Then the strangest thing happened. whenever he stabbed me with his knife, my blood splashed from his body instead of my body. I was clean, and I had no scars from the blade.

Then suddenly he stabbed my eyes which were watching him stabbed me. The stabbing of my eyes woke me up, and I realized that It was a dream.

But it was one of the scariest dreams of my life, and I remember every minute detail of it.

The strange things that happened to me above were because that it was a dream. Dream Is Always a Strange Thing.

Dream Example #3

After partying all night in a club on Saturday, I decided to head home along with my friends. A friend dropped me home at 1:00 am in morning.

A COLD BREEZE HIT ME when I entered the apartment, indicating the winters were in full swing. So, I decided to take a warm shower.

However, after taking a mandatory hot bath to wash all the tiredness off my body, I decided to watch a horror movie to enjoy the weekend to its fullest.

Before heading towards my bed to watch the film, I decided to have some popcorn.

I headed to my kitchen to make some popcorn as I was the only one who lived in this apartment. Nonetheless, I made myself comfortable on my king-sized bed and covered myself with the warm blanket.

After searching through a list of horror movies on Netflix, I decided to watch Nightmare in elm street.

I felt drowsy in the middle of the movie, the perks of taking a hot bath and lying in a warm blanket. Later that moment, I heard a “thud” sound from the living room.

“Who can be in my apartment other than me at 3;00 am in the morning,” I asked in my mind. I got frozen at the moment and couldn’t get a hold of myself about what to do.

I silently turned off the TV and shrugged the thought of someone entering my house.

Suddenly, I heard a knock on my bedroom door. I put my hands on my mouth to shut the shriek coming out. I kept silent and started to think about what to do now? As I lived in this apartment for many years. and no one had ever entered my house before. “Tap, tap” I heard the sound of something tapping on my bedroom door.

I was shaking tremendously and decided to open the door, thinking a cat might be coming from somewhere. After fighting with my inner self whether to open the door or not, I silently tiptoed and grabbed the handle shakily.

Slowly, without making a noise, I turned the handle and pulled the door wide open to see if there was someone.

With fear evident in my ocean blue eyes, I looked around to double-check if there was an intruder or not. I liberated a sigh of relief and turned around to get a good sleep.

The moment I turned off the lights, I felt a presence behind me. I stilled for a moment and couldn’t see anything as the lights were turned off.

I quickly tried to grab the buttons to turn on the lights when a hand circled around my neck and placed a knife on my throat.

“Stay still, or I will cut your throat without thinking twice.” A voice of a stranger came from behind me. I tried to struggle a bit, and he put pressure on my throat with his knife.

A hot liquid poured out from my throat, indicating that this would be the end of my life. “See you in hell.” He whispered harshly in my year before slicing my throat.

I gasped out of the air, jumped out of my bed, and looked around. Tears were streaming down my face. The movie was playing on the TV, and popcorns were placed on the side table.

It was a bad dream about someone trying to kill me with a knife. I relaxed, kept the lights on, and got into a deep slumber.

Dream Example #4

Another beautiful morning, yet so tired and sleep-deprived. We have been up all night with the newborn. The house in front of us was vacant and ready to get new tenants.

Today our neighbours, a lovely couple, moved in and came to visit us in the morning. They seemed like nice and fun people as we got to know each other. But as we were so occupied with the newborn, we didn’t have much time to socialize.

“We would love to have you over for dinner tomorrow!” said Chelsea, our new neighbour. We were excited to get to know them and make new friends.

We took muffins, quiche, and a plant as housewarming gifts for them.

Our daughter Hailey was at my mother’s place just until dinner. Chelsea cooked delicious dishes, and we had a great time at their place.

Suddenly, my mother called and said Hailey was getting very sick, so I rushed to my mother’s place to check up on her. My husband returned home. I left my purse at Chelsea’s place, so later she came to our house to return my purse.

My husband and Chelsea both did not know that I was home. I was putting Hailey to sleep. She came into our house and had a glass of wine, and they both were chatting.

I could see them through the baby monitor. Suddenly, I saw Chelsea moving closer to my husband and tried to kiss him. He immediately moved away and asked her what she was doing. “I know you do not want to be with your wife, and it clearly shows,” said Chelsea.

I rushed to our living room and started shouting at her because the thing she did was not right in any way. Chelsea apologized and reassured nothing like that would ever happen again.

Two days later, she came to visit me. I was all alone in the house. I was cooking, so she was standing in the kitchen, and we were chatting.

The next thing I know, she stabbed me right in the stomach. She startled and ran away without saying anything or even helping. I could not move, and my cellphone was nowhere to be found.

The wound was bleeding like crazy. I started feeling dizzy and was about to pass out any minute now. All I could think about was my baby, Hailey, and my husband.

I could not stop crying. The thought that I did not even get to hug my baby girl for the last time, every little thought was hurting me then. The last thing that I saw was my husband entering our house and running towards me.

My husband was calling my name and shaking me to wake me up. I was all sweaty and in tears. I was crying in my sleep. Thank goodness it was all just a dream, nothing more.

It was such a relief that whatever I saw was a bad dream.

Dream Example #5

I remember the time when I dreamt about someone trying to kill me with a knife. I just came home from a thanksgiving party. It was fun; I had a great time with my family and friends.

I lay down in my bed, and since I was too tired from the party, I forgot to change my clothes. I immediately fall asleep, but it feels like it is as if I did not fall asleep at all.

I felt thirsty, and I was craving a glass of water. I went to the kitchen, and I could sense someone staring at me at my back. I drank my water, and that eerie feeling that someone was staring at me was still there.

I looked for a kitchen knife, believing that a thief might have entered my house, but the knife was gone as I went to the knife holder. My heart started pumping faster, and sweat began to come out of my body.

I was getting nervous as the eerie feeling got creepier. I saw a shadow in my living room, a shadow of a man who was somehow taller than me.

I can see in his shadow that he was holding a knife, and I think that was my kitchen knife.

I was starting to panic, but I fought my inner self and tried to calm down. The man’s shadow is getting nearer, and I can feel that I cannot move my body anymore. It is like a freezing feeling, and he comes closer and then, to my surprise, that shadow turns out to be my best friend! He plunged onto me and started to aim the knife at my chest.

I could not explain the emotions at that moment. I was scared, confused, and angry at the same time. I could not believe that my best friend was trying to kill me with a knife! I was asking him, “why are you doing this?” “what did I do?” “Please don’t kill me, have mercy!” but he didn’t respond at all.

I can see his fiery eyes that he is very eager to end my life. I tried to push him, and I did. He fell, but he immediately got up and attempted to kill me again with the knife.

Seeing my best friend trying to kill me for an unknown reason, I ran as fast as I could, going outside my house. However, he was too fast, and he was not getting tired of chasing me.

I was running for my life, still shocked at what was happening. Our chase brought us into an empty lot a few blocks from my house. It was a dead end. I didn’t know anymore where to go.

I was dead tired and could not run anymore, yet he was there, standing in front of me. He was not looking tired at all, and he was still eager to kill me. I asked him again, “why are you doing this?” He walked slowly towards me, holding his knife firmly, ready to stab my chest.

He stared at me and said, “you ate my favorite chicken piece, dude” I woke up immediately, gasping for my breath, and had a great sigh knowing that it was all a dream.

Dream Example #6

It was evening. I was returning home from my student’s place. My house is a bit far from the main road through an alley.

Usually, the lights were always on in that place at night, but strangely, the area was dark that day. I kept walking without thinking much, as my house was not too far.

Though, every time I entered the alley, it felt haunted for some reason. As I was moving forward, it seemed as if someone was watching me. I looked around a bit, looked at the houses, the windows were dark with curtains.

And suddenly, I started to smell a sweet floral scent. But there were no flower trees around my house. I reassured myself that someone around might have dropped a bottle of perfume.

When I went a little further, I saw a man sitting and smoking a cigarette. Maybe someone from the area, I guessed. But from the little light of the window next door, it became more precise.

And what I saw stopped my heartbeat for a while. It was a middle-aged man I had never seen before. Not from that area for sure. His jaw was drooping, his eyes were hollow, he was wearing an old lungi, and his T-shirt stained blood.

He had a bloody knife in his hand with which he was signaling me to go to him. I couldn’t move for a while. It was as if my arms and legs were frozen.

When the man got up and started walking towards me, I could not stand still anymore. I stepped back and started running in the opposite direction.

I didn’t know exactly how long I was running, but still, I couldn’t reach the end of this alley. And the man from behind kept saying, “Come here, don’t fear.”

When I finally saw the end of the path a little further ahead, I could see the shop lights dimly. Just then, I stumbled upon something. I woke up and saw that it was the man who was running to me.

His body is lying at my feet, with a knife in his chest. I kept calling everyone for help. But then it seemed to me that I had moved to an abandoned area.

No one lives here. Only I am stuck here alone. I kept shouting and asking for help. And I noticed that I could not get up from the side of the body.

The corpse seems to wrap around my legs. Screaming, my throat was getting dry. I was not thirsty for water.

Still, I kept asking for help. Suddenly I noticed that the body was not at my feet. I saw the man sitting in the sunset of the next building, looking at me with a creepy smile.

I got more frightened when I saw this smile. Just as I was about to get up from my seat, he jumped on me and stabbed me in the chest. I tried to scream in fear but couldn’t make a sound.

My chest was scrambling, and deep darkness started surrounding me. Then I woke up. I found my bed wet with sweat. I was very thirsty, but I was so scared that I didn’t dare to get up and drink water.

I spent the rest of the night not sleeping for fear.

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