What does a dream of being chased by a madman mean?

When people, or a person, dream of being chased by a madman can be so traumatic that it can jolt them awake. Who wants to be chased in a dream by somebody who is crazy? Maybe they want to kill you or, at least based on their looks and action, want to do you serious harm.

There are other dreams that may seem to resemble this one – like a dream about someone standing at your door or a dream of being attacked by a man – but this has particular nuances based on your hopes, dreams, and experiences.

Interestingly, this type of dream is not what you think it is. There are different interpretations of this based on dream books, but it usually doesn’t predict impending death at the hands of the criminally insane.

dream of being chased by a madman
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General interpretations of a dream of being chased by a madman and their implications on your waking life

Madman dream meaning: life hurdles

The general symbolism behind being chased in a dream by a mad man involves a nuisance in your life.

Are there people who are getting in the way of you achieving your dreams or being happy? Is there a list of “usual suspects” that you turn to when something goes wrong in your life?

They may not have directly caused the problem, but you often think that they have a role to play in things not panning out for you. When you dream of being pursued by a madman, it can indicate that your view of these “nuisances” is beginning to change.

Viewed from this perspective, the dream meaning of this type of symbology can be positive. Things might finally be falling into place, or they may have been going your way for some time now, but it’s only recently that you’re beginning to be aware of them.

Madman dreaming by a woman: positive relationships

Having such dreams if you’re a woman can be a good sign for your destiny because it can mean that the person you always wanted to be with has either entered your life or is thinking of committing to you.

When a woman stands up to a madman in your dreams, it can also indicate some breakthrough in terms of your plans and goals. You might be on the cusp of achieving success in a wide range of areas in your life.

When it comes to family life, dreaming of a woman being chased by a mad person can indicate that you’re seeing yourself change for the better in time for other changes in other people’s lives.

These people, dear to you, appear that they are also going through some growth.

Madman dream meaning: perceived threat

Depending on the context, another interpretation of being chased by a mad person in your dream is you have issues with how you deal with a real or imagined threat. In your waking world, there are certain things that you fear and view as threats.

This doesn’t make you any different from most people. But the issue is how you deal with these perceived threats. Are you always looking to escape? Or are you looking for somebody to blame?

Keep in mind that even though the emotional effects of these threats are all too real, this doesn’t mean that there’s a real danger. They are purely imagined, exaggerated, or real – but in a limited way.

Have you ever stopped to think about the things you’re afraid of and how they impact your behavior in your waking life? Have they prevented you from growing or becoming the type of person that you want to be?

These are important questions that you may have been sweeping under the rug for so long. You may have hung on to these perceived threats for such a long time that you don’t pay them any attention anymore.

You look for initial emotional signals indicating their presence, and you react automatically. It’s as if this emotional and mental habit has become part of your identity. Your instinct is to judge negatively every situation that you encounter in your life.

This is where it gets dangerous because if the habit is not confronted, you might be living your life far below your fullest potential.

It may well turn out that you’re scared of shadows, and there’s nothing to be afraid of. At best, many of these insecurities, concerns, and fears can be traced to your childhood, but you’re no longer a child. You’re a competent grown-up now able to deal with a lot more things and with a lot more resources.

Madman dream meaning: exploring anxieties

When you dream of being chased by a mad person, it means that you should, at the very least, look at your fears in your waking life.

You shouldn’t automatically translate your real-life fears into limits and boundaries.

Madman dream meaning: striving for self-improvement

A mad man chasing you in a dream means that you have a growing awareness that you’re trying to change negative aspects of your personality. This is a harder interpretation because it seems easy to accept but hard to pull off.

We all know that we’re all works in progress and have rough edges. This is the easy part. The harder part is changing our mental and emotional habits. If you’re looking to get rid of these habits, you will have to struggle.

They’ve been part of you for so long, and you’ve been interpreting and responding to triggers a certain way. The reason you react the way you do is that you receive some reward. People do not behave the same way again and again unless there’s something in it for them.

No wonder your mind symbolizes this desire to change in the form of a chase. It’s as if your past and coping mechanisms are bearing down on you. They’re close to catching up to you and overwhelming you.

You know you are capable of something better; you could be happier and more content, but you feel that you can’t shake off the past. The good news is if you learn from your past efforts to change your life patterns, you will eventually be able to put together something that works.

The key is to use this sense of urgency that your mind sends you through these dreams to fuel your desire for change. This dream means that you can do it because you are not overwhelmed, as shown in your dream.

It’s not like the mad person sped up, put their hands on you, and beat you down. Instead, you probably woke up in the heat of the chase, sweat trickling down your forehead, and you’re trying to chase your breath.

The mad person was that close. But pay close attention to what actually happened to your dream. The person never got to you. So this means there’s still hope.

Madman dream meaning: personal inhibitions

A slight variation of this dream where a person is chasing you can indicate that you’re confused. The symbol of a madman or mad woman points to mixed signals or misunderstandings in your waking life that hold you back or keep you from being fully happy or fulfilled.

The confusion is that you never looked back to ask the person why they were chasing you or acting that way. If you’re like most people, your instinct is to run and head for the hills if somebody strange is running after you with their arms stretched.

But in your dream, you probably did not ask why the person was chasing you. What led them to do that? Instead, your mind’s eye is fixated on the heat of the chase.

Given the confusion, it’s no surprise that the alternative reading of this dream is that you dream about getting chased by a mad person because you’re trying to avoid confusion. You know there is some impending chaos in your life that can take many different forms.

Maybe your company is going through a reorganization, or your business is going through a rough time due to changes in the economy. Perhaps your relationship is going through a transition. “Chaos” can take many different forms.

But it should be familiar because change is the only constant in life. You’ve been through these changes before, and you wouldn’t be where you are if you did not have any coping strategy. Still, the emotional tension of being chased by a mad person highlights your fears about the chaos and confusion in an area of your life.

Maybe a part of you is thinking that you’re going to have a tough time this time around because there are so many types of conflicts, unresolved issues, or deep-seated disagreements that will make this round of chaos different from previous times of your life.

Madman dream meaning: insecurity

This brings me to the next general interpretation of this dream. In the same vein, being chased in your dream can indicate your fear about your inadequacy. Maybe you failed to resolve certain issues with your family, and this has eroded your confidence.

Maybe you tried to get promoted at work, but it didn’t work out. Perhaps you tried to be in a relationship with somebody you liked, and the person rejected you. Whatever the case may be, you may have experienced things that made you question your self-worth.

You feel inadequate; you feel that you’re flat-out incompetent in certain areas of your reality. Add to this the fear of the unknown and the fact that uncertainties bring challenges you can’t escape. It’s tempting to define ourselves based on our shortcomings.

No wonder when you are being chased in your dream, you’re afraid of the uncertainties of the future. But this is an irrational fear because the future is uncertain.

So what do you do? You get into your comfort zone as most people do. You focus on what you know. While this is important and can provide the building blocks for eventual breakthrough and success, you stay in your comfort zone.

You disowned part of yourself that wants to explore and thrive.

You feel protected and secured there. But the problem with always hiding in your comfort zone and never pushing on its boundaries is it shrinks your competency. And there is a good chance that whatever you have mastered will become irrelevant because things change.

By hiding from what you fear, you’re letting go of the victories you could claim in the future. Do you see the paradox here? Unsurprisingly, in terms of the general interpretation of these types of dreams, you tend to allow your feelings to get the best of you.

This should not be a surprise because if your mind uses this imagery for what’s going on in your waking life, it indicates that your external circumstances easily influence your feelings.

This is going to be a problem. Emotions are fickle; they turn very quickly. But what complicates things is basing your feelings on external triggers. It’s hard enough trying to control yourself without having to control people and circumstances around you.

That is what’s scary. If you’re not careful, this dream of being chased by a mad person can indicate your mind telling you that you need to rein in your emotions or look into having a tighter emotional discipline.

Otherwise, you may fall vicious cycle and find yourself saying, doing, and thinking things that can trigger other people leading to permanent circumstances that you might not be happy with.

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Most common dreams about being a mad man or mad woman and what they could mean

When it comes to dream interpretation or defining accurate dream meaning, you have to look at the context. While I’ve outlined the general themes above, it’s the small details of your dream that play bigger roles in applying what the dream means to your waking life.

If you want your real life to benefit from your correct understanding of dream symbols and analysis of your dreams, pay close attention to these smaller pieces of information and where they fall. They are easy to overlook, and sometimes, you’ve completely forgotten about them.

However, they can easily change a dream’s meaning and direction if you hadn’t forgotten them.

Lucid dreaming and its impact on your mental state

Pay attention to what your mind tells you as you dream, which can lead to a more solid command of dream meaning as it develops.

For example, there are instances that you are lucid dreaming and being pursued by a mad man. Lucid dreaming is closely related to our minds. The inner self foretells a period of sadness or illness that will happen to you.

This type of dream boils down to your need to listen to what you’re dreaming about as it happens. These dreams are so vivid, lucid, and clear because you can see yourself thinking in your dream.

This type of dream symbology isn’t an accident. Make full use of these dreams. This is your dream world, communicating with you to give you the right mental guidance. Whether you believe in the spirit world or not, the real issue is asserting control of your subconscious. Stop running from what you know deep down.

Otherwise, don’t be surprised if you lose control. Either your emotions get the better of you, or you become too dependent on your comfort zone. Whatever decision you make between these two ultimately leads to the sense that you’re losing control over your life.

A dreamer being chased in a dream by a madman indicates crazy real-life situations

You are going at a high rate of speed if someone is chasing you in dreams. Things become a blur because you only focus on getting out of harm’s way. Many things are happening in your life that feel just like this.

Days seem to blur into each other, and before you know it, a deadline looms up ahead. Panic and fear overcome you. Similarly, family issues like illness or fighting have telltale signs of becoming worse. Pretty soon, you have to confront these issues because they’re hitting too close to home.

Unsurprisingly, it’s easy for people to identify with the madman or mad person chasing them in their dream because all these fast-paced concerns in their lives are driving them to the brink of madness.

Pay close attention to the speed of the chase. Try to remember what you see. Is it all a blur? If it is, this small detail can indicate a sense of being overwhelmed. Maybe your mind is telling you to take a step back, breathe deeply and slowly, and start looking at the stressful situation with a pair of clear eyes.

Dreaming of being the madman indicates your fears about your negative traits

If you’re the mad man or mad person chasing after somebody in your dreams, this indicates that your mind is telling you about your negative traits. These traits have less than desirable effects on your relationships with people.

This can involve people closest to you, like your family and co-workers, schoolmates, or people you meet regularly. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re crazy, but there’s something about your personality that can provoke tension and misunderstanding.

Also, you cannot communicate so that your ideas and emotions accurately make it from your head to somebody else’s head. A lot of this can also involve disowning a part of your persona.

For example, you may be embarrassed about the part of your personality that makes you put the right ideas into the wrong words that can emotionally trigger people. You then totally ignore this part of your persona.

You dismiss it instead of trying to change it or owning up to it. You tell yourself that it’s not who you really are, and if people have trouble with that, it’s on them. That can work with some people at a certain stage of your life.

But if you want to be an effective person, you have to take ownership. Please understand that it might be a special case if only one person is offended. But if a hundred people are offended, then that’s on you. And you need to change.

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What does it mean to dream about a madman killing or murdering someone after a chase?

If you see yourself as a witness to a high-speed foot chase ending in the murder of somebody, it can indicate that your mind is telling you that you made a wrong decision. In your waking life, you know that you have made mistakes or have some misgivings. You usually think about these when you’re frustrated with a certain area of your life.

For example, you received a credit bill that keeps getting bigger month after month. You might be thinking that you shouldn’t have spent so much money on stuff you didn’t need. Then you get the sinking feeling that it’s too late. You’re saddled with the effects of that decision.

It’s important to focus on the relationship between your decisions and the life you’re living now. As the old saying goes, “If you don’t want to do time, don’t commit the crime.”

Understanding the logical link between your decisions and their consequences is one thing; changing it is another. You have to understand you made that decision for a reason. In many cases, you were chasing after an experience or a feeling.

Escaping personal accountability

Did you know that most people make buying decisions on impulse? That’s according to research. But when you ask them about it, they will explain their decision fairly, logically, and reasonably.

But don’t let it fool you. Their choices were driven primarily by their need for an emotional state. Maybe it’s the sense of being empowered or keeping up with other people or a sense of belonging.

This is what makes it hard because it’s connected to our emotional state. And when you see that image of a madman murdering their victim after a foot chase, your mind is telling you that you’re self-aware enough to see some distance between your decisions and their effects.

There is a reason why your mind uses the emotionally traumatizing image of someone being murdered in your dreams. It wants to get your attention. It’s trying to wake you up to the connection between your decisions and the life you feel you’re forced to live.

What does it mean if you get killed in your dreams?

First of all, it’s not as bad as you think. If the mad man chases you, catches up with you, and slits your throat or stabs you to death, it means that your mind believes that the issues you’ve been running away from have finally overwhelmed you.

For example, if you’re struggling with money or financial issues because you keep making the same decisions, it may be crunch time. Maybe you need to consolidate your money debts, get on a payment plan, or otherwise budget your money.

Whatever the case may be, it’s time to get out of your comfort zone and start dealing with the problem. That’s all your death means in this context. You need to handle whatever it is that has been chasing you.

Turn around, confront it, identify it, break it apart, and come up with a plan. The good news is once you do this, you realize that it’s not as big or unsolvable as you have thought. It’s not impossible.

Other people have gotten out of the tight spot that you’ve been fearing. Again, it doesn’t matter what the challenge is. It could be your relationship, health, or a long laundry list of other things. What’s important is you reconnect to the part of you that solves your problems.

Denial and avoidance are not solutions.

What does it mean to have dreams about trying to kill a madman?

Turning around and trying to catch and kill the madman means that you’re finally waking up to your natural ability to solve problems. This is an important breakthrough. Keep in mind that for you to be even reading this blog post means that you’ve overcome hurdles in the past.

Otherwise, you would have died, or you wouldn’t even have bothered to read. I hope you get my point. You are capable of overcoming. When you see yourself trying to kill a madman who chased you, it means that you’ve turned around and confronted whatever it is that was chasing you.

This is a good sign. Does this mean that you’re going to achieve victory the first time you try? Of course not. But it does mean that you’re willing to commit to however long it takes to learn how to get different results.

Otherwise, you’re going to resign yourself to being symbolically chased by your problems. This is a breakthrough because you’re now banking on your track record of solving problems. You’ve gotten this far, don’t give up.

Facing reality to overcome challenges

You have what it takes to overcome the challenge. The key is to be open-minded and tap into your inner resourcefulness. You’ve done it before, and nothing is preventing you from doing it again.

Certain problems seem insurmountable. A stage 4 cancer diagnosis is an example. But the challenge may have something more to do with the mindset than making the disease go away.

At the very least, the right mindset can help you go through your treatments instead of giving up. Also, it can help you make amends with people. It can also mean a peaceful death after a long and meaningful life.

Sometimes the solution to our problems is not getting rid of them or having them disappear. The bigger blessing is having our characters changed.

What does it mean to dream about a madman throwing stones at you?

When a madman throws stones at you instead of chasing you, it can indicate that your subconscious tells you that you’re being betrayed by people you trust. The stones represent words. They’re not “doing your dirty” or stabbing you upfront.

Instead, they’re cowards by throwing stones from a safe distance. They know you can catch them in your dream. This is an analogy for how people interact with you. Maybe they’re telling half-truths, or they’re telling the truth but in a way that puts you in a negative light.

Whatever the case may be, your subconscious tells you to be clear about your relationship with these individuals. Are they your true friends? If you treat somebody who is not a friend as a friend, you set expectations.

In many cases, the reason they are treating you like this is they’re disappointed in you. They thought you would treat them like your real friends since you allowed them into your inner circle.

You can’t look at it as though you’re a victim. You must start by asking questions as to what you did. Once you’re able to put the pieces together, you can frame people the right way and conduct yourself in such a way that this stuff won’t hurt you.

The feeling of betrayal does sting, but you need to get over it because the world isn’t fair.

What does it mean to dream about a madman chasing and scrambling to look for you?

This is a great sign because you got chased in a dream by a madman, and they’re getting close to you, but he started to scramble, meaning you ducked him. You’re able to distract them long enough for them to get lost.

These types of dream symbols speak more about your resourcefulness and optimism. It’s easy for us to define our lives based on our hardships and challenges. The problem is we make things even more problematic if we do that.

If you assume that things will always be hard, then you’re not doing yourself any favors. You are defeating your optimism and natural resourcefulness. A part of you is even questioning why you should continue to try when you know it’s going to be rough anyway.

Do you see how this works? When you see yourself escape because the madman was scrambling, it indicates that your subconscious knows you have what it takes to achieve better results in your life.

It’s an invitation for you to take more risks, become bolder and more courageous as far as your decisions go.

What does it mean to dream about being chased by a madman who is a member of the family?

Please understand that when you are chased in a dream by a madman who is a family member, it doesn’t have to be a man. It could be your mother who thinks she knows everything and that you know nothing.

Maybe your mother thinks you’re a perpetual infant. The madman who chased you can also be a friend who has good intentions but is ruining your life.

These dream symbols tell you that if you want to have perfect relationships, a successful business, or a close circle of friends, you have to be active. These relationships must be two-way streets.

You cannot be a passive recipient of whatever ideas or mental habits they have. Take the case of your mother. She may love you to bits, but her way of showing it may not be doing you any favor.

Let her know about it. It’s not a sign of disrespect. Rather, it’s a sign of your self-respect. If the relationship is not a two-way, mature adult relationship, then one has to give in for the other to dominate.

You have to tell your mother that that’s not the kind of relationship you want. And if she loves you, she should respect your ability to make decisions.

What does it mean to dream about being a madman and being chased by police officers?

This is an indication of your attitudes towards authority. Maybe you don’t like being cooped up in an office, but here you are working a 9 to 5 job, punching the clock, trying to earn some money every two weeks.

It’s beginning to grate on you, and pretty soon, you feel that something’s got to give. You need to escape this situation. Maybe you need to escape that job and get into freelancing. Thanks to the internet, many people make decent, regular income by freelancing for many employers.

Not only do you get to work on your own time, but you get to do so at your own pace and terms. This is a wonderful escape.

The key to freelancing is your ability to deliver results on time. Everything else is up to you. If you can work with that, then go for it because you’ll no longer have issues with authority and the restrictions they bring.

Now, this may sound awesome and everything but keep in mind that with great freedom comes great responsibility. To feel free, you have to be responsible and professional, or your freelance work dries up quickly.

What does it mean to be chased by a mad person and then hiding from him?

Many people may think that when they wake up from this kind of stressful dream that they’ve gotten an advantage or succeeded somehow. It’s different from what you think. This is your brain telling you that it is in denial about certain things in your life.

Sure, denial and avoidance bring instant relief. But at the cost of what? You have to understand that you’re not growing until and unless you stop in your tracks, turn around, look at whatever it is that’s chasing you straight in the eye, and put up a fight or at least handle the situation.

You remain emotionally stunted. Do you think running away builds up your resourcefulness? Think again. There’s a strong sense of victory when you’re hiding, and you see that mad man who is chasing you get lost in the dark.

But what have you achieved? You hid. You didn’t stand up for your rights; you didn’t achieve any breakthrough when dealing with your fears.

What does it mean to be fighting with a madman or a mad woman?

Fighting in different contexts can mean either struggling or achieving a breakthrough. It depends on the context. If you see yourself being chased and then turning around to fight, but you’re losing, this can mean it’s a struggle.

You feel that it’s the same old fight day after day. It’s wearing down your spirit, and you feel that you’re wasting your time. A part of you feels hopeless and helpless. But is it that bleak? You have to step outside your emotions.

Improvement requires failure

Any kind of growth process involves frustrations. We are very simple creatures, after all. We like pleasure, and we being hurt. We dislike pain and discomfort. The struggle is discomforting because you’re growing. You’re figuring things out, identifying strategies that would work.

This doesn’t happen overnight. It’s not something you stumble upon. So focus on becoming comfortable with the struggle and learning from it. The more uncomfortable you are, the more you’re likely to avoid struggles in the future.

You’re not growing, so you go back to square one. On the other hand, it’s a good sign if you’re fighting with a madman in your dream and winning or putting up a good fight. It means you’re responsible.

You’re tired of running away from your problems, and you’re putting together knowledge that will equip you for a breakthrough. The fact that you’re winning means things are working out. After all, a piece of pasta will eventually stick if you’re throwing spaghetti on the wall.


Dreaming about an angry madman after you

If in your dream you quickly glance around and see the facial expression of the person chasing you, this can indicate inner rage. You’re running away from yourself, not from somebody. There are situations in your life that trigger unexplainable or uncontrollable rage.

This is a red flag. It’s okay to be angry or upset because many things in life trigger this emotion. It’s perfectly healthy. But you have a problem if this emotion morphs into a rage that can be all-consuming, hard to control, and often unreasonable.

First, think about what triggers the rage. Second, you have to define it. It’s one thing to get mad if somebody cuts you off after you get off the freeway; it’s another to pick up a gun to blow that person’s brains out. Know the difference.

And once you’ve identified rage issues in your life, it’s a good idea to seek professional help. This is the very thing that helps a lot of people.

What does it mean to dream about a madman arguing with you?

This is a good dream symbol because it means that you’re trying to reason things out. You’ve identified things that you have issues with when it comes to other people or yourself, and you are then using your communication skills to get across certain issues backed by facts.

This is a sign of emotional and psychological maturity. Is it perfect? Of course not. It’s easy to get emotionally triggered in the heat of an argument. But at least you’re arguing to make your point.

Keep at it when it comes to your waking life. You already have a good idea of what it is you’re confronting. It could be an addiction or an unfaithful partner. There are many issues there. You’re trying to be calm about it instead of flying off the handle.

This is a step in the right direction so go for it. Your feelings will make you their slave if you cannot govern them. Not a good plan.

What does it mean to dream about catching a madman?

This is a powerful dream image, but unfortunately, it’s also very rare. Maybe you caught a madman by physically restraining that person, or you caught a madman by taking a detour that ended up in a police station.

These are two different approaches with many different variations. If you physically restrained the madman chasing you, it could mean that you’ve gone through a process in your waking life that enables you to be more emotionally mature and in control.

It wasn’t an easy journey, but your mind tells you that you’ve achieved a breakthrough. In other words, you’re more likely to avoid emotionally triggering situations or handle them more productively. This is a good sign.

Confronting your shadow side

On the other hand, it’s a much better sign if you caught a madman by tricking them or having other people help you. This means that you’re seeking help with whatever financial, emotional, psychological, spiritual issues you have in real life. Your mindset has to change.

It doesn’t mean you’re weak when you ask for help. It doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you if you seek professional help. Think about it this way; you won’t be in denial if you broke your arm. It’s ridiculous if you did.

Instead, you will go to a hospital so a doctor could take a look at it. The same goes for depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and other personality issues. If things hurt or hamper your ability to achieve great victories and successes in life, seek professional help.

There’s no shame in that. Just think of it as an extension of your physical health, and you will be okay.

Dream Example #1

It was a quiet dawn time, where my feet brought me walking by the neighborhood street.

Long before, I keep imagining this moment. All these sleepless nights, distorted thoughts, burdened feelings made me up every night.

I take more time to wander around the area to help ease these tangled illusions I have painted in my mind.

Mesmerized by the peaceful ambiance, little did I notice I got lost in the way.

I have walked by unfamiliar houses that were odd because, from my memory, most of the spaces are not empty.

How come I don’t know about this place? It was like a surreal one. I felt an eerie breeze begins to shiver to my body when I notice that someone is following me from behind.

Instead of taking in a calmer state of mind, it became wilder.

All I have in my thoughts was I needed to run away as far as him.

The last thing I have to do is that letting the stranger catch me.

With all my might, I hurried down the curved alley expecting to get rid of him by that route.

Without a second thought, I entered the unlocked house .

Who would leave their doors open this early? I hinder my second thoughts and focus on how I can run away from that strange man from the outside.

As soon as I set foot from the door, I am amazed at how huge the house was. It is like a bungalow from the outside.

But, the insides have an interior of black and white with little furniture and appliances. The living room faced the upper floor with two-way stairs at the ends of the couch. On how curious I am who might be that peculiar man, I distracted myself by heading above the right staircase. As the lower ground has fewer objects, on the upper floor, there were no fixtures at all. As soon as I went to the upper floor, hallways were directing many closed doors. In the gleam of daybreak, I can see anything since there were no lights on. The windows at the end of the hallway meet its little light on the way to me. I decided to try knocking on random doors to see if somebody is home whom I can reach for help. There came long and heavy footsteps that broke the silence in the house. Frozen still after tapping the door, I realized I am stuck in a trap that he could catch me up at any minute. As soon as the thumping of his walks echoed, I immediately get hold of myself and started walking on tiptoes.

Unfortunately, to say, all doors are all lock. I hurried towards the end of the hallway. As soon as I did great to my joy that finally, I found two open doors! But it changed when I saw two paths that are in pitch dark black that I get through what looks like on the other side. Then great to my surprise, someone called out my name. Seconds before I know it, my heart raced over faster heartbeats. He might catch me if I lose the chance to get through any of the doors. But my feet decided long before my mind did. I immediately jumped to the right door. I made a free fall jump and closed my eyes that it might be a dream that soon I will wake up from this.

Yet, I landed on a bouncy floor but right before opening my eyes. I can feel the ocean breeze brushing through my face. I realized I was standing on a narrow stand in the middle of the ocean. To my astonishment, I looked around to see if anyone is as stranded as I was. There were several narrowed stands in the ocean but only that I was the only person existing. I tried looking around in hopes that I can find someone – oh no! I finally found one but the strange man at the end of the stand where I am situated. While I am trying to hold back my fear, he took a step towards me, my fear doubled. I rush towards the end of the space to run away from him. I was on the edge of the stand that even aiming the other side is definitely out of my reach. I got on my knees and started crying. As soon as he was approaching me, the adrenaline rush took its stand for me. I was gasping for air after I jumped into the deep blue ocean and woke myself up to found out that it was only a dream

Dream Example #2

“Pass me the bottle of beer”

I handed the bottle of bear to John, and I watch him open it. This was his third bottle tonight, and I have taken two myself.

We were all happy and ready to enjoy ourself.

Today had been a beautiful day, and I couldn’t be more excited. Henry and Kola were enjoying their plate of pepper-soup along with a bottle of beer each.

The beer parlor was dimly lit and half filled with other guests.

Highlife music of Fela Kuti filled the air, and the mood was refreshing.

I watched as one of the ladies serving beer walk to and fro serving guest.

She had a curvy backside and I couldn’t but help but stare at her back.

I felt something tighten below my belt. The smell of cigarettes diverted my attention from the girl.

I hated the smell of
, but tonight is different. I will be glad to break all my rules tonight.

The morning of today had started like that of any other day.

We had gone for our Financial Management lecture at the normal lecture theatre.

But the lecturer had traveled and we where only informed at the time of his class.

With nothing else to do, My friends and I decided to go to the football field to play.

On our way to the field.

One of us noticed a bag placed beside the road, then he called our attention to it.

I didn’t attach any importance to it until Henry opened the bag. Alas! it was filled with bundles of 500 naira clean notes.

We were shocked and happy at the same time.

How could such money get here.

It was a big surprise to all of us.

Then we decided to carry the bag and move away from the spot immediately.

Now, here we are at the beer parlor, spending the money lavishly.

More beer was served, and I ordered for another plate of pepper soup with assorted meat.

“Guys, we need to start preparing to leave” I said, checking my wrist watch.

“James relax, there is still time” Henry replied smiling at me.

His eyes were clouded from too much of beer, and yet he was not done.

“We have to attend lecture by 9:00am, so I think it is better we start going”

“Yea, I remember that we will be having lectures tomorrow. What is it by your time?”

“It is 10:15pm”I replied.

Then I look around to see the remaining people left at the bar.

There were only five customers left apart from our table.

John and Kola quickly gulped down their half-filed glasses.

“I don’t think that I will be able to go to my house this night.

I will be sleeping in Henry’s room” John declared.

“Okay, that is better.

I have no problem with that” Henry replied. We paid our bills and left the bar. When I got to my apartment, I took a quick shower and went to bed. I dozed off.

“Where is my money?” The man demanded. He was putting on a dirty shirt and pant trouser.

“Which money, do I know you”? I replied. Then he laughed hysterically and walked towards me.

He was a madman and was holding a stick in his hands.

“You are a thief and you must give me my money” he barked angrily and started chasing me.

I was shouting and screaming as I ran away from the madman. He overtook me and I raised the heavy stick in his hand to strike me.

Then I screamed!

I woke up screaming from the bad dream. I can’t believe that I was chased by a madman in my dream. I was nauseated and threw up on the bed. The smell of the beer that I drank filled the room.

Dream Example #3

They said that every dream has a meaning. But what does it mean when chased by a madman or a person shrouded in black? Some say that someone will trick or is tricking you.

Some stated that it means that there is confusion or problem that will soon arise.

A problem that you would run away from because of your fears.

I dreamed about my former classmates one night.

Like every other dream, it was dark, and the purpose was unclear.

I was trying to find or visit a person whom I do not know. But one thing is clear, that person is someone important.

I passed through an alley with silhouettes of people. They look like shadows and seem to be one with the dark.

I felt empty, and I know that that person for will change something in me.

I passed through the group of people whose eyes I can feel to continue on my unknown journey.

The scene changed into a rocky place. A boulder with small steps is in my way.

I took a few steps, but I felt unstable. It feels like the boulder is shaking, or my body is. I don’t know.

It feels unsafe, but I have to keep going. But where? What is my purpose? Where am I going?

In an instant, I do not know what I’m doing.

I don’t have a purpose. I’m confused and lost.

The boulder I was standing on disappeared and changed into a road.

Through the dark, I recognize the road by my current house. I was near home!

A road light beside me turned on to reveal a dark figure under the dim lighting.

A man I can’t recognize because of the dark immediately ran towards me.

I was panicking as I ran from him. The only thing I could think of was getting away from him. To my home. To the safety of my mother’s embrace.

I ran with all my might, but it was getting difficult with each step I took.

It seems like I was being pulled back by an unknown force. Like I forgot how to run. When I realized this, I got scared as the person was getting near. I was desperate, but I could not get away no matter how I try. As the person neared, he became a ball of pure shadow. The darker it became, the more comfortable I am with the familiar darkness that creeps in when alone. This darkness in my heart whenever someone leaves me or breaks my trust.

At that moment, I could not decipher who is my comfort: My supportive and loving mother or the comforting darkness.

The voidness and loneliness always stay with me.

I woke up the next day and searched what my dream meant.

What the website told me is that I have problems I did not want to confront. Then, why did I embrace it?

Dream Example #4

It was 13th of July 2009. I was preparing for my birthday party. I was excited about it, especially my new dress.

Showing off my dress to my friends, is all I could think of. I have tried my dress on a million times and danced around my room joyfully till I was tired and decided to take a nap.

I had a dream wearing my birthday dress and was looking so gorgeous.

The makeup, the hair and the dress fit so well. Everything seems perfect.

My guests began to arrive with loads of gifts.

The music was playing softly and people were dancing their heart out.

The buffer stand was ready with all sorts of food like jello rice, fried spaghetti, French fries, white soup, roasted chicken and turkey, steak, pizza with pepperoni, etc. Kids’ section was beautiful as well.

There is a gigantic bouncy cattle and trampoline sitting in the center the garden. Children were playing in it.

Clowns were there folding balloons to different animal figures. The decorations were looking fantastic. Everybody that came in, kept admiring me and the venue.

I received a call that I should come and pick up my cake. The delivery van has just broken down a couple of miles away from where my birthday party was.

I got up, took my car keys and dashed out of the house.

Getting to the place where the delivery van was. I collected the cake and put it on the back of the car.

As I turned to walk to the driver’s seat, a madman came out of nowhere and started calling me names and throwing stones at me. He was carrying a baseball bat in his hand and started chasing me.

I ran as fast as I could, but he kept chasing me. I was yelling for help but people just gathered around us watching and enjoying the show.

Getting away from the madman was not easy because I kept falling and tripping along the way. Each time I fall, he will shout at me to get up and keep running.

I was so embarrassed and my birthday dress was ruined. My whole outfit was a mess.

I lost one leg of my shoes, the sleeve of my right hand was torn badly and I didn’t remember where I dropped the car key during the chase. I had bruises everywhere.

Blood was gushing out from my knees, pink toes, elbows and numerous cut on my face. All I wanted was a memorable birthday party, but it was going to be forever remembered as a terrible nightmare.

mad man
followed me to the party. As soon as my guests saw him, everyone ran out of the party for fear of their lives.

They kicked over my lovely birthday and overturned the tables where the food and drink was displayed. The ceramic dinner plates and wine glasses came crashing down. There were broken glasses everywhere.

I was calling out to everyone to please stay, but no one heard me. I ran inside and locked myself in a room and started crying and woke up.

Dream Example #5

“It is pretty usual for me to walk home at night after work. It is only 10 pm. I will be fine!” I said to my friend as we changed our paths from the corner of the street.

With my headphones in place and “I am not alone” playing into my ears, I strolled down the road.

I could see a few people heading home and a few pull down the shutters of their store to call it a night. As the dogs barked at passersby and the cats walked towards their shelter, I could hear the city go silent.

It grew darker every passing minute with the flickering street lights turning off.

I felt fine as I enjoyed the midnight stroll through the empty road, humming the song which changed to “It is a beautiful night!”. After walking a few miles, the surroundings echoed with a terrifying silence.

There was no trace of a single human being. At that moment, I saw a man entering the street, and I sighed in relief.

But my calm composure was not called for long. My tranquil state took a swift drift to a frantic one when the man disappeared in thin air.

I looked around for him, but there was not a single soul. All I could hear was a faint sound of some footsteps approaching which grew louder as I brisked up my pace. With my heart racing and fear taking over my mind, I stopped, closed my eyes, and took a deep breath.

The song changed to “Not afraid!”. I gathered the courage to open my eyes only to see a man standing beside me.

I ran a few blocks as fast as possible and hid. The clock struck 10:30 in the night and I kept walking in haste only to realize that the man brisked to match my pace.

He kept his hand over my shoulder and tried to stop me, but I ran. I ran as fast as possible to get home which was two blocks away.

I stopped to catch a breath and found that the man in a hoodie was coming from right in front of my house. I lost his sight when the street lights blinked. But saw him come closer each second as the lights lit.

I never felt so cold and terrified with fear. In no time the man stood before me and said in his dreadful voice, “I know all about you. I know where you live. Two blocks away! Would you invite me in?”.

I took my headphones off and listened. I did not have the courage to utter a word. I bent over a little to see his face within the hoodie only to take a glimpse of a voice with no face.

Or maybe it was too dark for me to see a face. Can not say for sure. Troubled with the horrors that grew, I ran in haste towards my house.

The madman chased me and grabbed my arms. My heart nearly stopped beating.

I clamored in fear and opened my eyes only to see the calming sunrise. As my mom held me tight, calming my dark spirits from the night.

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