Dream of cat jumping on me

One of the most interesting dreams you could ever have involves an otherwise cute creature. I’m talking about your average domesticated cat or kitten.

Cats have become one of humanity’s favorite companies for a good reason. There’s just something charming about your typical house cat. Not only do they have this playful nature, but they’re also very independent.

If you live in an apartment, or you’re a very busy person, taking care of a cat or kitten is quite a breeze.

For the most part, they take care of themselves. You only need to leave some food out and, of course, water, and they will take care of the rest. Unlike dogs, they have enough self-restraint not to eat all their food at once.

If you’re looking for a creature that will keep a vermin out of your house, a cat is definitely up to the job. Plus, they’re a lot of fun.

Seeing a cat in a dream may seem pretty banal. In fact, a lot of people completely overlook cat or kitten imagery in their dreams. Seeing mice in dreams or frogs in dreams may even seem more memorable, even though these are smaller creatures.

It’s as if your feline companion has to do something fairly dramatic to attract your attention through dream symbols. This way, you are more likely to remember them.

For example, if I’m playing around with my cat or kitten in my dream, I could easily forget that scene because of another dream that has a more traumatic or memorable imagery. Or I would just sleep for several hours after my dream with cat imagery.

But if I have a dream of cat jumping on me, I’d sit up and pay attention.

Perhaps they’re biting. Perhaps their tail is flailing all over the place as they run through your house. Perhaps they’re meowing like crazy.

Whatever the case may be, the fact that I dream of a cat physically leaping on me means that I’m more likely to remember. They did something that attracted my attention.

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Letting the cat out of the bag

Given the almost universal familiarity humans have with cats, it’s very tempting to just overlook these creatures when they appear in our dreams.

In fact, we might automatically think that cats in dreams are just part of the scene. When we dream about them, it’s as if they’re almost camouflaged. They don’t stick out unless they do something dramatic in the dream – like leaping on us, biting us, clawing at us, or something that grabs our attention in a directly physical way.

But if you see a dream sign of your cat or a strange kitten repeatedly appear in your dream, you should pay attention.

You have to understand that your subconscious could have displayed many other different images in your dream. Instead, it indicates a familiar four-legged furry feline companion while you’re dreaming. There’s a reason for this.

The fact that this sign keeps showing up in many different scenes and contexts in your dream only serves to emphasize the importance of the message your subconscious is trying to get across.

Cat dreams in the everyday world

Cats are quite popular precisely because they seem like they’re everywhere. A cat may even be considered an everyday household image.

In fact, if you were going to picture an ideal image of a well-adjusted, happy family, there are sure to be pets included in that picture. You best believe that a house cat may be in that image. Cats are definitely a top runner-up for inclusion.

A lot of people who live in apartments or condominiums or have busy schedules prefer cats over dogs.

A cat may be less clingy. Cats know their way around the house. And cats can pretty much take care of themselves. Cats haven’t really lost their survival instincts, unlike dogs.

For these reasons, cats are pretty much everywhere. Even if you’re not a cat fan or own one, you would be able to recognize the image of a cat. In fact, they may seem so ubiquitous that you really can’t be faulted for easily overlooking them in dreams.

General dream interpretation of a cat in a dream may indicate spirituality

When you keep dreaming of a cat in a dream, your subconscious is telling you something about your spiritual state. It also is trying to communicate with you from a specific side of your spirituality through your dreams.

Now, when people hear the word “spirituality,” they automatically think of religion. These are not identical concepts. Religion is a small subset of spirituality. Spirituality is so much larger.

It not only incorporates personal philosophies and distinct ways of looking at things in terms of ethics, but it also involves experience-based morality. These can have connections with long-standing religious and philosophical traditions or not.

Believe it or not, you don’t need religion to be a moral person. This shocks a lot of people.

Just from a purely reciprocal perspective, there’s a sense of morality there. If I want to be treated a certain way, I have to take the initiative and treat you that way. If I want to be respected, then I have to give you respect that’s due upfront.

This is how most of the world – regardless of where we come from, what we look like, and what we’ve been through – operates. This is how we get along.

And it operates despite surface religious differences. There’s a certain core human morality that transcends dogma, doctrine, or specific theological perspectives.

But spirituality is broader than this, believe it or not.

Spirituality can also cover your mindset.

The power of personal spirituality

Defined in terms of mindset, your personal spirituality truly determines the rest of your waking life.

Boiled down to its essence, your spirituality includes your mindset, your attitude, your dreams, and – most importantly – your inner dialogue. This is the inaudible internal monologue that you keep repeating in your head.

It is this personal narrative of who you think you are, who you think you could be, how you dream of yourself to be in the future, as well as the places that you can and cannot go, and the persons that you can and cannot become.

We all have this internal script.

Here’s the interesting part about it: it’s purely chosen. That’s right. It is a choice.

Your internal script may have been with you for so long that it seems like you were born with it. You might even see it reflected in the lives of your parents and their parents’ parents.

Seeing this might give you the impression that it somehow runs in the family or is seared into your genes as a person. Think again.

The fact that it seems so automatic because it appears to have been “passed” from generation to generation is just a series of choices. Your parents chose the internal narrative that their parents were showing to them. But they could’ve said no and taken a different direction.

Following patterns from repeated experiences and insights

Oftentimes, simply taking up the patterns that we detect from our parents is the path of least resistance. It is, after all, what we’ve known all our lives. It’s what we’re most familiar with, so we choose to adopt that internal personal script without much of a fight.

We don’t question it. We don’t compare it to other scripts.

Pretty soon, we think that this is just part of our personal heritage – much like our genes that govern our blood type and, to a large extent, the kinds of diseases we’re susceptible to.

But make no mistake; that internal script is a choice. There are many other scripts out there, but you chose yours.

You may be thinking to yourself, “Okay, so what? I’ve chosen this script. Doesn’t everybody do the same?”

Yes, it’s true. Everybody else on this planet is running on their personal internal script. But don’t believe for a second that all these scripts are one and the same or functionally equivalent.

Just like with movies, the difference between a lousy film and a good one is the script.

If you are – in any way – unhappy, frustrated, feeling stuck, or upset about any aspect of real life, you have to understand that it all goes back to the internal personal script that you have chosen.

Choosing your internal monologue

A lot of people don’t like this. They are outraged by it. To their ears, this is like saying, “You chose the life that you have.”

Of course, the pushback is, “I chose to be miserable? I chose to feel like I’m always under pressure, and I’m stressed out? Did I choose to be unhappy? I wanted my dreams to fail? How can I choose this? Who in their right mind would make this type of choice?”

I understand the emotional resistance. I also understand where you’re coming from.

If you’ve been playing this script for many years, it becomes part of your identity.

But no matter how familiar it is to you and how ingrained it is in your day-to-day routine, it doesn’t make it less of a choice. You can choose another script.

This is your personal spirituality. What you choose to feed your mind and how you choose to see, define, and represent yourself ultimately determines your external world – this is the part that people could see.

We’re talking about the kind of job that you have, how much money you make, how much your net worth is, how well-respected you are by people around you, how happy you are with your circumstances, the quality of your relationships, and even your physical health.

All of these are interrelated because they all flow from your mind.

Ultimately, what people can see about you – from your haircut to your weight, to the health of your skin, to your general appearance, demeanor, and how you carry yourself – are all reflections of what’s going on inside.

Taking control of the narrative

If you’re looking at yourself in the mirror or thinking about the kind of life you’ve lived so far, and you’re in any way unhappy or unsettled, you can take comfort from the fact that you can still change. You can still dream of something better for your future.

All of those things come from a specific place. They come from your mindset. This is your self-definition. This is the script you keep playing to yourself.

In fact, you’ve been hearing it so often and in so many different circumstances that you can’t even pick it out anymore. It’s like your inner song, or it might even be compared to, basically, white noise.

At first, it might seem like static. But, once it sinks in, you can barely hear it anymore. But it’s still there. It’s still a script. And, just like any script, it can be changed.

So if you feel that you deserve so much more in your waking life, sometimes, you need to question the script that you have chosen.

Everybody must examine their personal script

Your personal script is a core part of your spirituality. It governs and dictates how you interact with the rest of the universe. That’s how crucial it is to your personal being.

Sadly, most people never get around to examining and analyzing, much less questioning, the personal scripts that run their lives.

Let’s put it this way: if I were to buy two computers with the exact same processor and all other hardware, I’ve two identical machines. Now, if I install a video game operating system on one and a bitcoin mining operating system on the other, I have two totally different machines in terms of function.

On the first machine, all I can do is play video games. I can’t do accounting. I can’t do Photoshop or graphics editing. I can’t dictate my articles or blog posts into it. All I can do is play high-resolution, high-impact, amazing games.

By the same token, when I turn on the other machine, it just indicates how much Bitcoin I’m close to mining and not much else. I can’t override the operating system so that I can browse websites on the Internet. I can’t load software because the operating system is focused on one thing and one thing alone: mining Bitcoin.

So from a functional perspective, as well as in terms of appearances, these two machines that started out as identical pieces of hardware are two completely different machines.

The same goes for people. Your inner script or internal dialogue is your personal operating system.

Believe it or not, you and Bill Gates have a lot in common. Imagine that: Bill Gates – one of the richest men in the world – being functionally the same as you. You probably would laugh.

Bill Gates, of course, lives in a multi-million-dollar house. He flies all over the world, has his own private jet, and has all the accessories that you would expect from people who are spectacularly rich.

And here you are, a person with much less wealth. Bill Gates’ life is the stuff of dreams and fantasy. How can anybody in their right mind say that you and Bill Gates are the same?

Well, you are, in terms of hardware. You both have two eyes, one nose, and two sets of legs and arms.

The big difference between you and Bill Gates, or anybody else you want to compare yourself with, is your mindset. This is your operating system.

We all choose our personal operating system

It’s important to understand the power of choice. No matter how many times your parents would want to drum into you their value system and their frustrated dreams, as well as their personal moral compass, if you don’t get on board, nothing’s going to happen. They’re wasting their time.

It’s important to understand that, at some point, you chose your mental operating system. This is a crucial realization.

If you resist this idea, and you keep saying to yourself, “I was just born this way. There’s nothing I can do. This is all I look forward to. My waking life is the way it is because of forces beyond my control,” day-after-day, week-after-week, month-after-month, year-after-year, it may all seem real to you. It may all seem unchangeable.

You might even fool yourself into thinking that this is somehow hard-coded into your personal identity. It’s as if this is a destiny that you cannot escape.

But you’re just fooling yourself. It’s a choice. Just as Bill Gates chose his mental operating system, you have the same power of choice.

But maybe you just took the path of least resistance. Your parents had a script, and you saw the kind of life that they’re living, so you may have just picked up on their script.

But none of this takes away from the fact that you still chose that script instead of something else. It also doesn’t take away from the fact that – as you get older, see more of the world, and interact with different people – you become aware of the other scripts out there.

There are over seven billion different people on this planet. That’s at least seven billion different scripts, but you picked yours.

You only get to claim your personal power when you take responsibility for your choices

Here’s the clincher: now that we’re clear that your mindset – also known as your mental operating system – is a choice, it is important to understand that you have to take ownership of that choice.

If you want to live a better life and truly understand the dream meanings involving cats, you have to take ownership. You have to realize and accept that you chose your waking life because you chose the internal script that’s running it.

This is hard for a lot of people to take because a lot of us unsettled, discontented, or even flat-out unhappy and miserable. How can we have chosen this miserable existence?

But this is where power comes in. When we stop making excuses or pointing the finger at other people for the bad choices we’ve made in life, we reclaim our power.

You stand up to the universe and say out loud and with pride, “I chose this because I understand I have the power to choose. By doing so, I am accountable. My waking life is all a reflection of my choices.”

This is the necessary first step. There’s no place to hide, no enemies to blame, no past to take refuge in or to cast blame on, and there are no future excuses. Instead, you are 100% claiming your ability to choose.

Understand how important that act is. Once you understand the power that only you have, the next step is to make a different choice.

This is the ultimate act of personal spirituality. You’re replacing one internal script with another.

How cats in dreams represent conscious choice

Cats are very sensitive and perceptive creatures. There’s a lot going on when you look at those cat eyes. A cat may seem simply cute and awesome, but when you look at their bright eyes, there’s a lot going on. They’re very perceptive.

The imagery of a cat in a dream could mean a change in your spirituality.

Perhaps, for the longest time, you felt that life just dealt you a bad hand. Perhaps your father abused you as a child. Perhaps your mother drank too much and always cursed at you. Perhaps you hung out with the wrong crowds, and you ended up doing things that you aren’t too proud of. Perhaps you had enemies or hurt a lot of people in the past.

All of these are emanations of the script that you have chosen up to that point in time. And these are all manifested in your dreams.

A dream about cat imagery and the power of choice

The good news this dream interpretation brings is that when you realize that you have the power to choose the direction of your waking life and your internal script, you can free yourself from the heavy load of these past decisions.

You don’t have to define and represent yourself based on what you did in the past or what your so-called enemies or other people say about you.

If you are 100% clear on your ability to change your personal scripts, you can become a new person. Most importantly, you can become the kind of person you have specifically chosen.

I can’t emphasize this enough. A lot of us sleepwalk in our early days.

When we were kids, we were in the shadow of our parents’ authority and care. Everything that we did was seen through the lens of our parents because they were calling the shots. Even our dreams in life were influenced by their decisions and actions. We were their responsibility.

But once you turned 18 and became an adult, you no longer have to live in that shadow. But many people, out of habit, continue to choose their parents’ inner script.

Most people never get around to actually picking out the kind of person they want to become. They don’t think about the values that should govern their lives, which dictate their priorities.

Instead, when they turn 18 and leave the house, they carry that same script.

Sure, it might change a little as they deal with different sets of circumstances. But, at its core, it remains intact. Its central beliefs, assumptions, and expectations remain unchallenged and taken for the gospel truth.

No wonder most people are unhappy or feel incomplete or awkward. No matter what dreams they achieve, and no matter how far they get in life, it just doesn’t seem like everything fits because there’s no intentionality there.

Listen to your cat spirituality

Cats are very perceptive. Cats’ eyes reduce the world into black and white so they can see slight movements and these trigger instincts. That’s how sensitive cats are.

When you are as sensitive to the values and dreams that you would like to govern your life, you start to change. You’re no longer running on autopilot, like some sort of zombie governed by forces you don’t understand and beyond your control.

Instead, you start living a purposeful life because you’ve purposefully chosen the values that are going to guide your inner script. This boils down to asking yourself: “What kind of person do I want to be?”

Again, most people automatically just want to be their parents. There’s nothing wrong with this, as long as this choice is the product of a fully conscious process.

But most people aren’t fully conscious about it. Instead, they just do what comes naturally, and they just automatically repeat what they see. Monkey see, monkey do, right?

But if your parents are functional and doing well in one context, and you take that script, it might not work well in your own specific context, with your own personal circumstances.

Maybe you live in a different place. Maybe you hang out with different people with different values. Maybe you just live in a different time. Worse yet, you may be picking up an inner script that you know is dysfunctional.

You know, better than anybody else, the issues your parents have – not just with each other but also within themselves. Issues of low self-worth, bad self-confidence, low self-respect, a legacy of abuse – I could go on and on.

When you take control over your ability to choose your life script, it comes with the equally heavy responsibility of picking the values that you want to run your life. You are reprogramming your life.

You can only do this when you practice self-awareness. This takes sensitivity.

This is where the cat imagery in your dreams comes in.

A cat dream indicates self-perception

Cats are everywhere.

When you see a dream about a cat scene play out, again and again, you don’t think much of it. You see a cute cat just chasing something – like a ball of yarn, darting from room to room – and it’s as if your mental camera in your dream is unfocused or doesn’t really know where it is going.

But when you dream of seeing cats, and the scenes play out again and again in different contexts, pay close attention. That image of a cat in your dream is not happening by accident. Your mind is not just filling out an empty detail with cats or trying to kill time.

This dream interpretation involving cats is trying to communicate a very important truth to you as a dreamer. At its most basic – the sign of a cat in the dream points to the need for self-awareness. There is a pattern running your life.

If you’re feeling unhappy, frustrated, powerless, voiceless, helpless, and restless, this dream of cats is telling you that they all come from somewhere. You don’t just stumble upon those emotional states again and again.

The dreamer consciously chooses the person they want to be

When you choose your values, you set up a new script for yourself.

A person who is kind will act in a certain predictable way in a wide range of circumstances. They can’t help it. That person is kind. That’s their character.

If you choose that, understand how it should impact your behavior.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself: “Isn’t this just some form of self-hypnosis? Are you just trying to live your life based on some set of chosen responses?” That’s precisely what’s going on.

When you choose to respond to your circumstances based on the values and life dreams you have consciously and purposefully chosen, you start acting in a different way.

As you probably have already heard many times before, the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results.

If you’re tired of your life patterns yielding the same stress, disappointment, frustrated dreams, and heartbreak, you just need to change what you’re doing.

It may seem simple, but it’s very hard for most people because they’re ingrained or feel that they’re even enslaved by their inner script. They lose sight of the fact that it’s still a script. Much like a director can change the script of their film, you could do the same for your life.

Here’s the clincher: when you change your actions, you change the world’s reaction to them. This is how you “edit” your reality.

I’m sorry to say this, but all your intentions, motivations, dreams, and even emotions are worthless to the world. There are more than seven billion of us, and all of us have these things. And for the most part, they all take place in between our ears.

But the moment we say something and, more importantly, when we do something, the world can’t help but sit up and pay attention because these actions trigger a chain reaction.

It may not be dramatic, and it may not happen overnight, but you best believe that you will have an effect on other people, and their reaction will have an effect on you.

Whatever frustration you have, whatever shame, embarrassment, uneasiness, stress, loneliness, sadness, or whatever else you feel come from a decision.

Perhaps you’re not happy with the outcome. Perhaps you expected something else, but things didn’t pan out. So you’re reacting emotionally.

Drawing the line between emotions and truth

Keep in mind that the reaction is not the reality. The reality of your life boils down to what you do. If you want to change your life, change what you do. Seems simple enough?

The problem is you are what you repeatedly do. So if you just break out of your script once in a while to do something that you think will lead to a better place, but it’s not consistent, your results may be erratic. In fact, they may be all over the place.

If you really want to take your life to a whole other level or to go to where you feel you deserve to go in life, change your inner script. This changes how you perceive the stimuli of the world, and this changes your emotional change, which then changes how you respond.

Your response to the world sets your future

Please understand that, in any given second, the world is sending you hundreds of stimuli and other signals. These are the things that you see, hear, touch, taste, and smell.

At their core, they’re all neutral. What gives them color, shape, and meaning is your mindset – your inner script. Then, from here, you respond to them in an emotional way. They have an emotional impact on you.

From there, these emotions impact your decisions.

If you change your mindset ever so slightly that it triggers different emotions, which leads to different actions, what do you think will happen to your life? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

Your life will change for the better.

Let me give you an example: let’s say you’re walking past a building, and you noticed that there’s thick black smoke coming out, followed by red, bright yellow, and orange flames.

There are people screaming at the top of their lungs as the smoke and flames flash and billow out behind them. Some people are running out of the building at full speed, half-dressed.

People are running in all four directions. Again, screaming.

When you see all of this, and your mindset tells you that this is the end of the world, what do you think will happen to you?

Chances are you’ll get so freaked out by what’s happening that you’ll probably join people running to get cover far away from the building. You basically join the large number of people running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Maybe you let your emotions get the better of you, and you start screaming as well.

How effective do you think that mindset is in helping the people who are stuck in the building? The answer should be obvious.

Now, take the exact same stimuli – in terms of what you see, hear, touch, taste, and smell – but apply it to a different mindset.

In this second scenario, your mindset is, “Disasters happen, but we can do something about it.”

If that’s your mindset, what do you think will happen? Well, first of all, you probably won’t freak out because you already expect that bad things happen. We live in an imperfect world.

Since you see all the commotion, the second part of your mindset script kicks in. You can do something about it.

You casually take out your mobile phone, call the local fire department, and tell them where you are, what you’re seeing, and other details. Pretty soon, several fire trucks come. The fire is put out. People are given blankets. And those who need medical attention are taken to the closest hospital.

Now, let me ask you. Which mindset led to a better result? Which mindset saved lives?

It should be obvious. Your mindset plays a big role in how you behave, which triggers consequences.

Escaping the victim mentality

Please understand that your spiritual programming is the cause, and your life is the effect. You are not trapped in your life, nor are you some sort of victim.

Please get those ideas out of your head. They have no place in your inner script. Otherwise, you’re going to remain stuck at the bottom.

You’re going to continue to struggle because you’re waiting for everybody else to change. After all, they’re the ones who did this to you. They’re the ones who victimized you. You’re the victim.

Haven’t you suffered enough? Why do you have to change? Why do you have to sacrifice? Why do you have to take the risk of changing things and possibly failing? After all, you’re the one who was harmed by your enemies.

You could play this script on yourself again and again. But, let me tell you, the results are going to be the same.

You’re going to remain frustrated by your dreams, stuck in your situation, and discontented in life. You have to change your script. It starts with choosing your values.

You have to ask yourself: “Am I the type of person who makes things happen? Or am I the kind of person who just runs around asking, powerlessly, ‘what happened?’ Am I the person who is going to take responsibility for my life and direct it as best I could?”

“Or am I going to just sit back and watch my life play out in front of me like some sort of movie screen? Is my life some sort of movie where I have no input as far as the script, the dialogue, and the plotline go?”

“Or am I the captain of my own ship?”

You have to start looking at your life like a cat does. Every little change is a reflection of your inner script.

A cat dream means you have to rethink your inner script

Famed psychologist Carl Jung came up with a concept called archetypes. These are a set of symbols that represent key concepts of the human experience.

Animals are frequently shown as avatars of the human self in dreams. Different animals, of course, have different attributes relating to each dreamer. And the cat is a very independent, feminine, and creative being.

The cat speaks to these aspects of the human subconscious. Cats also represent our power of intuition.

If any of these associations sound familiar, they should.

Your power of intuition, your feminine self – which is more in touch with your ability to create something out of chaos – as well as your independence and creativity flow from your inner script. These are specific choices for your script.

If you dream about a cat repeatedly, the related dream interpretation is telling you that your chosen script has issues when it comes to your ability to achieve your dreams and live the kind of life you want.

But this dream about cats is also telling you, in no uncertain terms, that you have the ultimate authority. You can make the change. If you practice self-awareness, you can get a handle on how your mental decisions, as well as habits, impact your practical day-to-day reality.

A cat dream signifies and represents our ability to take control

Nothing is an accident. You’re living precisely the kind of life you were supposed to live based on the script that you have chosen.

If you are in any way unhappy with your life, then choose to feel good about the fact that you can change it by focusing on the script that you have installed. Your current script doesn’t have to be that if you’re dissatisfied.

But you have to factor in and be mindful of your ability to create reality as well as your intuition and your connection and attitude towards chaos. Ultimately, this is where independence comes from.

But if you’re scared of your freedom, you’re going to struggle for a long, long time. You have to take ownership of your script.

General cat dream meanings and dream interpretation

Building on what I’ve said in the sections above: in your dream, cat symbolizes and represents many different realities in your waking life. You could look at the cat as one symbol, but depending on the cat attribute that you’re looking at, the dream could mean different things.

Now, keep in mind that the general idea behind the cat – which is of the observer and their feminine nature and your intuition – never really changes in terms of dream meanings.

What’s at issue is how much emphasis a dreamer places on the cat symbolism and other elements in their dream. The emphasis, of course, depends on the attribute of the cat in the dream.

You need to try to remember details about the cat in your dream. It’s not enough that you repeatedly dream of seeing a cat.

In fact, these amazing feline creatures in your dream – cats – might take center stage. That’s all well and good, but the details of your dream about cats are what give direction to the interpretation of the dream. These dream symbols can involve the appearance of the cat, its general health, how it is acting, and other factors.

Take the time to think back and try to capture in writing as many of the details of the cats in your dream. This is crucial.

There is no right or wrong answer here. Just off the top of your head, write down very quickly everything that you remember about the cat in your dream.

The good news is you’re not going to be wasting any energy or time here because every single dream detail counts, especially when it comes to the image of cats.

Dream interpretation of a healthy and bouncy cat

If your dream focuses on the image of a cat playing around with a ball of yarn or leaping through a cat tree or some sort of cat playing station, your subconscious is telling you that you have a healthy intuition, and it would be a shame to ignore it.

You have what it takes to make the right call at the right time with the right people to produce the right results. For whatever reason, you may be holding back.

Or, in the case of most people, you’re just quite unsure about your ability to make the right call without all of the facts in plain view. A lot of people respond to this by waiting for as much information as they can before they make a call.

On the surface, this makes a lot of sense. Usually, informed decisions tend to lead to actions that are more successful. At the very least, we’re less likely to feel guilty or to regret making them.

But there are certain situations in your life where it seems that you have already seen the setting of your decision before. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but something deep inside you tells you you’ve been here.

You may not have physically visited that place; you may not know those people. But there’s something telling you that you’ve seen this pattern before – that in some remote corner of the universe, you’ve been there before.

I know, this sounds freaky. But this is your intuition screaming at you.

A cat in the dream suggests that you can tap into the power of your intuition

When you see a dream about cats having a good time in the peak of health, your subconscious is telling you that you have this ability to reach deep down inside and, at the last minute, make the right call.

This usually happens despite your best judgment and whatever consensus tells you.

No wonder a lot of people are afraid of this part of themselves. It seems so irrational. It’s as if it just came from left field, but take a look at the results.

If you’re like most people, have you ever decided on something at the last minute? Just gut instinct?

You know what your mind is telling you. Its logic and reasoning framework is all cleanly laid out. You know what to expect, as well as the probabilities of success and failure. It’s all out there in plain black and white in your mind as you sort through the decision.

But out of nowhere, there’s this feeling that just comes over you. It starts out very small, like some sort of crazy idea from left field. But soon, it starts to grow.

Interestingly enough, you’re not reacting out of frustration with what you know about your decision. In fact, if you ask anybody else, they would say, “Well, I would focus on what I already know because this is based on facts and, more likely, experience.”

But you go with your gut. And if you’re completely honest, you ended up deciding correctly.

The flip side is also true. There are many situations where you’re almost ready to pull the trigger based on intuition. But, at the last minute, you decide to fall back or scale back your decision.

It turns out that your first instinct was the right one. Now, you’ve lost out on that opportunity.

Similarly, you may have decided to hedge your bets and just go halfway in. It turns out that if you had trusted your earlier instincts, you would have gotten the full range of benefits and blessings of that decision that you had made.

Be honest. This happened to you, and it’s probably currently happening to you.

Trusting your gut towards greater success

Your subconscious is telling you in these cat dreams that you could be living a much better life if you learned to trust yourself more. Your intuition doesn’t come out of nowhere. It’s based on your subconscious learning with you through your waking life.

But this body of knowledge can’t be fully articulated. You can’t slice and dice it or reduce it into a nifty little equation.

Instead, when you see a bouncing or healthy cat in a dream, and the cat is the center focus of that dream, your subconscious is telling you that you have this power.

It’s really sad that you just relegate this power to stuff that really doesn’t matter.

While it’s definitely enjoyable to bounce a ball or play around with a laser pointer with a cat in your dream, your mind is telling you that you’re capable of so much more.

That amazing cat that you play around with in your dream because of its agility and amazing instincts actually reflects you. You have so much to offer. Ultimately, your intuitive side is the cat in a dream that you can’t quite explain.

Sadly, when you see a cat in your dream, it’s very easy to dismiss it. It’s like watching yourself go through a hallway, and there are several rooms. You look to the left and to the right; you see a cat in one room, then another cat in another room. But you don’t think much of it.

The fact that your subconscious is showing you one cat after another in your dreams means or represents that there’s something going on here. You need to sit up and pay attention.

General meaning of cats jumping in dreams

That cat jumping in your dreams isn’t just doing it because it had nothing else better to do.

As I will explain later in this discussion, that feline image in your dream doesn’t have to be of a cat jumping. It could be something else. Why is your subconscious choosing these dream symbols instead of another?

Cats play a big role in your subconscious if they are portrayed in dreams.

Please understand that you could’ve had a dream about any other symbol. After all, there is a large number of animals to choose from.

But your subconscious chose for you to see a cat in your dreams. Sit up and pay attention.

Dream interpretation of seeing an ill cat in the dream

If you notice that the cat in your dream is obviously sick – maybe it’s lying on its side and not doing much of anything – it is showing you that there are issues in your life that you may be overlooking.

The image of an ill cat that may be so sick that it has the appearance of a dead cat should be viewed as a flashing red sign in your dreams. Your subconscious is telling you through this dream involving cats that there’s a battle within you regarding your inner power, your intellect, and your rationality.

A lot of people think that to live a successful, responsible life, they just need to focus on what they could explain. Believe me; I understand where that comes from because there is a lot of comfort to be had when you rely on your rational waking side.

But you cannot deny your feminine self as well. Your feminine side is the realm of chaos, intuition, and creation.

There has to be a good balance between your rational aspect and your feminine side. You have to also draw your confidence from the fact that there is a hidden part of yourself that has a tremendous amount of power.

This intuition can manifest itself in many different ways. As I’ve mentioned earlier, at the most basic, it’s the ability to do the right things at the right time with the right people to produce the desired results.

So many people would easily dismiss this as plain, old good luck. Well, if you think about it, good luck doesn’t happen to everybody at the same rate.

It turns out that a lot of people who are “consistently lucky” are doing something else. There’s the old saying that ‘the harder I work, the luckier I get.’

The idea being that if they put themselves out there, open a lot of doors, network with a lot of people from different backgrounds and different parts of the world, their dream starts to fall into place seemingly without effort. But this is just one aspect of good luck.

The other way involves your intuition. This is where you embrace your feminine side and understand that there is some unspoken logic to how things play out, and it’s rooted in our collective subconscious and experience.

This is what dreaming of the ill cat represents. It’s trying to get your attention. This dream involving cats is saying that your side of you that’s more feminine is trying to almost claw back against your rational side that is all too eager to bury, deny, or otherwise overcome things it cannot readily explain. After all, it views these things as a threat to its power.

But your inner self is a collective whole. Pay close attention to what I just said. I did not say that the only part of yourself that matters is the one that can make rational sense of the world.

If that is your working strategy throughout life, I’m sad to report that you probably are not going to be as successful and as happy as you would like.

You have to factor in your spiritual element. You don’t have to just appreciate and recognize it, but you also have to embrace it. This is as crucial.

When you see a cat in your dream, and the cat is so sick that it looks like it’s almost dead, pay attention. This struggle between your rational mind and your intuition is taking a turn for the worse.

The rational mind can trick itself into thinking that the dark, spiritual, inexplicable part of you is somehow evil, embarrassing, or primitive. Pretty soon, you start suppressing certain feelings and denying your intuition.

A dead cat in a dream may carry different dream meanings

This dream image is a little bit tricky. I need you to think back to your dream and zero in on whether the cat is dying or is already dead. If the cat is dead, what state is it in?

Now, a lot of people might think that dead is dead. When you see a cat hit by a car, it’s dead. No.

There are freshly deceased cats. They’re soft to the touch, although the flesh is cold. There are also cats that have been dead for a very long time, and they start to bloat.

In many cases, they blow up to two to three times their normal size. They’re obviously dead because they stink, but there’s a lot going on. Given enough time, they deflate back, and now they’re just skin and bones. Before you know it, they’re just bones.

Saying that a cat is dead doesn’t quite go so far in terms of dream analysis. How dead is the cat in your dream?

Keep this in mind because dreams about cats that are deceased also differ in interpretation depending on how far along they are in the decomposition cycle.

Seeing a cat that’s newly deceased in a dream means you can still reprogram your mindset

Now, with all that said, if you notice that the central cat in your dream or a kitten that is the central character is dead, pay close attention to its state.

If the cat had just died – maybe from a sickness or an illness – the kitten or cat dream could indicate or represent a temporary victory or suppression of your rational side.

On the surface, this might seem like a positive thing. After all, a lot of people believe that their conscious mind must always take priority over their subconscious mind.

They are under the impression that their feelings, intuition, and other internal forms of knowledge and meanings are somehow suspicious at best and evil at worst. These are the part of themselves that they should be embarrassed about or actively suppress.

So when you see cats or a kitten that just died in your dream, this dream indicates or suggests a temporary victory of the waking side. You may be thinking, “This feels great because, now, I can explain everything, and I’m a fully rational person.”

Well, it isn’t that quite straightforward. As a human being, you know that there are many things in your life that you can’t fully explain.

As much as we try to believe that we have a tremendous amount of control over the things that we do, our feelings, and our goals and ambitions in life, at the end of the day, we can only deal with and take ownership of the consequences of our actions.

We don’t dictate the results. We’re not in that position. It’s really important to take stock of just how important intuition is.

The good news is there’s still time for you to reclaim the spiritual part of yourself. This is your inner world that is made up of symbols and actively looks for the meanings behind every single sign.

The broad label for this is your “spiritual side.” So if you see a cat that has just died fairly recently, you could still go back.

Seeing a cat that’s long-deceased in a dream indicates that your intuitive side is losing

If the dream image involves just skin-and-bones cats or a bloated cat that is stinking up the room, sit up and pay attention.

Your subconscious image is screaming at you through your dream at this point. It’s using the very graphic image of a dead cat to catch your attention.

This dream is telling you that whatever it is you’re doing right now has degraded your intuitive and spiritual side to the point that your feminine side is almost hidden. Put simply: you have to put in a lot of work to even connect with this part of yourself.

What this dream indicates or suggests, in the most straightforward way, is that you are dying inside.

If you are only focusing on your masculine and rational side, and you’re denying your feminine aspect – your intuition or inner shadow – you’re operating at half power. You’re letting that part of you die.

Since we live in a world where we can’t explain everything, and things just seem to hit us from out of nowhere, you are definitely living life with a serious disadvantage or handicap. It’s like purposefully sawing one of your legs off – not exactly a winning strategy.

Sure, feelings can get complicated. In many cases, a lot of people – both men and women – wish they had less feelings because they seem to get thrown off track. I understand where you’re coming from.

But your feelings play a big role in your integrity as a collective whole. If you were to deny it, dismiss it as evil, worthless, or counterproductive, then you’re going out in the world – with all its dangers, hazards, and enemies – with half your faculties. Not a good strategy.

So when you see that cat that has basically just rotted away in your dream, you need to wake up to your spiritual side as soon as possible.

Dream interpretation of black and white cats

General dream meanings of black cat dreams

Black cats have historically been seen as a bringer of bad omens. Black cats have often been associated with witches and the occult.

Interestingly enough, if you look at the historical record of who these witches are, they’re mostly women practicing nature magic.

These were in parts of Europe that functioned quite well before they were conquered by Christian kingdoms. They had their own different spin on personal spirituality and day-to-day religion.

Black cats have often been associated with these witches, and for the longest time, people automatically believed that a black cat represents bad luck.

If the central figure or the central dream cat of your night vision is a black cat, this dream indicates or suggests one of two things.

Dreaming of a black cat represents awareness of bad decisions

On the one hand, a black cat dream indicates and suggests that you have fully bought into the stereotype of the black cat image. This black cat dream means or represents that you think there are certain things that are going to come undone soon. It’s as if you’re teetering in some sort of personal or financial disaster.

Now, the interesting thing about this interpretation of the black cat dream that you just had is that it doesn’t indicate or represent bad luck. Instead, contrary to white cat dreams, a black cat sign suggests or indicates that you already know that you made certain bad decisions.

Your subconscious is like a sponge. It’s always soaking up a tremendous amount of information and making good sense of it. You can detect that you’ve been doing things that you shouldn’t be doing, and now is the time to pay the piper.

So instead of owning up to the negative consequences of your past decisions, you’d rather chalk it all up to bad luck or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. After all, it’s very comforting to imagine ourselves as some sort of victim of life and the enemies we think we’ve made.

But are we really? Or is the world just a series of causes and effects?

Our decisions, which come from our mindsets, are almost always the causes. And our lives are the effects.

Seeing a black cat means you’re embracing your feminine side

The other way to read the difference between a white cat from a black cat in your dream is that it can represent or indicate a growing sense of respect for your intuitive side.

You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you’re beginning to see that a lot of your decisions are not purely rational, and you’re beginning to become comfortable with that.

You’re saying to yourself: “I can live with that because I know that I cannot explain everything. I cannot slice and dice reality into a neat little quadratic equation or computer algorithm. There’s always that random element.”

This is your feminine side and feminine knowledge speaking to you. Dreaming of black cats can be quite a hopeful sign and symbol because this dream can represent or indicate that you’re truly beginning to mature.

A white cat dream could point to challenges in the future

If the central image of your dream shows a white cat or several white cats, it can indicate or represent that your subconscious is detecting some sort of turbulence up ahead.

This white cat dream is not automatically a bad sign. You have to understand that if you’re playing the stock market, you need volatility. You need stocks to bounce up and crash down because what you choose to do in between those extremes can determine whether you make a lot of money or lose a lot of cash.

The same goes with the turbulence and potential chaos that a white cat symbolizes and represents in a dream.

Instead of being cautious to the point that you’re paralyzed internally, see these white cat dreams for what it is. This is how life plays out. There are always blessings and opportunities behind every challenge.

In fact, one of the traditional dream dictionary interpretations of a white cat represents love or more romance in your life if you’re already with a person you love. This dream of a white cat or several white cats could mean that you just have to open yourself up to the day-to-day ups and downs of life and claim the blessings they bring.

But here’s the problem: most people would rather not do that because they don’t want to be disturbed or challenged. If given a choice, they prefer that their life be reduced to a series of days blurring into each other.

Well, life doesn’t work that way. What some people would consider bad luck, other people could see as an opportunity. This is what the white cat image points to.

Live yourself in such a way that you see it as a series of opportunities.

A cat dream indicates being unable to overcome

The problem with automatically dismissing white cats or black cats in a dream as harbingers of bad omens or crushing challenges is that you never learn. That’s the bottom line.

You will always be the type of person who runs away from challenges. To learn from a challenge, you have to stare it straight in the eyes and take the chance that it will knock you down.

The good news is if you keep taking the knockdowns and keep learning from your actions and mistakes, eventually, you will overcome them. That’s how life is. It has always been unfair, and it has always been unjust.

The question is, how are you going to choose to deal with it?

Cats of other colors and their dream meanings

If you notice that, in your dream, cats of different colors are present other than black or white cats, this dream could indicate or represent a slight change in the meaning.

A gray cat in a dream suggests fluidity

For example, if you see gray cats in the dream, it suggests or indicates that your situation – whether it’s in your relationships, mental life, spiritual life, or what have you – is very fluid. In many cases, the ultimate direction can only be dictated by what you choose consciously.

This might seem pretty straightforward. But the problem is that a lot of people don’t want to do this. They’d rather have the conclusion handed to them.

If they see a disaster, they seem to themselves, “Okay, it’s a disaster. That’s what it is.” If they see a blessing, they say, “Okay, this is a good thing. It is what it is.” No.

In many cases, a lot of the things that are happening in your life are in flux. They only turn out the way they do based on the choices that you make, and you have to make that choice.

Believe it or not, things that could have turned into a disaster, humiliation, or heartbreak could have been victories. But for your attitude. Stop looking at your life as some sort of foregone conclusion.

If you see gray cats in your dream, it suggests or indicates that things are in flux. There’s a lot you can do about it.

If you think that a good thing is happening, it could be brighter. If you think a bad thing is happening, you could turn it around and use it as an opportunity.

Dreaming of a blue cat means you’re on the top of your game

Blue cats are very rare. If you see a cat that is bluish, which is basically like a shade of gray, it’s a great sign in a dream.

Basically, your subconscious is telling you in this dream that it’s detecting a fairly rare confluence of events. If you play your cards right, something that’s already bright will get one thousand times brighter. And something that is very positive will turn out okay.

The blue cats in the dream represent that you are handling things in such a way that it’s going to be very hard to take you down.

A green cat in a dream signifies your envious side

A green cat in a dream, on the other hand, suggests or indicates selfishness.

In the real world, there is no such thing as a green cat – unless we are talking about a feline with an algae problem on its fur, and that is very rare.

If you see this mysterious magical cat in your dreams, pay close attention to how self-centered you are. If you’re the type of person who always has to process everything based on what you think, what you want, or what you need, there’s going to be a problem.

Your subconscious is telling you through this dream that you might want to first try to understand before seeking to be understood. You might have fewer problems that way.

A slight variation of this green cat symbology in a dream is a cat with green spikes. This indicates that you are always comparing yourself to other people. And, as a result, your real-life accomplishments don’t add up to much.

In your real life, you may have achieved a lot of your goals and dreams. But, for whatever reason, they never seem to be enough because the other people that you look up to seem to have much better luck. You ask yourself, “Maybe I just have bad luck.”

Well, you have to understand that the best way to rob yourself of any sense of joy is to constantly compare yourself to others. If you need to compare yourself, compare yourself with yourself and your values.

This is built on the proposition that you know that you are capable of so much more. If you keep it at that level, you’d be surprised as to how far you get in life.

A kitten dream denotes feelings of helplessness

Again, like with other aspects of cats, take a look at what the kittens are doing and what shape they’re in in the dream.

If you see a newborn kitten meowing loudly with its eyes closed, this dream involving cats indicates that you’re having a tough time seeking help from others. You think that talking to a person about your feelings is a sign of weakness.

There’s a part of you that’s so scared of being vulnerable because you don’t want people to judge you. You don’t want people to think that you’re somehow crazy or you’re not normal.

Well, guess what? We’re all hurting inside. There’s a part of us that is aching and incomplete. All of us have this.

No matter what kind of front we put up and no matter how other people think we have our acts together, there’s always that side. Don’t deny it. Embrace it.

There’s always that part of you that feels that it lacks power, and people don’t listen to it. It’s okay. This is where family comes in.

If you don’t have good family relations, that’s okay. Find a friend or a person to talk to. If that’s not available, seek professional help. When you see newborn kittens meowing loudly and helplessly, this indicates that a part of yourself is feeling helpless.

But you’re not helpless. You can reach out. Your unwillingness to seek help is what’s making you helpless.

A large litter of kittens in a dream may point to your creative side

If you see the central image of a large litter of kittens, this dream indicates that your playful side is coming up. Don’t deny it. Don’t sweep it under the rug. Embrace it.

Your playfulness is not just all about leisure. It’s not just all about camping out in front of a Play Station and having yourself a ball. It can also involve looking at projects at work from a completely different perspective.

When you dream of a cat that is playing, it’s your intuition. And your intuition plugs into your chaotic feminine side. Dreaming of this represents no boundaries. Talk about powerful.

Part of the reason why we feel so stuck in many areas of our lives is that we think that things are fixed – that the boundaries are set, and there are all these walls standing in the way between us and the kind of life we want to live.

The truth is, these are all in our heads. And when you tap into your inner shadow, and that inner cat attacks, the things that you have assumed to be true, rigid, or unmovable, things become possible again.

If you see a big litter of kittens licking each other, vaulting around, and having a good time in your dream, connect with that sense of possibility and adventure welling up within you.

You are beginning to be at peace with your intuitive side. This is the side of you that doesn’t take no for an answer. In its eyes, nothing is yet formed.

A lot of people are scared stiff of chaos because they think it’s anarchy, disorder, decay, or even death. But it’s actually the raw material of the universe.

Can you imagine just how much more powerful, effective, and loving you could be if you tap into this side of your psyche?

Dreaming of kittens involve vulnerability

Whether you’re looking at newborn kittens meowing loudly or a litter of kittens being unbearably cute n a dream, kittens are a symbol of vulnerability.

Now, a lot of people might see red flags with this. No, you shouldn’t. Not necessarily.

For you to be strong, you first must accept the fact that you are weak. Your vulnerability doesn’t have to be a liability. Instead, it could be your shield or a source of inner strength.

Just allow yourself to understand your limits, and then tap into your intuition to overcome them.

Dream interpretation involving many cats in the house

If you are seeing too many cats in the house in the dream, and there’s seem to be a lot of strife or cat fights, this dream suggests that you’re placing too much emphasis on your feminine side.

It’s very important to be honest with this side of yourself and to connect with it. But it cannot take over – just as your rational side cannot be your only intellectual, mental, and spiritual compass in life.

There has to be a balance. Otherwise, the power of your intuition is just going to go haywire.

This is the kind of thing that Carl Jung has written about several times. You’re basically going to become a walking bundle of neurosis and self-contradictions.

It’s one thing to understand this side of yourself and tap into your inner chaos to make things possible again, but don’t go overboard.

Cats surrounding a man and a woman in a dream indicates sexuality

When you see the symbol of a man and a woman in a dream – cats surrounding them, or they’re playing around with a cat – pay attention to the contrast.

For most, cats often represent sexuality and femininity. In the case of a woman, this represents or suggests power in her mysterious sexual allure – in her unformed, chaotic emotions. That is her province.

For men, it indicates driven sexuality. It indicates focus, and this colors how he defines intuition.

When you see this image of a man, a woman, and their cats in your dream, pay more attention to the woman. This is the part of yourself that you tend to overlook, ignore, or actively deny.

The woman is so much more powerful precisely because she isn’t given enough value or attention. But when you factor in the woman with the cat in your total persona, it has to be balanced out. You can’t go overboard.

But, with the proper emphasis, the woman in the dream can lead you to dark places and come out more powerful because you’ve done so. This is a significant and heavy dream symbol.

Among all the dream symbols that you could think of, this is one of the most powerful. Your subconscious is telling you – in so many ways – just how much power you have.

This can be quite problematic for a lot of people because they’re thinking of how powerless they are. They automatically assume that they’re voiceless.

But you have a lot more going for yourself than you care to imagine.

What does a dream of cat jumping on me say about me?

If you see a cat jumping in your dream, pay close attention to the context.

In the dream, are you holding a ball of yarn that’s suspended on by a string? Do you have a laser pointer, and the cat just wants to go from point A to point B?

There are many ways to interpret this dream. You shouldn’t automatically assume that you are enemies with the cat or that it’s a sign of an evil cat attacking you somehow.

But assuming that you’re clear as to what’s happening with this dream symbology of a cat jumping on you, here are some potential meanings.

Dream interpretation of a cat attacking

If you’re dreaming of a cat attacking you, all your subconscious is telling you is that you have a passion for exploring new things. But, for the longest time, you have subsumed this or hidden it away into a layer upon layer of responsibilities, duties, and obligations.

Part of the reason you may be struggling in school, or you had academic challenges in the past, is because you did not reconnect with this part of yourself.

Now, your subconscious is telling you through your dream that you need to embrace, celebrate, and rediscover this phase of your life. It’s a symbol of reconnection.

Dream interpretation of a cat attacking you by jumping on you

If you have a dream of cat jumping, this dream means that you’re still struggling with your inner self. There’s a part of you that you’re trying to deny.

Maybe it’s your real sexuality. Maybe it’s your real attraction to members of the opposite sex. Maybe it’s your real preferences.

There are a lot of reasons why people find themselves in this situation. A lot of it has to do with our parents. Some of it has to do with the culture that we’ve grown up in.

But the good news is it doesn’t have to be like this. There’s a lot more leeway in your life than you give yourself credit for. The more you reduce things to black and white, the more you will suffer.

Please understand that it’s a multi-colored world out there with bright rainbow hues all over the place. So live life as it is. Explore. Be free. Stop being afraid of your freedom.

A dream about cats that jump off after attacking indicates the necessity of choice

If you see a cat in a dream attacking you in one second and then jumping off the next, this dream means that the struggles that you’re facing with your internal intuition of the feminine side are over. What’s left is your choice.

A lot of people look at this internal struggle as just an opportunity to feel relief and go back to normal. Well, you can definitely choose that.

But have you grown? Have you explored new internal territory when you do that? Or do you use this experience of internal struggle to point you to a different place and a different way of thinking and being?

Maybe that’s where your victory comes from.

You have to understand that the worst enemy that you have is yourself. There are many enemies out there, but some enemies are more relentless than others. Ultimately, these “enemies” reveal themselves to be just aspects of ourselves.

Nobody can really do you evil and have it stick unless you allow it to.

Don’t necessarily think that this dreaming of a cat fighting with you, attacking you, and then jumping off indicates that some sort of evil has passed. You need to think beyond shallow definitions of good and evil.

Instead, focus on learning, becoming, and being.

A dream about cats fighting and what they could mean

This cats fighting dream means that there is an internal struggle between the things that you consider evil and the things that you consider normal and good.

Unfortunately, this is a clash of different dream symbols. And, oftentimes, they don’t automatically mean what you think they mean.

All throughout, there are a lot of conflicting feelings based on what you think certain things or forces in your life mean. But they indicate, really, a lack of self-awareness or willingness to spiritually mature.

And if you are to analyze the real source of evil in your life, it falls more along these lines.

Spiritual dream meanings of cats

If it hasn’t already been clear, the cat is a very spiritual dream symbol. But, in terms of specific spirituality, cats in a dream may indicate or represent wisdom and the willingness to trust the unknowable.

That’s the interesting thing about your intuition: ultimately, it gains its power based on your lived life. It can only pull you in one direction or another based on the information that it has put together from your actual lived experience.

It may seem like it comes out of nowhere, but it’s actually rooted in the part of you that’s very deep, dark, and mysterious. Still, it is fed from the rivers of experience.

In terms of spiritual growth, having a cat dream means that you need to trust your intuition more and allow the process to change you and reshape your ego.

A lot of the things that we consider evil, unpleasant, painful, or humiliating stem from our unwillingness to change and both shape and be reshaped by what’s going on around us and outside of us.

A cat in your dream can also be a symbol of communication in dreams

Dreaming of cats can be the bridge between your dead self – I’m talking about your past hopes and dreams and who you were in the past – and who you are now. This can take the form of intuitive decision-making. You’d be surprised as to how powerful this is.

When you see cats running around the house in the dream, this could mean that you are struggling with the power of your mind to connect with the unknowable and with the hidden corners of your experience.

All it takes is to change your perspective. You go from chasing a cat to saving a cat or holding kittens in your arms.

Dream Example #1

I dreamed a happy dream about my family and our pet cat.

I was visiting my mum. My older brother had also come to visit, with his daughter Clare.

I was feeling pretty chipper because I hadn’t seen my niece in a long time, nearly 1-year. It was just delightful to have her around, running and playing. The sound of her laugh is joy in itself.

It was late afternoon, and we were all sitting in the living room, watching a Nollywood action movie and pointing out all the errors in the plot and acting. My other brother, the second son, was around too, with my sister. The house was full of laughter, arguing, and the smell of chicken stew.

My niece ran around the house, from the living room to my mum’s bedroom, looking for the cat.

“Kitty kitty kitty,” she called.

She ran into the living room while I was criticizing the sound of the gunshot in the movie;

“Auntie, where is Swan-cat?” She asked me.

I was momentarily shocked that she could talk very well now.

And she still called the cat Swan-cat

The last time I saw her, she could only say her favorite words like ice cream and grandpa. But now, she could speak clearly. Incredible, I thought.

Some time ago, my sister had rescued a lost kitten and brought it home.

The kitten was so tiny and fragile that we’d thought it wouldn’t make it. So we hadn’t complained. Except for my older brother, the superstitious one. He suspected the original kitten had died, and this is a demon one.

My sister miraculously nursed the kitten back to health. She’d hoped to leave it in the family house because she said she couldn’t afford a pet.

But no one wanted the responsibility of caring for it.

After much argument and ‘rock-paper-scissors, the superstitious brother had won the kitten, to his utter disappointment.

To spite everyone, including the kitten, he had named it ‘Swan.

I remember telling him that it was a ridiculous name because cats hate to get wet. I told him that if he wanted to name it after a bird, he should call it ‘rooster.

Oh, the look he’d given me! I’d be dead and gone if looks could kill.

My niece, who could barely pronounce words then, was the first to call it by the stupid name. But she called her ‘Swan-cat’

“Her name is Swan,” I told her then. But she still called it swan-cat for a long time, till my brother took the cat to his house. She still thought of it as Swan-cat.

“It’s Swan,” I told her.

“Swan kitty kitty kitty,” she called out.

The cat ran out from under the chair on which my brother was sitting and leaped onto my lap.

I stroked it gently as my niece grinned and approached to pat it too.

The cat jumped down from off of me and ran into the master bedroom. I wondered why she was avoiding the child.

I was still smiling when I woke up.

Dream Example #2

I had recently adopted a kitten. I lovingly named him Whiskers. He has soft and smooth, white fur, and his eyes are a bright and shiny yellow. He loves to jump and play with me when I’m lying on my bed at night.

Yesterday, as usual, I was playing with him on my bed. I have my final exams coming up and had spent most of the day studying.

So naturally, I was feeling very tired. My eyes were feeling very heavy while I was looking at Whiskers.

Suddenly, I heard an unfamiliar voice say “Hey! Listen!” I looked around my room. “Over here!” said the voice again, from my right.

I looked in that direction and all I could see was Whiskers, standing with his tail held upright. He started jumping on me and said “Come on! Come with me!”

I stared at him for a moment, shocked. Whiskers jumped onto the floor and ran to the door. Then, he turned his face towards me and asked me to follow him again. I got up, walked to the door, and opened it.

As soon as the door opened, I felt light, cool breeze blow past my face. To my surprise, I was standing at the foot of a mountain!

I couldn’t believe it! How did this mountain appear here, where my hallway was supposed to be?

I ran after Whiskers, telling him to stop. I don’t know why I did that – he wasn’t going to understand me anyway.

Then I looked around me. I appeared to be in a place where it had rained recently, as the ground was wet. The smell of rain hitting the soil had filled the air. The place seemed lifeless.

There were only a few plants scattered around, and even they were dried up and yellow, just like hay.

The sky was filled with dark grey clouds and I could hear thunder every few seconds. Sometimes, a bright flash of lightning would fill up the area too.

I was getting worried as I didn’t know where I was, it looked like it could rain at any moment and my new kitten was getting away from me.

There were some large rocks tightly placed next to each other. Only two of the rocks had enough space to walk between, and Whiskers ran right into this space

As soon as I entered that space between the rocks, all light faded away and I couldn’t see anything. However, I still kept running.

I felt something light and rough on my face. I thought they must be leaves. Then I felt something like wet sandpaper rubbing against my nose.

I opened my eyes to find Whiskers sitting on my chest and licking my nose. His whiskers were brushing against my face.

I was lying on my bed, back in my room. I looked at my clock, which showed it was 6:55 AM – 5 minutes before my alarm would go off. ! then realized it was all just a dream!

Dream Example #3

Ever since I was a kid, I am known to have fear of cats. I know that most people love them as pets but having a cat around me has always been horrifying for me.

Dreaming of them is most likely the same. I was at my friend’s house as we had planned to enjoy the day together.

This friend of mine has an unexplainable love for cats. She has three cats with her in her house which made visiting her a struggle.

I know that if I do nothing, the cat will do nothing as well. So as long as I’m not a threat to them, they wouldn’t try to harm me. I was seated on my friend’s bed when all 3 of them gathered in the room.

At this moment, I was filled with fear and tried to call my friend to come to join me in the room.

The cat with clean white fur stared at me and made a soft sound. I moved further on the bed. My feet that were once hanging by the bedside are now lying on the bed with my whole body.

I let out a sigh of relief when my friend entered the room. The cats who were once staring at me were now around her. The white cat snuggled her legs which my friend responded with a cute “aww” The two other cats left the room.

However, the white cat continued to stay in the room with my friend and me. I felt more comfortable with only one cat in the room, but her presence was still terrifying.

I couldn’t focus on the movie that my friend and I were trying to watch. Thankfully, the cat wasn’t on the same bed as ours. My friend is well aware of my fear.

My friend noticed that we ran out of drinks. She decided to refill our supply so that we could enjoy our time.

I felt tense with only the cat and me in the room. I knew that this wasn’t good. I felt like something unpleasant was going to happen.

The cat circled in her place and laid down. It was a peaceful moment for both of us since I’m pretty sure that she feels that I’m not comfortable around her.

There was a blank moment after this. Suddenly, there was a transition with the scenes. I saw myself lying beside the cat on the bed. I looked at the cat and saw that it was staring straight at my face.

I noticed that its eyes were blue. I was astounded at the sight of it. I tried to scream but no voice was coming out.

I admired her a little bit more until I had enough will to sit down on the bed. As I sat down, the cat got up as well and let out a scream. Yes, a scream.

If only I did not saw it open its mouth, I wouldn’t believe that the sound was from the cat.

I was so terrified at this point. I tried to make my way to the door. Unfortunately, the cat attacked me and hanged herself on my clothes. I was screaming so loud.

I started to wonder where the heck is my friend at this time that I needed her. I was so careful not to let her fingernails touch my back. She continued to hang on my clothes while letting out a terrifying scream. It looked like both of us were fighting for our lives.

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