The Biblical Meaning of Frogs in Dreams

In the Bible, some of the most vivid scenes are characterized by some form of plague or another. From flies, locusts, and frogs to blood, darkness, and the plague of the firstborn, the Gospel passages painted a harsh but all too real reminder of the result of God’s anger and disappointment. Still, the biblical meaning of frogs in dreams is never one sided.

When it comes to dream imagery, frogs, in particular, are usually considered a bad omen not much different from dreams about accidents. These, along with toads, are seen as a warning or punishment. Accordingly, the biblical meaning of frogs in dreams takes its interpretations from this meaning.

While we have to start from negative symbols, we don’t have to stop there.

Much like goat dreams and other sleeping visions involving animals, the spiritual meaning of a frog or toad in the subconscious of a dreamer depends on the context. The setting of the dream, as well as every other symbol or sign, is just as important as the frog, toad, or other creatures in the dream.

What else is going on in your dream? Were you with another person? What’s your relationship with that person? What time of day did you see the toad or frog? Were you near a body of water—like a lake or a river? Was there another animal in the dream?

Any kind of spiritual meaning of frogs in dreams starts with negative connotations. At the very least, a frog or a toad could be seen as signs of affliction, unfortunate events involving loved ones, misfortune, bad news, or even a witchcraft attack or spiritual battles.

You also have to take stock of your emotional state when you see the symbolism and meaning of a frog or toad in your dreams. Sometimes, your subconscious is sending you a sign on how to properly set the context for the toads, frogs, and other animals in your dream.

Frog Dream for a Lost or Misguided Person

Usually, when we talk about being spiritually lost, we imagine a spiritual person giving in to temptation. They have a close relationship with God. They know the truth of the Good News of the Lord, but—for whatever reason—they find themselves far away from it.

Sometimes, this is caused by intentional deception. This can happen through the hand of false prophets.

The most common embodiment for the spirit and symbol of deception is Satan—one who tries to “guide” servants of the Lord through fake promises of success and toward, ultimately, spiritual downfall.

But even in our day-to-day reality, we can get lost when we try to forge our own path and let go of the hand of the Almighty.

When we get used to thinking in a fixed way, we tend to come up with excuses and justifications. We create distorted meanings of our physical and spiritual reality, and we try to pin the blame on another person or thing, just so we could avoid calling a spade a spade.

This forms a disconnect between our mortal and spiritual consciousness and our actual decisions and actions. We end up doing things, not as servants of the Lord who aim to be worthy of entering His House, but we do it for our name or our selfish dreams. This gives us inner conflict.

In the Bible, this disconnect or conflict is called sin. A sinful person then acquires a guilty conscience because, in their heart of hearts, they can tell right from wrong.

When you see dreams of frogs or toads swarming, this can mean a willful self-deception.

Self-Destruction from the Influence of False Prophets and Evil Spirits

At some point in our lives, we may encounter a person who will pose as some sort of a false spiritual teacher. If the teachings of that person appeal to something we selfishly desire or dream about, this is the way false prophets take hold of our lives.

This is the beginning of self-destruction. It doesn’t happen without your permission.

Slowly, you start to feel despair. You think that you cannot be saved anymore because your past mistakes and bad decisions seem so permanent. Guilt then takes over, and denial becomes the pattern, so you push others away.

While you can make a house of cards consisting of all sorts of “logical” and “valid” excuses for your actions, you still feel an empty space in your heart where the Lord’s hand used to touch you.

This empty space or “pinch” in your heart can materialize in your dream in the form of small and seemingly innocuous creatures like a frog.

The Frog Symbol in a Dream

It’s normal to see a frog or a toad in small numbers after a hard summer or spring rain. Especially in places near small bodies of water, the loud and prolonged croaking of a frog or several of them can even invite divers.

But when you start dreaming of frogs in swarms, the sense of disconnect, guilt, and remorse remind you that you have built your spiritual house and well-being on false foundations.

While it’s easy to point to some sort of devil figure, trauma, or foe, we know that our spiritual and psychological dispositions are caused by no one but us. The great false prophet ultimately carries our name.

Dreaming of frogs in larger and larger numbers can be symbolism for our lost spirits.

Toad Dream Interpretation Can Indicate “Unclean Thoughts”

The idea of “impure” thoughts seems almost quaint in this day and age. We live in a secular world, and the idea of sin seems so ancient, old-fashioned, and out of place.

Still, the practical implications of the deeper reality sin point to remains in the world. We may each have a different name for them—like childhood trauma, abuse, or anxiety—but its bedrock stays the same: deep into the core of your being, something is missing.

When you dream of a frog, it symbolizes the part of you that is sinful or misguided. In this case, your dream is reflecting your unrealistic expectations. These are not conducive to self-development.

You have to keep this in mind when trying to make sense of the biblical meaning of frogs in dreams.

There’s something sneaky about a frog or toad in your dream because they seem so small. But as you ignore them, you could end up with a swarm.

Not only could it be noisy, slimy, and possibly even smelly, it can seem downright dangerous, especially if they’re crowding in around you, and you feel dead in the water—trapped inside your own dream.

Dreaming of a Frog Can Also Mean Jealousy

Let me tell you: one of the worst emotions you could ever feel is jealousy.

Jealousy is different from envy. Envy is wanting something that somebody also has—it doesn’t require taking anything away from anybody. If handled correctly, it can even lift your spirits and encourage you to achieve something you’ve been dreaming of.

Jealousy is desiring something that somebody else rightfully owns. When you feel jealous, you want the affection, the money, the name, or the status that somebody already owns.

Jealousy is dangerous because it spurs human creativity in coming up with all sorts of justifications for theft. That’s what it is—you’re wasting your time and emotional energy yearning and plotting for something that you know doesn’t belong to you.

When God said in the Bible, “I am a jealous God,” He is well within His rights because we worship and focus on things that were created by Him. We worship the creation; we have forgotten the creator.

In that context, God Almighty is well within His rights to feel this righteous form of jealousy. He deserves that worship because He created everything. Human beings are not in that position.

The interpretation of a frog dream could be a warning about how jealousy creeps up in the human heart. If we’re not careful, jealousy erodes our imagination, willpower, and focus. You’re not going to go anywhere because you’re stuck. You desire something that you don’t deserve.

I wish I could say that dreaming of a frog in the context of jealousy stops here, but it actually infects the rest of your life.

Playing Victim is Not a Justification for Fanning Jealousy

When you feel jealous, you feel inadequate. This leads you to create a personal fairy tale where you are the victim. This way, you have a ready excuse for when you hurt others or “claim” something that isn’t yours to claim.

At the end of the day, there’s nothing scarier than how a little victim mentality can unleash a chain reaction in your life that would produce all the hurt and tragedy you cause yourself and other people.

Again—just like frogs and toads that show up one by one—if you’re not paying attention, they start to swarm on you. That’s how dangerous jealousy is in the human heart.

It’s not a surprise, then, that the next common interpretation of frogs-dreaming is failure.

A Frog Dream Can Represent Consequences of Negative Actions

If you dream of a frog or several frogs, it can symbolize catastrophe.

In Exodus, when Moses—alongside his brother Aaron—said, “Let my people go,” and Pharaoh hardened his heart, a frog swarm filled the land. This was a reflection of the consequences of the stubbornness of Pharaoh’s heart.

Not surprisingly, in the Bible, amphibians like toads and frogs symbolize misfortune and negative events. Despite your expectations of things to come, you get something completely unexpected like failure, disappointment, regret, or physical and emotional pain.

Pay Close Attention to the Context of the Frog Imagery in Your Dream

Does it look like the frogs are growing in number? Or are you troubled more by the suddenness of their appearance? Both of these can indicate misfortune or troubling news that is soon to come.

These frog dream meanings do not pop out of nowhere. These dreams mirror details about your life that your main consciousness has yet to process.

For example, jealousy can blind you to both the blessings in your life and the dangers around the corners. When miscalculations, irresponsibility, and ignorance catch up to you, it seems like a crushing surprise, but it isn’t.

Had you taken a step back from all the problems, news, and worries clouding your focus, a lot of this could’ve been avoided. Put simply, our lives are the effects, and our mindsets and attitudes are the causes.

There really are no surprises in life. Even if the improbable happened—like a car accident, a cancer diagnosis, or a loved one suddenly dying—there are circumstances and decisions surrounding those events.

While Frog Dreams Often Represent Bad Omen, Toads and Amphibian Imagery Can Also Have Positive Dream Meanings

Pay close attention to your emotional state after you dream of frogs. How do you feel? If after you dream of toads, you feel good, at peace, or calm, reexamine the frog imagery in your dream.

Oftentimes, frogs appear after a long, hard rain. If you focus too much on the sudden appearance of these creatures, their noise, and the disturbance they possibly cause in your dream, you may quickly lose sight of a very important detail.

It may turn out that, in your dream, you were in the middle of a desert, or it didn’t rain for a long time. Maybe you were on a farm or a garden—you need rain for your crops and plants.

So when it did rain, the frogs start croaking loudly. Pretty soon, your dream focus turns on just how many frogs there are because of their noise. You lose sight of the news that you were in the middle of a drought.

It’s this one overlooked detail that turns what would otherwise be a scary and stressful dream into something very positive. In this context, the frogs proclaim victory. As the rains continue, abundance and fruitfulness are assured.

Positive Biblical Dream Meaning of Rain

In the Bible, rains represent blessing. This isn’t a stretch, considering the fact that the Holy Land is in the middle of a desert and an arid landscape—not exactly a green, lush piece of real estate. In this context, animals such as frogs announce the coming of the blessing of heavy rains.

The interesting thing about rain is that it rains on good people and bad people alike. It doesn’t choose; it just gives freely.

See the rain for what it is: the presence of God in your life. The rain, which the frogs proclaim, represents the grace of God.

What Does Your Dream of Killing a Frog Mean?

When you dream of killing one frog, it can mean that your problems are going to end soon. If you’re dreaming of killing several frogs, it can mean frustration. The more spaced out the frogs are in your dream, the more optimistic you should be.

By the same token, maybe you’re so worried and focused on feeling stuck and frustrated that you just focus on stomping out as many frogs as you can while dreaming.

This sense of desperation invites even more worry and restlessness not only in your dream but in your waking life.

Dreams of Frogs Jumping

If you dream about a frog jumping from place to place, it can mean that your life is going through a roller-coaster phase.

A lot of people are understandably scared of seeing this dream. We’d like predictability and reliability—for things to remain the same despite how miserable it can get; better to live in a hell we know than to take a chance on a heaven we don’t.

When you see frogs jumping when you’re dreaming, it can actually be a very positive sign because your life is going to go through some turbulence.

Now, most people get scared. Even the word “turbulence” makes them break out in a cold sweat.

The meaning of frogs in this context indicates some form of creative destruction in your life. Some old things have to go away so that new things can take control or could have a chance to develop.

These are precisely the kind of changes you need to take a gamble on for you to start living your life to the fullest. As the old saying goes, “the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result each time.”

When you’re constantly dreaming of several frogs jumping all over the place, this frenetic action can herald the kind of volatility that would push you out of paralysis.

Just like mother birds sometimes push their fledglings out of the nest so they can finally soar, God throws challenges our way to give us the opportunity to trust in Him more fully.

See the Grace Behind the Plague

Usually, the word “plague” is enough to send chills down the spine and make people break out in a cold sweat. A plague is a name for destruction, suffering, and affliction.

Even though there is a lot to worry about and be scared of in a pandemic, we learn to look at these challenges with eyes of trust when we give ourselves permission to focus on the Lord’s goodness.

Even though He had sent a mighty plague of frogs to the land of Egypt, it set in motion the final act of redemption for the children of Israel—with Moses and Aaron in the lead—when they crossed over from the idolatry and spiritual death of Egypt to Mt. Sinai and the law of Lord. All the pain, terror, and uncertainty were absolutely necessary.

There are few tests as harrowing as being asked to cross a sea with two large walls of water on either side. You don’t know what’s on the other side, but you know one thing: the Lord is telling you to cross because He has a better way and plan.

As the Book of Jeremiah says, “God has plans to prosper us and not to harm us.”

Our Spiritual Strength is Only As Strong As Our Faith in the Lord

It’s only when we allow our belief in the Almighty to sink into our hearts, and we allow the Holy Spirit to move us, that we are able to take action on that belief. That’s when belief turns into faith.

When God called Abraham from Ur in Mesopotamia to a land he hasn’t seen, Abraham had enough faith in Him to say, “yes, I will follow. Lead the way.”

You have to keep this in mind. So many of the challenges in your life can be opportunities for greater trust in the Lord. Oftentimes, the best blessing is a change in our character.

So keep in mind that as disgusting and troubling as dreams of frog infestations may seem, the Bible boldly proclaims the Gospel to the world.

God desires your freedom. In fact, He loves you so much that He didn’t spare even His only Son, just so you can be reconciled with Him.

Dream Example #1

It was a Monday morning. I was feeling cold from the rain that fell at night.

I heard some noises in my kitchen and went reluctantly to investigate what it was.

I saw a toad croaking without any care in the world. It was an ugly toad with huge, bulging eyes and hunched legs.

When it saw me, it made no sign of recognition.

I thought it looked odd. Toads move about not lie about in one spot. When I touched it, its skin was slippery.

It was croaking all the time as it eyed me, wondering what I would do for its invasion of my kitchen.

It looked so vulnerable. Yet, I would not allow it to shelter in my kitchen.

I went to look for a bucket. I would put it into the bucket and take it outside, back to the environment where it belongs.

After all, the rain had stopped falling. I found a red bucket with a wide opening.

Happily, I grabbed the bucket and walked with quick steps to the kitchen. What I saw made me surprised. Instead of one, there were now two toads.

I thought they must be coming in through the kitchen door.

The door was half-open.

I jumped across the two toads and went to the door to close it, cursing myself for my forgetfulness.

That would make sure no more toad enters my kitchen. But lo and behold, when I turned around, I saw not two but four toads!

Now, something strange was happening. The toads had not come in through the kitchen door, but they must be reproducing magically.

The thought that some magical reproduction was going on made me somewhat afraid.

My hairs were now standing erect. The toads’ croaking was so loud that the noise alone was enough to chase me out of my house.

I had to do something about the four toads and stop this magical unreality. I took the bucket and wanted to cover them with it to trap them inside the bucket.

Before I did so, one of the toads thrust its tongue at me, stinging me. The bucket covered them, but the venom the toad had infected me made me start feeling dizzy.

My head was spinning. I kicked the bucket intending to use my feet to stamp on them. This drama had to come to an end.

I saw to my astonishment that there were now eight toads. Eight toads! What was happening was beyond magic.

The dizziness from the sting was now getting to me. I began to laugh. I laughed out loud as I threw the bucket away.

My body was itchy, and my mouth tasted dry. I washed my face in tap water to make sure I did not see visions. When I dried my face, I noticed that the toads were now 16 in number.

It was frightening. I ran away from the kitchen for my life. Something supernatural was happening that would engulf me with it. When my wife woke me up from sleep, she said I was screaming about “devilish toads.”

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