What Does Dreaming of A Little Girl Mean?

To make sure that you are interpreting the right dream, make sure that you are dreaming of a little girl indeed. This is not as straightforward as you might think. In a typical dream, we often see different people appear and disappear in the course of that vision.

Unsurprisingly, some of those people are little boys or little girls, just as there are adults in the dream.

You know that you are dreaming of a little girl when the following factors apply:

First, you keep seeing little girls. These are not young women or teenagers, nor are they small women. We are talking about females that are younger than ten years old.

Either there’s quite a number of them, or the next factor applies.

Second, you keep seeing the same little girl. If this girl keeps appearing in different parts of your dream to the point that you can’t help but focus on that person, then chances are you dream of a little girl, and this interpretation will apply.

If the young girl is just part of a crowd or isn’t your dream’s central motif or feature, chances are your dream has something else.

Third, the context of the little girl doesn’t change all that much. This is crucial because the background may change, but the focus on the little girl doesn’t.

Maybe you’re dreaming of a baby girl, or you see a girl dreaming. Whatever the case may be, it’s almost always the same type of person or the same person.

With that out of the way, let’s get down to what a girl in a dream tells about you and your state of mind.

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The General Meaning of Seeing A Little Girl In Your Dream

Generally speaking, to dream about a little girl who is healthy and in good shape is a sign of things being well in your life.

This might not necessarily involve prosperity, but when you see a baby girl or a little girl in good health, it indicates that things are going better than you think. You might think you don’t have enough cash, or you feel that you’re stuck in your job, or things aren’t right in your relationships.

But it will come as a surprise to you to realize that you have a lot of things going for you. And as the old saying goes, “You only miss the water when the well has run dry.”

You might want to stop and appreciate what you have. While you should strive for more, don’t let your ambition and striving for something better and bigger blind you to the fact that you have a life that many people would kill for.

It may sound an extreme way to put it, but you have a lot more going for you.

Baby Girl Dreams Try to Draw Your Attention to Your Feminine Side

Everybody’s got a feminine side. I don’t care how masculine you are or how tough you imagine yourself to be.

Your feminine side not only exists, but it’s necessary for your well-being. You have to understand that as much as you want to imagine yourself a rational being who makes decisions based on logic, they flow from your emotional side if you were to break down your actual decision.

At the very least, your emotions have a hand in directing your priorities. So do not neglect this part of yourself because the more you are in tune with your emotional side, the higher the chance your choices will be the right ones.

Reconnect With the Little Girl In You

It’s wrong to be childish, but it’s always a good call to let your child-like nature get the better of you from time to time. Is there a difference?

When you’re childish, you go back to the maturity level of a less-formed or less-developed person. That’s a bad thing. When you’re child-like, you let go of the mindset that makes you old, set in your ways, and in many cases, blind to certain realities.

When you let your child-like nature take over by reconnecting with the little girl inside you, even if you’re a man, you’re able to look at things without any preconceptions, assumptions, or expectations.

Believe it or not, this fresh mindset might be just what you need to finally get out from under the problems that you thought were intractable or unsolvable.

Maybe you’ve reached an impasse in your relationships, or you have difficulty communicating certain things from the past to your partner.

By allowing yourself to reconnect with the little girl in you who’s able to look at the world from the position of trust, possibility, adventure, and fun, you may gain enough emotional distance from the things weighing you down for you to try new paths or let things loose.

And this can lead to the kind of freedom you’re looking for. It may well turn out that things aren’t as bad as you thought. The worst-case scenario that you keep playing on your head might not come to pass at all.

The Little Girl In You Runs To Your Deepest Inner Cave

As we get older, we imagine ourselves leaving the deep caverns of our subconscious and straining for the eternal sunshine of rationality, logic, and “true awareness.”

On some levels, this makes sense, especially when it comes to intellectual curiosity and creating connections, but there is power in the deep cavern of our subconscious emotions.

All of these have this deep reservoir of emotional states, tendencies, and mindsets that we can’t quite articulate.

By trusting the little girl in you to want to explore this part of yourself, you may yet be able to achieve some order when it comes to this side of your personality.

If you’re like the typical adult, however, there’s a good chance that you’re trying to forget about this part, or you feel ashamed or embarrassed about it. You may be thinking that this is the primordial or chaotic side of your personality.

But the truth is we are not cartoons, and we are not black or white. We are not either-or, good or bad, emotional or rational. Instead of black or white, human beings are caught in the spectrum of gray.

By allowing yourself to trust your intuition and be emotionally and intellectually curious enough to be comfortable with the chaotic, unexplainable, or hard-to-articulate side of yourself, you probably will be better off and more comfortable in your skin.

Sometimes the worst thing we can assume is that we can explain everything in our lives, and it turns out that there’s a lot of blind corners and dark shadows that can spring up when we least expect them.

Be aware of these blind corners and be comfortable with them because they are part of you.

What the Little Girl In Your Dream Represents

Ultimately, the little girl in your dream represents innocence. If you think that your life should be the complete opposite of innocence, that is, awareness, awakening, and realizations, you leave out a lot of your power.

Believe it or not, there is power in the chaos. It drives the possibility locked within you. You cannot chart everything. You cannot reduce or compartmentalize or contain everything that can exist in you.

You can’t cage parts of yourself.

The Little Girl Explores to Grow Up

One of the biggest challenges people have in their life journey is impatience. We have a tendency to live our lives based on a timeline.

We think that there’s a certain point where we have to “grow up.” Often, this is set in terms of arbitrary years.

For example, if you have problems with your parents because you may think that they did not give the kind of love, support, and encouragement that you needed to become a more successful, capable, and balanced individual, you probably would have a case if you felt that way in your 20s.

You can still see your childhood; you can still see the connection. It’s still raw, and you see its manifestations in your daily life as well as in the quality of your decisions.

But if you’re still thinking along these lines when you’re in your 30s or 40s, or worse yet, 50s, I’m sorry to report, but that’s on you. You hang onto this idea for too long. There must be a point where you have to say that the little boy or little girl within you must grow up.

Sure, you are not responsible for the things that happened to you as a kid, but you are now responsible for how you choose to respond and the consequences of the decisions you make today.

When you see that little girl in your dream playing, enjoying the outdoors, and having a grand old time, your subconscious is telling you that there’s a point in having fun, enjoying life as it is; not as you imagined it to be or hope what it would be like.

Just enjoy life for what it is and find the strength to move on from there. By being caught up in the present, a child lays the foundation for the future. When a child plays, it’s not meaningless. There is a reason behind it.

She is improving her motor skills, exercising her curiosity, and her ability to connect the dots and make logical connections. She is exploring the range of her emotions.

All of these are crucial skills, but it looks like she’s just having fun when a kid does them. However, there’s a tremendous amount of education and foundation-building going on when you see a kid having a good time exploring.

Allow yourself to reconnect with that little girl inside of you so you can be at peace with your innate ability to connect the dots. There is a logic, not obvious or the kind that jumps out at you, that makes sense.

For this to truly benefit you, you have to trust yourself.

You’re not wasting your time or pointlessly reliving the past, but when you reconnect with that little girl in you, you are tapping the power of your chaotic, uncharted, and hard-to-articulate side to give you the equipment you need to make better sense of the world you created through your choices.

Put simply, when you’re dreaming of a little girl, you dream of finding hope. And you cannot find this hope in another person or an organization. It can only be found when you connect the dots within you.

One of the sides that you need to understand is the part that the little girl represents.

Contextual Meanings of Little Girl Dream Symbols

Little girls in your dream can take many different forms. These set the context so take a look at the predominant motif or context regarding the girl you’re dreaming of so you can better understand what your dream really means.

What Does It Mean for An Unmarried Woman or A Female to Dream of A Little Girl

If you’re a single female having girl dreams, a part of you is worried that you will not be getting married in the future. This is not bad news at all.

It can be good news. When you dream of a little girl or holding a baby girl, it can indicate that a part of you still needs development. The worst thing you can do right now is get married or find yourself in a situation you cannot get out of, such as becoming a mother.

Explore parts of yourself that are still unresolved, or you feel that you’re not yet fully conscious over. Maybe there are many loose ends when it comes to the things you want to do, places you want to go, people you’d like to meet, and situations you want to find yourself in.

In other words, don’t be afraid to reconnect with that little girl. Have fun and trust yourself that things will fall into place.

Single Women Dreaming of Little Girls and Nostalgia

One of the worst feelings anybody could have is a sense of regret. You feel that you were in the right place at the right time, but you didn’t make certain decisions for whatever reason.

Now, you’re older or the opportunity is gone, so a part of you pines for that opportunity. Worse yet, you’d like to relive those days and recapture that sense of choice.

When you see a little girl in your dream, and you’re talking to her or holding her hand, and you see new vistas, exploring wide-open spaces, you’re conversing or communicating with a part of you that is youthful.

It’s a common misconception that youth is defined by age. That’s not true. You can talk to a young girl and walk away with a feeling that you just talked to an 85-year-old.

On the other hand, you can talk to an 80-year-old and feel inspired by their vibrancy and joy for life. You can’t help but be encouraged by their sense of adventure because they prize the novelty behind day-to-day experiences.

Who’d you rather hang out with? When you see yourself in your dream walking or exploring with a little girl, your subconscious tells you to reconnect with that youthful part of yourself.

Numbers like age do not bind youthfulness. Instead, it is unlocked by your attitude. With a little bit of youthfulness, you’d be able to make more sense of and get more enjoyment out of your day-to-day life. Cherish what you have. You’re never too old.

The Negative Side of Nostalgia

If you’re a single female and you’re dreaming of walking or talking to a little girl, pay close attention to the emotions you had in that dream or vision. Do you see yourself wanting to be her? Do you see yourself wanting to go back to that age? Can you recognize a sense of yearning?

If you felt any of these emotions, it indicates that you have this nostalgic view of your youth. You feel that you have to “freeze” your youth in a certain way. When people go through this, they are reading into their present insecurities the memories that they thought were 100% positive.

You’re cheating yourself when you do this because the past is not as bright or awesome as you thought. By the same token, the future is not as scary and stressful as you imagine it to be.

What’s going on is you need to be more responsible for your present awareness. What makes a stage of your life positive or negative is your attitude towards it.

It’s never too late to have the right attitude regarding what you’re going through now. By engaging in nostalgia when you dream of seeing a little girl or girl symbols, you’re in danger of romanticizing your past and youth.

What happens when we romanticize a phase of our lives? It cheapens the rest of our lives. You also run the danger of setting impossible standards.

You’re no longer a little girl, so you don’t look at the world like one, nor are you a baby girl who is vulnerable and inexperienced. You’ve lived your life for many years now. You’ve seen things that a little girl has yet to see. You’ve felt many things that a little girl has yet to have the chance to feel.

So when you get caught in the nostalgia of being a little girl or seeing one, there is a big danger of thinking that part of your life is more valuable than what you’re going through now.

In other words, you use this image of your internal little girl as an escape hatch, so to speak, from the frustrations, hassles, and letdowns of your day-to-day life as a more mature person. Don’t do this.

The Little Girl Is Your Guide

It’s okay to tap into how the little girl in you is connected to the chaotic side of your inner reality. In this context, the little girl inside you is a guide to how you can harness the possibilities inherent in chaos to give you the motivation, inspiration, and insight you need to make a reality that fits with your dreams.

This is the positive side of the little girl dream symbol. But if you fall into the pit of unthinking or less-than-fully-aware nostalgia, the little girl in you can lead into trouble and darkness that never ceases.

This kind of darkness doesn’t inform, empower, or enlighten. Instead, you’re frozen in place. The worst part is that you end up liking being a little girl again, refusing to grow.

What Does It Mean When You’re Looking for A Little Girl In Your Dream

If the premise of your dream involves you searching for a lost girl or you’re supposed to meet a girl as part of your group, this symbolizes your need for comfort.

You’re looking for connection, and your subconscious is telling you that this need for connection, belonging, and acceptance cannot be found fully in the form of another person.

Instead, the only person that can truly give you acceptance, belonging, and identity is you. Part of the process of self-acceptance is the realization that you have this little girl in you who desires love and affection.

Unlike a mature adult, a little girl communicates like a little girl who throws tantrums, is crude but honest. There’s no lying when it comes to children.

To reconnect with that little girl in you and understand that the more honest you are with what you desire, the higher the chance you will get those things. If you play all sorts of games with yourself, including denial or living up to other people’s expectations, you make this whole process harder on yourself.

You end up dragging the process longer than it needs to. There’s a young person within you that should not be trapped. This little girl can lead you to better self-esteem, but you have to reconnect with this part of yourself.

This interpretation is crucial for many people because they tend to buy into other people’s attitudes, so they’re quick to deny the little girl in them and that a part of them is still a baby girl.

They believe the lie that this is a sign of weakness. I can understand where this is coming from because a man will have a tough time thinking of himself as someone’s daughter. But you have to look at that framing in terms of the development within your subconscious.

All of us have little boys and little girls in us. The little girl is more in tune with the emotions, dark side, and chaos, while the little boy is more in tune with activity, aggression, ambition, reason, and striving.

But they both come from the same place, so it’s important to be comfortable with this.

What Does It Mean to Dream of A Little Girl Crying

When the main focus of your dream involves a little girl crying, it indicates your awareness of plans that didn’t pan out. Here’s the good news: you are not alone. I strongly believe that every human being has been disappointed and will be disappointed.

Whether the letdown plays out in the worst way possible or the small day-to-day minutiae of life, you will be disappointed because human beings are expectation organisms. We expect things.

When we live our lives, we come across different experiences and piece them together to come up with expectations. Guess what happens? You can get disappointed when you have expectations.

So when you see a little girl crying, this symbolizes the day-to-day aspect of disappointment. Does it mean that it’s completely bad? No, because there are several things you can do.

One is to have realistic expectations. It’s easy to get disappointed when your expectations are very high.

People who rarely get let down have low expectations. For them, to wake up with fully functioning kidneys everyday is good enough. It also helps to set your expectations based on what you encounter every day.

When you expect to see opportunities, you are forced to see them no matter how big or small they may be. And when you see these opportunities, your expectations are met. Nowhere does it say that you have to take advantage of the opportunities and come up with the best outcomes. While that may play out in the future, your happiness does not depend on that.

So pay attention to the crying little girl. Here’s a shocking secret about your subconscious or our collective consciousness, if you want to take it that far: we all have parts of ourselves that can be symbolized as a little girl crying.

Disappointment and sufferings are a part of the human condition that will never disappear.

Dreaming of A Beautiful Child

If you see a beautiful little girl or little girls in your dream, this indicates that you should allow yourself to go on flights of fancy. You might think certain things are frivolous or “girly,” and you don’t want to be bothered with it.

First of all, it exists for a reason. Allow yourself to explore all your interests as long as they don’t harm people and see what kind of stories your interests tell about who you really are.

Believe it or not, many people who have a tough time with “trying new things” or “small stuff” focus on big things or great success. They are missing out.

Sometimes exploring the unrelated like Steve Jobs exploring calligraphy when he dropped out of college in the 70s can lay the foundation for a point in the future where the small connects to the great.

According to Steve Jobs’s biography, the Apple Mac had such awesome font spacing and styling because he dropped in on a calligraphy class in college. He didn’t know it at that time, but by pursuing his passions and exploring stuff that “has no practical application,” he was preparing himself for bigger and better things that ended up changing the world.

So the little girl in you is your guide to the things that may seem frivolous or pointless. As long as you find yourself in the moment and see the richness of that experience, your beautiful inner daughter is teaching you a thing or two about preparing for the blessings the universe is going to give you.

It seems random, pointless, or even a waste of time, but that is the point. It’s a challenge to your rational mind because it often reaches a point of diminishing returns.

For your mind to be fully sustained, encouraged, and inspired, it has to reconnect with the darkness, the uncharted, the frivolous, and the fanciful. This is where the little girl in you, crying or not, comes into play.

Dream Example #1

It was a good day and the weather was fine. I watched the kids who were playing on the playground. They were all having the time of their lives.

I wish I could go back to when I was a child. No worries. No stress. No expectations. Just fun and laughter. But who am I kidding? My childhood wasn’t as golden as these children have.

I grabbed my phone from my bag to take a video of the children playing. They looked so happy that it lifted my mood as well. I focused the camera on the kids riding the swing when something caught my attention.

There was a little girl standing on the side. She watched the kids play. She looked distressed.

I approached her to ask her what’s wrong. She looked me straight in the eye. A tear fell from her left eye and she ran away. I followed her thinking that I might have been the one who made her cry. She sat under a tree sobbing.

“What’s wrong?” I asked again. She didn’t respond. “Did I scare you?” She stopped crying for a moment and lifted her head. She turned her gaze to me and smiled. What’s wrong with this kid? I asked myself.

“Are you alright?” I asked her again, my voice shaking.

“Are you alright?” She repeated my question. “Are you alright?” she repeated again. “No. No. No!” she screamed. “I was never alright. No one asked me if I’m fine. No one!” she shouted.

I didn’t know what to do. It’s as if she was having a breakdown. What should I do? I watched her shouting, laughing, and crying all at the same time. What is wrong with this girl?

“Has anyone ever asked you if you’re fine?” she asked me and laughed.

I have to call for help. I took my phone but she grabbed my arm.

“Don’t. Don’t. Please don’t. They’re going to lock me in that white room. No!” she said, trembling in fear.

This time, I have gathered my thoughts and am now calm. “What’s wrong?” I asked.

I didn’t expect what she did next. She hugged me tight and cried. “No one understood me. Everyone else thinks I’m a robot. That I can’t say no to everything they ask me to. But I had enough. I had enough!” she said sobbing.

It was like being shot. The words she uttered felt like thunder to me. I know how it feels. I know how hard her life is. I can feel it.

“You’re not alone. I’m here for you,” I assured her. She kept on crying and I held her in my arms.

“How did you do it?” she asked me, wiping off the tears.

The question caught me off guard. How? How exactly did I do it? I can’t remember how. All I knew was I did it.

She let go of our embrace. She looked at me, tears still rolling down her cheeks. “If you can do it. I can too. Because, I. AM. YOU.”

Dream Example #2

Like the buildings, Childhood is the base of an adult. A strong healthy base withstands a building properly.

Children are like sweet-sour candy; no matter who you are or where you are, they please you.

Laughter tickles, and innocence is their beauty which everyone adores. They are rich with joy, and purity. Yesterday, a sweet dream occupied me.

It was a summer morning. Sun poured its rays on the earth like holy wine. I was waiting for the shuttle at the bus station wearing my uniform, a white shirt with gray bottoms.

Few people arrived and some departed from the bus stop to their destination. In a while, there came a young couple with their daughter.

The little girl was around 4 or 5 years. As they arrived, the baby caught everyone’s attention with her little naughty things.

She was wearing a yellow floral dress. Yellow was giving her a fresh look just like a sunflower; rise and shine. Her red curly hair was like cotton candy; soft, fluffy, and voluminous.

The most eye-catching factor was her big round eyes. All black and dense having the glimpse of spark to explore everything. She was observing and scanning everything with her little black eyes.

There came an ice cream man. I could see immediately after the van plays music; she asked her mother for something, but she denied it.

Then she requested her father, he politely refuges. She tied her hands and sat on the footpath as the sign she is offended. Red apple cheeks enhanced her cuteness.

While she was sitting there, A stray puppy showed himself under the chairs. As soon she saw him, the kiddo rushed toward the dog and carried him.

Her happiness was beyond passing over so did the puppy. He was skinny, muddy, and hungry too. “Emma don’t, he is filthy. You might mess yourself up” Her mom prompted her.

“But mommy he is hungry and cold should be fed and sheltered,” Emma uttered in a melodious voice as a request.

She brought him to her dad, as he gestured her. Everyone on the platform was enjoying her activities. She put her index finger on her forehead, as pondering upon something.

She jumped and came out with “Oh Yeah! Daddy, we can wrap him in my other scarf.” Puppy felt at ease instantly after having a scarf on.

Now, she was searching for something in her bag and a bit after came up with a sandwich and juice.

After so many attempts, when the puppy denied having human food, she again tied her hands as protesting over the puppy’s behavior. An old man sitting on the chair called her name.

Emma steadily moved toward him. The old man gave her a piece of chicken and said, “He cannot eat your sandwich, but I wonder if you give him this raw chicken, he is going to enjoy it.”

The waves of pleasure broke out when the puppy ate the chicken. In all this, I saw my watch, but I was shocked it said 11 am. “Oh no, I am gonna be late today.” I woke up with a sign, but yeah it was a dream. I wasn’t late but what a sweet dream!

Dream Example #3

The day began as any other typical day did for me. I woke up in the morning after a peaceful sleep. Then brushed my teeth, got dressed, enjoyed a quick brunch, and headed out to work.

Every day, I walk through many routes but engrossed in my own thoughts, I failed to notice the world around me.

The smiling faces through the rusted windows of slum ceilings and a small tea stall by the corner caught my eye today. Despite their poor state, the cheerful giggles and hearty laughs had so much to say.

I used to see this little girl pretty often playing with her doll down the alley. She would always smile at me when I walked past her. It has been four days since I last saw her.

Worried and eager to see her, I went into the slums hoping to catch her sight.

It was 6 in the evening, all I could see across the slum was distress, fear, and a vulnerable community.

A little girl with bruised knees came running towards me with a broken doll and asked if I could fix it.

I was very disheartened to see the state of despair. The girl hoped to fix all the broken things around the slum one piece at a time. I promised to help her.

While we tried to restore the cheery state of the slum, I heard the sound of screeching tires from down the alley.

They were middle-aged men who regarded themselves to be the king of slums. They considered demanding money from the downtrodden as their right.

The wrath of their anger and the insatiable need for money was relentless. They were willing to shoot and kill to fulfill their demands.

Maya, the girl with a bleeding knee and a smiling face was brave enough to show a strong front against the bullies to save her home.

She ran to collect the severed pieces she tried to mend and inspired every individual in the slum to fight their fears.

I felt astonished to see how a naive yet brave 12-year-old managed to trigger the courage of 100s. At that moment, the entire slum stood together, willing to fight and defend their home.

In a fit of rage and agony, the strong-armed fired gunshots upon the slum.

There was blood, chaos, and cries. Yet every person fought for their freedom, families, and future lives. We won the fight, and as it ended, years of oppression and submission descended with the Sun. The dusk felt like a new dawn.

Everyone searched for Maya as she was the first one who got shot. I found her standing at the corner of the tea stall, struggling to breathe.

I ran towards her. She fell right into my arms as she smiled and said, “thank you for saving my slum from turning into a living nightmare.”

While the tears rolled down my cheeks, she closed her eyes. And I opened mine to find the pleasant sunrise illuminating her beautiful face.

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