Dream About Beating Someone Up

When you dream about beating somebody up, your nighttime vision suggests that you will be experiencing a lot of damage in your life.

This damage is usually not going to take the form that you expect. It’s not like someone’s going to walk up to you and beat you up or somehow harm you physically.

Still, when you dream about beating someone up or inflicting damage on someone, your personal and work lives are undergoing some sort of change. This translates to some kind of loss.

The reason why you have a dream involving beating others up is that, for whatever reason, you think that someone made the wrong decision in your waking life, and you are made to live with the consequences of that choice. This obviously makes you feel powerless as if you really can’t control the outcome of someone else’s call.

The dream interpretation of beating someone up usually denotes the wrong decisions that you will be making about someone involving your personal life. Usually, it involves something related to your work.

Maybe someone will be falsely accused or terminated because of a bad judgment. Maybe the one making the call did not have all the information in front of them. They just jumped to conclusions and, before you know it, they end up with potentially a life-changing decision that can hurt people’s feelings.

The worst part? There’s really nothing you could do about it—in your waking hours and in your dream.

General Interpretation of the Violence Imagery and What This Dream Means

Dreams involving physical harm or inflicting pain on others are usually personal in nature.

This type of dream represents personal issues that you have with yourself. In other words, it’s introspective dreaming that takes place in the form of you acting out.

Remember, it’s you beating someone up or inflicting damage to the outside world. This dream suggests that you have a lot of repressed anger and fear, as well as pent-up emotions.

Maybe there are parts of your life that you’re frustrated about or that you can’t find meaning in. Perhaps you made a decision at an earlier point, and you’re not quite happy with the results of that decision.

Maybe you experienced trouble or something that happened in the past that you have no control over, and now you have to live with the consequences of that. It seems so unfair, heavy, and oppressive—almost like a death sentence.

When a dream occurs of you physically hitting someone else or trying to inflict pain on someone else’s body, this suggests feelings of guilt for not having spoken up, stood up or done the right thing. You feel that the only way to get this out of your system is to just vent it out through physically lashing out.

The more emotionally intense your dream is, the stronger the daily conflicts you have with yourself. It can reach the point where it feels like it’s almost burning—it’s that intense. You can’t even verbalize it; you just want to scream out, rage, and let your fists do the talking.

Dream Images Can Denote the Opposite of Reality

A violent lashing-out dream means that in real life, you are not really much of a fighter.

Maybe even the sight of people beating up on each other, someone being beaten up, or even loud and emotional confrontations—whether or not you’re involved—as well as any other expressions of daily conflict usually turn you off.

Don’t think that if you dream about fighting with your friends, your girlfriend, your father, your mother, or whoever else physically, means that you’re the physical confrontational type. But there’s a part of you that’s just emotionally pent-up and beaten, so to speak, in one way or another.

It’s like you are trapped in a can of emotions, and with each passing day, it just gets harsher and harsher. You feel like the walls are closing in emotionally around you.

Don’t be surprised if your only release is in the form of physical rage in your dream.

The beating in the dream, in this case, is being done by you. It’s not being done to you. You’re not being beaten up, kicked, stabbed, hurt, or even shot. Instead, it’s you just lashing out.

Dreams of Beating Someone Up Can Be Caused by Frustrations

If you see the image of you beating someone up, this dream suggests that this is how you would like to treat people. You know that a part of you feels imprisoned. It’s like someone made a decision, or they’re expecting certain things from you, and you feel that you really don’t have a voice.

As these expectations go over time, people get used to it, and it seems that you really don’t have the freedom that you would like to have, or you’re being treated like a child. With each passing day, the walls seem to close in on you emotionally, and you feel like a part of you is staring face-to-face with the death of freedom and choice.

The good news is if you see this kind of dream repeatedly, it can be a good thing.

This dream means that you are noticing the part of yourself that feels powerless and beaten. If you find a way to communicate your frustrations, discomfort, and unhappiness with other people, it can lead to you being treated with the kindness and respect you deserve.

Violence in Dreams Can Reflect Dominance

Beating up on someone in dreams can also signify that you have some sort of power over them.

Now, please understand that in personal relationships, especially deep and intimate ones, it’s easy to think that we’re the victim. It’s easy to think that we’re the ones who are just left to deal with the consequences of someone else’s decisions.

But, in reality, it’s a symbiotic relationship. Just as their words can hurt, harm, or anger us, it also works the other way around. Don’t underestimate the impact you have on people who care about you.

The reason why you hurt so much is that you care about what these people think. If they’re just another face in the crowd or some random strangers, you’ve probably told them to get off your case a long time ago.

The reason why their words cut so badly and the disappointment, frustration, and emotional pain you feel burn so deeply is that you have profound respect for these people. You crave their approval.

Well, it goes the other way around. They also have strong feelings for you, and they feel involved in your existence and experiences, so you do have some sort of pull on them. It’s a symbiotic bond, and this is a good sign.

So if you see yourself beating up on your girlfriend in your dream, it’s high time you have a talk with her. There are certain things that she does or consequences of decisions she’s made that don’t rub you the right way. And, I’m sure, you have done certain things that don’t sit well with her, as well.

This same type of communication is also needed if, as a female, you want to know what your boyfriend with another girl dream meaning is.

In light of this, it’s no surprise that these dreams also signify sexual tension.

Sometimes, the best way to communicate with an intimate loved one—like your lover—is through sex. Maybe this dream also indicates unmet sexual needs. You need to speak up.

If you notice that your partner is doing something that doesn’t really give you as much pleasure as you’d like, or you prefer that they do something different because you know that it would deliver you more pleasure, speak up. In the same way, you have to be open to their guidance so that you can pleasure them.

Make no mistake; one of the highest and most honest expressions of mutual growth and emotional development is mutual orgasm.

Common Dreams About Violence and Beating Up Someone and What They Mean

Dreaming about a fight between teams or armies is a good sign.

Dream interpretations for this denote coordination and your ability to work with others. It also means that you feel that you are accepted or a part of a team.

It’s no surprise that this type of dream denotes good luck. Also, this dream predicts good news because it also means that there are people who have your back. You’re not fighting alone.

With that said, if you notice, in a fight between teams or armies in your dream, that one team is just badly destroying an obviously inferior team, this can mean misfortune and troubles ahead.

It’s as if someone overlooked an important detail regarding a decision, and part of your subconscious is picking up on that, and it’s going to have a very big impact on the results that you were expecting. It may not turn out at all, or the results might end up confusing you.

What Does Being Beaten Up by a Hammer in a Dream Suggests?

Generally, a dream about being beaten up by a hammer means happy marriage. It can be a sign of good luck for your married life and future business.

Usually, a hammer is a symbol of building. You need to hold it the right way—it is heavy, so it does have an impact.

When you notice that you are being beaten by a hammer in your dream, it can mean that—despite the traumatic imagery—the things that you are building, as far as your romantic life is concerned, are actually headed in the right direction, and there are happy times ahead.

A lot of people report that they dream of being beaten up by a hammer right around the time that they’re about to get engaged or about to get married. This is a good omen.

Dreams About Watching a Person Beating Someone

If you notice in your dream that somebody’s physically harming someone else, this might indicate that there’s a problem to be addressed—like a family dispute or a problem or fight among friends.

Since this is vicarious, and you are a third party just looking at a scene, it’s not about you, but it could be about people that you care about. Everything in life requires quite a bit of wisdom and courage, so it’s really important not to be afraid to have a diplomatic talk with someone before escalating things.

While it’s important to mind your own business, we are still interconnected with each other. If you notice that somebody’s destroying themselves based on their routine bad decisions—if you care about that someone—you might want to, at least, wake them up to what they’re doing and the consequences of the choices that they’re making.

dream about beating someone up

A Woman Dreaming About Beating Up the Opposite Sex

If you’re a female and you have a dream about beating up the opposite sex, this is actually a positive sign. It means that you are beginning to wake up to your ability to override and overcome any kind of preexisting barrier that separates you from your big goals and objectives in life.

There’s a part of you that is sick and tired of having to live in a well-defined box that has invisible walls yet still functions as a prison.

When you listen to that aspect of your psyche, this can lead to a lot of turbulence in your life, which can settle down and take the form of good business opportunities, great romantic relationships, and a more independent form of happiness.

Now, it’s important to understand that we’re all interrelated, and we need each other emotionally, at some level.

But when you level up to a certain level of emotional autonomy, not only would you become emotionally and mentally healthier, but the quality of your relationships also improve, especially if you’re a mother or someone depends on you emotionally.

Being Beaten Up by Family Members Dream Represents Trouble in Relationships

Dream interpretations of images of yourself being beaten up by a family member—your mother, sister, or even your child—or a loved one point to signs that there’s trouble in your relationships or in your love life.

Whatever trust you have established up to that point is under threat. Maybe there’s some new occurrence, or you learn something new about the man or woman that you’re in a relationship with.

Whatever the case may be, life takes an unexpected turn, and the happy times are over. Things are unsettled.

You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you get this sense that things are never going to be the same again. You’re not going to look at that person in the same way, and there will be rough and difficult times ahead.

Now, this might not necessarily be permanent, nor does it have to escalate to something more emotionally demanding or troubling. It just means that both of you are struggling to find meaning in your relationship. It can manifest itself in a single big fight or in several small daily conflicts.

Communication is Key to Resolving Conflict

Now, as you probably already know, sometimes pain comes before growth. If you truly care about this person and you think what you have is worth fighting for, then it’s worth sacrificing a little bit of personal peace for.

A little bit of open communication, as well as putting yourself out there for this other person, can go a long way in making peace with issues regarding your situation now, which can also require either one of you or both of you to be more at peace with your past decisions.

This usually takes place when romantic partners start discovering certain things about each other’s past. But you have to let go of feelings of doubt and anger over mistakes and, more importantly, don’t let fear of the future ruin good relationships.

It might require great effort, but you’ll soon find that it gets easier if your feelings are sincere and if your desire to stay is strong.

Beating Up a Wild Beast in Your Dream Predicts Good News

When you dream about beating up some animal, your subconscious is telling you that you have a lot more going for you when it comes to your real or perceived enemies.

Depending on the exact scene that plays out in your head, dreaming of dead animals can have a wide range of meanings.

It’s very easy to define ourselves as some sort of victim—as if some group of people is conspiring against us, and no matter what we do, it’s never good enough. Well, when you dream about beating up a wild beast, your subconscious is telling you that you have what it takes to overcome.

Oftentimes, the conflict doesn’t have to be physical or verbal. It can even mean conflicts within yourself regarding your willingness to help and willingness to make a difference or be part of a team.

It’s important to keep this in mind because, a lot of the time, the reason why we have a tough time functioning in groups or getting the kind of social rewards or recognition that we otherwise feel we deserve is our own internal picture of ourselves.

Maybe you need to take a step back and ask yourself if you have some sort of limiting thoughts about the quality of your relationships, your ability to foster, cultivate, and enjoy healthy relationships, as well as your ability to lead or to enjoy the finer things in life.

These are always issues that people need to be mindful of.

Unfortunately, if we do not wake up to them, we suffer. These assumptions end up limiting us.

The worst thing that could happen is you put in all the work, you make the necessary sacrifices, but it seems that no matter how much you want better things to happen in your life, nothing seems to work. The reason is the fact that you have become your own worst enemy.

When you dream about beating wild animals, a lot of the time, the animals communicate a part of yourself that is holding you back. These are limiting beliefs, internal dialogues that may no longer be applicable to you, or just outmoded thinking.

A little bit of open-mindedness, especially about your capabilities and capacities as a person, can go a long way in helping you become a more effective person in whatever area of your life.

Dreams of a Group of People Fighting

When you dream about a group of people fighting and beating each other, it’s usually a bad sign. It means that a conflict within a family or a group of people that you care about is either already happening in a low-key, subdued way or about to happen.

Whatever the case may be, it means danger within that family relationship.

Remember, few people are able to hurt you as deeply as people you trust. The more you care about each other, the higher the chance that you will end up hurting each other.

You have to be careful and take precautions, especially when traveling with people you trust. They might say certain things in passing or reveal certain stories that might just throw you off.

Dreams About Making Bread and Beating Dough

When you see yourself or somebody else beating dough, it means that money or some indicator of abundance is coming. Bread and wheat are often associated with abundance.

When you see this imagery, it means you’re laying down the groundwork for potential abundance in the near future.

Dreaming About a Race and You’re About to Beat Someone

A dream about a race where you’re winning suggests that there’s a part of you that can see that all the hard work and sacrifices that you’ve made—up to this point—are beginning to pay off.

The dream image of you beating another competitor in the race is a positive omen. It also means that you are determined to go all the way and beat all the odds.

It’s a very positive dream image because you are overcoming a lot of the previous limitations that you may have imagined for yourself.

Dreams about beating someone up can be interpreted in many different ways. Regardless, the most common motif and meaning is that it involves some sort of inner conflict. Being courageous and open-minded in identifying and ultimately getting to the bottom of these issues can help you come out a winner.

Dream Example #1

It was another normal sunny day. It was still early, my cup of coffee still half full.

Through the window, I saw the school bus picking up my kid neighbor at the same time every day, like clockwork. The mailman dropped off my letters, and the sprinklers turned on.

It is pretty much a normal day except for the soreness in both my hands. Why do they hurt?

When I looked down on them, my fists were bleeding. Why are they bleeding?

I looked back, there was my best friend, lying on the kitchen floor. Why is he lying there?

I ran towards him and lifted his face. His face was red, turning black and bleeding. Why is the bleeding?!

Did I do that to him? Why did I do that to him?! Why didn’t he fight back?

In my disbelief, I picked him up and seated him on the couch. I got some ice cubes and wrapped them around a towel, and touched his face with it.

He winced, but I continued. He then looked up to me and asked what I dreaded the most now: Why?

I, too, asked myself why? Why would I beat up my best friend for more than a decade? He’s the one I call when I get frustrated at work. He’s the first one to know if someone is getting on my nerves.

Like that coworker who disturbs my inner peace, for example. I would beat that coworker up in a heartbeat. She who pesters me daily with her annoying emails, voice, hair, face, clothes, everything! Ugh!

He would listen to my yapping until I’m satisfied. He’s the first person I call when I feel blue and need to unwind and breathe fresh air, either in a spa or in a bar.

This is the same person who has been on my speed dial to ask what I should wear on the first date. The person who is always on my side for every heartache, too.

He’s the one who comforted me through every breakup. Our friendship has been longer than all my relationships combined.

Why would I beat up this person who celebrates my tiniest victory? The same person who always cheers me on even after every bad decision.

Why would I beat up my best friend who left two years ago to work overseas? Why would I beat this person up whom I can only talk to every two weeks or so? Sometimes, we don’t talk until after a month.

Would I beat him up because he posted on his Instagram he had fun with another “best friend”? Would I beat him up because he gets to meet a lot of people? Would I beat him up because he’s having a good time without me?

Why would I beat my best friend up when I am here, still under quarantine, unable to enjoy myself outside of my home?

So, why would I do this to my best friend? The first person I turn to until not anymore. The person I missed the most.

With so many unanswered why’s, I woke up to the infuriating sound of my alarm clock.

Dream Example #2

I am usually a calm person and hardly get into any physical or verbal altercation with anyone.

Yet, once I ended up beating a very dear friend in my dream.

Back then, I was an introverted teenager who loved sports and was good at discus throwing and 100 m and 200 m sprints.

I had two friends who completely hated all kinds of physical activities. One of them was Dina, lanky but pretty, and the other one was Misha, the healthy one.

Once, I had an interesting dream in which I was practicing discus throw for the upcoming sports meet, hoping to secure gold medals in at least two events.

Misha appeared out of nowhere and teased me, saying she could throw it way far without training. She snatched the discus from my hands and took a shot, but it fell too near.

The surroundings changed now it was sports day. The entire school was on the field dressed in their housedresses.

I was in my blue house tracksuit and was ready to throw the discus, but Misha took it away from me, saying that it was her turn.

This time, instead of throwing the discus, she ran away with it. I ran behind her to get it back.

But she was unstoppable as I could not catch up with her to get it back.

My friend Dina appeared, to my surprise, teamed up with Misha, passing the discus among themselves while I struggled to get it back.

I heard the coach saying that the participants not showing up in the next 5 minutes would not be given another chance to participate.

My heartless friends became the reason for my disqualification. I could not contain my anger and rushed towards Misha.

This time, I got hold of her while Dina ran away from the field. Her face was unapologetic. I started slapping and blaming her for my disqualification, followed by kicking and pushing.

Rather than being heartbroken about not being able to secure a medal, I was furious at her.

Beating her up made me feel satisfied and relaxed as if a burden had got off my head. I continued shouting and blaming her until I felt content.

I distinctly remember how much I wanted to continue beating her. She stood there indifferently and offered no resistance despite getting slapped and shouted.

I had never beefed with anyone in real life, and this dream was the best place to undertake such an adventurous act.

It was not the end of that dream. I teamed up with Misha to give some taste of fighting to Dina as well. So we entered the classroom together and found Dina standing with a box in her hand.

She threw that box straight at my head, and now I was annoyed. So we ran after her for a long time before finally getting hold of her.

That morning, while I was getting dressed for school, I was ecstatic and could not wait to meet my friends. I narrated this dream to my dear friends with great energy and slight modifications.

Dream Example #3

I’ve dreamed about beating someone up last month, and I can still remember what happened.

My friend and I were jogging down in a suburban street at 7:00 am but got stuck in the middle of a confrontation of three Teenage boys after seeing them bullying a small kid.

I went to them and talked to them about why are they doing that to the kid; instead, they just laughed at me and still physically bullied the kid.

They dragged the poor kid’s school uniform and slapped the kid in the face repeatedly.

So I grabbed the other one’s bully’s hands to stop him from doing that.

The other bully came to me, pointing his index finger at me and told me not to interfere, and I can see through his eyes that he mean it.

I’m shocked.

My friend immediately went to him, grabbed his hand, took it down, and told him not to do that to older people.

But the bully kid talked back and told us he would bring his big brother because their house was only a few steps from the place where we at.

They walked away but still swearing. I talked to the small kid who got bullied, telling him if he’s okay and get his backpack from the ground and put it on his back, and I rearranged his tangled school uniform. He thanked me for standing up for him, and he cried.

I told him to report the incident to his parents, and he nodded and walked to school.

Unlucky for us, the bully kid’s big brother and his friend reached us in the middle of the street, and he shouted, “come back I want to talk”, so we stop and the two of them came to us. He obnoxiously told us that why grown-up people like us interfering with a kid’s quarrel.

I answered him in a sarcastic way that made him madder and made him grabbed my shirt’s collar and threatened to punch me in the face.

But I resist and smack his hands down, and then the brawl started right away.

He hit me initially, but I dodged it, and his friend told my friend it is a one on one fight, only no one will jump, and they just watched us. After few punches were thrown at me, which I dodge all, he seemed a little bit tired. So I took advantage of it.

I punched him in the chin because I thought It would make him fall asleep, but he did not back down. He got a strong chin.

And then he grabbed my body and took me down, and he got me on that.

When I look to my right side, I saw my friend brawling with the other guy too.

He can’t help me to stand myself up. The guy started to throw more punches at me. I’ve got nothing to do but to cover my face.

Still, then I saw a rock in my right hip, so I immediately grabbed it and hit him in the face and then he rolled out and screamed in pain.

I directly go on top of him and start throwing punches on his face and started beating him, and I woke up from the dream and realized I was only punching my Spongebob pillow.

Dream Example #4

It was 3:30 in the morning when I woke up. I had a bad dream. I was with my friends enjoying a basketball game when a group of outsiders approached us.

At first, they were so friendly they even challenged us to a five versus five. But since we are already exhausted, we refused and did not accept their challenge.

Refusing to their challenge, they call us cowards that made some of my siblings and friends angry.

It was unacceptable knowing that they are outsiders. They even told us to leave the basketball court.

Surprised by what they did, my brothers and friends who happened my enemy in that dream refused to leave.

A refusal to leave the court means chaos. And as expected, a riot between the two groups started.

I still remember the flying kicks and punches made by my brothers in that dream.

Of course, I was also in action mode; the guy’s face is still fresh in my memory. I was beating him so hard to the point that I got exhausted.

Individuals on the opposite side had their knives which makes the situation worse.

I saw some of my friends getting stabbed in the back. Some are bloody because of the commotion.

It didn’t turn well for our group since we were not aware of the knives they brought.

After almost 10mins of riot, police arrived. My brothers with some of my friends were in the police station.

One of my friends got injured because of the stabbed he got during the fight.

The commotion did not end in the basketball court as we continue to argue in the police station. A fight was then again broke out.

Imagine 20 people fighting with each other. The police officers cannot do anything but watch.

They cannot contain the commotion. It was the only time that we stopped fighting. Some of our enemies were in jail because of the knives found in the scene.

They even have the guts to deny it. Luckily for us, we are the good boys in the area. We are harmless, and all we want is to play the game.

On the part of the outsiders, they were the ones who came to our area. Unannounced, uninvited, and had caused problems. Our neighbors defended us because they knew us.

At the end of the dream, I woke up with relief because it was a dream. I don’t want to cause any trouble. I don’t want my friend and siblings to get hurt because of the game we love to play.

The feeling is unusual because we were not fond of that kind of commotion. Though it was a dream, it is not far from happening in reality. The game of basketball is one the best games played nowadays. Sometimes it caused a commotion because of its physicality.

Dream Example #5

A good friend Moses who I met in the church, had become a good friend and always assisted each other in times of need.

We had been good friends now for over seven years, and we were getting old, and Moses was thinking of getting into a serious relationship and getting married.

Before long he found the girl of his dreams and soon after they decided to get married.

I was part of the prominent people involved in the coming together of the two through the holy matrimony. We were all excited for him as the friend and we wanted to model our lives like him.

Soon after the wedding, things in my friend Moses’ marriage started going bad. There were constant quarrels and fighting in their home, and I was also involved in solving their marital issues, but the problems persisted, and there was no solution in sight.

Soon, the difficulties turned, and it was said that I should keep off their relationship as the source of their pain.

I honored their request and promised never to get involved in their issues anymore. But, Moses was very angry with me with the claim that I usually talk to his wife about her marital issues.

My friend, who we had been together with for seven years, turned into an animal. They threatened to kill me, saying that I was joking with the devil himself.

He promised that he would buy a machete and attack me when I leave work at night. So, I was always careful and watched everything around me keenly.

Soon he started coming to my house at very late hours, from around 1 am to 2 am, and started knocking on my door.

I was scared, but I could not scream or open the door. One Saturday night, he came at his usual time around 1 am and started knocking on my entry using the machete.

Although I was scared, I decided to scream and call my neighbors; soon, some of them came to my rescue, asking me to open the door.

I opened the door. I saw Moses holding the machete in his right hand, and he was pointing it at me.

Strangely, yet, he was drunk. My neighbors asked him to leave the premises and come the next day, and we addressed his issue with me.

The neighbors started walking away, and I decided to go back to my house. I held my laptop power cable in my hand, and I was wearing a navy-blue hoodie with black shorts.

When I tried to close the door, Moses jumped and held the door, and he wanted to come in by force.

I tried to push him out, but Moses was pushing back. I released the door, and because he was not expecting that, he fell into the house.

It was my opportunity to pay back for the torment I had gone through. When he tried to get up, I swung the cable and hit his head using the plug area of the cable.

Due to the force, he fell back down, and after that, I did not allow him to get up again.

I was swinging the cable without care and hit him at whatever part I would hit. Soon he laid down there motionless then I stopped.

I thought I had killed him when I woke up from my dream and realized it was a bad dream.

Dream Example #6

It is always advised not to use violence on people. The law forbids this.

People react to frustrations in different ways. One of the ways is through fighting or beating people up at the slightest provocation.

I had not been myself lately due to the frustration of getting a good, stable and a paying job. The house rent is due for payment, no money to renew it and my husband’s illness is getting worse by the day.

All the money we had kept going for his medical bills, drugs and food. We were going to be evicted from the apartment if we cannot come up with the rent within one week, and we had no money to pay the kids’ school fees let alone feed three times a day.

These were all stressing me out.

On the 18th of September 2015, we just came back from his appointment with the doctor, I took off my shoes and head straight to the bed to sleep.

As I was sleeping, I had a dream. I was in the hospital where I normally take my husband to see his doctor and take his shots.

The hospital was filled with so many patients and the nurses on duty were busy attending to patients.

No one seems to have noticed me when I came in. I went to the nurses station to inquire about my husband’s medications.

Immediately, I saw my husband’s doctor. He took me round the hospital. We went down to the laboratory where he showed me my husband’s laboratory tests and results.

He explained the treatment trials they were using to treat my husband’s illness and the progress they had made so far. He showed me my husband’s x-rays and told me that he will be alright.

I was so happy. I thanked him and started going to the ward they kept my husband but I noticed that his countenance changed suddenly, and he told me they will not release him until I pay the sum of $23,000 to cover all expenses made for his treatment.

He said cancer is an illness that its treatment costs a fortune. The trial medications given to my husband has not even hit the market and company is covering into debt of millions of dollars.

“Please give me some time to come up with the money, but he said, that is hospital policy”.

I was furious, pounced on him and started beating him up with all my might.

I hit him with chairs, cut him up with scissors and kept punching him on the face with my fist.

It was a bloody sight. Blood was gushing out from his nose, mouth and his face was pretty battered.

Nurses and doctors rushed to his aid to rescue him from me. I stood up and ran out of the hospital.

Someone called the police, immediately I saw them coming close to me, I ran away. They chased me and arrest me. I woke up shaking and terrified.

Dream Example #7

The sun was high up in the sky as I looked up at this giant, husky figure staring down at me with destructive intent.

Sweat running down my face and my mind set on finding an opening in the crowd of spectators through which I can escape this situation.

How did I find myself in this situation? How do I escape? Won’t I be seen as a coward? All these questions kept bugging me for answers when I heard a thin voice in the crowd.

The voice was a familiar one, one that always causes confusion in my head, and at the same time, gives me butterflies in my tummy. But wait a minute, she is the reason I found myself in this mess, in the first place.

Well, Let’s take a breather and answer the question of how I got into the situation. I started Winston high two months ago, and like my former school, everyone had their group, and some group are superior to others.

In my second week in school, I noticed Janice, a pretty decent girl, with a beautiful smile and a nice set of teeth.

But, I was unaware that, she was the girlfriend of the biggest bully in the entire school.

Jake was huge and also handsome. Little wonder he was revered by other students, especially the female students.

I gathered some courage and approached Janice to talk to her, not knowing that, I would need a lot of courage to face the problem ahead.

Surprisingly, Janice was friendly, not like other girls in her category who would have acted unpleasantly.

I later found out that she had recently broken up with Jake, which didn’t sit well with him. He still wants her back because he doesn’t want to appear as the big guy who a girl dumped.

But of course, getting dumped would dent his image in the eyes of his followers.

Back to my situation, Janice’s voice distracted both of us, but gave me enough courage for what happened next.

I regained balance before Jake, and immediately gave him a hard kick below; I guess it was very painful as it brought him down to his knees.

This action ignited some passion into the crowd like the football club supporters that scored a point; the crowd roared.

For a minute, I was in awe, seeing that I have never gotten this kind of support or cheers from a crowd.

Immediately I swung into action, and started delivering punch after punch all over Jake. He tried to get up, but I didn’t allow him, not because I was stronger, but because I was afraid he would beat the hell out of me if he were to regain balance.

I kept hitting Jake while stealing glances at Janice as she kept smiling broadly.

I was carried away by her smile and kept staring at her. Suddenly, I felt a soft tap on my shoulder, to my dismay, I opened my eyes and realized I have only been dreaming.

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