What Does a Dream About Getting Raped Mean?

No doubt, rape is a very sensitive subject, and to dream about seeing it, being involved in it, or being the victim of this crime is disturbing, to say the least.

Rape summarizes a lot of society’s vulnerabilities, worst fears, and guilt because this crime is not about sex. Many think that raping is just about forcible or non-consensual sex, but it goes beyond that. It is, at its core, violence against the very essence of a human being.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s male or female rape. When someone goes through this, their body is not just damaged. After all, physical wounds heal. Instead, something worse happens. Their personal autonomy and their choices are ripped away from them.

It’s as if they’re silenced and told, in the most profound and deafening way, “you don’t count.” If you ever wondered about a crime that continues to kill, disfigure, and harm the aggrieved for life, rape is it.

You are more likely to overcome robbery or physical assault. But when your sense of autonomy has been violated so deeply, there’s a chance you will take that wherever you go. This is why this type of assault is illegal, immoral, and unconscionable.

dream about getting raped

Rape Dream Interpretation and General Meaning

Of course, the mind works in terms of analogies. So when you dream about getting raped, the chances of you actually being sexually assaulted are quite low. There’s something else going on here.

Instead, your sleeping consciousness is telling you—using the worst and most vivid dream sign there is—about your vulnerabilities, fears, and sense of frustration and disappointment.

You have to understand that your unconscious, as Sigmund Freud himself made clear, could come up with different analogies—like dreaming of dead animals or even nighttime visions involving the devil dream meaning—but it chose this analogy. Since it is so vivid, you need to sit up and pay attention.

Your mind is operating at a high sense of urgency. The sign it is showing you in your dream needs to be seen.

Think about it. If you are sitting in your office and a messenger comes, they can tell you the news in a wide range of ways. They can sugarcoat it; they can phrase it lightly. But this person chooses the analogy of rape.

Give yourself permission to be alarmed by this dream. This is big.

Unless you operate at that level of urgency, that disaster, disappointment, or heartbreaking situation that you have wondered about from your dream will come to pass—possibly not in the same way you had envisioned, but there will be something that is going to shake you to your foundation because you did not pay attention to your subconscious’ dream message.

Believe me; no dream analogy gets any worse than rape. Whether you’re a man or a woman, nobody deserves to get their personal autonomy taken away from them.

Men and women who suffer rape end up living in personal prisons. Sure, they have no physical wall surrounding them, but that mental prison is just as oppressive.

So don’t take this analogy lightly. Your sleeping consciousness is telling you—possibly even trying to shake you awake—about certain realities in your waking life.

Your Rape Dream Can Represent Fear

Don’t be surprised if, in your dream of being raped, you experience such vivid dream images that you wake up in a cold sweat, short of breath, or even screaming. Maybe throughout your rape dream, as the violent and disturbing images play themselves out, you could be tossing and turning and speaking gibberish audibly.

All of these come from a single place: it is a part of your consciousness that governs fear.

Now, there are many different types of fear. Sometimes, it is very focused. You’re dealing with a situation that happened with definite characters in a definite place and at an identifiable time in your personal history.

Alternatively, you can have this generalized dread of certain circumstances happening to you. Regardless, the feeling is so strong that you can’t escape it. This is the main mental state that rape symbology in a dream points back to.

Still, just like any other dream sign and analogy, the meaning is in the context; there are quite a number of interpretations for your dream of being raped. Most of them are not related to sex. In terms of dream meaning, the sexual component is secondary. The main issue is the force. You don’t want to be there. You have no control over and don’t like what’s happening in this situation.

Alternatively, this dream may involve some abuse of trust or power. Maybe you liked the person, but they crossed the line. You feel violated. That is the essence of this type of crime that your dream life is using as a dream analogy.

Generally speaking, rape dream symbology involves fear of situations in real life. The feeling is so intense and burns so brightly that it borders on the unusual. The dream vision can be either happening to you or happening to somebody you know.

This type of dream imagery also indicates the state of your well-being, your thoughts, your mental health, your spiritual state, as well as how well your sleeping consciousness interacts with your waking consciousness.

Rape Dreams Point to Issues Regarding Your Self-Worth

Another alternative reading to rape dream symbology involves self-esteem issues, which translates to self-confidence.

Of course, there are several vantage points when it comes to dreaming of rape. It can be happening to you—the dreamer—you can witness it happening to someone else, or—in rare situations—you’re the one committing the crime.

Regardless of the point of view, this dream imagery indicates that an aspect of your waking life is bothering you on a fundamental level. But, obviously, it’s not conscious. You can’t quite put your finger on it. You can’t quite articulate it, but it’s there.

The fact that your unconscious mind uses one of the most toxic, disturbing, and haunting dream imagery means that you have to pay attention. Things are definitely bubbling to the surface.

What makes this different from your other dreams is that there is a sense of urgency here. Your mind is telling you, “wake up! There’s a problem with your health, your decisions, your social interactions, or how you handle your memories.”

Whatever the case may be, most of the time, rape dreams have nothing to do with sexual assault happening to you or somebody you know. Instead, it’s something closer to home and your daily experiences.

Common Dreams About Rape and What They Can Mean in Real Life

There are different aspects to a rape dream meaning. You need to pay close attention to these details because they can, just like with other dream symbology, skew or influence the direction of the interpretation.

What Does It Mean to Dream About Being the Rapist in Your Rape Dream?

When you, the dreamer, witness the sexual assault from the perspective of the one raping, the good news is that the meaning of this dream of rape isn’t predictive for most.

Unless you already know that you have an issue with violence against members of the opposite sex or those that trust you, the chances of you actually being a rapist are quite low. Instead, this dream imagery points to an inner conflict you have with certain aspects of your waking life.

What’s different about it is that the conflict is a reflection of a deep sense of physical and emotional rage and aggression. Thinking about this is enough to throw you off. You have this unquenchable desire for violence. You want to ball up your fist, punch a wall, or—worse yet—punch somebody.

It’s as if you have this dream image of somebody in your past or in your present life that brings out the worst in you. Maybe it’s your ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, ex-wife, or ex-husband? It could be a relative, a co-worker, or your boss.

Whatever the case may be, instead of just feeling sad, annoyed, irritated, or even angry, you experience a different emotion. You experience rage and aggression. You want to physically want to harm someone.

When you see this play out when dreaming of rape, when you wake up, ask yourself, “what is it that I am so frustrated about? Is it actually that person and what they did to me? Or is it what that person represents?”

Ultimately, a reason why anger translates into rage is the sense that you are no longer in control.

If you’ve ever seen a fire, you would know that, oftentimes, it starts on a small scale. At that level, you can still control it. You can throw some sand at it or maybe even a blanket. But, at some point, it becomes so hot, and it sucks up a lot of the gas around that it becomes a raging inferno.

The same goes for your anger. It comes from somewhere, and, a lot of the time, it’s the sense that you’ve lost control. So there is a sense of relief when you just let it go, and it takes a life of its own. It’s very scary but, at the same time, the guilty feeling that you get is that it also brings relief.

It’s as if you said to yourself, “I’ve given up all responsibility. I’m going to take a step back and let everything fall into place.”

Seeing yourself as being the rapist can also indicate that somebody is trying to manipulate you. Well, at least, this is your sleeping consciousness telling you that you’re being manipulated. So you act out in your dreams by perpetrating action in the most direct and, of course, horrible way.

But it’s your defiant signal to the rest of the universe: “I’m not a puppet. I have will. I can take action.” It’s just really too bad that your mind is using that rapist analogy in your dream.

Still, I hope you can see the disconnect, disharmony, or conflict between the sense that you are under someone’s control and the defiant action of perpetrating violence against someone.

If this sounds familiar, it should—it’s like the mind of an infant or toddler. In many cases, the reason why our kids act up is that they want to assert some sort of control over their surroundings. What better way to draw attention than to cry? Well, this is just an extreme and violent version of the same act of defiance.

What Does It Mean to Dream About Failing to Rape?

When you dream of rape or sexual assault that failed—either as a perpetrator who’s raping someone or as the victim yourself—it can indicate that you are strong enough to fight your temptations and desires, whatever they may be.

You may be in a situation where you just want to give up and cut clean. Maybe you’re in school, and you see it dragging on forever, and you don’t see the point. You may be in a relationship, and you feel that your partner—despite how many times you communicate to them—simply doesn’t want to include you in the relationship. It’s about them. But you love them, and it tears you up that your relationship is so taken for granted.

Similarly, the examples can involve your parents. Maybe they’ve been telling you that you should live your life and think a certain way or be with somebody. Now, you’re beginning to get your bearings and say to yourself, “I am who I am. I give myself permission to be myself.”

There’s this temptation to just cut clean, but you’re resisting it. Temptation can come in many forms. A lot of them are profound; they impact our relationship with our decisions.

When you dream of rape failing as a perpetrator or victim—and the assault doesn’t go through—ask yourself how you’re dealing with key temptations in your life and, possibly, come up with a better way to size up the real quality of your decisions, and then make an orderly choice.

You can’t go on. You know that it’s costing you. You know that you’re wasting time. You’re going to have to come up with a plan on how to handle these and get to where you want to go.

What Does a Dream About Raping Someone Mean?

When you see yourself raping somebody or committing sexual assault, it indicates that a part of you is selfish. It has to be—this is one of the most self-centered actions in the universe.

The autonomy of that other person doesn’t matter to you. The fact that the person doesn’t want this to happen isn’t even an issue with you. That’s how intense your self-regard and self-interest are.

When you see this playing out, this is a wake-up call from your sleeping consciousness. You have lost control in terms of you containing the borders of your ego. As I’ve mentioned earlier, most of the time, rape dreams have nothing to do with actually being the victim or perpetrator of rape. But it means something equally profound.

You might want to take a step back. If you see a dream where you are raping somebody—violently, viciously, or otherwise with less force—this should be enough to wake you up to a core reality about you. You’re a very selfish person.

It’s as if everything is about you. Even when the crowd is talking about another person, you still find ways to interpret it so that it’s about you. You are a front-and-center of your life.

Now, you may be thinking that this is a source of power. Well, it could be. But a lot of people who frame their universe with them in the center frame themselves to be the victim. That’s what makes it so sad.

Instead of framing yourself at the center—meaning you make the call, and you take responsibility so that when your decisions hurt somebody, or they fall short of expectations, you pick up the pieces, and you put in the work to make your future happen—you don’t take responsibility.

In most cases, the self-centered view is that when our plans don’t pan out, “I’m the victim. I have no control. Why is this happening to me? Life is unfair.”

It’s basically a very childish conceptualization of the ego. Please understand that the ego is never going to go away. It’s part of the human condition. But there is such a thing as maturity.

If you are struggling in many areas of your waking life—in particular, money or finances—it’s a good idea to remember this truth that I’m about to share with you: If you want others to reward you, you must first reward them with value.

In other words, when you’re applying for a job, the boss doesn’t care that you need X amount per month. All they care about is what kind of value you bring to the table. Similarly, if you’re selling stuff at a flea market or garage sale, the buyer doesn’t care about your feelings and how you need to make X amount this sale—no. They care about what you have to bring to the market.

The moment you switch to this mentality is the moment you start putting into place what you will need to enjoy the very best that life has to offer. To put it in even more basic terms, people are not going to care about what you know until they know that you care.

A lot of people who are looking to become wealthy or looking to achieve great things in their life don’t get this. All they think about is what they deserve, what they put in, and what they have coming to them. It’s no surprise that they fail.

They fail when they are disappointed. If you set your expectations so high and what reality delivers is an inch shy of that, you feel shortchanged, ripped off, or victimized even. Stop it. The universe is not about you. It has been around forever and will continue long after you’re forgotten.

In fact, most of us will be forgotten the moment we’re turned to ashes or buried in a box in the ground. Keep things in perspective.

The good news is that the more you seek others, the more selfless you are, the more you will be remembered. Funny how that works, right?

This is why it’s important to remember the lens, and I can’t stress this enough. It’s easy to imagine injustice, violent confrontation, bitterness, and whatnot, but it’s all from the perspective of the self. It’s I, me, mine.

The worst thing that can happen is that your personality warps to the point that you want confrontation, and you are blind to the injustice you caused because you are so hellbent on serving yourself. You crave power in many shapes and forms.

Not surprisingly, a lot of people who are living in the personal hell of self-centeredness don’t think twice about stepping on somebody else. They know that, ultimately, it is self-destructive, but they don’t care.

They need to gratify that sense of personal importance. This aggression, while ultimately self-defeating, celebrates the self and its desire to be noticed and be made to feel important.

I’m telling you: there are many constructive ways to satisfy that inner desire that, in turn, can help another person. Look for those ways. The universe will reward you better when you do those instead of just jumping in and, just like a rapist, taking what you feel you deserve or what you want.

That’s not how real life works. We are made to serve.

I know that pisses a lot of people off because it sounds like religion, but it’s also a universal truth. The less you live for yourself, the more you live for others, the more value you create, and—guess what?—the more wealth enters your waking life in many forms.

What Does a Dream About Seeing Someone Being Raped Mean?

When you see this dream imagery, it involves an important change in how you view personal autonomy. As vivid as that dream imagery plays out, you—the dreamer—are waking up to the fact that you cannot just stand by and let somebody else go through pain, suffering, and deprivation.

Of course, someone who wakes up from this dream of rape can wake up feeling lost and confused. It definitely throws them for a loop because, most of the time, they see themselves as front-and-center of the action—it’s all about them.

Yet here they are, being confronted by their subconscious minds with the dream image of seeing someone being raped. The action is happening to somebody else. It is traumatic. It is in your face. But part of you feels that you have no control over what’s happening.

What this tells you is that you need to stop being on the sidelines when it comes to serving other people.

It’s very easy to work in a place where you imagine a neat, tiny, little box surrounding you. The first thing that comes out of your mouth is, “not my job!” or “that happens to somebody else—that’s another department. I’m ‘this,’ and ‘this is the list of the stuff that I can do.”

Now, at first, it might seem like an example of healthy boundary setting. Sadly, unless you’re very careful, those boundaries quickly morph into prison walls. You’re basically telling yourself, “if it falls outside of this definition of who I am and what I can and cannot do, then it doesn’t exist, or I can’t be bothered with it.”

I hope you can understand how dangerous that mindset is. You are essentially defining yourself narrowly.

We are learning machines. The human brain is the most powerful and complicated biochemical machine ever created; nothing even comes close. To restrict yourself to a shortlist of things that you can and cannot do and things you can and cannot be is the worst thing that you can do. You’re essentially just killing yourself.

A part of you is speaking to you and saying, “you’re not in control when you’re thinking this way. You’re robbing yourself of that control.” Just as it is emotionally traumatizing to see someone being sexually assaulted, your mind is telling you, “stop looking at your life as a passive passenger or prisoner!”

Not surprisingly, some people report that when they see this type of rape perspective in their dreams, they wake up disappointed, empty, and exhausted. It’s as if they just tapped out. This has nothing to do with sex and has everything to do with self-worth and waking up to your present reality.

What Does It Mean to Dream About Being a Rape Victim?

Whenever you see yourself be some sort of victim in your dreams, pay close attention to the details. As I have mentioned repeatedly in this blog, the human brain often speaks in terms of contrasts. The scene playing out in your dream may not actually be the meaning that your sleeping consciousness is trying to communicate.

When you, the dreamer, see yourself as being a rape victim in your dream, it can symbolize victory. You have been through a lot of hurdles and setbacks in your real life.

It has been violent in terms of the reality you lived and the hopes and dreams that you had when you were younger. You saw all those visions trampled. Maybe you got married early. Maybe you didn’t finish school. Maybe you got passed up for promotions a lot. Maybe somebody close to you betrayed you.

Whatever the case may be, you have all these plans that you decided early on that you’re going to live for. For whatever reason, they didn’t come to pass—they just didn’t happen. Or you found yourself living out that reality, but it’s not what you expected.

When you dream of being a rape victim, your sleeping consciousness is telling you that you are seeing this disconnect. Now that you’re aware of it, you might even be doing things that will help you get to where you need to go.

This is a very violent dream image—a blaring red sign—to you that part of you is working actively to fulfill your dreams and reap their rewards. But that’s not all.

The dream image is so jarring because your unconscious is telling you that part of you is already working towards the resolution. You are already working, at some level, to undo bad decisions and chart a new course that will lead to greater victories, happiness, and contentment. But you need to be aware of that earlier disappointment so that you can double down on what you’re doing.

Do you see the hope in this? Do you see how this can shine a bright light on the things that are working to take you to where you want to go, but you may not be fully conscious of it?

A lot of people rob themselves of victory by downplaying or otherwise under-appreciating truths that are actually pulling them out of the pit of their disappointments, humiliation, and frustration.

They’re saying to themselves, “well, that’s just a small part of my life. That’s not going to lead anywhere anyway, so I’m going to cut that out. Instead, I’ll double down on what I know will keep me miserable.” Do you see how this works?

Part of yourself is sick and tired of that. That’s why it’s using a first-person rape victim dream analogy to wake you up.

Dream Interpretation of Your Friend Being Raped

Again, the interpretation of this type of dream imagery depends on the context.

Generally speaking, when you see your friend being raped, a lot of it has to do with your competitive feelings about your friend. You love your friend, but there’s a part of you that asks, “why is he more successful than I am? Why is she getting more of what life has to offer? Surely, I’m smarter than my friend. I’ve worked harder.” On and on, it goes.

Don’t feel guilty about this inner conflict that you feel—it happens to everybody. All of us have at least someone who only needs to call us, and we will sacrifice our time, money, or even lives just to help that person. But, still, there’s a part of us that competes with them. We feel that they’re being lucky, and life is being unfair towards us.

When you dream about your friend being raped, it can be your unconscious trying to confront you with the conflicted feelings you have with your friend. Do you really want the best for them? Do you really congratulate them? Do you really want their success?

Here’s the good news: the more sincere and selfless you are to your friends and family members, the richer your relationships get, and—guess what—the more you reward it. The more you let go of your ego and realize that life is not about you, the more value you send out to the world.

A cornerstone of human existence is the idea of reciprocity. So when you bless someone, don’t be surprised if someone else, not necessarily the ones you bless, blesses you in return—and ten times, 20 times, or even a thousand times. That’s how the universe works.

So when you dream of your friend being raped, it’s your brain telling you, “stop doing this. Stop competing with your friends. Stop trying to lay claim or be envious about the good things happening in their lives.”

Instead, give more value. Be there for them, whether through emotional support, financial support, or whatever else. Just be there for them, and you’d be surprised how much more you’d be rewarded.

And, let me tell you, the biggest reward that anybody could get is a sense of peace. “I don’t have to be somebody else. I don’t have to compete anymore. I don’t have to prove anything. I just am.”

What Does It Mean to Dream About Raping Your Friend?

When you see this dream imagery, it usually involves your willingness to practice acts of kindness. Again, this is your dreams appearing to you in contrast.

When you’re raping your friend in your dream, it tells you that if you want your relationships to deepen and become more rewarding, you have to take the first step.

Many have this very passive attitude towards their relationships. They think that the world owes them a big favor in terms of happy, strong personal bonds. Well, it doesn’t work that way. You get out what you put in.

When you practice acts of kindness, and you are consistently kind to those around you, what do you think happens next? You actually become kind. That is the main reward because your character has changed.

But aside from that, the world operates on reciprocity, and those returning the favor may not be the exact same ones that you were kind to. This is why it can multiply.

If you just expect those that you showered blessings on to return the blessings to you, it’s probably going to happen on an equal level or even less. After all, they have to keep some for themselves.

But if you’re just selflessly giving, you’d be surprised as to the multiplier effect when others, through the power of reciprocity, heap blessings into your life. Give freely.

What Does It Mean When You See Images of Molestation of Children in Your Dreams?

Generally speaking, this means that somebody’s trying to take advantage of your emotions. Just like everybody else, we all started out as kids with all sorts of fears—both founded and unfounded—and we’ve experienced trauma in whatever form.

Your unconscious is waking you up to the fact that someone is trying to exploit the shadows of your psyche. The identity of this person can be very shocking to you because they can be quite close to you.

Maybe it’s a person whom you’ve trusted all this time. Maybe it’s a very close family member. Whatever the case may be, when someone plays with your emotions by tapping into your trauma to make you do or believe in things that they’re not giving you a choice on, it is manipulation and abuse.

There’s no physical touching involved, but it’s still abuse. Look at what’s happening: you trust that person. You allow that person to be close to you on a deep and profound mental, emotional, and spiritual level. Now, they’re using you as some sort of chess pawn for their benefit.

Please remember that the benefit doesn’t have to be financial, sexual, physical, or anything; it could be their influence. Worse yet, it could just be their ego. At the back of their minds, they’re saying, “I want to prove to myself that I exist in this universe. Watch me get this person to do something that they haven’t even thought about doing.”

Do you see how this works? That attitude may seem to translate to power. You’re saying to the universe, “I am.”

Well, if you read the Bible, who is the only being who has the right to say “I am”? It’s not us. It’s God.

What Does It Mean When You Dream of Being Accused of Rape?

I’m bold enough to say that the second-worse thing to being raped in the real world is being accused of it falsely. When you experience being accused of rape in your dream, your unconscious is speaking to a deeply helpless and powerless part of you.

It’s as if you can’t change the narrative. People have already made up their minds. You feel stuck, judged, dismissed, and taken for granted—all at the same time.

If your unconscious is using the sign and dream imagery of rape to communicate a sense of powerlessness, it’s telling you two things. First, you’re feeling stuck in some area of your life. The second thing that it’s telling you is that you actually have control.

The good news is that your life doesn’t have to continue in the same trajectory. Just because yesterday sucked doesn’t automatically mean that tomorrow has to suck as well. Your decisions today influence the direction of your life in the future.

Does this mean that things are going to change overnight? Of course not. But those small changes add up over time.

Think of your life as a rocket. When two rockets take off, it may seem that they’re perfectly parallel. But what if I told you that a rocket is a thousandth of a degree off?

In the beginning, as they lift off the platform, you don’t see much difference. But after enough time, the difference is glaring. At first, that thousandth of a degree doesn’t mean much. But when we’re talking about space journeys involving millions of miles, you best believe you can see that difference.

The same applies to your decisions today. If you are unhappy in any way about your relationships, your kids, your education, your finances, your business, or whatever else, start making a change in terms of small degrees. Get that idea out of your head that you need a 180-degree change or black-and-white type of transformation. That’s going to happen later.

Instead, focus on the small things that you can do today so that you don’t get the same feeling as someone being accused of rape. When that accusation comes, you’re stuck. It’s like you’re frozen on your seat, and everybody’s looking at you.

Your life doesn’t have to be like that. You don’t have to be stuck. Start making those small changes starting today.

In many cases, a lot of those changes have to happen in your mind in terms of how you interpret the things going on around you. Interpretation matters.

Other Meanings of Rape Symbology in Dreams

Dreams of Rape in the Family

Dreams of rape in the family can cause negative feelings and experiences.

Having a rape victim in the family means that your fears have struck close to home. It also indicates that you’re afraid that something bad that arises from your own decisions or situations you find yourself in will affect somebody in your close circle who you think is vulnerable. This can be your child, or your elderly parent, or more.

When you see the dream imagery of rape in the family play out in your dream, it means vulnerability. It also is a reminder from your sleeping consciousness regarding who you value the most in this world. Most of us value our family. Within our family, we value the ones who are most vulnerable.

Dreaming About a Woman in Your Family Getting Raped

To dream about a woman in your family being raped means that you’re about to get out of a difficult situation. It can mean that a lot of the trials that you thought were going to last forever are coming are concluding.

Be more aware of what’s really going on in many aspects of your life. See that turn. The problem is that if you overlook that small development, change is going to take far longer than you would hope.

But when you see that change, you can focus on it. You can make it grow. You can devote more resources to it. You can push it to its fullest logical extreme, and this can get you out of that pit sooner rather than later.

Dreaming About a Man in Your Family Getting Raped

To dream about a man in your family being raped can be a sign that a bad situation is about to happen.

Usually, men are seen as sources of strength and autonomy. This is a stand-in for your own ability to make choices and withstand the influence of the outside world.

If you see a man in your family being raped, that means that your sense of autonomy is being challenged. Maybe you are being forced in school to take a course that you really don’t care about. Maybe, in your relationship, your partner is assuming that you will go along with certain things, and you just remain quiet.

Your autonomy is being shaken. By being aware of this, you can then focus on the things that you can do to turn things around.

Dream Imagery of Your Daughter Being Sexually Assaulted

To dream about your daughter being abused by a molester or a rapist means that your relationship with your child is going to change.

Your mind is telling you, using the most vivid sign and dream imagery possible, to pay attention to your relationship with your kids. Are they growing up emotionally, but you are too busy trying to put food on the table that you miss it?

Make no mistake; one of the biggest heartbreaks there is for a father is for his kid to tell him, “where were you when I was a girl?” Now, you may have been there physically, but were you there mentally? Were you there emotionally? Were you there to comfort and emotionally provide for her when she was going through doubts and changes in her life?

Interestingly enough, according to child psychologists, the biggest change in children’s lives doesn’t just happen in their teens. Everybody knows the teen changes when kids who normally are very talkative suddenly just clam up.

But there’s actually a profound change when a kid goes from six to eight to eight to ten years old. Their worldview changes. The way they manage their emotions change. If you’re a parent, whether you’re a mother or a father, be there. Help them. Be a resource that they can use to navigate the confusion.

If your kid gets through the ages six to ten, where they become more autonomous mentally, and you’re not there, it’s on you. You have no right to get mad at your kid for having values that are completely different from yours or for looking at the world in a completely different way.

First of all, your kid is not an extension of you. Second, what have you put in? Sure, you put money on the table. You kept a roof over their heads. You made sure they were fed. But there’s more to it than that.

As it says in the Bible, “Man does not live by bread alone.” Make sure you feed your children spiritual bread. Be there for them.

Dreams Involving Gang Rape

To dream of gang rape involves a deep and profound sense of persecution.

It doesn’t really matter whether you’re the victim or you’re witnessing it. Your dream is telling you that you are afraid of people working in concert against you.

This is a gripping paranoia someone can suffer from. It’s bad enough having to confront somebody who has it in for you. Can you imagine having many people working against you?

Now, this can be your subconscious communicating to you in terms of paranoia, but it can be a real thing as well. Be on the lookout for misunderstanding and miscommunication and correct it. Nip it at the bud.

Dream Example #1

I was on a public holiday, and my friends and I decided to go hiking. The weather was perfect for such activities as it was hot, the sun was out, and it was at its peak. It was in the middle of summer, and the idea of going hiking was a good idea. We packed small bags of snacks and swimming costumes because we planned to swim in the river near the hill later in the day.

There was a beautiful waterfall near the mountains, a popular site where hikers love to swim and dive after a long hike. Our plan was set, and we left, heading to the hiking site, a place called the Thompson falls. We were excited, and we had hearty chats along the way.

We got to the site from a distance; we could see the hills covered by lush green vegetation, which increased our excitement even more, we were happy like kids jumping around, and we could wait to start the hike.

We were shown where we should park our vehicle by the warden, and they gave us the manual of the dos and don’t s at the site. They also provided us maps to help us navigate the forest around the hills and gave us compasses and an emergency number in case we needed help.

We did not pay much attention to what they said because this was not the first time here, but we were allowed to do their job. It was simply the protocol. After the protocol was done, we all rushed and took a path heading up the hill. We had planned how to go up the mountain and how many breaks we would take before getting up the hill.

Soon after we had started, we got to the first point where we were to take a break. The break was short since my very body was still energetic and excited about the hike. We shared some snacks and some water to keep our self-hydrated. We took off again, and soon after, we took our second, third, and fourth water breaks, and after around 2 hours, we were on top of the hill.

We set out our picnic blanket, and we all started down and shared some snacks as we made fun after we took pictures from all the angles of the hill and with all kinds of poses, including jumping, running, random poses, etc.

After a few hours on the hill, we decided to go downhill to the river, but some of our friends still chose to remain uphill and play there, and they would join us at the river later. On getting down to the river, we found huge black men naked engaged in sexual intercourse with one another; they were all gay.

We decided to mind our own business and started swimming on the other side of the river; soon after they approached us and wanted to have intercourse with us, we resisted, and we started running away, but I wasn’t lucky they caught me and ripped off my swimming shorts, and the started raping me in turns.

I was trying to fight them, but they were too strong for me. Soon my friend came back with help, and the men ran away. Unfortunately, none of them was caught. Immediately I woke up.

Dream Example #2

I was walking on the street back home from the office. It was my usual commute, and it was a typical night. I heard a roaring noise of a van. It passed right across me as I was walking on the side. After few minutes, it came back, and the windows came down.

I saw two boys sitting on the driver’s seat and the other on the passenger seat. They were smoking cigarettes, and the smell of cigarettes reached my nostrils. I paced my steps as I did not feel comfortable with that stare.

I was fretting, and I could hear my heels banging on the ground in an unusual frequency as I paced my steps.

I did not look back, but I listened to the car door opening and closing. I felt a sudden sense of fright, and I started briskly walking and feeling my pockets to find my phone. I could hear steps rushing towards me.

Before I could start running, a hand touched my waist, and the other reached my nose with a handkerchief. I fainted.

I woke up in a dim-looking bedroom with my hands tied up and my legs tied to a bedpost. I screamed. I was feeling utterly frightened, and I could anticipate what was to happen. The door opens, and a man came inside the door.

He did not say anything and started closing in on me on the bad. I was banging my legs on the door and, in despair, trying to get out of the shackles.

He did not utter a word and laughed at my face. He started unbuttoning his pants and began stroking his genitals from his hands. He asked me to scream like a whore, and he entered inside me with a hard thrust.

I was crying as I saw him on top of me and begging for him to stop. Another man came inside and started undressing his whole clothes. He came towards me as the guy who was already on top of me did not stop.

The new person in the room started stroking his genitals, too, as I was crying and begging for help. He came in and tried to insert his dick inside my mouth, but I was not opening up my mouth.

With force, he tried hard to open up my mouth as I tried to push him away, but I failed.

He hovered in his genitals inside my mouth and started going in back and forth. I could not take it any longer, and I bit him. He quivered in pain and started slapping me on my face.

The other guy who was on top of me too started beating my ass and slapping my breast. I was in pain, and I was scared for my life…… My eyes opened. I was safe in my bedroom. I could feel my legs still shaking out of fear.

I must have fallen asleep while watching a web series. It was midnight. I could sense a teardrop fell out from my eyes, and the mere horror of this nightmare screamed at me. I sat on the bed, shaking, afraid, thankful, with gratitude.

Dream Example #3

I stared at myself in the large mirror on the wall of my bathroom, a beauty indeed! I applied my peppered lipstick to my wide lips and smacked my lips hard. I smiled to myself; I looked like a movie star. My strapless black gown which rode a little above my knees matched with my long shiny black hair.

I buckled my black sandals, picked my purse and strode out of my house.

I was finally going to see the love of my life. You see, Jason was everything I had prayed for. He was patient, caring and very prayerful.

I met him eight months back when my dear aunt filed for her divorce. She had told me her lawyer was handsome but she didn’t tell me he was drop dead gorgeous. Fiercely handsome was the right word to describe Jason.

His eyes were sharp and searching and his lips had a permanent smirk. It was a miracle that he was hopelessly in love with me. I drove smoothly to the now too familiar road to his house .I made sure I visited him every week.

This would be an exception because my love had gone on training for three weeks and had only just got back last night. I parked my car at his garage and strode confidently to his porch. I pressed the bell and waited for a response. The door swung open and Jason appeared.

Without waiting for me to say hi, he lifted me into a bear hug. I laughed out loud and soon our lips locked in a passionate kiss. I kissed him back hungrily, pushing my tongue into his mouth and locking my long limbs around his waist.

He pushed impatiently at my gown and I quickly scrambled out of his embrace.

‘Sweet, we had an agreement. No sex till I am ready’. I said kicking off my sandals and strolling into the large kitchen.

‘You said you wanted to get to know me and trust me. Seven months is enough time. I’ve been patient’

I couldn’t fault him; he had been patient with me. I had known him for eight months and had dated him for seven months. He had been very respectful of my stance and had never taken advantage of me.

‘Just a little more time, baby. I need to mentally prepare myself for this’ I soothed as I wrapped my arms around his waist.

‘I don’t understand you. You come here every week kissing and seducing me and you expect me to be immune to those? I’m not made of stone’ Jason retorted pushing me back so forcefully i hit my back against the huge expensive silver refrigerator. This was new. Jason had never been this angry at me or anyone else.

‘Did something happen at the training? Are you upset about something?’

In a flash, I was lifted off my feet and tossed to the kitchen floor. My head hit the floor and I could feel hot blood rush into my head. I heard my gown been ripped into two and the air conditioner felt like icy breeze on my thighs.

I screamed in pain and shock. I lifted my head to see Jason struggling with his zipper. This wasn’t the guy I loved. His face twisted in anger or was it pain? I scrambled to my feet just as a blow hit me on my forehead.

I bucked my knee to hit him but it was as though I was hitting a rock with foam. I fought with my hands like an angry cat, screaming and scratching him. Soon both my hands were pinned by one of his hands and I knew I had lost the battle.

I stopped struggling and lay like a log of wood. Soon, I felt him force himself in me in one urgent thrust. I screamed again in pain. I felt hurt, humiliated and betrayed I stared at the ceiling as tears rolled down my eyes.

I could hear him panting heavily above me as he dived in and out of my dry womanhood.

Just then, my phone rang. It had only been a dream. I picked my phone to see the caller. It was Jason, my boyfriend of seven months.

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