A dream of bleeding wound

Picture yourself waking up from a dream where you see somebody covered head-to-toe in blood. Worse yet, imagine yourself waking up from a dream of bleeding wound, where the injured one is you.

It’s enough to jolt people awake. Blood, after all, is a very strong sign. In fact, a lot of people get weak at the knees when they see blood in real life.

dream of bleeding wound

General dream meaning and symbolism of blood

General dream interpretation interpreted through identity

In dreams, blood is a representation of energy, vitality, heritage, and identity. It’s long been associated with ideas of strength, power, and sustenance.

The English language is full of colorful expressions using blood sign. For example, lifeblood, bloodletting, or blood feud.

These and other words strike at the heart of the power of blood imagery. You should not take this lightly because, at its core, it points to a sense of power and strength.

Not surprisingly, one other common meaning of blood in dreams point to some sort of success. Of course, different people define success in different ways. Some view success in terms of social relationships and standing, while others view it in more material terms like money and possessions. Either way, blood can be associated with some form of success or the struggle for its attainment.

General dream interpretation related to strength

Dreaming of blood often speaks to your deep need for strength. Either you realize that you have the strength to do certain important things, or your subconscious is communicating with you regarding inner fortitude when it comes to certain challenges or long-standing issues that you have faced all these years.

When you envision some sort of bleeding wound or profuse bleeding and blood is all over the place, don’t let your emotions get the better of you. It is often a good sign because your subconscious is telling you that you’re strong enough to be able to withstand this scene. After all, you didn’t blackout or erased it from your mind.

Sure, seeing all that bleeding and blood may have been enough to wake you up, but you didn’t blackout. You didn’t picture a mental image of blood somehow bleeding into a blank or black screen. You still remember the image, and this points to the fact that you have enough willpower to confront whatever issues you’re faced with.

Now, please understand that this doesn’t have to be anything overly dramatic or emotionally disturbing. It can be something as basic as you overcoming procrastination and personal laziness. Your subconscious is telling you that you may have been disappointed and frustrated with these aspects of your waking life.

But you have the blood. You have it in you. You can overcome if you want it.

General dream interpretation involving despair

Another general dream meaning of blood can involve a warning about negative emotions like pain, loss, regret, guilt, and disappointment about your extreme behavior. You may be the last person to think that you are prone to extremes. Well, you might want to think again.

A lot of people who are struggling with the dream meaning of blood and bleeding often approach such vivid imagery from the perspective of someone on the outside looking in.

But if you were to flip that perspective, you will realize that, sometimes, you just let things get to you.

As a result, you end up doing things you would come to regret later on because you’ve taken things too far. This can be embarrassing to admit because, after all, “extreme behavior” is something that happens to other people and rarely to us.

But if we allow ourselves permission to sidestep our ego, we can get closer to the actual picture of the problem. This, of course, means that we’re getting closer to the solution.

Keep the general interpretations above in mind because there are many different ways you can see blood in dreams. You can imagine it in the form of a wound, or you can dream about bleeding from a part of your body or seeing somebody else bleed.

But generally speaking, when there’s blood involved in your dreams, it implies personal power. Either you’re worried about losing it, or you’re reminding yourself that you have what it takes to deal with whatever challenging situation you are facing.

Common dream of bleeding wound meanings

According to the typical dream dictionary, the different meanings of dreams about a bleeding wound depend on context. You have to look at the specific scenario where you are seeing something bleed. Slight differences and mean a lot. This is why I’m going to break down specific contexts.

Also, please understand that if you are dreaming of a bleeding wound, it must be the central figure of your dream. In other words, you can’t just go through many different scenes in your dream, and in one scene, somebody is bleeding on the ground. That’s not central enough.

You know that you are reading the right post on this blog if the central motif or focus of your dream involves blood and bleeding.

What does it mean if you dreamed about seeing blood in the water?

Generally, this is a sign of bad luck. You’re going to have a difficult time up ahead because the strength that you have is diluted. This leads to confusing times and possibly even a sense of helplessness and possibly hopelessness.

One practical manifestation of this is issues related to money. Does it seem that credit card bills just get bigger and bigger every month? It doesn’t help when you’re paying the minimum, but it just gets bigger and bigger, and you feel that, eventually, you’re just one negative month away from being overwhelmed.

Seeing blood in water can also represent that you feel frustrated with your job. Maybe you’re confused between projects. Perhaps office politics is getting the better of you.

Whatever the case may be, you’re not completely on the ball, and there’s a good chance that whatever turbulence you’re feeling in one area of your life will carry over to a friend in your inner circle.

How do you turn things around? Well, thicken the blood and block the water.

Water represents confusion generally of an emotional sort. Allow yourself to have a moment of clarity.

What is the most important aspect of your job besides the money? Focus on that.

What is it about your relationships that make them worth hanging on to? Now you know what you should think about.

This is how you strengthen the signal of your personal and focus on these and other areas of your life. Otherwise, just like seeing droplets of blood diffusing quickly into the water, you will witness your vitality, strength, and focus quickly dissipate.

What does it mean when you’re dreaming about blood and wounds?

Depending on the flow of the blood and wounds, this can indicate that you have identified challenges and problems, and you are now focusing on them with the necessary amount of determination.

At the very least, you’ve gone past the confusion stage. You’ve boiled everything down, and you know the key parts that you need to work on.

This is a very positive dream. You know that there is a problem, and you are now past the stage of talking and thinking about it.

Maybe you’re fumbling around with the right actions, but that’s ok. What’s more important is that you’re trying. Even if you are just trying to figure out the right solution, every you’re taking to fix the issue is a step in the right direction.

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What does it mean when you’re dreaming of blood in the nose?

If you have a bloody nose in your dream and it wasn’t caused by someone punching you in the face, this dream image can indicate strong feelings about your family.

This is not necessarily a bad thing or a warning. Instead, your subconscious is telling you that a close relative you haven’t seen recently is coming to visit you soon.

You know that this person is a very strong personality. At the very least, your dream vision is telling you that you’re not going to experience any shortage of interesting times up ahead. Sure, there can be emotionally heated moments, but by and large, there’s a certain person in your circle that is larger than life.

Take it for what it is. If you dreamed of a bleeding nose that is making a mess not just in your face but also in your clothing, this contextual sign indicates that it’s no longer about your family. It’s rather a fear of losing control over your money and possessions.

Maybe you haven’t been careful reading contracts or online forums. Perhaps, this is a good time to start caring about what you are getting into. It also can indicate being sloppy about surcharges and service fees.

Whenever you’re dealing with fine print, it’s a good idea to at least read the headings. If something throws you off, dig into the details.

Sure, you may be thinking, “What’s the problem with a few pennies here and there?”

Well, depending on the number of transactions and the volume you’re dealing with, they can add up to a lot. Your subconscious is not going to send you this dream imagery for no good reason.

It may be detecting certain patterns that may seem small or manageable now but can blow up in the future to take you by surprise. Sadly, when those things happen, they usually happen in the worst time possible when you have the least resources available.

What does dreaming about a wound or blood in the mouth mean?

Is the bleeding coming from only the nose or mouth, or are other parts of your face bleeding too? Bleeding eyes dream interpretation, for instance, symbolizes something more specific.

When you have blood in the mouth in your dream, pay attention to how it happened. Did somebody bash you, or is it bubbling from inside of you?

Maybe you have TB or some sort of disease. If somebody bashed you, this could indicate that you are using your communication skills the wrong way.

Maybe you are too blunt, and you think that this is a good thing. You have to understand that people, especially in workplaces, are very dynamic in terms of who they view as allies and potential enemies. Oftentimes, you are just one bad word away from putting yourself possibly permanently on somebody’s list of enemies.

Now, if the person you rubbed the wrong way is a particularly weak, ineffectual, or lazy person, you won’t have a problem because that person will probably be on the lower end of the organizational chart.

But what if it’s the up-and-coming nerd genius of your office? What if she was the wonder girl who ends up becoming vice president in six months because she came up with a new model and a new way of doing things? Do you think you will be as successful as her?

It’s really important to practice a little bit more self-awareness when you communicate with people because what you say in an email or in a social media comment or online forum carries a different payload than if you were to talk to somebody face to face.

When you talk to somebody one-on-one, they can pick up on your nonverbal signals. They can tell whether you’re sarcastic or serious or being lighthearted just based on how you stand, your body language, the speed of your speech, your facial expressions as well as your gestures.

None of that is at play when you’re communicating with people through digital means. At best, you can maybe temper whatever you’re saying with some emojis, but in certain office cultures, emojis are off-limits.

So be more careful because if you view yourself being bashed in the face in your dream, this can indicate that either the office politics has reached the crescendo or you’re well on your way to the dog house.

None of these situations are good.

Now, if you picture the bleeding as part of some sort of internal medical issue, this can indicate problems with your familial relationships.

Maybe you’re not seeing eye-to-eye with someone. Maybe this has been going on for years.

Well, things are going to come to a head because now money will be involved. Either there’s going to be an inheritance in the form of a will, or someone who has quite a bit of resource in your family is going to set up a trust.

Either way, the relationship challenges in your circle are going to be more prominent and will take a lot more of your emotions.

What does it mean if you dreamed about blood from the menstrual period?

If you’re a woman and you see profuse bleeding from your period in your dream, or there are other women involved, pay attention to the setting. Is it happening in an office stall? Or is it happening at home?

If the context is your place of work, this dream indicates that you are rising up in the ranks, or people are beginning to look at you as a potential leader. The downside is that you might not be fully aware of this in your waking life.

Maybe you’re suffering from low self-esteem. Maybe there was some sort of mistake in the past that you can’t get over.

You have to pay close attention to what you can do and give yourself permission to be confident about the fact that you are competent enough. If there’s any deficiency, be humble enough to put in the work and learn what you need to know to level up.

This way, regardless of what happens to you in terms of promotions or pay raises, nobody can take away the fact that you have the strength to level up.

This will make you valuable because whenever you become indispensable in fact – I’m not talking about in title; I’m talking about in fact – you have the organization by the neck. So, if they don’t give you the proper recognition, promotion, or pay raise, you have gone up in value sufficiently to be worth promoting somewhere else.

Nobody can take that away from you. No amount of office politics can wear that down. Congratulations!

Now, if you see yourself suffering from heavy menstrual flow at home, this can indicate issues with your finances or, to a more limited degree, your family. But generally speaking, this involves finances.

Pay more attention to your spending priorities every month. Try to set aside more money to pay off your debt. Or, do automatic savings, so a significant amount of your cash is invested, and then take some of the cash you make from investment to pay down your debts.

There are just so many ways you can slice and dice this. More remotely, a heavy menstrual flow can also indicate an emotional imbalance or some form of mental health issue.

So again, this depends on the setting, so try to remember what led up to that scene. Were you fighting with someone? Were you dealing with your parents?

But generally speaking, this is fairly remote, so focus more on either finances or the setting.

What does it mean when a dreamer sees themself drinking blood?

Now, this seems gory because it definitely is the stuff of horror movies and Dracula. But contrary to what it seems, this dream is actually quite positive.

When you’re ingesting blood in your dream, it symbolizes that you are reinforcing the strength, intuition, and inner fortitude you already have. It’s as if you are getting an infusion from external sources so you can be strong enough to take care of whatever challenge gets in your way.

Now, the specific sign of drinking blood can turn your stomach. Maybe you’re drinking it from a cup, or you’re drinking it from a plate.

Pay close attention to the context because if it involves another person bleeding into the container or receptacle, it can mean some sort of power play if that person is not doing so of her or his own free will.

On the other hand, if you just see yourself in front of blood and you just drink it without knowing where it came from, then it indicates something more positive.

Also, if you’re a female and you see yourself drinking blood with uncertain origins, or the context is unclear to you, then it usually means that your emotional health and physical health are both stable.

What does dreaming about being covered in blood represent?

If you’re a Christian, this is a very powerful sign. It can indicate that you have gone through difficult times in your past, and you are now reborn. You are reawakened, and it seems that the whole world is brand new to you.

Of course, the root source of this interpretation is the saving grace of Jesus’s birth, life, death, and resurrection. It is through His death that we are saved. He came down to Earth to pay the ultimate price for our sins.

But if you’re not particularly spiritual or religious or all that versed with Christian theology, being soaked in blood can indicate a growing sense that you have the corner and are about to reach a high point in an area of your life, and these are caused by your hard work.

It could be your relationships, your work, your business. It can also involve school.

Maybe you’re struggling with learning coding, and everything seemed Greek to you up until a certain point. Eventually, things start to fall into place. Now, you know it like the back of your hand.

When you dream of being soaked in blood, it’s usually positive in different contexts.

But, if you can distinctly remember a sense of dread or horror when you were soaked in blood in your dream, you might want to focus on the emotional aftermath because that can indicate maybe a looming loss of property.

It can also indicate that your subconscious is picking up signals of potential interpersonal conflicts. So, the worst but quite possible interpretation of this dream is that you’ve gone out of one tough situation, much like a frog hopping out of the fire but only to end up in a frying pan.

Do you see how sad that is?

Try to remember as many details as possible so you can get closer to the true sign these dreams are leading you to, especially if these dreams are recurring.

What does it mean to see bleeding in your hands in dreams?

You might think that this dream image is related to the meaning of dream about killing someone in self-defense, but it’s actually different entirely.

Dreaming of seeing bleeding on your hands represents that whatever it is that you’ve decided on and (very important) acted on will start to flourish.

Maybe you’re having a tough time establishing a business or getting a new relationship going, or making friends at work.

As long as you put in the work, you have enough strength to make it happen. Things will start to pan out.

But please understand that when you’re dreaming of bleeding in your hands, it’s an indication that you have panned out. This is not an image where somebody would just walk into a situation and expect everything to take care of their own. It doesn’t work that way.

The key to interpreting this dream image correctly is that you have put in the work. It could also indicate that you’ve put in the sacrifice. Maybe you have let go of some other things or given up other opportunities to do what you’re doing. That could also work.

In terms of relationships, when you have dreams of yourself bleeding in your hands or on your feet, it can mean that you have overcome a lot of relationship and trust issues that you had in the past to the point that your new relationship stands a good chance of blossoming.

The foundation of these dreams is that you are a hard worker, and you have come far enough. If you have put in the action and undergone the necessary risks, things go quite well for you.

Dream Example #1

I was crying my eyes out. I could not believe what was happening to me. “How could he do this to me?” I asked myself as tears began to roll down my cheeks. The worst has finally happened to me. These things only happen with me.

After I got up from my bed in the morning, I decided to surprise my fiancee. It was our 3 months of engagement. I grabbed a cup of coffee from my favorite local cafe and started to drive my car down to his house.

The weather wasn’t good, so wasn’t the radio. It started to rain as I turned the radio off and connected my phone to the Bluetooth to pick up my mood.

The commute was also terrible. The city of New York never looked this sad, the sky never looked so gloomy, and the people on the streets never looked so depressed.

But I was sure that I would be happy and warm with my future husband as I imagined myself spending my whole life with him.

I reached his home. I took out the umbrella and started to walk towards his door. I couldn’t control my excitement. “Finally, my happy place,” I thought to myself as I unlocked his door and removed my coat.

I spun the doorknob to his room gently, to not surprise him, and stepped into his room.

I could not believe my eyes. Clothes lay all over the floor, not only his clothes but female clothes as well. There he was on the bed, sleeping peacefully naked, with his ex curled up beside him.

I could not believe my eyes. My heart shattered. All my years of love and effort for him felt oblivious.

I closed the door gently, and left the keys to his door on his counter, and left. I walked to the car drenched in the rain and started to drive away slowly to my house.

I kept thinking about him and his ex on his bed. I kept trying to figure out where it went wrong. I filled my tub with water and left it running as I swallowed an aspirin and stepped into the bathtub.

At the corner of the bathtub, I spotted my razor shinning, almost as if it was calling for me.

The sound of water splashing into my bathtub felt as if it was convincing me to cut myself. Everything felt as if I was being teased.

I steadily held the razor next to my hand as I swiftly slit open a wound on my wrist. I instantly started to regret my action. My wrist was bleeding as I clenched my fingers tight.

I began to panic as the bleeding wound kept on spilling blood. I slowly blacked out.

I sat stark upright on my bed as I realized it was only a bad dream. I called my fiancee to check up on him, but he did not pick up his phone. I kept calling. No answer. I started to panic.

Dream Example #2

I was trying to make sense of my surroundings. Everything seems blurry and muffled. I was lying down on a bed in what seemed like a basement.

I tried to get up, but I felt an unexplainable pain in my leg. I touched my leg where the pain was coming from and saw that there was a bleeding wound. My mind instantly thought that this was from a gunshot.

I tried to think where this gunshot came from when a woman came rushing to me. She asked me how I was and said they could not see anything to treat the bleeding wound.

There was a cloth around the bleeding wound, but the pain was more than I could handle.

I asked if there were any painkillers. There was no water to wash the bleeding wound. The people around me wrapped my legs in a cloth. I think there were four people other than me who were in the basement room.

I felt like this wasn’t real and I was trying to wake myself up from the painful dream. There was a lot of blood from the wound, but I knew I wasn’t going to die.

I was still frightened at the sight of my blood caused by the gunshot. My mind was dealing with too much when the scenes suddenly changed.

I saw myself running in a city with the other four people in the basement. The scenes gave me an idea that we were in a war. There were kids on the ground crying at the sight of their parents wounded.

I suddenly remembered the bleeding wound from my legs. When I looked down, the pain suddenly came rushing then I fell to the ground dragging the man who was holding me.

I told them to go and that I will be right behind them. There was more blood from the bleeding wound.

I was desperate at this time to get it treated, but judging from the looks of our surroundings, I knew there was no help for this. I opened the cloth wrapped around my leg and saw where the gunshot was.

There was too much blood from my legs. The sight of it was frightening. The cloth that was used seemed to have turned in dark red.

A little girl came in front of me and offered me water from a dirty bottle.

Instead of drinking it down, I decided to wash my bleeding wound then I knew that I made the right decision.

I screamed in pain when the water touched my bleeding wound. The blood came rushing down to the ground, then I stared carefully.

The bleed was not stopping then the blood was continuously getting out of my legs. I didn’t realize that the girl was no longer standing in front of me.

Anxiety began to creep in then I thought if I could die from this blood loss. The scenes were then again blurry. I started to welcome myself back to reality.

Dream Example #3

My frustration is getting heavier as I walk lost in the forest with little to no supply of basic needs.

I got separated from my team of trekkers as we followed the trance of sta. Cruz to go on a nearby mountain for a hike.

I have nothing with me but my backpack and a little packed food that would only last me a day or so. I tried my best to remember the directions set for us by the tour guide.

How did this all happen? I got distracted by a group of kingfishers hunting fishes in the spring we camped for the night. The next thing I knew, I was separated from the group.

I was left alone taking pictures of the birds I was so mesmerized with due to appearance. I stopped for a bit as I sighted a tree full of edible berries. You better take advantage of the situation. 

I settled my backpack on the tree roots as I prepared myself to climb on the tree. I brought my camera with me in case another species caught my eye.

I was here to document animals in their natural habitat. As I climbed my way up, a branch I thought could sustain my weight snapped. I fell back on the ground. 

With great shock, I saw my legs pierced by one of the sharp woods waiting for the bottom of the tree. I screamed in pain.

I took out every courage I had in my heart to pull the long branch piercing my legs. One wrong move might result in hitting an artery as the bleeding splurged as soon as the big splinter was out.

I ripped off my shirt to tie the wounds that wouldn’t stop bleeding. 

I shouldn’t have come, I spoke in my head. The pay sure is not worth the misfortune I’m going through right now.

A couple of hours had passed, my wound has not stopped bleeding yet, is this the end of me? I felt the urge to sleep but I can’t.

I have to stay conscious no matter how hard. It will make it more dangerous for me if I was to fall into a coma due to severe blood loss. 

I prayed for help. I prayed for hope. I kept on calling God’s name to pull me out of this terrible situation. The next thing I knew, people were shining flashlights on me.

They reached for a wooden orange board and strapped me in it. I did not understand what’s happening or did I know where I am going. 

But if this is death, I would like to send my amends to those I had done wrong.

When I got my consciousness back, the first thing that came out of my mouth is “Where is my camera? Is it safe?” I heard chuckles filling the room from the people that looked familiar to me.

The team saw me unconscious and brought me in an emergency after losing too much blood from an open wound. 

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