Meaning of Dream About Killing Someone in Self Defense

Let’s be clear: outside of rape, dreams about killing, murder, or homicide stand as one of the most disturbing dreams anybody could have. Think about it for a second—you’re dreaming about ending somebody else’s life. Before we get into the details and circumstances behind that dream action, take a long, hard look at the action. The meaning of a dream about killing someone in self defense is never simply.

If you’re like most people, you enjoy being alive. You might not be all that happy with a certain aspect of how you’re living, but you want to continue staying alive. Maybe things will turn out for the better tomorrow, or at least you have the chance of enjoying a better situation because you remain on this Earth.

Most of us fear death precisely because of the reasons above. We want to stick around for our loved ones. We want to continue to experience, feel emotions, and build on our dreams or pursue new ones.

Every single time you wake up to a new day is a new opportunity—either to continue on the road you’ve been traveling on or to build a new point of view, explore new situations and aspects of this world, and find new meaning to your existence. This is precisely what goes up in smoke when you become the victim of murder.

Now, think about dreaming that you’re the one killing someone. Picture yourself as the person taking control of someone’s existence and putting an end to it.

Whether you are the killer or the victim of murder, dreams about killing someone are going to be anything but calm and serene. If you’re not careful, it can even be traumatic, even if you are just killing someone in self-defense. That’s how strong this dream imagery is.

There’s just something about the dream I killed someone accidentally that gets to my core. Anyone—or, at least, most people—would have the same reaction. We may not be able to articulate our feelings or even slice and dice our particular range of emotions, but we have no doubt that it’s there.

Life—with all its meanings, thoughts, and emotions—is valuable. It needs to be protected because it contains the potential for either a new or better life. No matter how you cut it, it is sacred. Everybody should have a right to it.

This is the fundamental truth that is upset when you get dreams about killing someone in self-defense. Even though you’re just trying to prevent yourself from being the victim of murder, you still end up killing someone. It’s going to have an effect on your emotions and thoughts. You can’t walk away from that.

Similarly, if I dream I killed someone accidentally—meaning I didn’t have full control over the situation—there’s still a death involved. That’s not very easy to shake off. All of us share, deep down inside, a fundamental appreciation of the importance of life.

As much as we would like to continue to breathe and go on with whatever it is we’re doing, most of us would like to afford other people the same privilege. Most human beings, after all, are born with a deep sense of reciprocity. I do my thing; you do yours. I respect you; you respect me.

All of that gets thrown out the window when you have a sleep vision or dream of killing someone in self-defense or by accident.

As intense as this dream meaning may seem, please remember that, just like with rape, the human mind is using strong dream imagery to send you a message. The chances of you, the dreamer, actually killing someone in self-defense of yourself or somebody else from harm is fairly low.

You may be asking, “well, what does a dream about getting raped mean?” In fact, the circumstances surrounding this are not much different from a dream about beating someone up—it depends on the context. The same goes with dreaming about you killing someone by accident.

Instead, your subconscious is sending you an awful dream sign in your sleep to get you to wake up to certain realities in your life that may have reached a certain stage that you need to be alarmed of. The problem is you’re not paying attention to them.

Maybe you’re distracted by overwhelming problems and emotions. Maybe you have different priorities. Maybe you placed a lot of your hope and security in the wrong things. Whatever the case may be, your values are not prioritized properly. Now, your mind is sending you an emergency dream signal using the worst kinds of dream imagery it can think of.

We could all agree that when it comes to the worst dream symbology, killing someone or rape are unmatchable. If either of these happens in your dreams, sit up and pay attention.

dream about killing someone in self defense

General Dream Interpretation and Symbolism of Killing and Self-Defense

Dreams about killing a person in self-defense involve a nuanced message to the dreamer.

Killing Someone in Your Dream Speaks to Necessary Changes

Generally speaking, dreaming of killing someone indicates that you are going through a change in your life where you are about to get rid of situations that aren’t good for you.

This dream can involve the acceptance of the need to move on from a relationship. It can also point to the possibility of establishing distance between you and a family member who used to have a strong influence on you. It can also mean that you’re cutting ties with a toxic friend or people you have recurring problems with in the past.

Interestingly, these developments—while framed in the image of killing someone in a dream—are kind of happy. There’s an aspect of loss, but a lot of that is tied to the fact that you’re scared of the change that you’re about to experience.

Even though you might think that these people have shortcomings, you’ve grown accustomed to them. So there is going to be uncertainty, and you may, at times, feel that you’ve lost control of the situation.

Think of it this way: even though having a stone in your shoe can be very annoying and painful, you eventually get used to it. Maybe you’ve grown callouses, or you’ve learned how to walk a certain way so that it doesn’t hurt as much. Once that stone is gone, a weird thing happens: you have to adjust because something feels like it’s missing.

These are the kind of feelings and thoughts people have when they finally decide to stand up for what they want for themselves. They’re tired of halfway solutions or having their self-confidence undermined by being told that they’re “almost there” or “almost good enough.”

Instead, they shoot for the stars and say to themselves, “I’m tired of compromising in terms of the quality of my relationships, friendships, and family ties. Just because you’re related to me by blood doesn’t give you the right to treat me like trash or an ATM.”

When you go through these changes, there is a transition from what you’re used to to the uncertain. Sometimes, it manifests itself in a very jarring and emotionally disturbing way, like dreaming about killing someone in self-defense. There is some justification for it. Still, the bottom line is you ended up killing someone. There’s still a loss.

Deep down inside, your head knows that this person has some value for you. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have kept that person around. But you’re killing that link, and this is what’s causing a disturbance. At the same time, you need to move on.

Just because you know what you need to do doesn’t make the action easier because it involves some loss. For example, if you have a friend with a toxic personality that you have decided to cut out of your life slowly but surely, part of you looks back to the times that person bailed you out, had a kind word, or somehow added value to you.

But you have to understand that when you are letting go of toxic people, the part of you that is completely awake and focused on the future is happy about it.

Dreaming About Killing Someone Correlates to the Need to End Bad Habits

Another general meaning of a dream about killing someone by accident is that you want to get rid of a bad habit.

You might be thinking to yourself: getting rid of bad habits should never be an accident. In fact, most people should proactively seek it out. Well, we’re talking about your emotional vocabulary here. Again, just like with talking people, there’s a reason why you had that habit for so long. I speak from experience.

I used to smoke two packs a day since I was 15 years old. I kept at it for 20 years until I met my wife. She told me before we got married, “you have to make a choice. Either you quit, or you lose me.” Part of me wanted to hang on to my habit, so it was putting up a fight. I had all these questions: “who is this person that she’s making these demands? This is so unfair! Can’t she accept me for who I am?”

But she cared more for me than I cared for myself. I wasn’t practicing self-love when I killed myself every single day with two packs of smokes. So when I made that choice and picked her instead of my habit, a part of me was defiant, angry, stubborn, resistant, and shocked.

Thankfully, my love for her and my acceptance and understanding of everything she stood for was louder than the questions and stronger than my stubbornness and the false comfort that I drew from nicotine. That was 17 years ago.

I share this story because a lot of us have habits, and they’re not always good. What’s deceptive about all of this is that the worst habits don’t involve alcohol, tobacco, or drugs.

Toxic Mindsets and Dreaming of Killing Someone in Self-Defense

Believe it or not, the most harmful habits you have could involve your habits in dealing with change, viewing opportunities, or dealing with any kind of situation that pushes you out of your comfort zone.

It’s easy for many people to complain that they’re not making as much money as they can be because the government is corrupt, or there are just too many billionaires, and the game is stacked against them. These are very comforting messages to tell ourselves.

But if we are completely honest with ourselves, we quickly realize that whatever world we’re living in is a product of the mindsets that we have chosen. Your mindset enables you to interpret reality.

The good news is that mindsets are chosen. They are not passed on to you by your parents unless you accept them. You don’t absorb them from your friends and neighbors unless you choose them. If you know that your mindset leads to a certain mental state that leads to certain decisions that you are unhappy with, it’s your responsibility to choose another mindset.

When you are dreaming of killing someone in self-defense or accidentally, it can involve killing an old mindset that you know holds you back from your true potential.

Maybe you’re sick and tired of the excuses you give yourself. Maybe you’re tired of envying your friends or feeling jealous when you know that, deep down inside, you have so much more to offer.

It’s very painful to kill an old mental habit. It has sheltered you for so long that it feels like a comfortable old shoe. In fact, you feel completely naked without it. But it’s still a bad habit. If you let it grow, it warps your personality, and it develops unwanted traits.

The part of yourself that is the universal consciousness or universal genius knows this. It also knows what is best for you. When there’s a disconnect between your awareness of the universe and the habits that you have chosen, bad dreams erupt.

Don’t be surprised if you are dreaming about see yourself killing somebody again and again accidentally.

Your subconscious is telling you through your dreams that you don’t have to keep complaining about life is unfair. You’ve made it unfair because of your choices. It hurts to hear it, especially if you’ve imagined yourself as some sort of victim.

Maybe you think your feelings are not validated. Perhaps you see your problems piling up, and there’s nothing you can do about it. All of these are road signs that point in the same direction: you have to let go of certain habits.

Killing Someone in Self-Defense in a Dream Signifies Lack of Self-Awareness

Dreaming about killing someone in self-defense, particularly a person you don’t know, means there are situations in your consciousness that you can’t remember.

The human brain is a very powerful organic machine. It takes in all sorts of information based on what we see, hear, touch, taste, and smell, and out comes our interpretation.

This dream meaning is never neutral because it influences how we see ourselves, what we do, the meanings we assign to certain aspects of existence, and even the things we say. There is, after all, such a concept as the Freudian slip—made popular by the Father of Psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud.

This is never a small thing. Once something influences what you do, it influences your world—your actions always trigger a reaction. If you’re completely self-aware and you study your past, you would notice that your whole existence is a series of chain reactions. And guess where that came from? You.

The good news is if you are—in any way, shape, or form—unhappy with how things turned out in an area of your life, you can always change.

First, you take ownership of that chain reaction. It’s not your parents, not your past, not the person that you picked as your life partner, not your children, not anybody—it’s you.

Again, this is very hard to listen to because it requires setting aside the ego, justifications, excuses, and flat-out lies that it stacked up over the years. It means completely silencing that internal dialogue that you’ve set up for yourself to comfort you as you wallow in disappointment, frustration, and possibly even personal humiliation.

You stop playing games with yourself because you are feeling worn down. The anger, the rage, and the emotional heat you feel when you’re dreaming of killing someone accidentally come from this place.

The good news is that it’s not hell; it’s not 100% negative. This intense feeling of bitterness, frustration, and pain can be channeled—just like fire can be channeled from burning a forest to producing steam that turns a turbine that gives electricity to a big city, you have a choice on how you convert that emotional “heat.”

But it cannot be denied because it manifests itself in the strongest of dream symbols. And, believe me, the dreaming of killing someone in self-defense—or in whatever way, for that matter—is an extremely strong sign.

Common Dreams About Killing Someone

What Does Dreaming of Killing Someone Mean?

When you see yourself killing someone in self-defense or for other reasons, it ultimately involves your rage and other strong emotions.

These don’t come from nowhere. It’s not like you just went to bed perfectly happy and calm with a deep and abiding sense of inner serenity and harmony, only to end up dreaming about yourself killing someone in self-defense and stabbing somebody or pulling the trigger and blowing somebody’s head off. Especially according to the study of psychoanalysis by Freud, it doesn’t work that way.

Instead, there is an area in your life where there’s a lot of repressed anger. But let me give you the spoiler: the target of that anger is not the father that abandoned you or the mother that made you feel small. It’s not the people who laughed at you when you were growing up, nor is it the uncaring boss or the first partner that broke your heart—no. That person is you.

Your universal consciousness is always aware; it cannot be deceived. It always picks up on any truth or sign you encounter in your daily life. But it can fall asleep. It can be submerged under several layers of your waking consciousness and only bubble up to the surface in the form of dreams—in this case, dreams of killing someone in self-defense.

Your waking life focuses on the comforting stories, justifications, excuses, and even flat-out lies you tell yourself on a daily basis to make life bearable. Still, the truth lies submerged, and it cannot be denied, nor can it be explained away.

Dreaming of Killing Someone Can Be a Sign of Rage

When this consciousness bubbles up in the form of you killing someone in self-defense or in any other way, it is the sign or expression of rage at what your life has become. You started out on this planet as an infant with infinite possibilities, and I can easily tell how trapped you are if you laugh at what I’m about to say.

If you come from a country that is poor, for whatever reason, and somebody tells you, “you have what it takes to be the next Bill Gates and code the next big app,” you can’t help but laugh.

This shows volumes about the levels, the thickness of the repression, and artificial reality that has put so much pressure on your universal consciousness. You know, deep down inside, this is true. The only big difference between you and somebody who seems to have the world by the tail—and is knocking out their dreams—is permission.

Have you given yourself permission to study and look past your boundaries? Have you given yourself permission to overcome your mental limitations and truly work for your dreams and what you think you are worth?

That takes too much work for a lot of people, and it’s also very scary. It goes back to the fundamental truth that so many people want to avoid: “I caused my life. There’s nobody else to blame. This is all my choice.”

If you’re struggling in whatever area of your life, and somebody says that to you, you want to punch them. But your anger is misplaced. There’s deeper anger within you that relates to your abdication of responsibility for your life. It manifests in dashed dreams, disappointments, personal humiliation, and bitterness.

Dreams of Killing Someone in Self-Defense Can Signify That You Feel Cornered

When you kill somebody in your dream, you’re channeling all this rage at yourself. They all come from the same place: this disconnect between your potential and your present reality with all its frustrations, dashed hopes, and broken dreams.

This, of course, has many different manifestations. It can be emotional. It can also take the form of stories that you tell yourself.

The good news is that it’s rooted in the truth of possibility. Your life is a choice. While it’s true that most people are unplanned pregnancies, what happens next is a series of choices. In fact, the fact that your mother continued with her pregnancy is a choice, especially if you live in the West.

Understand the power of choice, and you will be free. It starts with the bottom layer of your consciousness, and it begins to grow in power, like an earthquake, until it breaks mountains, causes tsunamis, and makes new dawn possible. But you have to take the first step. Stop denying it.

What Does It Mean If You’re the One Being Killed from Self-Defense in a Dream?

When you turn the camera on yourself, and it’s obvious in your dream that you intended to hurt a person and they end up killing you, it means that your mind is telling you—through your dreams—to stop running away from your problems.

Your rage is not the answer. Blaming will lead you nowhere. Instead of channeling your emotions on one person and seeing that they are somehow the answer, focus on yourself, study the choices you’ve made, and understand where they come from.

You have to understand that your reality is a chain reaction. It starts with how you study and interpret what you hear, see, touch, taste, and smell and the kind of internal dialogue that plugs into.

Once you’re there, it triggers feelings within a narrow range. When you’re in those emotional states, you’re more likely to do certain actions instead of others. When you do those actions, you end up with the world that you have.

Dreams Can Signal Our Unhappiness and Stress from the Choices We’ve Made

If you’re unhappy with what’s going on in your life, maybe you want to change what you’re doing. That’s easy to say because it’s easy to do for one day. But until and unless you change the mindset that is at the core of that process, nothing is going to change. Eventually, you will go back to how you were before—much like an addiction.

This manifests itself in the form of stress in all its shades. Usually, we define this as something negative. But it can also be desire.

Believe me, when you desire the wrong things, you’re putting a lot of unnecessary burden on yourself. You feel that something has to give. That’s why it’s really important to look at your life circumstances and really dig deep down inside.

Where are you in those mental images of your life? What is your role? Does it lead to you making choices? Does it lead to you being able to take responsibility? Does it lead to you choosing a different path to your dreams? If it does, then you know you’re looking at it the right way.

But if it leads to excuses or easy explanations that wipe you of all responsibility, be careful. What you’re doing is the same thing that you’ve been doing all this time. You’re just chasing your tail emotionally.

General Meanings of Killing Dreams

When you experience killing dreams—either you’re being killed, or somebody else is killing you—pay close attention to the context.

This has less to do with actually wanting to harm somebody and more of a sign pointing to your inner turmoil. Your subconscious mind is bubbling over, and it’s leaking into your dreams. It’s desperate. It doesn’t know what else it can do except speak to you using the most vivid and troubling sign it could muster.

Believe me, the idea of your life being snubbed out or doing it to somebody else is emotionally troubling. If you like your life despite its flaws, can you imagine robbing somebody of that?

So ask yourself, “what is my subconscious telling me in this dream? What do I know in my conscious life that I’ve been overlooking, papering over, or being delusional about?” Never underestimate your ability to deny something, see a sign that is not there, or be blind to an 800-pound elephant in the middle of your room.

While it’s true that killing someone is always a negative dream symbol, we also have to look at what happens next.

Sometimes, the dream focuses on just the act of killing somebody. There’s a sense of desperation. You can almost cut the emotional tension with a knife—it’s that thick. This type of dream killing is quite understandable because it’s so common.

But when your mental camera shifts to what happens next, and a sense of calm goes over you when you realize that you’ve killed somebody by accident or in self-defense in your dreams, there’s a different meaning. Pay careful attention to this.

When you have dreams about killing someone in self-defense, the context means a lot, especially after the action has occurred. The same goes when I dream I killed someone accidentally.

What should you look for? Pay close attention to what you’re feeling in your dream. Are you dreaming with a sense of relief or fear?

When you are dreaming about being concerned for the future because somebody’s out to get you because of what you’ve done, you have issues with how you’re deciding. You know that there’s something wrong.

On the other hand, when you’re dreaming of a sense of relief after the killing, it means that you know what needs to be done. You have a clear vision of the habits that you need to let go of, the toxic relationships that you need to cut, and other negative influences that you have chosen for so long.

Oftentimes, when we focus on that sense of relief, something becomes clear in our minds that we have the power to choose. You are not the product of your past, nor are you just an amalgamation of your worries about the future. Instead, you are something more.

You are possibility incarnated. Act accordingly.

Dream Example #1

I killed someone the other night. I had a knife from my kitchen and stabbed the first man and sliced the other man in their necks.

The cut with the first man was clean. I had to cut the other many times because the knife I was using was not sharp enough. It was one of the best dreams I have ever had, and I enjoyed it.

My friend and I are in a misty forest. The trees were so tall, and the grass was thick that it was difficult to see where we were going. My friend and I did not talk or create a sound except for the few branches we stepped in.

Now that I’m writing this, I ponder why dreams have to be hazy and unclear.

My house is at the center of the thick forest where we are going. The walk felt so long and silent, but I was comfortable. I saw a glimpse of my house as we were about to enter the clearing.

We didn’t notice the two men who, in an instant, took hold of us and brought us inside. As we enter, I observe the state of the house whenever the focus of my peripheral vision changes. It was dark and full of dried leaves.

I didn’t react to what the two men were doing. Instead, I went along with them and waited for something. You know how dreams feel like you are watching a scene unfold before your eyes.

The only thing you can do is let things happen the way they will. That’s what happened in this dream.

The man spoke a few words that shook both of us. They are threatening us into giving what we have with us and into submitting to them. It was laughable what they told us because I wasn’t scared at that moment. I only feel disappointment and irritation.

How come emotions are crystal-clear in a dream?

They started rummaging through every part of the house as each room changed into another room. The rooms became more unfamiliar as the room changed. My self in the dream won’t move no matter how many times the room changes. As if waiting for something.

In this dream where I am calm, I felt the most joy as I anticipated what would happen next. The room became a kitchen.

Many cooking materials include what seems to be rotten food and pans. The knives are in the corner of the kitchen, and I made my way towards it. The movement was so natural and swift. Self in the dream took the longest knife and went to the two men who are now standing.

The dream stopped except for me, who stabbed the first man in the middle of his neck. I rammed it into him that the knife went through his nape. The blood splashed into my face, and a smile crept into my face.

I don’t know why it felt nice, but it did.

The dream then continued. I sliced the other man’s neck, thinking it would be nice if the slice is deep. But it didn’t go as I wanted. The cut was too shallow, so I did it again and again until I’m satisfied. I laughed a little with my face covered in blood.

Dream Example #2

Killing anyone is not a good thing at all. It does not even matter if you killed them intentionally or unintentionally. I know that because even when you dream about it, you will be so stressed and worried. But you will tell yourself “thanks it was a dream”. But even with that, you would still worry about why you had to dream it.

How do I know all these? Well here is how. I dreamed about me killing my friend. Yes, you read correctly, my friend. Let us go with it. I cannot remember exactly how old I was, but I know I was still a teenager.

At that time, we used to make toy cars from wires and we would go out in the wild to drive them. It was a time filled with a lot of fun. The dream went as follows: I and my friends went to drive our cars in the wild. It was all fine until my friend came up with an idea that seemed fun, but did not end well. My friend suggested that we imitate how real cars used to bump each other. What happens is when two cars crash, it must be so hard that one of the friends will act as a breakdown service provider.

This means he will tow the crashed cars to the garage, where we will later repair these cars. Everyone was happy and we both agreed to go with the flow. I loved my car to the point that any damage to it would not be a good thing. It was then my turn to have my car bumped. I did not like the idea so I refused, all my friends got angry because I was the only person who made a U-turn in the agreement.

My friends decided they will all bump my car by force, which unsettled me and the reaction was not a good one. I punched one of the friends. Which angered the whole group even more. Now I was going to get the best beating of my life. Imagine more than two friends grouping up against one. I was not going to win this.

My heart started beating fast and I knew I needed to do something before I get beaten up. I tried to run away and they all chased me. I was screaming “Mommy! Mommy!”, but the boys were determined to get me. I got tired and I fell down. They caught me and started beating me up. They continued non-stop. That is when I realized I needed to do something to defend myself or else they will not stop.

I managed to escape and run for a while but they still came after me. That is when I realized running was not going to help me at all. I decided to fight back. It is when I saw a big piece of wood on the ground. I took it and stood hoping it will scare them off. But it did not, they still came for me.

I knew if I wasted time, I was going to suffer again. As they reached me, I decided to stand my ground and defend myself. I tried to hit the first one and I missed, from there he ran away. The second friend kept coming and tried again, I hit him in the head. He fell to the ground and managed to stand and run away. The last one came, I hit him in the head and he fell to the ground, but he stood up and came again.

I was telling him to leave me alone and he did not listen. He came again and I hit him in the thigh. He ran away but only to get a piece of wood also and came back. Fear was taking over me and I knew any mistake I would die. When he approached me, I hit him in the head and he fell down to the ground. He tried to stand up and hit him again. I was so scared that if I let him stand again, he will hit me.

So I kept on hitting him nonstop. While I was hitting him, I saw blood coming out from his ears. I stopped hitting him and I realized he was not moving.

I tried to shake him, but nothing. I got so scared that I started crying louder. The other friends came back and they started crying too. We kept on crying not knowing what to do and everyone was blaming me for the murder. I did not know what to do. Our dog started barking so loud that I woke up and that is how the dream ended. Oh, what a relief!

Dream Example #3

The clouds have taken over the sky. Everyone is busy in their own lives. A group of friends celebrating a birthday, a couple trying to take a perfect photo. They’re all in peace then why not me? Why do I have to sit here waiting for the food while I felt several eyes on me? This might be my introverted self that felt eerie in crowded spaces.

I have no choice but to ignore them as usual and continue my day. I finished my food as fast as I could so I can get back to my workplace.

I was walking on my way back to the office. The area around me was quiet. When I took a turn to a smaller road, I started hearing vehicles driving at a slow pace behind me. I looked back behind me and, there were two men on separate motorbikes looking at me. A sense of fear ran through me.

The roads were emptier than usual. They started coming closer murmuring something which I couldn’t hear. I felt numb. Those masked men on bikes were trying to block my way.

At this point, I wanted to run away but my feet weren’t working. It felt weak almost like I was never taught to walk on my own. I looked around me if I could find some help. The bikers advanced at me, one blocked my way from behind and, the other stood right in front of me. I couldn’t catch his features, but he petrified me.

My flight or fight response was awakening, my heart rate was increasing. It felt like there was no air left for me to breathe anymore. A sheen of sweat covered my forehead, tears threatening to fall. My mind worked and I threw my handbag in an opposite direction to distract them. I took that chance and started running with all my might.

I thought I have escaped them but I wasn’t that lucky.

I was now at their mercy. I couldn’t escape but still, I refused to give in. I refuse to be another victim. One of them dragged me in a narrow ally. I tried to scream but my voice got muffled in his hand. Suddenly, I felt like I had power coursing through my hands.

I jabbed my elbow in the stomach of the guy who held me and kicked the guy in front of me. I spotted a baseball bat lying around, I grabbed that and swung it on the head of one guy. He immediately fell to the floor. The other guy also charged at me and I did the same to him. I let out a sigh of relief. But, I saw that there were bloodstains on my clothes and hands. A shiver ran through my spine.

Did I kill them? Am I a murderer now? With the sight of blood on my hands, I was panting. My heart rate increased, my vision got blurry.

I felt a jolt and found myself in my bed. I felt relieved as it was just a nightmare.

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