I found myself dreaming in silver and gold

There’s something that reminds us of the golden age of Hollywood when we dream in black and white, and then all of a sudden, it becomes colorized.

But I’m not talking about the high-tech, laser-enhanced colorization we’re treated to with modern movies.

There’s something retro and vintage with the coloring choices that remind us of classic Hollywood films.

No wonder when I found myself dreaming in silver and gold, I got the feeling that I was transported elsewhere in a good way.

It felt that I was transported to a different yet better place.

General Dream Interpretation of Silver

To dream about silver represents wealth and prosperity.

It means that your subconscious is trying to tell you that financial blessings are coming your way.

This, of course, is not happening due to some magic, or you’ve entered some alternate reality time warp.

Instead, the source of this financial blessing is somewhat more mundane.

You’re dreaming in silver and gold because you’ve made the right decisions so far.

You must understand that your life is the effect, and your decisions are the causes.

If you trace that cause even farther back, you can trace it to your mindset.

You have the right mindset, and your subconscious is telling you when you’re dreaming in silver and gold, in terms of the color of your dreams and the actual presence of silver in your nighttime vision, that things will pay off.

Dreaming In Silver and Gold Gives You Much-Needed Motivation

For many people, the road to success is a rough one indeed.

It takes a lot of planning, and you often meet challenges, and you have to keep revising your plans.

The road to success is almost always never a straight line.

Be prepared to make one detour after another depending on the set of circumstances that you find yourself in.

Be ready to make those decisions.

Sadly, many people stumble as they strive for professional, financial, business, or even artistic success because they’re inflexible.

They feel there’s only one way to reach their goals, so if the road up ahead is blocked or things are not happening, they refuse to budge.

In their stubbornness, they remain frozen in their spot for years on end.

If you want to eventually get where you want to go, be ready to bend.

Just as bamboo bends with the strongest typhoon, you should be able to bend.

And like bamboo, you bend but do not break.

Dreaming of A Silver Chain Jewelry Symbolizes A Strong Friendship

To achieve your goals, you have to be sustained, and you have to find inner sustenance.

As you probably already know, as you seek to rise from where you began to your intended destination, there is no shortage of people telling you that you cannot do it.

Many people want to plant all sorts of doubt in your mind, so you are faced with sabotaging or even undermining yourself.

This happens all the time, and this is why it’s important to develop the right friendships.

You may have developed a new friendship with someone and to dream of silver chain jewelry means that you’re connecting well with that friendship.

There’s a good connection, and you can be inspired and encouraged by that person.

But in many cases, the best friendship you can strike up is with yourself.

This requires forgiving yourself, giving yourself space, and proper respect.

I know this sounds funny because this is all happening within you, but you’d be surprised at how rare real self-respect and self-acceptance are.

Either we unnecessarily beat ourselves up comparing ourselves to people in different phases of their lives or have access to different levels of resources, or we become slaves to other people’s expectations, usually our parents.

Learn to be your own best friend because you must first be a good friend to yourself before you become a good friend to somebody else.

After all, you can only give what you have.

You have a low view of yourself if you’re constantly cutting yourself up.

What kind of a friend do you think you will be?

You are probably one of those useless friends that say one thing but do another or secretly wish harm on your friends.

You wouldn’t want such a friend, right? So why be one?

Befriend yourself first.

Dreaming of A Silver Ring Represents Your Strong Emotional and Spiritual Power

As I mentioned earlier, we often need to dream in silver and gold when we’re in the process of pursuing our dreams.

It’s a rough road ahead, and we need as much motivation and encouragement as possible.

When you dream of a silver ring, this represents a reminder that you have access to emotional and spiritual power.

This means that you can access the stability and level-headed wisdom you need to carry on but are you even aware of it?

Worse yet, do you try to get things from people and places you know are incapable of giving you what you need?

This requires a moment of truth.

Know where your real source of strength is; it could be your spiritual upbringing or your childhood, or your parents or your friend.

As long as you’re clear where your support will come from, you will be able to get it when you need it.

The worst thing you can do is assume that your friends are equal, and you end up leaning into somebody who is not prepared to give the encouragement you need because they don’t respect or love themselves.

Again, you can only give what you have.

If you lean on this person to give you strong inner courage and they don’t have that, what kind of result do you think you will face in the future?

A silver ring in a dream also symbolizes a new beginning

When you see a silver ring, it doesn’t mean that your dreams have come to an end or you’re just butting your head against the wall.

The new beginning in your business might simply mean a change in direction.

The same happens in your workplace, romances, or family relationships.

What Does Dreaming of Silver Jewelry Anywhere In Your Body Mean?

When you see yourself wearing silver jewelry, be careful with estimating your talents and abilities.

You know you have it, but if you’re like most people, you should know that you’re not as talented and able as you imagine yourself to be.

Always retain humility because this will help you push yourself to perform at an even higher level.

If you keep focusing on your potential and how well you do things “naturally,” you’re just spinning your wheels.

This is because you are cheating yourself on the opportunities you need to practice discipline and sacrifice convenience today for higher skill and talent levels in the future.

What Does It Mean to Dream of Wearing A Silver Bracelet?

This type of body jewelry indicates wisdom and insight.

You tend to think before making a big decision; don’t lose sight of this aspect of yourself.

So if you want to make sure that you make the right decisions, always remember the part of yourself that thinks twice before making decisions.

You’re a careful thinker who knows how to think things through.

Don’t fall for peer pressure or groupthink because the more you access what a silver bracelet symbolizes in your psychic life, the higher the chance your decisions will be the right ones.

General Dream Interpretation of Gold

A dream about gold represents wealth and value in your waking life.

When you dream in silver and gold, you are looking at an alternate life filled with the security that real, physical gold represents.

At the end of the day, when people desire gold, they want less it for its decorative and practical uses but more for what it represents.

It represents security, access to opportunities, a wide range of possibilities.

Most importantly, gold represents assets that go up with time.

In other words, it delivers security that enables you to live your life the way you see fit.

That’s the whole idea behind financial freedom.

People don’t want to become rich just because they want to have a lot of cash to look at or be looked at by other people as rich.

No, they’re looking for something deeper; they’re looking for the security and freedom that gold represents.

Dreaming of Gold Can Also Indicate A Change In Your Luck

If you think that you’ve been having a tough time recently, or it seems that no matter what you try, things always head south, your subconscious may be telling you that good luck might be right around the corner, and with it, happiness, achievement, and a boost to your self-confidence.

I understand that if you meet with one disappointment and failure after another, it’s very easy to feel that you are a failure.

It’s very easy to conclude that you are simply not cut out for the journey that you’re on.

Don’t listen to that side of yourself because if you put in the time and honestly say that you have made the sacrifices and are committed and dedicated to winning, things will eventually pan out.

Your subconscious is using the imagery of gold to tell you not to quit because a string of good luck is right around the corner.

And guess what, it’s not dumb luck.

As the old saying goes, “The harder you work, the luckier you get.”

You best believe that you deserve every success you get because you paid for it in advance; it’s all paid in full.

The Negative Meaning of Gold Dreams

Depending on the context of your dream and your emotional state in your night vision as you see images of gold and silver, be aware that your subconscious may be sending you a negative sign.

Suppose you’re dreaming in silver and gold, and you see yourself lusting after the gold or relishing gold and silver coins, running your hands through it, or looking at it with an intent all-possessing and greedy gaze.

In that case, your subconscious might be telling you that corruption, greed, and excess have entered your consciousness and are causing all sorts of negative internal reactions.

Now, in reality, you might not have access to a lot of money, but your obsession over it has turned you into a jealous person who is constantly comparing themselves with people on their social media feed.

Don’t do that because when you compare yourself to the people in your Facebook feed, you’re comparing the reality of your life, including your disappointments and failures against the highlights of their life.

Who do you think will win?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out.

They are highlighting to the world and showcasing their greatest victories and accomplishments, and here you are, beating yourself up because you feel crappy compared to them.

But in reality, they have their own failures to deal with.

They will not publicize that as much as you wouldn’t air your dirty laundry.

So, when you see yourself interacting with gold or silver indicators of wealth in your dream where you feel greedy, your subconscious is telling you that this has a disruptive and warping effect on how you view wealth and yourself in light of other people’s success.

You don’t want to be bitter or reach a point where you can’t share other people’s joys.

You don’t want to feel that you have to suffer for somebody to stumble into good fortunes or enjoy life to the fullest.

The worst part is to think of the world as a giant pie.

If somebody’s pie gets bigger, you automatically believe it came at your expense.

If you see yourself being greedy for gold or having negative responses to silver in your dream, this is a sign that maybe you need to check your priorities.

You need to be aware again of your values and possibly, make some adjustments and figure out what they should be.

Is There A Difference When Men and Women Dream of Gold?

To dream of gold for women usually has a positive symbolism, while it tends to steer towards negative symbolism for men.

Again, pay close attention to the context.

If your dream’s focus involves greed or obsession, the overall reading is negative.

For women, dreaming of small golden items or jewelry means joy, happiness, and a sense of completion or fulfillment.

Depending on the context, it can also indicate that marriage or engagement will be in their future.

For men, on the other hand, excessive focus on gold can represent the unhappiness or sadness brought about by an unattainable goal or constant self-criticism and comparison with others.

Other Dream Interpretations of Silver and Gold

Silver and gold jewelry is sometimes an indication of an upcoming expenditure.

Your subconscious might be sending you signals that a past decision you made may not be the right one.

Or there might be something happening in the future that will require you to part with quite a bit of cash like somebody’s big wedding, family trip, or opening a new business.

This can happen very quickly, so your dream might indicate that you might want to plan things out and be clear as to what kind of resources you have access to.

This can also indicate that if planned properly, that big purchase or big move will make you happy and your family content.

What Does It Mean to Dream About Being Gifted Gold and Silver Jewelry?

Dreaming about being gifted gold and silver jewelry indicates that your business or freelance practice will experience big profits soon.

It can be a big bonus at work, increased volume, or an unexpected dividend.

In some cases, this type of dream can indicate winning the lottery.

Of course, you have to buy a ticket to win the lottery.

What Does It Mean to Dream of A Family Member or A Close Friend Wearing Gold or Silver Jewelry?

Depending on jewelry placement, it can represent your subconscious fear that a person close to you will pass away.

Your subconscious will usually send you this signal only when it detects that someone close to you is unhealthy.

Often, this doesn’t come as a surprise.

Maybe somebody you know is already in the hospital or somebody went to the ER for one condition, and they end up passing away from another condition.

Whatever the case may be, you’re already conscious of certain signs that indicate the worst-case scenario for that person.

What Does It Mean to Dream About Finding Gold and Silver?

Dreaming about finding gold and silver means finding something valuable within yourself.

It can mean that you have discovered something about yourself that can be instrumental to your success.

Maybe you have learned the value of discipline and sacrifice.

This might seem pretty boring and standard, but it’s an important self-discovery, especially for immature people who turn into adults.

This type of dream can also indicate a reawakened interest in becoming a better version of yourself or aspiring for something better when it comes to your career, business, or relationships.

What Does It Mean to Dream About Gold Bars?

To dream about gold bars can signify valuable resources that will be presented to you.

Please keep in mind that this is not prophetic in any way, so the “valuable resources” can take many different forms.

They can be financial support or a simple sentence that awakens a sense of emotional urgency in you.

That sentence may sting your ears when that happens because it hits your pride.

But who knows? It might be just what you need to motivate you to wake up to certain realities and failings and do what you need to do to commit to a life of success.

You’d be surprised as to how many people were able to finally realize their dreams, not because other people showered them with praises, encouragement, and material resources.

In many cases, somebody told them they could not do it, which is enough to light a fire in them.

Before, everybody was patting them in the back, telling them they could do it, and they believed in them, but apparently, they didn’t respond to that kind of encouragement.

They are reactive by nature.

When reactive people feel threatened or have their backs are against their wall, then and only then do they snap into action, and they start doing things that they didn’t think they were capable of.

Maybe you’re one of those people.

Dream Example #1

I was sleeping when I suddenly woke up in another place.

Wherever I looked, there were gold and silver and everything was shining!

I covered my mouth in astonishment and my eyes almost popped out of their sockets!

Where am I? Why are they all in gold and silver?

I looked at the mirror and saw my reflection.

I was wearing a long nightgown, made of silver silk and my hair was covered with gold accessories. I was even wearing gold necklaces and bracelets.

I tried to look for someone whom I could ask what was happening around me. But there was no one.

I saw a door with a silver handle. I turned to open it and it led to a wide room full of silver and gold!

The room was mine. The floor was gold. The ceiling was gold.

The walls were gold. All the sheets that covered the bed were silver.

Even the curtains that cover the high windows were all silver. The bedframe was gold.

I traced my hand on top of the dresser and it was all gold.

I tried to open the bottle of perfume that was colored gold then I sprayed it on my wrist.

A silver mist came out of the tiny hole.

It was really amazing!

I am rich! I thought to myself.

I can now buy anything I want!

I can sell all the gold and silver in my room and turn them into cash!

I started to call my friends on my golden phone but I got no answer from them.

I suddenly felt sad. Where are my friends?

Then I remembered that I left my mother in the kitchen preparing our dinner. But mother was nowhere to be seen. How come I see no one in this house?

I called out their names and looked at all the rooms and every corner where they might be hiding.

But there was no one. I was all alone.

I was the only one living in this house.

I wondered where my friends all went that none of them answered my call.

I took my coat and headed outside to visit my friends.

I noticed that it was quiet.

I should have been happy now knowing that I’ve got so much gold and silver in my hand!

But where are my friends? Where are the people I love? Where am I?

I suddenly felt afraid.

I have never been alone in my entire life.

I was afraid of the thought that all my friends and family were dead and I was the only one left living.

What would I do with my life without them?

I wouldn’t want to live in gold and silver.

I want my family back! I want my friends!

Then I cried hysterically asking the universe to hear me out.

There were thunders and lightning as I went down on my knees.

Please! Please bring them back!

In a flash, all came back to normal where I was living in a filthy small house covered with mud and dirt.

But my parents were there as well as all my siblings.

Then my friends came knocking and I opened the door for them.

I immediately hugged them one by one and they were all startled and started laughing.

We all laughed and I was happy again. I woke up laughing.

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