Dream of Earrings

What does it mean to dream of earrings?

Earrings are one of those dream images that are so easy to overlook. 

When you look at the face of the person you see in your dreams, you are not going to be focused on their ears much less, would your eyes turn to whatever jewelry is hanging from their ears. 

It follows that you truly have a dream of earrings if these pieces of jewelry are the central focus of your dream. How does this play out? 

If your dream pretty much focuses on somebody’s ears and their earrings, you probably just had a dream of earrings. 

Similarly, if you see earrings that have been taken off, placed somewhere and it seems that all you can see are those pieces of jewelry, chances are, you’re having this type of specialized dream. 

This is a fairly rare dream to have given the wide range of circumstances that people go through.

It is not that much of a shock when people dream of earrings. At the very least when they wake up, they realize that they didn’t quite make out the meaning of the earrings they saw in the dream. All they can only think about was the image of those pair of earrings. 

There is nothing wrong with the feeling of having woken up after seeing a pair of earrings. It shouldn’t hunt you. If anything, this type of dream can be an opportunity for you to be “more mindful” in your nighttime visions. 

As you probably already know, in the span of a typical 8-hour sleep, most people see all sorts of night visions in their dreams. In fact, people go through one dream after another.

Interestingly, unless there is something that happened during their sleep, enough to wake them up or if they had a particularly traumatic or eventful dream, they usually forget about the dream.

It is a good sign when you wake up and the last image in your mind is that of a set of pearl earrings, silver earrings or even gold earrings. You are on to something. Depending on the context, your dream can be a good sign of certain realizations about your life that your subconscious is somehow waking up to. 

The typical dream means that your subconscious is picking up on signals that your daily waking consciousness is either dead to or habitually overlooks. None of these situations are good. 

This is why it is a good sign that your subconscious is using the symbology of a pair of earrings as a wake-up call to certain realities in your life that you may have become blind to. You have to see earrings in a dream context this way.

They appear for a reason. You don’t see a pair of earrings or have visions of earrings in a dream as some sort of accident. A lot is going on there. 

When you compare wearing earrings to the image of losing an earring, the context means a lot. Let us dive through.

The general meaning of an earrings dream.

The general meaning of an earrings dream

The overall interpretation of a pair of earrings in your dream indicates positive growth. 

A lot of people define this as material prosperity. Maybe you are looking for a job and you are at the cost of finding a job that pays you to do things that you are truly passionate about. 

It also involves a sense of flourishing. Maybe now you are at a point of your life that you are doing things that you like on your own terms and based on your own personal schedule. Make no mistake, living life that way is not available to most people.

It is a fact that a lot of people would kill for that same opportunity. This is because you cannot put a price tag on freedom so you might have reached that stage. 

Another interesting thing is, you see yourself wearing earrings or see the images of gold, silver or even pearl earrings is an indication that your conscious mind is distracted. 

Maybe you are so focused on getting that “perfect job” and by the time that you get around to actually landing such a job, your attention is focused on somewhere else. This really is too bad because you haven’t really stopped, patted yourself on the back and appreciated the tremendous accomplishment that you just achieved. 

Most people would kill to be in your position. But here you are chasing one carrot after another and eventually chasing your tail just going around in circles. 

When you see an image of jewelry like earrings, your subconscious is telling you to pay close attention to the good news in your life because it is so easy to overlook your successes when you focus so much time, emotional and mental energy on things that have gone wrong. 

Likewise, It is so tempting for people to devote a lot of their time thinking and talking about their frustrations when they have become blind to the things that have gone right in their life. 

Make no mistake, your life may not be the biggest positive success that you know of in your life but you also know with absolute certainty that it is not also the irredeemable failure that you fear. 

Our lives are usually found somewhere between these two extremes. 

When you dream of earrings or any kind of personal jewelry, this indicates your subconscious is pushing you to look at the treasures that you have accumulated through your life of struggle, desire, planning and goal setting however little they may be.

Despite all that grinding and struggle, you just need to look at this sign of success. You have made it. 

Unfortunately, a lot of people think that the moment they stop, take a deep breath and tap themselves in the back this means they are going to get complacent. This is just fear talking. 

This is irrational because the sign of earrings indicates that you have gotten something. In this case a piece of mental and spiritual jewelry that other people have a tough time attaining. Now that is worth something. 

This symbolism also speaks to the fact that you put in the work. This is a sign of commitment, dedication and sacrifice. 

When you see earrings, you are not just looking at jewelry. You are not looking at pieces of metal or shiny rocks that is equated to status symbol. 

You are looking at something more. You are looking at the sign of a personal manifestation of the kind of focus, determination and hard work needed to achieve things in your life. 

This is not just a material sign that is something you can see, hear, touch, taste and smell because this actually goes much deeper. It indicates all the things that you have wanted. It requires a lot of work, sacrifice and commitment. 

You have done it.

You may not have achieved your fullest potential. You may be very far from the grand accomplishment that you have set for yourself but take the time to at least appreciate that your efforts are producing at least some sort of result. 

You may think that whatever milestones you have achieved in your life so far may be small or maybe too little too late but take a look at your situation from the perspective of someone else. 

When you have dreams of earrings, your subconscious is challenging you to take a step out of your life and look at it from the viewpoint of someone else. You would see the things that are going right and these are worth not just acknowledging but also accepting and embracing. 

You are not just dreaming of mere jewelry. You have to look past the symbol. You have to dig beneath the sign. And believe me, it goes deep.

What does dreaming of wearing an earring or a piercing mean?

What does dreaming of wearing an earring or a piercing mean

Depending on the context of the dream, this can indicate an outward mark of accomplishment. 

Maybe you just got a promotion at work. Maybe you got assigned to a special team that is working on a particularly important project. Now, none of these developments may necessarily come with a pay raise or a change in your title but you shouldn’t be blind to the positive meaning of these changes. 

Pay close attention to what is going on in your personal, emotional, professional and spiritual life. There is actually a positive change. 

This is a key interpretation of wearing an earring or piercing that a lot of people easily overlook. They are so focused on some sort of grand meaning that would lead to some sort of big secret. 

There is no secret. 

If there is some sort of revelation in dream interpretation, it is the fact that we need to be more aware of the actual changes in our emotional state, financial state as well as in the quality of our relationship. 

You would be surprised to know that after you have been married to someone for so long that your partner actually has many different sides. This goes beyond studies, reputation or anything material, instead, it indicates instead as some sort of spiritual growth together as you occupy the space in your relationship with somebody else. 

Unfortunately, this kind of realization won’t dawn on you. In fact, you wouldn’t even know what it should represent because you are so focused on one problem after another, one fire that you need to take out after another.


When you see an image of an earring or piercing it should give you pause. This is especially true if most of your dreams just focus on that imagery. 

You may be living in a world where you are so focused on your anxieties and your desire for material advancement that you have grown blind to the things that truly matter. 


From this perspective, dreaming of an earring or a piercing would come off more as a warning than anything else which brings me to the next level of symbolism behind this imagery. 

Depending on the context, seeing yourself wearing an earring or piercing in your night vision can indicate some sort of slavery. 

Now, we are way past the days of balls and chains. I am not talking about physical slavery. I am talking about something worse on a personal level. I am talking about spiritual and mental slavery. 

Did you know that two people who look at the same set of facts can walk away with two totally different interpretations?

On the surface, this might not seem that much of a big deal. Different people in the world have different perspectives and opinions because they come from different parts of the world. They have different experiences and they put all these together in their own personal different way. 

But here is the problem. There is a way of looking at the world that leads to more positive results. That is just the truth. 

Not all mindsets lead to the optimum result. In fact, in some cases, it leads to flat our disasters.

You could lose your job. You could scare your partner away. You can destroy your relationship. You can develop an unhealthy desire. You can lose the most important woman in your life. You can even jeopardize your career. 

All of these can happen because you have a broken interpretation of the different stimuli that the world is sending you. You are a slave to that mindset. 

No matter how much it cheats you of success or how much it demeans or lowers your personal value, you just cannot let go. 

It is as if you are so afraid of what is around the corner. So afraid of the changes that you have to go through that you would rather stick to the personal hell that you know. 

There are many words for that mental state but I would submit that one of the most accurate ways of describing that kind of mindset is slavery. 

When you see an earring or a piercing in your dream it can indicate slavery to a mindset that holds you back and keeps you from rising to your life’s fullest potential. It can also mean that you are under somebody’s control. 

Do you have people in your life who only need to say one word to you or remind you of certain things in your past to keep you in your place? Or to instantly make you feel weak, small, powerless and voiceless? 

Again, slavery. 

In terms of personal relationships, maybe you are trying to impress these people. Maybe you are trying to live up to their expectations of you. Whatever the case may be, you are not living in freedom. 

Give yourself enough respect. Break out of that. 

Demand respect. Demand equality in your relationship. Stand on your rights. Question people who keep putting this guilt on you. 

Dreaming of losing an earring or dreaming of a broken earring.

Dreaming of losing an earring or dreaming of a broken earring

Another common set of dream images that accompany the earring motif involves a relationship to this item. 

When you are dreaming of a lost earring it is a sign of your subconscious that take things as some sort of unpleasant news or events that are about to unfold. 

Now you may be thinking to yourself that you have some sort of prophetic power. Well, not so fast. 

The reason why this sense seems so scary is because of the fact that most people are blind. We really are. 

Why? We develop time tunnel vision. 

If you spend most of your time for example taking care of your parents or people in your family, eventually, you start defining yourself as some sort of caregiver. Accordingly, your world view, the things that you look at and focus on, they bend and are reshaped by the role that you have defined yourself into. 

You live a lot of details out and this will fall blindness. This pretty much ensures that you will be surprised when things that you could have seen coming from a mile away finally take place. 

Dreaming of some sort of omen of events that are about to take place doesn’t make you some sort of prophet, instead, it speaks to the fact that you have developed such a strong spiritual, emotional and psychological tunnel vision that you are basically blind to the huge chunk of the things going on around you. 

It is totally understandable that people would be shocked by this but the truth is, there is no need for you to react to the negativity because a lot of these can be seen by people who put themselves in your shoes.

People have different perspectives and they have the opportunity to look at the things that you typically overlook. 

Another interpretation of the image of losing an earring can indicate upcoming freedom. It can indicate that a lot of the things that you used to believe in that made you small, feel weak and powerless are finally dissipating. 

Maybe you start seeing that other people in your life that came from the same background can do things that you thought would be impossible to, but, there they are. They are soaring like eagles. 

You finally realize that there is no secret.

If they can do well in their career, can lure in the best-looking women or land a very best life partner, you can too. Nothing is holding you back. There is nothing irredeemably broken about you that prevents you from living a more interesting life. 

This might seem like a cliche realization. After all, you have seen this again and again, one Hollywood movie after another. 

The moment you start to trust yourself is the moment you give yourself permission to believe that you are capable of something more. 

That is when the spell is broken. That is when the mental and spiritual slavery that an earring dream often symbolizes starts to break apart. This is when you start regaining your freedom.

Don’t be surprised if certain events in your waking life trigger up deep personal desire that pushes you to aim for a better relationship, bargain for a better partner, better status in life or to improve your reputation. 

All of these are interrelated. All will stand to the concept of personal slavery because we are all slaves. 

This is called our mental operating system. The good news is, we can choose it.

What does it mean to dream of someone wearing earrings?

What does it mean to dream of someone wearing earrings

When your focus is on somebody else wearing earrings and you are not looking at yourself in the mirror, this indicates and symbolizes your wants and desires will be fulfilled. 

Here is the twist. Credit will be taken by other people. At this point, your mind is telling you that you have a choice. 

Are you gonna insist on the ownership of whatever achievement you have managed in your life so far? Are you willing to share the credit? To take things one step further, how ready are you to let somebody else take the spotlight? 

Now you may be thinking to yourself that this is a bitter pill to swallow. After all, don’t most people want some sort of recognition? Don’t most people want to be thanked and congratulated for the kind of achievements that they have sacrificed to produce? 

You are absolutely correct. 

But, there are many situations that you should let other people take the credit because what matters is you know that when you desire something, you will be able to do the job of taking something from the realm of ideas and convert them into something that you can see, hear, touch, taste and smell. 

In other words, you took something that existed only in your head and converted it into something that is real in the world out there.

Dreaming of earrings as a gift.

If you see earrings being given as a gift in your dream, it doesn’t matter whether they are gold, pearl or metal. Pay close attention to the context. 

Are you giving the earrings as a gift? If that is the case, this indicates that your good deeds are being noticed by people. 

The reason why you may not be getting the kind of recognition that you otherwise deserve may be because people are still testing you up. Maybe they are asking themselves if this person the real deal. 

Will this person do the same even if nobody notices? Will this person act the same way when there is nobody out there to know? 

In other words, they are trying to figure out if someone can say that you have a certain reputation even when you do things in secret. 

Are you someone who possesses all these positive traits even though you know you won’t be rewarded? That is the ultimate test. You basically have to be that someone. 

Similarly, if you are giving earrings as a gift or if you are being gifted earrings, it can indicate that you have a strong work ethic. 

Now, a lot of people think that they will prosper in their careers as long as they put in the work. That is not necessarily true. This is because just like in the previous interpretation, the reason why rewards in the typical careers seem so few and far between is because there is a lot of testing. 

This testing really is all about your character. You are someone that will continue to show up regardless of the fact that there won’t be a reward. 

Are you someone who will show up in time? Are you someone who will put in the work even though there is a lot of discouragement and disappointment down the road? Are you that someone who will find the way to get over, maybe not today but definitely some time in the future? Are you that someone who will put in effort even though it seems that you can only be met with one disappointment and frustration after another? 

Life is a test. You probably already know this. 

Unfortunately, a lot of people think that someone out there should step in and be their knight in shining armor. They are thinking that someone out there should be their genie to grant all their wishes and make their lives fair and easy. Sadly that someone doesn’t exist.

The following section focuses on the different types of earrings. Above we focused on the context of earring imagery and the section below will focus on the type of earrings and what contextual meaning they add to the mix of interpretations you should focus on.

What does it mean to dream of gold earrings?

What does it mean to dream of gold earrings

If your night vision focuses mostly on earrings made out of gold it indicates that you are capable of solving a problem that is difficult for others to solve. This can be personal, this can be professional in nature or academic in origin. 

Another interpretation from the typical dream dictionary says that gold earring dreams can indicate your subconscious perception of an upcoming material gain or reward.

What does it mean to dream of silver earrings?

What does it mean to dream of silver earrings

Silver is all been associated with value. A lot of societies throughout the world in many different stages of history have used silver as a store of value. 

When you are given a silver piece it means that you have earned something. You are viewed as valuable. 

When you dream of silver earrings, this symbol indicates that you are at peace with your personal capabilities. In fact, you are so confident of what you can do and what you are about that you can easily take advantage of opportunities. 

Interestingly enough, the more confident you are about yourself, the more confident people will be about you.

What does it mean to dream about pearl earrings?

What does it mean to dream about pearl earrings

Pearl earrings indicate relationships. When you see lustrous pearls no matter their size hanging from your ears or the ears of somebody else, this can indicate a harmonious relationship. 

Now, this doesn’t necessarily have to be as some sort of romantic relationship but there will be a lot of mutual comforts. Both parties will be able to see eye to eye. 

Don’t be surprised to find yourself in a situation where you are with a friend or somebody special that completes your sentences. It is as if you can read each other’s thoughts and you don’t have to say a word to fully understand each other. You don’t want to separate because it seems that this person is the only other person in the world who “truly gets you”. 

It is not a surprise that a lot of dream dictionaries interpret the image of pearl earrings as an indication of some sort of upcoming marriage or form of a more formal relationship. 

What does it mean to dream of diamond earrings?

What does it mean to dream of diamond earrings

When you see earrings that have diamonds, studs or pieces mounted on, this can indicate that you will be hearing some sort of interesting news about your work. 

Now keep in mind that this “interesting news” can either involve you losing your job, getting your hours cut or dealing with a bully or a nasty boss at work. Seeing diamond earrings doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to get positive work news. 

Now, when you see yourself wearing these in your dream, it can indicate a sense of control over your career. It indicates that either you are putting too much effort into your career to the point that it is blocking out important areas of your life or it can indicate something broken.

It can indicate misplaced priorities. It can also represent a distorted view of your work relationships as well as the future of your career. 

What does it mean to dream of black earrings?

What does it mean to dream of black earrings

If you see this symbol it indicates that you are trying to keep a secret. Sooner or later your privacy will be broken because there is someone that is going to betray you. 

Now don’t freak out, that someone almost always sees you. At the end of the day, people cannot bear the heaviness of keeping secrets especially when it involves at some point lying to themselves.

Dream Example #1

Dream Example #1

I am a fan of the late Princess Diana of Wales. Elton John’s Candle in the Wind (Goodbye England’s Rose) always reminds me of her.

When I learned that her favorite flower was Forget Me Not, I bought two seedlings from our Plantita neighbor.

They are now thriving in our small garden.

I love looking at the photos of Princess Diana.

She had a great fashion sense and wore regal and elegant jewelry.

I read that among her favorite pieces of jewelry were the diamond and south sea pearl earrings. She wore those on her many royal engagements.

I went to Greenhills Shopping Center three months ago and showed the design of the earrings to the shop owner, Mister Allih. I asked him to find me something similar but inexpensive.

Last night I took the earrings out of my jewelry box and tried them on. I placed them on my dressing table before I went to bed.

I will be wearing them tomorrow for the first time at a party.

Then the craziest thing happened. There was a loud knock at the main door. My dogs and those of the neighbors were barking. There were noisy police cars in front of our house.

Some men identified themselves as intelligence officers from the United Kingdom and the Philippines. The neighbors got out of their houses to investigate what was happening. I was so embarrassed and frightened. Everything was happening so fast.

Terrified, I asked them what they wanted from me. The men explained that I possessed stolen property. Further, a burglar stole the earrings from the royal vault. They came to demand the return of the precious earrings. They also stated that I would be facing criminal charges for my offense.

When I asked how they tracked me, they said the jewelry had the tiniest GPS. But they were only able to get transmission last night. The foreign agents were in Manila for the past three months waiting for the break in the case.

I told them that I purchased the earrings in the flea market of Greenhills Shopping Center. I showed the invoice that had the contact details of the shop. I called Mister Allih.

The officers talked to him over the phone. They later told me that Mister Allih said a foreigner sold the earrings to him at a low price.

Given the price he paid for them, Mister Allih did not think that they were genuine. He then assumed that the seller wanted to get rid of them to avoid the authorities. The officers informed me that their combined forces would hunt him down.

Despite the chaos, I managed to call our family lawyer. All I wanted was for these men to leave the house. I had no idea what would happen to me next.

I did not want to end up in prison. I expected that I would be on the front pages of every newspaper and television. The thought was terrifying.

The British Intelligence officers confiscated the earrings and I was so disappointed.

As soon as they left, I cried and went back to my bedroom.

The following morning, I saw the earrings on the dressing table.

Dream Example #2

Dream Example #2

I was reading a book in the cozy confines of my room, comfortably sipping in a hot cup of coffee, while my phone rang. It was my sister.

She said she met a guy and would want us to meet. She wanted us to have a date that night.

She insisted I wear a pair of gold earrings she gifted. I recalled those earrings. They were terrible. The only time I wore them was at my brother’s friends’ wedding & everyone was staring at me like they saw an alien.

As reluctant as I was to meet this random guy, I wanted to say no to the earrings while she hung up.

The doorbell rang at 7 p.m. All this while I was hoping to dodge the stupid blind date.

Although I was not quite feeling it, I quickly put on a dress, a pair of nice heels & those silly earrings. When we arrived at the restaurant, Jason, my date, was busy talking about how successfully he was running his business & world tours.

When the starters came, he started talking about his impeccable fashion sense. “Unlike those earrings,” he said with disgust & a smirk on his face. “It was hideous!”

I, on the other hand, felt a little insulted although I had found them not so likable too. I did not say a word. I smiled & let it go.

Jason suddenly tried to look for something in his seat. He brought out a tiny little red box & put it on the table.

I opened the box & voila, there was this pair of the most beautiful diamond earrings. It’s got asymmetric diamond clusters. The outlines were petal-inspired.

I was stunned by its sparkles. It was shining bright. It was mesmerizing. I’ve always preferred silhouettes with an organic look. The earrings seemed that they were made just for me. “Did you like it?” he asked. I said it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen.

Once he dropped me off after the date, I could not stop thinking & admiring those earrings. I felt like the luckiest person on earth. The earrings became my favorite asset. It meant the whole world to me.

I went asleep fiddling with the earrings in my hand. The next morning, I wanted to look for them when I quickly realized they were not to be seen anywhere. I was frantically searching for them but of no use.

I felt heartbroken. My phone suddenly rang. I didn’t want to pick up. I let it ring. It kept on ringing over & over again.

I woke up from my sleep due to a constant buzzing. My boyfriend was calling me. He wanted to give me a surprise gift on my birthday.

He came over to show me the gift. I opened the box and it was this amazing-looking pair of gold earrings with asymmetrical diamond floral studs all over. It was the most beautiful amalgamation of the gold & the diamond earrings I dreamt of the previous night.

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