What does a dream of flat tire incidents mean?

What does a dream of flat tire incident mean? One of the most annoying things that could ever happen to you is to get a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. It is bad enough having to find a tow truck if you catch a flat in the city. Can you imagine suffering the same fate out in the booties somewhere?

That’s right. Far from help and far from everybody you know.

It is no surprise that most people find a a dream of flat tire situations quite troubling. They can’t help but feel helpless. It’s as if they are dropped in the middle of nowhere and left to fend for themselves.

So what does a dream of flat tire situations mean in your waking life?

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The overarching meaning of a dream of flat tire symbols.

There is a general pattern among the different interpretations regarding flat tires. They all involve ones’ sense of and need for control. In this case, there is none.

If you catch a flat tire in the middle of a highway and there are very few cars passing through, it is going to suck. You are going to have to wait for a long time and in many cases, you are going to be very vulnerable.

Who knows who is going to show up. Maybe they are going to help you or maybe they’ll try to rob you.

You are not in control. This sense of randomness is what throws people off when they catch a flat tire in real life. How much more in your dream life.

To dream of a flat tire or in some cases a worn-out tire or bald tires indicates a sense of powerlessness.

It can be emotional, psychological or financial. Whatever the case may be, your self-esteem is taking a hit because you feel like you are not making things happen in your life the way you hoped.

Most people view themselves as the center of their lives. There is nothing wrong with this. You are not a narcissist for thinking this way. You have to take care of yourself.

However bad it may sound, whether we like it or not, we are all self-centered. We are all selfish but, if used properly and viewed with the appropriate point of view, it’s fine.

So, when does this becomes a problem?

This is shaken to its core when you find yourself out of control. It is as if you are thrown into a landscape or situation you absolutely have no say in or control over.

So what does the number one human response in that kind of situation?

You feel that you are either losing control or you are afraid. Since things are just slipping out of control or this has been the case for a long time that there’s nothing you can do about it. So what happens next?

That’s right. You lose interest in your life’s journey.

You start viewing your life as this movie that was prewritten, prescreened and all you need to do is show up. That is all you need to do because there is no input from you. It has been written for you.

The images and scenes that you see being played out on the screen is your life. It is a one-way street or a one way conversation. It’s as if people beyond your control as well as people you don’t know have set up this script for you to live out.

Seeing a flat tire as a warning sign.

When you see a flat tire in your dream and it is the central focus of your dream, sit up and pay attention. Since this image is the central focus of your nighttime vision, this indicates that you are losing your personal potential.

Everybody starts off with hopes, wishes and dreams.

When we were young, we have a billion dreams and everything was possible. Everything was on the table because we feel that we could live forever. We have the energy and we are smart enough but as we get older and life gives you a few knocks and defeats here and there, you start becoming aware of your limitations. You also learn a thing or two about who to trust and how the world really works.

Unfortunately, if you see in your dream this giant flat tire that seems to just show up in one scene after another, your subconscious is telling you that you have begun to lose faith in yourself. Maybe you still believe in your abilities to get things done or to manage but you have lost hope in your potential. Maybe you started thinking that your best days are behind you.

A lot of people would think that this is the kind of thing that will happen to people in their forties. You probably have heard of the old concept of “midlife crisis”.

What if I told you that people in their early twenties are also going through this. This is due to the fact that technology is changing so fast and it has such a huge impact on the economy that it is anybody’s guess what the most jobs will be. No wonder so many people are quitting their jobs.

People no longer feel that they are in control. They no longer feel that what input they put in counts or has much of an impact so they start to opt-out. Maybe they go back to school or they have started doing side hustles online. Some have completely opted out of working for a living.

The good news is, just as technology has turned the world upside down, it has also enabled people to make money from home doing things that they love. There is such a thing as a Youtube millionaire or a rich tiktokers.

Can you imagine that? Just doing what you love and getting paid.

Your dream of a flat tire must be viewed from this context of ever-changing world.

Whenever there is change, people feel vulnerable or even scared. This is understandable because they don’t know what is going to happen. In fact, they don’t even know what is around the corner.

Reconnect with your sense of control.

It is easy to say that you should learn to control what is happening in your life, after all this is a part of what you have been told and as an adult, you should do. It is just something that responsible, mature adults need to do. It doesn’t matter if they are brave or not, you just have to do it.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where there are very few rites of passage.

Back in the old days, there was a firm dividing line when adolescence became adults. In native American societies, the young people would go out on a hunt and they would enter some sort of dream state. Once they pass through that ritual, everybody starts treating them as adults with the matching duties, responsibilities and privileges.

We don’t have that clear dividing line in our modern world.

Many people who are in their fifties are acting like they are in their teens and vise versa.

The rules have changed. Just in case you haven’t noticed, this has put a tremendous amount of pressure on our relationships.

Every time you step out of that door, you are actually wearing many faces. You are somebody’s employee,contractor or supplier. You can also be somebody’s sibling, offspring or romantic interest. You are wearing so many identities.

Given the fact that all these things are changing, it is very easy to feel heavy. You just don’t know what your real face is and which face you should show in what situations. So many people either retreat to some sort of extreme version of who they think they are or they go to the other extreme.

This other extreme is very familiar, they are people pleasers.

You don’t know who you are. You desperately look for your identity in the eyes of others. You are who other people tell you. To some extent, this makes a lot of sense but it can also be soul-crushing.

The flat tire and the power of tradition.

A normal tire is very useful because it takes all the weight of the car and restricts it to a very small strip of contact with the road. This ensures that the forward motion of the vehicle would be as smooth as possible. There is less friction and it makes for a way less bumpy ride.

If you don’t know what I am talking about, just imagine square tires. That is all you need to do. Fill in the blanks. It is pretty straightforward.

When you have a round tire, there is this smooth forward motion. You get from point A to point B with very minimal friction and rocking. The problem with a flat tire is that it destroys this continuous motion.

On one extreme, the tire just spins in place. It is shredded. Unless you want to destroy the accel of your car, you better turn off the engine. On the other extreme, there might still be enough air pressure in the tire but it makes for a very bumpy ride.

It is really important to understand the difference between the two because people’s attitudes regarding living for somebody else or living out your life based on somebody else’s expectations and assumptions fall in between these two extremes.

Ask yourself, what am I frustrated about in my life? What are the things that I typically do without thinking that I come to feel angry or regretful about later on?

If you are completely honest with yourself, you can quickly realize that there is a part of you that reacts automatically. This is not because you control it or you have clear values guiding it, instead, you have learned to act that way because that is how you feel people you respect expect you to behave.

It is shocking to find out how many people live out their lives, living somebody else’s dreams. These are usually our parents but the list doesn’t end with them.

There are people in your social circles that you can’t help but mimic. You admire them so much that you want to be them. Similarly, there might be people in your work that you respect so much that you feel you just have to copy them.

Copying somebody else is not necessarily bad.

Let me clue you in a very shocking revelation. Copying somebody else is not necessarily bad. The same goes with doing something because it is ” traditional”.

What will make it bad, unproductive or even self-destructive is when you do it in an unthinking way.

There is an old saying, “It is okay to respect the fire as long as you don’t worship the ashes.”. If you don’t respect the fire, you are going to get burned every single time.

There is a reason why there is such a thing as tradition. It is a collection of people’s lived experiences. Put simply, they have to go through all the heartbreaks, disappointment, loss, pain, embarrassment and humiliation so that you don’t have to. Take it at that level.

It does not mean that whatever form or guidelines they come up with has to be set in stone.

You should focus on what they fixed. What they had to fix it with and in under what circumstance. This way, you would learn to respect the problem and the different variations it takes without necessarily being joined at the hip with the specific solution they came up with.

Again, respect the fire but do not worship the ashes.

Sadly, when we become slaves to tradition, we worship the ashes. In fact, their lives become just a massive collection of ash piles.

We rarely stop and think. Why do we do things the way we do them?

Focus on the principle. See if you can stick with that principle in a way that is more conducive to your current situation.

I know this sounds like an academic exercise but you really need to understand. This impacts your relationship with your parents, authoritative figures and people you are trying to emulate.

Yes, there are heroes in the world but you have to understand why they are heroes. Do not take their words for it. Don’t view them as heroes on a “take it or leave it” basis.

Focus on the lessons and apply them to your life but don’t become an idol worshipper. This is no time for idolatry.

What if someone is purposely flattening tires?

If in your dream you see somebody purposely flattening their tires, it can indicate either a person’s sense of jealousy or resignation. It depends on who does it.

If in your dream, you keep seeing somebody puncturing your tires or putting you in a situation where your tires go flat, your subconscious is telling you that the people who that person represents are undermining you in some way.

You maybe thinking that this is some sort of competitor or even an arch enemy. Think again. The people close to us tend to be the ones who can undermine us the most. Why?

We take them very seriously.

If you don’t want to get hurt, look into your inner circle. That is where the real hurt, pain and betrayal come from.

It is hard to be betrayed by somebody you don’t trust or you put at arm’s length but when your best friend or your own mother and father undermines you, it hurts at a very deep level. Why?

Your guard is down. You expected more from them. You are very vulnerable.

Please understand that when you see images of people somehow causing your flat tire, focus on who the action is directed to. Was it an accident? Or do you keep seeing this motif of people just somehow finding themselves in a situation where they are flattening your tires?

Maybe somebody is undermining you. Now keep in mind that when people undermine each other in a familiar or intimate context, it usually doesn’t involve some sort of conspiracy.

In many cases, it is not even obvious but it does occur because of their attitude.

Maybe you have somebody in your circle that is so insecure that they cannot help but radiate doubt, skepticism, negativity and a sense of defeat. While it is true that their ultimate issue was with themselves, it is also true that just like a pile of manure that stinks, people around that person are negatively affected.

You know what to do.

There are many ways you can distance or contain that person. You can proactively counteract their impact on you by reinterpreting the signals that they send to you. Either way, you need to make a move because your subconscious is telling you that their negativity and toxic signals are weighing, dragging you down or possibly holding you back.

The other variation of this involves accidents.

You noticed that you caught a flat because of a certain pattern. You perhaps went a certain route repeatedly and caught a flat each time.

This is self-sabotage. You know that negative habits keep you from rising to your fullest potential.

Most people know themselves enough. They are at least familiar with the patterns that they see in their lives. Don’t be so quick to think that this is caused by other people. That is already an excuse that we give ourselves.

In reality, there are certain patterns that we stick to. We can’t help it. If something happens, we are sure to take certain actions that lead to the same predictable results and this happens again and again.

I wish I could tell you that this is something seared into your genes. It isn’t. It is learned behavior.

The reason why it keeps happening again and again is that there is some sort of reward.

I know you are thinking to yourself, how do I reward myself when I sabotage myself. Well, it is actually quite simple.

When you sabotage your dreams, you are basically telling yourself, it is okay not to put in the effort and risk possible defeat, rejection, humiliation and embarrassment because it is not going to work out anyway. You do yourself the favor of sparing yourself all the unnecessary hassle of having to try and get really close only to fall flat to your face.

The “reward” that you get is the sense of relief. You went too far and you did your best and that is good enough.

A lot of people sabotaged themselves because they somehow convinced themselves that it is their destiny to be mediocre. It is somehow they dye into. They are reassuring the lie that they keep telling themselves that they are mediocre just like everybody else.

The truth is, you can be whoever you want to be. You can reach as high as you want and you have the will and the power to do it. The problem is, do you want to do it. That is the question that is best answered by yourself.

Dreaming of slashing your own tires.

If you see yourself actively slashing your own tires and it is very clear from the dream imagery that it is your own car, your own set of tires and it is you causing the slashing, this indicates a deep and profound sense of self-doubt.

Don’t think that if you dream this image symbology or collection of dream signals that you somehow are some sort of a loser.

Now, highly successful people suffer from what psychologists call “the impostor syndrome”. At the back of your mind, you are thinking, no matter how high the mountains I scale in life, I will always be that loser kid from junior high school. No matter how many attractive women or men I attract, I will always be that pimply nerd or fat girl from high school.

There is this connection between who you think you are in totality and how other people see you. It is as if you feel that you are playing some sort of con and it’s just one big act. This is not necessarily a bad thing as the shocking dimension to this dream.

It tells you that a part of yourself is keeping yourself grounded. You haven’t believed your own past. You haven’t bought into what other people tell you about yourself.

The challenge is to not take it to extremes.

You know you are not that loser from junior high school anymore because you have by all measures succeeded. Embrace that. But, allow yourself remain grounded by hanging on to the “total picture” of who you are.

It is a delicate balancing act.

When your subconscious is showing you that you are slashing your own tires, sit up and pay attention because this is a call to humility.

But on the other hand, it can also be a red flag if you go to the other extreme and start thinking that it is all a sham. No matter how competent you get and how much success you achieve, it will never be enough because you will always be a loser.

What does it mean to dream of someone trying to steal your tires?

If you see somebody stealing or trying to steal your tires, this indicates that your subconscious is detecting a tremendous amount of rivalry or competition in your private life.

If you own a business, this is fairly straightforward. In fact, it should be expected. On the other hand, if you don’t own a business or you are not in some sort of competitive group at work, pay close attention to who is trying to take your tire.

There may be different people trying to take your attention. Maybe they think they have a better idea of how you should live your life. Maybe they are under the impression that they know what is best for you.

Other people are just simply selfish and they want to keep you all for themselves. Maybe, they are trying to feed into some sort of deep or profound insecurity that they may have.

All of these can be very deceptive because it all looks like jealousy and there are many layers to jealousy.

Jealousy is a green-eyed monster. That is true. It has many different sides so pay close attention to what’s happening in your dreams when somebody tries to steal your car tires. Take note of the context.

What does it mean when someone is blowing your tires?

When you are going on a long road trip, one of the most prudent things you can do is to go to a gas station and blow air into your tires.

Usually, people have to whip out the owner’s manual to see the proper tire pressure so they can select the right setting. This is very important because if you underinflate your tires chances are, it is gonna blow up and if you overinflate it, your car might be inefficient when it comes to fuel consumption.

When you see somebody blowing your car, your subconscious is telling you that there is somebody who is exerting influence in your life.

This is very important in a dream image because a lot of people tend to become robots. They make decisions in a certain way, or they view and define themselves opposing other people but when asked to explain, they don’t have a clue.

Be careful who is blowing your tires. Pay close attention to the influences that you get from social media, the books you read and even your circle of friends and family.

You may be thinking that this is just some random person sputtering out ideas, think again!

Your mind is a sponge. When the proper context for that idea is happening in your life, you would be surprised as to how a lot of that comes back and actually influences your decisions.

You cannot quite put a name on the shores of that idea but here it is, in some way or another, impacting you on how you decide on an issue and having a significant effect on the quality of your decisions.

Be careful of your influences. Make sure they are all consistent. Make sure that they flow from the values that you have consciously chosen for yourself.

What does it mean to dream of having new tires?

When you dream of brand new tires being put on your car and this happens again and again, this can indicate a need for a deep and profound change in your life.

The most common way this plays out is when you switch careers or you try new business but it can also indicate your attitude towards your relationships. Maybe your old relationship has given way to something more exciting. You are still with the same person but your love life is on a whole different level.

It can also go in the other direction. You may have decided that it is time to head for the exit because your relationship simply isn’t working out.

Whatever the case may be, seeing new tires in your dream repeatedly indicates that you are either desiring a profound change or you have had enough and you found the energy to make that change happen.

Dream Example #1

As I opened my eyes, I tried to establish where I was. My mind was still fuzzy. I was trying hard to remember how I got here and where I was going. Confusion kicked in, and my head began to spin.

Standing in front of a white Toyota Probox in the middle of a blistering road, I stared at miles and miles of empty, barren land.

The sun baked the ground and sweat was dripping down my forehead. And after what seemed like a few minutes of looking around, I soon realized the loneliness in the acres and acres of the vast land in front of me.

Here I was in the middle of a lonely highway with a flat tire and no other car in sight.

I have always dreaded getting a flat tire in the middle of nowhere, and today was that day. To make matters worse, I began to have a paralyzing fear of bandits and other dangerous creatures.

I could see them attacking and tearing me apart. I did not want to die this way alone in this place, never to be seen again.

I began walking down the highway to get away from the unknown. And the more I walked, the hooter and darker it became.

Suddenly it was nighttime. I knew something had been watching, and now it was following me.

I could feel its steps, and with each step, the earth shook. My neck became stiff, I was unable to look back, and the faster I walked, the more the creature got encouraged to pursue. Each of its steps became heavier and louder as I tried to get away.

Seeing that walking was not enough, I began to run but the harder I tried, I wasn’t getting away. I tried, but I could only paddle in the air.

In the back of my neck, I could feel the creature’s warm breath as it charged behind. It was about to catch me, and I knew I was gone.

Streams of sweat were pouring down my spine, and when I tried to scream, no sound came out of my mouth.

I could see my son asking his mom why I never came back, the pain my mother would go through if I disappeared just like that, and the pain of not being there for my family when they needed me.

Not being able to breathe terrified me even more. My heart was in my mouth, the veins in the neck beat like a drum, and my legs were now as strong as noddles. I was going nowhere. So, I began whispering my last prayers before becoming dinner.

I was about to give up when I breathed fresh air again. I was still sweating and feeling dizzy.

I was able to turn my neck again and could hear music in the background -it was the sweet tone of my phone alarm. My family was fine, and I was fine too.

I didn’t have a flat tire. I wasn’t in a barren land anymore, and no creature was about to make me its dinner.

Dream Example #2

I have never registered on any dating app before. I was a shy person, I didn’t know how to talk to ladies, and I’ve always considered it a difficult milestone that I’ll never be able to achieve at least not in this lifetime.

My best friend Frederick called me on the phone. I had just finished with one of my freelancing jobs, and I was lying on my king-size bed, and beside it was my medium-sized mahogany study table.

On top of it was my personal computer and a few study books neatly arranged on top. As a freelancer, I had made a decent fortune out of freelancing so I could afford a bit of luxury and freedom.

Freddy as I often call him asked me to hang out and have a couple of drinks with him since he was in town for the weekend and he had no previous engagements.

I hesitated in accepting his offer, as an introvert I didn’t like going out in public places. The only reason I accepted to go out to meet him was that he couldn’t stop insisting I meet Vera, his girlfriend who according to him, has been one of the best things that have happened to him after Me and beer.

At 6:30 p.m, I looked out my window, and the weather was still bright, The sun was setting. It was a perfect evening for a Hangout.

So I dressed up in a simple button-down long-sleeve blue shirt, black Jean trousers, and a pair of Nike sneakers.

Though I was an introvert, I had a physique most girls would trip for, and some guys would envy. I was good-looking in every sense of the way.

At 25, I was already living alone in my well-furnished three-bedroom apartment. I picked up my keys from my dressing table and headed out for my garage, where my Mercedes GLK 450 was parked.

I headed for the highway towards our meeting venue, The Truth Nightclub. It was the most popular and most prestigious nightclub in my region, and it was 45 minutes drive from where I live.

Vera was pretty, and I couldn’t believe girls like her could be found on dating apps because who needed the dating app when you look that stunning, no wonder why my friend Freddy was so hung up on her.

That instant, I decided to sign up maybe, I’ll be lucky to meet another pretty girl like Vera. So Fred and I got to talking, catching up on the little details of our lives.

So he told me that the name of the dating app where he met Vera was LetsMeet and how he came to know about the app was from his colleague at work.

Throughout the remainder of the night, my mind was going over the thought of getting a pretty girl I could vibe with on LetsMeet.

I got home at 9:10 p.m, The night was still young, and I felt so giddy because of the prospect of meeting some lady on the LetsMeet app.

I found the app on the Play store, downloaded it, created my profile, and I was good to go. 30 minutes later, I received a notification while I was in the bathroom taking a shower.

I dried up, put on warm nightclothes, and headed for my bed, and my phone was on top. Her name was Cherry, and she sent me a message, I checked her profile picture and “Damn! she was beautiful.”

We got to talking, and we bonded instantly. We talked about anything and everything. Cherry was well exposed and knowledgeable, and the most interesting part was that she was in town that weekend to meet her aunt.

The universe was working in my favor this time around, “Lucky me,” I said to myself. We decided that we’d meet up at EatRite the following day on her way back to where she stayed in another state, 14 hours journey from the state I live.

I was left with a choice to meet her then else we might never meet again. I slept off with a smile on my face.

I was already 30 minutes late for my date when I had the most terrible experience in my life. I had a flat tire.

I thought “Of all the days to have a flat tire, today wasn’t supposed to be the day!”
I was so frustrated, and I didn’t know what to do because I didn’t come with my spare tire, and there was no mechanic shop nearby.

Cherry already called telling me she has to be on her way to beat the traffic to reach home on time. It was already late afternoon almost Four o’clock.

I flagged down a car that was passing by, and luckily for me, it was Jude, my next-door neighbor. I told him of my ordeal, and he gave me his spare tire.

My heart sang for joy as I changed my flat tire as fast and as expertly as I could, and was on my way to meet the most beautiful woman I will ever come to meet and get to know in my life.

Suddenly, a loud knock on my door woke me up from my sleep.

Dream Example #3

I found myself in a busy street in the middle of the day. I was standing beside my car, frustrated at something.

When I looked down, I saw my flat tire and instantly knew that I was dreaming. I was half thankful but half frustrated that I caught myself in this situation.

I was thankful. After all, I knew I had a reason to be late for work and frustrated because all the people around me seemed too busy with their own business.

I tried to call my friend’s number to ask him if he could help me with my problem. With no luck, he was not answering my call. I decided to sit inside my car and let the day pass by.

Fed up by the constant need to show up for work, I decided to take the rest of the day for myself.

I sent a message to my boss informing her that I was sick although my car was the one that needed more help than me.

I watched the people pass by my car with their phones on their ears. It seemed that they all had a troubled look on their faces. I felt a bit more courageous and decided to turn my car into a house for the day.

I went to a nearby coffee shop and decided to buy an iced espresso and glazed donut. Just for a change, I chose to stay in the car with my flat tire instead of enjoying the ambiance of the busy coffee shop.

Who knew that having a flat tire would be this fun? Instead of stressing myself how I could fix this, I decided to make a decision for a change and relax for a while.

Amid my glorious dreaming, I remembered that the last time I got a flat tire was when I was on my way to a friend’s bridal shower.

I was so stressed out at that time and didn’t realize that I was cursing so loud that people started looking at me. However, in this precious dream of mine, I was the complete opposite of that. I felt like I could do anything I wanted.

Once I had finished my food and drinks, I had settled down in my seat and laid down, hoping to get a more comfortable position.

I opened my phone and saw a message from my supervisor asking if I was okay and that I should get better soon.

Well, I couldn’t get any better than this, only my car with a flat tire is the one that needed help.

I tossed my phone over the backseat and got myself a book to read. After a long time, I got myself a book, but it was only in a dream.

Moments continued to pass by. I can barely remember how everything ended. There was a glimpse of people peaking inside the car and looking at my flat tire.

Usually, I would care about them and be annoyed with the fact that they keep giving me and my flat tire attention. But what could I say, anything is possible in a dream.

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