What does it mean to dream of a dead person giving you something?

Dreaming of receiving gifts often represents special feelings you have for somebody or your awareness that you’ve been given special treatment. But what if you dream of a dead person giving you something?

This is a complicated scenario because a dream about receiving a gift from a dead person doesn’t fit reality. This person may be a relative who has died long ago, and here they are in your dream, giving you something of value.

Unlike other dream images involving death or seeing a somewhat phantom character in your dreams – like a dream about someone standing at your door or dreaming of dead animals – this type of dream suggests more positive symbols for the dreamer.

dream of a dead person giving you something
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The dream image of a dead relative bearing gifts

If you see a dead relative giving you something dream-wise, it means that they are trying to communicate with you a special truth about yourself.

At the most basic, you may be realizing that this person is special to you, and you may have had a special place in that person’s heart. This is fairly easy to figure out, especially if you have fond memories of the dead person you dreamt about.

But there may also be a spiritual element to this because the deceased is trying to reach out to you in your dreams. It doesn’t really matter what the gift is, nor is it really that important if that person has put you in his or her will.

A gift from a dead person dream may refer to the death of the old you and the birth of a better you

What’s worth paying attention to is how your subconscious is using this dead person dream imagery to try to reach you regarding issues of self-worth.

Perhaps you’re really busy, or you haven’t really stopped to think about how you value yourself. Perhaps you’ve been going through life thinking that you can only go so far or what people say about you is true.

Regardless, when you see the dream motif or dream message of a clearly dead person giving you something, dream dictionaries would say that this indicates a growing awareness in your subconscious of your need to properly appreciate yourself.

A dream about receiving a gift from a dead person involves self-validation

Please understand that nobody can give you the kind of gifts that you yourself are responsible for. You are responsible for your self-worth and self-image.

To paraphrase Eleanor Roosevelt, “Nobody can make you feel lousy without your permission.” At the end of the day, self-worth is a choice.

Of course, it would help if it’s based on objective reality, but ultimately, it is your choice. Some people do have an overblown or exaggerated view of themselves. Others look for facts to support their image of themselves. Either way, you shouldn’t beat yourself up.

Maybe this dead person dream means that you are worthy enough to receive good gestures, favors, and appreciation. After all, most people give gifts to communicate that they appreciate the recipient.

Dreaming of a gift from a dead person represents overcoming insecurities

This dream denotes a very good omen because it shows that you are beginning to wake up to your need for better self-appreciation.

Perhaps the reason why you felt certain things in your life or certain dreams were just off-limits to you is because you put yourself in a neat little box. Perhaps you even labeled yourself negatively. Perhaps you’re thinking that there are certain places that you can and cannot go to, and there are certain people you can and cannot become.

This is a very limiting practice, but it does have its positives. At the back of your mind, you’re saving yourself the disappointment. You believe that you know your limits, so you focus your attention on your strengths.

On paper, it might seem workable, but in reality, it actually just gives you an excuse for not trying. The missing key is confidence that you can grow into situations you face. As a result, you fail to live up to your fullest potential, and your drive to succeed in terms of your dreams is lost.

A gift from a dead person dream represents the power of reciprocity

When you see this dream, it means that your subconscious is picking up on other people’s perceptions of you. You may be realizing that there are people who appreciate you and do good deeds for you. This can all manifest in your dream.

If anything, this dream may represent your awareness of the power of reciprocity. These people are nice to you because you took the initiative to be nice to them. Funny how that works, right?

Pay close attention to that person your dream is alluding to. If that person is somebody you vaguely know but are on good terms with, the chances are high that your dream indicates a general appreciation for your kindness, goodness, and your character. People like being around you.

Your dream of a dead person giving you something suggests good news

Dreams being dreams, the ultimate dream interpretation of your night vision of a dead person dream may indicate a different dream meaning, depending on context. Pay close attention to what the gift is in the dream, when it happened, how long ago the giver has been dead, and other details you dreamt about.

These might seem like small dream details, but they count for a lot when it comes to the general direction and tone of your dream. Regardless, in general terms, the dream image of a dead person giving you something in a dream means there will be a positive change in your future.

Your subconscious might not be able to show in the dream the details of what these changes will be or what they involve, but it has a strong sense that things will turn out in your favor. This is why it manifests in your dream. This is not a small change, mind you.

For your subconscious to use an otherwise jarring dream or even surprising image as a dead gift-giver dream, there’s a good chance that the changes are going to be big. They can take your life in a completely different direction. You might find yourself in a place that you would have never imagine in a thousand years.

A dead person offering a gift in a dream could mean positive life-changing events are coming

This type of dream may appear as an omen that you will have a successful period in your life soon. Perhaps you’ll discover new treasures in the form of people that will be valuable to you.

Alternatively, this dream may indicate that you have certain skills or talents that you may not have fully realized.

Whatever your circumstances may be today, you dreamt about this image because it seems that there is going to be, in your life, a new period of growth. Not only does this dream mean that you will possibly earn more, go to more places, and enjoy yourself better, but it may take your life to a whole other level because you end up exploring different sides of your personality and interests.

The gift from a dead person in your dream represents financial success for the dreamer

Finally, to have dreamt about a dead relative giving you a gift may also mean that you will have new ideas that can benefit your business or your job. These new ideas may take the form of new ways of doing things, new projects, or just hacks and insights that may help you be more productive or efficient. This can also lead to an abundance of wealth.

If you own your own business and you keep seeing this type of dream symbology, the chance is quite high that you will be getting involved in a new business venture.

General dream interpretation about a dead person and gifts

When it comes to general dream interpretation of someone deceased giving you something of value, the default position is the initial dream meanings and themes I’ve outlined in the section above.

But there are key factors that may change the direction of the general interpretation of this type of dream. These include some dream interpretations you may find in your typical dream dictionary, while others are more spiritual in nature.

Dream about receiving a gift from a dead grandparent

According to standard dream dictionary entries, a gift from a dead grandparent dream means that you are stuck with a limiting mindset.

If you grew up in an average family, your relationship with your grandparents is going to be different than the often-bittersweet relationship with your father and mother.

The dream image of grandparents in the waking life

When grandparents have grandchildren, they usually are more established in life. They have slowed down. In many cases, they have fully retired. A lot of the things that they sought to establish, prove, or resolve in their lives are pretty much done deals a long time ago.

For example, maybe they accomplished a lot of their goals, or they’ve learned to let go of past projects. Whatever the case may be, they’re more mellow than your parents. So when you receive a gift from a dead grandparent, this dream indicates a friendly yet necessary life advice or message.

A gift from a dead grandparent symbolizes crucial life advice

Maybe you’re stuck with limiting beliefs about yourself and the world, or you have picked up unproductive or even self-destructive emotional habits or ideas long the way.

These are the types of things that your grandparents would be alarmed about and could try to help you with. They don’t want you to view life with a negative lens or an overly pessimistic mindset.

Just as a grandfather or a grandmother would give some loving advice to their grandchild to gently nudge them towards a different direction, don’t be surprised if the dream message of your grandma who died long ago is giving you what may appear to be a small token but that may point to something profound.

A dead grandparent giving you something in the dream could mean a new life perspective

Viewed from this lens, it doesn’t come as a surprise that a dead person’s dream may also be a sign or subconscious dream message that you’re about to enter a new phase of your life.

Normally, most people would think that this is a good thing. But if you’re the type of person who is scared by change because you’d rather be stuck with something that you’re familiar with than take a risk with something unknown, this might seem paralyzing.

What your grandparent – who’s been on the other side of death a long time ago – suggests is to trust yourself enough to move past the shadows and embrace a new adventure. Just like a grandfather holding his grandson by the hand as the young kid finds his balance, maybe your dream vision is related to the new opportunities that are presenting themselves in your life.

A dreamer seeing a dead grandparent in dreams is reconnecting with their inner child

Allow yourself to reconnect with the adventure and anticipation that you used to have about the world when you were a kid.

For example, what was so awesome about being a kid was not just opening gifts on Christmas day. What makes being a kid so awesome was the anticipation that you were looking forward to Christmas in the middle of February. Most adults have lost this and have seen the death of this youthful anticipation.

In fact, when the things that we are anticipating finally enter our world, we tend to be disappointed because we either set high expectations or we feel that we’ve seen it before, and we need something new. And if that doesn’t happen, we’re let down.

A dead grandparent dream warns a dreamer about a lost appreciation for the little things

The dream image of your grandparent giving you a gift in your dream may be a message or invitation from your subconscious to reconnect with the sense of anticipation you lost a long time ago.

If you change your mindset to enjoy the journey towards your goals and celebrate the opportunities as well as the challenges that you’ve overcome as you move forward to where you need to go, your life might end up in a different place.

Instead of bouncing from chore to chore – each day blurring into each other without meaning or passion – and seeing the death of your hopes and dreams repeatedly each day, you decide to start living differently.

You start seeing your life and the months ahead as a series of adventures and new emotional and spiritual birth each time. You start looking for opportunities to solve problems, celebrate your curiosity, and otherwise come up with something new.

A gift from a dead elderly suggests feelings of contentment

When you see this dream message, you celebrate life and birth.

You’re not just going through the motions. You’re not just trying to fulfill some sort of obligation — for example, just punching in at a job so you can collect a paycheck after two weeks. Instead, when you adopt this new mindset, you look forward to being challenged, and you learn to trust yourself to overcome those challenges.

Where does this lead to? Well, it may lead to success because now you’re not looking at your journey as a painfully slow and unrewarding or some sort of just giant chore that will wear you out to death. Instead, you see it as an adventure and a series of increasingly complicated puzzles.

Dreaming about receiving a gift from an elderly family member is a sign of self-improvement

When you see this dream image of an elderly family member or someone related to you appear with a gift in your dreams, this suggests several things that could happen in your waking life.

Your level of competence increases, and you become more confident in your ability to make things happen. This enables you to seize more opportunities and to be proactive in dealing with the issues that you face in different areas of your life. This ranges from your relationships to your education, your finances, your dreams of owning a business, and so on and so forth.

If you dreamt of the image of somebody older who you looked up to who died long ago, pay close attention to the dream message. This dream sign is pointing you to a different way of thinking about your life. If you pick up on this dream sign, you are well on your way to living your life differently.

Common gift dreams from the deceased

Pay close attention to the following details in your dream. As I’ve mentioned earlier, the general dream interpretation and dream dictionary entries I’ve mentioned in earlier sections set the general tone.

But if you want to drill and get the specific direction of your dream, pay close attention to the details below, which may be specific to the meaning of your dreams.

What does it mean if the dead person is giving you a ring?

If you see someone who died long ago giving you a ring in your dream, this may be a sign of an upcoming partnership proposal. This can take many different forms.

The most obvious is some sort of relationship proposals like you and your friend, or you and the person you’ve been dating will take things to the next level. In other words, this suggests that your relationship will be more serious.

It can also mean that people you’ve been networking with will see your potential and invite you into a business opportunity. This dream can also indicate some sort of looming promotion or being given more responsibilities at work.

Just like in real life, a ring from a dead person symbolizes commitment

No matter how you look at it, when you see that ring image in your dream being the prominent dream message or dream symbol, you are going to enter into some sort of commitment. This is obviously not something to be taken lightly.

When you enter into a personal or business relationship, it requires dedication. It also requires exclusivity.

For instance, in a business setting, it means that you’re going to focus less on being a worker and more on being an innovator, manager, or the person who grows the business.

Gifts involving rings may also mean that you will receive an unexpected present from close family members or somebody that’s distantly related to you who you’ve lost contact with a long time ago. This can involve a windfall or an invitation to reconnect.

What does it mean if the ring being given in the dream is gold?

If the ring that you see in your dream is a gold ring – and despite the aspect of death in the dream – it means that the news that you will receive will be very positive.

Maybe you have a job application, or you have started up a business and are trying to get funding. Or maybe you have been looking for partners for a business venture.

Whatever your specific personal circumstances, when you see a gold ring given to you by a dead person in your dream, it can indicate that something that you’ve started long ago will have a very positive result soon.

What does it mean to dream of a woman receiving gifts from someone who’s passed away long ago?

If your dream of a symbol of death giving somebody a gift, and the recipient is a woman, pay close attention to her identity. Is she somebody close to you, or is she a stranger?

If the woman is somebody close to you, then this indicates that she will undergo a big change in her life, which can either be positive or negative. It may range from a drastic positive change in career, a new fiery romance, a falling out with a friend, or an unexpected death in the family. Whatever the case may be, it’s going to be life-changing.

If the person is with somebody or is married, seeing that person receiving a gift from a long-ago deceased person you both know might indicate that your subconscious feels she will be pregnant.

What does it mean to dream about receiving a gift from a dead person as a woman?

If you are a woman, and you’re receiving a gift from a dead person, with all other factors being equal, it may indicate that someone close to you truly appreciates you and would like to give you a token of their support. Of course, this is your perception of your relationship with that person.

Still, the fact that you are thinking that they appreciate you means that you have a positive self-image. This is always good news.

What does it mean if the dead person is giving you money?

If someone you know who died long ago is giving you cash, this can mean that you feel you will have a lot more options soon.

Maybe in the past, you just didn’t have the resources to pursue your dreams or go to the next level when it comes to your work. Or maybe you’re just too busy, and your relationships have kind of gotten stagnant. Maybe it’s just been so long ago when you last saw an exciting improvement in your life.

When you see a dream image of cash being given by the dead person in the dream, it means that – in the future – you will have a lot more freedom because, for a lot of people, money represents access, freedom, options, and means to pursue the better things in life.

It may also mean that at least one of the things that you’ve set in motion a long time ago – when it comes to your income – might pay off, and there will be an abundance of wealth coming.

Being offered money by a dead person in a dream may signify an upcoming windfall

Maybe you’ve gotten into a new investment, or you are applying for a new job, or there’s an opportunity for a promotion at work. Whatever the case may be, when you see yourself receiving money in your dream from someone from the other side of death, it can indicate things panning out that would result in some sort of monetary or financial improvement.

In relatively rare cases, receiving money in your dream from a long-ago dead person can indicate that you will receive an inheritance or an unexpected windfall or abundance of wealth.

Keep in mind that this is very rare because, generally speaking, when we dream involving certain imagery or activity, they don’t really come to pass.

Most of the time, our subconscious communicates to us in terms of dream symbols regarding certain issues that we face in our day-to-day lives. It rarely communicates some form of personal prophecy or prediction, but it does happen from time to time.

What does it mean to dream of dead relatives giving you money?

If the identity of the person giving you money is a relative or some family member who has passed away long ago, whether close or distant, it may indicate that your subconscious feels some sort of unexpected blessing is coming your way. This is different from a dream about receiving cash from a dead person and stuff that will improve your finances.

When you dream of a dead relative or family member, the focus of your dreams is on the relationship. This may be your aunt, your uncle, or maybe a parent. No matter who they are, it’s a relative you’re close with.

And to see this in your dream can indicate that some unexpected good fortune is coming your way.

The key theme to focus on here is the unexpectedness of the blessing because, in the section above, we talked about your well-laid plans finally bearing fruit and manifesting in dreams. In this specific dream situation, we’re talking purely about unexpected blessings: windfalls.

A dream about receiving a gift from a dead relative can symbolize grace

A lot of this type of dream has to do with the amount of grace in real life. When people forgive others, they do so not because they’re under some sort of obligation. That is grace. The same goes with giving a gift.

When somebody has been kind to you, and you give them a gift, you’re just showing them how you appreciate them. It is not a payment because there is no contract, nor is there an understanding that there will be some sort of return. You do it out of the goodness of your heart.

So, when you see dream images of your dead relatives giving you money – repeatedly or over several dreams – pay attention because it means that you are living your waking life in a way that makes people appreciate you more. And some even go the extra mile and trigger a chain reaction that produces material blessings in your waking life.

What does a dream about receiving flowers from a dead person mean?

If you see yourself receiving flowers from a dead person in your dreams, it can indicate some sort of secret admirer.

The person is familiar to you. He or she is in your close, personal circle of friends where you least expect a romantic partner to come from. What you should focus on is the unexpectedness of this person. He or she would be the last person you’d think of who would be interested in you.

Generally speaking, this type of attraction can involve an acquaintance or somebody from your office.

Flowers as a gift from a dead person in dreams can signify that emotional relief is soon to come

When you focus on the flowers in your dream, it can also indicate a period of stress or even grief that you’ve been going through will finally end. In this context, the feeling of joy doesn’t have to come from the fact that somebody finds you attractive or wants to be with you. Instead, the dream of a long-ago dead person offering you flowers indicates joy that comes with a sense of freedom or relief.

Whatever grief or stress or just heavy feelings you’ve been going through are finally going away. And when you see the flowers in your dream, whether being given to you by people who are alive or dead since long ago, you start picking up on that sense of joy. At the back of your mind, you’re noticing that things are turning for the better.

And just like with most other people’s lives, there are seasons. You’ve gone through a dark season, and now it will be a bright happier season.

Enjoy it. Stop being in denial. Don’t rob yourself of the enjoyment of a summer season of your life because you know that winter will also come again.

What does it mean when the dead person in the dream you experience is giving you shoes?

This is a very interesting dream because shoes represent an inner journey. We start this life as infants, and we end up as adults, older people, and then we pass away. These are the stages of life. Everybody has to go through them.

To dream of someone who’s been dead since long ago offering you shoes indicates that you’re beginning to open up to the wisdom of older people or people who have been through what you’re going through.

This is quite a big development because, for the longest time, you may have thought that you have figured things out, or you have really strong opinions as to how you’re going about things and what to expect. A lot of the time, you’re right because nobody could live your life better than you.

But there are also times when you go about doing things or going through experiences that people advise you on, but you wouldn’t hear any of it. You’re so stubborn or set in your ways. You think that there’s nobody who can figure this out more than you, so you learn hard lessons again and again.

Now, a part of your subconscious is using this dream to wake you up to the fact that this is completely unnecessary. A lot of life’s hard experiences do not have to be discovered firsthand.

A dream about receiving shoes from a dead person means being open to positive changes in life

When you dream about a dead person offering you shoes, you are saying to yourself that you are open now to the wisdom of the people around you. Given this context, this dream can indicate a successful business trip or some sort of trip involving a major life decision.

Maybe you’re going on a campus tour to figure out which graduate program to apply to. Maybe you are visiting friends and relatives from another part of the country, and there might be somebody there that might become romantically involved with you – that person may be “the one.”

Whatever your personal circumstances may be, when you see yourself receiving shoes from a dead person in your dream, it can indicate that you are now more open-minded. You’re now more willing to learn from other people’s advice or at least take their perspective.

A dead person dream involving shoes can also involve travels

Dreaming of shoes as a gift can also mean that you are going to be blessed with good news involving distant places. This dream can mean that you will be traveling a lot, or it can mean that you will be receiving messages from people from different places.

Either way, the general theme of receiving shoes from the deceased in dreams is that your journey of self-discovery and inner awakening regarding spiritual issues is going to switch to a higher gear.

What is the spiritual meaning of receiving shoes from a dead person in your dreams?

Maybe you are transitioning from one season of your life to another. Maybe you are beginning to reconnect with the part of your ego that you thought has long gone, like your sense of anticipation or sense of discovery and possibility.

This type of dream can also mean that you are admitting that you need some sort of spiritual nourishment or a form of spiritual cleansing and even spiritual guidance. By “spiritual,” we’re not just talking about philosophical paths or even religious traditions, but also mindsets, attitudes, and belief systems involving self-image and self-worth.

What does it mean to dream about a dead man giving a bag as a gift?

When you see yourself receiving a bag from a man who has passed away, this dream can represent plans being passed on to you. Now, please understand that the dead male doesn’t have to be a relative or even a distinct person.

It may be your “dead self.” Your plans from the past may have evolved over the years as your priorities change. Now, you are in the stage of your life where you can reach back to your original dreams and re-examine those plans.

Maybe you’ve been working hard all these years in building things or building your career. Now you have more resources to make those earlier plans reality.

Finally, your plans are fulfilled. This is a very powerful dream because it is both an act of reconnection and celebration. You’re reconnecting with plans that you may have given up on in the past when you were younger.

A lot of that had to do with low self-confidence, being uneasy as well as being unsure of yourself. But now that you are more mature, these are no longer teenage fantasies or college hopes and dreams. These plans are now being fulfilled.

Receiving a bag from a dead male in a dream represents self-appreciation and fulfillment

To dream about a man who has passed away giving a bag as a gift may also mean that you need to let go of past baggage. It can involve certain relationships in your past that were so toxic or traumatizing that they still affect you to this very day. This past baggage can also involve work experiences that may affect your decisions today.

Please understand that you were a totally different person when those things happened. The more you hang on to that trauma or negative feelings, the more you prevent yourself from fully maturing and changing to who you are destined to be. The bottom line is that they’d happened a long time ago, and it is high time that you let them go.

Is this easy? Of course not!

But it is absolutely necessary if you want to finally become comfortable with who you become and to take the next step in your journey through your waking life. Just as you need to change bags during a journey, maybe it’s time to trade in the old baggage and come up with something more appropriate to where you are or where you plan to go.

What does it mean a dead person dream involving clothes as a gift mean?

When you see garments handed to you by a deceased person in your dream, it indicates a sense of obligation and responsibility.

Maybe you come from a culture where the young need to live out the frustrated ambitions of the old. Many people do this cheerfully because they want to give something tangible to their parents. But for others, it’s a soul-crushing obligation.

You may have these thoughts: “Why me? Why not somebody else? Or, if you couldn’t do it, it’s ok. Let go. Don’t pass it on.”

You have this inner dialogue, and it’s creating an inner conflict in you. On the one hand, you love your parents. But at the same time, you’re being crushed by this obligation because you will be living a life that you did not want.

Sure, it’s great to have the earning capacity of a doctor or a lawyer, but if that’s not where your passions lie, there’s going to be a problem. It’s not a surprise that a lot of lawyers historically in the United States had addiction or substance abuse problems. A significant amount of that, I’m sure, could be traced to this issue.

Clothing from a dead person in a dream denotes self-knowledge

When you see yourself receiving pieces of clothing in your dreams, you’re receiving identity. You’re receiving reputation and status. But ultimately, you’re going to ask yourself, “Is this who I really am?”

There are, of course, always two approaches.

  1. You can run away from it; or
  2. You can grow into it, much like a person growing into clothes.

It all boils down to a choice — both of them are equally valid. You’re not being unfaithful to yourself when you grow into these clothes, nor are you being selfish if you run away from them.

What’s important is that you make a choice.

What does it mean to dream about a dead kid giving you something?

This dream symbol is very interesting because it involves our inner child. All of us, at some level or other, have an infant or a small child trapped within us. This is the part of us that went through some trauma and, as a result, did not fully mature after that point in our lives.

It may involve issues with your parents regarding certain topics. Or it may involve experiences you might have had at school. It can even be your first experience with love or authority at work.

Whatever the case may be, there’s a part of us that did not grow up after a certain point, and there’s something missing. So when you see that dream image of a dead kid — maybe somebody that you know or a relative — giving you something, it is that younger person within you communicating to you.

Dream meaning involving the symbols of a dead child or younger family member

The proper dream interpretation of this is that your subconscious is giving you a choice.

Do you hang on to the trauma and base your life around it to the point that it warps different aspects of your persona? Or do you do something more courageous and unusual?

Please understand that a lot of us stay in the past. This is part of how we put ourselves in a neat, little box, telling ourselves where we can and cannot go, who we can and cannot become.

A dead child with a gift in a dream represents your rediscovery of yourself

The other alternative is you let go of that child in the dream.

When they give you something in your dream, and they smile, and they start to fade away, it could be a very positive dream image. You’re not losing something. Instead, you’re gaining something new in the here and now.

You no longer have the past as a ready refuge for your insecurities and sense of disappointment. Instead, you have what’s in front of you.

What you’re really getting in this dream interpretation is an opportunity to reinvent yourself. You’re no longer missing. You’re no longer lost. You’re here; you’re present.

Now, here’s the twist. The first dream interpretation is one of loss or vainly hanging on to something that you shouldn’t be burdening yourself with. The other dream interpretation is you can choose who you want to become. You have that power.

And when you do it deliberately and purposefully, you start living the kind of life you’ve always felt you deserve.

Dream Example #1

We were almost friends for seven years. I know her from the fifth standard. Recently we have completed high school.

I am talking about the day when I went to my village to visit my grandma. In July, when I was doing some laundry and housework chores. I heard my phone ringing.

I hurriedly picked the phone with wet hands. It was a call from Selena. My high school friend. The thing that she told me on call left me completely shocked. She gave me the news of the unexpected death of my friend with whom I share a seven-year-old relation.

I completed all the household chores and served my grandma lunch. The loss of my friend affected me mentally at that time. So I decided to sleep for some time. I kept my head on the pillow the thoughts about the death of my friend rushed inside my mind.

The officer seems like giving me instructions as his hands were moving and ended the discussion. Before I can act, someone grabbed my hand and rushed me into the car. I have never liked that person in real.

I was wondering what he is doing here? He has worn the uniform of an inspector. He was Steve, one of my most disliked classmates. We reached a place which I have never seen but know. I was analyzing what kind of surrounding it is. I am where? Then, someone from behind my back kept his hand on my shoulder.

I shivered with fear. He guided me and took me to a room full of dead bodies. I have never seen a post-mortem room, a place where dead bodies are stored. It is hard to believe in things that I am watching with closed eyes. In between all the bodies, I am bewildered. I want to move but I can’t.

I want to say something, but I can’t. When realization happened, I founded myself on a hospital bed and seems like someone bounces hard on me and trying to wake me. When I opened my eyes, I saw my granny asking me to prepare tea for the guests. I woke as soon as possible with the thought that I will encounter what just happened later.

The atmosphere of the kitchen seems dull and frown. I was in an extreme rush to serve the guests. So I raised my hand towards the upper shelf for the cups. I bumped into someone and encountered Elena. She was my friend who died yesterday. She was very near to grab all the cups. Instead of giving me cups, she is giving me a knife from her hand. I tried hard to stop her. Then I pushed her.

I took all the cups and filled my cup with tea. I drank the tea all at once. The pain after drinking tea is familiar. I know It will take time to understand. The pain has happened to me a lot of times. My bladder hurts at its worst.

The pain pressure resulted in a dreadful awakening. After awakening, I realized everything was a horrible dream. It was 5:30 in the evening. I freshened myself in the washroom and spent my whole evening thinking about the cause of my friend’s death. Some gossips say that her dad killed her. I don’t know about the truth. It is hurtful.

Some people come into our life unexpectedly and go incidentally.

Dream Example #2

I was lying on the bed, comfortable and watching TV. My favorite sitcom was on, and I had just ordered a pizza to eat in and spend the night inside my house. I was chilling and relaxing on the couch, and my eyes started to close; I was feeling sleepy.

I do not remember how but I was inside my childhood home. I could hear my aunts giggling and my cousins running joyfully on the ground. I was in a pink dress and sandals.

The wind was bustling and teased the windchime. The surroundings were enchanted by the wind chimes tinkling. The aroma was of freshly cooked food and It felt as if someone was preparing a meal for the whole family.

I could see my grandma sitting out in the open as she was sitting on a chair, knitting a sweater, basking in the sunlight. I strolled up to her and asked what she was making. She smiled at me through her horned glasses.

Her eyes were wrinkly, and she was wearing a pink robe. I sat beside her on the other chair. She told me, smiling at me and stroking my cheeks, that she was knitting me a pink sweater with a red heart inscribed on it.

I told her pink was my favorite color. She smiled and resumed knitting. I was watching her diligently. She asked me did I do my homework. I told her how I had completed it but also complained about my friend Amar. I told her he ate my cupcake during lunch break.

She smiled and gave me a cupcake that was lying on the tea table beside her. She always had food on her. Chocolates, dry fruits, toffees. She used to give me all the food like rewards. She would give me toffees If I scored well in exams.

I would happily do her chores, fetch her water, do her errands for my sweet rewards.

I screamed with joy and started munching on it. The doorbell rang, and I looked at my grandma. She told me that the cardigan is entirely knit and I should wear it next winter. I looked at her as she laid the sweater in my laps, stroking my cheeks again.

Suddenly a hint of sadness wiped over her face. She looked at me and smiled. Her eyes sparkled like crystal candies. Then, she looked at the sun. The bell rang again.

I opened my eyes. I was in the hallway on the couch. I was not a child but a grown woman. It must be the pizza delivery guy, I thought. Dizzy-headed, I went to take the pizza. After it, .

I went inside my room and opened my childhood closet. As I searched it, I saw the pink sweater. It no longer fitted me. I was so big for the sweater my grandma made for me when I was her little girl. I smelled the cardigan; it reminds me of my grandma.

Dream Example #3

I visited my mum one Sunday afternoon in September, one year after my father died. It was a rainy day but being a Sunday, I didn’t have to wait too long for Uber to pick me up. I did not want to postpone the visit because I already made plans for next weekend. And she has asked to see me.

The ride to her house was pretty rough. The rain got heavier, causing traffic congestion in some parts. Commercial buses broke traffic rules because there weren’t any officials on the road to penalize them. The potholes, rendered invisible by the flood, made the trip worse.

I was tired and hungry when I arrived at her house. “Lunch would be ready soon,” she told me when I went to the kitchen to check for food.

My sister was busy chopping onions and cabbage. I turned on the kettle, boiled some water, and made coffee with a little too much milk and honey.

I sat down on the living room couch to watch TV and drink my coffee.

Coffee was supposed to keep you active and awake, I thought as my eyelids grew heavy and a yawn forced my mouth wide open.

I don’t remember when or how I fell asleep, but it was my dead father who woke me up.

“Mama,” he said as he shook my arm.

That was his pet name for me because he said I resemble his mother. He only called me by my Christened name when I’d done something wrong.

“Mama, take your food.”

I opened my eyes slowly as I sat up to stretch my body, before taking the food from him.

The TV was still on the African magic channel, but it was mute. My mum was not in the living room. When I looked at him, he was wearing his favorite Sunday clothes; a dark blue kaftan. He looked very young. His cheeks were full, not hollow. Bright, clear eyes. No sign of gray hair on his neatly combed afro. He had oiled his hair, I could see bits of it on his thick black strands, it looked like tiny stars were on his hair.

This was exactly how he looked when I was 11years old. I remember thinking, this is how he should look.

I reached for the food; yam and cabbage sauce, with fried fish. Then he handed me a fork.

And then I remembered; he was no longer with us.


I whispered as I raised my head to look at his face again.


He gestured to the food and turned away. Walked back into the room in a hurry, almost running.

The plate of food, on one hand, the fork on the other, I stood up to follow him.

But I was only waking up from a power nap.

My mum was sitting on the couch across the room, her chin resting on her right hand, staring at me with a look I couldn’t quite describe.

I stood up and went to the kitchen to check if the food was ready.

Dream Example #4

He pointed at the top of my huge wooden wardrobe. ‘What was he trying to tell me’? I thought to myself. He seemed really impatient too. I watched as he paced my room, stopping at intervals to glare at me. A large part of his long sleeved white shirt was covered red stain.

I took a closer look at him and observed that the red stain was still freshly wet. I dragged my eyes to the floor of my room and I saw drops of the red liquid dripping from his shirt. It formed a red trail on my ash carpet as he paced around my room.

He was bare footed and his black trousers hung low from his waist.

‘Who was he ? I wondered. He approached me again, standing at the foot of my bed. He looked so frustrated and I could see the hairs on his arms stand as he stood arms akimbo.

‘Who are you’? I asked for the umpteenth time. He ran his hands in his full grey hair showing me how frustrated he was. Why wouldn’t he say something? Was something wrong with his voice? I could feel myself getting apprehensive.

I reached for my bed stand and pulled out a note book and a pen. I stretched my hand, indicating I wanted him to take it. He rolled his eyes and shook his head. He moved over to my wardrobe and pointed at it. I stood up, wrapping my arms around me as I made my way to the wardrobe.

I carefully avoided the stains made by the trail of the red liquid on his shirt. I stopped in my tracks as a shiver ran through me. Could it be blood? I looked over at the strange man standing in my room. He wriggled his hands and bowed his head if he was shy. Could he read my mind? I began to shiver as I made my way towards the wardrobe.

My feet felt so heavy and I had to drag them. I opened the wardrobe, careful to avoid looking at the man. I opened the wardrobe wide enough for him to see. Just then, something dropped from the top of the wardrobe. I dropped to my knees to pick it, it was a shiny pebble. I picked it and observed it closely.

I turned to the strange man, prompting him to give me some sort of explanation. He only pointed to the top of the wardrobe. I pulled a stool to and climbed to see the top of my wardrobe. I felt my mouth open in shock as I struggled to process what was in my sight.

Several beautiful pebbles lay on the top of my wardrobe. I reached out to feel some and I noticed an old rusted key. I picked the key and turned to look at the strange man but he wasn’t in the room anymore. The trails of blood were gone and I stood on the stool in my room alone.

I heard the pounding at my door. I jerked awake, covered in sweat. I ran to the door as the pounding continued. It was just a dream, i kept reminding myself. I met my aunt at my door way.

‘Your brother, Mike was shot in his chest. He died an hour ago’

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