Black horse dream meaning

The horse has been part of the western imagination for thousands of years. It could be argued that this animal is responsible for spreading culture, technological advancement, economic progress, and diseases over large areas of the world. No wonder, many people wonder about their black horse dream meaning.

After all, it’s hard to imagine how humanity would have fared without horses. Some cultures are more in tune with the utility and the historical contributions of horses.

Horses are symbolic of passion, drive, and desire for personal freedom. These dreams may indicate an underlying motivation that will drive you towards success. Horse dreams are very common dreams that occur.

Research has shown that women are more likely to dream of horses than men. According to Freud, horses represent the sexual drive and power of the dreamer. Like dog dreams, horses can indicate powerful urges and ambitions that are difficult to control.

Horses can appear in our lives as dream symbols or even as synchronicities in our daily waking lives. You may feel connected to the horse as a spirit animal, or a horse may appear as a power animal to support you and guide you through a situation in your life.

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General Meaning of Black Horse in a Dream

Generally speaking, horses are noble animals. If you see a black horse in your dream, its black color indicates undying courage. No matter what other people say and regardless of how tough the situation may be, your subconscious tells you that you have what it takes to make it through.

A black horse can also signify quiet confidence. You don’t have to brag about what you’re about, what you’re capable of, or what you’ve done. You quietly let your record speak for you. You know that you have accomplished a lot, and that’s where you draw your confidence from.

It can also indicate aggression. If you’re young or mentally immature, it’s very easy to focus on what you want and the points you’re trying to make or things you’re trying to prove that you end up stepping on other people’s toes.

At first, you don’t care because that’s where you are in terms of your emotional development. But as you get older and are still on that same emotional level, you don’t notice. If you had noticed, you would care because you’ve matured a little bit but still not enough to notice.

Depending on the context, it can also signify living the life everybody aspires for. Of course, it is your estimation of what other people desire. The truth? If you ask a hundred people what the good life is, you will get 100 different answers.

So when you see a black horse in your dream, and you’re riding the horse, you would like to imagine that you are living the kind of life everybody else wants. But in reality, you’re just living the life you want or the one that makes the most sense to you.

Depending on where the horse is and what it is doing, your dream can be telling you that you have dependable friends. Some people define dependable friends in terms of money. Others view dependable friends as sources of emotional support, strength, and validation.

In this context, they help you overcome your insecurities to become the best version of yourself.


If you have ever dreamed of one or more horses, pay close attention to the interpretations below.

These dream meanings described below will expand on the specific areas of your dream. Horses have not only power but also stamina. They are featured when one is focused on becoming a leader in life. The horse dream represents not only freedom but also that you will feel safe and lead in life. In order to break down the dream further, it is important to segment the horse dream into certain scenarios.

You’ll know when a dream is trying to tell you something. When that happens, try to remember as much of it as possible. Remember how you felt, what the horse looked like, and what you were thinking or expecting to happen in the dream. Dream interpretation is an intuitive process. So, while these meanings can help you make sense of your dream and give you a direction, keep in mind that deep down, you already know what the dream means. These meanings are just a tool to help you understand what you already know.

What is the spiritual meaning of dreaming about horses?

Horses symbolize freedom, power, courage, and wisdom in most cultures. A horse is often interpreted as a sign of liberty in dreams but can have gloomier meanings. In some Christian artwork, a white horse symbolizes death, and a pale horse represents famine in the Bible’s book of Revelations.

Dead Horse Dream Meaning

dead horse means that a certain aspect of your life will undergo major changes. There is a real opportunity for growth in both instances as long as you stay positive.

Another horse dream meaning for this is it can represent a symbolic death of a relationship, friendship, or situation in your life. Such a dream can be a warning that you have lost direction, or you need to move on to open the door to new possibilities.

Dead horses are also a warning that you are preventing change. Always try to think about why a dead horse appeared in your dream.

To see a dead horse lying on a field in a dream indicates that you need to focus on your motivation through hardship. As a whole symbol itself indicates success and prosperity, it can suggest that the dead horse is associated with opening new doors to new possibilities.

Horse Dream Meaning of a Sick or Dying Horse

Seeing a sick or dying horse represents problems in life. Taking on these challenges and overcoming them will help personal growth.

A horse that has an illness in a dream, such as lameness, colic, or mud fever, represents that others will turn to you for advice. It can be a somewhat traumatic dream, especially if the horse has an illness or disease. Infectious disease such as cracked heels on a horse represents delay and blockage.

What does it mean when you dream about a horse attacking you?

When you dream about a horse attacking you, your unconscious mind communicates that you are experiencing an internal conflict. Most often, that internal conflict is about your resistance to letting a natural force in you come to life.

Color of the horse: Dream interpretation

The horse is connected with your energy. The color of the horse in a dream is important as it can provide you with an indication of the dream interpretation.

White horse – spiritual enlightenment

Brown horse – down to earth

Black horses – danger awaits

Winged horse – the soul’s ability to heal

Coffee-colored horse – times will be happy over the next few weeks.

Here are some detailed interpretations of the colors of a horse in a dream:

Black Horse Dream Meaning & Symbolism

A black horse in a dream can have several meanings. The animal in black is full of mysteries that carry a broad sense. In some ways, these dreams symbolize that you are too quick to act or rush. You need to pay attention to the people around you and show empathy for them. Since ancient times, humans have used horses as a means of transportation.

Black horses signify liberation, spirit, power, resilience, perseverance, fortitude, sexual desires or urge, and virility. The dream meaning of the black horse may also indicate an upcoming challenging situation that may help you get clarity over something. You will gain maturity and growth as a person.

black horse symbolizes death, but not in a negative way. The black horse represents new beginnings and fresh starts in your waking life.

Black horses signify something negative awaits you can turn into a positive. They bring dark mysteries of the unknown and wildness to your life. Maybe you are about to make a mistake or take a leap of faith on something unknown.

White Horse Dream Meaning & Symbolism

A white horse is seen as a good omen. They represent purity, peace, and good fortune. Dreams of white horses can indicate happy connections with others, a healthy relationship with sex and ambitions, spiritual awareness, and being at peace and going with the flow of life.

White horses represent spirituality and are often associated with death. It does not mean physical death, but rather you’re heading for a spiritual awakening or rebirth. A part of your belief system will die away for you to reach a better understanding of the physical world.

The white horse is there to show you that your intentions are pure and you’re ready to travel to a new spiritual state. The way you experience the world will be more grounded and pleasing.

Another white horse dream meaning is it signifies a symbol of virtue and purity. Dreaming of white horses can mean you may be looking for the truth in a situation, or you may feel as if you are taking the moral high ground and wondering whether you are doing the right thing.

A White horse also symbolizes the overcoming of obstacles and the defeat of darkness and negativity.

Brown Horse Dream Meaning & Symbolism

In the horse world, brown horses are known as chestnut horses. Interestingly, even though it is a brown horse, it often has hairs that are actually red in color. A brown horse’s shade can vary. It is very distinctive when you actually see a chestnut horse or specific markings on the horse in a dream.

A brown horse has powerful omens in a dream. They are associated with not only success but also the hidden power that you have within. It is also too important to understand what brown means spiritually. In color therapy, brown is connected to the earth. Brown is especially associated with grounding our own emotional connection with others.

To see a brown horse denotes a sign that something will manifest in your waking life or that you need to be more grounded.

A brown horse can symbolize strength, control over other people, and changes occurring within our lives, including shedding our issues and problems. From a spiritual and biblical perspective, the color brown is associated with the earth and ‘grounding,’ so a brown horse can also represent the need to ‘ground’ ourselves to find the success or freedom we need.

Another brown horse dream meaning is a brown horse signifies friendship and trust. You may be wondering if you can trust someone or whether this person will be loyal to you. You may also wonder if you are settling for something in your waking life, whether or not there are better things out there for you to explore.

Grey Horse Dream Meaning & Symbolism

To dream bout grey horses carry much of the same symbolism as a white horse, and the two colors are often used interchangeably. However, a grey horse may give a bit more wisdom to one’s use of the power of the white horse.

Black and White Horse Dream Meaning & Symbolism

A black and white horse can indicate a “black and white” or “all or nothing” mindset. While seeing things in black and white terms is not necessarily a bad thing, we might want to consider if such thinking is always helpful and try to be a bit more flexible from time to time.

Red Horse Dream Meaning & Symbolism

What does a red horse in a dream mean? A red horse in a dream illustrates that you have been feeling nervous. It also suggests that you are hot-blooded and you desire sexual attention.

The red horse, according to Freud, again represents our sexual connection or romantic conquest in dealing with another. Horse dreams like this also warn that you should not be too impulsive or insensitive to other people.

Talking to a Horse

Talking to a horse in a dream indicates tapping into your inner knowledge.

Talking to a blue horse represent there is sadness coming. Who needs help? Is it you? Maybe you do not know how to help.

Talking to a black horse indicates your subconscious is trying to awaken you. Listen to your intuition.

Seeing a horse in a house

To see a horse in the house is often quite a strange combination seen in a dream. The horse’s characteristics and color need to be taken into consideration. The house is connected to what we manifest in life. It is associated with obtaining not only our goals but also allowing others to comfort us.

Mounting a Horse

If you are mounting a horse in a dream, then this is linked to your readiness to communicate with the people and particular relationships. It implies that you need to merge your different perspectives on life in order to know your partner better.

Mounting a bareback horse indicates as your challenges ease, it makes room for wealth to come your way. To mount a horse bareback indicates that you will gain wealth and ease through hard struggles.

Riding bareback

To ride bareback in the company of men means you will have honest people to aid you, and you will merit your success. If in company with women, this dream means you will lose your sexual desires, and your prosperity will not be as abundant as it could be.

Falling off a horse in the dream

To fall off a horse in the dream illustrate unfamiliar territories. This dream means that you will be more objective as a person, and you are moving away from circumstances that make you feel vulnerable or unhappy.

Horse stable in a dream

This dream indicates that you have power over other people in order to reach your goals. This dream means that you must protect yourself against greed and also show others that you can achieve your goals no matter what.

In dusty old dream dictionaries, a horse stable sometimes not only reflects our “inner self” but also our ambitions and powers over others. According to Carl Jung, the horse stable is directly connected to how we feel in terms of our freedom. As a stable is a small area, it could mean that we are feeling rather repressed in life.

Buying a horse in a dream

If you are buying a horse in the dream, this illustrates that you will have some success in business matters, especially in selling products.

Selling a horse

To sell a horse in the dream illustrates that you will conflict with somebody. It may last for a few weeks, but the conflict is necessary in order to move forward in life.

Dreaming about selling horses and keeping the best one for yourself

If you dreamed you were selling horses but kept the best horse for yourself, such a dream is usually a very good sign. This dream signifies your ability to make the right choices and decisions. That is why your affairs are always successful. Your cautious approach is helping you to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Talking horses in a dream

It could be a rather puzzling dream! Perhaps you are talking to a horse alternatively horses talking to you. This dream relates directly to your self-development mission in life. If you are petting, stroking, and giving affection to the horse in your dream, then this illustrates that you need to give back in life. It would be best if you were prepared to pay the price for your actions.

Saddled horse in a dream

It represents our own state of being prepared for the unpreparable. It can suggest that difficult times are coming for you, and you need to be prepared to take on anything in life.

A saddled horse can also signify that you should not rush into decisions. If the horse is ready for you to ride, such a dream is a positive omen. Many different interpretations and old dream dictionaries about a saddled-up horse are generally positive. Most dream dictionaries denote that you will have content and happy times in your life if you see a horse ready to ride.

What Saddling a Horse Means in a Dream In waking life

Saddling a horse means we’re getting ready to go for a ride, and in dreams, the symbolism is quite similar. Saddling a horse in a dream means that we’re prepared for life. We’ve done our work diligently and thoughtfully, we’ve learned to discipline our minds and emotions, and now, at long last, we’re ready to take the reins and put all we’ve learned to good use.

Paddocks in dreams

horse paddock in a dream illustrates going back to nature. To ride in a paddock represents a new start.

Horse Dream Scenarios Riding a Horse

If you dream that you are riding a horse, it can indicate control over your natural instincts and a strong drive towards your goals in life. You are someone who goes out and tackles your problems head-on instead of letting them come to you.

Riding a horse in a dream is a positive omen. It can suggest not only material wealth but also spiritual happiness. It can also indicate a new job or career possibilities on the horizon.

Taming a horse in a dream

Taming an animal means we’re keeping all the best traits of that animal without losing its valuable instinctual side. Horses, as intuitive animals, are symbols of the unconscious, so taming a horse in a dream can mean that we’re making friends with the unconscious, confronting its contents and integrating them into ourselves instead of trying to distance ourselves from them.

Taming horses in dreams means we are holding the reins to our lives instead of being ridden by an unseen force.

This dream also indicates that you’re going to have the authority to encourage in order to drive forward in life. This dream signifies how we show our own feelings around others.

Horse carriage in dreams

Such a dream indicates that you will work through difficulties in life. You must move forward and focus on the right path.

Horse escaping in dreams

To see a horse escaping is quite a worrying dream. It is a blockage omen. It can indicate that you are being emotionally sensitive to others. If the horse escapes and you can find the horse in the dream, this suggests that you will be free from your past.

A horse flying in a dream

Such a dream illustrates other people are going to overtake you in life. It could suggest that you are trying to rise above others, but it is difficult for you to compete.

Unknown horse in a dream

If you see a horse that is not familiar to you, or one that you have never seen before, or the horse is deformed in any way, it illustrates that you will soon be running away from a difficult situation. It’s time to free yourself and move forward in life.

What does betting or gambling on horses in your dream?

If you are at horse races or horse betting, this dream is associated with your “risk” in life. You must be prepared to anticipate any obstacles in your way. If you win on the horses in your dream, it is time to work on your plans in order to unleash success.

If you dream that you are betting on a horse, it can indicate that you strongly believe that the risk you take in life will succeed in the long run. If you fail your bet, it may indicate that you need to re-evaluate your assumptions.

Sex with a horse in a dream

If you dream of having sex with a horse, this can be quite a disturbing dream. Having sex with a horse in the dream illustrates that you will encounter somebody you have no control over. Watching or seeing others having sex with a horse in a dream suggests a new start spiritually.

What do horses fighting to mean in a dream?

This dream is connected to your own inner knowledge and power. To see many horses fighting in a dream is connected to the great adventure of life. If you see many horses fighting the dream, it implies that your greatest gift is a vision. Maybe you have been thinking about changing your job, or you would like to focus on a new start in life.

Dreaming o a horse crossing your path

When the path horse crosses is the same as your path, this dream means it wants to help you stay on the right track. The horse shows you how to overcome any daily obstacles. It will walk loyally with you to show you the way.

Dreaming of Racehorse

To dream of a racehorse suggests it is time to take a risk on something. You may need to think about a person who has helped you and will enable you to take this risk to progress your life and lifestyle. The Chinese were clear about the fact that the horse embodies freedom.

Remember that a horse signifies freedom in any situation you encounter during your dreaming state.

Dream of participating in horse jump

Attending an event and seeing or participating in horse jumping illustrates that you are good at covering up your own emotions. You should jump into a leadership position feet first!

Dreaming of Horse Kicking you

To dream that a horse kicks you represents repulsion from the one you love. Your fortune will be embarrassed by ill health.

Christian Dreaming about a black horse

It shows that it is time for you to strengthen your belief in certain things. This dream invites you to hold on to the hope and strength of God.

Jumping horses in dreams

To see horses jumping in the dream illustrates that you have the clarity to see things as they are.

Dream of winning a horses competition

Winning a horse competition in a dream is a sign of great wealth.

Cowboy in a dream

If you are a cowboy in the dream or you see a cowboy riding a horse, this can suggest that you need to focus more on the responsibility of life. It can also imply the need to think about your enemies to make sure that you overcome any difficulties in life.

Horse manure in dreams

To see horse manure in a dream is a great omen. To shovel horse manure or to even smell the horse manure is connected to wealth and fortune. The dream interpretation of manure is representative of our own material well-being in life. In ancient dream dictionaries from the 1930s, manure was connected to happiness, contentment, a new start, and wealth.

Horse Dream Meaning of Wild Horse

A Wild horse can indicate creativity and a need for freedom and adventure, and a feeling of being constrained. The horse itself is a spiritual creator of the dream. They can also represent natural and sexual urges that are getting out of control.

wild horse may also indicate that you want to break free from the constraints that you put on yourself and let loose your inhibitions.

Riding on a wild horse: If you are on top and riding a wild horse and dream, it suggests that happiness and contentment will soon be yours.

Dreaming of Wild horses galloping

Wild horses galloping through your dreams symbolize a sense of freedom with no commitments or responsibilities. They can also represent your emotions are out of control. It may be time to rein them in.

Horses in Water Dream Meaning

Whether you’re riding the horse or viewing a herd from a distance, horses in water mean that the river of life will flow to you. Water is associated with growth and prosperity. Seeing a horse in water means that prosperity is on its way to you.

Horse Symbolism Throughout History

Depending on the culture and the specific time, horse symbolism is almost always positive.

In many cultures, horses represent beauty. There’s a certain sleek elegance to them as they run and as their muscles ripple with urgent energy. Many cultures also view horses as the embodiment of freedom.

One popular image, of course, is the mustangs of the American Southwest. Originally brought to the Americas by Spanish conquistadors, some horses were abandoned, and others escaped. The result is a fierce breed of wild horses that obviously cherished their freedom.

Given the tremendous amount of labor that horses can perform on the farm and elsewhere, it is not a surprise that they often symbolize power. People who have ridden horses can attest to the passion a horse can have as they are running.

Finally, if you’ve been on a long journey on a horse, you would have been impressed by your steed’s endurance. Not only are horses loyal, but they can carry you the whole distance.

That is endurance. And it’s no surprise that throughout the ages, people have been impressed by horses’ ability to keep pushing forward no matter how hungry, tired, and beaten they were.

What follows are specific contextual interpretations of black horses in dreams.

Dream Meaning of Riding a Black Horse

If you see yourself riding a black horse in your dream, then it may indicate that you lack empathy or are too self-centered. It may be a sign from your subconscious mind that you need to understand the worth of your people and give them the importance they deserve.

What Does It Mean to See Yourself Riding a Black Horse in Foul Weather?

If you see yourself riding a black horse in the pouring rain or in the middle of a blizzard or blistering heat of summer, your mind is telling you to focus on your courage.

You may be faced with so many obstacles that part of you just wants to give up. Things may have dragged on for so long, and you’re beginning to feel that there’s really no point to all of this. It seems that one day of humiliation is replaced by another day of the challenge, and there’s nothing to look forward to.

Your mind’s eye is telling you when it’s using the dream imagery of you riding a black horse to hang on. Why? Because you have it in you. Believe it or not and accept it or not, there is a part of you that is willing to stay on and keep on fighting until you succeed. I will not take no for an answer. It is very willing to take one leap of faith after another.

It is a risk-taker. It will continue to tread water until help arrives despite how dark the stormy seas surrounding you may become. You have this part. Reconnect with it because it may be all you have.

What Does It Mean to See Yourself on a Still, Black Majestic Horse?

The white horse is not the opposite of the black horse. In certain contexts, like a black horse standing still, it can be interpreted the same way as one would a white horse.

In this context, the interpretation is that you have quiet confidence. You don’t need to brag. You don’t need to blow your own horn. That’s not necessary because you know who you are. You only need to look at how many obstacles, hurdles, and hoops you’ve gone through in the past.

You’re still in one piece. Focus on that because you will reconnect with your ability to overcome obstacles, and you understand that you have already proven yourself. There’s nothing left to prove. You can take confidence from the fact that you’ve already won, and this gives you more strength. More importantly, those people around you are encouraged by your confidence.

What Does It Mean to Dream of a Flying Black Horse?

If the horse in your dream is flying, your subconscious is telling you that you are capable of living the life that you’ve always desired. A flying horse is the embodiment of actualized potential.

When you were young, people didn’t hesitate to tell you what potential you had. You’re a pretty girl. You’re a smart boy. You’re a strong kid, and so on and so forth.

But as kids, we just took that all in. That was just a part of the territory. That’s how people were supposed to treat us, and that’s too bad. Because when people do that, they’re actually reminding you of what your potential is.

Sadly, most people never live up to their potential. They blindly take the programming handed to them by their parents. They don’t go on to conquer worlds. Instead, they bow their heads and live quiet, anonymous, and frustrated lives.

You don’t have to do that. You only need to remember your potential and be inspired by your ability to overcome the past and take all the opportunities that you have in front of you. These are gateways to you, actualizing your potential and soaring in whatever field you desire.

This is how you inspire others. You don’t inspire others with your words because words are cheap. Anybody can come up with a pep talk. They don’t even need you. They just need to log on to Facebook, and they will be blasted by that kind of stuff.

Instead, show them by example. If they see somebody who used to be addicted to drugs or a sex addict or just a complete asshole, and they see you now with all your victories, promotions, advancements, degrees, or however else you want to measure success, they can’t help but be inspired because they share your weaknesses.

This is how you offer help to others. You don’t offer help by patronizing them or condescending and saying crap like, “I know where you’re coming from because I was low just like you.”

No! Just be yourself. Your success will burn bright, and people will have a choice. They can either choose to be inspired, or they can resent it.

You know how this goes. You probably felt the same way towards other successful people. Some people see rags-to-riches stories, and they feel threatened. Why? Because they refuse to change their situation. They’re too lazy, or they’re just too wedded to their old ways of thinking.

Whatever the case may be, they don’t want to move on, so they resent that person. But deep down inside, they know if that person can do it, they can do it too. The reason that they can’t do it now is that they refuse to. But that’s not your problem.

You offer help to those in need by being an example, and that has nothing to do with throwing money at them or pretending to be something that you’re not.

Just live your life, and those who want to be helped will be helped.

What Does a Black, Galloping Horse Mean?

If you see a galloping horse or a horse on its hindquarters with its front legs flailing in the air, your subconscious is telling you that now is the time to be aggressive.

Maybe you’ve been playing it safe for a long time. Perhaps, you don’t want to make waves. But you have a lot to offer to people around you, and it’s time to lead. It’s time to make noise. It’s time to break out of your shell.

People will notice that you are resilient, and they become resilient themselves. Please understand that this dream is not some sort of pick me up or a pep talk. Instead, it is a dream that appears out of necessity because for this dream of the black, galloping horse to appear in your mind’s eye means that you’re going through a rough time — and not just you but the people around you as well.

They can be your friends and family, or they could be your co-workers or local community. Whatever the case may be, there will be a challenge coming soon, and you are part of the answer.

What Does Talking Black Horses in a Dream Mean?

If the horse in your dream is slowly galloping along and then all of a sudden turns around and starts talking to you, don’t freak out. This unusual dream imagery indicates that you have dependable friends around you.

But here’s the problem. Most people do not recognize dependable friends. Sadly, many of us define dependability in terms of what friends can do for us.

Do they take us to fancy restaurants? Do they give us loans when we’re feeling hard up? No, that’s not dependability. Dependability is when somebody is there to emotionally cradle you when you’re broken.

Dependability means being there when you feel lost and confused. Dependability means not comparing themselves to you or envying you for what you have but looking to provide you, sustain you, and help you get on to the next day and the day after that.

Be clear as to your definition of dependability, and if you find those people, trust them with all your heart. Relationships are give-and-take. And if you think in material terms, you’re missing out.

Because oftentimes, the most dependable friend is the friend that doesn’t envy you. He is just there for you. Even if he doesn’t say anything, his silence is reassuring and soothing.

Be clear who your real friends are, and if you do, you will be able to cherish their loyalty and devotion.

What Does It Mean to See a Black Horse Running Amok?

If you see a wild horse tearing stuff up or breaking stuff in a stable or, worse yet, in some sort of interior living space, don’t freak out!

At this point, a lot of people who have black horse dreams wake up in a cold sweat. Some are even screaming because it is quite scary.

But the truth is, when you see this type of imagery, your subconscious is telling you that you have inner demons. These demons vary from person to person.

Maybe you’re addicted to porn. Maybe you’re addicted to gossip. Maybe you cannot forgive your father. Maybe you were sexually abused in the past. Maybe you had an asshole boss. Maybe your boyfriend or girlfriend cheated on you.

Whatever the case may be, you have a relationship with the past that is complicated, to say the least. And the more you think about the past, the more you try to move on. If you’re not using the right strategy, you’re actually making things worse.

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