Broken glass dream meaning

If you accidentally break a mirror or some other item that contains glass, it’s easy to get worried-especially if you have to deal with seemingly millions of shattered bits and pieces. There’s just something both fascinating and concerning about having to deal with little shards that might cut you. No wonder many dreamers are worried about their broken glass dream meaning. Let’s start at the main element of such dreams-glass.

Broken glass dream meaning

Glass symbolism in dreams

Glass symbolizes the subconscious mind. It is clear, expansive, broad, and can capture everything depending on how you look. You grow confident by learning to trust your subconscious to capture subtleties and realities that your waking mind cannot grasp. It is the next dimension of meaning for this fairly common dream symbol. Your self-confidence as you make sense of the world and make your way through it.

Dreams about glass can be a common theme, having different meanings. It is believed that glass in our dreams usually represents a sedentary life and some protection. To find the correct explanation for your dream about glass, you need to consider all details that have appeared in your dream.

Dreaming of glass objects could be inspiring and interesting. This time, we focus on broken glass. Glass is considered to have an ability of ‘reincarnation,’ in a way. It is a very important material in the modern world, especially in recycling. However, glass objects can be broken and destroyed. While it is considered metaphysically impressive, some of the most common associations about glass are fragility and brittleness.

Glass in dreams can be a symbol of your tenderness and fragility. It could also be a sign of protective forces in your life that you are not aware of. We mean glass indicates removing evil spirits and protection by talking about protective forces. The forces are also transparent, invisible to your naked eyes like the glass.

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Dreams about looking through a glass symbolism

If you dream you are looking through glass (a glass window or some object made of glass), it could mean that you want something, but it constantly stays out of your reach. On the other hand, a glass in your dream may reflect your capability to see through other people’s masks and lies. You are someone not so easily manipulated or mislead.

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What does it imply to dream about breaking a glass object?

Breaking glass objects in a dream could reflect the need in your waking life to release some desires and suppressed emotions. It could be because you are not in a position to do the correct thing in your life, so spiritually, this is about venting your anger by breaking a glass object.

Unable to Touch Something in Glass

People often share dreams with me where there is something inside a box or jar made of glass that they cannot touch or get to. In these dreams, the glass is a symbol of an invisible barrier. These invisible barriers in dreams like this can sometimes be external or internal. If the barrier is something the person has no control over, such as the actions of another person, this dream can sometimes be a way to release and explore feelings of frustration or sadness.

Glass House

Often in a dream, a house is a symbol of ourselves. You may feel that others are judging you or that you are completely transparent about who you are. “What you see is what you get” is a very literal statement for you. There is also the expression, “People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.”

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Colored Glass or Stained Glass

While we usually associate this material with being clear and see-through, often, there are instances where the glass may have a certain tint or hue to it. In these cases, it is very helpful to look up the meaning of the colors present in the dream. For example, a pink glass dish could mean healing, love, and romance, whereas a green vase could mean jealousy or even finding financial clarity.


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What does it mean to break something?

In some contexts, the dream expert says that something that is damaged shows difficult times. You must walk with caution because unexpected changes can bring dire consequences. Dream of breaking things also demonstrates that you discontinue your old habits and start a new phase in your life.

Dream interpretation comes from a very personal perspective. That is why you need to remember the incident in your sleep in detail. Therefore, you need to read other interpretations in other contexts.

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Dreams about broken glass interpretations

The image of broken glass is enough to trouble anybody. Most people would agree that the image of shattered glass is not a positive one. At the very least, people would think that something wrong happened, like someone getting hurt. If you’ve dreamed about glass breaks, read the post below to get the rich, nuanced interpretation of this common night vision.

Different contexts can appear in our dreams. We must look more closely at what it means for each of them. It will make it easier to understand what it means to dream about broken glass.

The interpretation of a dream about broken glass can vary greatly depending on the item that was broken:

broken dishes – family problems;

broken figurines – a quarrel with a friend;

the aquarium is broken – unpleasant conversations, gossip;

broken light bulb – someone will put obstacles in your business

A broken glass dream can also mean broken trust or lost faith for many people. Trust is one of the most difficult things to repair once broken. When one loses trust in a person or situation, these associated emotions can be shattering.

Sometimes, dreams about broken glass dream can be a symbol of your broken heart and hurt feelings. If your feelings are hurt and if you have experienced a romantic failure recently, then you may have a dream about broken glass.

Dreams about broken glass may also be associated with an instinct of failure that you did not do a good enough job handling something fragile. Your broken glass dream might also show that you have the resilience to get through whatever mess you are in.

Dream of broken glass also represents this difficulty. You will receive a challenging path in your life, and the people who accompany you are not always there to help you. Think carefully about who deserves to be close to you and who is not. Envy is a bad thing and only harms everyone.

There are more interpretations of dreams about broken glass. In general, it is not considered a good sign because the broken glass may represent failure, missed opportunities, broken relationships, failed expectations, lack of closure,  being in denial about harsh personal realities etc. Such a dream could mean you have lost control over your life, and you let others manipulate your desires and plans.

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General Symbolic Meaning of Dreams about Broken Glass

Generally, a dream of broken glass means that your subconscious tells you to regain your bearings regardless of what’s happening now. There is something you must come back to, something to recover.

In this context, broken glass is a good sign. It means hope. On the other hand, depending on your emotional state, the broken glass can mean that the opportunity that would’ve turned things around or put you on a different level has passed without you being aware of it.

Dream of breaking glass

If you dream about breaking glass, this shows that you are looking for a relationship. For those already dating, this dream shows engagement, and those who are married show a healthy relationship. Whatever it is, this dream means that many happy relationships are ready for you.

When you break glass or anything related to fragile, this dream usually makes you shocked and sad. This picture can show your hidden feelings of guilt or a shocking event that will quickly cause losses.

Dream of seeing a broken glass

If you have dreamed that you saw broken glass somewhere, but you were not the person who broke the glass, other people are trying to help you get rid of the negative emotions and problems you have. It could also mean that you don’t have control over your own life, so other people have a great influence on your decisions and actions.

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Stepping on broken glass dream

If you dream about walking over broken glass or stepping onto a piece of glass, such dreams could reflect your troublesome waking life. You are probably facing difficulties, and this phase of your life is particularly hard for you. If you are intentionally walking over shattered glass, it means you have hardship, but you are determined to overcome challenges, no matter how hard those could damage you. You are ready to sacrifice something in your life for good.

Walking on broken glass

If you dream about treading over broken glass, such a dream may reflect your waking life hardship. You may find yourself in an unpleasant situation, which you would rather pass by, but you cannot avoid it. Walking on broken glass in dreams could also mean you are ready to step into something you do find scary, but you know you have to do it to get better or advance.

If you happen to walk on the finely chopped glass scattered under your feet and not feel pain, you can easily reach career peaks, regardless of the machinations of the envious people.

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Dream of cutting glass

The dream of cutting glass has proper meaning. It’s a representation that you can overcome the obstacles of your life and have everything to realize your dreams because you are a person who has excellent perseverance.

You have an extraordinary resilience spirit and can always move forward, even if you are mistreated or experience setbacks. Continue this spirit, and you will achieve prosperity.

What does it mean to dream about a broken drinking glass?

When you dream of seeing a broken drinking glass, the meaning of this dream will depend on whether this glass is full or empty. If the broken drinking glass is full, your dream means that you will experience many financial problems in the near future, and you will probably lose a lot of money. But, if the glass breaking was empty, it is only a sign that you cannot handle your life and take care of your finances at the same time.

Seeing others smash drinking glass in a dream can mean wealth, money, or even a heightened social status in the near future.

Intentionally breaking a drinking glass is a common practice at Jewish weddings, so your dream could refer to that if this practice is part of your heritage. If a drinking glass broke accidentally in your dream, this could symbolize that you are worried about you or someone else in your life.

Dream of broken glass door

If broken glass is the door, the dream represents broken promises and dreams. This dream also depends on where the door is. If it’s at a friend’s house, you might feel betrayed by someone you trust. When we see a broken door, it is an indication that we feel insecure. This insecurity reflects this sense of betrayal. But reconciliation is the main message here.

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Dream of broken glass window

Dreams about a broken window at your house, especially if an aggressive act broke it, could also symbolize that you feel like someone or something is violating your boundaries and invading your personal space.

Dream of broken glass bottle

When you break a glass on the floor, it is a very complicated task to take all the pieces. This dream represents this difficulty. You will receive a challenging path in your waking life, and the people who accompany you are not always there to help you.

What is the spiritual meaning of broken glass?

A glass is thought to be a transformational symbol, a rebirth, and everlasting change. Spiritually, broken glass is connected to breaking away from evil spirits.

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Broken Glass and Superstition

You probably already know that seeing broken mirrors is a bad omen. If you were to see a broken mirror or a piece of glass, you can’t be faulted for thinking that you could be in for some bad luck. This belief is quite common, after all. Other people associate broken mirror with broken heart, vulnerability, and pain. The good news is that those things are part of life.

What Does Walking On Broken Glass Mean?

If you see yourself walking on broken glass hurriedly or confidently, or gingerly, your subconscious tells you to gather your thoughts before jumping to conclusions. It is prudent advice too many ignore. We believe that any thought that flashes in our minds is true. But no. Those thoughts are often automatic and are faulty associations we picked up through the years.

Just because they flashed through our minds doesn’t mean that they are accurate and correct. Gather your thoughts. Maybe you do not see all sides of a story. By gathering your thoughts, you are likely to think before speaking. A little bit of deliberation allows you to plan your next move, understand where you are, pay close attention to your resources, and make the best of what you have.

In other words, you can make better-informed decisions leading to more optimal outcomes. That’s how you properly execute your plan, but you cannot have a plan if you are fuzzy-headed and suffering from brain fog. If you automatically emotionally react to how things play out, it’s easy to be confused and make one bad decision after another. Give yourself time to regain your bearings.

Dream of eating glass

The dream of eating broken glass symbolizes that something is quite dangerous in your life, and you should pay attention to it. Some of your decisions can pose a significant risk to your stability. Your subconscious mind warns you. So it’s time to think hard about the choices you have made. Understand the impact that may have on you.

Eating broken glass dreams

Dreams about eating broken glass are particularly disturbing, and their meanings are usually unpleasant. If you dream your mouth is full of broken glass, or you are chewing it, it means you have difficulties saying what you mean in your real life.

Eating broken glass in a dream is also a sign of a non-standard approach to solving a problem issue. And if you dream that you feel pieces of broken glass mixed with the food you eat in your mouth, you do not mind gossiping about your colleagues.

What Does It Mean to Look At A Broken Glass Mirror?

If you see a broken mirror in your dream, it may symbolize a wrong impression about yourself. Maybe it is time to start listening to the opinions of other people and consider their advice, or you need to let go of some old routines.

If you intentionally break a mirror in your dream, you are dissatisfied with yourself; if you do it by accident, you know the time has come to change, but you are still unready or unwilling to do so.

You may have heard that a broken mirror symbolizes bad luck, so if you break a mirror, bad luck will follow you for the next seven years. It can be true sometimes, but in most cases, dreams about broken glass don’t have anything to do with bad or good luck.

Dreaming of breaking a mirror

For dreams about a broken mirror, you need to consider if you have done it intentionally or if it happened by accident. If you have broken a mirror with intention, it is a clear sign that you are not satisfied with yourself. There are many things you would like to change not only in yourself but also in your life.

No person feels completely calm after breaking a mirror. So, what could it mean in a dream? It has always been considered bad luck and a bad sign. Dreams about broken mirrors are not considered to bring you seven years of misfortune, though, but they may inspire you to rethink your real-life acts and behavior.

If you see a broken mirror in your dream, it may symbolize a wrong impression about yourself. Maybe it is time to start listening to other people’s opinions and consider their pieces of advice.

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