Dream of a dog attacking someone else

I don’t know about you but one of the scariest experiences I’ve had in my life was when a dog chased me down a street. Any personal interpretation of a dream of a dog attacking someone else or even of a cat jumping on you must start with one’s own scary experiences with pets.

There was a stray dog outside of the street and I got off the sidewalk and got on the street and walked really fast. I thought that was enough to throw the dog off. I didn’t hear anything. I was looking at the road in front of me. I then felt a nose nuzzle the rear of my calf and when I turned around, there was this dog, with a slightly confused look in its eyes. I tried to shoo it away and that’s when it happened. It showed its teeth and started growling.

If this kind of thing has ever happened to you, you should know that the last thing you would want is to start running. You have to engage the dog and yell at it to show dominance. If you don’t look at its eyes or you start moving very quickly, you will probably get bitten.

I shared this memory with you because dreams of a dog attacking someone are actually quite common. There are a lot of things that intertwine and form a complicated and very textural narrative. In fact, a lot of people struggle with interpreting dog attack dreams because they can’t quite get a bead on the point of view.

Are you focused on the dog attacking you or is the dog attacking someone else? Now I understand that the title of this article is a dream of a dog attacking someone else, but analyzing this dream cannot be divorced or fully separated from a general idea of a dog attack and what they mean in dreams.

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General overview: What does it mean when a dog attacks someone else?

Does that dream tend to mean that a person close to you or someone you are related to or have some sort of relationship with will somehow let you down? On the surface, this might seem pretty common. I’m sure that at some point in time and in some way, people you are emotionally close to have disappointed you, whether it’s your close friend, distant friend, a close relative, or estranged relative, it doesn’t matter.

This is a key part of the human experience. Whenever two people are in some kind of relationship, you better believe there will always be an opportunity for disappointment.

Here is but the twist, when you dream of a dog attacking someone else, this is a kind of misdirection or a deflection of the fact that the person you thought was loyal will let you down. Depending on how you look at it, it smacks of betrayal. Now, of course, the more trust, confidence or secrets are involved the closer is the disappointment will appear as some sort of backstabbing.

This is one most avoidable, the truth is the people that are in the best position to hurt us are the ones who know us the best. These are the people we allow to become close to us and when this closeness happens, you become emotionally vulnerable. They start to figure out how you think. You clue them in on your deepest hopes, your worst fears and ultimately your vulnerabilities, anxieties and insecurities.

When you see a dog attack someone else instead of you in your dream, this is a sign that you have to focus on self-care. A lot of people are disappointed when they have no business being disappointed. What do I mean by that?

Well if you are an independent, confident and competent person with a high enough level of self-control and a healthy sense of self-esteem, you’re not going to be running around trying to get your sense of validation from other people. What complicates this is that these are individuals you cannot control. It is kind of unfair to them if you’re particularly a mean person to start looking at them as somehow mirrors of your ego.

You start looking at your relatives, family members and friends, work associates, co-workers and schoolmates as walking sources of validation. Do you see what’s wrong with this picture? The only person that can give you the kind of validation you need to take your life to where it needs to go is you, not people you cannot control.

If you start becoming needy or dependent on the validation others can give you, you develop a sense of entitlement. You start to think that life should be smooth and that people should be nice to you all the time. Unfortunately, it does not work that way. Life has always been unfair and it can get ugly from time to time.

It is no surprise that given this reality, a lot of people think that those closest to them have back stabbed them when in truth they’ve just become emotionally dependent or overly sensitive. You have to understand your assumptions and expectations, otherwise, you develop a sense of gloom because you feel that either you’re being taken advantage of, victimized or exploited by the people around you. You run the risk of reaching the point where you can’t quite tell who you can trust.

Another interpretation of a dog attacking someone else involves family health. When you have a dream of a dog attacking you then there is a sense of familiarity there because the whole narrative centers around you.

When you see a dog attacking somebody else in your family, this can indicate your fear of something happening to them that you cannot control. One of the most common possibilities that involve this level of lack of control or helplessness involves health issues.

The funny thing about people and health is that it’s too easy to take our good health for granted. It’s as if that we assume that things will always be smooth. Our bones and joints will work properly and that we would be free of pain until we start running into health issues. Just like a dog that barks at you and then probably attacks some other person in front of you. You feel you can’t control what’s taking place in front of your very eyes.

A dog attack dream is something to look out for.

It is very tempting to think of dog attack dreams as just a “weird dream” that you get from time to time. Sure it can be emotionally shocking and gripping that eventually the shock factor wears off and it’s as if you just dreamed of dog poop or some sort of embarrassing situation involving dogs.

When you see an image of a dog attacking you, you need to pay attention because dogs on our subconscious level represent loyalty. There is something familiar about these four-legged creatures that make them very dangerous when they turn on us. Just like with trusted friends and family members, we allow them to get close to us. We start to feel that the familiarity that we built up for years would somehow make their threat go away.

Please remember that a dog will always have teeth. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking at a Chihuahua, or a Pomeranian or a Saint Bernard or Rottweiler, you’re dealing with an animal. It has its own instincts, strong jaws, a set of teeth and ultimately a nature you can’t control no matter how familiar you may be with it. This forms the core of dream interpretations involving a dog who is about to attack you or has already attacked you.

First, this type of imagery can indicate that there is a trying time in your family. It’s either taking place already or your subconscious is connecting the dots and seeing the high probability that your family is going to go through rough times up ahead.

When you experience this dream imagery, be aware of whatever challenges you may be going through in your life. Try to figure out what problems your family members or friends are encountering.

Just like a dog that bites you out of nowhere because you weren’t paying attention, these problems might have been lurking in front of you for a very long time. The problem is you’re just so caught up in your day duties, obligations and responsibilities that makes these basically invisible to you. Your subconscious is trying to draw your attention to these potentially crippling problems before they blow up or even become noticeable.

Generally speaking, a dream of an aggressive dog indicates that there are certain issues in your waking life that you need to control. What makes these issues problematic is, the more you ignore them, the more unmanageable they will become later on.

But for whatever reason, a lot of people think that they just don’t have the time, motivation or emotional firepower to deal with problems when they appear. These are relationship problems, mind you. Keep in mind that smaller fires are easier to handle than large fires that spread out of control.

What does it mean to dream of cute puppies biting?

If you see an image of a cute puppy like a baby Pomeranian with its amazing eyes looking at you and all of a sudden, changing, turning on you and biting you, this indicates that you are dealing with problems that seem small. Maybe you’re late with some bills but the amount due isn’t all that big or you have a tough time showing up at work on time but you miss a few minutes. It might seem like small minor irritation but they may actually lead to larger problems down the road.

When people are stressed, the things that they are barely managing tend to deteriorate. Don’t be in a less shock to see that if you are late 5 minutes, 10 minutes typically, that eventually this will reach 30 minutes or even an hour. The same goes with your finances, maybe now you’re struggling with that last 50 dollars of the month so one of your bills has to take the hit. If you don’t take action now to fix that situation, don’t be all that surprised if you start blowing off larger bills because you feel that you just don’t have the cash or the time to deal with them.

What does it mean when a large brown dog is attacking you?

If you see a large brown dog like a Doberman, pay close attention to how the attack happened. If the dog is generally a peaceful breed, what this type of dream imagery may indicate is that your subconscious is picking up on the fact that your loved ones are trying to shelter you from harsh realities.

Make no mistake, you are still getting hit by bad news but someone you know is going out of their way to cushion the impact. They think that they’re doing you a favor but depending on what they’re trying to “protect you from”, they actually might be making the problem worse.

You have to understand that if you’re trying to fix some sort of conflict or long-standing issue in your life, you really can’t afford to have illusions. Illusions can either blow small things up so they actually seem more daunting than they really are or they can go in the opposite direction.

Whatever the case may be, a little bit of clarity can go a long way. If somebody is lying to you, positioning or spinning certain facts in your life, you ran the risk of not seeing issues clearly and all of you can suffer.

What does a dream of a black dog attacking mean?

If the dog that attacks you is fully black, it indicates that you need to concentrate on key areas of your life. Black is the absence of light. This canine attack imagery using this very symbolic color indicates that you are somehow lazy.

You maybe eagerly taking other people’s word when they’re describing your situation or you don’t even put in the effort to fully understand what’s going on in certain areas of your life. You just assume that what your friend said or their opinions of how things are going is the truth, either way, you need to step up.

You may think that their opinions on certain parts of your life really won’t harm you because these are small areas of your life, think again. The more dependent you are on somebody elses’ insight, feedback or perception of your life, the more you absorb, the more you abdicate your responsibility for confronting certain issues or getting to the root of certain challenges in your life.

You develop an emotional dependence on them and feel betrayed when it turns out that they’re wrong. When they overlook certain things you really have no business feeling that down because you gave up. You don’t wanna be bothered. Do you see what’s wrong with this picture?

What does it mean when you chase off a dog.

If you dreamed of a dog attacking somebody and you find yourself chasing off the dog, you might be thinking that you have achieved some sort of breakthrough. After all, it seems that you are very brave in your dream.

In reality, when you are chasing off a dog in your dream, it indicates that fear and anxiety has overcome you already. One way your subconscious can deal with this is to give you that feeling that somehow you’re on top of the situation.

Another reality is, you let your feelings and emotions control you. You let your need for the validation of others give you a false sense of security. You need to understand that at some point, there is such a thing as healthy fear and anxiety.

If you spend a tremendous amount of your psychic, emotional and spiritual resources trying to run away from “negative emotions and negative states of mind”, the only thing you’re achieving is setting yourself up for a worse letdown later on. You need to toughen up emotionally.

This means dealing with the ups and downs and day-to-day hassles and irritations of your waking life. Otherwise, you become so touchy that any thought that enters your mind is sure to trigger negative emotions and this can easily become a habit.

What does it mean to dream of a dog attacking another dog?

If you see one dog attacking another dog, this can indicate jealousy and envy. It is not the envy of somebody you know, instead, you are feeling envious.

What’s weird about this imagery is that people often feel that they are the victim of some sort of betrayal. They feel that when people criticize them, it’s because these people simply just want what they have. You might even see your close friend in the crowd as the dog attacks another dog.

In reality, you may be setting yourself up for a sense of betrayal because you cannot accept critique, feedback or even hate in a healthy way. It’s a rough road out there and a lot of people really aren’t going to bend over backward to phrase whatever they have to say in ways that won’t rub against you. A lot of people just don’t have the time for that kind of thing. Again, you have to toughen up.

People say also sorts of obnoxious stuff all the time. Are you going to get thrown off or get triggered every time people say something or send emotional signals to you that might not line up with how you feel you should be treated?

Dream interpretation of dog poop.

A lot of people think that when they see dog poop in their dreams that their dream is sort of gross. It’s some sort of joke. It’s very easy to dismiss the imagery of dog poop or excrement, but in somebody that has lived in a typical big city in the United States knows, that this is a kind of scene you will see on a day-to-day basis. You don’t have to look for them.

Dog poop in your dream can actually mean something very important depending on the context. Here are just the five most common contexts surrounding this very strong dream image. If you see dog poop, the right other kind of canine waste product on the floor, it means that you’re struggling with self-control.

Imagine in your mind, how things should look. You have a fairly well-defined idea of personal order or how things should be. The problem is you have some sort of negative energy or some sort of confusion in your life.

Involving misplaced priorities where you cannot quite get the order that you’re looking for, get things to be messy. This really upsets you because you feel that you’re not really in control because things are too dirty, chaotic, sloppy.

You might want to take a step back and draw a deep breath. Maybe you are barking up the wrong tree. Maybe in certain areas of your life, in certain stages, things are supposed to be sloppy and messy. Maybe they are not supposed to line up in neat, tidy little lines and clean antiseptic borders.

What does it mean to dream of runny or watery dog poop?

Take close attention to how you express yourself emotionally. You’d be surprised as to how much rope our friends and relatives gives us and eventually, things would bubble up to the surface if you’re quite sloppy with your words.

If you live with a close family member, maybe you are very careless with your facial expressions or physical gestures. Whatever the case may be, you’re sending some sort of signal in a sloppy way and eventually it will blow up.

What makes these all extra challenging is that oftentimes, the people we rely on the most when we feel we’re down on our luck, raise these issues in the most unpleasant times. So, learn to communicate in a clear way. Practice better self-awareness as to the range of emotional signals, your choice of words bring to the table.

What does it mean to dream of a house covered with dog poop?

This is where things take a weird turn. It’s easy to define poop, especially dog poop in purely negative terms. In reality, depending on the room of the house and depending on what you’re doing in your dream, the abundance of dog feces can indicate material wealth. You are up maybe for promotion or perhaps working on a deal and things are beginning to fall into place.

It is usually a strong connection in classical dream interpretation between images of feces or manure and money. If you think about it hard enough, manure is actually the raw ingredient for growth. It fertilizes the soil and it paves the way for a bountiful harvest. When you get a nice abundant harvest, you can trade in that green for a lot of money, keep this in mind.

Pay close attention to the positioning of the feces in your dream. Is it all over the place or is it piled up somewhere? Which room is it in? How are people navigating the room that has a lot of dog poop in it? These are the kind of questions that you would need to ask so that you can establish the proper context for this strong dream image.

Dream Example #1

Bruno is my adorable 8-year-old pup. My boyfriend and I went to Dubai to celebrate my birthday and stayed in the penthouse suite at the Burj Khalifa.

Not only we got VIP treatment, but so did Bruno. Bruno had to do his business. So we took him down to the pet area and waited.

Time flew by, while Bruno did not do a thing except running around. We kept waiting. After a long wait, he just peed.

After one hour or so, my boyfriend and I decided to go back to our room. Bruno was on a leash. As we stepped inside the hotel, right in the middle of the lobby, I figured Bruno stopped.

I looked down & he was pooping in the middle of the lobby of Burj Khalifa. I was like, “Oh no.” To make matters even worse, he was doing her little dancy poop walk where he walked & pooped at the same time.

Feeling a little ashamed of the incident, we started chasing him around, cleaning up.

While we were busy handling our dog poop, I heard another guest’s dog, a lab, had done the same blunder, this time only in the ocean. He pooped in the water & the owner was trying to get the poop with a poop bag with the waves coming & going.

I thought to myself that thankfully it was solid poop and not the runs.

The next day, we thought of taking Bruno to a veterinary doctor for his check-up. The vet turned around and said that he was going to need a fecal sample.

As soon as she said that, Bruno instantly squatted and pooped right on the table. The vet laughed & said, “Attaboy. Smarty knows what exactly I want.”

That night, we woke up to the horrible sound of farting. Bruno was in his crate next to our bed & apparently, he had some tummy issues.

The room was reeking of foul smell & the stench was nauseating. It was so strong that I nearly passed out.

My husband, on the other side of the bed, whispered, “Ah the smell is awful. Do you need to go take a shower perhaps?” It was the most embarrassing yet the funniest misunderstanding ever.

Bruno got out of his crib & the nightmare started once again. He jumped all over the suite leaving a trace of his poop everywhere. He pooped on the rug. He pooped on the floorboards. He pooped on the furniture legs. He pooped on the carpets.

The horror, oh the horror. My husband shrugged his shoulders & got back to bed. He said he’d deal with it in the morning. I couldn’t go to sleep with that war zone of poop in the entire suite.

As luck would have it, I ran out of the paper towel rolls, as I blew through five or six rolls wiping up the mess.

Then I got hold of the spray bottle with detergent water and hosed down the floorboards to let them soak because the poop had already dried. At this point, I thought I needed therapy.

The dream snapped in the morning & I swore to myself that I’d never brought a pet along to any vacation.

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