What Does a Dream of Rejection Mean?

Dreams about rejection or a sense of abandonment or being ignored are actually quite common. The problem is that most people forget about these dreams. They act as some sort of intermission between more emotionally engaging or even outright traumatic dreams.

It’s easy to see why we tend to overlook night visions of us getting rejected. Rejection after all is part of life.

Also, we tend to remember dreams that are so vivid and weird and emotionally triggering that we forget rejection dreams. After all, such a common experience at some level or other leads us to a sense of numbness. It’s as if you are so used to being rejected in form or another that you begin to be “blind to it.”

Without repetition, it kind of fades into a general emotional landscape of your mind. No wonder few people remember a dream of rejection or something involving this motif unless it keeps coming up.

This article is going to focus on dreams about rejection. Assuming that you keep seeing these themes play out in your night visions, again and again, you have to read between the lines.

Since there’s so many things happening in a typical dream, it’s easy to overlook rejection. As strong as this emotional state may be, there are more alarming, head-turning, and attention-grabbing events that could play out in your dreams.

Maybe you shot somebody or maybe a bunch of zombies or cannibals were chasing you. You might even have dreamed of something comical like driving in reverse or you caught a flat tire.

Whatever the case may be, when people experience rejection again and again in their dreams, in a wide range of ways, they should sit up and pay attention. Usually, most people only get around to remembering this kind of dream when it appears to them over and over again. If that is your situation, here’s a quick rundown of what these dreams mean.

Dreams About Rejection: Meanings, and Interpretation

What Does a Dream of Rejection Signify?

The typical dictionary of dreams views rejection themes in a fairly straightforward way. The term for this is avoidance.

When you have a dream of being rejected, it’s usually a message from your subconscious that you’re feeling anxious or fearful and insecure about something in your life. You don’t want to make a decision or you don’t want to go through a process where you have to work hard for something or try to make something happen. It’s as if the fear of failure saps you of your energy to the point that you don’t even want to try.

Your mind frames this as rejection. You’re not getting the outcome that you’re looking for. You’re denied, for whatever reason, the result you desire. There is a mixture of resignation and deep fear and anxiety about certain goals, aspirations, opportunities, or whathaveyou in your life.

1. Dreaming of Rejection Indicates Low Self-Esteem

A lot of people don’t even bother trying because they’ve been defeated or rejected so much in the past that they think they shouldn’t even try anymore.

“What’s the point?” they ask. “It’s going to lead to the same sad, depressing result.” This is how they conclude.

So, what happens is they rob themselves of the motivation and focus needed to even come close to succeeding. It’s as if they constantly snatch defeat from the jaws of victory every single time.

It doesn’t matter how much they’ve trained. It doesn’t matter how many things have fallen into place that pretty much ensures success. They always find a way to undermine their confidence to the point that they rob themselves of victory and success.

The worst part? They blame themselves.

It’s obvious that you’re blaming yourself when you automatically call yourself a loser when things don’t work out.

But even if you’re not doing that, pay close attention to your inner monologue. You’d be surprised as to how close you get to calling yourself some form of loser or somebody who doesn’t deserve success.

You’re blaming yourself, but in reality, you are sealing yourself off from any possibility of achieving what you desire. This creates a feedback loop. You say that you are lousy and incapable, and this robs you of your focus so you try, but because of low focus and energy and motivation, you fail.

This is all you need to remain stuck and not try again because in your mind you are a loser so you repeat this process again and again.

And it’s no surprise that you end up with low self-esteem, low self-worth, and crappy self-confidence. It’s a foregone conclusion.

2. Your Subconscious May Be Telling You That You Need to Act Based on Principle


People who are principle-driven don’t focus on the outcome. In most cases, they’re not doing things to win, to get ahead, or to achieve some sort of positive result.

While those are good things, above all else, they do things out of principle. This involves issues of confidence, commitment, and dedication. It also pushes people to sacrifice and allow themselves to believe in something bigger than who they think they are.

You might want to try a principled approach to the things that you do. Sure, you probably would feel better doing a million other things, but do it anyway.

Indeed, it’s going to take up a lot of your time and success is not guaranteed, but this is your perfect opportunity to push yourself to the limit and learn what you need to learn so you can eventually succeed.

That’s the power of principle because ultimately, the key principle you should focus on is that you are capable of doing things that need to be done.

3. Your Subconscious May Be Picking Up on Self-Fulfilling Disappointment

Why would anybody sabotage themselves? Why would people undermine their efforts? Even though they put in all this time and resources into their goals, they end up falling flat on their face.

Well, the truth is this is more common than we care to realize because people ultimately are creatures of habit. We have grown accustomed to certain patterns in our lives, and any possibility of change to those patterns scares us.

You end up with a split mind. Your conscious mind is rational and goal-driven.

Who doesn’t want to earn more money? Who doesn’t want to live in a bigger house? Who doesn’t want to have more of the best things in life?

But there’s also the reactive mind, and this has a way of creeping into your subconscious and undermining your pro-active efforts at a “better life.” This is a part of you that would rob yourself of motivation. This usually takes place in the form of self-doubt, “laziness,” which is basically habitual lack of focus, and many other tactics.

If you are in any way self-aware, even by a little bit, you would know what your self-defeating patterns are. And it’s not a surprise, then, that the more you engage in those, the more disappointment and failure are guaranteed in your waking life.

4. Dreams of Rejection Often Indicate How Important Social Pressures Are to You

Steve Jobs once famously said that life is too short to live somebody else’s life (or something to that effect). You’d be surprised as to how many of your goals, hopes and dreams, and daily activities are driven by the need to be validated by other people’s approval.

A lot of parents have this habit of pushing their ambitions and hopes and dreams to their children. They’re frustrated that things didn’t work out so they hand these off to their kids.

People don’t even stop to question if these kids have a right to set their own path in life. Instead, they’re viewed as these empty vessels that will carry the family ambition forward to the next generation.

Similarly, some people hang out in certain social circles where people tend to share the same values, but is this totally voluntary? Are you doing things out of peer pressure? Or, are you fully in love with the trajectory that you have chosen for yourself? Sadly, there is no answer to that except the one that you give yourself.

This is why it’s really important to understand the power of peer pressure. Sometimes you need to go through several dreams of rejection to get a good feel for just how important others’ validation is in your life.

5. Dreams of Rejection Can Indicate Dissatisfaction in Your Relationships

If you’re in a relationship, chances are, you haven’t been rejected. After all, that person is now your boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, wife, or whathaveyou. The same goes with your family.

But interestingly enough, when we look at the quality of our relationships, at a very deep and honest level, there’s always room for improvement. In some relationships, there’s a lot of room for improvement.

That Feeling of Neglect

Maybe your subconscious is sending you the very strong signal of rejection because at some level or other, you feel locked out, blocked off, or otherwise neglected by people who are supposed to truly “get you.” These are people that you truly let your guard down on. They can see your heart.

In many cases, you are wearing your emotions on your sleeves, but it seems that either they don’t care or they just want to deal with you based on some imaginary picture that they have in their minds of who you’re supposed to be.

Do you see the disconnect? You of all people know who you truly are, and these people for whatever reason don’t want to know you at that level. It seems that they have no interest in truly understanding you so they can only listen up to a certain point. In many cases, they can understand you and accept you, but there’s a boundary.

And this frustrates you because you feel that you have given so much into relationships so you have so many expectations of these people, but they are unwilling.

That Feeling of Unavailability

When your subconscious feeds images in your dreams where you get rejected, again and again, this can indicate that you have made yourself unavailable. Maybe the people closest to you truly want to reach, but you refuse to speak their same emotional language.

Please understand that it always takes two to tango. Don’t imagine yourself as some sort of victim that people just don’t get or worse yet are out to oppress. 9 times out of 10, that is not the case.

Maybe the way you’re doing things or going about things and the emotional signals that you send back and forth with the people closest to you are contributing to the disconnect that you feel.

6. Your Subconscious May Be Sending You Signals About Things You Need to Change

When you get rejected in your dreams, pay attention to the context. Are you getting rejected when applying for work? If so, what kind of work? If you get rejected in terms of your profession of love to somebody else, pay close attention to the context.

You have to understand that your subconscious is always picking up signals from the rest of the Universe. A lot of the time, your waking mind is completely deaf and dumb to these.

You need to pay attention to the context of your dreams of rejection. Where do they come from? What area of your life do you see certain patterns in terms of what you do or say in certain situations?

These can be areas of improvement. Maybe you’re not all that happy with certain outcomes in your life because you’re not trying the right way or you’re not sending the right signal. Maybe you’re expecting too much while doing too little.

Common Dream Symbols of Rejection in Your Sleep

What follows are common rejection images and motifs. Just like with any other kind of dream interpretation, when trying to make sense of dreams about rejection, you have to pay close attention to the context. Different contexts usually involve different meanings and areas of your life.

1. What Does Being Rejected for a Job Mean?

If you dreamed about applying for a job and getting rejected, pay close attention to your emotional state in your night vision. Did you consider that job your “dream job” or “once-in-a-lifetime job?” Or, is it just another job that may be paying a little bit more or will enable you to move to a nicer city?

Which is it? Rejection in these different job contexts leads to different places.

Dream Job

For example, if you dream again and again that you were being rejected for a “dream job,” this means that your subconscious is seriously doubting a lot of your greatest desires in life. You feel that your biggest goals, hopes, dreams, and aspirations simply are not going to pan out.

Maybe you feel that you don’t deserve it deep down inside. Maybe you think you’re living somebody else’s dreams and you’re not aware of it. Maybe you’re in doubt about your abilities.

Pay close attention to the context.

Additional Money

Now, on the other hand, if it was a job that you just wanted to apply for because there’s additional money in it for you, your subconscious might be telling you that you’re aiming too low. Your subconscious might also be communicating to you regarding the true state of your self-confidence.

Maybe there’s a part of you that is saying: “You’re already aiming low and letting go of your highest hopes, dreams, and aspirations and you’re still screwing things up.”‘

There might be issues of low self-worth here. So, loosen the strands and try to make the broad patterns, and you’d be surprised as to what you would find.

2. Dream Meaning of Rejecting Someone Romantically

What does it mean when you dream of rejecting somebody? Maybe it’s a very attractive person who propositions you and you just turned them down. Or, maybe you’re already in some sort of friendship with that person and she wants to take it to the next level.

Whatever the case may be, when you are the one doing the rejecting, this can mean either a lack of interest or the fear that you will not live up to that person’s expectations.

Now, please understand that when you see yourself rejecting somebody romantically in a dream, it’s usually not a prediction that you will find yourself in that exact situation, dealing with romantic issues. In most cases, our subconscious uses this very familiar set of symbols to indicate our attitude towards other things in our lives.

Regardless, the common theme is lack of interest, losing motivation, insecurity, lack of confidence.

Pay close attention to how that person responds. Do they resent you? Do they try to play it off as a joke? Do they just laugh it off?

Oftentimes, our subconscious uses the “reaction” of other people as a mirror to our own coping mechanisms. There are lots of unpleasant interactions with reality out there, and a lot of the times, when we take a shot at the basket, we hit the rim or the ball bounces off the backboard. Whatever the case may be, the shot doesn’t go through.

What do you do?

The key to success and happiness, of course, is to deal with things in such a way that it involves less self-deception and emotional dishonesty.

3. Dreaming of Being Rejected by Someone

When you dream that you are being rejected by other people, pay close attention to the relationship. Are you being rejected by your own mother and father? This can indicate deep issues in your family life.

Maybe you aren’t letting your emotions out clearly so they understand what you truly feel. Maybe you misread your relative in a very gross way, and it has warped and distorted your relationship. Maybe it can indicate that there’s something wrong with that relative, and it’s not your fault.

Rejection from Parents

Some mothers are not emotionally warm and accepting. That’s just a fact of life just as there are abusive fathers.

Whatever the case may be regarding your family issues, your subconscious, when it’s using family imagery with a rejection theme, is urging you to be honest with yourself. Stop tiptoeing or walking on eggshells around that 800-lb elephant in the room. Stop being in denial.

Admit that there are issues, and just because you admit that there’s a problem in your relationship with your close relatives or family members doesn’t mean you love them less. It just means that you’re taking responsibility for your emotional growth. If anything, it means emotional maturity on your part.

Rejection from Your Partner

If you dream that you’re being rejected by your love partner, this can indicate that you are hanging on to the idea of a “perfect relationship.” There’s nothing wrong with having ideals, but it has to be communicated clearly. It also has to be the product of honest and open communication.

You can’t have a “perfect relationship” with somebody who has no clue about your definition of such a relationship. In fact, you would be unfair to that person because you’re emotionally holding a grudge against them.

“Why can’t you do this? Why can’t you live up to this?” you may ask.

But if you want your relationship to live up to your expectations, put your expectations on the table. Communicate them or articulate them in a reasonably clear way so the other person in the relationship can pipe up.

Remember, it’s a two-way street. Just because you wanted doesn’t mean it’s the law. The other person has to want it too by contributing to whatever it is you have going to so you both end up desiring the game thing. Otherwise, you’re going to just be playing this emotional game with yourself.

You keep holding up your partner to an imaginary model that they are clueless about, and you blame them and feel resentful when they don’t measure up. How can they? They didn’t get the memo. They didn’t even get the chance. This is one of the cruelest and selfish things you can do.

Dream Example #1

The third time is a charm, right? At least I hoped so. I told myself that I would give it one last try; I had enough hope left for one last try.

I had my college dream like anyone else, but why was it so difficult to reach.

I felt as if the universe was against me, serving me karma I did not deserve. My father drove me this morning because he wanted to be with me when I got my answer. We parked our car in front of the familiar office.

This time could have been the last time I walked on their red brick path and through their glass doors.

I was nervous, but I pretended to be confident because then perhaps I would feel confident. My dad had a confident smile on as well, but I know he was nervous too.

The receptionist gave us a friendly smile. But I could see a glimpse of pity in her eyes from seeing me come back a third time. Although, I’m sure she had seen many students in my shoes walk in and out of this office.

We took a seat as we waited for the envelope that would determine my future. I stared at the blue carpet that covered the waiting area.

It wouldn’t be my first pick of a blue carpet. It was navy blue, and bumpy with some grey areas. I would have gone for a lighter color to compliment the white furniture.

The door to the Applications Manager’s office then opened, out came a girl around my age. She had on the same nervous expression I did and a white envelope in her hands.

I had seen that envelope enough times to know what was inside it. She walked out through the glass doors, and I remained behind wondering what answer she received.

It was my turn to receive my envelope. I opened the door to the Application Manager’s office, she had a friendly face and always smiled when I came.

Almost as if she had good news, but even she did not know what news the envelopes had for us. I presumed she intended to make us feel comfortable and show that she hoped for the best for us.

I appreciated her effort; it made the process less nerve-wracking. After checking my identification, she sorted through the stack of white envelopes behind her to find mine.

It was a stack of white envelopes that determined the future of many applicants. I sat there and wondered what gave a human being the power to decide whether some deserved the future they wanted, and others did not.

She found my envelope and handed it to me. I left her office after saying thank you. I was not ready to see what answer I received. If I did not check, I could hold on to hope that I received the news I wanted.

Yet, if I did check and see a rejection letter, there would be no reversing time. My dad stood up and nodded goodbye to the receptionist.

His confident expression had turned into an anxious one. As we walked to the car, I knew what answer the letter held. If you got rejected, they always placed a letter of rejection in the passport.

But, if you got accepted, only your passport would be in the envelope. My fingers started searching the envelope feeling around for its contents. The moment I felt a paper inside, my heart sunk.

I did not tell my father immediately, I wanted to hold on to the reality that I was wrong. When we got into the car, my dad prompted me to open the envelope.

I did not see the use in opening it, so I told him that I knew what was inside. I told him that my visa application had been denied a third time.

His face mirrored the disappointment on mine. That is when I woke up, a day before my appointment at the Canadian Embassy. All I could do as I attempted to fall asleep again was hope that my dream was just that, a dream.

Dream Example #2

This was one of the most realistic dreams I ever had. Back in school, I liked a friend of mine a lot, but never expressed it. So once I dreamed about a failed attempt to confess my feelings to a long-time friend.

I was preparing for an upcoming football match while this special friend of mine friend was running on a track around the football field.

It was a daily practice and many of my teammates liked her too. While she was running, I decided that this was the right day and I should just confess and get over it.

I finished my football practice just in time to catch with her while she was still running. I started running alongside her and talked about how many of my teammates liked her a lot.

She simply shirked off her shoulders in denial and said that these guys would have liked anyone in her place as well. I have been her friend for about a year and she would never give me a chance to flirt with her.

I was apprehensive that she might not feel the same way I felt about her. Still, I mustered up the courage to say “Hey! I like you. Did you ever feel the same? Ever? ”

She did not seem to be affected by what I just said and continued running. After a few seconds of silence, she looked at me with a serious face and said, ‘It no more matters whether I feel the same, I can not date anyone right now.

I never told you, but I was dating a guy from your football team and we broke up a week ago. ” This was a big shock to me and I could not run along with her anymore, so I stopped.

She halted after running some distance and then came back to me. Even though it was a dream, the conversation was as realistic as a movie.

She stood there facing me with a look of sympathy and also a look that said she had made up her mind to reject me.

I was not ready to give up, so I decided to talk her into saying yes. Since I intended to invoke some happy memories to gain her confidence, I put on a cute face.

Then I reminded her when I had fed her with my hands, bought her chocolates and gifts, and how much we enjoyed each other’s company. But she was unaffected by all the talk.
And then she said something unexpected.

‘I had liked you at the beginning when we became friends, but you were too busy with other girls and sports to think of me. I never said anything, but now you are my best buddy and nothing more. I can understand how you are feeling, but everything would be alright.’

Saying this, she continued with her running leaving me heartbroken. The dream now shifts to a shady street where I enter and find her kissing a strange guy.

I felt betrayed and disappointed. She did not even consider my proposal in the morning and by the evening, she was with someone already.

One of my worst fears came true. I was heartbroken by the rejection. The dream ended on its own but I was glad that all this never really happened.

Dream Example #3

It was one of the most hopeful mornings. I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock chiming merrily, birds outside my window chirping as the first rays of dawn sliced through my window blinds.

It was one of those beautiful, perfectly temperate days that one would think of in a fairy-tale.

And I felt the most rested I had ever felt in a long time. I went through my morning routine, feeling upbeat, serene as I watched the steam waft gently out of my coffee cup.

Suddenly, I reminded myself of the fact that I needed to call my boyfriend of two years. I just had that feeling that today would be the day he proposed.

He had been hinting for a while now. As I dialed the number, I felt giddy. It rang once; my smile had not left my face. Twice, three times, four times, five times.

My brow furrowed as my service provider informed me that the line was busy.

Maybe he was still sleeping, I thought cloudily and had pressed decline in his sleep. He never failed to answer before. My phone beeped and a text message appeared on my screen.

I read the strangely blurred words: I’m busy. See you later.

I was suddenly transported through time, finding myself sitting in the cafe where I liked to meet him. He sat opposite me, and the calming sounds of coffee pouring, the quiet chattering of people, the smells of confectioneries and books all wafted away.

Everything turned dark, the only highlight of my boyfriend’s unsettling, crimson silhouette. His eyes turned into pools of black tar, and he whispered chillingly, “I’ve always hated you.”

My eyes opened wide in disbelief. “Is this a joke?” I asked, frightened.

“I only wanted to be with you so I could one day break your heart,” he replied emotionlessly.

The atmosphere returned to normal as he smiled sweetly at me and left without a word, leaving me to gasp from the pain of it all, with long, shuddering breaths, black tears trickling down my face.

The waitress smilingly arrived with two cups of coffee, spitting in mine before leaving. Tears trickled down my face, increasing by the minute. I dial my mother’s number, knowing that at least I could always count on her.

It rang once. Twice, three times, four times, five times. The line was busy for the second time that day. My heart thumped in my chest as my phone beeped cheerily for the second time. I screamed as I read the message: Do not call me your mother anymore.

I tried to call again, and it did not go through.

Then, the manager angrily walked towards me and boomed, “Get out of here!” His finger aggressively pointed out the door.

I gathered my things and ran out, screaming as my uncontrollable tears burned a black space around my feet and burnt straight through the ground.

I began to fall into the blackness, the Earth’s core beckoning to devour me. And as I fell, I wondered what I had ever done to deserve it. The burning hot core incinerated me to ashes.

That was when I woke up from the nightmare in a cold sweat, my alarm clock chiming merrily, birds outside my window chirping as the first rays of dawn sliced through my window blinds.

Dream Example #4

Walking through the glass door, I took a deep breath. It was the last phase of my interview at the prestigious Ralphings Firm. I had always wanted to work with Ralphings, a popular real estate firm in the country.

I heard of the opening from my high school classmate, Eva and I had immediately sent a mail applying for the role of a realtor in their organization.

The first stage of the interview was a written test while the second was an oral interview. I had expected to be told my fate when I had the oral interview but the interviewer had informed me that I would be invited or the final stage of my interview.

I went home that day with mixed emotions. I knew I had aced the two stages of the interview but I was nervous about the way the interviewer had looked at me skeptically.

I prayed I wasn’t going to get disappointed again. It had become a normal way of my life, the stares, the pity, the disgust, the rejection.

Well, here I was. I had gotten a call from their Human Resource team two days later inviting me for the final stage of the interview.

I took another deep breath, ran my fingers through my skirt and knocked timidly at the door that was labeled ‘ HR Manager’.

A crisp voice called me in. I pushed open the door and walked inside the beautifully arranged office. This was different from the office I had been orally interviewed in.

It had several art works hanging on the wall and the rug felt so soft I could feel the heels of my black plums sinking in as I walked towards the woman who was buried in her laptop.

‘ Good morning ma’ . I whispered my greeting. She looked up rather uninterestedly and gave me a swift one sided crooked smile. It was gone before I could respond. She leaned back on her arm chair, took off her glasses and assessed me from my hair to my shoes. I shifted uncomfortably and gave a timid smile.

‘You’re Ms knight?’ she asked

‘Yes ma, I am’.

She waved her hand to the leather chair in front of her table signaling me to sit. I hurriedly sat, grateful to finally rest me timid feet.

I observed the lady from under my lashes. She was an elderly black woman with short black dreads. She wore cream colored jacket over a black camisole. She looked experienced and efficient.

‘Ms Knight, I must commend your excellent performance in the assessments so far. Our records here state that you performed well above average in both written and oral assessments.

However, Ms knight we do not believe you are qualified for the job.’ She paused to look my squarely in the face as if challenging me to challenge her.

‘You see, being a realtor requires a lot of physical interaction with clients. I’m sure you understand my point Ms Knight’

I was grateful for one thing; I didn’t see any pity in her expression. Her eyes were blank and her tone flat. I felt the familiar tightening in my chest. I instinctively caressed my left cheek. I thanked her and took my leave.

I walked out of the office, stopping to stare at myself in the glass door. The scar covered most of my face running from the center of my fore head to my left cheek. It was a second degree burn I had suffered during a fire incident at my childhood church.

I rolled off the bed and pulled out my pocket mirror from my make up bag. The scar was still there, bold and daring. I sat on the bed in my red pajamas with the mirror in my hand. It had been a dream but it was a reality I faced every day.

Dream Example #5

“I had a dream. I saw that I got rejected from my university” – Imagine Martin Luther King starting his speech like this.

Well, in his case it would not have been true but in my case it is. In my dream, I was sitting in the Visa Processing Unit Office of UCSI University, Kuala Lumpur.

The staff members looked quite rigid as if I have committed a crime. I was wearing a red and white polka-dotted skirt and a red top. I have a habit of dressing on my most stressful days at university and that kind of reflected in my dream.

I was waiting for my turn, nervously, all my papers and files in my hand. I was a little late submitting my visa processing papers for that year to the VPU office and hence me meeting them.

My turn comes and I go inside the office. They review all my documents. After a short discussion, they ask me to leave Malaysia within a day, and if not they would report me to the police.

The next scene shifts into this great night sky full of stars and me falling in that nighttime sky as if I am in a great abyss. There is no end to that fall, no ground zero.

I am falling, falling, and falling. All this time I was thinking how can this happen to me. What have I done to myself? It is all my fault. I hail all the way from Bangladesh and I come from a single parent.

My mother has invested tons of money in my education and here I am who cannot even submit her documents on time. Rejected and dejected, I sat motionless for 10 minutes.

I do not have any recollection of what the staff said in those minutes. I still haven’t reached ground zero yet.

I get my focus back and I resist. I said there must be some other way I can prevent it. A new semester is beginning and I have 5 semesters left to complete my Bachelor’s in Engineering.

I cannot give up like that. I login into my student account and they have blocked me from everywhere. I go to the Dean, my adviser, head of the department. I find closed doors. There is no one to help.

I open my eyes and find myself in my room. My heart was beating so fast. Some dreams can make you feel like it was actually your life that you are living.

It was already 9 a.m. in the morning. I brush my teeth and have some breakfast. Living through a pandemic has its perks.

Since everything gets done from home it is like every introverts’ dream come true. I login into my work email, complete a zoom meeting. I also login into my UCSI student account and check my email. There is nothing.

Two and half years since I got rejected from my university and I am still not being & allowed for readmission.

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