A dream about someone confessing their love for you

According to the typical dream dictionary, dreams are manifestations of our unconscious minds. Just because part of our consciousness isn’t loud and obvious in our waking lives does not mean it’s less powerful. A dream about someone confessing their love for you works in this exact manner.

In fact, we should consider it as part of ourselves that is always awake. Make no mistake about it; we tend to overlook many details and important issues in our waking lives. It’s not because we are unaware of them or we don’t believe them. We just don’t prioritize them.

In many cases, we practice willful blindness. This is where the old image of the 800-pound elephant in the middle of the room comes in. How many elephants do you have in your room? You probably have quite a few if you’re like most people.

Welcome to the club.

dream about someone confessing their love for you

The human subconscious works in mysterious ways

Our unconscious mind takes note of whatever truths we choose not to believe or try to overlook or forget. In many cases, when it comes to our dreams, it puts these things front and center. We are not aware of this level of consciousness in our waking life, but they will come out in our dreams.

You can consider these dreams warning signs or view them from the perspective of unmet needs. Whatever the case may be or whatever it is you’re going through, they still need to be addressed because they are part of your reality.

This is why dreaming about certain situations could be a sign of our true selves and where we are in our lives’ journey. Many of us don’t even know what we want. In many cases, we “inherited” or absorbed the hopes and dreams of the people related to us.

But are these dreams really ours? Do they reflect who we truly are? Nothing is more sensitive to this issue than matters involving love. Love, after all, is the highest of spiritual experiences that play out in our practical day-to-day waking life.

Love gives meaning to life, and that’s why we all search for it. At the very least, it nourishes our soul. We find motivation and hope from our ability to care for and be cared for by others. Unsurprisingly, we are always looking to nurture the life that we’ve found, or if we haven’t found it, we are constantly searching for it.

Other searches can take many different forms. Some people are looking for any kind of love; others are looking for a sincere or “true version” of love. No matter how you cut it, dreaming about love reflects your deepest desires as well as your vulnerabilities.

It speaks to your need to be loved, valued, and appreciated by someone.

General dream meanings and interpretation of love

To dream about somebody confessing love for you is usually a positive dream.

Imagine looking for romance all this time and experiencing someone professing it to you. It’s as if all that searching and the matching heartbreaks, disappointments, and dashed expectations slowly go away. In its place is this declaration of sincere affection.

When you dream about somebody confessing love for you, you are validated, accepted, and appreciated profoundly. To some people, it means you’ve arrived.

You are now getting something that other people got a long time ago or now take for granted. This also signifies a sense of belonging. For all this time, you’re trying to find romance in all the wrong places and circles.

Whatever you do or say seems not enough. You can’t quite measure up. And now, you feel complete because somebody has taken you in, and you feel that your heart belongs somewhere in the universe.

As positive as these feelings may be, there’s always the other side. It all depends on the context and other details of that scene where you dream about somebody professing their feelings to you.

A dream about somebody confessing their affections indicates acceptance

Someone confessing their affections and emotions in your dream could be related to deeper issues of acceptance, belonging, having a sense of identity, and feeling satisfied in your waking life. It may have nothing to do with romance as we know it.

Instead, it may have something to do with your appreciation of yourself. You have to focus on the details because small differences can send the trajectory of the confession dream you just had.

Make no mistake about it; confession is not an easy process.

Love confession takes courage

Many of us have fallen in love. We recognize how strong that feeling is. It can seem almost all-consuming, like a fire. Just as fire cannot be intimidated, contained, or denied, your strong feeling cannot be bottled up.

In many cases, it escapes the prison of words and human expressions. It just shines like a bright light from your heart. But we have to live in real life—with its rules, boundaries, customs, and traditions.

It’s no surprise that people who are completely honest with their ability to love and their need for it are often viewed as verging on crazy. In our psychological vocabulary, there is a place and time for everything.

It’s as if we are putting love, as powerful of an emotion it is, into a neat little box with its limited forms of expression. When you go outside that box, people start thinking twice about you. Perhaps you’ve gone to the deep end, or you’re lousy with your emotions.

Whatever the case may be, it is seen as a sign of weakness. We don’t have to look any further than Greek mythology to see this theme play out again and again. When affection is expressed in certain ways, it’s proper, fulfilling, and worthy of appreciation.

But when it falls out of these neatly drawn boundaries, it is seen as a sign of instability which may lead to cruelty, heartbreak, loss, and some type of pain. It’s as if we have been trained to fear our strongest emotion in the Western imagination, and love definitely qualifies.

That’s why it’s important to understand the amount of courage it takes to profess feelings to someone because you might go beyond the boundaries when you profess your affection. You can come off as unhinged and slightly crazy or “off.”

This can trigger that other strong emotion we all share, which is our fear of rejection. As someone who feels strongly, you have to be brave when communicating your passion to somebody.

What does it mean to dream about someone confessing their love for you?

When somebody is professing their feelings for you, it means that your sleeping consciousness is picking up favorable signals from somebody. It doesn’t necessarily mean you want to be in a relationship with them.

That is out of the question if you’re already married or in a stable long-term commitment. Instead, you’re seeing somebody with who you can see eye-to-eye. You can be fully present with them without risking rejection.

This is the beginning of a real friendship. This usually takes the form of somebody of the opposite sex. But this also suggests that your mind is telling you that you’ve become so comfortable in your skin that you don’t fear judgment.

This opens you up to real friendships. You have to understand that deep friendship based on real honesty can be very dangerous to our egos. Real friends cut to heal; they don’t cut to destroy or shame.

The problem is when you’re viewing from the outside looking in, it seems the same, but they’re not. You know you’re dealing with a friend if they give you the unvarnished and uncut truth because the friend sees the very best in you.

And frequently, you have to crawl out or even break out of the shell. What is this shell? It could be the limitations or the comforting stories you tell yourself about who you can and cannot be.

And when a true friend sees how far you can go and your potential, it is a shame to them that you take comfort from such lies that you’ve set up for yourself so you can chain your hopes and dreams. They know that you’re capable of so much more.

Suppose you’re unattached and you meet somebody you’re romantically interested in who sees you in this way. In that case, it can be very volatile because they see you with your full potential and want you to become who you are destined to be.

In translation, this can come off as harsh. You might even think the person is judging you. Part of you may be even crying out, “Can’t you just appreciate me for being myself?” What if the “real you” that you see for yourself clings to mediocrity, or worse, cowardice?

You have to understand that to achieve a great victory in this life, you have to take a risk. And this risk is real because you can fall flat on your face, and people could point at you and laugh. But we are measured based on the victories we achieved despite the odds, shame, ridicule, failure, and disappointment.

You create this prison, and it could be very jarring when you meet somebody who sees you for who you truly are, what you represent, and what you could be. On the one hand, you enjoy that they see you and care, but you also resent the fact they want to call you out of your cave.

Any dream interpretation for love confession has to factor this in because this is not just about fairy tale romances. That’s the stuff you watch on TV or in movies. The “real romance” is two people walking on a life journey together.

It’s hard to do that when you’re shackled in the ankles with a coward who has so much to offer to the world but shrinks back to their comfort zone because it hurts too much to try and fail. They do not see the reality behind failures that it’s a blessing.

Reality is giving you free lessons. And once you master these lessons, you level up. But many of us want to remain perpetual boys and girls safely within the confines of our parents’ emotional and psychological authority and refuse to grow up.

Can you imagine falling in love with somebody like that? Talk about frustrating.

Understanding deep connections behind a love confession

Love confession doesn’t just involve saying, “I like you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you” or “I love you.” Pay close attention to the word confession. It means opening up. For a lot of us, especially guys, it’s the scariest thing.

When you open up, you let your guard down. People no longer see the shell, the strong defense, the external courage. They see who you truly are inside with your doubts, fears, and vulnerabilities. When somebody confesses their love for you, it could be your sleeping consciousness confessing to yourself internally.

You’re beginning to get in touch with your vulnerable side. It’s as if there’s nowhere left to hide, and you’re beginning to see who you truly are. Of course, this takes place in the context of romantic attraction.

But you can’t help falling in love with yourself if you’re truly honest with yourself. True love means accepting and appreciating somebody not because they’re a hero or have so many things going for them, but because of their flaws.

It’s your crooked smile or your funny-looking nose or the funny sound you make when you sneeze that makes you memorable, cute, and lovable. Understand this internal dialogue. Recognize that a part of you is beginning to fall in love with yourself truly.

This is a big deal. Why? You no longer have to be somebody else or live up to somebody’s expectations or transform yourself into some hideous Frankenstein monster made up of other people’s frustrated dreams so that you can accept yourself.

You don’t have to do that. There are no places to hide. There are no other places to get your confidence from. You just are. Isn’t that good news? You’re beginning to embrace yourself, and this can take the form of somebody in your dream confessing their love for you.

In reality, you are beginning to accept yourself fully. Self-love is the basis of any real intimate connection. If your dream imagery shows that someone likes you or a group of people like you or that you’re special to them, this could involve your relationship with yourself.

You’re finally beginning to know and ultimately love yourself. This is a big deal because you can’t love other people until you first love yourself. You can only give what you have. You cannot give fiction or air.

Unfortunately, that’s what many people try to do. They haven’t fully loved themselves. In their minds, they’re always trying to become somebody different because that’s the only way they can permit themselves to become comfortable in their skin.

You sidestep all of that, and your unconscious mind is picking up your acceptance of yourself, and it’s an exciting thing.

You’re beginning to become emotionally stable

Once you dream about someone confessing their love for you repeatedly, focus on the details. Whether it is a reflection of your detection of someone else developing feelings for you or your perception of yourself being more self-accepting is a good thing.

Pay attention to the details because it may lead you to conclude that you are becoming more emotionally stable. Many people, especially women, are easy to manipulate because they’re always engaged in the search for emotional acceptance.

They believe that if they do something, look like something, or sound something, people will like them. What if you stop all of that and be just who you are? Stop trying to attract people you think you should be attracting and just be yourself.

You’d be surprised as to who you will attract. This is scary for many people, especially for guys who have issues with their fathers. They feel they have to project a certain image. Many times it involves false strength.

But the real strength is honesty deep within. Once you know your inner song and you’re true to it, everything falls into place because everything you say, do, and think is in full integrity with who you are.

Guess what happens next? People are drawn to you because most of them are smart enough to tell that there are many fakes out there. The worst form of delusion is being fake and not knowing it at all.

When all that falls out like scales from your eyes, things become possible again, and that’s where real strength comes from.

Common dreams about romantic confessions

Dreams about somebody telling you that they have feelings for you can have obvious meanings, or it can be an introspection. Let’s take the most obvious path: your sleeping consciousness picking up on the fact that somebody in your circle is looking at you as an object of desire.

This can be a good thing if you’re attracted to that person. Perhaps you share the same values, look at the world the same way, laugh at the same jokes, and are very comfortable with each other. But this can also be scary if you’re committed to somebody already.

There’s an old song about how it’s hard to belong to someone else when the right one comes along. This begs the thought: the right one will never come along because they are already with you if you truly love them.

This indicates confusion. If you’re having these dreams and you’re already with somebody, then there’s a part of you that’s confused. The good news is you can use this internal confusion to strengthen your current relationship.

It’s a wake-up call for you to be more communicative with your partner. If they do things that tick you off or make you feel small or insignificant or taken for granted, you might want to change how you communicate.

Your connection can only grow and become richer if you become courageous and stand on your rights without stepping on their toes. I know it’s delicate, but it can be done. All it takes is trust. If your relationship is worth growing or saving, it must be based on mutual trust.

Otherwise, it is based on delusion. Maybe you have a false picture of that person, and they have one or two of you.

The other way to look at this type of dream is your subconscious telling you about your treatment of yourself. Like what I mentioned above, you’ve started to see that you are lovable; you are worth celebrating and fighting for.

Dreaming about confession signifies the need for self-love

For the longest time, you may have felt that you have to be somebody else for you to be worthy. Viewed from this lens, this type of dream indicates that you’re building your own love for yourself.

There’s nothing selfish about it, mind you. It’s fundamental. You have to put in the time, effort, and energy to truly fall in love with yourself because that means acceptance and respect for who you truly are. Again, you can only give what you have.

How can you respect other people when you don’t even respect yourself? How can you romantically connect with someone and commit to somebody when you have doubts about yourself?

What does it mean when someone you don’t like confesses their love for you?

This seems awkward on the surface because you don’t want to be with this person. Whatever they are, there is something about them that throws you off. But the truth is your unconscious mind is challenging you.

It’s easy for you to avoid this person because they may be spiteful, or something is annoying about them. You don’t see them as a close friend, much less a lover. But your subconscious tells you to be courageous and ask what it is about them that annoys you and what it tells you about yourself.

In many cases, many of us have automatic resentment or reject people outright because we don’t want to be rejected ourselves. Deep down inside, we want that person to be a friend, or in some cases, we want to be romantically linked to them.

But part of ourselves feels unworthy. Similar to the biblical meaning of a kiss in a dream, this can be a self-acceptance or self-love situation.

The imagery is there. It’s tricky, so you have to look at the details. Often, it isn’t what you think. If somebody is repulsive to you, you wouldn’t even dream of them in a romantic context.

What does it mean to dream about somebody confessing love to your friend?

When you see the imagery of somebody you’re with being unfaithful, they’re not quite connecting with you, and this sets you off. Of course, you try to play it off and be coy, but a part of you is unsettled.

You can’t quite put your fingers on the circumstances surround it, but there’s something off, so you’re suspicious. Why are they not communicating their love for me the way I expect? Well, a lot of it has to do with your love language.

Can you imagine somebody spending time with you without saying much of anything for months on end? At the end of your romance, you say you have to break it off because they seldom tell you that they love you.

This is a disconnect because that person communicates their affection to you by being present. You, on the other hand, communicate your affection through words. This might be a situation where you’re feeling a sense of disconnection.

But it can be fixed if you are honest with each other and feel that each of you is worth the risk. On the other hand, it can be a possibility that whoever you’re with is unfaithful to you because of the dream’s imagery. The contextual interpretation applies in the boyfriend with another girl dream meaning as well.

Understand how they truly communicate with you. You might be blowing things out of proportion, or you might be insecure because you can’t communicate what you truly feel. A part of you feels that you have to settle for “intimacy crumbs” that are leftover.

Dreaming of your best friend confessing their love for you

Dreaming of your best friend confessing that they love you represents your fear of losing that person. This has nothing to do with romantic love but a sense of insecurity about losing a good friend over some misunderstanding.

It can even include family members or other loved ones. Imagine that somebody you thought you knew like the back of your hand because you grew up and went through ups and downs with them, and all of it goes up in smoke.

Your subconscious mind is telling you that you’re communicating or perceiving other people’s communication in a way that leads to avoidable situations. Either you blow things out of proportion, or you just connect the dots incorrectly.

Whatever the case may be, you don’t want to lose that friend, but you feel that there’s nothing you can do. You cannot set up false dichotomies and say, “This is how I am. This is how I communicate. Take me for who I am. I’m a package deal.”

Those limitations are things you set for yourself; they’re not real. Something’s got to give.

What does it mean when you dream about being courted?

When somebody’s courting or wooing you or convincing you to be with them, a lot of this has to do with courtship. It starts as an interest. Do they look attractive to you? Many of us have “types,” and a person has to fall within those types.

Maybe you like them tall, dark, and handsome, or you like them short, round, and sassy. It’s fine; everybody’s got preferences. They have to fall within a certain type. They also have to communicate in a certain way because we all have affection vocabulary.

Sure, we may be physically attracted to them, but they can’t seem to speak our romantic language, so we write them off. I hope you see the big picture here. Somebody has to go through many different hoops for them to be in our romantic radars.

When you dream about being courted, it reflects this romantic radar that you have. Maybe it got triggered recently by someone that you’re acquainted with. Or it represents that your love radar needs some fine-tuning and adjustments. Either it’s filtering out too many people or letting too many people in that you end up confused or frustrated.

This type of dream can also represent some repressed feelings that you may have about somebody you know. Are you the type who thinks you attract the wrong group of people?

You want to make your bonds with them better, but you feel that something’s getting in the way because you seem to end up with friends that you’re not happy with. Maybe the friendship you have with them is one-sided. They’re somebody who calls you only when they need something like money.

Or you have an emotionally needy friend who only calls you when they have a problem with their partner. Once the issue disappears, you don’t hear from them for months. You have to understand that dreaming of someone courting you can indicate a bond with your friends.

The good news is if the friendship is worth keeping, they will respect you when you get out of your shell and say, “Hey, listen. I notice that our friendship is uneven. You call me when you need money, but we never hang out, and you’re not there when I need a shoulder to cry on. What’s up? What gives?”

If that person truly appreciates you, they will say sorry because they prize the friendship. If they tell you to take a hike, then that’s fine too because they were never your real friends, to begin with. It’s no loss to you.

At the end of the day, dreaming of someone courting you means you realize that this world is made up of relationships. They’re important; they sustain you and provide you with life. But they have to be based on mutual respect.

There are many parasites out there; I’m sorry to report.

What does it mean to dream about a guy or girl falling out of love with you?

This can indicate two things. One, you’re having doubts about your partner. Or it can reflect a process or search you’re going through that will end up in a change in your mindset regarding self-image and self-worth. Both are equally important, but the correct interpretation depends on the context and the dream’s details.

In the first case, dreaming of falling out of love with your significant suggests that a lot of the things you both used to sweep under the rug are now coming to a head.

Maybe, her neediness is getting to you, and his need to be always in control pushes you to your breaking point. Maybe her life-long subservience to her mother is poisoning your romance, while your obvious ties to a past flare are undermining your current significant other.

If anything, seeing this image of falling out of love with the person you truly love in your waking life should be a wake-up call. It should give you the courage and the sense of urgency to ask deep questions that you’ve been ducking or avoiding all this time.

If your romance is real and your love is built on the solid foundation of mutual respect, it will survive. Your relationship is like gold ore that has to be crushed, pounded, reduced to powder, thrown into a torture chamber of tumblers, and then subjected to incredible heat to produce beautiful gold.

The strongest relationships have gone through ups and downs, the ins and outs, and twists and turns. A lot of this also depends on you becoming a man or being a woman.

Life has always been unfair and imperfect. It’s not going to improve any time soon. Sure, it’ll be great if both of you have the same level of honesty and maturity, but good luck getting that.

You have to take life as it happens in front of you. The perfect one will never come because there are no perfect people.

What does it mean if you dream about lost love?

It depends on the emotions you feel when you have this dream. Do you feel imminent loss? Then you need to pay close attention to your current relationship. The misunderstandings and the common delusions you share might be undermining it.

Pretty soon, there will be a moment of truth. This is where your relationship will hit rock-bottom, and guess what, it’s not always a negative thing. Many people think that when a relationship hits rock-bottom that it’s a foregone conclusion that partners will go their separate ways.

Not true. This also points to when fake images, false ideas, delusions, irrational fear, and even superstitions have emptied themselves. They’re gone from your relationship, and you’re figuratively naked before each other.

There’s no one to become, no false pride to hide behind, and no coping mechanism. Just you and your partner. It’s all the same whether you are a man and a woman together or in a same-sex relationship.

What’s important is taking this opportunity for complete and total honesty. And from there, your romance becomes reborn. It is now built on firm foundations so that your relationship will survive no matter what storm it goes through because both of you are standing on your feet and choosing each other.

You’re not leaning on each other; you’re not saying, “You complete me.” You’re two adults. Suppose you’re dreaming about images of lost love with a sense of nostalgia. In that case, it can indicate that a part of you is maturing when it comes to relationships.

Either you wish that things were “as good as they were,” or you’re looking forward to changing. The problem with the past is it never existed. I know that’s a bold claim to make, especially if you think about somebody that treated you well or a past relationship where you felt you experienced true love.

But if I gave you a time machine now and a magnifying glass that you’re able to go back in time, what would you find? You will find that the relationship you mythologized and romanticized today is not what you think.

It had its warts and ups and downs. In many cases, the reason your past relationships seemed fulfilling and worthwhile compared to now is you’re reading many of your frustrations and disappointments to the past.

You have to understand that people can run away from their problems. They are either running away to their past and imagining things that never happened or blowing things out of proportion and romanticizing things that were just as problematic as today.

Or they imagine stuff about the future that will never come to pass. Instead of doing this and allowing a sense of nostalgia to insulate you and be devoured by desire, interpret your dream for what it is. It’s a wake-up call and message to free yourself from any kind of comforting delusion and be aware of the reality of the existence you’re living.

I know that’s a strong word, but this dream wakes you up to the fact that you dreamed up a fantasy or make-believe as far as your expectations and views of what an ideal relationship is. You’re not seeing events as they are; you’re distorting them based on what you desire.

In many cases, that dream wakes you up to how you cope with reality and how our dreams about the ideal almost always fall short of reality. Where does this leave us? This means we have to be courageous, honest and permit ourselves to find meanings in and be happy where we are in the here and now.

Dream Example #1

Teenage life is the best. You are very free to do anything you want.

You have lots of friends to be with, you can go and hang out with them and eat lunch together. Teenage life too is crucial.

This is the point in life where you have to be careful in everything you do.

There are a lot of things you must not do and things that you should avoid. Especially when we talk about love.

Love is something that most teenagers would fall into.

Teenagers fall in love easily and they have no time to think of what is going on around them.

There is one point in my life when I fell in love with someone so easily. We were teased together and it is where it all started.

My ideal man was created in a form of him, he is handsome, intelligent, tall, and with fair skin. I also liked how his fingers looked like.

He was my ideal man. Both of us knew we liked each other a lot but we don’t have the guts to confess it to one another.

Until one day, he tried to confess his love through a text. As a very modest girl, I asked him if he could tell me that in person.

I waited for the perfect day for him to confess his love to me so we can be together, but the day didn’t come.

Months and years have passed I was still into him, and I knew he still loves me but we cannot confess our love towards each other.

We were now in college, and we parted ways. I went to another school and so is he.

We didn’t have communication at all but as for me, my love did not change at all.

I loved him and waited for him. I waited for the day he will find some ways to communicate with me but it also did not happen.

I cried each night, I prayed to have him and longed for him so much. Until I got myself a boyfriend just to forget about him and moved on.

One night I was with my boyfriend at a restaurant and I also saw him there with another girl. I was shocked and was very hurt by what I saw.

I tried to go out to breathe and he came to me. I was so nervous that I can not even think what to tell him.

And he started talking, he talked about what is going on in his life and so am I. We had a friendly talk until he confessed his love to me.

Yes! He confessed his love and I did not know what to do next. I have a boyfriend and he has a girlfriend too.

I asked him what should we do because I loved him too and he said “let us just run away and stay together”.

We walked away from the restaurant and then I woke up!

It was all just a dream! A dream that can never be turned into reality. I was sad but happy at the same time.

At least I felt a bit of happiness from my beautiful dream.

Dream Example #2

I had a huge crush on a senior in my freshman year at college.

This dream was one of the most satisfying and fulfilling dreams that shouldn’t have ended.

The dream was based on a college trip to someplace with all my friends and my crush as well.

I could not take my eyes off her throughout the journey. I admired the way she read, played cards, or did dumb charades with her friends.

We were sitting at the opposite ends of the bus and I was hoping I could get to sit near her somehow.

After stopping at a restaurant, when we got on the bus again, some of the people switched seats and I was unaware of it.

I glanced at her seat; she hadn’t gotten on board yet, so I slid back to my seat in the front row.

Earlier, I was in the middle of watching a movie with my friend who was sitting in the adjacent seat.

So I waited for him for a while and then started watching it alone.

I got too engrossed in the movie and did not bother to even look at the person who now sat beside me.

It was evening and the bus had few lights on, so assuming that the person beside me was my friend, I handed my other earpod to the person who took it reluctantly.

I was making all sorts of comments about the movie and the plot, the person by my side was still as a stone.

Finally, the movie got over and I turned to discuss it with my friend, who wasn’t my friend but my crush.

I was speechless when I looked at her face and, for the first time, I saw her so closely that I could feel her.

I stared at her long enough to force her to speak. She finally broke my stare and said ‘Hi’. I could only whisper out a small ‘hi’ in reply.

After a moment of awkward silence, I decided to take this chance and started talking about the movie.

She seemed to like the movie and then we talked all night about everything, including who was dating whom in college.

My happiness knew no bounds, as a few moments ago I was dying to have a seat near her and now she was beside me.

The next morning, we reached our hotel and despite having been awake the entire night, my dopamine levels were higher than ever.

Everyone was planning to go for a small visit around the hotel, and I too got ready. But then I felt someone take my hand and it was her.

She held my hand and dragged me to a corner in the breakfast room. She did not let my hand go away and muttered with lightning speed, “I know you like me and I have liked you for a long time too”.

I could comprehend what she said, but was still confused. I started to doubt whether it was a dream and this questioning did break my sleep and I woke up happy yet sad.

Dream Example #3

I dreamt of being in the place I used to dream. Passing by the shore and feeling the cold wind breeze on my skin, the moon is now up.

A fantastic night indeed, to become grateful for the day.

An alone trip in Cebu gives me the complete relaxation everyone needed. When I was young I dreamt of being here, my favorite place.

I studied tourism and am aware of everything Cebu can be proud of, of course, the sea. Somebody told me that if the moon turns blue and you are with someone you love.

Then you’ll be together for a lifetime. Looking at the moon shining bright that reflects in the sea, giving me some Moana vibes.

I’m hugging myself as the wind blows once again and wearing only a spaghetti dress and a cardigan as a jacket.

I’m on the seashore while wondering the beauty of what’s in front of me.

I was thinking of the person I used to love. He made me love this place, Cebu.

I used to dream of being here with him, looking at the moon as it turns out to be blue.

As I entered the hotel, the staff immediately approach me and asked me if I was free tonight.

They aren’t asking out for a date but informing me that some celebration would happen later at the bar.

It gives me an exciting moment and lets them know I’ll attend to reserve me a slot.

It is quarter to 9 the celebration was about to begin. I make myself looks good and changed my clothes into something skinny, a good choice before I went to the bar.

The band starts to roll the drum as they made a noise. Like what bars used to do, sing a loud song and later on drunk people has all over it.

I looked at them while laughing inside my head. Some ruin their hair as they headbang and dance. Despite when the band’s music starts with a quite sad tone.

Somebody calls me through my phone as it rings before I heard the band singing, I went outside to answer it. But the call ended.

I checked the time, it’s 9:30 in the evening the moon has the potential to become blue as the clock turns to 10.

Instead of going back to the bar, I spend the rest of the time on seat. “It’ll be all wasted if you wait alone here.” somebody sits beside me, recognizing the voice sents shivers down to my spine.

The ex-boyfriend and the love I lost.

“Two minutes, I’ll show you everything you have to know,” he told me and pointed out the sky. At once the moon shines bright as it made the water reflects on itself that made it color blue. I was so amazed at what am I seeing.

The blue moon has finally shown up. Before I woke up and get back to reality, I heard him saying, “I picture growing old with you.

It has the sense to hold for we are together watching it.” even if it was only a dream.

Dream Example #4

I rolled on my bed feeling restless. It was around 12:30am, and it was past my usual bed time. My heart was shattered and full of sorrow.

I stood up to put off the light. The room became dark; a reflection of the state of my heart.

The day had started like every other day. I had gone to work expecting to have a good day. But when my girlfriend had called me on the phone.

And that was how a beautiful day had turned to the worst day of my life.

We decided meet in one of the restaurants at Victoria Island. Light filled the restaurants, and beautiful flowers lined the perimeter of the building.

I took a nice spot on the left side of the restaurant and waited for her.

She walked into the restaurant with a straight face, and I suspected something bad had happened. Unlike her, she didn’t bother to hug.

And immediately, I concluded that whatever that had happened must be very bad.

“How are you ” I greeted.

“Fine” she replied, but nothing seems to be fine.

“What will you drink ” I offered, trying to break the dull mood. I gestured to one of the waiter.

“I don’t feel like taking anything”. But I insisted that she take a drink. She finally ordered for fruit juice while I asked for Sprit and lime.

“James, there is problem” she said.

“What is the problem?”

She shrugged on her seat. Time stood still for five minutes.

“I no longer have feelings for you”. she dropped the bomb! I couldn’t believe my ears.I melted on my seat.

I searched her face, expecting her to tell me it was a joke. She could not look at my face, she stared on the bottle of drink in her hand.

“What do you mean…..” I demanded with a shaky voice.

I wanted to tell you about it two months ago, but I couldn’t”.

“I tried to feel something for you again, but I couldn’t, no matter how hard I tried. So I have decided it is better I let you know today”.


I rolled continuously on the bed, trying to shake off the feeling. I needed to sleep, but I couldn’t. Then I remembered that I have some sleeping pills in my room.

I have to sleep, for me to be able to work well in the office the next day. So, I pop up two tablet of the sleeping pill and flush it down with water. Then I went back to bed.

I heard the voice and turned. Her face caught my attention. Something was different about her. She was very pretty.

I have never seen anyone with such a kind of beauty. Her hair was very long and shiny. She was a perfect figure eight; so lovely and yet fragile.

I stood still, trying to remember where I had know her. Then she walked up to me and held my left hand. Her touch was magical, it was the softest touch I have ever feel. My heart melted and I heaved a sigh of relief.

She led me to where two seats was standing next to each other. It was then I noticed the surrounding. I looked around, but it looked very unfamiliar.

“You don’t need to worry”.she said.

Now that I am standing so close to her, I saw her face clearly. She should be around twenty years old. Her beauty was indescribable; So pure and so innocent.

“I know you have a good heart. And that is why I have choosen you”. She continued.

I couldn’t understand this statement. I was mesmerized by her beauty and couldn’t say anything.

“From today onward, I will take care of you. And I will give you the love that you truly deserve “.

I was happy and my heavy heart was filled with joy. No girl has ever expressed love to me this way.

“Who are you?” I finally opened my mouth.

She smiled. Her teeth was a set of pure white. And the curve of her lips was made my groin tighten.

“My name is…..” I couldn’t hear name.

I woke up suddenly. It was a dream. I shook my head violently. What kind of a dream is this? I was terrified. Then realization hit me. I have been visited by a mermaid.

My eyes went to the wall-clock, it was 9:05am. I was late for work by one hour. The sleeping pills I took last night is about to ruin my life. I thought about the dream and almost wept.

Dream Example #5

I sat on a cold bench by the park near my house. The rain just stopped and I was waiting for someone. I watched the kids play ball and ride their bikes. It reminded me of when we were children.

It was already past three in the afternoon but he’s not yet here. We agreed to meet at exactly 3PM. Where is he?

I looked around and saw no sign of him. I started to feel impatient. This person knew very well that I hate waiting.

I grabbed my phone from my pocket and dialed his number.

I waited for the other end to respond when I heard a strum of a guitar. I turned to see Mark playing the instrument with Jake humming along.

I was stunned to see my friends and other classmates who joined them. They were now forming a small circle around me. They were humming with Jake while holding a red rose on their right hand.

I was shocked and confused. I started to think I was being pranked. Confusion was gradually replaced by irritation.

I wanted them to stop. They’re starting to embarrass me. I was about to open my mouth to speak when a familiar, annoying voice started singing from behind.

I turned around and saw Jacob. He walked toward me with a bouquet of white roses on his right hand and the other extending to me. I could never be more shocked to see him. I can feel confusion in my face. I was expecting my best friend Dave, not this jerk.

After he sang up until the first chorus, he stopped and looked me straight in the eyes. My heart pounded like a drum. I cannot hear anything else besides it.

I studied him intently. I realized that the person in front of me is not the Jacob I used to know. The Jacob who keeps on annoying me.

The Jacob I knew would have the sly look of a fox. But now, I see sincerity. What is happening? What is this drumming inside me?

I felt like I wanted to throw up. Butterflies flutter inside me.

No. This is wrong. I am meeting Dave, not him. Dave was the one who texted me this morning to come. Why? What is happening?

Before I could react properly, Jacob got down to his knees. My eyes widened. What the devil is he doing?

He took my right hand and kissed it. Then he looked up to me. He locked his eyes on mine. I tried to avoid his gaze and looked around, hoping to see Dave.

“I know I’ve been mean to you for the longest time. But I just can’t find the right way to say this to you,” Jacob started saying, never taking his eyes off me. “I’m sorry if I annoy you always, it’s just my way of expressing how much I care for you.

He got up and handed me the bouquet. “Will you go out with me?”

Oh no. Oh no!

Dream Example #6

It was an ordinary Sunday for me. It was already 12 in the afternoon, and that was just the start of my day and because I just woke up.

I was too lazy to jump out of my bed. But I opened my window to breathe some fresh air and get inspiration around me.

I saw that the world has been through half of the day, but I was unbothered.

I told myself  I will give myself permission to be lazy and chill.

No expectations for what will happen for the day.

I was still wearing my Pajama even if few hours the night will kiss the day.

In short, I was just comfortable with me not doing anything at all.

I prepared myself something to eat and went back to my room to continue my relationship with my bed.

Then suddenly my phone rang. It was my best friend calling me.

I picked up the phone, and he was inviting me over dinner with a friend.

Because I had no plans, I said yes to this invite.

He said we will meet at 7pm sharp. So that was an excuse for me to get ready and dress myself up. I took a shower and put some make-up on.

For some strange reason, I wanted to look beautiful and pure.

I carefully picked what I will wear for this dinner.

Thirty minutes before seven in the evening, I was on my way to the restaurant.

But I was shocked to find out that my friend was already there waiting for me.

We had short chitchat outside the restaurant, and he then showed me to our table.

As I approached our table, an unfamiliar figure was seated on our table.

I smiled when I arrived, and my bestie introduced us.His name is Mike.

I took a glance once in a while at him.

His aura is light and pure.

He can carry well a conversation. His smile was damn attractive.

His body is leaned and toned.

I cannot help myself gushing over him.

He then told me that we actually bumped into each other couple of times. But I could not remember.Everything during that night was fun. I don’t regret saying yes to that invitation.

As we came to a close, Mike insisted he would take me home.

The awkwardness was non-existent as I have adjusted during our dinner.

He seems to be a nice guy.

It was about eleven in the evening when we arrived at my place.

And I was a little bit shocked when he told me he likes me.

That he was the one who asked for my friend to arrange that dinner.

And he has had his eyes on me since the first day he saw me at the gym.

The joy I felt inside was over the top.

Because it’s actually been a long time since someone confessed his feelings to me.

I admired the bravery for taking chances on me.

I think that’s cute and flattering.

I guess I will give him a chance to his intentions to me.

But the thing is it was just a dream.

Dream Example #7

We were going to die. And if that was the case, I wanted to lay all the cards out on the table.

There were two conflicting thoughts inside my head. I wanted to live, but I also had no plan to die with this one regret.

The two of us were holed up inside a small bathroom. More than half of the roof of the house had already been blown away in the storm.

The rest was fast disintegrating around us. Only that small bathroom remained intact. It was our refuge, and it was there I would let him know how I felt before I died.

It was a stupid plan. One, he was busy doing his best to hold the door place. He was gripping the doorknob and pulling so tight against the wind his knuckles turned white.

I doubted he wanted to focus on anything else. And two, I also doubted he could hear me over the ruckus going on outside.

The wind was loud. It howled and screeched and sometimes sounded like a herd of stampeding elephants.

The walls keeping out the worst of the weather trembled around us. It seemed like they too battled against the elements waging war outside.

Every second I tried to convince myself that now was the time. But, I couldn’t get the words out.

There were too many what-ifs pinging around in my brain.

Something slammed into the wall to our right. All night long, I had been doing my level best to remain composed.

That composure slipped and I screamed.

He turned back and watched me. I couldn’t see his face well, but I could sense his regret.

“We’re okay,” he shouted above the 150 miles per hour wind.

We weren’t okay. I knew that. But I understood what he was trying to do. So even if he was no longer looking at me, I nodded my head.

I shouted, “I know,” like I believed him and continued to hope for the best.

Hopefully, we would come out of this alive. Hopefully, I would share my feelings. Hopefully, the man I love would say he felt the same.

If he didn’t I would die of mortification. But I could also blame my lapse in judgment on our circumstances if we survived. I made up my mind. Or so I told myself for the umpteenth time.

I sat there on the toilet, shivering against the cold. My teeth chattered so hard I could feel them knocking against each other. I was soaked through, from hair down to shoes. While he tried to keep our hiding place together, I knew he was worse for wear.

He’s worked hard for the past few hours to keep me alive. I wished there was something I could do to share the burden. If I could help with the door, I would. Not only was I too small to be of much assistance.

But the space was also tiny. There was no way for the two of us to stand side by side.

The fact that he was standing there with me, being so brave and strong made my heart swell even more with what I felt. I loved him.

I had loved him for years now. If there was ever a time to confess those words, it was now.

I heard a long creak and lifted my head. He did too. The roof over our head was lifting. We were in the worst part of the storm now after the eye passed.

He shouted what sounded like a curse and he reached for me with his free hand. His fingers curled in my shirt, and he yanked me off my seat while keeping his hold on the door.

“Sha,” he shouted as he pulled me against him. “I love you.”

And our little world came crashing down over us.

Dream Example #8

We had been texting back and forth for weeks now. I couldn’t resist checking his text messages even in class.

I almost got into trouble for smiling at my phone during a lecture the other day. I did not know much about him yet we were getting along like long-lost friends.

I had never felt so vulnerable with anyone before. As the day came to an end, I began my long walk to my hostel room.

Inserting my earphones into my ears to shut out the noise of rowdy college kids moving around the campus. Thank goodness it was a Friday. ‘Stand by you’ started playing in my ears as I contemplated what to have for dinner.

As if reading my mind, I received a text from him at that same moment asking what I would have for dinner. They say actions speak louder than words. So, was it wrong for me to jump to a romantic conclusion over all the attention he had been giving me?

A sweet message in the morning, a goodnight text in the night. With amazing conversations in-between. I definitely could not have been imagining this chemistry. I unlocked the door into my room, and my eyes landed on my roommate, who was fast asleep on her bed.

I shut the door without making too much noise and plunged onto my bed to continue the conversation. Arvie and I had met through a friend at a restaurant. There’s no better way to get to know someone than watching them eat a piece of chicken before you.

He was a recent graduate from my college who was living with some of my current college mates. Anyway, we clicked immediately, even forgetting about the friend who brought us together. We exchanged numbers, and we had been talking ever since.

As I lay on my pillow like a love-struck puppy, he asked me about my weekend plans. I was going to stay in and rest from the long week, do a bit of studying.

Taking advantage of my flexible plans, he asked if I could come over to visit him. Playing hard to get like society tells any girl to, I told him that I would think about it. I had only spent time with him in person once before, so my nerves were still very fresh in that area.

As a gentleman, he gave me the time to think about it. Before the end of the night, I gave him my response, with a little compliance and hiding all enthusiasm. After saying goodnight, I went right into a dream.

I was faced with the dilemma of the perfect outfit for the occasion. I ended up settling for blue jeans, a white top, and a cute denim jacket.

The next morning followed my usual routine. Which included cleaning up, having breakfast, and getting down to my assignments. Noticing my uncontainable excitement as I dressed up, my roommate asked where I was going.

I told her and she joined in the excitement assisting me to do my hair. I alerted Arvie that I was about to leave and he responded with pleasure. My booked cab arrived as evening approached.

I sat with music in my ears as the driver followed google maps to the destination. Arvie lived in a society of apartments that had a beautiful park I had only seen once. He stayed on the 5th floor of his building.

As I approached his building, my stomach flipped on seeing him standing by the door waiting for me. Because it was winter, I appreciated the gesture even more. Exiting the cab, I received a warm hug from him, and we went on into his building to the elevator.

The atmosphere was bursting with nerves. The 8 seconds in the elevator were an exchange of shy smiles and hesitant glances. He escorted me to his room that he shared with his friend to let me drop off my bag before we took a walk downstairs.

The sun was beginning to set as we started to circle the society. It was newly built, so most apartments were still empty. He asked me about my family and my home, I asked him about the same. We walked towards the garden in the middle of the society, where there was a swing set.

I sat down as he swung me back and forth. We continued to ask more questions, and with each question, I grew more comfortable around him.

As I was answering one of his questions, he came to the front of the swing and slowed me down. He crouched, placing his hands on my knees, and looked me in the eyes like he wanted to say something important. He began, “Yemi, I’m happy you came over today.

The past few weeks of getting to know you have been nothing but pure bliss. I am positive that we are two people who can contribute to helping each other grow in this life. I could do that as a friend but now the feelings involved that I have for you are too deep.

I don’t want to be your friend. I want to be more. I want to make a commitment to you from my heart, to be yours.

He stood up and took my hand guiding me to stand up with him, and pulled me into a warm hug. At this point I was speechless, but I also had no objection to any of the words he said. I had a blank look on my face because out of all the mixed feelings I wasn’t sure which one to express.

I fit into his arms like a puzzle, he was a few inches taller than me and his beard grazed my cheek as we hugged. That is when my alarm to wake up disturbed my sleep, I woke up simply hoping my day would be as good as my dream.

Dream Example #9

I opened my eyes to my bed feeling excited. It was around 10:30 am, and it was past my usual breakfast time.

My heart reflects on the events of previous days.

Later in the day, I called my girlfriend. We decided to meet that night. I look forward to the meeting because it had been a very long time we saw each other.

We met at a local bar. Bright lights filled the restaurant; beautiful flowers lined the surrounding of the building.

I walked in and was ushered into the left-wing of the bar.

She walked into the restaurant with a straight face, and I suspected something bad had happened. Unlike her, she didn’t bother to hug.

And immediately concluded that whatever that had happened must be very bad.

“How are you” I greeted.

“Fine” she replied, but nothing seems to be fine.

“What will you drink” I offered, trying to break the dull mood. I gestured to one of the waiters.

“I don’t feel like taking anything”. But I insisted. She finally ordered fruit juice while I asked for Sprit and lime.

“James, there is a problem,” she said.

“What is the problem?”

She shrugged on her seat. Time stood still for five minutes.
“I am pregnant for someone else”. Questions raced through my mind. I searched her face, expecting her to tell me it was a joke.

She could not look at my face; she stared at the cup of drink in her hand.

“What do you mean?” I demanded with a shaky voice.

“I wanted to tell you about it two months ago, but I couldn’t”.

“I tried hard to tell you, but I couldn’t, no matter how hard I tried. So I have decided I should let you know”.

I rolled continuously on the bed, trying to shake off the feeling. I needed to sleep, but I couldn’t. Then I remembered that I have some sleeping pills in my room.

I have to sleep for me to be able to work well in the office the next day. So, I pop up two tablets of the sleeping pill and flush it down with water. Then I went back to bed.

I heard the voice and turned. Her face caught my attention. Something was different about her. She was very pretty.

I have never seen anyone with such a kind of beauty. Her hair was very long and shiny. She was a perfect figure eight; so lovely and yet fragile.

I stood still, trying to remember where I had met. Then she walked up to me and held my left her. Her touch was magical; it was the softest touch I have ever felt.

My heart melted and I heaved a sigh of relief.

She led me to where two seats were standing next to each other. It was then I noticed the surrounding.

I looked around, but it looked very unfamiliar.

“You don’t need to worry, “.she said.

Now that I was standing so close to her, I saw her face. She should be around twenty years old.

Her beauty was indescribable; so pure and so innocent.

“I know you are a good heart. And that is why I choose you”. She continued.

I couldn’t understand this statement. I was dumbfounded by her beauty and couldn’t stop looking at her.

I was happy and my heavy heart was filled with joy. No girl has ever expressed love to me this way.

“Who are you?” I finally opened my mouth.

She smiled. Her teeth were a set of pure white. And the curve of her lips was made my groin stiff.

“My name is…..” I couldn’t hear the name.

I woke up suddenly. It was a dream. I shook my head violently. What kind of a dream is this? I was terrified. Then the realization hit me. I have been visited by a spirit in my dream.

My eyes went to the wall-clock; it was 9:05 am. I was late for work by one hour. The sleeping pills I took last night are about to ruin my life. I thought about the dream and almost wept.

Dream Example #10

I live in a neighborhood with lots of single ladies. I am in my late twenties and yet without a girlfriend.

Being an introvert has caused me a lot. I get anxious when meeting new people. I have a few friends who come to visit me once in a while. I don’t have female friends because I don’t know how to make a move.

I work as a data analyst in one of the tech companies around my location. My daily routine involves going to work and back home. My social life has been nothing to write home about.

At a point, my friend tried to link me up with a girl, wish only lasted a few weeks. Linda is a beautiful girl with a wild lifestyle, one that I couldn’t manage.

The apartment next to mine has been vacant until last week when a young lady moved in. She is a well-reserved, beautiful lady, or at least that’s how I see her.

Almost everyone around me has already welcomed her into the neighborhood. But not me. I have not summoned the courage to interact with her.

Since Linda moved in, I have admired her, how she walks, talks, and even her looks.

I kept thinking about her, and most times, and I always watch when she comes home.

It was a beautiful night, and I was about to retire to bed when I heard a knock on my door. Wondering who it would be at this hour, I hesitantly walked to the door.

I opened the door, and what I saw amazed me. Linda was standing at my door, and for a minute, I couldn’t utter a word. I gathered myself and said hi.

After exchanging pleasantries, she asked if I could fix her laptop, giving her performance issues. I invited her in and proceeded to fix the computer.

In-between, we had a little chit-chat, and it was great. She is witty and intelligent, and I liked her. After a few minutes, I was done. She spent a few more minutes and left.

I lay on the couch reminiscing about our conversation earlier and didn’t know when I fell asleep. And the next minute, I performing my usual routine before I leave for work. I spent the whole day at work thinking about Linda.

I went home straight from work, hoping to see her when she comes back. I waited but didn’t see her.

Late into the night, I heard a soft tap on my door. Puzzled, I went to the door and saw Linda, and before I could speak, she planted a kiss on my lips. I was stunned, confused, and happy.

Before I could speak, she started confessing her love for me. How she fell in love with me the first time she saw me, and how she had waited for me to visit her. I told her I felt the same way, and she kissed me again.

It was a great feeling until the sound of my alarm jolted me back to reality.

Dream Example #1

Loving someone who loves you back is one of the best feelings in the world. Yet, confessing your feelings to someone when you don’t have assurance is also a hard one.

I dreamed that when I was sleeping in my bedroom. He was my classmate in high school. Our closeness was deep to the point that we know every problem and every silence in our life. We were best of friends that he misinterprets as beyond best friend.

We ate lunch together and do projects together, and we even walk home together to make sure that I went home fine. That is the kind of friendship we have.

On that dream, we are on a field trip to one of the resorts in our Region. Morning travel is for businesses and their processes.

After eating dinner, some talked about the results of the morning travel. And some drinks beer to kill time and relax. Since I do not drink beer, I chose to swim in the pool with my other classmates that are also not drinkers.

After hours of swimming and talking, some of our colleagues left to rest. My best friend and I stayed to kill some time since we are both nocturnal.

We talked about our daily life and any subjects under the sun like what we always do. A moment of silence was felt when he asked me a serious question.

He told me that what if, what if he is already falling in love with me. I was stunned and speechless, and I do not know what to say. I was hoping for a more relaxed and stress-free evening with my best friend.

During that serious conversation, I told him that he is the kindest man I have ever met. He is one of a kind, and much as I want to like him back, we cannot end up being with each other because of differences.

Our faith will not allow us to be with each other for a long time. I told her that it would be hard for us if we let the feeling prevail. Our differences in faith will not allow us to be happy.

I told her that we would both get hurt if we allow our relationship to the next level. Knowing that our family will be against our relationship, I asked him to stop his feelings for me.

I don’t want to ruin the friendship we have had for a long time because of the reckless decisions we made. I know that he will understand and I know that time will come that she will thank me for not saying yes to him.

Though it was a dream, I know that it felt so real. The dream I had been real because of my best friend who happens to be my best friend in reality up to this day. With that kind of personality, he will find someone who will love him for what he is. And accept everything about him.

Dream Example #12

Just the other night, I saw Bethel in my dream. In this dream, I was doing my best to get her to agree to come with me to a party.

Oh, how I loved Bethel! And I knew that she loved me, too; for I had understood by various indications how she envied Cassandra when she was yet my girlfriend – before she jilted me.

Having parted ways with Cassandra, I came to the sudden realisation of Bethel’s beauty. The problem in that dream was that she seemed not to be so crazy about me any longer. So I was intensely courting her attention.

I was wooing her, trying to make her see how head-over-heels I was fallen for her.

The timing seemed quite right. The environment we were in was suiting. It was our campus. But the setting was more beautiful than any part of the campus I know in real life.

Even though Bethel usually dresses in T-shirts and trousers, in this dream she was donned in what resembled a medieval lady’s outfit.

Her dress reached down to her ankles. Her sleeves stopped somewhere between her wrists and elbows, leaving the rest of her bare hands glowing like gold. Her bust was quite prominent. Her collar was down enough to reveal her cleavage. Her long hair, dark and shiny, hung down behind her almost to her waist.

Although I heard the faint noise of cars in the distance, no vehicle ever came to sight the whole time. I also did not notice the presence of humans around, not even students, though we were not quite in a secluded place.

The environment was like a garden – sweet aromas, meadow, lining pine trees, Barbados, hibiscus, and birds that were chirping and flying all around. The time seemed like late morning. There was mild sunlight.

I myself, strangely, was in a pair of black shorts and an armless jacket kind of top. I was wearing a pair of white sneakers and I had a guitar in my hand.

Presently, Bethel and I were facing each other. A shadow of a slender branch of guava tree lay across her breasts.

I took Bethel’s hand and pleaded with her, “Dear Bethel, please come with me to the party.”

She was now weary of my persistent request. She answered, “Okay. Okay. But first I must go see someone at Duncan Complex.”

“May I come with you please?”

“No,” she said. “I will be back in just a moment. Wait for me here.”

She began to make her way out of the garden. I watched as her robe swayed behind her, caressing the taller grasses in the meadow. I also noticed a small butterfly flying behind her head, following her.

Some grains of pollen from the guava had fallen on her head. I was enraptured by the girl’s gorgeousness. She didn’t know, but I trailed along.

Getting to Duncan Complex, behold, I saw that it was Professor Martin’s apartment. I stayed aloof outside. Few minutes after Bethel had entered the house, I heard a scream that was like her voice.

It was the voice of someone in crisis. But it wasn’t prolonged. She would scream and then stop, and then scream again. I came out of hiding, throwing my guitar aside, and walked up to the door. I knocked. I was impatient and wanted to bust the door. Then it suddenly flew open.

“Yes, what do you want?” The professor was all sweaty, wearing a white singlet. A man of about forty-five years of age, his demeanour was uncharitable.

Then I heard Bethel’s scream again, but this time it sounded suppressed. She seemed to be bound at the part of the house where the professor confined her.

I motioned to move in but the professor withstood me, pushing me out of the house. A fight ensued between us, and it was fierce.

After a long battle between me and the professor, three uniformed men arrived at the scene. I don’t know how they arrived.

They handcuffed both me and the professor behind our backs, not allowing any of us to utter a word.

They began taking us away. But just when I was about to enter the car, I heard my name shouted behind me. When I turned, I saw it was Bethel.

“Oh, Josh! Oh my Josh!” she cried as she ran towards me. She hugged me so tight. I couldn’t hug her back, for my hands were still fastened behind me.

“Oh no,” she cried, “He’s innocent. He saved me. Thank you, Josh. You came for me. You saved me. You were there for me and I didn’t know.” She couldn’t stop talking. “I love you, Josh. I love so much.” She hugged me again.

But this time, she was kissing me – my mouth, my cheeks, my neck, all over my face.

All four men are gone. They drove away perhaps. But I am now free. I am alone with Bethel. I am holding her hands. She is looking into my eyes and tears are streaming down from hers.

I watch as those tears drop onto her breasts like dew and trickle into her cleavage. She is saying something to me. Her voice is soft and laden with passion.

“Josh, I love you. Please accept my love. I have always loved you. For a long time, I have sought ways to tell you. Imagine you didn’t come to save me: I would have died without letting you know that I loved you.

I want to spend the rest of my life with you, Josh. I will always love you. I will…”

She could not stop talking. I was all smiles and joy. “Thank you,” I said. “Thank you, Bethy.”

“I love you, Josh. I love you forever.”

“Thank you, Bethy. I love you back.”

We started hugging again as I woke up from my sleep.

Dream Example #13

I hit the snooze button at 6 AM for the second time to get another 5 minutes of sleep.

A moment later, I was awake and getting ready for the day. Or so I thought.

Before 5 PM, I had finished my work and was preparing to rest my brain while listening to my newly downloaded Ludovico album – In a time-lapse.

It was time for my mind to wander, as I turned off my PC and tidied up for the day, I thought about the electricity situation and our ‘evil government’ as people around here like to call it.

I let myself imagine moving out of my tiny apartment, out of the country. Not to Europe or America like everyone else. There are probably more Africans in America now than in Africa, I thought. Soon they’d all start grumbling ‘evil government,’ I laughed aloud.

Five minutes into silence and solitude, there came a knock on my door. I knew who it was before I stood up. “Coming,” I called out as I folded my desk and placed it in its position beside my bed.

It was Eli, my neighbor. Standing on the other side of my mosquito net. His backpack hung on the left side of his shoulder. That strange smile on his face.

Nice shirt, I thought.

It was a light-blue shirt with dark-blue stripes. His beard, clean-shaven and hair, nicely trimmed. Though I could still see his curls. And he smelled good, sweat and some perfume.

If he lived in a bigger house and were not a church-goer, I would throw myself at him. His god could not save him from me, I thought. Also, there’d be no need to find silly excuses to knock on my door now and then. Too bad.

“Hi. You’re back. No traffic congestion today?”

I said, willing him to talk fast so I could get back to my music and solitude.

“No. I’ve been calling you.” He replied.

“Yeah, I saw the missed call,” I said and waited for him to speak.

“I wanted to ask about the power-cut,” He said.

I nodded, still waiting for him to tell me why he knocked.

“I’m hungry,” he went on, “I’m sure you are too”


I replied, wondering why he’s talking about food.

“Let’s go out. For dinner. Together.”

Too many long pauses, I thought.

I felt awkward, but I managed to ask, “Why?”

“Let’s eat out tonight. I’ll tell you why during the meal,” he replied.


I said.

I thought about my music and solitude. About the crowd outside this time of the day. I wondered what would happen after eating the free food with him.

“I’m sorry, Elisha. I feel tired,” was my response.

The smile is gone now.

“I like you.” He said quietly. I was speechless. And then my phone rang. Saved by the bell!

“Excuse me,” I said, and shut the door. It was my sister calling again, but the phone went off when I tried to answer it.

Eli knocked on the door. I thought, was he always this impatient?

I opened my eyes, with difficulty as the sun poured in through my window, reaching for my phone in a panic. Low battery!

Is this what they call false awakening?

There’s a power-cut. “Evil government,” I muttered. Someone was knocking on my door. It was Eli, stopped to say hello because it was a national holiday.

I work remotely for a company in Japan. No national holiday for me today. But I went back to bed anyway! For me, today already happened!

Dream Example #14

I have a childhood friend, and we like each other as playmates when we were still kids.

We went to the same school, same church and often see in family gatherings.

As we grew older, the closeness develops into a “crush”, but we don’t want to tell each other so that our friendship will stay as-is.

When we are in high school, he transferred to another school, so we barely see each other until he got a girlfriend. I saw them together in the same bus that I was riding that time. Seeing him with another girl hurts me, so I decided not to say “hi” to him.

Years passed by, and I got a friend request on Facebook; it was him! I immediately confirmed the request, waited until he sends me a message until I fell asleep.

In my dream, he invited me to meet with him to catch up, have fun and travel to places we had never been before.

It was fun having an adventure with him on a beach, with breath-taking scenery and lots of good food.

When suddenly I tripped over on a hard object embedded in the sand, he ran towards me and caught me when I am about to have a bad fall.

At that moment, I felt a weird yet familiar feeling inside me that made me a little bit nervous while we’re looking at each other.

I quickly got up, checked my foot with a small cut, and immediately went back to our place where we’re staying for the weekend to clean the wound site and put some antibacterial cream and bandage.

On our way back, he holds my hand to assist me because it’s hard to walk on my own, making my heart pumping out loud.

As we enter the room, I started thinking, which makes me silent and confused.

He asked me, “What’s the matter? Is there something wrong?”

But I just answered him with a smile.

Suddenly everything’s uncomfortable to me.

He asked me to sit on the couch, and he will be the one to clean my wound, which I know that he knows what to do because he’s a nurse.

While he’s cleaning my wound, he told me that there’s something important to say to me, which was kept for years because he’s afraid that I will reject him. So, I just looked at him and listened.

He started telling me that since elementary, he already loved me!

Those words immediately struck me that suddenly I blurted out that I also loved him a long time ago.

After that, there’s a moment of silence, and then we laughed out hard.

Around three in the morning, I suddenly woke up, immediately I checked my mobile phone and found that he has a private message for me.

He greeted me and asked me how I was doing, so I replied and started the small talk, which led to his confession that he liked and loved me since we were kids.

I pinched myself to check if it’s still a dream, but I feel the pain, so it’s real!

I replied to his message that I did too, but this time it will be only just a dream because we’re both married.

Dream Example #15

He is tall, muscular, light complexion. His smile lights up a room. He is hard to miss, manly scent, well-fitted suits, minimal bling. He is kind and very easy to talk to; popular among his workmates, large following on social media, loved at the diner we all frequent.

I have had a crush on him for as long as I can remember but am a basic plain Jane so I doubt he ever noticed me.

So imagine my shock when he popped into my office on a Tuesday afternoon. He called me by name. He knows my name, how? No, am not complaining. Not even close. Shocked, impressed, excited don’t even cut it.

After we finished the matter he wanted me to attend to my chest felt heavy. It meant my time with him is over. That was before he asked the question I had been waiting for since I accepted my crush on him.

He asked whether I would be willing to go out for dinner with him the next day. Palm sweating, chest thumping, wide smile, flushed cheeks, I accepted.

A few minutes after, he left my office. I ensured my door was shut properly and then I did my happy dance. It was still hard to believe that Arnold had asked me out.

He actually wants to go out with me. No one has ever seen his date, girlfriend or his wife. He was mysterious yet he wanted to go out with me.

Wednesday couldn’t go by faster if it tried. I am attentive to detail on any other day, but today my mind was all over the place. I kept glancing at my watch every few minutes.

I had a giddy feeling in my chest. I couldn’t even answer calls let alone read emails. At exactly five pm I closed my office and all but ran home. He was picking me up at seven which gave me two hours to get ready.

At exactly seven pm my bell chimed. Dressed in my white maxi, gold strap heels, my locks in a beautiful bun; keys, phone, necessary toiletries, phone stashed in my purse.

I walked to my door. Here he is, bouquet in his hands and that charming smile. I blushed as he told me how good I looked. I locked my door and was ready to be whisked away into the sunset.

I thought he would pick a five- star hotel but instead we went to a quiet African restaurant. We ordered our food and drinks.

After a short interlude in our conversation, he took my hands looked deep into my eyes and said the words that changed today from another day to the day.

He said he loves me, he has loved me for a while and would like to date me. He kissed my knuckles. Just as he was going for my lips I jolted awake. Sat up in bed and I could taste the disappointment in my mouth.

Dream Example #16

Last Sunday, I was absorbed in reading a novel when the clock tickles “Oh! It’s midnight! I should sleep now” I put the novel aside with a heavy heart and fell asleep while imagining my Romeo to come and get me to a sweet life.

Later, floating in my dreamland, I saw myself on a seashore wearing a white midi dress, sandals in my hand, and the hair levitating in the air. I walked through the damp sand in the sunset.

Lost in the beauty of nature, I couldn’t resist the tide of water that unbalanced me and got me along. I tried to get up, but the pressure was beyond my force.

I was underwater when a man in a white shirt came with a delusional face trying to call me, but the movement of lips was the only clear gesture.

Bunch of people around me When I opened my eyes. They were all my college fellows. I saw Steve on the right side in a white soaked shirt, his golden-brown hair stuck to the forehead and the most eye-catching thing, his eyes full of worry.

He helped me in sitting. One of my fellows, offered me her scarf to cover myself.

Meanwhile, Steve took his shirt off, wrung it, and put that on me. This was a momentous game; I couldn’t resist it. I will not do that even if I had time. I always had feelings for him.

“Are you ok? If not, I can take you to hospital” His concerned voice. “NOPE, I am ok. what happened to me?” I asked. “You almost sank, luckily Steve was the savior. He was misty-eyed when you were faint.” Roger. We both blushed when our eyes met on this comment.

Instantly, I realized he is just being modest. My smile disappears, I rashly get up and walked away. “So rude. Forget her. let’s go back to the party” heard someone remarking over me.

Any credulity from Steve’s concern can break me. I left all back when I heard my name. “Nora, please listen” Steve paused to catch his breath “Why do you always push me? You were acting normal; I saw into your eyes, next moment you were strange as if you don’t know me.”

“Me? Oh, you notice me, I thought I don’t exist for you.” My voice was teary and heavy “It’s you, who is always strange Ignoring me”

“For God’s sake Nora, what makes you think like that? You don’t know How precious you are for me” He carefully approached me, gave me his warm touch.

I was scared before, counting every moment, my heart denied pumping when they say I might lose you now.

I always wanted to say something but! “But? I replied in a trance.” But I couldn’t help that earlier. After what happened today, I can’t delay. I am no more afraid of your rejection.

Nora let me confess at this moment, I am madly been in love with you, from the time when we were sophomores. He sat on his knee, left me astonished “Nora Williamson will you honor me to you claim you, my girlfriend?”

It was a magical moment, yes, I do. Loudly I said. Yes, I do. Suddenly, I felt a bump. Nora wakes up you are going to be late.

Magic vanishes as I opened my eyes and saw my roommate waking me up. “Shut up you spoiled everything I was dreaming, a romantic dream.” My grievous reply.

Dream Example #17

“Look! Harley try this one! I bet you’ll love this!” I pulled his wrist again as we visited another food stall.

“Can I have 4 chicken skewers please!” I asked the vendor as I placed a bill on his counter. “Lauren, aren’t you full yet?” I shook my head and pointed to the left where hundreds of food stalls are in place.

“We still have to try those” He looked at me in disbelief and teased me “Pig!” I glared at him and placed my hands on my hips “Teenagers like us should eat a lot you know!

We’re still growing so we need nutrients in our body.” I picked up the food on sticks and gave him two. “Here! You should finish that!” He chuckled at my nagging and messed with my hair.

“Ugh! Stop ruining my hair!” He laughed once again and flashed a bright smile “Well, you still look beautiful either way.”

I rolled my eyes and snorted “Shut up”. After that, we both chuckled at our silliness. It has always been like this, Harley and I have been best friends for a couple of years now.

“Lauren, look! It’s almost time for the fireworks show!” I sat beside him and peeked at the brochure he was holding. “How about we rest here for now and enjoy the fireworks?”

I nodded my head as I replied “That’s not a bad idea.” I stared at him as he kept on fidgeting for a while now. What’s wrong with this guy? “Hey Harley, is something bothering you?”

He flinched at my question and faked a smile. Ah! Boy you can’t fool me with that “Nothing really. I just think that the moon is beautiful tonight, isn’t it?” I looked up at the sky and my eyes widened in amazement.

“Woah! Look at that! There’s a lot of stars around the moon!” He smiled at me and stared at the ground. “Lauren, would you hate me if I…did something I shouldn’t have?”

I looked back at him and stared at his light brown eyes. He finally opened up to me. I smiled lightly and replied “Hate? not really. But I would get mad at you for doing something bad.”

He smiled sadly and raised another question “What if it’s not bad?” I tilted my head in confusion. He inhaled sharply and continued “Like falling in love with someone I shouldn’t have?”

My mouth turned an ‘o’ as I realized his problem. “But is there a thing like that? forbidden love?” He shrugged his shoulders and looked up at the sky.

“Well, she’s someone I really treasure and I don’t want to lose her but I want her to know how I feel.”

I patted his back and smiled “Then take the risk. You wouldn’t know how she feels unless you tell her first. Maybe she likes you back.”

He chuckled at my advice and shook his head “I don’t know maybe she will hate me.” “or maybe she won’t.”

I retorted back. He looked at me in the eye and replied, “Maybe you will hate me.” I blinked a couple of times in disbelief.

Would you hate me if I tell you that I love you?” With that, the fireworks exploded in the sky just like how my heart started to thump.

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