Biblical Meaning of Drowning in a Dream

The symbol of water in dreams has a very deep spiritual meaning. In fact, the Biblical meaning of water is a metaphor for many spiritual states.

In practical and historical terms, water has always been associated with cleansing, as well as emotional turbulence. Since most scientists agree that life evolved from water, many view water as a sign of life.

Water’s importance as a symbol for a spiritual mental state and the overall human condition isn’t restricted to Western religious traditions. In the East, water plays a very important role in the process of spiritual renewal and reincarnation.

As seen in many Bible stories, the Biblical meaning of water usually points to new life. It talks about the power and importance of water in spiritual cleansing.

Baptism by Water in the Bible

Independent of science, the Bible and many spiritual writings also view this precious liquid as an important symbol and conduit of life. In fact, water is used in ritual baptism.

In the Bible, one is baptized through total submersion. In down goes the old person full of sin, mistakes, regret, and guilt, and out comes a new creation—totally regenerated through the power of the Holy Spirit and the hand of God.

Not only is water baptism important on a personal level, but being submerged underwater also has a strong public role. This process is not hidden away. It’s not a personal secret. Instead, baptism is a bold pronouncement to the world of the spiritual cleansing a person goes through manifested by arising from the depths.

The Biblical Meaning of Holy Water

Depending on the religious tradition you come from, Holy Water is a different form of liquid. It is a pure, blessed, living water that is intended to symbolically cleanse a person’s sins.

According to the Catholic tradition, by keeping such rituals, one invites enough grace into one’s life so as to enter everlasting life. Protestant interpretations differ.

Still, in terms of Biblical interpretations and the Biblical meaning of water, there’s a strong connection between being born again and entering the Kingdom of God in the process of being cleansed through contact with water springing upwards to give you life.

Negative Emotions from Water Dream Symbols

There’s such a thing as too much of a good thing. While it’s easy to see the very positive and intense emotional release one gets in the process of spiritual renewal, this strong emotion can be taken to extremes.

Water, historically, has often been associated with emotions. I’m not talking about emotions that are in manageable doses or easily controlled forms; I’m talking about wild, chaotic, uncertain, and often violent, volatile feelings and emotions.

It’s not the big emotions themselves that are negative. Even anger—in the right dosage and within a certain context—can be positive. How many times have you had laser-like focus and come up with new ideas regarding a problem that is driven by anger?

It doesn’t have to be a negative thing. “Emotional” water in dreams involves an intense level of feelings and emotions, maybe even to the point of feeling overwhelmed.

Water as a Dream Symbol for Lack of Control

When we lose perspective in our real life and waking life, and we allow our emotions to overtake us, water becomes an agent of erosion and destruction. We start feeling that we’ve lost control, and we feel hopeless. This shows even in our dreams.

Without control and direction, water becomes a force that’s beyond our power to steer or influence. In other words, it cannot be intimidated by our rationality and experience; it has taken a life of its own.

This is what many people are so scared of. It’s no surprise that when people dream about water in huge volumes—whether on the surface of a storm-tossed sea or plunging while thrashing around into deep waters—we can’t help but feel negative emotions.

Positive Dream Interpretation of Water

It’s interesting that water can wash away our guilt, worries, fear, anxieties, and misgivings about our past bad decisions. In this context, the symbol of water in our dreams—even in real life—comes as a good sign.

Much like drinking water in our waking life and feeling the water running down our throats to cleanse food residue—like peanut butter—that’s stuck at the top of our mouths, we may feel the same way about what water in our dream symbolizes.

To dream about water this way signifies positive things since it acts as a cleansing of spiritual, emotional, and psychological “peanut butter” that’s stuck at the top of our psychic “mouth.” This shows our readiness to overcome new challenges and face a new project or chapter in real life. This is how powerful water is—in your dream and in your waking life.

That’s why it’s important when trying to wrap our heads around the Biblical meaning of such dream to pick up on contextual signals and learn their different meanings. Water is an almost universal dream symbol that it’s very easy to interpret based on just our own emotions.

The Impact of a What a Water Dream Means in Your Waking Life

When you dream of being on a boat that started to sink, and you see your imminent drowning, you could easily be overcome with negative thoughts and feel helpless.

First, it swallows up your ankles. Pretty soon, it reaches your neck until it starts choking you and stinging your eyes. All around you is this murky, cold water that gets darker with every second.

How do you make sense of what that dream symbolizes? For some people, it may be easy to give professional advice when looking at it from fairly objective lenses.

But if you’re someone who just went through such dream and experienced it with all five senses, you can easily be forgiven for waking up and dripping in sweat with your mouth wide open, struggling for breath. A sense of powerlessness and hopelessness overcomes, and you feel like you’re drowning in real life as much as you were in your dream.

At that moment, it’s almost impossible to interpret what that dream means in unemotional terms. As hard as it may seem, you need to step out of that and understand the context to truly make sense of the Biblical meaning of your drowning dream.

Managing Your Water Dream Meaning

Every single decision you make, no matter how conscious you may be of its consequences, will have an effect on your world, and you will be the one to feel it. Either you scale up good consequences produced by great decisions in the past, or you reap the rewards of bad decisions—it’s up to you.

As I keep repeating in this blog, our mindsets are the causes of our reality. Our mindset impacts our emotions and overall emotional state. At the same time, our emotional state impacts the kind of decisions we tend to make.

Once we reach that decision level, we interact with the objective outside world—that’s where the chain reaction takes place. People are going to notice; your decisions will have an impact.

Ultimately, they’ll come back to you. Either they hurt you, or they help you. Either they pull you back and cement you closer to the addiction, negative mindsets, and mental and emotional habits that keep you down, or they push you forward. They might even pull you, kicking and screaming, outside of your comfort zone—but by doing so, you reach a higher level.

Possible Meanings of a Dream About Water

What follows is a set of water dreams and their meanings. Ultimately, the only person who could truly figure out what your dream means is you; you’re the one who saw the full context your dream appears in. But by laying out these different contextual symbols, I can help you piece together what your dream symbolizes.

Real dream interpretation takes place not in purely the realm of your dreams and emotions but in how these insights translate to your own needs and into your waking life.

In many cases, it might create negative emotions that are more likely to hold you back for a few days—or even months and years, if you let—instead of push you to give your life meaning and give you the strength to live your life to its fullest potential. After all, a dream about water has enough power to sow the seeds of subconscious trauma that may impact the quality of your decisions.

How Water Dreams Can Trigger Decisions and Actions in Our Lives

All sorts of things can happen when dreaming, but the effect of your dream on your waking life all boils down to what you decide on. This doesn’t happen in a vacuum—that’s how important dreams are.

Ultimately, the real meaning of dreams can only materialize if you are aware of how the emotional, mental, and inner states it triggered or engaged influence your decisions and the things you say to other people and yourself. From dreaming to living your day-to-day life, all of these are interrelated. If you take one out of the equation, it changes other things down the line.

The good news is you are in control of all of this. That’s why it’s important to understand the biblical meaning of water dreams and their more general emotional impact or meaning.

Essential Uses of Cold Water

Most people don’t like to take cold showers—I know I don’t. But let me clue you in on a secret: if you have a tough time fully waking up or focusing on the task ahead of you, this is an indication that part of your waking consciousness is not fully there yet. That’s right: you’re still drowsy or half-asleep.

If you find yourself struggling to be productive through a typical eight-hour workday, you could try a solution that too many people are using: coffee. But, for a lot of people, instead of giving them extra energy and completely waking them up, coffee dulls their senses—it has the opposite effect. It turns out that there’s a point of diminishing returns as far as caffeine is concerned. Once you pass that point, you end up slowing yourself down.

One powerful alternative to this is cold water in the form of a mercifully short yet powerful morning shower. Turn off the heater and let the cold hit you as you feel the water running down your body.

There’s no better way to fully wake up than a cold, hard blast of water all over your body first thing in the morning. Don’t let your body warm-up. Don’t give yourself a chance to “get ready” for your morning cold shower ritual. Let it hit you by surprise.

Dreaming of Cold Water Can Be a Positive Sign

Naturally, dreams about cold water are a positive sign. It symbolizes an up-welling of energy and positive things. It also symbolizes finding the strength to move on by pulling emotional resources from deep within you.

This has an analog in nature. When you go to cold regions of the ocean near the Antarctic, the low temperature of the ocean pushes surface water downward, and this dislodges a lot of the sediment and rich nutrients from dead fish and other organisms up near the surface where there is light. At this level, there are microscopic plants and animals that eat this up-welling fertilizer. What you then have is an explosion in plankton life.

It’s no surprise that penguins live in the Southern Hemisphere. There’s just so much fish for them to eat. Also, a lot of fishing fleets from countries as far away as Japan regularly fish in the Southern Hemisphere.

That’s how powerful cold water is. Even in Biblical meanings, dreaming about cold water symbolizes positive energy that signifies up-welling within you. People might only see somebody who seems weak and disconnected, but you’re able to pull strength within you to do what you need to do.

Dreaming of Deep Waters Can Symbolize Fear of the Future

The interesting thing about water is that the closer you are to the surface, the more fun it is. The surface is, after all, where people surf, wakeboard, and swim—among many other fun activities. It’s also where they fish, for the most part.

But the deeper you get into the water, the less control you have. A lot of this has to do with the increasing pressure in deep water regions of the ocean. Eventually, you’ll need a pressure suit to stay alive.

Not surprisingly, dreaming of deep waters could indicate some deep concern you have about the future. You’re worrying about things that you can’t fully explain. This manifests itself in your dream.

Deep Water Dreams and the Feeling of Unrest

Dreams of deep water indicate fear of lack of control. Your dream is telling you that you know that you don’t have much of a say, or you feel that whatever you say or decide won’t have much of an effect because there are so many things you can’t explain in an area of your life. This is what dreaming of deep water scenes may refer to.

Not surprisingly, when people find themselves sinking deeper into the depths of dark waters—maybe even to the point of drowning—the more they thrash about. In your dream, this is the point where you need to be more measured and careful about your decisions because there’s less space for mistakes.

Unfortunately, that’s a realization that you have in your head as you dream. But, when you’re sinking deep, your negative emotions take over, and you often make things worse.

Dreaming About Calm and Clear Water

It’s a good thing to dream about yourself in a swimming pool or any calm and clear body of water because this is usually an indicator of inner peace and happiness. You’re not thrashing about or drowning. You can control where you move. You can see everything for the most part and can figure out where things are in front of you.

If you remember these sensations in your dream, it may mean that you’re in a good place. Your mental, psychological, emotional, and spiritual journey all line-up. There’s no disconnect.

Your dream is reinforcing that you don’t feel that you have to be somebody to impress people. You’re at peace with yourself. You believe that you don’t have to pretend to be somebody else to be given the respect that you deserve. The best part? You don’t have to prove anything.

Dreaming of being in calm and clear water can help bring about a sense of satisfaction wherever you are in your life. This dream doesn’t mean that there are no problems, threats, risks, or vulnerabilities in your life. But on a psychological, mental, and spiritual level, things are within your control.

Dreams of Drinking Salt Water

Salt water, when boiled and processed properly, produces salt: one of the most important minerals on the planet. Its importance comes from the fact that it preserves food and brings out its best. Have you ever eaten something that is low on salt? It didn’t taste quite right. It’s as if the ingredients didn’t “come together.” That’s how powerful salt is.

Not surprisingly, when you have a dream or recurring dreams about drinking salt water, this imagery has something to do with your impressions and concerns about your relationships. Depending on how salty the water is in your dream, it can mean that your relationships are just right—everybody has well-defined boundaries, and you’re able to communicate clearly on both verbal and nonverbal levels. You have this deep abiding sense that you truly belong with your family and friends.

On the other hand, if the water is too salty in your dream, this means that there’s a disconnect between the signals that you’re getting from other people and what they’re really saying—the same goes for you.

Dreams About Salt Water Mirrors Your Personal Relations

At first, it’s very easy to just brush all this dream imagery under the rug. You’ve better things to do; you’re busy, and you have your life to worry about. But, pretty soon, you can no longer hide or excuse things away. Your irritation and unease with people around you will manifest more and more until you feel like you’re drowning in negative emotions.

When you dream of almost undrinkable salt water irritating you, pay attention to your relationships. Something that you may have been avoiding or overlooking is coming to a head. If you’re not willing or courageous enough to step up to it, it’ll blow up and burn a lot of people.

Overall, to dream or have repeating dreams about salt water can be taken as a reminder that you have to reach a point where you can say to yourself that you trust your loved ones enough to communicate with them on a deep emotional level in the most honest way possible.

Finding Yourself in Clean Water

If you find yourself dreaming of being in the middle of fresh and clean water with very little movement, this is a good sign. Get extra excited if, while dreaming, you can easily see all the way to the bottom or to your feet when you look down. In your dream, maybe you even see yourself drinking water.

Dreaming of drinking calm and clear water indicates a sense of satisfaction to the point that you’re willing to take action. This dream about water is telling you that you have the keys that can lead to greater successes because you’re acting in confidence.

When you dream of drinking calm and clean water that surrounds you, this indicates a sense of inner peace and contentment to the point of confidence. But that has to come from somewhere, and a part of you must be peaceful and calm enough despite all that’s going on around you.

This dream represents where you go when you’re mentally and emotionally overstretched, tested, and stressed. This is the spiritual place that gives you the assurance that no matter what’s going on around you and how many dark corners you have to go through, things will work out.

It’s an amazing dream because it’s a reminder of the fact that all of us have this place within us. This is the place where the Holy Spirit resides: the center of your personal temple. In Hindu tradition, this is the chakra that delivers both calm and power.

Water Can Also Symbolize Confidence in Our Dreams

Real confidence can only come from competence—knowing full well what the outcome of our actions will be. This gives you a sense of infectious personal power.

When people see confidence in the way you act and speak, they can’t help but be drawn to you. There are parts of themselves they feel they can’t control, and you give them hope. When they see you, they see what is possible regarding certain things they’re half-minded about. This also shows in your dream.

Finding this central place of calm when you dream about water doesn’t mean that there are no problems in your life. Instead, this dream symbolizes that you’re able to draw strength from this inner place that is calm, clear, and spiritually clean, and you’re able to keep yourself from drowning in your worries—no matter how complicated they may seem.

Dreams of Dirty Water

When you have a dream or consecutive dreams about dirty water, you’re dealing with symbols of your feelings about past decisions, trauma, and other experiences that you often interpret in a negative light.

In terms of your personal reality, dreaming of dirty water indicates experiences and “facts” that you’re not all that happy about. Either they make you really sad, or they upset you; it doesn’t matter—they cause a tremendous amount of emotional turbulence and stress. Ultimately, it causes the feeling of lack of control, which can then lead you to dream about it.

We’ve all experienced it at least once: you’re just going about your daily life—doing all sorts of things you’ve done before and confident about—then you start thinking about something that somebody that said to you, or a mental image of someone who hurt you flashes into your mind. It stops everything, right? It’s as if every thought that follows has to be informed by what you just emotionally experienced.

This is part of what dreaming of dirty water symbolizes. If your mind is a river and your emotional state is made of water, there’s clean and dirty water in your dreams. But, ultimately, they’re just water. It’s you, your actions, and your decisions that create these.

Our Dreams Remind Us to Deal with Our Past Demons

This is something that a lot of people don’t want to hear; it’s so easy to say that the Devil caused your problems. Theologically speaking, as Christians, that’s true. But in practical terms, we’re looking for a quick and easy explanation. Most of the time, we deny these realities when we see them in our dreams. By doing so, we take ourselves out of the equation.

We play these games on ourselves again and again, so it’s no surprise that we feel dirty, even in dreams. This imagery shows up in a dream, and we feel that things aren’t right, and we’re drowning in the things we cannot control. This leads to a sense of helplessness, which leads to the next dream type.

Dreaming of Being Underwater

When you feel that you’re drowning in a dream or somehow breathing underwater, it’s not a good sign.

Dreaming of being underwater is almost always a negative image. I’m not just talking about the dream referring to being “underwater” and drowning in debt or other things related to financial activities, but also in your ability to handle responsibilities in real life.

The worst part is dreaming not only of being underwater but also drowning in dirty water: almost all our strength leaves us—in the dream and as we go about our lives. It’s as if our dreams are showing us how we’ve been dunked headfirst into all our bad decisions, anxieties, stress, and frustrations. Any idea or talk of inner peace and serenity goes out the window when we experience this dream. It’s as if we’re held hostage by our own emotions; inner peace is a distant fantasy; our dreams have turned to nightmares.

You can’t see when you’re in dirty water in your dream. Your waking life can only communicate to you raw, negative emotions as you plunge or sink deeper and deeper into the water and into your dream.

But these are all your own emotions manifesting in your dream through your subconscious. Nobody’s pulling strings. Only you allowed yourself to be in that deep water dream based on how you read certain stimuli in your life.

This might seem harsh or cold comfort because this dream of drowning seems so traumatic. But the truth is it leads to life.

In many cases, you only realize what you have in your waking life when you sense that you’re about to lose it—even through your dreams. You only get a sense of your inner peace when you vividly experience negative emotions that you can’t shake off.

Dreams About Water and Its Effect on Our Inner Peace

Dream interpretation is crucial because you’re forced to keep track of your emotional inventory and the kind of signs and signals that you send to yourself while both awake and dreaming. Maybe it’s based on your spiritual upbringing, but a lot of it’s based on what you experience during your waking hours.

We think and dream in terms of symbols. While it’s true that water has a strong Biblical meaning, dream interpretation relies on the practical meanings that you come up with in your waking life.

Your inner peace plays a big role in your real life. They go hand-in-hand. If you’re struggling with what your water dream means, you have to first think about your emotional state and, if you have a spiritual background, the Biblical meaning of water symbology.

Ultimately, you have to view your dream in the context of your daily waking life: dreaming of water can be an internal signal of whether you have inner peace or not.

Dreaming of Drowning

When you experience dreams about drowning, it’s almost automatic that you would feel that this is a deeply negative dream. After all, your life is draining away from you, and there’s nothing you can do in such dreams. But there are two ways to drown.

You can experience drowning in your dreams by thrashing about in panic even when you know that it’s pointless as you sink deeper and deeper into the depths. Whether the water you’re drowning in is clear or dirty in your dream, it doesn’t matter—you know you’re about to die. The breathing, throbbing, living water is swallowing you whole, and it seems more real than a dream.

The more panicked you are, the more oxygen leaves your lungs. Before you know it, your arms start flailing, your legs give out, you start to sink like a rock, and it’s the end. This is the negative image and symbology of drowning in your dreams.

A dream of drowning can also involve sinking passively. These dreams are a bit more ambiguous. Depending on what’s going on in your life, this kind of dream can lead to a sense of liberation, acceptance, inner peace, and serenity. Dreaming about this can be a very powerful symbol that you live in a world that you cannot control because you do not create it.

Dreaming of Peaceful Drowning

There are many things in the world that are very harsh to you that, if given a chance, you would change. But depending on the context, seeing yourself drowning in your dream as you sink slowly through the depths can mean acceptance and peace. Why?

You start accepting the world based on what it is.

Ultimately, this particular dream imagery becomes that of calm and clear water. You’re not coming up with excuses, justifications, and explanations. You’re not pointing the finger at others. You’re not going through emotional torture again and again as you think of people who have held you back, harmed you, or caused you pain.

If you are sure that all the problems you’re facing now are because of what somebody did to you a long time ago, then they have the solution—you didn’t create your life; they did. So they have the key that will turn the prison door that has become your life. Do you see how powerless that is? That will manifest itself in our dreams in more ways the one.

When you decide to accept the world as it is, and you accept the fact that you cannot change your past, you’re like this body that is sinking peacefully into the depths. You accept the world for what it is, not for what you wish it could be. This is a good sign and ultimately a beautiful dream to have.

Water as a Symbol of Acceptance in Dreams

This is the part in a baptism by immersion where the Holy Spirit fills you with reassurance. You don’t panic when the pastor dunks you into the water. The deep water embraces you, and you understand that you only need to trust, and everything will be okay.

You’re not drinking water. You’re not struggling with the salt water. Nor are you imagining Holy Water. Instead, you just look at your life in its totality, and you’re at peace. There’s no one to become; there’s no one to pretend to be; there’s nobody to impress; there’s nowhere to go. You’re just nobody going nowhere—and that’s perfectly okay.

That’s when this deep reservoir within you has activated: the deep reservoir of peace, serenity, and strength. This manifests as calm, clear, and soothing water in your dream—and you feel nothing but acceptance.

In this context of dreaming, you’re no longer drowning. Instead, you’ve been born again. The water in your dream powers you instead of choking you. Instead of filling you with negative emotions of guilt, fear, regret, and other harmful negative feelings, it gives you meaning. It even gives you energy.

Bible Verses About Drowning Dreams

Proverbs 24:16: “for the righteous falls seven times and rises again, but the wicked stumble in times of calamity.”

Genesis 1:2: “The earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.”

Hebrews 10:22: “let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, with our hearts sprinkled clean from an evil conscience, and our bodies washed with pure water.”

Isaiah 43:2: “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you; when you walk through fire you shall not be burned, and the flame shall not consume you.”

The Spiritual Meaning of Drowning

The ultimate spiritual reading of a drowning dream is one that leads to life, not death. If you accept the Holy Spirit fully into your life and allow Him to give you a new birth in Jesus Christ, you have nothing to fear.

The Bible is clear: Christ’s perfect love casts out all fear. This includes fear of the past and fear of who you’ve become.

Dream Example #1

Last night, I had a dream. I was sitting by the ocean, enjoying the sea breeze. Seagulls flew in the sky and I followed their every move and every direction.

There were about a hundred of them and they almost covered the sky when they flew above me.

Suddenly, I heard the seagulls crying like crazy. They flapped their wings and flew away, far from where I was seated until I can no longer see them.

The silence was deafening. I looked around and wondered where the others went to?

I was with a bunch of swimmers earlier and suddenly I was all alone in the sand.

Fear enveloped me. I stood up and started walking away from the sea. But my legs won’t move.

I tried so hard to lift one leg at a time but always failed in my attempt of doing so. I asked for help. I cried out loud and called someone’s name.

Why can’t I even hear my own voice? And I can’t even remember the name I just blurted out and screamed through the wind.

Then it slowly became dark. There was a rumbling sound from afar that became louder in seconds.

When I turned to look at the ocean, there were big waves coming my way and I was about to get drowned! My instinct told me to run as fast as I could.

Lo and behold! I was able to move my feet then I ran as fast as I could and climbed on the first tree that I came through.

It was a coconut tree that was very high so I figured it would be a safe place for me.

Waves slammed hard on the sand and the water flowed quickly, immediately covering the whole place.

Seconds later, the most horrible thing happened. Another batch of waves came, this time higher and bigger, that soon engulfed the whole place, including the tree where I was at.

Once again, I held on tightly to the branches but I was swayed by the wave and was thrown into the water.

I was drowning and I was panicking.

I gasped for air but drowned some more. The current was way too fast for me to swim.

It just carried me far to where I couldn’t see. I felt that I was losing my life and I just went with the flow.

When I closed my eyes, I felt that I was slowly sinking and the water current below was not moving.

The water stayed still and I felt other beings looking at me.

Slowly, I opened my eyes and saw beautiful sea creatures of different colors and sizes.

They were all looking at me as if I were an alien to their world. Then I heard enchanting voices singing heavenly melodies.

I realized that I was dying and maybe I was not under the water but was actually in heaven.

I waved my hand trying to ask for help then I suddenly woke up. I was waving my hand and the other one is holding my neck like I was choking. I heaved a sigh of relief that it was all but a dream.

Dream Example #2

In the dream, I was on a cruise ship with several people.

We were drinking and frolicking, exchanging greetings, and listening to an Afro-rock band.

This was our second day in the Atlantic Ocean, and we were enjoying every second of it.

The captain was a friend of mine. He would come to meet us sometimes and drink with us.

Suddenly, a storm started brewing. The captain told everyone it would pass by in seconds.

The captain was wrong. The storm was more powerful than we thought.

It started throwing up waves that hit the sides of the ship.

From the deck, one could see that the sea was in turmoil. The captain’s reassurance could not settle frayed nerves.

After thirty minutes, everyone was afraid. I heard people calling God for help in several tongues.

After about an hour, the ship could not withstand the storm’s force, so it split. We were all thrown into the ocean.

I did not have the time to grab a lifejacket.

I found myself deep inside the sea. I could swim because I had trained as a lifeguard some years ago. So I began swimming to the surface.

That was when I saw that the ocean was bustling with several species of fish. There were fishes of all sizes and colors.

Some had rounded mouths and looked like demons. Some were petite such that they could fit into an aquarium at home.

A shark even came to observe what was happening. I felt a calmness come over me.

This place looked like home. The fishes were even friendly as they came closer to me to examine me.

I wondered what must have happened to my friends who were with me on the cruise ship.

Finally, I touched one of the fishes, and it swam away.

Suddenly, there was a trumpet sound. All the fishes began swimming away with rapid strokes.

It was as if the trumpet had heralded danger. Yes, that was it, for I saw at that instant a form unlike any I had ever seen in my life.

It was slowly and sluggishly swimming towards me. I would call it a mermaid because it looked and spoke like a growling evil mermaid I saw on television.

It threw the waters into confusion with its magical stick. I discovered that all the fishes were now in hiding, except me.

The mermaid took one look at me and spoke to me in a tongue I couldn’t understand. Then it struck me with its magical stick. My world started to whirl.

I came under the spell of a heavy force that began dragging me into the bottom of the ocean. Down I went.

I swam rapidly to bring myself upwards but to no avail. I was drowning. The bottom of the sea was dark.

It also seemed endless. The force kept dragging me down, where I could not see anything. Then water entered my lungs as I was struggling.

Finally, I began gasping for breath. I shouted for help as I knew that was my last strength when I woke up from sleep in a rush.

Dream Example #3

The last week of Spring has been always synonymous with celebration for our family.

We usually celebrate three of our kids birthdays, my mom’s birthday, my husband’s birthday and our wedding anniversary.

Our wedding anniversary was on the way. It has been a very fruitful, blessed, fun-loving marriage.

Filled with daily undying love, joy and sacrifices. We have experiences much peace and success within the lady decade that we are so thankful for.

In a world where divorce has become fashionable and acceptable in the society and people brag about being a single mum or dad, yet here we are celebrating love and life at its fullest every year.

The excitement kept blowing my mind. I was busy getting everything ready for this big event.

The cake anniversary, foods, desserts, sorted wines and couples game night. I was planning to have a dinner party and a weekend get away afterwards.

At night, I dreamt standing on a luxury yacht. There were so many people on bikini wears. I was astonished.

I do not know how to swim and was beginning to freak out. Walking around, I’m checking every cabin to see if I would recognize anyone.

Suddenly, a girl started screaming, “fire! Fire!”. The cockpit had caught fire and has damaged some part of the yacht.

The captain announced that everyone should grab a life jacket and head toward where the lifeboats are.

When I got there, there were no lifeboats. I was panicking so badly because I was afraid of the water and didn’t make any effort to learn how to swim.

I was going to drown for sure. Not wanting to let go, I held onto the pole on which the sail was.

The captain walked up to me to help me get off the boat bit I refused. I was shaking and terrified.

You could literally see it written all over me. The captain told me everything will be alright.

I looked at him and shook my head in disagreement. What was going in my mind was that this guy wants to trick me and am not going to fall for his tricks.

When the captain saw that I didn’t want his help, he left me alone and jumped into the big, deep sea.

I can see him vividly swimming his way across the water. It hits me then, that he wasn’t trying to trick me. He was genuinely trying to help save me.

Within minutes, water began to enter into the boat. Every minute, the level of water kept rising.

I didn’t know how to get out of this ugly situation. The boat began to sink.

I was gripped with fear as other people began to jump into the water. I was pushed into the water and started drowning.

My weight kept making me move downward, no matter how hard I tried to stay afloat.

Every air I breathe, seeps water into my nose and mouth. I was flapping, kicking and struggling for my life. I shook my head so hard and then woke up.

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