What does a Dream of Praying Mean?

If you have ever had a dream of praying and the prayer itself is the central motif of your nighttime vision, this post is for you. Generally speaking, the meaning of praying in a dream involves supplication. This is a theological word for enlisting the strong support of a higher power.

Prayer can also mean asking for understanding and cooperating with larger unseen powers that may be surrounding you. It is not uncommon for Christians to say, “Let your will be done” when speaking to God in prayer. The same goes with Muslims.

Praying can also be more self-centered. In one context, praying involves asking the higher power to empower the individual praying to effect change in his or her life. The most common form of prayer, of course, involves asking for blessings. You’re not asking for support nor are you asking for strength to overcome your adversity. Instead, you are asking for a miracle.

This is a different thing entirely. Finally, praying can involve appreciating the good and bad of your current situation. Implicit in this is the petition for some sort of peace or closure with whatever it is you’re going through.

The biblical meaning of praying

Praying, in the context of the Bible, is really a conversation between the holy, which is God, and the unholy, which is us. For this conversation to even take place, faith is required. You must first believe that there is a God. You must first believe that you can talk to God and that He cares about your life and situation.

There are many ways to pray. Some use some sort of script with repeated phrases. Others pray to God like they would when they talk to a friend or when they speak with a counselor.

Regardless, prayer, in some Christian traditions, is a duty. You’re not just supposed to do it, but you must do it. The biblical meaning of prayer indicates conversing with the creator of all.

This can lead to healing and protection. Since God created everything, He can also recreate people so they’re no longer defined by their failures and sins. He can also recreate people so that the consequences of their past actions no longer need to harm them which leads us to miracles. Because God is outside of physical laws. He is outside beginnings and endings.

Because if he was trapped by the same physical laws as us, then he wouldn’t be God. He is ultimately inexplicable and this is why miracles are even a possibility. Since you are conversing with someone that is ultimately inexplicable, then it follows that that being’s powers are also beyond explanation and ready analysis. Again, this is the reality behind

What does praying in a church mean?

When you see yourself praying in a church or some sort of organized physical structure or even praying outside in a natural setting but there is a certain order to what you’re doing, you are enlisting support from a higher being.

This dream imagery indicates dependence. At this point, your subconscious is telling you that you are not as strong as you claim to be. You are not self-sufficient, nor are you as self-sufficient as you imagine yourself to be. And this is not necessarily bad. Because there are many things that we cannot control nor predict or even explain in the universe.

You see yourself in a state of dependence and from that, you seek assurance. You seek some sort of clarity. You don’t seek full knowledge because that, ultimately, is impossible like trying to pour the ocean into a hole a kid dug up in sand on the beach.

But there has to be some sort of peace with that seeking of assurance and this enables you to get the confidence you need to confront your day-to-day challenges.

What does it mean to see yourself praying directly to God?

When you are praying directly to God, your dream imagery is telling you that you’re requiring understanding and cooperation with the larger unexplained forces of the universe. This indicates that your objectives and goals are beginning to become clear. And you’re beginning to understand that if you set up the proper goals with people that you are supposed to work with, everybody will benefit.

In other words, together, everyone achieves more. For this to happen, your dream is telling you that you have to overcome your personal tendency to be overly independent.

You have to set your ego aside and allow yourself to be dependent on others to produce results. Stop micromanaging them.

What does it mean to pray fervently in your dreams?

Do you see yourself praying to the point that you’re crying or you’re gripped by some sort of strong emotions? This indicates that your subconscious sees in the coming days a big challenge.

There’s a part of you that doesn’t want to overcome the challenge. Maybe you’ve dealt with it again and again and you’re just tired. Maybe you feel deep down inside that you’re unprepared.

Whatever the case may be, your subconscious is projecting that you will need to strengthen your resolve because at the end of the day, you’ve already faced these challenges. You may not be able to define them or describe them in minute details, but the fact that you’re still alive means that you have overcome challenges in the past.

This is how prayer and wish fulfillment are somewhat intertwined. Because the only person that can truly fulfill your wish is yourself if you give yourself permission. Your mind is showing the metaphor of you, praying fervently to wake up your sense of hope in yourself.

What does it mean to pray with a rosary or a Bible in your hand?

When you’re using an object to pray in your dreams, you’re using some sort of medium to make sense of the feedback or response you’re getting from the universe.

This indicates that you need to recognize your limitations. Do not be afraid to ask for help. Do not be afraid to appear weak. Unfortunately, for most of us, the reason why we’re not getting the kind of results or success that we feel we otherwise deserve is our ego. We don’t get the help that we need because we didn’t ask in the first place. Feel free to ask and let go of your ego.

Allow yourself to run the risk of looking weak or even looking like a fool. At Least when you get help and you change your situation, you’re a fool that turns things around. Compare that with the fool that wallowed in paralyzing pride and let his or her fear swallow them.

What does it mean to pray on your knees?

When you’re praying on your knees, you are signifying to the world that you have let go of your ego. You are signifying through the higher powers of the universe that you are willing to set aside your pride and you have come to realize that you don’t have everything figured out.

You don’t have everything analyzed or sliced and diced into neat little equations. Instead, you are powerless. In knighting ceremonies for the Middle Ages, for one to become a knight, a person has to first get on his knees and the authority will have a sword and they will place the sword on they will tap the inducted Knight’s shoulders with the edge of the sword.

Think about that symbology. Basically, you have somebody in front of you with the capacity to cut your head off with that big razor sharp sword. And here you are on your knees and oftentimes, you have your hands clasped behind you. You are complete and total supplication and weakness.

But when your dream is showing you that you’re requesting for blessings by praying on your knees, in weakness comes out your strength. Just as gold has to first be broken down until it can get turned into an ore that can then be shaped, you too have to be broken down. Let go of your laziness, let go of your sense of entitlement.

What does it mean to pray and then work feverishly after your prayer?

Sometimes, our dreams about praying can take the form of juxtapositions. One second, you’re praying on your knees, and on the other, you are doing all sorts of things. Maybe you’re farming, you’re planting stuff, or you’re building stuff in your workshop.

Whatever the case may be, this dream shows that prayer is not enough. Don’t look at prayer as some sort of magic ritual. Now, if you’re not a religious person, this means that you should not look at wishful thinking or emotional realizations, or feeling motivated as ends in of themselves.

They are just the key that turns the lock. What’s inside the lock? Hard work. The hardest work is overcoming one’s fear and laziness. Because oftentimes, they’re one in the same. So you have to be able to tap the power of whatever intense emotional state or sense of mental clarity that you get when you figure things out after contemplation, whether they’re religious or not, and get to work. Because as the Christian Bible teaches, Faith without works is dead.

Nobody can tell you’re a Christian and a true believer of Christ if they don’t see your changed life. You can say that you are a Christian or a Muslim and yell it out into the mountains but nobody will believe you if you’re still lying, cheating, stealing, murdering, adulterer. Get the point?

What does it mean to pray in bed?

If you see yourself praying in bed right before you go to sleep, this indicates that your subconscious is beginning to understand the power of gratitude. Gratitude is the long neglected emotional state that people should come back to. Why? You compare yourself less to other people when you are grateful for what you have. You’re less likely to feel discontented or frustrated with your life because you are grateful for what you have.

It also comes with danger, though. Because a lot of people would often use gratitude as an excuse to not try. Remember, you were put on earth for a reason and that reason has nothing to do with crawling into your shell and refusing to change.

Change requires fear. Change involves pain. And it takes courage to get out of that shell. And using gratitude in the proper context can help you get out from under your ego to do what you’re called to do.

Do little when you’re alone but together, a lot can be done

The interesting thing about prayer is that we often try to tap into the universe’s power when it turns out that the universe is already surrounding us in the form of other people. They may look hostile, they may look confused, they may even look like they don’t care about us.

But if you put yourself out there and connect, it turns out that together, everybody can achieve more. Because we’re all looking for the same things. Not exactly in the same form, but the same things.

It takes more than intelligence to succeed

Please realize that it takes more than intelligence to succeed. It’s very tempting for human beings to look at the world as some sort of fixed equation, that if they just slice and dice all the data and feed it into this fixed equation, then their life will be predictable and successful.

If only that were true. Because at the end of the day, human emotions, human irrationality, and human intuition account more for success and life results than intelligence ever will.

Get your mind out of the track of intelligence and focus on the bigger picture. I’m not saying that you should dumb yourself down. Don’t get me wrong. But you should also factor into different aspects of your persona so you can cooperate and redirect the power of the unknown surrounding you.

This way, you translate the ideas bouncing around in your head and things that you can see, hear, touch, taste and smell.

Tap into your affirmations

Did you know that every single second, you are programming yourself? Seriously. Listen to yourself. Pay close attention to that still small voice. Some people might need to try harder than others, but it’s there. What does it say? Do you hear your mother telling you you’re an idiot? Or I never loved you? Or are you unlovable? Do you hear your father saying, “You’re a disappointment. You’re a piece of shit.” Or do you hear other people? Or do your parents say other things?

This is your personal soundtrack. And the good news is you can give yourself a different soundtrack if the current one doesn’t lead you to where you feel you belong. You are in control. Not your past, not your parents, and not your trauma. You shape your response to the universe.

Asking for help and guidance is strength

Forget about what other people say. It is never a weakness when you reach out for help. Because oftentimes, the solution is a product of previous knowledge. Why do you have to experience life’s ups and downs and the harsh lessons behind them when you don’t have to?

You don’t have to go through all that pain, loss, and humiliation firsthand. You can ask for other people’s wisdom. But this means overcoming your ego because when you’re younger, you tend to reject your parents’ wisdom. But as you get older, you quickly realize how smart your parents were. It’s not because they’re geniuses, it’s because they live through what you are going through right now.

So why not stop learning things the hard way and just rely on wisdom and guidance from those who came before you?

Inner peace is a choice

Give yourself permission to be at peace. The great thing about the spiritual path is that regardless of where you are, you can find peace, serenity, completion, and a sense of belonging. This is especially true during the early times of Christianity when early believers were fed to the lions, stripped naked, humiliated, and executed in public. Right after, they were raped and violated. Really heavy stuff.

There was no space for lukewarm believers or fakers, either you believed or you didn’t. And it’s not a question of just feeling good and saying, “I’m saved” or “Hallelujah! I’m born again” or “I believe in the Bible.” No. Your life was in danger because now, you’re the enemy of the world.

And using this context that the apostle Paul wrote in Galatians, the fruit of the Holy Spirit, you are truly born again because you accepted Jesus by faith and not because your parents say you should be a Christian or because you go to church or because your parents forced you, but you voluntarily accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior.

The Holy Spirit enters your life and it plants fruit like love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, self-control, and others.

Joy is very important to keep in mind here because the inner peace and happiness that you get has nothing to do with stimuli from the outside world. Because the world can throw whatever it wants your way.

Things that would normally make you feel miserable, confused, or even ashamed. But because you have the spirit in you and it bears the fruit of joy, you draw from a deeper source.

You are able to, like those early martyrs, sing praises to God as your body blows up and falls apart in the flames of the fire that consumes you. You were killed because you’re a believer. The question is, can you find that inner fire to bring you to inner peace?

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