I had a dream about a burning house

If you’ve ever seen yourself in your dream looking at a burning house, it can be quite alarming indeed. The sight of your home or somebody else’s house burning down strikes at a very deep level. Read this post, if you have ever woken up and said to yourself: I had a dream about a burning house

Someone’s house, of course, is their refuge. It is the place where they go to spend the majority of their time. It is supposed to be a place of comfort, security, and belonging. To see all of that up in flames hits most people straight in the heart. They feel vulnerable, panicked even.

If you’ve ever dreamed about a burning house, read below for the many nuanced and contextual meanings of this often troubling dream.

The general symbolic meaning of burning house in a dream

As mentioned above, one’s house is one’s place of security. Many would go so far as to say that it is your little piece of paradise on earth. To see it go up in flames means that there is trouble in paradise. It means that the things that you held to be safe, secured, and well-defined are now in question.

Most people have a tough time coping with this because it means vulnerability and finding your bearings in a confusing situation. But paradoxically, an alternate meaning of the same dream imagery involves a reminder.

This reminder is no ordinary call for remembrance. Instead, your subconscious is drawing your attention to your personal capacity to improve your life. Nobody can improve your life without your permission. And most of the time, you are the only person that can improve your life.

Seeing your house go up in flames can be a jarring enough experience for you to reclaim this power. In more metaphysical or even some would say, miraculous terms, it can also mean a complete recovery from some sort of illness.

Another meaning involves your emotions. Seeing a house burned down can indicate losing your temper. You let your worst instincts take over and your emotions just get the better of you. Finally, in light of all the interpretations above, there can be a sense that one should reconsider one’s options.

What does a house represent?

Your house represents your ego. It represents the place where you go to find yourself and be at peace with yourself. This is a place where you rest. It’s your safe haven. It’s a personal space that you can claim as your very own.

No wonder you just get a sense of belonging and stability when you’re in that place. And this is no physical place. This is a mental awareness. If you are suffering in any kind of mental and emotional imbalance or imbalanced turbulence or disturbance, this is because you haven’t given yourself permission to be at peace to claim your own inner space.

What does fire represent?

Fire is a very complicated symbol. On the one end, it represents desire. It’s all consuming and it’s ready to give off a lot of energy. You can feel its heat from a mile away.

It symbolizes readiness, but it also can be a victim of its own expectations. There is such a thing as a fire that burns so brightly and so strongly that it fizzles out very quickly.

Fire, in spiritual terms, also represents purification. Sometimes, if you go through a very complicated and confusing period in your life, the very best thing that could happen is for you to reach a turning point where everything goes up in flames and you see that moment of truth. It’s painful and disturbing, but this ritual led to you, seeing things for what they are.

Another dimension of fire indicates intensity. This can speak to your subconscious, warning you that there are things building up in your life and it’s only a matter of time until things come to the fore. This can involve things that you’ve been working on, been building up, or it can also involve things that you’ve been trying to avoid or deny.

This intensity also works in reverse. It can build things up but it can also work in the form of gravity. Things can become so heavy because you have been so emotionally invested in certain truths in your life that no reality can escape its pull.

Fire can also represent anger. Anger doesn’t necessarily have to be bad. Unfortunately, the way people define their anger and the way they express it connotes disdain, bitterness, indignation, and fury. Talk about misdirected emotion. Because when you’re angry, your attention is focused. You can choose to use that focus for good.

What does a burning house represent?

A burning house can represent passion. For you to become something better, the old you has to give way. Usually, passion in this transition is required to clear what was assumed to last forever. This paves the way for the new you. In a different context, the burning house can represent jealousy.

Your subconscious may be using that image to project all the jealousy that you have been feeling all these years. Closely related to this is a sense of revenge or payback. If you feel that certain people have slighted you all this time or you’ve held grudges, you’re not alone.
When you see this burning house image, it can be your subconscious, emotionally going through a catharsis of revenge.

Finally, a burning house represents your desire to purify yourself of a sense of shame. If you’re like a typical person, there are certain things that you may have said or done that you’re not exactly proud about. That emotion you’re feeling is shame. And it would be nice to purify yourself off it. Hence, the burning house.

What does a large house fire mean?

If you dream of a large house fire, this indicates trouble in your personal paradise. This indicates that you’re having serious problems in your head regarding your relationship, regarding the things that you assume about yourself, or what you’re capable of.

This is particularly troubling in the context of relationships. You need to look into how frequent your arguments have become. Don’t let it fester. Seek help. Talk it out. Resolve to be more sensitive to each other. This is all to be more self-aware. Oftentimes, relationships only mature and reach the next level after a very big and seemingly all consuming fight.

What does it mean to see your house burned to ashes?

When your mental camera in your dream focuses on the ashes of your recently burned house, don’t feel too bad. Your subconscious is trying to draw your attention to the fact that you now have a tremendous opportunity to start with a clean slate.

A lot of the things that you assume or always going to be with you or things that you cannot question or challenge are gone. And now, you have a tremendous opportunity to start again. Of course, it comes with a lot of new challenges but you have to accept the fact that you have a new beginning.

This is good news. From this perspective, the burning house and the ashes it yielded represents a purging. Use this opportunity to turn a new leaf and become a new person.

Reclaim your capacity to improve your life

Building on the ashes metaphor, every single person has the capacity to reset or improve their life. The fact that most people refuse to take the opportunity to do so, doesn’t make this reality
go away. Sadly, too many of us keep making excuses or simply are procrastinating.

The truth is, if you want a good change to happen to you, you only need to stop making excuses and force yourself to take initial steps. The more actions you take, the more reactions you trigger and sooner or later, your life starts to change. You are always in control.

The beginning of complete recovery from illness

When you see a burning house in your dream, this can indicate that you are overcoming some sort of psychic emotional or mental and physical illness. Use this opportunity to pay close attention to your diet. Do you have a healthy lifestyle? Or do you have a healthy diet? Maybe you should drink more water or maybe you should load up on vegetables.

The same goes with your spiritual health. Maybe you should consider a moment of silence or if you’re spiritually inclined, pray or meditate. Whatever the case may be, when you take care of your mind and interiors in internal space, you also start taking care of your body. You will find the self-discipline and focus you need to stay away from dangerous vices and also to get enough sleep and achieve inner serenity.

Losing your temper

A burning house can indicate that certain parts of your daily waking life involve emotional sensitivity. Situations easily get out of hand and your subconscious is telling you now is the time to take a timeout.

You don’t have to constantly blow up, you don’t have to constantly be touchy. It’s not all that serious. When you learn how to laugh at yourself, you can use humor to gain a deeper understanding of yourself or where you are in the universe and exhibit more patience.

Reconsider your options

When you see everything go up in flames, your subconscious is telling you that you do have options. You have control over how you respond to the things going on around you. This can lead to a changed perspective which can lead to a new life. You have more options than you give yourself credit for.

Change your perspective, willfully

A lot of people would rather have their situation or circumstances dictate the direction of their life. I can’t blame them because most people are passive. We’re not proactive. We say that we want the very best that life has to offer but we rarely lift the finger to work towards those things. It’s only when we feel that our back is against the wall and things are caving in on us that we operate with a sense of urgency.

The change of perspective that burning house represents is a change in your attitude towards making changes in your life. You have to be more proactive. Don’t wait for the world to change. Be the change you want to see.

Constantly weigh the pros and cons

Your decisions can flare up very quickly. In other words, the consequences of your choices can dramatically appear to you like black and white. And unfortunately, most people wait until the last minute and then they feel sorry for what they did but then it’s too late.

Your subconscious is showing you this very disturbing imagery of a house going up in flames to remind you that you must weigh the pros and cons of everything that you think, say, and do. If you turn this into a habit, you will be able to chart the kind of reality you want to live and start living accordingly.

You always get to decide what’s best

Stop living your life like you’re in prison. In prison, the inmates are dictated to by the warden. Whatever the warden says, goes. Unfortunately, a lot of people live in mental prisons with invisible walls.

They think that the best in life has already been taken and their destiny is to live on the crumbs. Absolutely wrong. You are in control. You get to decide what’s best. But for you to transition from this mental awareness to a reality that you can live out, you have to act on your decisions. In other words, have faith in what you choose to believe in. Live it out. Exist like those ideas are reality.

That’s how you trigger this long and unpredictable chain of cause and effect that will eventually steer your life in the right direction. You have more control than you give yourself credit for.

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