What Does A Dream of Swimming In A Lake Mean?

Usually, when people imagine themselves at a lake, it makes for a pleasant experience. Can you see yourself lounging on the lakeshore, enjoying the cool breeze of the water? Up ahead, the water is calm and still.

Something is relaxing about the whole scene. This is why a dream of swimming in a lake is all too easy to forget.

While I’m sure that swimming in a lake in your dream would make for fun times, your memory of that nighttime vision is going to be easily superseded or replaced by images from a more troubling dream.

Maybe you had a dream of somebody trying to shoot you or your loved ones, or you had a nighttime vision of iguanas and some other unpleasant creatures like rats.

Given the fact that our minds tend to remember memories that trigger strong negative emotions, the pleasant images of your lake dream are sure to give way.

This is too bad because if you dream of swimming or fishing in a lake, it can tell you several important truths about your waking life.

What makes it challenging is that this dream, for the reasons above, is so easy to forget.

How Do You Know That You Are Dreaming of A Lake

When lake symbology makes its way into your dreams in all its different variations, it can be easy to overlook, not only for the reasons above. When you see the lake, it seems that it’s only a part of your dream setting.

Your mental camera, if you will, is focused on other things that may be happening. It’s as if the lake is only an empty detail just like swimming in a lake before you do something else. The same goes for fishing in a lake.

These are just incidental details that take place before the real action starts. The lake just sets the scene, but when viewed this way, the lake itself does not have much meaning.

This is too bad because if the lake appears, again and again, pay attention. It’s not the activities you were doing before and after you interacted with the lake, but it’s the lake itself that is the centerpiece of your dream.

In many cases, people who have this kind of dream had several nighttime visions of the lake within the same 8 to 10-hour period.

Your subconscious in this situation is telling you that you shouldn’t pay attention to the image of you swimming or fishing in the lake as important as those may be.

The real dream meaning is locked into the lake itself. This is how you know that your dream of swimming in a lake should be top of mind.

There’s something about that lake that you need to pay attention to because your subconscious is trying to get you to focus on what that dream image means.

The General Interpretation of A Lake In A Dream

It’s important to understand that you have to make the lake the centerpiece of your dream. For this to happen, you have to ask yourself many questions.

How often did you see this element? Does the lake just form the background, and there’s an actual central theme that played out in the actions or emotional states that you’ve witnessed with your mental camera? Or are you surrounded by the lake? Maybe you jumped into the lake or swam in it, or you fell into it while fishing.

Is there something about the appearance of this body of water that gives you the impression that the lake is the centerpiece of your dream? You have to decide this early on because everything flows from the lake.

If it’s only a side detail, then shifting your analysis to this body of water will make you miss the real meaning of your dream.

Remember, the key here is repetition. If you see one image of a lake after another with only slight variations, pay close attention. Your mind is unmistakably telling you that the lake is the dream.

It could be a dirty lake in one dream, or it could involve clear water in another, but eventually, you should realize that the dream is about the lake and what that lake represents. This is how you can connect the images you saw in your nighttime vision and your life.

This is the essence of dream interpretation. You shouldn’t just look for the meaning of the elements of your dream just because you have nothing else to do. You want something practical out of this, which involves your daily waking life.

What is it about this dream image that could impact your life? What follows are the general interpretations of lake dream imagery. Then we’re going to drill down into more specific applications based on the contextual clues that you saw in your dream.

The Lake Imagery Refers to Your Emotional State

Unlike the open ocean or a sea, a lake involves a closed body of water. Rivers contribute to the water in a lake, and then the lake empties into another larger body of water. Usually, a lake drains out into a bay, and then from that bay, the water goes into the sea or a larger body of water.

There’s also a qualitative difference in the water involved because, generally speaking, unless we’re talking about the Dead Sea, lakes almost always contain freshwater. This is not a small detail because it indicates emotional states.

When you’re out in the ocean, all sorts of things can happen because an ocean is very deep, and its waters are salty. But things are more controlled in a lake. So in terms of psychological realities that impact your day-to-day life, when you see yourself swimming or fishing in a lake, you’re dealing with conscious emotions.

These are not repressed emotions or unresolved issues. Your mind tells you something about emotions that you think you have and think you can control.

This is the general meaning of a lake. It represents controlled, perceived, and even planned emotions.

Lake Dream Imagery Turns On Control

Since we’re talking about emotions that you are aware of, the next step is to look at how well you control your emotions, and this is where water quality comes in.

When you think back to your dream of being in or around a lake, try to remember the quality of the water. Are you dealing with clear water? Can you see several feet down from the surface? Is it a dirty lake? Is the water murky? Is there trash or any kind of rubbish on the shore? Is there debris floating on the surface of the water?

These are important clues as to the state of the emotions you are aware of. A dirty lake represents insecurity or even embarrassment about how you feel you manage your emotions when it comes to the people around you or in some public setting.

A dirty lake makes you feel that you’re not managing your emotions as well as you would like. Maybe you’re wearing your feelings on your sleeves, or you feel that you’re easy to trigger.

A Lake With Clear Waters

What does clear water mean? If you’ve ever been to Lake Tahoe near Reno, Nevada, you would be treated to an amazing lake view. The water is crystal clear. Near the shore, you can see all the way to the bottom. At some distance from the shore, the water is bright and crystal clear. It really is something else. You feel transported just thinking about that image.

And when you see that clear water in your dreams of lakes, you are connecting with your subconscious perception of how your controlled emotional states are or how you’d like them to be. If this water clarity shows up repeatedly in your dreams, your subconscious or the unexplained part of your consciousness may be telling you something about the quality of your emotions.

Lake Images Can Have Opposite Meanings

Maybe you’re in more emotional control than you give yourself credit for, or it can be the other way. You may be getting this feeling, deep down inside, that you have dirty emotional states where you feel conflicted. You think there are all sorts of things happening within you that people cannot see past the surface.

So your mind is trying to send you a signal in the form of dreams using contrasting imagery. It’s funny how the human mind works because it can send you images that have a 1 to 1 interpretation meaning it shows dirty water, boiling water, or some indication of turbulence, and you don’t have to work too hard to analyze what it means. It just jumps out at you.

But it can also work in the opposite direction. You may be going through turbulence, and there’s a lot of drama and issues underneath, but you are so caught up in your life, or you’re devoting a lot of time to your friend’s hardships, or you’re using tremendous emotional energy for your relationships that you lose sight of the turmoil that you’re going through.

So your mind shows your desire for a deep sense of calm. Your subconscious is showing your longing for emotional clarity and certainty. Maybe by immersing yourself in this positive image, you are reminded of what it’s like to take full responsibility and control of your emotions that can lead to somewhere peaceful and productive. At the very least, it leads to something that is not negative.

You have to be completely honest as to what’s going on in your emotional life, and again, the lake image goes to the heart of that because it represents emotions that you’re aware of. But it can also shine a light on your general lack of awareness of other things involving your emotional life.

Pay Attention to Your Activity On or Near the Lake

It’s important to not just focus on the lake, the quality of its water, its depth, and its surface, but you also have to look at what you’re doing.

Are you diving into the water? Are you standing on the shore? Are you floating on the water? Is there a pool of water near the lake? Maybe it’s a raised swimming pool or a jacuzzi? What exactly are you doing in the water? What feelings are you experiencing when you are in the water?

You should pick up on certain events because they act as a symbol for something that can be quite obvious. For example, if you’re drowning and you can’t stay afloat, the meaning should be jumping out at you.

The interpretation of you or somebody you know or care about drowning is obviously going to be much different than that of seeing yourself or that other person fishing. So pay close attention to your activity, and this doesn’t take much work.

Suppose there’s some trauma or energy flow because of an activity like thrashing about in the water or trying to stay afloat because you think you’re drowning. In that case, there’s going to be a different energy level than if you’re just walking around the lake or casting a line into it as you go fishing.

Pay Attention to the Placement of Your Body On the Water

Usually, when people think of fishing, they imagine somebody at the shore, casting a line that lands relatively far from the shore. But if you’ve ever gone fishing, you know that it’s not the only way to fish.

You can take out a little boat and get to the middle of the lake. That’s one of the best ways to catch fish because many fishes avoid the shore because it’s too shallow. Also, pay close attention to your proximity to the water.

Are you just watching the water? Are you there with another person? Is it a calm, relaxing view? What’s your emotional state as you engage in the activity? Is your skin in contact with water? If so, what feelings are going through you? Do you feel cleansed? Is it a bathing or cleansing type of experience? Or do you feel dirty because the water is not crystal clear? Does the water smell?

Maybe you are drinking the water since lake water is usually freshwater. But what many people don’t understand is that seawater is usually “cleaner” than freshwater because its salt content kills microbes. People don’t know this because we’ve always been told not to drink salt water. Saltwater, after all, makes us thirsty. That’s the last thing you want to do if you’re trapped in a desert with no freshwater.

Depending on the context, saltwater is cleaner. So what are you doing with the water? Is it getting into your mouth? Are you drinking it intentionally? These indicate your distinct relationship with the emotions that you’re aware of.

They point to the level at which you claim ownership over your emotions. If you see yourself drowning or not in full control while swimming, there is a distinct apprehension between your emotional state and your full consciousness.

Maybe you’re defining your emotional states in such a way you’re trying to avoid stuff that may be happening to your friends or they’ve gone through. This can also involve your coping mechanism for problems in life.

Let me tell you, problems are the only constant in life.

Problems Are Not to Be Feared

While it’s true that we exercise a tremendous amount of control over our emotions so we can achieve some level of calm, it is also true that our relationships with our problems depend on how we assert this control.

Sadly, the path of least resistance, and I’m talking about the most comfortable and convenient path that takes up the least amount of energy, is to go into denial. You know that many negative things are going on in your life. You know that your internal emotional water is dirty.

Maybe it’s because you have unresolved feelings about certain members of your family. Or you feel that you did not get the kind of love and acceptance you feel you deserve. Maybe you feel that you don’t belong with your friends.

Whatever the case may be, these are strong emotions that have a way of warping, shaping, grinding down, or chipping away at our sense of identity and self-worth. So what do we do? Many of us take the easy path.

We imagine ourselves in some position with our emotional and psychic reality that helps us avoid responsibility. In other words, we engage in self-delusion.

So you say to yourself, “I’m a confident person. I’m a happy person. I’m very optimistic, and I achieve inner peace.” You walk around every day convinced that there’s this reservoir of happiness within you, much like the deep parts of a lake.

But it turns out that it takes a lot of energy to keep that up, and the energy takes the form of choosing to look the other way when it comes to other realities in your life. Before you know it, you can’t do it anymore; you can’t avoid these realities like an 800-pound elephant in the middle of the room.

You’re paying a high price for that kind of peace. In reality, you should confront it because there’s nothing to be afraid of. You’re not trying to live up to somebody else’s impression of you. You’re not trying to create some impression on others. You’re not trying to prove something to other people.

You just want to be honest with yourself and achieve a deep, abiding peace with who you truly are. This is how you achieve control and breakthrough because you achieve some healthy relationship with the reality that things don’t have to appear a certain way.

Instead, your main priority is whether you are truly happy, fulfilled, content, and complete. That’s where the control comes from.

The Connection Between The Lake and Other Bodies of Water

How is the lake connected to other bodies of water? Depending on your dream, sometimes you can see a river connected to the lake. In other types of dreams, you are in a boat, and you see further down the horizon where the lake empties eventually into the sea or the ocean.

If you’re lucky enough to have this type of dream and you can see the lake’s connection to another body of water, whether it’s a series of streams, a river, or a sea, you must be able to connect the dots.

This is a very empowering type of lake dream which can lead to a peaceful sense of self-realization. The truth is we cannot control our world, you already know that. But we can control our response to whatever the world throws our way.

That is what, ultimately, the lake means. It is the embodiment of your coping mechanisms and conscious emotional control strategies. As long as you know what you’re doing, you’re in a position to make the kind of necessary adjustments that you need to always feel in control wherever you may be.

Feelings of Being In Control Do Not Mean Being In Control

Keep in mind that feeling in control is different from actually making things happen or causing things to happen.

These are very different things, but many manage their inner world in such a way that any turbulence from the river of life or any challenge from the greater sea of the ocean of existence is enough to throw them off.

They end up in this very emotionally turbulent cycle of doubt, hopelessness, helplessness, and all sorts of negative emotions. Pretty soon, they walk away with a degraded view of themselves, their capabilities, where they can and cannot go, who they can and cannot be. It’s a mess.

But the sad truth is that just because they think they can’t cause things to happen the way they want, then everything is lost. That is looking at the situation from a completely unproductive view.

I’m not going to say it’s wrong, but it is unproductive. It is not conducive and doesn’t help, but I will not go so far as to say it’s wrong. Maybe the better approach is to reclaim your power over your ability to respond.

That’s how you make your hidden emotional shadow your partner instead of something you constantly run away from.

Past and future problems are always going to be there, but if you let them remain hidden because you’re afraid to confront or see them for what they truly are and put them in a correct spot in the mental map of your life, you will continue to struggle.

It’s like drowning in the river or thrashing your feet in the sea. The more you move around, the more you sink. This is a hard feeling to get rid of. Many people think that exercising a lot in the water removes the sense of helplessness.

But that’s not true. In some cases, you just make things happen.

What Is the Sign That You Need?

When it comes to emotional dreams, many people who are quite skilled in figuring out what their dream indicates or symbolizes in their daily waking life look for distinct signs. These are the signs you need to make sense of your dream, come up with an accurate interpretation as well as walk away with a clear marching plan to handle your future better.

But any water dream is very deceptive because we are dealing with emotions. The Hebrew Bible even says that the human heart is treacherous. Things are never what they seem when it comes to emotions.

So you have to look for a sign that you need. It can be a connection to larger bodies of water. And if so, how does the water flow? Are there signs of turbulence? Do you see any indication that the water changes radically as it goes from the river to the ocean?

If you’re swimming or fishing, can you sense the flow of the water? This is how you come up with a big-picture view of the lake.

Quick Word On Floating and Boat Symbols

If you’re on a boat on a lake and you’re fishing or jumping off the boat to swim, try to remember the size of the boat because it indicates the amount of control you feel you have on the emotions you’re aware of.

It also indicates your maturity because a big boat means that you’ve been around the block. You know how your emotions can translate to financial, career, educational, and relationship realities. It’s not your first rodeo. You know how things work out.

A large boat can indicate some level of mastery over your emotions. It suggests that you know how to manipulate your emotional state so that you aren’t just floating from problem to problem or solution to solution.

Instead, you boldly take your emotional state to get you motivated to get through challenges, to reach summits, and to climb higher heights.

Clothing As Symbols

On the other hand, if you’re walking, pay close attention to what you’re wearing. Are you walking barefoot? Are you walking in thick shoes? Is there any indication that you want your body to come into contact with the water?

This can indicate some sort of denial, avoidance, or any other less-than-productive coping mechanism or strategy. Again, I’m not saying it’s absolutely wrong because the only person that can deliver the verdict on whether your coping mechanism is negative is you.

But this is something to pay attention to because if you’re using some shield, so you don’t have to access the water directly, this can indicate that there are certain things you don’t want to deal with, and you’re kind of bending backward or engaging in a less-than-direct contact.

This can mean a less-than-satisfactory result because challenges have to be dealt with head-on no matter how uncomfortable it is. You must look fear straight in the eye and confront it.

Otherwise, they have a way of growing on you, and before you know it, you feel like you’re drowning, or something’s pulling down on you, or you’re being sucked down from the surface of a seemingly clear lake.

Dream Example #1

My heart was full of joy when my boss finally approved my request for a one-week vacation.

It is a much-needed vacation. A time I can refresh, renew my mind, body, and soul.

But the problem is I actually don’t have a concrete plan of what I will do with my week off.

Am I going to the beach for the perfect blue space that I know I will enjoy so much?
Or go somewhere else? Somewhere laidback, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Wherever I may decide to go, I am so happy that I finally had this vacation.

I was checking on my Facebook when I  saw my friend Anna posted that she is going to the lake.

I thought that it would be great If I will go with her. I hit the message button and told Anna I wanted to come with her.

Hmmm…This is something interesting because I was always on a beach but never on a lake.
Going to the lake is a three-hour drive, and Anna told me that we will go early in the morning. Clearly, I don’t have any objections because I am over the top about this trip.

It was a Friday,  about five in the morning…

Anna picked me up in my place.

The breeze of the cold air kissed my face, and I loved it.

On our way to the lake, we turned on the radio.  We played our favorite song to keep us company.

I never expected that going on a road trip to the lake was so relaxing.

Less traffic, I see more trees and green plants everywhere.

Not long enough, Mr. Sun said hi to us.

I rolled over my window.  I allowed the rays of the sun to touch my skin. It was refreshing.

We were laughing and catching up with our hilarious stories.

And voila, just that quick, we arrived at the lake.

There is something so refreshing about the lake. The emerald green color of the water made it so exquisite. The trees that give the shade and the birds chirping made a perfect combi to have rest.

The stillness of not doing anything makes it more exciting.

The peace and quiet it gives made it the perfect getaway from the stress of the city.

Luckily, there was a boat where we can rent.

I wanted to tour around the lake. I guess there is more to it than meets the eye.

But while I was touring around, I cannot help but look on the water most of the time. Itwas so inviting.

And when the boat made a stop. Anna and I decided to dip into the water.

We had the idea of jumping into the water just like most kids do.

I loved it. So without further thinking, we counted from one to three and immediately jumped into the lake.

When my body touches the water,  I felt relief. I felt like the stress washed away. The cold water will give a refreshing feeling, a different vibe.

I have never been so happy with this experience.
Anna and I had a race in the water. And unfortunately, Anna won.
We were laughing, chasing each other in the lake. Screaming with joy until we were tired.
We used all our energies until we felt we’ve had enough.

The experience was one for the books and sure was fun. And then I opened my eyes and I realized that I was just dreaming.

Dream Example #2

One time I dreamt of swimming in a lake. It was such a dream that gave me a feeling of something real and stayed in my memory forever.

It was mid-May, my honeymoon period, that I and my husband were on a Hillside – there was a beautiful lake nearby. The lake is famous for fairy tales, beauty, and spell-bound scenery.

I was happy and enjoying my honeymoon. A new friendly company added a lot to my life. I was feeling myself flying in the air.

One beautiful night I was sleeping by my husband’s side and started to dream. It is midday, and I am swimming in the beautiful lake there.

Lake was covered with colourful flowers all around. Firstly, I was enjoying swimming in the lake. The water inside the lake was warm, and I was feeling relaxed.

My husband was sitting on the lakeside and waving at me with a smile. It was an adventure to swim in a lake.

After some time as I tried to swim out towards the lake edge, the water started to push me towards the centre of the lake.

I struggled to save myself and get out of the lake, but all my struggles were a waste. Water was throwing me away, my senses started to become numb, and I was trying to shout and cry for help.

Nobody was listening to me; my sound and breath started to get slower and slower. When I opened my eyes with a breathless sound, I was full of sweat on my bed.

The dream is not a matter of choice. I am unable to choose a dream for me as it comes naturally. As far as I know, a dream is a jumble of ideas, feelings, images, and emotions that generally occur during sleep.

Every dream lasts for 5 to 20 minutes, and a man spends more than two hours dreaming every night. My dream of swimming in a lake disturbed me, and I was eager to know if it was a good omen or bad.

My husband held me in his arms and started to ease me. He said seeing water in the dream symbolizes your feelings towards our new relationship. If you are happy underwater, it shows you are happy and satisfied in your new relationship.

You are enjoying it as an adventure. The tides pulling you towards the centre of the water are your inner emotional worries. New relationships have their excitements and worries. Nothing is wrong with this dream – relax, and sleep well.

Life is a mixture of happiness and worries- both going side by side. I got relaxed and satisfied with this explanation by a loving person.

It was a different kind of dream than the dreams I often experienced. For several days I kept on thinking about this dream. This dream changed my doubts and worries related to the new relationship.

I am satisfied that I will have a happy married life ever. I realized that I am a person who is blessed with a loving and caring partner. Love begets love.

Dream Example #3

There was one time when I dreamt of swimming in a lake near our resthouse.

I remembered that dream because it was one of the unforgettable dreams that I had ever had.

My dream started when I dived from a platform built by my father. As I dived deeper to the lake’s surface, I started to realize that I was going too far, and I might not get enough oxygen to get back.

I panicked because I was not going up even though I was already pushing myself going up. Then I noticed that I was not having any difficulty breathing and felt that I could breathe underwater.

I was amazed! I was swimming for almost 3 minutes underwater, and I hadn’t felt anything at all.

Then, I decided to dive deeper in the lake, trying to reach its surface. The deeper I got, the darker the lake had become because sunlight could not reach that part anymore.

On the farther left side, where I could dive, I saw a very bright light. Since I was very curious of that light, I decided to go nearer and follow it.

I tried to swim through that light and it blinded me. I was blinded for almost a minute, and I tried to open and close my eyes to regain my vision but all I can see is a very bright light.

Suddenly, that light started to fade and I was slowly seeing things that I could not even imagine.

I discovered a secret world of mermaids.

I was completely amazed by what I saw. Beautiful mermaids welcomed me into their world. I saw wonderful sea creatures and coral formations as if I was in a water world resort underwater.

The mermaids brought me to their queen and she asked me on how I got into their world. I explained everything that happened and told them that I was amazed that there was an underwater world in a lake near our resthouse.

The queen was glad upon hearing my story and invited me in their feast. Luckily, they were celebrating the queen’s birthday, and it was great timing for me to show up in the celebration.

Throughout the celebration, there was singing, dancing, drinking and eating. It was a magnificent feast! I was so much having fun in the party together with the beautiful mermaids who welcomed me earlier.

I observed no male mermaids in their world so I asked them why there were only women. One mermaid replied that they hadn’t seen a man throughout their lives, and it was their first time to see one because of me.

Then they said that I should prepare for the presentation of gifts to the queen. I was shocked on what I saw. Each group of mermaids has brought human males as an offering for the queen.

I immediately realized that I would be offered. Getting my survival instincts ready, I quickly swam away from the party and tried to look for an exit.

Unfortunately, I could not find one. I started to panic and the other mermaids were chasing me.

I suddenly feel that I was having shortness of breath; my ability to breathe underwater was gone and after a minute, I collapsed. I woke up lying down in a hospital bed and I saw my brother sitting beside me.

I asked, “what happened?” He said, “when we were swimming in the lake, I saw you trying to drown yourself so I rushed swiftly to you and saved you from drowning.” After that incident, I never went back to swim in that lake ever again.

Dream Example #4

I looked around as the beautiful mountains and waterfalls came into view. I felt as if I was drowning in a dazzling amalgamation of tranquility and beauty.

“Honey, we’ll reach there in about five minutes. Are you excited,” my mother spoke as she drove. I looked away from the window and turned to her. Annoyed, I turned back to the window, not bothering to reply.

I was elated -no doubt- but I wanted my father here as well. My eyes welled up in tears as I thought about him — about all the lovely times we had. Then one day, everything changed.

I snapped out of my train of thoughts when the car came to a halt and my younger sister, Sarah, shrieked in excitement.

My mother had a pained smile on her face as she unlocked the car. I felt a sudden wave of pain inside me, but I tried to ignore it. Deep inside, I somewhat knew what I was doing was wrong.

But whenever the thought of my mother leaving my father would cross my mind, my blood would boil in anger. It wasn’t only about the fact that she left him, but she didn’t even tell us why.

She packed all our stuff one day and left the house, taking my sister and me along. And that’s it -life wasn’t the same anymore.

As I walked through the pretty roses and tulips, I saw the most awaited view — the captivating, aquarium blue lake. It was huge but not too deep, and hence, we could swim. In it, I could see the reflection of clouds and the surrounding beauty.

Sarah and I put on our swimsuits and goggles and dived right into the lake. I could see my mother taking out a mat and food basket to lay them down on the lush green grass.

The water was mild and relaxing. I could hear Sarah’s cheerful giggles as she splashed water over me, and I did the same.

For a while, I forgot the agonizing memories that had been haunting me, and finally, I felt peace. I was engrossed in that fascinating moment when I heard my mother scream, “Eeman and Sarah, look out!” as she pointed her finger to a creature approaching us from behind.

Sarah was near the edge of the lake, so she immediately got out. I, on the other hand, froze when I saw a crocodile in front of me.

My body felt numb, and my mind was surging perplexity. Terrifying thoughts flooded my brain: “How did a crocodile get in here?” “Wasn’t this lake supposed to be safe?”

As the crocodile drew closer -closer enough that I finally thought this was the end- I felt a firm grip around my waist, hauling me out of the lake.

My expression revealed nothing but a shock when I saw my mother bawling in pain as the crocodile bit her arm.

She didn’t care about the torture she was going through and kept yelling at me to leave the lake.

Some people nearby came to our rescue, and after a lot of chaos, they succeeded in saving her.

My eyes welled up in tears. I felt a choking stench of guilt rising from within me as I recalled the times I had been rude to her.

“Mother had always put her children before herself. She must have had a reason behind this abrupt decision. How could I be so immature,”

I whispered to myself. As I was about to approach her, I felt darkness consume me. I woke up to the chirping of birds, heaving a sigh of relief when I realized it was a dream. I had a gentle smile on my face as I saw my mother in a deep slumber.

Dream Example #5

Warm waters felt like home. The uncertainty it brings sure did bring so many shivers down my spine.

I started to walk to the nearby lake with my dog. I was hoping to go for a swim when something bizarre happened.

I spotted a species that was declared extinct almost a decade ago. It pained me to think that I was not able to capture such a moment.

I could be famous by now. I laughed at the thought as it was a bit of luck. No one would ever believe me if I informed the authorities empty-handed, or maybe, I could bait and catch it. 

Sounds like a plan! I told myself. Eager to catch some big extinct fish, I hurried my way and prepared the instruments I would need. Yes, call me insane.

I intended to use my legs as bait. Taking my clothes off, I submerged my body down the lake and started paddling. An hour had passed yet nothing came out. 

Was I hallucinating? Maybe I am. What if it was extinct and what I saw was just a product of my imagination. I shrugged off all the thoughts and went on with my plan.

High risk comes with high rewards. I convinced myself. After some time, I decided to give it a break and just come back the next day. As I made my way home, a lake suddenly appeared in the middle of the forest. 

It is full of extinct creatures celebrating their resurrection. A small civilization is gathered at a feast when someone spots me.

I tried to run for my life. They caught me and refused to let me go. “Alien! Don’t let him escape, don’t let them have the opportunity to wipe us all out again!

It is our planet. We will take it back!” said the leader of homosapiens. I cried in agony as they tortured me

They filled my ears with ants. My eyes were taken out to be served to pigs.

My limbs were cut down and disassembled by the crowd. It is a mistake! Why don’t I feel pain? Why does this feel more enjoyable than the parties hosted by my kind?

I laughed hilariously as every cut felt like tickles. None of this hurts. Is this death? No, this is not it. It is way too great to be dead. 

Amusement filled their faces as I continued to let out loud laughter. Some started to doubt their leader, but he exclaimed. “These creatures can only be killed by fire!

None of this would ever work on them. Why do you think the world had adapted more bodies of water such as lakes? It is the source of their energy” as they scorched my body, I cried in pain. 

Everything I felt before was the opposite of how I’m feeling now. I could not take it if maybe I wasn’t so nosy and eager to prove myself to the world or I enjoyed the relaxation of swimming in the lake. I would not have suffered such great humiliation.

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