What it means when you Dream About Being Blind

Let’s face it: one of the most traumatic experiences that you could ever have is to wake up unable to see. It’s hard not to be emotional when you dream about being blind.

It’s as if all the security, confidence, and trust you have in yourself and your ability to make your way in the world just goes up in smoke. After all, most people navigate and make sense of the world based on their vision.

Imagine waking up from your sleep, and that’s gone. Well, that’s how disturbing blindness in a dream meanings can be. The sensation of confusion and powerlessness may even seem similar to the Biblical meaning of drowning in a dream.

But as emotionally shocking and possibly unsettling this dream image or analogy can be, please understand, just like with other dream interpretations, the ultimate meaning of this nighttime vision depends on the context. You, as the dreamer, have to focus on what other details are present in your blind dream.

Don’t automatically jump to conclusions. Don’t instantly conclude that just because you’re blind means that you’ve lost control, or there’s something bad that’s about to happen in your life, and you should be fearful. It’s not that simple. In many cases, your blind dream meaning will open the way to some sort of good fortune.

Similarly, you may be struggling with something in your life—maybe you’re not making enough money, or your business has turned south, or that promotion that you’ve always wanted seems so distant.

When you get this dream, it may be a sign that things are about to change in a good way.

dream about being blind

General Dream Interpretation Involving About Blindness

While there may be similarities between this dream image and the bleeding eyes dream interpretation, the difference lies in the type of personal truth each dream brings to light.

The most common dream interpretation of being blind has something to do with your inability or refusal to see certain realities. It can mean that you’re having issues and conflicts about many important areas in your life.

Maybe there’s somebody in your life that you just don’t want to recognize as a negative influence. Maybe you have this idea in your head that this person is there to help you or has been there since day one, so there’s no way this person is actually holding you back from living up to your fullest potential.

Similarly, you may be in a work situation where you are blind to the opportunities presented to you. Maybe you’ve been thought, since childhood, that you can only be so much, and you can only go so far. You believed these things, and even though opportunity after opportunity opens them up at your workplace, you refuse to take them.

Regardless of what form it takes, pay close attention to personal conflicts and issues when you see blindness in a dream.

This is a warning sign to you. For whatever reason, you refuse to see both problems and opportunities. You either sweep troubling truths under the rug, or you’re just hiding from your problems.

On the other hand, seeing someone who is blind in a dream can be a bad sign. It depends on the focus.

If you see this blind person and they take center stage in your dream, pay attention. Were they struggling? Were they hurting themselves? Were they falling over, and you don’t rush out to help them?

This can mean that you’re having a tough time dealing with your regrets, mistakes, disappointments, and personal failures.

You feel that people can’t help you simply because you can’t help yourself. For whatever reason, you think that you are beyond assistance. You have written off any possibility that, somehow, help from other people, in whatever form, will reach you so that you can rise above your challenges.

So you see this blind person stumbling about, falling over, maybe even bleeding and screaming out in pain. When you see that dream imagery, it’s really your subconscious operating from a pit of hopelessness and helplessness—crying out to the universe—not expecting any help because you have imagined the possibility of such assistance away.

Instead, what’s left is this deep, profound, and troubling loneliness.

In Eastern traditions, particularly in Islam, dreaming about being blind means you’re having delusions about spiritual truths, and you’re imagining things that are just simply not true.

Common Dreams About Blindness and What They Mean in Your Waking Life

Blind Child Dream Meanings

When you dream of a blind child is a warning that you should distance yourself from other people.

This doesn’t mean that you have to stay away from all people. Instead, you have to be on the lookout for people who feed your delusions and keep you in an infantile emotional state.

There are several types of people in your life, and one type of person enables your worst instincts. They know that your lack of patience, impulsiveness, and tendency to lash out can often land you in hot water. For whatever reason, they enable you.

This can cut very deeply because, sometimes, it can be your mother.

Honesty is the Purest Form of Love

You have to understand that when it comes to helping friends or loved ones solve problems, the most helpful thing you can do, in many cases, is to point out their weaknesses.

If they’re neglecting the important things in life and repeating wrong decisions that lead them to trouble—maybe it’s drugs, alcohol, sexual relationships, or professional choices—the best way to show them you care is to practice tough love.

In fact, in some cases, you need to just tell them, “this is what you keep doing, and it’s wrong and not helping you. You say to yourself that you’re not happy. But the problem is that certain people in your life are enablers. And if you’re completely honest, you love them because they’re enablers.”

“You can tell from other people’s eyes their uneasiness about you because of the patterns you find yourself in—but not this person. You see them as your safe refuge or your emotional harbor. But are they really? They’re toxic. Maybe they’re unwilling to confront their fears.”

“And one of the most obvious fear is that they are going to lose you if they wake you up to your reality. Signal to them that the best thing that they can do for you is to be honest. Give them permission to call you out and hold you accountable.”

Sometimes, when we’re scared of hurting people’s feelings or trying to find a “careful” way to talk to them, we end up tolerating bad habits that lead them to further self-destruction.

When you see the dream symbol of a child that’s blinded, it can also mean that your past behaviors and traumas need to be addressed.

Where the Adult and the Child in Us Meet

All of us are combinations of adults and children. While the adult figure of our consciousness is very easy to see because this is the part that makes things happen, works a normal job, pays the bills, and maintains relationships, there’s also the child.

The child hangs on to traumas, as well as unrealistic child-like fantasies. Oftentimes, there is a conflict between the two.

When you keep seeing the motif of a blinded child stumbling about in your dream, it may indicate that there’s another conflict brewing or currently happening between the part of you that is an adult and seems to be so rooted in the present and the other part of you that is still full of potential but, at the same time, can be quite unrealistic with its desire.

Allow yourself to enjoy a managed clash between the two. This can be one of the healthiest things that can take place as far as your psychological evolution and personal maturity go.

If anything, a blind child dream means that you have to be more careful and think more about things before making a decision. It’s not just about your emotions. It’s not just about things that you would like to see happen or have already happened.

It also means that you have to pay closer attention to waking life.

A Blinded Child Can Represent Potential

When you’re dreaming about a child that’s blind, it’s very easy to see where the mistake can come from.

A child is not as experienced as an adult person. When you’re a child, you’re given a tremendous amount of leeway because you haven’t seen the world. You have no idea how things really work out. You’re not expected to have all the answers.

In many cases, you have absolutely no clue as to what human nature really is about. So the world gives you a lot of rope.

Unfortunately, for many of us, we use that rope to hang ourselves with one bad decision after another. It’s as if that this long string of disappointments never wakes us up to the reality that we keep making the same mistake and that we need to take ownership of the consequences of our decisions.

This child in us refuses to hear the truth and grow up. Eventually, the consequences get so bad that we are jolted awake, and that’s when we mature.

In many cases, that’s when a boy becomes a father and becomes a man because of that experience. The same goes with a girl becoming a mother and becomes a woman after that event.

That’s why there’s still a possibility of potential breakthrough and victory when you see the image of a child that’s blind in a dream. Not so much when you dream about a blind man.

You have no excuse. You’ve been around the block. You know how things work. You can’t take refuge in your lack of experience. Whatever mistakes you make are on you.

Dreaming About a Blind Person Is a Sign or Warning That You’re About to Make a Big Mistake

Please keep in mind that dreaming about a blind man or blind people implies truths that apply to both women and men equally. This really is a dream about maturity.

This is why it’s really important to be very cautious when the central motif of your dream is a blind man.

It doesn’t matter whether he is going in a straight line because he is holding his walking stick the right way. Or he’s fumbling about and knocking things all over the place. This image is a sign that something big is about to happen, and it’s a big mistake.

Now, the good news is if you are not the blind man in the dream, and you are observing from a distance.

A Blind Man Dream Meaning Depends on Context

In this variant of the dream, if the blind person is walking in a straight line—especially if the person successfully crosses a road because of the chirping sound of a crosswalk—this indicates good luck. This can show that things are going according to plan.

While there’s a lot of uncertainty as symbolized by being blind, you have made the right choices and weighed your decisions properly so that there’s a more-than-even chance that your well-laid plans will actually pan out.

Remember, the harder you work, the luckier you get. And there is such a thing as doing enough research and experiencing enough situations to reduce your risk.

Keep in mind that the risk of loss, pain, and discomfort will never go away completely, but you do have a lot more control over these things in your life than you give yourself credit for.

Now, if the blind man in the dream stalls or walks in a straight line and then stops—becomes confused and then turns around—and you see this repeated several times, the meaning changes. From good luck, good fortune, or things panning out, it can mean stubbornness.

In particular, it can mean that you are unable to forgive someone in your life. This person is close to you and obviously had a profound impact on you and how you look at the world. Sadly, you can only look at this impact in a negative light, and you cannot move on. You can’t forgive this person.

What a Blind Woman Dream Means

Generally speaking, when you dream about a blind woman, and she’s talking to people in the crowd, this is easy to overlook. You can easily see the scene play out in any kind of city environment all over the world.

But pay close attention to how she interacts. Generally speaking, to dream about a woman with blindness can mean that someone in your circle is spreading gossip about you.

What makes this worse is that this is usually a person that you trust enough with your most closely guarded secrets. Obviously, this person cannot be trusted, but it’s too late.

The good news is that this is just your fear.

Maybe there’s somebody new in your life, or there’s a change to somebody that you’ve trusted before that you can’t quite put your finger on. For whatever reason, your trust in that person has suffered a change, so be cautious.

Dreaming About a Group of Blind Women

If you dream about many women being blind, this means that you’re feeling that your full potential as a human being has not been fully realized. There’s a part of you that’s telling you that you still have a lot to offer.

You’re young enough. Things aren’t over yet. Don’t give up. Don’t restrict yourself to just this type of relationship or this type of life. If you had dreamed of going somewhere, being somebody, or being some type of professional when you were a little girl, there’s still time.

The interesting thing about seeing a group of blind women—either walking or sitting together—indicates that you have what it takes to make the necessary sacrifices to live up to your fullest potential.

This group of blind women can also indicate that you have to fight for this truth.

Your number one enemy, when it comes to realizing that you still have a lot of potential, is yourself. Be honest. Realize that this is the case.

There’s a part of you that’s saying, “well, your best years are behind you. You’re already a mother (or a father). You’ve already finished school. You already built this business, or you already put in all these years at this job. Are you going to throw that all away?”

“I know you aren’t happy. I know that you’re frustrated. Maybe this is reflected in tensions in your close friendships or even in your romantic relationships. But it is what it is. You’ve gone this far. Now, you’re going to burn it all up? For what? For a moon shot? For a shot in the dark?”

These are the things that you’re going to have to overcome because you can be a very persuasive discouraging voice.

The good news is that when you pay close attention to that group of blind women, and you notice that one of them is smart with her words, this is a way out.

Our Pasts Aren’t Meant to Hold Us Back

Keep in mind; your gender doesn’t matter when dreaming of groups of blind women. If you pick up on this sign, pay attention.

In that group, there is a blind woman who seems to be aware of her reality and is not scared to speak truth to power and, ultimately, to fight for what is right. Allow yourself to be encouraged by her defiance. This is the strength that you need to overcome your limiting beliefs.

There’s a part of you that’s saying, “well, you come from a family of failures. Your father didn’t live up to his fullest potential, and her mother was crushed by her dreams. What makes you so special? What makes you think that you’ll be different or that you’ll escape this generational curse of failure, underachievement, and mediocrity?”

Well, listen to that wise, blind person in the middle of the group in your blind women dream. She’s not easily blinded by the past or shadows of her own fear.

Just like fire, that awakening giant within you cannot be intimidated by the past. It refuses to be defined by your disappointments, frustrations, and failed dreams.

Instead, it looks to the future—as dark and foreboding as it may be—because it knows that from darkness comes out light—that, oftentimes, before we see the dawn, the dusk is so unbearably dark.

Dreaming of Having One Blind Eye

Usually, people would think that having one blind eye is better than being completely blind. This means that it’s a good thing. Well, not quite.

When you wake up in your dream, and you notice blindness in just one eye, it means that there’s a part of you that wants to stop trusting people. It’s this creeping paranoia getting the better of you.

The truth is that your subconscious is telling you that you should not let your distrust overwhelm you. After all, you can still see.

There’s a part of you that is prone to delusions and misconceptions about the world and other people, as well as yourself. However, there’s still a part of you that is intuitive and clear-eyed enough to see things for what they are. Don’t let one eye betray the other.

Having to dream of one eye that’s blind means that there is imminent psychological and emotional trouble.

This doesn’t mean that you’re going crazy. All it means is that there’s going to be emotional turbulence in your life where you start questioning the things that you have always assumed to be true about yourself, as well as the world you move around in.

It can be a very liberating experience if you allow yourself to be courageous.

You Are Responsible for Your Life

Oftentimes, for us to become truly free or, at least, go to the next level, we have to break out of the mental prison that has held us back and dragged us down for so long. And guess what?

It’s usually not your parents. It’s not that bully in third grade, nor is it your annoying ogre of a boss or that shrew of a wife or that troll of a husband or boyfriend. No—it’s you.

When you see that image of a blind one eye in your dream, it can mean that you are finally waking up to these connections in your life, and you can choose to see things for what they are, be at peace, take responsibility, and hold yourself accountable.

This is usually enough to unlock the willingness to sacrifice and cut out things from your life, so you can move on to the next stage and then the stage after that.

To Dream of Being Completely Blind Means Failure

When you dream that you have become totally blind in an instant, failure is imminent. There is a roadblock to success, and it has blindsided you.

This is not an easy feeling, nor do most people welcome it. But, in many cases, you have to fail and suffer the consequences of bad decisions for you to change enough within.

This is usually the necessary condition that you need to go through for you to finally live up to your fullest potential or, at least, get to the next level that would eventually take you there.

Do you think a caterpillar turning into a cocoon and then emerging as a beautiful butterfly is a smooth, easy, and painless process? Think again.

When a caterpillar turns into a pupa and lives in a cocoon, its organs actually are melting, and its external skin and muscle tissue turn into much. Yes—it’s as uncomfortable as it sounds. But it’s willing to go through all that pain so that something more solid, more well-defined, and stronger will emerge.

This is why it’s really important for you to allow yourself to be emotionally strong when you keep seeing the dream motif of you having total blindness happen again and again in your dreams.

Don’t let the panic overcome you. Don’t let the feeling of powerlessness throw you off. Oftentimes, you have to go through that tunnel so that you can get to the next level of the mountain with all its brightness and the amazing vista of the valley below.

That’s your life, and you have to go through that tunnel sooner or later.

What Does It Mean If You Are Dreaming That You Are About to Be Visually Impaired?

If you notice in your dream that you can see a scene before going blind, it can mean that you have a lot more choices than you give yourself credit for.

This is especially true when it comes to traumatic images of somebody about to blind you. Maybe they’re going to stick a sword or a sharp metal edge into your eyeball. Maybe they are even going to put a hot poker in your eyes.

I know this is traumatic to a lot of people, but the fact that you see something that is about to impair your vision is an affirmation by your subconscious that you can see the big picture. What’s about to happen is not going to hurt you because you know the cause; you know the process involved.

And if you have a good understanding of how one decision leads to another and one action unleashes a chain reaction that eventually leads you to a certain state, you have control over this because you can explain it to yourself.

In fact, you were more blind before understanding this process.

So when that hot poker goes through your eyes, and it seems that your skull is about to implode from the back of your head because of this hot gas that claws from the insides of your brain, you can safely ignore that.

This may be traumatic enough to wake you up screaming in a cold sweat, but it’s a cathartic dream image that leads to a heightened sense of control over your decisions.

Dreaming About Seeing After Blindness

If you notice that you were blind in a dream, and then it’s as if scales fell off your eyes and you can see again, sit up and pay attention.

This is a very powerful dream because it shows that you have learned from your mistakes. It can also mean that you have become mature.

For the longest time, you were operating out in the dark. Maybe this is darkness caused by your childish impression of reality. Maybe these are unrealistic ideas you may have had. Worse yet, these might even be assumptions or expectations that you inherited from your parents or somebody you trust.

Whatever the case may be, they kept you in the dark because they didn’t line up with the reality that you were seeing, touching, tasting, and smelling every single day.

When you see yourself being blind in a dream, and now your sight is restored, this can mean that you are about to come up with some sort of insight that will help you develop better instincts, as well as explain your situation in a more empowering way.

It’s as if you were lucid dreaming during a large part of your normal life, and you’re now about to be fully awake. The good news is that this explanation usually takes one form.

Now, we come from different backgrounds and different parts of the world. We look very different from each other. But, at the end of the day, the explanation is the same. The explanation is simple. Its truth rings out throughout history. What is this story?

Well, you made a mistake, and now you realize that mistake, and you found the courage to decide a different way and live by the consequences and then decide a different way again.

In other words, you know how your decisions shape your life, and there is nobody else to blame. It’s all you. You’ve taken ownership, and this is why your world is now a wide-open book with all sorts of possible exciting and amazing bright endings.

There’s nothing to pretend to be. There’s nothing to apologize for. Everything is out in the open. You can’t help but be excited.

What Does It Mean If You Dream of a Blind School?

Groups of blind people usually imply some sort of psychic power. Take note of what I said about the group of blind women, with one of them speaking amazing universal truths.

When you see a blind school, it means that there are parts of your consciousness that are blind to the outside waking world. But this disability doesn’t mean you’re weak.

They’re blind to the things that you’re conscious of, but they’re definitely awake—and their eyes are wide open—to subconscious truths.

So when you see dream imagery of this school, this means that you are reconnecting with a part of you that you’ve either forgotten or are sweeping under your psychic rug. What it tells you is that you need to trust your intuition more.

When you see this dream image of a school for the blind, it really is pointing you to the fact that there’s a part of you that is hyper-aware.

You Create Your Own Luck

Oftentimes, for you to come to the right decision, you just have to be emotionally present.

As long as you give yourself full permission to do that, everything else will start to fall into place. You’d be surprised as to how you’re able to make the right call at the right time so as to make the right things happen with the right people in the right way.

It’s funny—a lot of people believe in luck. They think that things just happen for a reason.

Well, they happen for a reason because that person has been placing themselves in certain situations over extended periods of time, in a wide range of different circumstances.

That’s not an accident. It’s also not a result of pure religion or luck. It’s a product of will as much as it is a product of blind chance.

Trust yourself enough to listen to that inner song, and you’d be surprised as to how far you can soar in real life.

Dream Example #1

There was one night where I dreamt of being blind, it was like in real life, and I am living it. In my dream, I am still a kid, and I am blind.

The setting was in a house where I live with my family, my parents, and my three siblings. My mom would describe to me my room, and it was all blue, my favorite color.

My bed is beside the ceiling, and I have a small table with a lamp. Also, my parents placed a mirror and other things even though I can’t see, so that it will feel like a normal room.

I was the only one who was blind in our family, and I was born that way. My mom let me be a part of a group session for people like me. I go there once a week to talk to my fellow blind friends.

My mom would go with me and wait for me outside the building in her car. After our group session, my mom and I would buy dinner and eat in the house with our complete members of the family. It became our routine.

In my dream, I have a friend who always visits me and lives in our neighborhood. We were childhood friends and our families as well.

We always hang out in my room, and she will talk about her day like I was with her the whole time. I can still remember her name, it was Ellie.

She even made me a playlist that I can listen to when I am sad and bored. Ellie was a great friend, and I love her being around.

She loves to take pictures and describe to me the photos she takes. One day, we went to a grocery store. My mom won’t usually let me go with them, but that day I told her that I wanted to go with them.

The grocery store was only a 30-minute drive from our house. We were on our way to the store, and it was raining a little. When we arrived there, the parking was already full.

My mom had to wait for a parking spot and asked my sister to go ahead and take me with her to the store. We were already inside the store, and my sister asked to me wait in the corner because she has to look for something else.

I can hear some kids laughing behind my back. I can hear them whispering about me, about my blindness, and that I look so pathetic.

I can also feel them touching my back, it was like they were calling me then laugh because I can’t see them. It was like for them, I have a contagious disease.

I was wearing my sunglasses and tears are coming down my eyes. My mother saw me and asked me what happened. I remained silent, and my mom hugged me.

Every time I am sad, my mom would hug me everything will feel okay.

I remember that every night, I pray to God and always ask Him, “Why me?” Why did this have to happen to me? I woke up in the middle of my dream, and I was happy that it was all a dream.

Dream Example #2

In reality, being blind is one of the bad feelings an individual would feel. I felt that when I was sleeping on my bed in my silent room.

It was 1:00 in the morning when I happened to experience that feeling. It was one of the feelings that I don’t want to feel again because it seems true though it was a dream.

During that darkest dream of my life, I was in a tunnel where I don’t see anything but darkness.

I was shouting for help unfortunately, no help has arrived. I was trying to climb that tunnel to escape that dark area.

After an hour of climbing, Good Samaritan heard me and helped me climbed the tunnel.

He even guided me and asked where I live so that he can walk me home. I finally got home with my family, who is also looking for me the whole time. I recounted and told them what happen to me.

The experience of being blind in a dream is terrifying, you want to touch something, but you can’t because you cannot see it.

It was also hard because you can go to places you want. I ended in that tunnel because I was looking and trying to explore.

I was hoping that I will be of fewer burdens to my family if I walk alone. Was trying my best. They do not have any idea of what I was thinking.

All they know is I was in my room resting.I don’t want to become useless and in search of helping myself. I got hurt and almost lost my legs because of the height of the tunnel.

It was a ten feet old tunnel in the middle of the forest. It was a trap mechanism used during the days of my forefathers. Luckily for me, my time is not up yet.

I am still alive because of the help of the Good Samaritan that helps me climb that tunnel. The experience was so real.

I still remember that I want to wake up. Unfortunately, I cannot open my eyes. I was hoping that some of my family members will hear me screaming because I don’t like being blind in a dream.

Being blind is hard. My heart is with blind people. Though in reality,

I was not blind, I experience that in my dream, I am grateful for that. I hope that all blind people have their own families to support and assist them with all their needs. Some blind people are not lucky enough to be born into families who will be there until the end.

Some are even working to have food on their table. It was hard for them and especially when they have a mouth to feed.

The dream I had been a great experience. I could pass it to my children and the lesson that I have learned. The feeling of being blind is unreal and hard.

Dream Example #3

There are two-person that co-existed in this world the INNOCENT and the BAD PSYCHOPATH.

Doing what we do in everyday life expanded who is powerful and weak. There is an event in life the time judges to complete the cycle of time each timeline.

The dictator is very savage to gain his power to his land as the landlord and the boy who suddenly caught in the middle of the day not knowing that day will be the end of the evil man in his time.

Unpredictably that day. The dictator takes a day off, his busy day with sorrow. The snowfalls in the winter sit of October, the suddenly knocks in his big door in hallways, spoken Sir. the flowers were ready as you ordered yesterday. The dictator grabbed his winter coat, run his day directly.

Hours after it passed, driving to the cooled sunrise. Arrive at the riverside garden. Landscape fortified with winter trees and flowers.

Titan arum, rainbow gum eucalyptus, and winter jasmine. As they approach the riverside, the dictator told his company guards to stay aside by the convoyed vehicles, asking them to stay far from him behind.

He takes the flower basket, Starts to walk at a ramp upstream in the cooled frozen river.

The dictator looks at the snowflakes slowly staggering while tears of frozen from an evil landlord. He walks along feeling the loss of the battle he wins single life he has taken tear were uncounted for being dropped suddenly.

He walks as far as the riversides. He has seen a treen of old branch trees falls at the side of the old one.

Later a day in the cooled 5 A.M being in the side of that frozen river. He remembered the last breath of the person he lost most.

All are asking why he always visited the place and even the landscape of a not-so-special venue. The rumors continue as a year of visitation was numbered.

On that day, the dictator never expected a company. Such a vivid place under his leadership to change for no reason.

The place expensively. In the shallow, a sudden voice raising innocently. Sir, why are you here? And what are you do doing? Sighting dictator putting basket flowers into the frozen river.

The soulless dictator replayed in a voice so loud, Come here.

Without thinking, the boy is driven, walk to take footstep from his hunting ancient. The boy never thinks of knowing the dictator who he must.

Not a mile, the boy arrived at the place where the dictator was standing. The boy thinking, His father was sick, and hunting for fresh meat for food was his priority.

Before that night in dinner, they are putting up the last meat before the winter of October has started. Talking to his son, A sick father told the son that.

You do not deserve this life. This life that I had, The life I have, is not for me for the giving. You deserve better than this.

Outside in snowed cooled night. A strange-looking guy is listening to all the exchange of thoughts. Even the boy never responds. Being mature mind, he listens to his old man’s words.

The man outside comes to bark into the conversations, invading the warm cabin in the early night. The suited in tactical was able to make a formal yet questionable proposal towards the father in the son.

On the other ways, the next day after. They’re looking forward to meeting the dictator in that cross-path frozen river.

Thinking so, the who barge their house before that morning. He only remembered that the man is telling him, we can help your father if you help me.

I will help to cure your father if you help me. Get that person to talk to you and will do what it takes to stop this person from doing bad things like what he did to your father. Stop him doing bad things to others.

The conflict of decent and innocence cross overthinking finding only to cure his father, knowing the dictator is evil. The boy moved forward not to care about the unknown chapter of his young age.

As he comes near the dictator, they start the unsolicited talks by the boy saying again, why are you here? And the dictator said as well, why are you here too? taking seriously, responding to the innocent boy.

The dictator starts his story by saying. My wife comes here every month when winter. one day, she never comes back home.

The frozen river has taken her beautiful, fragile life. Distracted by the innocent image presence, a sudden crack coming from the frozen river breaks the silence.

As the chat spelled dictator and innocent boy, the tactical man came from the frozen river crack. Tactically the dictator yields move and stay behind me.

Knowing his knowledge of the dictator for it was said that the dictator is full of evil. The boy stood to look when the dictator saw the boy’s eyes with unfeared and remembers suddenly, the eyes when the dictator made his first kill.

It comes to his thought of the end of the line for me. The dictator has spoken throw his mind. I never think my life will end where my beloved wife ended her.

The man suited in tactical with no second act takes fire in suppressing two shuts in the head with a silenced handgun. He dragged the dictator into the water taken his body.

A while ago, hearing from the frozen riverside. The bodyguards run one hour and a half from a long time being. When they arrived, they only saw blood spotted over the ramp going to the frozen river.

Middle of the troubled misfit, voice is heard, saying help then they saw a boy with bleeding eyes speculating that the wounds are from the bullet piercing the dictator. So the boy has taken to rule the dictator’s land over the coming years.

This boy changes the land ruled by the landlord as he remembered the man, saying. I can help you to cure your father and to end the evil man that has done this.

The word that the broken young boy changes life and changes the life of the others that ruled upon the dictator.

Dream Example #4

Man! I hate being blind. I remember the time I was about 14 years of age, I had the worst dream of my life.

It changed the way and think about blind people. I feel pity for those people. My dream was about me being blind and walking alone in the forest.

Scary, isn’t it? Well, let us get into it and this is how the dream started ruining my well-deserved rest.

My father sent me to go and look after his cattle, an activity which I hated with every fiber of my body. Everything was smooth until some of the cattle disappeared from the herd.

I said to myself that I should not worry because the cattle will return on their own. Fake hope I gave myself. Do you know why? Because the cattle did not return.

And that is when doomsday started manifesting for me. By the time I started thinking of taking an action, it was too late because the sun had also disappeared. Or at least I would like to think so.

I decided to take the cattle home so that I can come back and go look for the missing ones.

Everything went well until I finished putting the other cattle in the kraal.

I did not bother to go in the house because I was afraid that my father will flog me because of the missing cattle.

As a man, I decided to go back into the forest and find the others. I walked past a thorny bush and a thorn pricked me in the eye.

I am sure if that was not a dream I would have felt the most excruciating pain ever. Thank goodness it was a dream.

As if that was not worse enough, I heard a voice of a wild animal which scared me. I tried to run away but then I fell in another thorn bush again and another thorn pricked my other remaining eye.

In a blink of an eye, I was completely blind. I stood up and tried to run again but I did not know where to run to.

I had no idea about which direction I was going. The more I tried to run the more I fell in more bushes.

My heart started beating fast and the fear was taking over my entire body. I swear even my ears were afraid. Okay, that might be a joke but it feels like it is not.

The dream went on to torture me nonstop. The wild animal was starting to sound closer and closer.

And every time I tried to run, I fell down. I could not handle it anymore, I started screaming louder.

The dream felt so real that I thought I was going to die in actuality. I managed to crawl on the ground and the sound of the wild animal went far, I reached where the lost cattle were resting.

I know that because even though I could not see them, I could feel their presence. At least that is what the dream made me feel.

While I was starting to feel safe the wild animal started sounding loud again.

The fear was even worse so I screamed even more. It turned out when I screamed in the dream, I was screaming in reality.

Which woke up my brother. My brother could not stand my loud screaming so he woke me up.

That was the best rescue of my life. From there I did not sleep until the next morning. I was afraid of meeting the dream again.

Dream Example #5

Yesterday I had a dream. A dream that made me nervous. A dream that made me perplexed, a dream that made me grateful. In that peculiar dream, I was blind.

I was having a walk in a park with a beautiful girl and I could not see anything. her beauty vanished for me, she was now a girl with skin.

I felt confused. I did not know what happened to me and why it happened to me. I asked the girl to sit down for a bit so that we can appreciate the view in front of us.

She had no idea that my ability to look disappeared. I asked her to get me some water while she was gone. I asked, “Is it real? is it happening to me or is it just a dream?”.

The girl came back and she gave me the bottle of water and she asked me “Are you fine? you look anxious”.

I did not know what to say to her or whether she will believe me. I decided to go with the truth and I told her that I have lost my ability to see.

she said, “you were just fine an hour ago and now you are saying you have gone blind?”. I told her” I am as confused as you are”. I asked her to take me back home.

As I reached I could not see my name on the front gate that I forced my father to put there. she took me inside and I cannot see the beautiful lawn that cost my father a fortune.

I could not see my mother The only thing that I cared about in this world.

The girl told my mother that I have gone blind and she could not believe it. I could hear her crying she hugged me and I for the first time felt her hug.

The thought of not being able to see your mother after you wake up is scary. But it became my reality. I started to resent myself.

I wanted to see my mother appreciate her beauty to appreciate her eyes. All my friends visited me and that made me even sadder I did not want them to see me like this. I did not want them to see me helpless.

I thought about my job my career everything was finished for me I thought of giving up on this miserable life. Death was now looking like an act of kindness for me.

Suddenly someone from the audience asked me the question “what made you forget about taking your life and turned you into a top-notch motivational speaker?”.

I replied “That beautiful girl in the park”. She told me that there is a light at the end of this dark tunnel.

She believed in me when I could not believe myself. She was there when no one else was. I forgot how she looked like as it was a dream.

For me, she is the most beautiful thing happened to this world. They say that love is blind well I am now a strong believer in this phrase.

Love makes you do things that you never imagined that you would be able to do.

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