What does a soul Ties dream mean?

What is a Soul Ties Dream?

Soul ties dreams or soul mate dreams are special types of dreams where you see yourself connecting with other people’s souls. You are talking to people in your dream and then, for whatever reason, you can hear what they have to say before they even open their mouths.

Similarly, they could figure you out and you are aware of this.

You don’t even have to communicate verbally. It’s as if you can connect on a higher plane.

These Dreams Are Somewhat Romantic

Soul ties dreams are very trippy and weird, to say the least, because this is how people normally communicate.

But there is something distinctly romantic about soul mate dreams or soul ties dreams because at its core people get lonely.

People realize that they’re in this world alone, and it would be really awesome if at least one other person can connect with them at a very deep, intimate level.

Now, at this level, this has little to do with sexuality, and it has everything to do with spiritual bonding.

These Dreams Are About Spiritual Bonding

I’m not talking about religion. I’m just talking about a state that you can have with another person where you feel you belong with that person.

It’s as if you can connect with each other in such a way that normal means of communication are unnecessary.

You only need to be aware of that person’s presence, and you don’t even have to look at them to truly get them.

This is a deep level of soul mates because, let’s face it, in our modern culture, we keep hearing the term “soul mate.” Usually, it’s mentioned in the context of some sort of romantic connection.

But real human-to-human spiritual ties go beyond romance, emotion, affection, sex, physicality, or financial ties.

Instead, it speaks to our deepest needs and just as importantly, our deepest values.

We can’t help but share, connect, and sacrifice and give only to be replenished, complemented, and (in a way that a lot of people confuse with completion) transformed.

There’s a point in the connection that you feel so overwhelmed by the state of mind you’re in with this person that words simply cannot do justice for the ties that are created.

Soul Mates Don’t Have to Be in a Romantic Relationship

One of the most common misunderstandings about a soul mate is that it has to involve some sort of romance.

Your soul mate can be the same gender as you.

Your soul mate can be way older than you or way younger than you.

Your soul mate can be in a different place at a different time.

Instead, the focus should be on the energy, the dreams, and the spirit of that person.

And this does not involve physical relationships. Instead, you are drawn by the energy to a deep and profound mutual understanding and awareness.

Even if somebody has died hundreds of years ago, that person can still be your soul mate. You may become aware of them based on writings about them, things that they’ve said and done.

Whatever the case may be, your subconscious communicates to you the power of their reality from a time long gone to speak to you about stuff that you’re going through today and how you can lay the foundation for soul ties or soul mate connections with people long after you have gone.

So, it’s really hard for a lot of people to wrap their heads around the idea of soul mates because it blows away a lot of our neat, tidy little compartmentalization techniques as to what constitutes a relationship, a tie, or a connection.

But since we’re talking about spiritual energy here that transcends time and space, we necessarily have to let go of that extra baggage and focus more on the raw energy that speaks to us at a very deep and basic level, which most people can only access through their dreams.

The Key to Understanding Soul Ties Is to Try to Stop Understanding Them

One of the most profound lessons that certain strains of Buddhism can teach people who are trying to make sense of soul ties is the idea of not trying.

When people try too hard to grasp a concept, they almost always try to enslave it using terms that are not compatible or completely inapplicable. It’s like trying to ram a square peg into a round hole.

Good luck with that!

But when you just let go and assume that you cannot understand, that’s when real awareness and (pretty soon) understanding start to sink in.

Soul Ties Are Energetic Connections

You have to understand that a soul tie indicates a connection of energy.

It can be an awakening. It can be a remembrance.

It might even be some sort of vague reference.

Have you ever listened to music and for whatever reason you remembered a memory?

Now, this memory has nothing to do with that music. It’s not a memory where that piece of music was playing and something happens to you and you remember the incident.

No, I’m not talking about those.

I’m just talking about you listening to pleasant music and then a memory fills your mind and (with it) emotions.

Soul ties work that way.

They don’t have to work on a one-to-one correlation.

You Receive Signals from the Universe

Your subconscious is telling you that you are a reception device for the rest of the Universe.

Now, this rubs a lot of people the wrong way because we’d like to assume that we are rational and logical beings.

We would only believe in things if we can explain whatever phenomena we’re looking at.

We would believe in things only if we believe that we can measure them and then reduce them to some sort of equation that can make a reasonable prediction.

But you have to let go of all of that to get the firm reality of how underlying soul ties.

Because if you truly want to be clear as to who your soul mate is and what your soul mate can help you with, you have to overcome the common ways people try to make sense of soul connections.

It’s not easy. It’s like trying to tell a goldfish to fly or to grapple from vines on a tree.

These are obviously things that a goldfish doesn’t normally do.

But you have to use references, analogies, metaphors, and whatever descriptive tools you can come up with based on your culture and the part of the world you’re in to try to make sense of this very profound reality that your dreams are communicating to you.

We Are All Empty and That’s Why Our Soul Yearns for Connection

One of the most profound realizations people could ever have is the fact that we’re alone.

You may have family and an extended network of friends and relatives and they may comfort you. They may make you feel welcome.

But at the end of the day, you only have yourself.

This is the essence of life. You only have yourself.

When you die, that’s the end of you unless you believe in reincarnation or some sort of energy recycling or rebirth, and this is one of the most profound realities that people have to square themselves with.

How do they make sense of this? How do they grapple with this deep and profound reality?

Well, the obvious and most common response is fear.

Can you imagine the number of people who believe in Heaven, not because they believe it’s real, but because they believe too much in Hell?

The problem is desiring something out of fear sends polluted messages to the Universe.

And it would not be surprising if in our desperation to hang on, our grasp slips and we end up in the precise place we fear the most.

Others respond to this reality — the reality of deep and profound loneliness of the human condition — with resignation.

They say: “Well, that’s just the way things are. There’s really nothing I can do about it. So, why even try?”

They just go through the motions.

Sadly, all the value that they could have otherwise given the Universe through sacrifice, commitment, dedication, compassion, kindness, or goodness — all of that is lost.

Because deep down inside, they say:

“What’s the point?

I was born alone. I grew up alone.

I may have had children. I may have been married.

But when I get sick, get old, and my flesh and bones rot away, I’m alone.

What’s the point?”

And this resignation changes the vibrations they send to the Universe.

And guess how the Universe responds.

It bounces back the signal that you send.

So, you feel like insignificant dust and that’s precisely what will happen.

Watch Your Signals

Soul ties dreams can best be understood in terms of a simple analogy. Think of yourself as a broadcasting tower on top of a hill.

Every thought you think, every word you say, and definitely every action you take, act like signals that you send to the Universe.

Now, some signals are stronger than others because you can see their effect almost immediately.

In practical terms, these are your decisions and actions. As physics teaches us, for every action, there’s a reaction.

You may be doing something repeatedly that seems so small in your corner of the world. You’re convinced that since this is so small, it doesn’t really have much of an impact as far as the wide world out there is concerned.

Well, I wouldn’t be so sure.

You may think you are insignificant because you feel that you’re just another face in the crowd and ultimately what you do doesn’t matter. But you can set in motion a chain reaction that eventually will come back to you.

It may take its time.

You may have to go through different people and possibly get routed through different processes, but eventually, you will be able to detect its effect.

There’s an old saying that “the beating of a butterfly wing in the Amazon can trigger violent storms in different parts of the planet.”

It’s not a stretch. You do have an impact.

You just have to know where to look, and you have to be patient enough to wait.

What makes this tricky is that we send different kinds of signals.

Besides our actions, we can also say things. When we say things to people around us, the reaction is usually easy to determine.

You Reap What You Sow

If you want the people around you to bear good things, to help you and support you, plant seeds of life in their lives. Encourage them with your words.

Back up your words with deeds. Be clear that you’re not just spouting smoke.

The way people treat us ultimately is a reflection of the seed that we have planted in their lives.

But this takes longer, and sometimes the fruit that we do get comes in an unexpected form.

But there is some sort of return.

Finally, there are thoughts.

A lot of people think that your thoughts don’t matter, that your intentions will not change your reality.

I wish that were true.

Just as a radio transmitter sends out signals to the Universe, these signals, although they may be weak, still have an effect.

Why? The effect is on you.

You Become What You Think About Consistently

When you keep thinking to yourself that you’re some sort of loser or that there’s something profoundly wrong with you, eventually it’s going to change the things that you say to people around you.

And guess what?

Thanks to the Law of Reaping and Sowing, you will reap exactly the kind of image you planted in them.

That’s an effect.

And pretty soon, when you keep hearing yourself say that you’re one thing and you keep seeing that reinforced by how people talk about you and treat you, you best believe that there’s going to be an impact on how you behave.

And this is when the payoff is easier to notice.

You can then find yourself stuck in this feedback loop and assume:

“I am a loser or a failure. There’s really nothing I can do about it.


All that people I know are saying the same thing.


Every time I try something, it ends up in disappointment.

My life is one giant letdown. All this opportunity that I had, is wasted.”

But there’s a problem when you find yourself in that echo chamber.

You overlook the fact that you’re in control. You can change the frequency that you send out.

Soul Ties Can Help Us Achieve the Life We Desire

When two transmission stations bounce signals, they could amplify the message one is sending. They can also benefit from the information they receive from each other.

Sadly, a lot of people view soul mates as essentially a person than can somehow complete them. It’s as if their soul mate is out there in the cosmos, loaded with all these resources.

If only they could access that person, the soul mate will then give them what they’re missing so they can then live their lives to the fullest.

This is a fantasy.

You Don’t Need Your Soul Mate to Complete You

The right soul mate for you is already complete, just as you need to be complete.

You don’t look at your soul mate to complete you. Instead, you connect through soul ties to help you realize where you are.

Far from looking at a soul mate as some sort of cargo ship full of the necessary raw materials or (if you want to use that kind of analogy) weaponry that you need to take your life to the next level, they only have one cargo.

This cargo is very shocking to a lot of people because it’s a mirror.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, your soul mate maybe somebody from several hundred years back or several hundred years in the future.

But whoever it is, they act as a mirror.

Your Soul Mate’s Real Value

Your soul mate cannot complete you nor should you look at that person as some sort of savior. Instead, look at how your soul mate can help you gain a deep and profound level of self-awareness.

This is no small thing because every single day you’re awake, there is the temptation to engage in self-deception and fall into one delusion after another.

The world can easily be full of lies and it doesn’t take much effort to collect these lies and incorporate them until they become you.

When you have somebody acting as a mirror, you start becoming more aware of who you are. It’s like a person finally being able to feel their face as they look in the mirror.

They see the correlation between the sensation they get from the bottom of their fingertips as they move their fingers across their eyes, their forehead, and through their hair.

And the more you do it, the more you become self-aware. At that point, you can become more honest: “Do I like what I see in the mirror?”

And then from there, you can ask yourself: “Who do I want to be? What do I want to reach for? What do I want to give?

And once you start asking that last question and its many different permutations, you’ve entered a different stage of your being. As I’ve mentioned earlier, life is lonely.

And it’s very easy for people to basically just hang on to that inner infant and demand of the Universe, “Feed me!”

This is what self-entitled people do.

According to the famous psychologist, Carl Jung, at this level all you’re doing is feeding your gut because that’s all you are doing.

You can’t strive for anything higher than basic drives like food, sex, and shelter.

When you connect with your soul mate through your dreams, you approach that person on what they represent — like a mirror — to finally become aware of who you are and where you are in your life.

You Get to Choose Who You Become

Once you start focusing your thoughts on who you want to become, your frequency starts to change. The transmissions you send repeatedly and unconsciously throughout the Universe start to change.

And then you become that.

This can only happen because you become self-aware.

Soul mates can help you tremendously because they can act as that mirror that enables you to overcome self-deception, common delusions, and common lies that surround us like a think, almost impenetrable soup.

It’s invisible, of course, but it’s there.

Dream Example #1

I woke up early in the morning and did some workout in my favorite pair of sweats. After that, I showered and got dressed up for the day. Before leaving for work, I made myself a filling breakfast, two toasts with an omelet, and a cup of black coffee.

The coffee tasted nice. I headed out to my office to get the ball rolling for the day. My office prevailed in the heart of the city and was very beautiful and well organized.

I recently joined the office and knew very few people. When I reached the office, my boss called me to assign a new project. I worked in a design firm. My boss told me I had to work on a new project.

I had to work with someone unknown faces with the new project. I was the youngest and least experienced on the team. My team carried a very senior designer, two designers who were less experienced than her but more experienced than me and me, a total of four people.

The most experienced designer was not well behaved at all. Her human dealing was not good. She intentionally brought miseries to her co-workers.

When I first started working with her, the days went nice. It was after some days that she began mistreating me. She screamed at me, abused me, and was unfair to me. I bore all that in the name of professionalism. One of my co-workers, an average-looking guy, saw that the senior was not treating me right.

He didn’t say anything then but noticed that she had made it a pattern to treat me like that. One day, while I was sitting in a cafeteria, sad and depressed due to a recent encounter with her, he came next to me. He asked the reason for my unhappiness.

I told him how the office atmosphere is jeopardizing my peace of mind. My co-worker listened to me, soothed me, and told me it was not okay to bear that treatment. Everybody else knew something wrong was happening to me but turned a blind eye to it.

He cheered me and encouraged me to stand up for myself.

He told me, “It is okay not to know about all the stuff in the initial years of your career. Expertise comes with experience. The seniors are supposed to teach you. It is okay to get challenged professionally but, respect is the basic component.”

My boss is a friendly person who encourages a healthy working environment. The matter had not come to his knowledge since nobody talked about it.

As per the pattern, she misbehaved with me again. That time, I headed straight to my boss’s office and complaint about the behavior. We had a meeting where she got warnings to mend her ways. I realized I needed someone like him in my life, someone that could take me out of the dark and show me the light.

I fell in love with him for understanding me. He didn’t fight my battle for me. Instead, he helped me fight one for myself. I guess that ordinary guy was not that ordinary after all.

Dream Example #2

Invisible red ties connect two different individuals. I was doing my paper works when a red rope appeared at my pinkie fingertip. Tied in my fingertip, and I can’t help but stare at it. Connected to it was a long red rope coming from the direction of my window, and notices the direction of the piece of clothing was connected.

It was long and almost infinite. I can just look at it.

I wanted to see what’s at the end of the red rope. Furthermore, I stand up and peeked at the window. The floating red rope points at the sky, at the front of the orange ball of light.

Against the sunlight of the sunrise, that’s where exactly my red tie was pointing at. I stared at it.

I ran out of my room and ran outside the house. Furthermore, I started chasing at the end of the red rope. Likewise, I walk through the street of the city with my bag and jacket. As the sun began to hit my skin. I walked, and I walked on the busy streets of the city. Countless people with different errands, a guy in a suit talking to someone on his phone. Woman walking her black husky dog.

Children waiting for the traffic light to turn green. The noisy beeping sounds of the cars and the endless sound of people talking come from a different direction. I was walking for in long period, following the red rope. Travels from one city to another. I was walking for so long until I realized the sun was almost down.

So I rode a bus and sleeps on the ride.

I walked outside the bus, and it was another morning. I started walking around the city while stuffing bread in my mouth. Through that search, the red rope was still away from that city.

I looked at the cliff, where the rope was heading. It was a vast blue ocean.

The gulls were flying, and the shoreline was down the cliff. It had a steel fence with a sign ‘WARNING’ on it. The red rope was still far away.

I climb up in the fence and stand on it, looking at the ocean and staring below it was the shore.

The gulls catch fish at the empty shoreline. It flew through high and above my sight. Passing through my direction, I looked at where the gulls go. I turned around, there standing was a guy.

A white face guy with black raven hair is swaying by the wind, wearing polo and black pants. He was looking at me with those blue and innocent eyes. It blinked and smiled at me.

The wind blew, and I noticed the red rope connected to him too… mine.

The wind blew in my direction, and my hair flew at the front of my sight. That time the guy disappeared.

I looked around, but there was no one. I was alone at the cliff.

The red rope was connected, again to the direction of the sea.

It was cliché as the sunset continued to be swallowed by the sea, the red rope started to disappear from my sight. Slowly, being eaten by the darkness.

Until it reached my fingertip, the red tie from my pinkie slowly disappeared in the thin air. My teardrops.

“See you.”

I walked up and realized everything was all a dream. I did look at my fingertip that morning. Thinking, I might have met my soul mate in that dream.

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