What Does It Mean to Dream of Gun Images?

A dream of gun images can be quite frightening indeed if you’re not into firearms. If you know your way around rifles, pistols, shotguns, and other assorted firearms, you probably would be okay when you have a dream that keeps showing images of guns.

This Dream Interpretation Is Exclusively About Gun Dreams

You know you have a dream of a gun when it seems that the whole dream is that of that firearm. Sure, there could be certain things going on in the background.

You may be in a certain setting, but for the most part, the gun is the center of your dream. Maybe you’re holding a gun in your dream or you are shooting it.

For your dream to be truly a gun dream, it has to focus on that central image.

Are you sure that’s the kind of dream you had? Because, if the focus of your dream or night vision involves shooting someone or getting shot, or otherwise discharging a firearm, you are in need of a completely different dream interpretation.

The central focus of that type of dream is not the gun itself. Simply having a gun in a dream is not enough. The key definition of a gun dream is the centrality of this symbol.

Are we on the same page? If you are sure that you actually had a gun dream, keep reading.

On the other hand, if your dream really views the gun as an accessory or just an additional detail and something else is more important, do a search on the search box on the upper-right side of this blog and look for the different objects that were the central focus of your dream.

Alternatively, you can search for different themes for your dream. You may have better luck that way.

Either way, we have a comprehensive dream interpretation library so you are sure to get to the core meaning of whatever it is you had in your dream vision.

General Dream Interpretation of a Gun in a Dream

To dream about any type of firearms like a machine gun, handguns, shotguns, laser gun, or even a toy gun indicates the concept of violence. I’ve mentioned the word “concept” because violence runs deep.

Most people can agree that one definition of violence involves harming another person or turning another person into some sort of victim. We could all agree on that.

After all, at some level or other, we have been a victim, at least one time in our lives, of harm done by another person. It doesn’t have to be some sort of gunshot wound or explosion or anything involving bullets. It can be something as simple as words.

But when somebody harms you, it’s very easy to view yourself as the victim of somebody else’s ill intentions and actions.

When you dream of gun or gun images, your subconscious is trying to tell you issues you may have with violence on so many different levels. This is violence, not just directed to you, but violence within you and violence that you can inflict on other people.

Violence Is Just a Signal to and From the Universe

Let’s be clear. Whereas somebody is talking violently or is experiencing violent emotions like anger, the reality of this concept is that this is a signal, either to the Universe or from the Universe.

Any competent dream interpretation of guns or gunlike items has to start with this central assumption. It is a signal, and just like any signal, it’s up to you to interpret whether it’s negative, positive, or neutral.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself: “Okay, I had a dream where I got shot.”

Well, that’s a completely different dream. Unless the rest of the dream is focused on the gun, you’re better off with the dream interpretation of someone getting shot or being shot by an assailant.

The Potential for Violence

The violence that a gun image brings to mind involves such potential because remember, the moment you shoot that gun or you pull the trigger or somebody shoots you, you no longer have that dream of a gun. This is no longer a gun dream. It’s something else.

I just want to make that clear. I think that’s the 5th time I’ve said it, but it needs to be repeated. We’re talking about potential violence here, and this is where the universal signals come in.

And when we start analyzing the meaning of a gun in terms of its potential and use for violence, we can go very deep because violence has many different aspects. It finds manifestation in different areas of our lives, and it takes many different forms.

Understanding and Managing the Violence of Change

Usually, people get excited when they see a butterfly, and I don’t blame them. A butterfly is very beautiful. This is especially true when you consider what it looked like before it became a butterfly.

It was basically a glorified worm called a caterpillar. A caterpillar crawls on its belly, chewing on leaves and other vegetation.

After some time, it stops and spins a cocoon. It’s as if it had died, and when you’re looking at the cocoon, it seems that nothing much is happening.

Eventually, the cocoon starts to move, and out comes a very beautiful butterfly — fully formed, unchanging until it dies.

That whole process that I just described requires violence. Violence pushes change because it’s a violent change for the butterfly to break out of the cocoon to have its tissues dissolved for it to create a cocoon in the first place.

All of these require violence because violence at this level means breaking away from a past pattern. We all have violence in us because we’re always changing. And there’s violence taking place all around us.

It’s important to understand this because if you are uneasy with the reality of transformation and the necessary violence in the Universe, you start to have a passive-aggressive relationship with this indisputable fact.

Things do change and things eventually break down and die only to give birth to a new reality. That’s just the way it is.

Accept the Fact That Things Are Always Changing Form

To use another analogy, a lot of people hate manure. It’s that smelly, nasty-looking stuff that attracts flies.

It comes out of the rear-end of pretty much anything alive — dogs, cattle, and you produce it among a long list of animals.

You want to stay away from it. It stinks. Flop it down in one place and it attracts flies.

Who wants it? It’s shit literally and figuratively!

But what if I told you that it’s an absolutely necessary part of the cycle of life? Put in another way, it’s very easy for you to desire fruit or vegetables or grains.

Talk about a yummy meal, right?

But what do you think sustains that? Wastes! Manure!

Something that has died, decayed, and broken down sustains whatever it is that you find tasty, life-giving, and rejuvenating. This is the cycle of life. Death is inextricably linked to birth, growth, and abundance.

Added properly to any field, manure can produce bumper crops. It’s absolutely necessary.

Unfortunately, we view violence in the same way as we view shit. We’re guilty of it.

If given a choice, we don’t want to see it. We want to deny it. We want to lock it out of our existence.

Violence Sustains the Universe

But what if I told you that violence is what makes peace, harmony, and order possible?

Do you think the stars just hang in the sky for no reason? In a violent, imperfect world, violence is what sustains, informs, nurtures, energizes, and preserves.

So, the key here is to avoid having a black-and-white conception of things that are inconvenient, painful, and uncomfortable; and the violence definitely fits the bill when it comes to these three.

Violence sustains everything. For you to even conceive of the concept of peace, you must have a working understanding of what war, violence, and loss mean. Not only does violence sustain peace and order in the abstract, but it also sustains it figuratively.

Do you think that reading this blog post from your device in peace comes at no cost? Don’t fool yourself.

If you live in a country that has law and order or you live in a very peaceful side of the town you live in, you can thank the power of violence for that. In particular, the police or the relevant authority in your area has a monopoly on violence so they can use violence justifiably to keep the peace.

In that context, violence enables you to be free just as having walls enables autonomy and freedom.

There is no such thing as a totally, nonviolent world just as there is no such thing as a totally free world. There will be walls, restrictions, boundaries.

So, when your subconscious is flashing images of that gun, there is this necessity for violence, and it’s inviting you for a mature relationship with this concept in your life because it cuts like a golden cord through many different layers of your life.

Understand the Authority You Have

You only have authority over people because you have the ability to change something about them. This can be a positive thing like your ability that flows from your skillset which enables you to add value to the lives of others.

You best believe people will respect you for that because people are always asking themselves: “What’s in it for me?” And it’s obvious what your answer is, and they like the answer.

That’s why they give you credibility and authority. Just like a gun will only be respected because, when used properly, it produces change. People respect that change.

This Authority Begets Respect

The word “fear” is just too limited to use in this context. The proper word is respect.

So, when you become at peace with your ability to effect violence, which ultimately means “change,” you become more powerful. But you have to exercise dominion over that power. Guns represent controlled power.

When you see an image of a gun in your dream, it has the potential for violence. People know that and that’s why they respect it.

As the old saying goes, “An armed society is a polite society.” So, if you live in an area where everybody is armed, you best believe people will know their place and people will respect each other properly. The cost of screwing up is simply too high.

Now, if you live in a situation where some people have guns and most don’t, some people who are able to get guns illegally, meaning they’re not police or soldiers, can lead to problems.

Your arrogating respect. You’re taking a shortcut.

The power to effect changes in the lives of other people requires a tremendous amount of responsibility. This is another theme the gun image in your dream is trying to get across.

Waving Around a Scary Gun Is Not Enough: You Need Self-Mastery

How do you build up a potential for violence? Well, you master your craft. You gain credibility by actually knowing what you’re talking about and what you do on a day-to-day basis.

And I’m talking about organic authority here. It doesn’t require a name badge nor does it require a space in the official hierarchy chart of whatever organization you work for.

People just know that you are to be respected or even feared. Why? Because of your actions and most importantly, the results you do.

There are a lot of very shallow people who talk about a good game: “I went to this school. I can do this; I can do that. I know this person.” And so on and so forth.

But when it comes to the things that truly matter, they fall flat. They can’t produce results. They can’t deliver on time. They’re always late. They procrastinate.

They’re shit not because I say so, but they treat themselves like shit. They talk a good game about their potential, but they can’t pull the trigger. Their potential is wasted.

It’s a sham. Or, in many cases, it’s a sham public relations game they’re pulling on other people. In many cases, it just doesn’t exist.

For a gun to truly matter, it has to have the ability to produce. This is your power.

You’re able to produce. This is your competence.

Mastery Is Your Key to a Happy and Successful Life

It doesn’t matter how you define success, but if you practice mastery, you will be happy regardless of the path you explore or prefer. That’s the bottom line.

Mastery means being competent enough to be respected, and this is not possible without the ability to produce results.

For you to have a job or keep a job or move up in life in terms of finances, you have to produce. The less commonplace and more highly valued your results, the more people pay you and the further up the ladder you climb.

On the other hand, the opposite is also true. If your skillset is common and there’s no shortage of people doing it, you’ll get compensated less.

If you’re unhappy with what you have, you don’t swap the gun for something else. You enhance it, upgrade it, and refine it. This means improving your skillset, improving your ability to project violence and threat, not with empty words, but with results.

And this means paying the price to gain the knowledge and experience you need. You’re not going to pull the trigger on the gun.

You just want to have a better gun. This requires mastery.

Mastery Is the Ultimate Reward in Life

When you dream of gun images, it’s tempting to just stick to the obvious dimension of physical violence. But that’s actually rarely the case.

What your subconscious is telling is the real meaning of this type of dream is your mastery of your personal violence. This means the level of control you have over your ability to effect change wherever you are and whatever you do.

That’s how you make an impact on your world.

Anybody could have good intentions. Anybody can say that they are motivated by the highest and most noble creed or professional faith.

But none of that matters because people will only care about what you know if they see that you care.

And how do you make this happen? You take action! Actions make the world.

When you do A, instead of B, action A unleashes a chain reaction. This is especially true if you keep repeating that action day after day. After all, we are what we repeatedly do.

This is how you gain mastery. It doesn’t fall on your lap. It becomes part of your character through sheer repetition. This is your personal power.

Because when you make certain decisions, you start changing your world. For every action, there’s a reaction, and it’s absolutely true on many different levels, not just the things that are caused by a particular choice.

I’m not just talking about money. I’m not just talking about your career. I’m not just talking about your day-to-day relationships.

I’m talking about the changes within you, and this is violent.

Be at Peace with the Violence of Change

You know you’re on the right track when your mind starts rebelling against you. You start saying to yourself: “What am I doing? is this really worth it? Who do you think I am?”

But this is precisely the kind of change you need to go through because the opposite of violence is entropy, breakdown, stagnation, complacency, and the refusal to change.

Let me tell you. The world is always changing, and just because you don’t feel like changing with it doesn’t mean it will stop. It’s not going to freeze in its place, turn around with a guilty look on its face, and caress the back of your head, saying: “I’m sorry. I was moving too fast.”

Are you kidding me? It spins on its own axis, and if you are not paying attention or you’re digging in your heels, it’s going to grind you up.

Again, everything revolves around the violence of change, and that’s why you need to be at peace with the violence within you.

Why Doubts Are Encouraging Signs

You know you’re on the right track when your old self is rebelling or casting doubts. That is internal violence, and you should relish that. It is a reminder, despite all its pain and uncertainty, that you are doing something substantial.

You are doing something important in your life when you noticed that things are starting to change within you.

The reason why so many people fail in the grand highway of life success is not that they are less intelligent. It’s not because their IQ falls within a certain low range.


The reason why you see carcasses of past life ambitions in the eyes of many people and they’re walking around with tombstones of failure in their eyes is that they’ve given up on themselves.

They were so afraid of change. They were so wedded to how things are. They were taking the shortcut to comfort and convenience. This requires avoiding confrontation with internal change and violence.

Facing the Violence of Change

Keep in mind that these people have higher IQs than you. They probably come from better families and have better access to resources.

But none of that matters. What matters is you became at peace with the concept of internal violence and change and turmoil. This builds courage.

When you look around you and you see the carcasses of people who just refused to let go and there they are — littering the highway of your consciousness. They’re broken, rotting, deformed forms, vast disappearing behind you as you move forward confidently to where you need to go.

That’s violence within.

Your Worst Enemy Are the Superstitions That You Believe in

There are many manifestations of the Devil. And if you’ve ever dreamed of the Devil, you can see how insidious they could be.

That’s what the Bible teaches. The Devil can appear as the brightest angel. In fact, one of the most common names for the Devil is Lucifer, the bearer of light.

The problem with the Devil, of course, as taught to us by the prophets Isaiah and Ezekiel in the Old Testament, was that he refused the violence of humility. He wanted to hang on to his high position as the first among angels, the brightest star, the morning star, and the light bearer.

And pretty soon, his pride overcame him. While others saw the light of the Son of God, all saw was the dark pit of his pride.

Are you doing the same? When you romanticize your past or you cling on to useless and hopeless superstitions of who you think you are, you’re falling for the same trap.

Now, people do this for a variety of reasons and the most common of course is fear. I’ve already covered that above. You might want to read that part again.

But the second reason, just like Lucifer, is pride. There’s a part of you that would say: “I’m happy where I am. I’m satisfied with myself. I’ve paid enough. I’ve gone too far. This is a far as I can go.”

But really?

The truth is you can keep going further. Just think of all the things you have achieved in your life. Just think of all the respect you gained all these years.

You can go much further and you know what’s the part that burns? What burns is you know it, but there’s a part of you that settles. It’s not because you don’t have it in you to go the last mile, but there’s a part of you that just wants to coast.

Laziness is actually hardworking because if you’re suffering from spiritual laziness, you’d be surprised at how busy you would get in coming up with all sorts of fantastic and totally believable stories of why you can’t strive for more or why you can’t weather another cycle of internal and spiritual violence to become the very best version of yourself.

Stop Fearing Your Internal Violence and Embrace It Instead

The ultimate dream interpretation of any kind of gun image that doesn’t involve discharge is surrender.

I’m not talking about surrendering by raising your arms to somebody who flashes a gun at your face as they rob you. I’m not talking about that.

I’m talking about something deeper. I’m talking about the violence within you and the threat of change in your attitude towards it.

Instead of running away from and coming up with all sorts of warped and convoluted coping mechanisms that eventually undermine and sabotage you, turn around and embrace it.

You are, after all, just hugging yourself. You are looking at your shadow.

And the more you look at its eyes and start to understand it, you start realizing that there is nothing to fear.

What is ironic is that throughout all these years, you’ve been running away, and it turns out that you are running away from the answer. And when you wrap your arms around it and it embraces you, you start to die in a fantastic and glorious way.

And this is exactly what you need because, when you come to grips with your ability to effect change, you become truly powerful.

Since you’re no longer afraid of sacrifice, you’re no longer afraid of having to go all the way. You’re no longer afraid of the past. You’re no longer defining yourself based on your shortcomings and perceived failures.

Instead, you just are. There’s nothing to become, nothing to strive for, no one to impress, nothing to prove. You just are, and this is the ultimate power because everything is opened up.

Embrace that violence. Stop clinching at that image of the gun in your dreams.

Hold it. Feel the cold metal. Stroke the barrel. Grip the handle and start aiming at your fears.

And pretty soon, you see everything clear up before you and behind you because that gun represents your universal potential.

Finally, you’re sending the right signals to the Universe.

Dream Example #1

The situation in Palestine has been disturbing me for the past few days to the point I started dreaming about it. I saw that I am one of the Palestinian Muslims living in an occupied land. My parents and grandparents all live together.

One day the Israeli Government gave us a notice that we need to evacuate our house immediately. I started to protest. In my dream, I looked around my entire duplex house and felt the presence of my ancestors living there. How can we leave this house like that?

Dream me wants to protest but my family is not letting me fearing for my safety. The court gave us two weeks to leave the property. Israeli Police checked on us and threatened us with a gun. I started to shout and yell at them but it was ineffective. They threatened us that if we do not leave the property within two weeks, they are going to kill us.

It made my family nervous. Beaten and broken down my father starts making calls about relocation for my family.

The dream continues. I see we pack up bags and start to leave our 150 years old property. Israeli Police watching the entire process with a smirk on their face. I gave a last look to the house where I was born and before leaving I curse the Israeli Police.

Before I could fathom what was happening I got shot in my chest twice. My parents and grandparents witness this. They leave everything and come to my side. Me lying in my own pool of blood gasping for breath. The last thing I see is my loved ones’ crying faces over mine and this is where the dream ends.

There is a very beautiful Islamic saying,’ Muslim population is like one body; when one part of the body is in pain, the entire body is also in pain.’ I haven’t seen my Palestinian Muslim brothers and sisters or my Uighurs brothers and sisters or Syrian or Iraqi or Yemeni brothers and sisters but trust me when I say this; we feel their pain.

This goes for every Muslim out there living in any part of the world; we feel their pain. It is not easy to watch or hear or to know what they are going through every day. The news gets censored, posting anything on social media gets the person banned. UN is useless.

Powerful leaders, which involve the Muslim leaders too, are quiet. Some days feel like there is no way out.

But this is not how it is supposed to be. We were once leaders, we once ruled the world. We showed what is right and what is wrong. It happened hundreds of years ago but a time like this existed. Yet we are still hopeful, the glory will return once again.

Islam is a beautiful religion. I am waiting for that day when no Muslims have to go through what we are going through today.

Dream Example #2

Summer vacations, grandma’s house, and that cousin’s movie night, these three together means unlimited fun and a bundle of memories for the whole year. My dad and uncle decided to spend vacations together this time. We are all electrified on hearing this. John, my first cousin suggested watching “Suits” jointly.

On reaching there, we explored every single place there. It was quite fun though but the real one was sticking Infront of the screen and watching the show 24\7. That night we were watching S05E14 Self Defense when there was a power outage, with a heavy heart we went to bed. That night a vivid dream captured me.

I was with my family at a fair. All the decorations and a huge Ferris wheel at the center fascinated everyone. Lisa and I rushed toward the ice cream bus as if they ran short of it. On getting vanilla ice cream, our next motto was to have a ride on the, but the weather got moody.

Little balls of snow initiated to cover everything with a white blanket.

It was magical until the blackout. In a hurry to exit, people messed up. Walking through a crowd seemed to be an impossible task at that moment. I lost Lisa in this. I searched for her, but she was nowhere.

Meantime, I saw her bow scrunchie on the ground with her hairs rolled in it, as someone grabbed it. It was the big alert. Looking for her, I followed the path.

Hardly in some steps, there was a turn where I encounter two men carrying Lisa. Probably she wasn’t in her senses. Shouted her name, I caught their attention, there was worry more than fear I felt that moment. They held me too, pasted duct tape over my mouth.

I tried to resist my hands were tied. They laid us in the car and drove through the bumpy road.

Surely, Lisa was chloroformed but she is returning now. I heard someone saying “Yeah! We have killed two birds with a stone, one jumped in the trouble itself.” The wicked howl vibrates in the car “we are going to have double money” he said.

“So, this was all about ransom.” My mind was constantly observing and processing things. The car stopped by an old garage. A skinny man came and embraced the two. In their celebrations, I noticed a cutter in one’s pocket there, up till now Lisa also got her senses back. He untapped me when I gave him a sign. “I know you are doing this all for ransom.

I can call my dad just let us safe” It was an irresistible card, and he was naïve enough to untie my hands.

In his joy, he wasn’t aware that we kept his cutter from his pocket. Immediately, Lisa cut his hand as he approached me for the contact. They weren’t ready for it; we were lucky to get an escape but only for a moment. The skinny one caught me in a bit.

But in the resistance, the knife in my hand penetrated his heart. To rip his heart out wasn’t my intention it was all in self-defense. One of the other two reported his partner’s death and other

Was over me; I am the killer. While running madly I was uttering I killed him, I killed him. I woke up with a wail, I realized It was just a dream when my mind was awake.

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