What do dreams about werewolves mean?

One of the scariest dreams you could ever is to be surrounded by or even be chased by werewolves. There’s just something about this mythical creature that gets under the skin of most people.

After all, they start out as human beings — no different from you and me. But given the right circumstances, they turn into wolves.

And I’m not talking about the cute Siberian husky-looking, Hollywood wolf. I’m talking menacing, gnarling, and ever threatening wolves with no fear and who don’t bend to intimidation.

There’s just something sinister about the image of the wolf. It forces us to confront the wild, untamed impulses that beat in our own very hearts.

It is no surprise that dreams about werewolves are enough to freak anybody out. The werewolf is essentially the embodiment of everything wild, untamed, and unspeakably raw in the human condition.

It gives one a sinking sense that despite our own civility, education, and moral upliftment, all of that goes straight down the toilet when the wolf within us arises.

So, it’s no surprise then that dreams about werewolves are not so much a reaction against being chased by some sort of mythical creature out to tear you limb for limb. Instead, it’s more of a moral panic that one feels when he or she realizes that the werewolf is within.

It comes from out of nowhere and given the right circumstances with the wrong kind of people, it comes out and we’re left with the carnage caused by an ill-advised word that we said or a bad decision.

Make no mistake. The results are all too real.

No wonder we’re panicked because it’s hard enough trying to control the world around us in our daily waking lives. Can you imagine trying to control something that by definition is untamable and comes from within you?

This is the essence of what it’s like to have a werewolf dream. This forms the general dream interpretation of werewolf dreams.

But within this general subtext, there are many different contextual meanings depending on the circumstances. They can lead you to different outcomes and different variants.

But generally speaking, werewolf dreams communicate to us our uneasy relationship with our own untamed tendencies.

The Proper Dream Interpretation of Werewolves in Dreams

While the general symbolism of a werewolf indicates our lack of ease with parts of ourselves that are often hidden from the public, the general approach to this internal conflict involves destroying illusions.

Werewolves do not exist in the real world, but they still exist in our Collective Unconscious. They exist on the silver screen. They exist in our imagination.

And their longevity is explained by our collective insecurity and personal sense of inadequacy. In other words, we’re confronting a phantasm or an illusion.

This is the general thread that you need to work with when it comes to werewolves in your dreams. They are illusions of negative feelings such as unresolved anger, persistent lack of forgiveness, both of yourself and other people, irrational hate, crippling fear, and misplaced aggression.

Please note the list of emotions above. Notice the adjectives.

This is not saying that these things are absolutely unnecessary. They are part of the human condition.

But they should be used as tools for better self-awareness and personal growth. They only burn us when we use them the wrong way. And one way that people respond to these strong emotions is to instantly just brand them as negative.

But believe it or not, hate can be useful. You can hate the things that you shouldn’t be doing. You can hate the kind of person you can become if you give in to your base instincts.

That’s helpful hate because it sets a firm emotional boundary that keeps you in check when rational calculation can’t. You don’t want to become a monster.

But unfortunately, a lot of people view such strong emotions as essentially bad through and through, and that’s why they hide from these emotions. They put up all sorts of illusions of who they should be.

These are also problematic. Because at the end of the day, if you buy into those illusions, you become a ghost.

You’re not what you appear to be. And the more people see through this, the more people you disappoint, and the last person to often wake up from this is you.

Embrace the Wild and Dangerous Part of Yourself

As famed psychologist Jordan Peterson once summarized (I’m paraphrasing here), if you want to be taken seriously as an effective person in life, you have to be dangerous.

But the difference is you master the danger and threat you present. People can see from a mile away, the danger that you bring to the table. That’s what earns their respect.

But what makes you effective is when you exercise tremendous control over your dangerous potential. A lot of people have problems with this.

They say:

“Why cultivate that part of yourself? Why even acknowledge it and display it to some extent?

Isn’t that antisocial? Shouldn’t we just put on a happy face for everybody so that everybody is nice and harmless?”

Peterson scoffs at that thinking and rightfully so because if you put up the illusion that you are harmless and eventually you buy into it, people are going to step over you. People are going to use you, abuse you, and finally take you for granted.

How did that help you? The answer should be obvious.

The Werewolf Represents Our Internal Potential for Danger

The good news is it can be harnessed. There is this part of you that is very wild, untamed and possesses tremendous energy. Instead of running away from it trying to contain it in a prison of lies and self-delusion, learn to harness it.

Draw from its power to motivate you to study, to learn, to face your fears, and to love in a sacrificing way. I can’t emphasize that last part enough because there are many people in your life right that you know you should love.

For example, there may be a father who always berates you. It takes courage to keep loving that person when they hurt you so much. It takes courage to speak truth to power to that person and tell him: “You’re hurting me! But I’m going to keep loving you.”

It takes inner strength to have your love shine so bright that it tears away at the internal pain of that person that they put up as some sort of shield from their own trauma and let it transform them.

You have to understand that most of the people around you are retarded emotionally at some level or other.

But that doesn’t mean you run away from them. It doesn’t mean you look down on them and wall them off.

No! It should drive you to love them more despite the pain, despite the annoyance, and despite the fact that it’s taking forever because you too are retarded in some respect.

The key here is to use the “werewolf” within you and use that otherwise violent transformation from human being to wolf and back again to power the humanization process that you’re in.

We’re all on that journey and that’s how you know somebody loves you because they put up with your bullshit day after day.

Do you think they do that because they have nothing else better to do?

I don’t care what kind of family tradition or moral customs you come from, whether it’s Confucianist, Jewish, Islamic, Christian, or whatever. That stuff wears out and you know you really living out your faith when you find the power to hang on and keep trusting.

And this is where the wolf really shines because it’s your raw power. It is intense.

So, you have to first acknowledge that it is within you that it’s nothing to fear and that it can be channeled. Instead of running away and trying to wall it off with your values, let it give you the power to live up to your values and to stop being yet another hypocrite.

Seeing Yourself Hiding from a Werewolf Means Avoidance and Self-Harm

Usually, when we think of self-harm, we think about somebody who is cutting up their wrist, doing drugs, or putting themselves in a relationship that they know they will get hurt in. There are many variations of this, but you get the point.

When you see yourself in a dream hiding from a werewolf, what you’re doing is you’re putting yourself in a position where self-harm begins to manifest. It starts out slowly and then eventually becomes more and more dramatic as your emotional needs become crippling.

You cannot hide from this because it is part of your inner self. Instead, you need to turn around and open your arms and embrace it.

Tell it: “Welcome home! You’ve always been within me, and now I want to be fully in communion with you.”

That’s how you tame that part of yourself, and the first part is ownership.

It wasn’t some lie put into your life. It wasn’t some toxic, mental family heirloom passed from one generation to another to inflict needless suffering. It is your superpower.

What turns fear into mastery is mental maturity. It is yet another tool that the Divine has planted in your life. Instead of running away from it and causing a lot of problems in the process, become an adult and look at it straight in the eye and accept it.

And this has many different ramifications because the werewolf represents the untamed and the insecurities that it often triggers in us. We can’t quite figure out how to act around it.

Werewolf Dreams Can Also Point to Your Lack of Trust

Trust issues are easy to understand when it’s directed at other people.

Maybe you don’t trust your father because he constantly puts you down. Maybe you don’t trust your mother because you feel that she’s not giving you the full affection that you deserve or need. Maybe you don’t trust your partner because you feel there are certain things he or she can’t handle.

I could go on and on. These manifestations of trust issues are very easy to understand because they happen day today.

What is harder for a lot of people to wrap their heads around is the idea of self-trust.

When you’re having werewolf dreams, pay close attention to where the fear is really coming from.

Is it something about what other people would think or how it would change your relationship?

Or, is it about your own estimation of what you can do, how far you can run, where you can go?

Or, better yet, the strength that you have to deal with that werewolf once and for all?

I want you to focus on that last part. Most of us don’t trust ourselves.

There! I said it!

Now, you may be thinking: “Well, I know a lot of people who are very proud. I know a lot of people who seem to be very cocky and full of themselves.”

Well, a lot of that is projection. A lot of that is just to mask the deep sense of inadequacy when it comes to really trusting themselves because they know what they should be doing. They know the kind of lives they should be leading.

But most of us run away. Most of us stick to what’s tried and proven. Most of us would rather stick with what we’ve grown accustomed to.

I hate to say it, but most of us are cowards because if we did live our lives with the full measure of personal courage, most of us would be living up to our fullest potential.

But look around you. You’re looking at a landscape full of broken and stunted people.

And when you talk to them and ask the right questions, the picture emerges. They come up with one excuse after another and one fanciful story after another regarding why they couldn’t go all the way.

Again, I’m not talking about a financial definition of success. I’m just talking about being the best version of yourself.

But most people don’t want to do that. They know they should do it, but they feel that they must hang on.

A werewolf shows us that if we really want to live full lives, we have to trust ourselves.

Trust that you have the strength to face your fears. Trust that you will be able to figure things out as they play out in your life.

You have to understand that you are chaos caged within flesh. And chaos, for the longest time, has had its negative reputation because, after all, it’s feminine so people think it’s weak, unformed, unruly, and undisciplined, but chaos is what gives birth to possibility.

Chaos Is Possibility Itself

With chaos, you can create anything. Learn to trust that part of yourself that you can do it.

And the important thing is to start today.

Sure, you might get just an inch ahead, but that inch, if you keep it up, will become feet; and if you keep that up, it could become yards; and then yards turn into miles. You get the point.

Eventually, you start to reach a point of momentum where it’s easier to keep going than it is to stop. But it all begins with one step.

But we don’t want to deal with that because we don’t trust ourselves enough, and then we walk around with this profound sense of inadequacy. We confuse the fact that the world is full of shit with us being shit too.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Look Past the Problems

Werewolf dreams push you to look past your problems. Your problems don’t have to define you. You don’t have to define yourself based on your past failures.

But you may be thinking: “I don’t do that.”

But do you really? Be honest.

If you’re like the typical person, you have your world mapped out for you, and guess what. Of all that sea of possibility and all that sea of the worlds that you can build, you content yourself into a neat, little tiny box in the corner.

That’s the only space you give yourself permission to grow. That’s the only space you give yourself the power to dream and to aspire for more.

And guess what. As you get older, that space gets smaller and smaller.

Is that your reality? Is that the best you can do?

The werewolf is wild. It can’t be intimidated. It is ravenous, full of fury, able to inflict pain.

That is what makes you powerful, and you can use it to break out of that box.

Werewolf Dreams and Sex

A lot of people desire great sex. I mean this goes without saying.

But great sex starts with your brain. It starts with the ideas you have about yourself.

And it’s hard to become an amazing lover if you are unwilling to give, and the key to all of this is to trust yourself enough to let go of your inhibitions as far as giving.

A lot of guys think that the best sex can be had from the ideal partner so the assumption is the quality of their experience depends on the other person.

They got it all wrong. It depends on you because great sex is a call and response process.

When you put in the time to properly pay attention to the signals coming from the body of your partner, he or she responds.

And then the process starts itself again. It’s a feedback loop. You’re learning from each other.

It’s like you’re playing a symphony. It’s a two-way conversation using your bodies.

I’m talking about your body, meaning your fingers, your tongue, and everything else. But the most important sexual organ is your brain because you have to be imaginative.

You have to use the power of breath and breathing, pacing and timing, and all of these indicate a mental and spiritual willingness to please. And the more you please somebody, (and you can tell based on the signals and the sounds they make,) the more they please you.

It is not a selfish act. Sex is not just about you.

Unleash the Werewolf’s Power to Transform You

The most frightening part of a werewolf is precisely what’s so liberating about it. You see, a werewolf starts as a human being, and then, given the right circumstances, it transforms into this powerful wolf that can tear people up.

Now, imagine using that power when you are lacking motivation at work, when your relationship has hit an impasse, or when you find it tough to wake up in the morning so you can exercise to keep the fat off.

You start off with your limitation.

Yes, you want to go back to sleep. Yes, you’d rather not listen to your partner and just have sex and do your own thing in your relationship. Yes, you’d rather not show up at work and still collect a big, fat paycheck.

We all know where we’d rather stay. But when we tap the power of transformation, we get the energy of the wolf.

The wolf cannot be intimidated. It cannot be caged. It is just pure energy wrapped in a fury form complete with razor-sharp teeth.

That is your inner danger and power, and you can use it.

Use it to get up in the morning when you don’t feel like it. Use it to take a brazing-cold shower to wake you up on so many different levels.

That’s how powerful the werewolf is because, in its craziness, it creates its own logic. It makes worlds happen.

Tap into that power.

Because let’s face it, we run out of motivation. You may think that you’re doing things out of passion but guess what. Passion runs out of steam. You can only run on passion for so long until the fumes run out.

What do you do then? That’s where the wolf comes in.

The Contextual Dream Interpretation of Werewolves

In this section, we’re going to talk about different contextual signals in a typical werewolf dream. These contexts can help you make better sense of your werewolf night vision so you can come up with a dream interpretation that can produce practical results in your day-to-day life.

What Does It Mean to Dream About Yourself Turning into a Werewolf?

This means you are in deep trouble, or at least you think you are. You’re actually hiding a part of your personality that is addicted to bad habits.

These could be drugs, pornography, alcohol, gossip, gambling, constantly comparing yourself to your friends on Facebook, and other “automatic behavior” and mental states that don’t do you much good. You are running around, consuming all this bad energy, and you feel really awful at the end of the day.

The werewolf metamorphosis image in your dream is actually sending you a signal that is quite different from most people’s interpretation.

Usually, when people see themselves in their dream coming from human to werewolf, that it is the werewolf that is the bad state. Or, it’s the werewolf that is to be avoided.

But in truth, you turn from somebody who is weak and susceptible to pleasures of the flesh and the weakness of the human mind to something that is untamed, string, and relentless.

So, look at your transformation dream in a completely different way and tap into the power of the werewolf, meaning you already have the power to overcome temptation.

You already have the power to live a healthier life. You already have the power to think of thoughts that elevate you and make you a better person instead of giving in to your baser instincts. You already have that power.

Now, use that realization to tap into that so you can make important changes in your life.

Dreaming About Becoming a Werewolf Also Means You Need to Practice Courage

I mean this goes without saying. If you read everything that I have described above, this is the ultimate conclusion. You just need more courage. You know what you should be doing.

But here’s the problem. As Anthony Robbins succinctly put it: “We know what we should be doing, but we do what we feel we must do.”

So, the essential meaning of seeing yourself becoming a werewolf is to realize that we can access and truly profit from the power of the wolf within us when we redefine the things we must do on a day-to-day basis.

So, we must factor in personal transformation in all its psychological, mental, spiritual, and physical manifestations as part of our must-do list. We must look at these as necessities.

What Does It Mean to Dream About a Werewolf Attacking You?

If you are dreaming of a werewolf attacking and biting you, this may mean that you are going through an internal violent struggle between denial, acceptance, surrender, resignation, and a whole slew of emotional states.

Believe it or not, this is not a bad thing. It means that there is change so you need to reconnect with the values of the person that you want to be and weather those internal changes. You’re going through a turbulent spot in your life, but it is necessary.

So, you need to find the strength to soldier on, but when you see a werewolf attacking in your dream, it can also indicate conflicts with other people around you because as you’re going through this internal struggle, it sends off conflicting signals to those around you.

So, be mindful of your impact on others. Don’t come off as fake and deceitful as you try to put up pretty images and justifications and excuses for your behavior.

Own up to them and be clear with people. Tell them squarely:

“I’m going through a tough time, and I thank you for trusting me.

But let me know if whatever I say or do affects you negatively. Please understand that I think highly of you and I care about you.”

Put your heart on the table. That way, people know that you’re coming from a good place. You’re not playing games.

What Does It Mean to Dream About a Werewolf Chasing You Inside Your House?

This indicates that a lot of the things that you have assumed to be true about yourself are under threat.

Again, just like with any other kind of internal transformation motif or symbology, this is not necessarily a bad thing because the house that you may have built for all this time may be a house of cards. Worse yet, it may be a house of lies and self-deception that you inherited from your parents or people you trust.

Now is the time to do some internal redecoration and renovation if you know what I mean.

Is it going to be painful? Yes!

But is it absolutely necessary? You got it!

What Does It Mean to Dream About a Pack of Werewolves Chasing You?

Well, this can indicate that you are an extremely busy person, and you feel that you really don’t have the time to deal with internal issues so there’s this tendency to lose yourself in your day-to-day schedule.

This is a very tempting “solution” to violent internal questioning and conflict, but it leads to nowhere good.

To deal with a pack of werewolves and the transformation and raw, natural energy they represent requires courage. You need to turn around and just collect your thoughts and keep an open mind so you can resolve things in a way that profits you.

Dream Example #1

I have always been a great fan of supernatural fiction and movies, have almost watched and read as many as possible movies and books. I have had a couple of enthralling dreams about werewolves. One of the dreams is worth sharing.

I found myself in an old house, located in the countryside, during my summer vacation. The house had farms and orchards around it. It was a small and cozy house where one would wake up to the first rays of the sun.

It was a pitch dark night with a single bulb flickering outside the house. My brother was playing with the only lamp in the room while I was reading a book. When, after repeated warnings, he did not stop, I dragged him out of the house and locked the gate behind me.

I could hear him wailing and banging on the door, and then the noise dropped dead. It was unlikely for him to stop. I got frightened and immediately opened the door only to find no one outside. Guilt took over me as I anticipated something wretched has happened. I decided to be the protagonist on a heroic mission to save his cousin.

I ventured around the fields and orchards in the dark without a lamp or a candle.

Suddenly, a guy appeared out of nowhere. He had huge teeth which he was gritting, and then he looked straight into my face with his blood-red eyes. Since I was in a heroic mood, I refused to get frightened straightaway and asked him to get on his way, as I was looking for my brother, but he seemed unflinching. Waving his sharp claws, he said in a deep and husky voice that he knew where my brother was, but it won’t be possible to save him alone as the people who took him were powerful.

It was an evil satanic cult planning to sacrifice my cousin tonight. I could feel my heartbeat rising due to panic and scarcity of time to save him. The guy stepped a little closer and said that he could give me a potion that would turn me into a powerful werewolf for a couple of hours. He handed me a vial with a blue liquid in my hand, and I gulped it down without a second thought. I waited for a long time to transform into a werewolf but was disappointed as the time was slipping off my hands.

The night was suddenly alight by the moon shining brightly as the clouds moved away. The clawed guy transformed into a huge werewolf with a silver coat and started running in the deep jungle, howling. I had to follow him as that was the only way to find my cousin; also, I hadn’t transformed into anything yet.

I ran and ran and ran behind him. All of a sudden, I crashed into a woman with a pointed nose and an evil grin. She lifted me in the air with one finger while I struggled to escape. I somehow buckled up for the fight and landed a hard kick on her face and her face twisted 180 degrees, to her back.

That woman was the creepiest creature I have ever come across in my dreams. I gathered myself and started to run away from her. Soon, I found my cousin tied to a tree, sobbing. I grabbed him and again kept on running without looking back even once. For a long time, I could not find my house and got out of breath.

The werewolf guy was nowhere and neither did I turn into a werewolf. Finally, I found that house.

Dream Example #2

It was a hut at the top of the mountain. I was freezing in cold as I stepped out of the house. There was a stretch of snow as far as the eye could see.

I was in the midst of what looked like an Alaskan deep dark winter. There was no one as far as the eye could see. Corinifors trees covered the white skin of the land. There was a bustling sound of snow, and I felt like a snowstorm was approaching.

I paced inside my hut and shut the door behind me. I was freezing in the cold winter. My breath was shallow. Soon after, I heard a howl. The howl was a signature howl of one animal, and it was unmissable: wolves.

I peeped out from the iron bordered window to spot the animals. I could not see anything, just moonlight reflecting all through the silver landscape. It appeared to be a full moonlight.

The howling was closing in, and it sounded that of a pack of wolves than a single one. I was alone in the hut. In few minutes, I saw five humans out from the window in the open.

They were constantly howling like wolves. The voice echoed all through the terrain and vibrated through the furniture of my house. They all circled in an invisible circle and continued howling.

I saw their skin started tearing out and expanding. The howling intensified, piercing my ears. They started growing in size as their limbs began lengthening.

The howling did not stop till they stood like a newly formed human being with the wolf’s face and wolf’s skin. Their eyes were a burning bright yellow color. It looked like the sun inserted itself in their eyes and boiled.

They no longer had nails but had long claws. It looked deadlier than a lion’s claws. The iron-looking claws could cut human skin in a second.

The werewolves stopped howling. In a group unison, they looked at my door. My heart skipped a breath. They paced in my direction, running like wolves on their fours. I felt a sudden rush of fright in my bloodstream.

In a moment of seconds, they reached the gate and started banging my door. The banging did not stop. They continued banging. I was scared for my life and felt like they would rip my skin apart and eat me alive.

I searched all over the house, looking for a knife that I could fight them off with. The adrenaline rushed through my system. I could not find a knife.

The banging continued, and I woke up.

I was in my classroom. The teacher was banging my desk as she caught me sleeping through her class. I was sweating heavily as my eyes searched for the werewolves — It was a bright summer day and not a deep Alaskan night.

There were no werewolves but my classmates staring at me and giggling. It was a peculiar dream I had amid a history lecture.

Dream Example #3

After having a girl’s night out with two of my friends, we walked back to our dorm house. My watch showed 11:18 p.m. when we reached the crossroad, where we have to separate ways. Our dorms were different since we had different majors.

Since high school, we had been friends and planned to go to the same major if my dad didn’t ruin this plan. I wanted to join Art and Design as my BFF, but Dad demanded I be a civil engineer. So, here I was.

Both of my best friends had left me walking alone in a dark and narrow corridor. It was always dark here, as if no one lived in this dorm. I was sensing something odd that night. I felt like something was following me all my way back to the dorm.

Every time I looked around; I didn’t spot anyone. But the feeling grew stronger, and this corridor felt further than it used to be. Finally, I arrived at my door and tried to open the door. Shockingly, I saw a creature sitting on my bed like it was waiting for me to come home.

It was extremely tall, like a giant, but its body was covered by fur. Its head was similar to a German Shepherd but with a fierce and nasty look. After it grabbed my body and slammed me to the wall, I fell on my bed but lost consciousness.

I woke up the following day with bruises on my upper arms, but my room was neat. It seemed that no one or anything broke into my room. I was completely confused with my memory and asked myself,” What happened last night? Was I dreaming? Was it real?”

I continued my daily activity as usual. Taking a bath, attending classes, having lunch while reading my best novel, Twilight Saga. Fast forward to the late-night that day, I was walking home after hanging with my bestie again. The creepy feeling crawled up again as I walked into the same corridor. This time, I ran as fast as I could.

Stopping at my door, I hesitantly opened my door. Feeling afraid of what I experienced last night, I peeped what was inside my room. There was nothing there; my room was completely empty. Without changing my outfit, I threw my bag to my desk, took off my shoes and jacket; then, I jumped to my bed right away and covered my body with a thick blanket.

As I tried to turn off the bedside lamp, I saw a werewolf at my ceiling and jumped on top of me. I screamed as loud as I could and moved my hands to send it aside.

Still shouting, I was standing in the middle of my library. Then, all eyes were staring at me with a surprised look. My girlfriends quickly pulled me down to sit. Apparently, I nodded off in my library while I was searching for articles. I remembered Mrs. Gina assigned me a task to analyze the strength of a bridge structure.

Dream Example #4

Decembers are always frosty. I was doing my homework when my mom came, gave me milk with a goodnight kiss. I felt dizzy and went to my bed after an hour. Roughly it was midnight. I had a dream.

I saw myself with Sara in the park, it was around 5 pm. We were gossiping around. When instantly darkness prevails, clouds are all over, the wind seemed to blow me away. I started running, dust in my eyes.

Alone running and trying to figure the direction, but all vivid.

I lost Sara; it was me all alone in the woods. Someone rashly moved, I heard foot pressing dead leaves and a raucous sound. “It should be Sara searching me.” I thought. Moon was full and bright.

I started moving toward the place sound came from. The Sound was getting deeper with time. “Maybe she thinks I am on this way”. But it’s too far I should go back. This was the time it became quite no footprint just the dried leaves moving with the cold air.

As I walked 20 more steps, I saw a man madly removing his jacket, bowed his knees down as if he is in pain or trouble. A wave of fear passed through my body, abruptly I sat on the rock behind the tree to hide, he is on the cliff now.

Groaning or some exotic voices caught my attention. I carefully raised my head. He is putting himself in chains now. “Strange “I heard my inner voice.

Excited to know the scenario, this time when I pulled myself up. I had to use my hand to stop the scream. He transformed into a wolf. “O My God, he is a werewolf”. It was hard to believe what I just saw. All the thoughts muddled, in my head, the only thing I remember was to run and go home before he watches me.

Rotten luck, I crooked my left foot in a hurry. Not only this, but I also caught his attention.

Despite my twisted ankle, I started running with a bundle of tears in my eyes ready to wash my cheeks. Without knowing the path, I chose the opposite from the werewolf. He looks scary having long hair, eyes filled with anger, and sharp teeth.

Each cell of my body, worked hard to go away but he was swift and got me in a second or two. First time in my life, I am confronting a werewolf by looking directly into his eyes. I started shivering and fell with my elbows on the ground.

In a moment, I picked a stone from the ground and hit his eye. I got up and ran away. This time he chased me aggressively and caught me with his long sharp nail embedded into my thigh. I cried for help as loud as I can but no savior. Bitten by him on the thigh, I yelled with all the force I have left. Here’s another voice that came out.

Mom calling me, with breakfast in hand. My eyes were not ready to get opened but it’s 7 am. So, this was all a dream, a scary dream.

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