What Does a Dream of Shooting Someone Mean?

If you’ve ever had a dream of shooting someone, you probably woke up distressed. Maybe you were short of breath, drenched in a cold sweat, or feeling physical tension.

If you’re a normal person, when you dream of shooting somebody, you can’t help but feel emotionally triggered.

After all, most people who are not antisocial would feel some sort of concern as to why they were in such a position. In fact, a lot of people might feel a sense of guilt or panic, or even moral confusion.

They might ask themselves: “What were they doing before? Why did they find themselves in such a situation? Were they forced to take the action that they did?”

There’s a million and one questions that would race through your mind if you are a normal and moral human being.

Most people would agree that a dream of shooting someone is not something that you quickly brush under the rug. It’s not a nighttime vision that you could easily explain away unlike a dream about some more innocent topic.

It is a cause for concern because most people value their lives and by extension the lives of those around them.

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Should You Worry if You Dream of Shooting Someone?

What a gun in a dream signifies in waking life can cause a lot of concern. Some people might even think that this is some sort of prophecy.

Maybe they have a tough time letting go of their anger towards somebody. Some might even see this as a moment of truth regarding a grudge that they’ve been holding on to for so long.

There’s a part of them that just wants to get back. Maybe the payback involves pulling a trigger.

Believe it or not, most dreams are not prophetic.

Take the example of you dreaming of drowning or of being chased by cannibals or a nighttime vision of waking up with your body being overrun by bed bugs.

The chances of those actually happening in your waking life are slim to none. That’s the good news.

Now, here comes the bad news.

There’s a reason why your subconscious chose the image of you pulling a trigger in your dream to end somebody’s life.

You have to wrap your mind around several key questions to even get a fair shot at fully understanding a dream of shooting someone. Think of it as a multi-layered puzzle.

It all starts with what a gun in a dream signifies in waking life.

Shooting Dream Interpretations Start with Gun Definitions

The central factor in shooting dreams is the weapon used. This might seem so basic that it seems self-explanatory, but it isn’t. You have to look at a gun from first principles.

When you choose to kill somebody through stabbing with a double-edged blade, for example, that takes fearlessness and even recklessness.

You have to physically get close to them and stab them in the right place repeatedly to end their life. Even if you want to simply cause damage, you have to get up close and personal.

To do that requires courage.

What if they’re bigger than you? What if there are other people around? What if those people would rush up against you and beat you up? Or even worse, kill you?

You have to muster the courage to get up close and stick the blade in. In contrast, almost none of those are at play when you are shooting somebody.

Shooting dreams involve emotional and spiritual distance. The fact that you can end somebody’s life by simply pulling a trigger from a safe distance of a hundred yards puts the meaning of a shooting gun in a completely different moral dimension.

There is absolutely no courage involved, only cowardice.

People are not going to see you if you know what you’re doing. In many cases, if you are sniping at somebody from a safe distance and behind shadowy corners, people wouldn’t even know.

It’s as if you were never there. But there you are with absolute power because when you pull that trigger, you end somebody’s life.

This indicates on a subconscious level power, control, and the ability to escape consequences.

If people can’t see that you’re the one who did the deed, then you’re off scot-free. There’s nothing to point your guilt. It’s as if they cannot pin the blame on you.

The only person who would know is you. So, let’s start there.

When you dream of shooting someone, you are looking for some sort of distant emotional connection that leads to a consequence. In other words, you want to affect the situation but you don’t want to deal with the consequences of that action.

The Desire for No Accountability

When you shoot somebody from a distance, you don’t want to be accountable.

A shot may ring out on the horizon, but nobody is the wiser because your target slumped over. People are running around like chickens with their heads cut off with no clue as to where the shot came from.

There you are in a distant field, maybe behind the barrier, planning your escape.

Again, no one is the wiser. All this leads to the desire to escape accountability.

Your subconscious is telling you that a part of you is dealing with accountability issues if the main factor in your dream is how far you are from your location to where your target is.

Maybe you’re feeling guilty about things you did and you keep asking yourself: “Why do I have to bear this heavy load? Why do people blame me?”

You’re trying to get out from under the consequences of your action. At the same time, if you’re like most people, you’re probably hanging on to whatever benefits you got from taking that action.

To put it in a hamfisted way, you’re trying to have your cake and eat it too.

Does that ring a bell? Does this cut close to home?

Shooting Dreams Can Indicate Moral Withdrawal

Moral withdrawal is a fancy term for wanting to escape guilt.

It’s one thing to wish to escape consequences because somebody saw you or somebody is trying to make you accountable for whatever you did in the past. It’s another issue entirely when the person holding you to account is nobody but you.

Believe it or not, a lot of people suffer from this issue. They may think that they may have gotten away scot-free or whatever past, crazy decision that they made didn’t really cause any scars.

From the surface, it looks like their decision didn’t really harm them. But did it?

You’re going to bring that to your grave.

Did you run out on somebody? Did you have an abortion that you’re guilty about? Did you harm somebody in the past?

These and similar questions can only be answered by you and you alone, especially when there are no witnesses, and “the victim” has disappeared or has passed away.

Never underestimate the power of guilt.

A lot of people think that guilt is some sort of token or memorabilia that you put on a shelf in a room. And when the mood strikes you or you feel that it’s the right occasion, you dust it off, pull it off the shelf, look at it, try to learn from it, and you put it back.

It is not a product of your convenience.

People who suffer from profound guilt manifest that deep emotion in a wide variety of troubling ways.

Maybe you’re having a tough time maintaining a healthy relationship. Maybe you feel that you can’t live up to your full potential at work or in your business. Maybe you have low self-esteem and you think that your best days are behind you.

You can’t seem to get your act together.

There are a thousand different ways this can manifest, but you know where it comes from: guilt!

And it gets heavier and heavier with each day, and as you change, it changes with you. It doesn’t get lighter.

It just adapts to how your consciousness evolves over time. Think of it as emotional and spiritual herpes.

When you dream of shooting someone from a distance, perhaps something is weighing you down that you need to cleanse from your spiritual landscape. It can manifest in the form of guilt, but it can be something else.

This brings me to the next point.

Revenge Fantasies Can Indicate a Lack of Forgiveness

A lot of people are under the impression that if they refuse to forgive somebody, whatever happened will never happen again to them. By refusing to let go, you have this idea that you will remember what led up to the injuries so you can prevent it from happening in the future.

This is a very common idea, but it is completely blind to one central reality of life: people grow up.

I’m not talking about maturity in all its dimensions. I’m talking about competence.

When you got your heart broken and somebody betrayed you in the past or used you and abused you, the reason it happened was you were less developed.

Maybe you’re younger. You were small. You didn’t have any money. You didn’t have any resources.

Whatever the case may be, you were at a lesser developed stage of your life. Fair enough!

But you’re older now.

You’ve been around the block a few times. You’re no longer wet behind the ears. You already know how the world works.

You understand as an adult that there’s a difference between the way things should be and how they really are. This means that you’re less likely to be fooled just as you were less likely to have your heart broken or your trust violated.

That’s why this idea of hanging on to this past injury as a safeguard against it repeating again doesn’t make any sense. You’re selling yourself short.

What you’re saying to yourself is that you’re not competent. You have convinced yourself that you will remain developmentally and perhaps spiritually and emotionally retarded.

That’s not true!

Forgiveness Is All About You

I get it.

When you see yourself in your dream pulling the trigger and harming somebody, either gravely or even fatally, you want revenge. You’re looking for some sort of payback so that the Universe will somehow, someway make it up to you because you are left holding the empty bag.

You’re the one who was robbed. You’re the one who was injured. You’re the one who was made to emotionally and physically bleed. You’re the one abandoned and left behind.

Whatever the injury may be, you’re the one carrying it and it burns.

I get that. But here’s the problem.

Just as you have changed, the people who have caused you injury have also changed. That bully that gave you a wedgie or slapped you around to publicly humiliate you in junior high school has probably grown up.

We would like to imagine that they reaped what they sowed so they became these shallow hulls of emotionally broken people.

But you’d be surprised as to how much redemption there is out there in the world. They may turn out to be perfectly well-adjusted people who are great parents and who truly care about themselves and those in their community.

There’s always that possibility.

Similarly, the adult that may have sexually or physically abused you in the past may have moved on. In many cases, they may have died. Perhaps, they may have changed.

None of these excuses what happened to you.

But it’s not a question of excuse. It’s a question of you taking responsibility for your maturity as an adult and moving on.

Who are you really punishing when you have on to those bitter memories and plot your revenge?

Here’s a hint. It’s not them because they’ve moved on. They’ve changed.

In many cases, you’re boxing with ghosts because that bully that hurt you or that mean girl who dished out your first heartbreak has changed.

The ultimate beneficiary of forgiveness, when everything is said and done, is you.

Do you think you’re hurting them by refusing to forgive them?

Think again! The only person that you are hurting is you.

If you got your heart broken or you felt betrayed by your friends or a lover in the past, your refusal to forgive and your oversensitivity may be getting in the way of you developing mutually enriching relationships in the here and now.

Similarly, authority issues you may have had with your father or emotional distance problems that you may have had with your mother may not be helping you in your relationships today.

And the worst part to all of this is your refusal to forgive creates this mental delusion that you always have somebody to blame.

You Run Out of Excuses Just as You Run Out of People to Blame as You Get Older

I get it.

When you’re in your teens, it’s perfectly understandable that you’re angry with your father because you got molested. Understandably, you’re angry at that high school bully because you were raped and abused.

Most people will not disagree with you. But as you enter your 30s or later years, like it or not, you have to make a decision.

Are you going to continue to blame past trauma for your unwillingness to come up with a positive approach that would lead to better outcomes in the here and now?

At the end of the day, you’re responsible for your life. You run out of people to blame because the more you blame them, the more you refuse to be responsible for fixing the issue right now.

You’re the one who’s gonna live with your life. You’re the one who is going to have to deal with these issues.

If not now, when?

And the good news is that forgiveness is a choice. You can make it at any time.

And once you make that choice, you have to continue to make that choice until this commitment becomes part of you.

Is it easy? Absolutely not!

Does it happen overnight? Are you kidding me?

Is it necessary? You bet!

Forgive yourself, and you will start seeing less and less of these dreams of you pulling the trigger and shooting somebody.

Common Situations of a Shooting Dream

When you dream of shooting someone, a lot of the time, it morphs into you being shot. This is a part of your subconscious that speaks to your natural empathy.

I understand that you can be very angry at somebody. In fact, you may hold a grudge for so long that you can’t wait to get back at them.

I understand that part.

But there’s also a part of you that would panic when you’re given the actual opportunity to cause harm to the person who first harmed you.

That’s why we have fantasy literature. That’s why there is such a thing as an action and adventure movie genre.

These are socially safe vehicles for letting off our emotional steam because you can’t just pick up a gun and shoot somebody.

Your subconscious will respond in such a way that, when you shoot somebody in your nighttime vision, don’t be surprised that to be on the receiving end in a later dream.

What Does It Mean to Dream of Being Shot or to Be on the Receiving End?

This indicates obvious negative emotional focus. It can indicate guilt. It can indicate a sense of powerlessness and of being blamed.

And 9 times out of 10, it’s not really the other person that’s going through this. So, when you shoot somebody in your dream and it cuts forward to you being shot, it’s just your mind imagining how it would feel.

But it can only give you messaged based on your lived experience, and your lived experience is one of being trapped in unforgiveness.

You go through this series of emotions from powerlessness, surprise, helplessness, hopelessness — you name it.

A Dream of Being Shot Is Almost Always Never Prophetic

If you dream that you were shot as a result of your mind’s reflecting your deep urge to actually get back at somebody by shooting them, rest assured that this usually doesn’t come to pass.

This is really good news because there’s a part of you that is quite demonic. There’s really no other way to describe it.

There’s a part of you that is chaotic. That part doesn’t want to be controlled nor does it want to operate within bounds.

A lot of people look at this as their dark shadow, but it’s instructive. It teaches you a lot of things about yourself, and it also draws its power from somewhere.

When you see yourself experiencer such strong emotions that you want to take out somebody’s life by shooting them, don’t be surprised when this plays out in your dreams and you’re the one who is shot.

Ultimately, it’s about you. You’re the one who is being harmed by constantly repeating these revenge fantasies. You’re the one who eventually will have to live with your life because you start to believe that the world owes you something.

Desiring Protection

When you shoot somebody in your dream, it can also indicate that you are looking to be protected.

Now, this might sound weird because you’re the one doing the shooting, but if you think about it, this is kind of like your subconscious speaking to you via reflection.

Understand that you will be living with the consequences of your emotional decisions and your belief system. And there you are trying to shoot some person,

In that case, what your subconscious is telling you is that you’re really looking for protection. Now, this can be sliced and diced on many different levels.

Maybe you’re looking for an easy out. You can’t handle the accountability. You can’t handle the responsibility. The guilt may be crushing you.

The sense of unfairness might be getting the better of you. But at the end of the day, you have to question what kind of protection this really amounts to.

Are you trying to run away from consequences?

Is there a better way to look at what happened to you in the past, how you choose to live today, and what possible options you may have in dealing with these memories in the future?

What Does It Mean to Shoot Somebody in the Head?

When you dream of shooting somebody in the head, your subconscious is expressing frustration. That’s all it’s doing.

There’s a part of you that feels that you just had so much and you just want to put an end to it once and for all. Much like a snake menacing you and bearing its poisonous fangs, you feel threatened by these memories and internal emotional conflicts.

You may even be going through an identity crisis. It’s perfectly natural for people to just chop the head of the snake, so to speak because when you do, everything stops.

You don’t have to peel the many emotions and the conflicts that you’re going through like an onion. First of all, you don’t know what’s beneath the surface.

And second of all, it takes a lot of time and work. Who has that luxury?

So, when you see yourself in your dream shooting someone in the head, you are looking for an ultimate resolution.

You’re not looking for a gradual revelation of why you feel this way and how you’ve chosen to respond over the years and how you can make certain changes today.

You feel like you just don’t want to hassle with any of that, and a clean shot to the head will make all this inner conflict, or even emotional turmoil, go away as quickly as possible.

The sad reality is you know that this is not the answer. Just as you have adopted a certain coping mechanism over the years, you have to unlearn it over an extended period of time. That’s how it works.

There are no magic bullet solutions. There is no magical pill that would make your problems go away despite what multibillion-dollar pharmaceutical companies tell you.

This takes courage. And believe me, in our day and age, being patient is an act of courage.

What Does It Mean to Be Shot with Different Types of Guns?

If your dream focuses on the weapon you used to shoot somebody, pay close attention to the type of weapon you used.

Shooting with a Pistol

If you used a pistol, this may indicate that your issues are either becoming manageable or you have learned to let go of some of the larger, more convoluted challenges behind your problem.

In other words, you’re close to some sort of workable resolution. You’re not quite there yet, but you’re getting closer to your target.

You have to understand that most pistols are not long-range weapons. You have to get close to a person and aim your gun in such a way that you have a good chance of hitting them.

Shooting with a Rifle

On the other hand, if you’re shooting somebody with a rifle — worse yet, a long rifle with a scope — can indicate that there’s still part of you that wants to escape responsibility.

It also indicates that you have a blame-finding mind.

You don’t want people to see you. You don’t want people to hear the shot.

But you want to get back so you use this type of weapon.

Weapons with a Blast Effect

Finally, if you were using a weapon that has a blast effect or it shoots projectiles over a large area like a grenade launcher, this indicates emotional recklessness.

You have to be very careful. In your desire to get back at somebody or just to simply unload because you just can’t be bothered, pay attention to the fact that there is a strong chance you will harm other people.

It’s easy to just give people a piece of your mind, especially when you feel like you’ve had enough. But keep in mind that for certain people, when you say something to them, they pretty much take it to their graves.

They will die with that impression that you have made, and all the apologies in the world are not going to make a dent in the damage to your relationship.

Usually, this involves children, close friends, colleagues, co-workers. Make no mistake. If you just blast out your verbal revenge out there, you are burning your bridges.

Now, a lot of people are not going to step up to you and call you out on it, but the seed has been planted. They’re not gonna trust you anymore. Whatever favorable impression you’ve made with them is gone.

Pay close attention to that image of some sort of rifle with a blast effect.

What if You Are Dreaming of Shooting a Target?

What if instead of a person, you’re shooting skeets?

Surely, this is more harmless than seeing yourself in your nighttime vision pulling the trigger on an actual human being, right?

While you may feel emotionally better with this type of dream imagery, the net effect is not much different. Usually, people shoot skeets to go skeet shooting to hone their aim.

In other words, they’re enhancing their ability to shoot. They’re leveling up their accuracy. And of course, the more accurate you are, the more lethal the effect later on.

Sure, you may be taking shots at clay projectiles being sprung several dozen feet in front of you today, but the skillset that you’re enhancing can easily be trained on a flesh-and-blood human being.

This type of dream is telling you that you need to be more honest with yourself.

You have to ask yourself: “What do I really feel? Am I really happy or content with how I’m coping with certain things in my life? Where is the suffering coming from?”

And here’s a hint: All of us are suffering!

You may feel that you live in a perfect Norman Rockwell home and that your relationship is blessed and ordained by Oprah herself.

Think again!

There is always a wound, a crack, or an area for improvement.

That’s why being able to forgive and to let go of even the idea of perfection is a step in the right direction. Otherwise, you’re maybe just setting yourself up and preparing yourself for worse and worse situations in the future.

Or, worse yet, the fact that you’re seeing yourself shooting a target and preparing your aim or enhancing your lethality can really be just a dress rehearsal for deeper and darker issues underneath that you refuse to see.

What if You See Somebody Else Get Shot?

When you see somebody else get shot in your dream, this can indicate that you really have no control over your life. All that horror plays out in front of you, and there’s really nothing you can do about it.

It all plays out like some sort of fast-forward car wreck. And there you are, glued to your seat and seeing somebody getting their brains blown out or getting shot through.

Whether they die or not doesn’t matter. The helplessness is still there.

Now, this is usually not prophetic. Your subconscious is sending you this disturbing mental image because there are certain parts of your life that you have just given up on.

You have learned helplessness in these areas of your life.

Do you feel trapped in a job that you think doesn’t pay enough or doesn’t give you enough respect or a sense of fulfillment? Have your relationships reached an impasse?

Whatever questions and frustrations you may have, when you see the image of somebody getting shot or killed in your dream and you’re flooded with this emotional state of helplessness, your subconscious is telling you the opposite.

You’re not watching a movie when you’re living out your life. You’re not as helpless as you think.

Instead, you’re fearful. And this begs the question.

What Are You Afraid of?

You’re afraid of realizing that your mindset is the cause and your life is the result. You’re afraid of taking responsibility for your choices, and that’s why you choose to believe in luck.

You choose to believe in things like fate, that things just play out for whatever reason, and there you are in the middle of that maelstrom called your life with absolutely no control.

Well, the truth is, for every action, there is a reaction. This is true in physics and it’s true in the rest of the Universe, both seen and unseen.

And the moment you give into your dream’s emotional signal that you do have control and can fight that helplessness by taking active control of your life right here and right now, you eventually get out from under whatever it is that you’re frustrated about.

Dr. Jordan Peterson said that the first step to this kind of control can be as something as and mundane as choosing to clean your room.

And if you’re able to do that consistently, your area of responsibility, competency, and control gets bigger and bigger. This will help you become more confident.

You’d be surprised where you end up after a year or two.

Give it a shot! What do you have to lose?

Dream Example #1

In one eerie dream that I had a long time ago, I was going across the street towards our company’s campervan. The vehicle was parked just opposite our grocery store.

I was aware that my boss would be furious to see me entering the vehicle. He had stormed out of the building in rage some minutes earlier. He was angry with me for something I can’t particularly identify now. It seemed there was some financial loss in the system for which I could not account.

“Tomorrow is Independence… holiday… and this is happening?” I recall him charging at me. “You failed me as the delivery man and now you’re failing again.”

The time seemed to be 5 O’clock and everybody was already locking up their shop and going home. There seemed to be a sense of urgency in everyone.

People were hurrying to wherever they were headed. The weather was cold and somewhat windy. I could not tell if it was the nightfall that made the evening so dark or the looming rain, or both.

While making for the campervan, I worried that Mr. Dwight my boss might get so mad and so dismiss me permanently. For then I would have no place at all to go since I was homeless and slept in the campervan because I still had the keys.

Just before he stormed out, Mr. Dwight dropped his final word for me, his wrath unabated, “Get lost forever!”

But he forgot to take the keys from me. When almost all the stores around were shuttered and the street depleted with people, I started heading for the campervan.

Gingerly, I crawled into the campervan and sat down. Everywhere seemed solitary and deathly quiet – both my immediate “room” and the street outside. It was in this solitude that I heard a sudden roar of laughter and what sounded like the clanging of metals and shattering of bottles.

“Happy Independence Day!” I heard the voices exult. “We shall loot tonight, move tomorrow, and boom the next day!” They all celebrated together, “Yeah!”

In my dark and sullen mood, neither the former silence nor the break of it had any meaning to me. I was lost in my worry, measuring my loss.

Then it suddenly dawned on me in that dream that the following day would be a national holiday; meaning, no business. Then I thought of going back to the store and try to discover what exactly went wrong. Perhaps I could fix it.

This way, I might stand a chance of pacifying Mr. Dwight. And who knows, he might let me keep my job.

So I came down from the vehicle and began to make for the store. The street was now empty and soundless.

It was dark, only slightly lit with the light from the neon signs. There was no rain but it was still windy. The cold breeze brought a chill on my whole body as I walked briskly into the grocery store.

I was now seated in the cashier’s corner. I had shut the doors and turned on the lights. I was booting the computer and fiddling with some materials, which I think were books.

I heard some galloping steps outside, but I had no time to even think about them. Perhaps it’s the police on their night duties.

Suddenly, the doors of the grocery store burst open. A group of young men of about five poured in at once.

“Raise your hands! Raise your hands!” They shouted at me.

Two of them approached me immediately. Before I could spell ‘jack’, they grabbed me by the collar and belt and lifted me, pulling me out of the corner over to their side. I fell on my knees.

Being in terror, I raised my hands. Their faces were masked. Then I was sure they were not the police. They all surrounded me. They were pointing their guns at me.

I wondered if Mr. Bright had sent them, suspecting I would rob his store because he fired me and forgot to take back his keys.

One of them threw down a black bag before me. “Here. Empty the drawer into this bag now. You have just five minutes.” Someone else dropped something on the floor – a round piece of metal with a ticking sound. I understood it was counting the five minutes for me.

I remembered seeing Mr. Dwight putting some bundles of bills into a drawer before leaving. I wondered if these people knew that. Did they spy on us earlier in the evening? ‘Did Mr. Dwight send them here or are they robbers?’ I wondered in my mind.

I rose from my knees, one minute almost gone. I went over into the cashier’s box again. Getting close to the drawer, I was overcome with fear and anxiety. Another thought occurred to me that this whole thing might be a set-up by Mr. Dwight himself. But if it was not, my life was on the line.

I decided to open the other drawer instead. I knew what was there and I thought I might be lucky to find it charged and ready. Once or twice I had seen it while trying to fix something there.

I pulled out the pistol, and without thinking, I shot three of them in the head in quick succession. They fell flat on their faces instantly. It seemed the other two had disappeared. I came out of the box to survey the corners.

I noticed a human figure ducking behind the cabbage holder. And I heard a cock of a gun from my far left. I started running towards the door to escape into the street. But just before I pushed the door, a gun blasted behind me. And I woke up immediately.

Dream Example #2

“Stephen! Where’s Nicole?!” The man with messy black hair came running towards me with his clothes disheveled. “I thought you were with her! She said she was going to your place!”

My heart started to pound harder upon hearing what he said. “I’ve been waiting for her since this morning but the moon is already up and she’s not here yet!” Goodness! Nicole where are you?!

“Did you try calling her number?” I asked my best friend’s boyfriend while panicking “I did but she won’t answer!” I checked my phone and still no news from my best friend. Something’s not right.

Stephen almost lost his sanity as he tried to call Nicole’s other friends and no one could find her. Did she get lost? that’s impossible. I’ve been in this neighborhood since we were kids. Or maybe someone kidnapped her?!

Thinking about that possibility made my blood boil. Oh right! I hurriedly opened my phone and there it is! “Stephen, look!” he immediately stood beside me and looked over my phone. “I’ve tracked Nicole’s GPS and…. what?!

what is she doing in Umberlaine?! That’s a hundred kilometers away from here!” That’s when the realization hit me. Umberlaine–that’s where the Alpha base is.

I gritted my teeth and clenched my fist. I see, so this is how you declare war huh? “Stephen, call the pack. We’re going against the Alphas.”

His eyes widened and he was about to protest, but seeing the fire burning in my eyes, he has left no choice but to follow.

“I’m going to use the Helicopter. Do you wanna come and save your princess?” A wicked smirk immediately played on his lips. “Of course! I’ve been waiting for this day to finish them off!”

Glancing through his waist, it seems like there’s no need to pack more weapons. “But are we going to attack with just the two of us? the back-ups may arrive later than we expect.”

I smirked confidently as I placed the earmuffs on. “Maybe you forgot, I’m not the typical Omega in the pack.” I playfully winked at him which made him shake his head and chuckle.

An hour later, we are reaching near their base. Well, this won’t be an easy fight against thousands of enemies. I patted Stephen’s back and secretly placed a protective spell on him.

“I’ll open the way for you so immediately go find Nicole. Once you’ve rescued her, press this red button and it’ll take you back in this chopper.” “But what about you?” He asked with an alarmed expression.

“Don’t worry, I can handle myself.” After saying that, I jumped off the vehicle. I immediately grabbed both of my guns and started shooting to the ground.

The loud sound was ringing in my ears like a majestic flute as pools of blood splashed in the air. Bullets were flying towards me but as if the wind was my ally, not one was able to brush against my skin.

As my feet kissed the ground, I gracefully twirled with my bullets filling every gap in the air. Wow, look at that! The floor is now pooled with the color red.

Then a man with clean blonde hair stood by the door and pointed the gun towards my head. Ah! I’ve been waiting for you, Clifford.

I bent my body in the speed of the lighting and rained his direction with my bullets. Feeling the vibration on my pocket, Stephen must have saved Nicole by now.

Time to clean this up! The smoke from the gun has covered the area, blinding everyone but me. Well, that’s the perk of being an Omega. Black suit, blonde hair–there you are!

I smiled brightly as I appeared before him and placed my hard gun against his head. “You messed with the wrong person, mate.” is what I said before I pulled the trigger.

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