What a Dream of Sister Dying Means

The death of a sister can be a traumatic dream image.

Usually, when people wake up from this type of dream, they immediately check if their sister, whether she’s a younger or older sibling, is still alive. That’s their natural instinct.

The good news is that when you see your sister dying in your dreams, she’s still likely to be alive. These types of emotionally traumatizing dreams are almost always never prophetic.

But just because you get the instant relief of knowing your loved one is still alive doesn’t make this dream any less meaningful.

Remember, your subconscious sees all and understands pretty much everything. That’s why it uses a very emotionally strong and graphical image for a reason. It’s trying to point you to something worthy of your attention.

In the case of many people, they see their sister dying in their dreams because their subconscious is telling them uncomfortable truths that they would rather overlook.

Alternatively, they may be living such busy lives with all their duties, responsibilities, and obligations that they’re pretty much just spending all their waking hours putting out one fire after another.

Whatever the case may be in your life, when you see your sister dying, you have to sit up and pay attention because your subconscious is shining a spotlight on a series of important issues in your life that may be driving you to a certain outcome.

Unfortunately, when people have reached this stage, they’re the last to know. They have all these things going on in their career, business life, school, or relationships that they are the last to know when things finally come to a head.

Interestingly enough, when you stop and ask the people around you, most of them would tell you: “I saw where you are going a mile away. I’m shocked that you did not see it coming.”

Now, at this stage, a lot of people would feel betrayed and ask: “If you saw that this is happening, why didn’t you tell me?”

That’s a natural reaction.

But let’s be fair. A lot of the time, the reason why people don’t pull us aside is either we don’t trust them, or even if we do trust them, we don’t listen to them.

I know it’s hard to digest, but 9 times out of 10, when you find yourself in this type of situation, it’s on you — not your parents, not your loved ones, not your friends, your co-workers, or anybody else who has contact with you on a day-to-day basis.

It’s all on you.

You have laid the foundation to find yourself in this situation, and you have to deal with it. There is no space for denial or convenient fantasies that you may have about the kind of person you wish to be and the kind of life you wish you’re living.

Your subconscious is showing you the image of your sister dying. In many cases, she’s dying from a painful death, and this wakes you up.

The General Meaning of a Sister Dying in Your Dreams

As the old saying goes, the ones who are closest to us hurt us the most. If you think about it, this makes a lot of sense because you let your guard down as you allow others to get close to you.

Not only are they more likely to hurt you with their words because you trust them at a deep level, but it also goes the other way. You feel that with such closeness and comfort at such a deep level, you can just let it loose.

This is why stray words can take a life of their own and cause more damage than they need to.

People can and do take things too far when they are dealing with people who are really close to them. That’s how volatile this type of emotional arrangement can be.

Despite such risks where it stings so bad when things go the other way, people still choose to get close to people.

Why? Because it feels really good!

You feel like you belong. You feel like you’re accepted.

You feel like you are somewhere in this world where you don’t have to explain yourself or somehow try to live up to somebody else’s expectations. Instead, you can just be yourself.

The price you pay, of course, is heightened sensitivity.

Can You Trust People?

When you see the death of your sister in your nighttime vision, your subconscious is drawing your attention to issues of trust. Your attention is being led to things that you think you know about yourself and the security and confidence that flows from such assumed knowledge.

When you see this distressing image, it almost always never means that your sister is going to die. But the meaning can actually be even more traumatic.

It’s because something you are trying to avoid, ignore, overlook, or rather not deal with is seeking to grab your attention. It’s slapping you around and pulling you by the hair and looking at you straight in the eye and telling you: “Look at me! I am important.”

And if you still refuse to look, it takes things to the next level and tells you, “I can hurt you.”

Of course, this is not another person. Instead, it is you, or at least a part of you.

Coping with Loss

We lose people all the time. But, believe it or not, I’m not just talking about physical death.

Death, after all, is a part of life, and people that we trust and who we feel connected to on a deep level do pass away.

But the most common form of loss has little to do with death. Instead, people change.

This is no less emotionally profound than learning about the death or demise of somebody you care about.

How Do You Deal with Change?

That person is gone. They’ve turned a new leaf. Perhaps, you’ve seen a new layer of them.

At that point, you’re going to have to accept them and make space in your life for their new aspect or their new side.

Sadly, some people refuse to do this. Instead, they rail against this.

And they’re basically saying to themselves: “I refuse to let this person change so I’m gonna hang on to who I think they should be or who I remember them to be in the past.”

If you’re in an intimate relationship with that person, you know what you’re doing is wrong. You’re not loving them nor are you giving them proper respect.

After all, they are their own person and you have to respect that change.

And this is why seeing the death of your sister in your dream can involve your ability to cope with the day-to-day loss brought about by changes in other people.

Maybe their personality changed because they went through something traumatic like a divorce or a long-term job loss. Maybe they got sick or they went through some sort of physical change.

Whatever the case may be, change has entered your relationship, and this person has turned the corner. The old self is gone for whatever reason.

The question that you have to answer is how are you going to deal with it?

A Dying Sister Can Indicate a Yearning for the Past

Another common interpretation of the subconscious image of a dying female sibling involves your relationship with yearning. In other words, your subconscious is telling you about your sense of nostalgia.

Now, a lot of people assume nostalgia as a yearning for “the good, old times,” the subtext being the past has always been better than the present. That is a common dream interpretation.

It’s actually fairly simple to resolve a typical nostalgia because anybody with any kind of maturity knows that the past is gone. It’s never coming back, and the things that you think are so much better in the old days are just mental illusions.

You’re just reading into the past a lot of your present discomfort and frustrations. The reality is that the best is yet to come.

But there’s something else going on here, which is actually more important. This is slightly different from the dream interpretation immediately above.

A Dying Sister Can Indicate a Longing for the Future

The deeper issue involves a specific type of nostalgia where you feel that you really can’t enjoy the present moment. In the back of your mind, your happiness is always situated five months, five years, or even fifteen years down the road.

Does this sound familiar? It should because a lot of Americans live their life this way.

When they were in grade school, they would think to themselves that they would be so much happier once they get to middle school. They expect to have different friends and try different sports or extracurricular activities.

But when junior high school rolls around, they’re not any happier because, by that point, they’re thinking about the things that would do in high school. Maybe they would be in the junior prom or they would be active in varsity sports.

Whatever the case may be, they rob themselves of their present happiness in junior high school because they’re looking at the few years down the road.

And guess what happens next.

They’re in the middle of senior high school and they’re still not happy because now they have their sights focused on college.

And it goes on and on until people are ready to be lowered six feet into the ground or have their ashes put into an urn.

What Is Happiness?

You can’t kick the can down the road when it comes to your happiness. Happiness is one of those life realities that you have to savor in the here and now.

Happiness is not a product of your circumstances. Instead, it’s something that you actively will into existence because there is no such thing as a perfect reality.

There will always be something that is off or needs improvement. That’s just life!

Frustration is baked into the human condition if you’re not already aware.

When you see a dead sister or a female sibling, your subconscious is telling you about this aspect of nostalgia. It’s trying to wake you up to the reality that things will never be better than now. Your happiness cannot be found in the future.

The Worst Feeling?

The worst thing that can happen is when you think about the past and you ask yourself:

“What was I doing when that song came out?

What was I feeling when these things were happening in my life?

It’s as if I was locked away, focused on something else, and all these amazing things were happing in my life, and I wasn’t there to fully take it in.”

But you were there!

You just chose to focus on something beyond your control — things that are supposed to happen 5–10 years from now.

Give yourself permission to be present fully, right here right now.

Stop deluding yourself with these visions of “a perfect future” because perfection will never come.

Dreams of Sister Dying Can Indicate Issues with Your Relationships

It’s tempting to come up with some sort of one-to-one correlation between the status of your relationships with your family members and your dream of a sister dying.

You should understand that your relationship has many different levels.

Just as you wear many different masks depending on where you are as well as what time you’re doing something, your relationships only have value when you allow people to get sufficiently close to you.

And believe me, the traumatic image of a sister dying or a sister going through the soul-crushing process of sickness, weakness, fading, and death is enough for their consciousness to be awakened to the importance of deeper issues of life and death.

Truly death is one of the few constants in life. (Taxes are also part of the mix.)

And when you see this image, your dream interpretation has to focus on how you define intimacy.

Is it enough to know that somebody is your sister and that you meet them on thanksgiving and you exchange gifts with each other, and from time to time call each other? Is that enough?

Or, is it enough to know certain things about them with the confidence that they can always pick up the phone to get a hold of you and the favor goes the other way as well?

Are you laboring under some sort of assumption that just because your parents defined intimacy within the family a certain way, that you have to automatically follow?

Does it feel heavy? Does it feel like some sort of obligation?

Are you really sparking the intimate bonds between your family members out of genuine love and concern for them? Or, you feel that you’re basically just living out a script that was handed down to you by forces and people you really can’t control?

By extension, are you living out your life based on some other people’s expectations?

Do you base your validation on how well you’re able to act on that script you can’t control?

There is no right or wrong answer to these questions. You’re the only person that can answer these correctly because the answer ultimately has to make sense to you.

After all, this is your life!

Maybe your subconscious is showing you that image of your sister dying to wake you up to what you’re really doing. Ultimately, this has little to do with your sister and more to do with how you’re living your life.

Maybe you’re robbing yourself of all the possibilities of real-life and all its sense of adventure, value, and joy.

As you get one step closer to death with each breath you take, is your life really living up to what life truly has to offer? You have to remember that every single day, we get closer and closer to our death.

I know it’s depressing but it’s true. Death cannot be cheated. Death cannot be intimidated.

Death is a reality. It’s kind of like that massive Stonehenge image that first starts out of the way in the distance.

It’s nice and small and you can afford the luxury of looking at the rest of the scenery around because it’s so far away. At that point, death seems more like a concept or a “construct” than something that you could see, hear, touch, taste, and smell.

But with each morning you wake up and each breath you take, the idea of death creeps closer and closer.

It’s not necessarily something that you have to fear. It’s not necessarily something that you have to avoid at all costs.

Instead, you have to make peace with its reality, right here right now, to the point that you can enjoy whatever life you have left.

And for a lot of us, to reach this point of transition, we have to be subjected to a draining and purely emotional image. Believe me, seeing your sister dying could be that image.

It could mean that a lot of our day-to-day interpretation of our lives and how we manage our waking life, end up cheating us of what truly matters in this world.

A Dying Sister Is a Powerful Symbol

Make use of that. Take advantage of the emotional urgency you feel when there’s a chance that you would be losing somebody that truly matters to you.

A Dying Sister Can Mean a Sense of Disconnection

When you see your female sibling dying in your mind’s eye and you can’t quite picture yourself in the same room, breathing the same air, or feeling the same range of emotions, this disembodied sensation could lead to a dream interpretation that is more disconnected but nonetheless real.

Maybe there are certain areas in your life that you feel disconnected. You can’t quite slip into them.

I’m not talking about your relationships per se. I’m talking about your roles, responsibilities, and duties.

People who just became parents can identify with this. People who just got promoted in key roles in companies may be familiar with this.

Whatever the case may be, when you’re going through some sort of transition that is so abrupt or so big as to profoundly impact your consciousness, you feel that your life may have gone to the next level, but it hasn’t sunk in yet.

It’s tempting to think that you just have to give it enough time, and your subconscious would take it all in and everything will fall into place.

You expect yourself mature to be enough on an emotional level, and you will be able to handle everything that takes place in the new world you’ve entered.

But it turns out that these feelings are simply wishful thinking.

It turns out that to get your new self ready for the new realities you’re going to deal with and the fears that come with them, you have to be more proactive.

The death image of somebody close to you but presented in a fairly detached or cerebral way may be your subconscious urging you to be more proactive and take control of transitions.

The Death of a Close Sibling Can Represent Change

This powerful sign can be intended to push you to be more proactive or to roll up your sleeves emotionally speaking, and pick and choose or mix and match the emotional signals and symbols that you choose to navigate this new reality with.

I know this sounds like some high-level words here, but it really all boils down to emotional responsibility. And responsibility comes with living in a new reality now.

Maybe it’s parenthood. Maybe you got promoted. Maybe you’ve entered a different stage of your career.

Whatever the case may be, you’re moving around in a new world, and you cannot do that with your old self. Your old self has to, at some point, die or change so as to give way to the new self that is adapted and molded and shaped by your new reality.

This brings me to the next logical dream interpretation of the dead sister image.

You’re Experiencing Profound Spiritual Confusion

I know it’s not a very popular thing to say in our materialist world, but I’m gonna do it anyway.

Everything That People Can Perceive About You Has to Start Somewhere

Everything that is objectively true about you and all the facts that make up who you are or who you think you are all flow from a definite place and this place is spiritual.

Now, this is where things get a little bit messy.

Your spiritual reality is not this deep, unexplainable shadowy world, trapped within you that can only be explored, sliced and diced, and mixed and matched, and somehow made sense of by some spiritual medium.

There is no space for magic here. Instead, you are the product of your choices.

You may be thinking to yourself: “There’s really nothing I could do about my reality. It’s as if I was born with this reality and just woke up with it in my lap. It’s like I’m this dreamer that woke up and have to live here.”

Well, that’s a negative way of looking at things because the truth is your world is what you make it. Everything that exists outside of you is a reflection of what you chose to hang on inside of you.

You Are More in Control Than You Give Yourself Credit for

And a lot of the time, the reason why we feel we are trapped in this world that we cannot control, shape, or somehow direct is because we remain children.

Again, it’s not a very popular thing to say. But this is the reality.

There’s this inner child that’s stuck. It chooses to believe that it is not in control. That inner child refuses to take responsibility.

Deep down, you think that your choices don’t really have much of an impact on your world. Everything else is a product of luck or circumstance.

Maybe it’s an accident of birth where you’re born and who your parents are, but these are just lies. These are like temporary smoke that fades away when you look at the reality of your life.

Whatever negative things may be happening in your life and whatever it may be shown or hidden in corners based on what you choose to see and based on the fears that you may be running away from, the truth is your life is exactly the way it’s supposed to be based on your choices.

I get it!

Most people would say:

“Well, I wouldn’t choose to be miserable. I wouldn’t choose to be frustrated. I wouldn’t choose to feel like I’ve made certain mistakes in my, and it has doomed me to this reality.

I want to be happy. I want to live to the fullest.”

But the truth is you chose to be there. You know where you want to go, but here you are stuck.

It’s not because there are chains on your wrists. Instead, you chose to stay there.

Whatever symbolic realities you choose to believe in, this overarching motif symbolizes a deep inner truth about you.

All of these are reflections of your choices because what you choose to believe in is will determine where your hope is going to come from, and this is why it’s all spiritual.

You have a lot more control over it.

This is not a world of demons and phantasms and angry gods and demonic fortresses.


The spiritual world boils down to what your priorities are and how they affect your emotional states to the point that you tend to make decisions habitually. If you change what you choose to draw your hope from, for example, you start doing things differently.

Sure, the same challenges can appear on a day-to-day basis, but what you do now can be very different from what you chose to do in the past.

Believe it or not, your past doesn’t have to define you nor does your past have to chain you to a certain path. You have a lot more say over your day-to-day reality than you give yourself credit for.

It all begins with taking control of your decisions.

This is very hard to take because we’d like to imagine ourselves as emotional vessels that are just trapped in this subconscious combination of factors that we really have no way of explaining or controlling.

But that’s just a lie. In fact, I’ll go one step further and say that it’s just really laziness.

Since everything that exists in your life has to come from your decisions, choices, patterns, all of these can be changed. All of these are just reflections of your spiritual state and your willingness to master your spirit.

Dreaming of the Absence of Your Sister

When you are emotional and you worry that there’s something negative you may think will happen in the future, this can indicate a sense of separation. You feel that you are somehow separated emotionally from your mother, your sister, your siblings, or your father.

At the same time, the conscious part of yourself might be thinking that you’re in the right.

Maybe they said something wrong or they did something wrong to you when you were a child. It doesn’t really matter because you are in a cold and distant place.

You feel disconnected. You feel that you’re not getting the warmth, acceptance, and belonging that you usually get from your family.

But in reality, that is just the surface because your relationship with your family is a reflection of your relationship with who you really are.

Remember, you can only give what you have, and it’s hard to love your family if you first don’t love yourself enough. It’s hard to have respect for your mother — whether dead or still living — if you do not respect yourself and love yourself first.

So, when you see the image of your dead sister or a dying female sibling, this can be a reflection of your subconscious yearning for closeness internally. In other words, there may be a big gaping hole in your soul.

You’re not living up to what you could be. Your feelings don’t line up with who you imagine yourself to be.

None of this is symbolic. This is very real because your subconscious is telling you that you’re not living a life of integrity.

And you probably already know how this works because you can find yourself losing friends, losing your grip on who you think you are, and losing inner consistency.

So, don’t be surprised if people could see that you’re saying one thing and doing another. The common word for this, of course, is hypocrisy.

But it plays out on a deeper level. The hidden aspect to this is you do certain things, but you’re actually feeling another range of emotions.

It’s as if you’re walking around day-to-day with a giant smile on your face but deep down inside, you’re hollow, numb, or even flat-out frowning or crying.

There’s no integrity there because your inner world no longer lines up with your external signals.

What Does It Mean to See a Dead Sister in a Coffin?

The coffin is a very powerful dream symbol.

Any dream interpretation of the coffin must focus on the fact that it is a vehicle that takes you from one mode of existence to the next. After all, people put your body in a coffin when it’s time for you to be buried.

People fear this imagery because they know what’s next. They know that the coffin in this context will represent forgetting.

Most people don’t want to be forgotten. In fact, most people fear being forgotten because being trapped in oblivion seems worse than death.

But death and oblivion go hand in hand.

Think of the last time you went to a relative’s funeral. You may have loved Aunt Hellen to bits. She may have been everything to you.

But that’s 20 years ago. How do you feel about her now?

And when you pass, how do you think people will feel about her gravestone a hundred years from now.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. That’s the way of life.

There is always forgetfulness. It’s always hanging over us. That’s why it doesn’t make sense to worry about it.

The key here is to be at peace with the fact that everything will fade. Everything will melt away.

As the old REM song goes, “It’s the end of the world and I feel fine.”

We’re all going to die. In fact, if were to remain alive, a lot of our old selves had to die.

So, don’t freak out when out in a cold sweat because you’ve seen your dead sister in a coffin. It points to an everyday reality that you just have to get a handle on, which is the immediacy and the urgency of change.

Dreaming of Your Little Sister Dying

When you see your little sister, whether an actual sister or an imagined one, in your nighttime vision, your subconscious is telling you that something you prize or wish to protect is at issue.

And oftentimes, this image is a reflection of what your subconscious is really trying to say. That the part of you that wants to be guided or protected or somehow treated with kid gloves has a rough road ahead.

The rough road, of course, involves you getting over your natural tendency to not want to change or to fear discomfort or inconvenience. The hidden part of your consciousness is telling you that you need to be an adult.

Understand that there will be some bumps in the road. Until and unless you start seeing that image of your little sister dying as a positive one, you’re not growing. That kid in you has to die so that the adult in you can truly be happy in the now.

Again, this is not a very popular message, but these dreams represent something bigger than us. They represent something that we may not be comfortable with.

But they represent something absolutely necessary.

We need to grow and all the worry in the world is not going to help us level up. We have to stop looking at things as either negative or positive. Instead, look at them as different levels and stages of a journey that eventually is circular.

Instead of allowing ourselves to drown in worry and letting our fears get the better of us, let’s just jump into the deep, dark, murky chaotic pool of life itself and its many hidden layers and take it all in. That’s how you achieve mastery and it all starts with courage.

Dream Example #1

After failing 6 times to save my sister from dying in 6 different ways I thought that I might wake up from the nightmare now.

But, no – for the 7th time I found myself again in a similar situation, where I couldn’t save her life.

Each time in my dream she either gets killed accidentally or intentionally. I made my mind that by hook or by crook, I won’t stand still – even if it was just a dream.

 It is said that 7 is a magical number, which brings luck. I wanted to see if I get lucky enough to do something to stop the dreaded dream.

 Every time my sister died in the dream I couldn’t help but feel terrible about myself. I showered all the curses at myself for being only an eyewitness when I could have been the savior – even it was just a dream.

 All I could do was shout at the top of my lungs without moving any muscle in my body. Couldn’t do anything to avoid the ongoing incidents – again and again.

 The whole dream made me look down upon myself. I was always a weakling – tougher things tend to scare me away. My subconscious mind played a trick with me by showing the consequences of being a coward for the rest of my life.

Beginning of the last dream

During the bright scorching afternoon my sister ran towards the pond, which was located on the backside of our grandparents’ house. She turned around to look at me and show off her toothy smile.

 Her hair was scattered all over her face – swayed back and forth by the lightweight wind.

 She gestured me with her hand to follow her lead. I knew that it was the time she was about to die. Without wasting much time I followed her to the pond.

 As kids, we always used to go to the pond for fishing – without any necessary fishing items or skills. One stick was enough to act like a fisherman. We were proud of our rookie fishing skills.

 We also often ended up getting dirty in the muddy water while trying to catch the ducks.

A simple dare

Upon reaching the pond my sister scooped out a cigarette from her secret stash. She used to hide the cigarettes inside a forsaken water hose, which was lying underneath a guava tree.

 My sister lighted her last piece of cigarette and blew the smoke off in the air. After a few minutes of silence, she dared me to try smoking.

Without any hesitation, I took it from between her fingers and Inhale the smoke. As I exhaled it my eyes became watery and my throat dry.

 She took the cigarette from me and crushed the butt under her shoe on the grass. After looking intently at the water of the pond she asked me if I can do this – and she abruptly jumped off the pond.

 My every bodily movement stalled at the sudden picture of my sister’s brave stunt. She didn’t turn back this time – she just kept on going to the deepest level of the water.

Once again, I was watching her drowning. She couldn’t swim to save her life.

Missed the last chance?

I wanted to jump, too – but I couldn’t. My legs were stuck down in the soggy mud and my eyes glued to her drowning body in the deeper part of the pond.

I kept on watching her receding figure until she fully get swallowed by the water.

When I looked up I saw her ex-boyfriend watching her drowning, too – from the other side of the pond.

Dream Example #2

On Sunday, I with my younger sister were spending the last holiday of the week at the beach. When the sun decides to disappear, and the light illuminating from it fades, what a beautiful scene to watch at a beach. We both sisters love spending our time at the beach every Sunday evening.

Later that evening, we decided to head home as our parents were waiting for dinner. After we headed back, we went to our respective rooms to get ourselves fresh and have dinner with our family.

When I came out of my bathroom, I heard noises coming from downstairs. I rushed to see what was wrong and saw my mother and younger sister arguing over a useless topic.

Being an elder sister, I had always pampered my little sister, and that’s why she is closer to me than my mother.

However, I jumped into the conversation and scolded my sister as she crossed her limits and disrespected our mother.

Hurt was evident in her eyes when I shouted at her as she ran upstairs to her room. I knew it would take some days to be regular with me as she is spoiled by me.

I ignored her that night to realize that she was wrong and needed to work on her temperament. I was also a bit stressed as I had never shouted at her and made her angrier with me.

The love bond we share was taken exemplary in our family. The reason is I love my younger sister unconditionally, but sometimes when you love and take care of someone limitlessly, it will make them spoil.

So, I shrugged the thought of talking to her and decided to speak with her in the morning. This might help to cool down both of our waves of anger.

Later that night, I heard loud cries coming from my parent’s room and rushed downstairs to ask what was happening.

“Mom! What happened?” I asked. “Your little sister is dead,” she replied in a hurtful voice. The world came crashing down, and my breath got knocked out when I heard this sentence.

Suddenly, I heard the sound of an ambulance coming towards our house. With shaky legs, I walked through the door where the lifeless body of my little sister was being placed on the stretcher. “NOOO!” I shouted at the people who were putting the dead body in the ambulance.

“Wake up! Wake up!” I felt someone shaking me up. I gasped out of the air and opened my eyes to see my little sister worriedly looking at me in the morning.

It took a moment to understand I was having a nightmare. I hugged her with all the power I had at the moment and told her how much I loved her and sorry for being rude earlier night.

“I came to say sorry for my behavior,” my little sister replied. “It’s okay, come here to your sister.” I said as I opened my arms for her.” I just had a nightmare about you.” I added and hugged her again lovingly.

Dream Example #3

Yesterday, on Tuesday night, I went to bed for sleep. I saw a dream of my sister dying. It was a very horrible dream for me because I could not even think about it. We spent our wonderful days together. I could not even think to lose her.

I saw in my dream that my sister was diagnosed with the last stage of liver cancer. We admitted her to the hospital. But her health became critical day by day.

The doctors of the hospital asked, without liver surgery, it was impossible to save her life. The doctor asked me to arrange money. After listing to the doctor, I was shocked that I could not manage such an amount in a week.

We both were living together in a small house after the passing of our parents. So being an elder sister, I have a lot of responsibilities. I requested too many friends for that purpose, but I failed.

So, one of my friends gave me the idea that I should write a letter to the President of the State for help in her treatment.

So, I wrote a letter to the President of the state for her treatment. After passing a week, nothing gained. I went to the hospital. I requested the doctor for surgery by taking 50 percent amount.

But the doctor refused to give her further treatment. I was so worried about the health of my sister. I didn’t want to lose her at any cost.

But I was helpless in this matter now. After seeing the condition, which became worse day by day, I decided to sell my house. I decided to spend the amount on her treatment.

I dealt with a property dealer for the sale of my home. I got the money. Then I came back to the hospital. I saw that my sister, who was fighting cancer is no more.

I started to cry loudly near standing to her dead body. After seeing her face, I flashed back to my childhood. The days we spent together with our parents. I remember how I love her and care about her being her elder sister.

Most people think that I love and care for her like a mother. Although she was younger than but life is mortal. So after her funeral, I came back home. I felt very lonely.

After one week of her death, there was a call from the official number. I picked that call, he told, he was calling from the office of the President, and he said, your application regarding treatment is approved.

I could not hear the call, dropped it. I thought that the world was so brutal. It became difficult for the poor even to spend a simple living.

Then I woke up with fear. I could not believe what I saw in the dream. I thanked God Almighty that it was a dream. Although it was a dream, that was a horrible dream and made me aware that life is mortal.

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